Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 15, 1962 · Page 6
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 6

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 15, 1962
Page 6
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Pne ( GKEELEY TRIBUNE Sat.. D*. 15. 1%2 ar diiKiKtiv* lift! vljj*. EM|. GifH, 117 iMi St.-M. Call Hal's Radio i TV Guaranteed Service on All Mikes 1226 4th St. Pn. 352-5nb FloydB. McVeigh (Dies at Hospital jager o{ the Keever Storage Co at Columbus until 1946. Mrs. Mc- iwtt'eA Ama E i Betty) 71. of 1115 )2tli St.. du'J Saturday iniorriing a! the Weld County Gen- ieral Hospital. He was Horn May 12, 1891. at Coluinbu\ Ohio. He was reared there and married Florence Steplienson in 1917 at Columbus. He served ill World War I and after discharge, was sales man- , . , "* tamlield Hclel GUARANTEED! TV sick? Call us (or finest service. All work guaranteed in w r i t i n g . Alsi: Stereo sales alld service. Color and liluck and White 1'lione: 353-0025 1535 Sth Ave. REPP'S r fait, dependable TV, RADIO, HI-FI SERVICI Animal Hospital until he retired because of blindness. McVeigh was a charter member of Be.xrey Lodge No. 704 F lc AM. Scottish Rite Masons, Bexley Chapter No. 524 OES at Bexley. Ohio, El Jehel Shrine at Denver, and Columbine Barracks No. 16 at Greeley. Survivors include his wife, a daughter, Mrs. Je»n Alice Wright of Columbus, and one grandchild. Adamson Mortuary is in charge of arrangements, which are in- con.plete. Briggsdale . . The H. D. Club met Wednesday night a' the home «i Mr. and Mrs Andrew West. Each member brought cookies and packed them in Christmas gift boxes to be sent to special friends in the community. Letters were read from Mr. and Mrs. Bertel Wn-kstrom who are now in Sweden. A group letter was written by the members, .·ach one adding something of interest, to be sent to the Wick- stroms. A new member, Mr Demy Ankeney, was admitted t the group. The rest ot the evenin was spent nuking a craft "hristmas ornaments out of ba ioons six! string. The Briggsdale Lions Club spot sored P community card party o Lit Wards put ntw lift is )our HI! Stlufactitn giiiirattttiJl Savt on Super Airii'r* Replacement rube), too. Forli avoiloble for nwjt moke., rhtni W a r d s S e r v i c e department. : MONTGOMERY WARD 815 10th St. Ph. 353-0204 i Store Houn 9 - 5 : 3 0 SEE . . HEAR COMPARE Tki Beauty of PACKARD BELL Color - Black and White - Hi Fi and Sttrao t^ttola aiui OnttaHatan d)ut si/uim/iy Phone EL 2-2113 1720 9th Street Schmidt and Mr. and Mrs. Car WiU. Tin rest of the evening »i spent in Usging Christmas car»ls Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Watibun »«e supper guests of their daughter and sunn-law, Mr. am Mrs. Jerry Sly In Cruelty 00 Tuesday night They «ere celebrating Mrs. iily's birthday. SYDNEY - The 57 annual Congress of the Aibtralian and New Zealand Assn. for the Ad vancement of Science was held here recently. KMHO-TV Service KRAMER Pkont 352-3782 "Sure is the ODtimiit!" Saturday night. There were 5 ta-jter Youngland and their fsmil bles. At each table, the members! in vim T ii e Briggsdale Communi 1 Farm Bureau held their annu. Christmas party Tuesday nigh played the game of their choice. Sunday guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Will were their daughters, Vera and Shirly of On*,: Jack Degenhart" of at fie Community Farm Burea Platteville and Tom Micssner and Leroy Stewart of Greeley. Mr and Mrs. Rodney Bolin and Uargret Canning of Evans, spent Sunday in Denver, visiting with Mrs. Helen WollensaK. Mrs. Wol- lensak was a resident of the Osgood Community some years ago. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Huh, Sherril, Darrell and Susie, spent Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Wai ng, the members exchangr-d ga gifts. Refreshments were sent y the Iwsts, Mr. and Mrs. Fix GO WHERE SERVICE IS RON'S TV Hllllldl Center 3534012 TrouU? Mi. 332-340 neyt Repair any |c or Transistor Radi» ears TV s« Elmer Barker, O 435 141k Avej RtoMo Diipjt'h or E tdi«i IWI iwfii USF THE TRIBUNE major appliances and TV serice Joslin's own service department is staffe* with craftsmen to service ALL makes and rnodilj ft- gardless of where purchased! We have thl f°st complete and modern facilities in our own s/vice shop. / CHARGE your service costs to your accountrric'l are moderate, often below the average. A!l/ork ii fully GUARANTEED. Save this number: / Phone 362-4030 / Julio's TV ami Applianco /brvhi Regional Radio and Television Programs for Week: Keep This Page for Reference DAnin kna ann- ui i Ken. wun.a. ««. ,,-,, .. __ "·* _ * ** ' ^ v a v t i v / i t / v V RADIO-- KOA 850; KLZ 660; SUNDAY RADIO 11:M-KL2: Church Service KVOU: Churrh KHOW: Israel Message KIMN: Msrslllo Show KOA Radio Pnlnll KFKA: Church Service KBTR: Church ol Month HfSO-KIM: Church Service KHOW: Sunday Show U:Uu-KrA: News. Markets KFKA: News »* CBS e N..,. Sp.rU KHOW; Mono Talks KHTH: Lee Harris 15:15- KFKA: Motor Muste KLZ- Music [or Everyone U:M-KHOW: Sunday Show KYOU: Music RADIO-- KOA 850; KLZ 560; MONDAY RADIO ll:Ou-KLZ: Ne«s. House Parly KOA: Mnxine Mulvey kFKA: Markets KVOU: Song Shop KHOW: Kay Howe Show KIMN: Smillnl Jack KnTR: Jack Pair : ll:9D-KLZi Carry Moon . 11:45-KFKA: Want Alls 12:00-KOA: Nras. Weather lOMNi Dave Franser. Show KYOU: News, Markets KLZ: Alt Row Show KHOW: High Noon Hcricw KBTR: Paul Harvey Ney.'s 12:15-- KOA: Farm anrl Ranch KHOW: Noon nevlew KBTR: Ne«s. Wealher J2:3I-- KHOW: Dan Tyler Slow RADIO-- KOA 850; KLZ 560; TUESDAY RADIO ll:ffl-- KOA: Maxlne Mulvey KYOU: Sons Shop KIMN: Smiling Jack KLZ- Houseparty KFKA: Markets KHOW: Kay Howe KBTR: Jack Paar Show U:1S-KFKA! Mid Morn' Melodies 11:3-KL2: Garry Moore Show ll:4i-KFKA: Want Ads I2:00-Kvnu: News 4 Wealher KFKA: Nrus i Markr-ls KOA: News, Weather KIMN: Dave Franseo K1.7,: Art Gow Show KHOW: News KBTR: Paul Harvey News V2:15-KY01I: Market News KOA: Farm and Ranch KHOW: Soon Review KIYTR: News, Weather, Spts. RADIO-- KOA 8EO; KLZ 660' WEDNESDAY RADIO ll:00-KFKA: Markets KOA. Maxine Mulvey KYOU: Song Shop Kl,£: Hcuseparly KHOW: Kay Howe Show KIMN: Smiling Jack KBTR: Jack Paar 11MS-KFKA: Mid-Morn Melodies ;i:30-KI.Z: Garry Moore Show 11:45-KFKA: Want Alls U;00-KOA: Neus. Wealher KFKA: News. Markets KYOU 1 : News, Markets Kl./,: An Gow Show KIMS: Dave Fraliscn KHOW: High Noon Review KBTR: Paul Harvey News 12:1S-KOA: Farm snd Ranch KFKA: Neas 4 Weather KBTK: News, Weather RADIO-- KOA 850; KLZ 560 THURSDAY RADiO U:OU-KFKA: Markets KOA: Maxine MuKer KYOU: Sung .Sh-in KU: HO-IM I'arll KIMN: .Smilina J'aek KHtlW: Kay Htme Show KBTR: Jark I'aar 11:15-- KFKA: Mirl-Morn Melodies lljn-KLZ- Canv M,,or» Show KUA: S«w». tti.iim-r KY01': Nr»s. Mauris KHOW: Xim KIMN- Mike 1M; KFKA: Nc« s . Maikr-l, . KIITB: Paul Harvcv Sews 12:15-KOA. Karm :inl Itath KFKA: Wcalh-t KP.TB: Ncus. IVealhrr 12..10-KVOU: Kcnonal \c,is FRIDAY RADIO ll:0n-- KriA: Maxirie Mulder KFKA: Markrl-! KVOU: Rone Mi'jp KNOW- K-v Itdv- vh~* KHOW 630; KFKA 1310; K KOA: Catholic Hour I2:«-KU: Food Facti liuu-KOA Monitor KltOW: SrHitllKbl Serenade KLZ Sews l:li-KLZ: Univ. Explorer liW-KHOW: Sunday Sho« KI.7. Dateline KYOU: Music I:J-KLZ: News !:W-KBTR: Bohby Beers Show KIMN: Tim Tlndall KHOW SpotliEht S.renaa, KLZ: Treasury ot Stars Mt-KIlOW Sunday Sho« KLZ: Road Show 3:W-KLZ: Panoiama KOA: Colo. Trails KHOW: News. Sunday Show l:30-KUi Concert Hall KOA: Colo. Motor Carriers KHOW 630; K F K A 1310; K KYOU: Rejlonal News KB1R: Lee Harris I2:IS-KVOU: Paul Harvey kOO-KFKA: Kaleidoscope KYOU: Music KOA: News, Fmancs KLZ- News KBTR: Flair I:1S-KLZ: Out and Ahoul KOA: Bill Barker I:3U-KLZ: Back lo Bible 1M5-KFKA: Wanl Ads fcB-KBTO: Bobby Beers KHOW: Joe Scherer KLZ: Douglas Edwards KFKAi Kaleidoscope 2:)5-KLZ: Haven ol Rest 2:4S-KLZ: Lawrence Welk J:«0-KOAt Vic Collon KIMN: Hit Parade KLZ: News 3:15-- KLZi Topic A-Europa 3:3»-KLZ: Wells Snow KHOW 630; K F K A 1310; K 12:10-KHO\V: Show Time KYOU: Regional Sews KFKA: Neus 4 Markets KBTR: Lee Ham.. Show 12:45-KYOU: Paul Uarvcj KI.Z: News 1:00- KYOU: Music KFKA: Kaleidoscope KOA: News, Finance KBTR: Flair 1:1J-KLZ: Mitch Miller KOA: Bill Barker 1:30-- KLZ: Back to Bible M5-KFKA: Wanl Ads 2:W-KLZ: News KHOW: Joe Srherer KBTR: Bohby Beeis KOA: News, Finance 2:I5-KLZ: Haven ol Resl 2:3l)-KFKA: Knlcidoscope S:(5-K1.Z: Lawrence Welk KHOW 630; KFKA 1310; K 12:!0-KFKA: News, Slarkela KYOU: Regional News KHOW: Show Tune KKTR: Lee Harm 12:45-- KLZ. News KYOU: Paul Harvey l:W-KOAi News, Fintnce KFKA: Kaleidoscope KYOU: Music KBTR: Flair KHOW: Shotttima 1:I5-KLZ: Out and About KOA: Bill Barker 1:30-- KLZ: Back lo Bible 1:45-KFKA: Wanl Ads 1:W-- KLZ: News KltOW: Jack Schcrer KBTR: Bobby Beers KFKA: Kaleidoscope 2:15-KI.Z: Haver, ol lte%t JttBi! {ar- w " k YOU 1450; KBTR 710; KIMI «:M1-KIJ1: CBS Ne.s KBTR: Jack Paar KYOU: Music :IS-KLZ. Fred Wsrini «:3u-KOA: Monitor KLZ: Portrait ol a City KFKA: Silver Platter KHOW- From People S:00-KLZ: CBS fiewa. Sports KFKA: Lulheran Hour KOA Puckelbook Ni'ns KHOW: Nem. Sports 5:15-KHOW: US This We«« KOA: Consodine KLZ: Mllcb Miller !:30_KOA Ueet The Press KFKA: George Stout KHOW: World Review KLZ Salt Lalte (Jhoir 9:U-KHOW: SIM lor DeJeui KFKA: Serenade In Blue «:00-KOA: Ne»s. Uooltot YOU 1450; KBTR 710; KIM 3:U-KFKA: Want Ads I 1:00-K110W: Conlacl KU.. Ne«s. Weather KFKA: Kaleidoscope :1S_KLZ: Wells Show 5:00_KOA: Nc»s. Finance KBTH: Ftln Colo. KLZ News KHOW: News. Sports KFKA: Here ») Then KYOU: Weather Dial S:15~KL2: Inside Story KOA: Vic Coltoi KHOW: Contact KYOU: Music KFKA: Ne»s KBTR: News, Weather. SpU a:30-KLZ: Intormalion '« KFKA: This Is Greeley KOA Report KYlltl: Ales Dreler KBTR: Sports Roundup KHOW: Ham'ond Harmonies YOU 1450; KBTR 710; KIM 3:00-KLZ: tins KOA: Vic Collon KIMN: Hit Parad. 3:15-KLZ: Topic A-- Europe 3:«-KFKA: Wanl Ails 1:00-KHOW: Conlacl KLZ: Nc»j KFKAi Kaleidoscope i:15-KL2: Wells Show 5:W1-KOA: News. Finance KLZ: News KFKA: Here and Then KHUW: News, sports KBTH: Fun Colo. 5:15-KI.Z: Inside Stoi,- KFKA: News KHOW: Conlacl KOA. Vic Cotton , KBTH: News, Weather. SpU 3:30-- hLZ; Information fi? KYOU: Alc Drier KFKA: This Is CrcelEy KttA KOA Report KBTR: News. Sports KHOW: Conacl YOU 1450; KBTR 710; KIM KIMN: Hil I'arads KOA- Vic Collon 3:13-KL2: Topic A-EuropB 3:30-KLZ: Jack Weils 3:45 -- KUA: Viv Cotton KFKA: Wanl Ads l.W-KHOW: Contact KL/.- Nevu, \ KFKA: Kaleidoscope :I5-KI,Z Wells Show i:l)0-KOA News. Finance KHOW: News, Sports KFKA: Here and Thera Kl.i News KBTR: Fun Colo. S:IS-KI)A: Vic Collon KI./. [aside Slory KIIIIW: rontact KI''KA: Ntws * in i5 T ,^ : Ncws ' w C3thcr. Spts S:30-KYUU: Alex Uleiel KOA: Repot t KI.7- Inlormatlon 'ti2 KHOW: llam'nd Harmonics KKKA: This Li Gretley " t»o SUND KLZ- tevlval Hour K1M.N: Pan fin Stow KfKA: All Marti KHOW: Sroi, ffani KBTR: Ron HIlcKll Stow I:15-KHOW: Moxy Tilks I:»-KHOW-. UI« Uae KLZ: New Tutiment LUht KFKA: U.renc. W.Ik I:«-KFKA: Guest Mar KIOK:Jazz on Potamlt ':t»-KLZ: Jorumj Dollar KIMN: Tim Tlnrlall KHOW; SuMsr SIM* KYOU: loterneiu 7 : JO_KOA: BlanlUr KFKA: Cburck Cervlc* I:W-KOA- CtalKlIt U TtouM KIMN: Fed'lton Wn'm's Qubs KliOW: Coocert Hill * sun MONE V15-KLZ: Lowell Tbonsi KOA: News KVOU: News, Weather, Sols. KFKA: Mitch Miller KBTR: AJei Drier rn-KOA: Weather. Sports KYOU: Paul Hanpy KFKA : ConlroverSL-y K.HTR: Jack Pair :1S-- KHOWi Conlacl KOA: Ne«s KYOU: Words ol Ufa l:»-- KOA: Perry Como Siui KYOU: Sc. ol Bonier KHOW: Ulellnn f:'S-- KHOW: Music 7:00-- KOA: Hound snd Aboul KIM.V ,-o» roso sum KFKA: News KBTR: Ed P. UorjsB ftsn * 'so TUESI 6:«-- KOA: News KYOU: News, Weather, SpU KLZ: Lowell Thomas KFKA: Mitch Miller KBTR: Alex Drtiler 6:00-KOA Wriilhrr, Sports KHO^T: New? KYOU: Paul llarvej KLZ MustcalF KBTR: Jack Paar Show KFKA: Conlrovemy 6:1S-KI1A: News KLZ: News, Sports KHOW: Llle Line KYOU: Words ol Llfo 1:30-- KLZ; DenM-r al NUhl KHOW: Music KOA: Doris Da; Slugs KYOU: Soulh ol Border 7:00-- KLZ: News KIMN: PO[0 Pun Show KFKA: Time KOA: Rouna and About KBTR: Ed P. Morgan News M 850 WEDNE 3:i-- KLZ: Lowell Thomas KOA: News KYOU: News, Weather, Spls. KFKA: Milch Miller KUTR: Alcj Dreier «:t»-KOA: Weather. Scoria KLZ: MuMciile KFKA: Conlroversey KHOW: Ne»« KYOU: Paul Harvey KBTR: Jack Paar 6:1*-KOA. News KLZ: News, SporU KHOW: Conlacl KYOU: Words ol Lite 6:30-KLZ- Denver at Nlshl KOA: Frank Sinatra KHOW: IJleline KYOUi So. ol Border 6:S-KIIOW: Music 7:W-KOA. 'Round and About KLZ: Newi, KFKA: Ne»s KIMN: Pogn Pno Show KBfR: Ed P. M'ornan Ne» AY, DECEMBER 16, KLZ: Intl. Concert Hall KBTK: GooCKetown U. I:1S-K1HN| Mill. Den. Pub. let*. I:M-- KIMN: Mule KFKAi Easy Listening KBTR: Intursi k Answtft l:49-KIUNl Ynir IJnlversily l:90-KYOUl News, Music KBTII u oi c rxuttw KLZ: World Tonijh: KOA: Synnhoni Hour KIMN: Muslcil M'UrHeces KFKAt News I:1S-KFKA: Slars lor CWmJ Kli- News Aniljsls :»-KYO(li Ntw Testament KFKA: HearUut TltsMM KLZi Unity IClljNi LDS Sirtes KtrTIi Ainec. Farmer · :U-KIMN: M*W Music 10.UC-KYOU: tt*u 01 DtcUloo AY, DECEMBER 17 7IU-KIIOW: Soorta KYOUi Nhewatch KBTR: Jack Pair : 7:30-KOA: News I KHOW: Pronress KYOU: Ed P. Morian 7:U-KOA: Road t Aboul KYOU: NIU Watch 1:00- KLZ: Plrij Ul» KOA: Bound About KFKA: German uwcl KltOW: Hour ol E'cfUMrl KBTR: Ron Mllckell !:JO-KFKA: NUMtlme f:W-- KOA: News wsd Flnwa KI.Z: World Tonllht KFKA: Music For You fili-KOA: MeMy Tta» KLZi Deiver it NUhl S:3»-KOAl CaBBII CtKtrt 10:00-KOA: News KHOW: News KU- New. SporU KBTK: Ala Dreler )AY, DECEMBER 18 7:U-KLZi WocUwtdl SpwU KBTR: Jack P»ar 7:30-- KLZ: DemocrKy U Amer. KltOW: Missic KOA: Niws KYOU: Ed P. Morgan 7:O-KOA: Round Ind Aboul . KFKA: News KYOU: Nltewatch 1:00-- KLZ: Party Una KFKA: riilht Tlrno KHOW: Hour or Ench'lmtnl KBTR: goo Mllctcll l:00-KOAi News 4 Flniiu KLZ: World Tonllht KFKA: Music lor You M5-KOA: Milody Time KLZ: Deiver at Night !:JO-KnA. Denver SehooU 10:00-- KOA: News KHOW: News KBTX: Alex Drier KYOU: Otter Side of Dsy 10:19-- KOA: WuUltr, News SDAY, DECEMBER 7.I5-KHOW* SporU KI.7: Worlawtde Spcrt4 KFKA: Nl|httlm« KBTR: Jick I'nr 7:M-KKOW: Music KL/: Denver al Nixht KYOU: Ed 1'. Morgan KYOU: NltB Witch 7:45-- KFKA: New KYOU: Nltewilch I:00-KLZ; Pirlj Ua« KOA: Newt KHOW: Hour of C'ch'muit KKKA: NlEhUlmt KBTR: Ron MltcbcU ' t,:30--KOAt Democracy 9:00-KOA; Newt, Finance KLZ: The World Tonlnht KFKA: Mutlc (or You 1:19-- KOA: Melody T.IHK KLZ: tcnver al Mxht 9:10~KOA: Adven, In Ideas 8:. r -KYOU; Nlttwutch 10:Ofr-KOA: Newi, VxatVr M.7.: Ncuf KHOW: New*. Munic 1962 TV 3 KOA: NewicaiU KIMN: Stasid ol rraedoos KLZ Ne»s. SoxirU KUOWl World U bTltw KKK«: Sliooll KRB: Ron ol Eaitro, UiU-KOAi Alt sod Lean KLZ: Volet ol Y«tb KIMN: C.S.U. SforU KHOW: VN Thu Week ll;)t-KOA: Hxir 01 DocUiM KIMN: Arroj Stum KYOU: News. Stsaofl KHOW: ChrtstODliers KrTTIt: Aoser. Leilofl 0:U_KH()W: SunOij S6«« KLZ: World Tomorrow 11:0»-KOA Neas. Uorilof KBTH: Croti Csnb.m «MN: Navr Iwtus 11:11-- KLZ: Master Uinlrol KBTII: Muitetl IMIectioni 11:H-KUOW: Reml'vous-Slierer 1962 TV s KYOU: Other Side ol !,, 10:U-KOA: VteUltr. fiMCU KHOWi Moenenui U Muolc riBTt: Hon Mitchell KLZ: Sounalni Bwrt 10:46-KLZ: WtrU Tonoritw 11:1J-KLZ: Neu's. Sports U:W-KU: Denver it NIHK KHOW: rWnd'ious-Sktr.r ll:l-KUi Pru Hevlew U:o|-KLZ Nws Weilbw KFKA: Siinoll KIMN: rfflkisr Skoo MIOWi Ne»s. SIllMll KBTK: Nen, Sl|«o« MONDAY TV lt:l»-KOAi Today KBTV: Ernie Ford KLZ: .Neivi, Wealber , 1962 TV ( KitOW: Moments In Music KLZ E»ecull. tVport KBTE: Boa UltckeU lO^O-KUA: ftiurward Barker IP-si-- KLZ: World Tomorrow KYOU: Slunoll ll:flu-- KTKAi MoonJUkt Ctoen tl:19-KLZi New 4 SporU IliU-KLZ: Drnver al N1|M KHOW: Beod'voiu-Shirtr I1:49-KI.Z: Press Kevlew 12:W-KLZ: ^«"' * Wealhir KHOW: Ntns. JHIMslI KIMN; Holiosr Sko« KFKA: Sllnoll KBTR: Sews, l(florf l':OC-- KOAi Neoi · tHaatt TUESDAY TV ll:W-KBTVi Ernie ford KOAj loday Kk^Nens, Weather 11:»«LZ: World Turn /KBTV': Father Knows Best 19, 1962 TV KBTK: Alei Ore cr KYOU: Other Side ol Da; 10:13-Kt.7. Leading Question KHOWi Moments In Music KBTK: Ron Mitchell 10:30-KOA: Warrant llarker lo:ia-- KL/,: World Tomorrow KYOU: 3lo OH UiOO-KFKA: Moonllckl Capers KOAI NCOS U:li-KLZ: Nous * !polt KOA: Bill Barker 11:10-- KLZi Dvover It Mlht KHOW: Rend'vouo-Sherer 11:15-- KLZ: Press Hevlew 12:00-- KFKA: Slltnoli KHOW: News. SUnofl KIMN: Hapuy Holiday KLZ: News' Weather KBTR: Ne»a. SUnofl til»-KOA: News. SUnoll WEDNESDAY TV IhOO-KBTV: Ernie Foril KOA: T'«la KLZ: Ne»s, tvesther TATIONS: KOA-- Chinnct 4 KBTR: lefro Colleco Ckolr ll:i»-KLZ. I'rci Hevfc," V *"' U:t»-KOA: Neua SlinMI KU: News, Weatber KHOW: SUnoll , KIMN: Slpwll f KBTK: News, Btnoil ' i:00-KLZ. SUnoll SUNDAY TV 1I:00-KLZ: Cold War rail Vo K»n'l House Uttollv. KOA: Rreik Thru 1!:I3-KLZ: Vok-e nl Youth 1I:JO-KOA: Eli-real U|ht KBT\': Fnljulou.* P *C Thtr. 11:15-- hlJJ: Football Kli-soll U:00-KOA| MrKwen Show KLZ: NIL foollull 11:15-- KOA: Dimness Hi-ljtes TATIONS: KOA-- Channel 4 I1:*-KU: As World Turu KBT%': Father Kcows Bust U:«-KU: Password KOA; Kerv GrUlln Show KBTV: Jick La Unno U:M-KBTV: AmM 'n Andy KLZ. House Party U:U-KltUA: Roellroer School 1:00-- KBTVj Salvatiori Army KLZ: MIHnuIre KOAi Lorrits Youni TbeiUr 1:3»-KBTV: Stvel Keys KLZ: To T«tl The Truib KOA: Youm Or. Malou J:l»-KUTV: *Jr-s (or a Day KLZ: Secret Mora KOA- Make Ro»m lot Daddy t:30-KBTV: Who Ou Yov Trusl KKI4A: Sewini Skills KOAi Here's Hollywuoil KLZ Kdle ol Nlfhl ]:00-KIITV: Anier«'u natutaluil KOA: Academy Matlrm KLZi Sl.rr YelKim iTATIONS: KOA-- Chinncl ' U:H-KLZ: Award Tkeater KBTN'i Jack U lanne KOA: Merv Crimn Show i::ll-Csrtooo Tim. UiX-KLZ- House Party KBTV: Amos 'o Amly U:45-K»MA: Boellclier School H09-KLZ: MUlUUIre / KBTV: Day to Court / KOA: LoritU Vount / liJO-KLZ: To Tell Tto Truth / KBTV: Seven Keys / KOA: Youo, Dr. Malono/ liOv-KLZ' Secret Storm / KBTV: Qu«n For pJ KOA: Make Rown lor Oil HN-KLZ: Edit ol Mlht 7 i KBTV: WboDoYraTrJ KOA: Here's llollyooif KRMAi Culinary trill J:W-XBTY: Amel. lUMjind KLZ: Rtarr Yelianl KOAi Ackdcffly HiUiiM 4:M-KLZ: Fred and FM STATIONS: KOA-- Clanni 4 I1:»-KL/.: WorM Turn KBTV: Camoullaia 1 U:OD-KI.Z- Pi-oplt ;.' KIIIV: Jsrk Ij r,inn.r/ KOA: Merv Orlllin Shof 12:19-- KDTVt Mack's Beaut; P U:»-KUTV: Tile PioiKC-rs J KLZ: House I'arly s 12:«-KHMA: Uoelleher Sen} t:IW-KL/,: Millionaire f KIJTVi Day In Cuiirt/ KtlAt LorvllH Vniinr/ 1130-KLZi To Tell Itie f 1 * hllTV: Seven K.-js/ KOAi YOUIIK Dr. flona l:t»-KL/.: Secret Stwir/ Kim': Ouren lorlOay KOA: Make llixiin/ r l»ilJ ::3P-- KL/.: rittte ol Ni/ KIITV: Vfhn l)o 1" trust KHMA: I'pnolstl/ KOA: Hero's llgf'"""! liOfl-KnTV- Am. liJ'tand lil./.- SMri vJml KOA: ALaOrn/Miitllicr 'I V/II/VV/ KLZ-- Chinncl 7, KBTV-- C 1MU-KOA: Academy tlslUM !:»-KHTV: AFt. Gams !:lo-Kl.M NBC News 1:00-KOA: V, Djle KLZ: tt-lebrity CoU 3.30-KOA: Uullwlakie KI.?.: (I K. Collets Bowl *:0fl-- KOA: Meet the Picsa KLZ: Wuard M Or , :»-KtH- Kervet Ir tl ' KBT\'; «liet Ih. I'rUesrarX 9-n-KIIA: KIISIIB O'lool, / KIITV: Hiifh School Ztt-J i:lo_Klfn': Vallanl Tears ,' KtlA: Inn Xnowtime / KIITV: Valunl Yeari .' KLZ-- Channel J, Klfr--Gh 3.30-KBTV: lilscovery / :to-K»r\- : Mkkey Ut* '""" KLZ: Fred »»i f.? 1 "? , I:X-KBTV: Wally U/ TouckV l:IB-KUi Ne»«, AfV, , KOA: Rocky ·/""»"· KBT\': Uv,n/ I:1S-KLZ: CBS N?_ . u I:»-KLZ: to fl TTM !*»» KBTVi ABC'S?" KOA- W1i?S lld ' l:«S-KBrVi Ld" *·".·· *«*« l:«0-KBTVt IR!"* J ·!!* t$z-*'ifaS Scm KOA'I rTM' *·»»· »«itar 1:15-- KOAi r 0 .''?: Iir1 , ll *)* T 1M$*! Thi^lrm*. K|_/-Ch«nn*| 7, KBTV-- Ch /·KBTVi Mkkty MOUM Oub ( .*-KBT\'i Wily. L'p. TwclM' /-KOA: HiKky *nd Kricodi .W-KU: Nv«f. Akui / K0.\: Sea Hunt KHTV: U*!nin I«;»-KJJ:: Exrcutl.'t Rrport KHTV: ABC Rvrn'x Report KOAi Yoil Bear l:W-hBTV: Hl«T. W r riliol KOA) New*. W4»lk«r KHMA; tclirjb ot Air «:1J-KOA: IIunlltr-Bflnkttr S:»-KIlllA: Whtl'i S*w KOA: Ur.nil. 7:00-KKMA: $[unUh KOA: Dtrk roucl] 7M5-KUMA! Frcmrb TiM-KRMA: Huut* We l.iv* In KLZ-- ChinneTx/, K B T V -- Ch 4:0»-KU: FrM »w.Sri* KBTVf Mlrkvjr Jtl\i»r Gub V45-KOA: Rockj ttt4 triiiodi KOAi Sc**Hunt KlirVi Wj.ii ^rp 5:15-KI.7: CDS NCK» 5.3u-Kla/,: TTfn A« Cnnrftl KIV1V: AUL Retmt KOA: Tlir- Tunnrl 3;45-KH1Vi He*». Wtalhrr 5:00-K).TV: Hlthwsy Taltol KOA; Ni'vm, nr^lhft Kl./.: \ViiKlo* «D Me,,n St KRMAi Cotksi. o? Air fi;l.V-KOA: Kuntlcj-Btliikkjr 6:30-KU: Dotilf (liltli KHTV: W4|(in Trnln KRMA. Wial'» Srw KOA: Th'- VI rein! nil 7;00-KltMA: .Spanish KI.Z- IhA.'ily Hllh'illljr, unnil /KRMA-- Channel f l: TM"C;; E raSer'KV~. (eat ·f-KoAi nil Pont Show T KU.I ra«ra (Isner. /JJ-KLZ Wui'. Ii, ij,, ?00-KOA| Sam Itenedlcl 1-30- KLZ: ^ KeyhoUi M-JD-- KlV' V? " Mtrr IO»W l:lJO-KOA:'jU.lmanl I:30-KOA: M|ht cap Niwf innel 9, KRMA-- Chinn.l t KXMA: rsrt. nrsl KKUA: Chrtsunu la N «. KLZ: Andy GrUfitJi KOAi HitMs ft Uftoifi KKMA: PerspNllv. . ,, SP!P' ! * 01 " »"«* · :Jo-- hlj: Story rt- , .. "OAi Price. U HIM l:W-KUi Marr VelUM KtlA: HnnUey's Jotmi] KrtT': Ikv CM*y KHMA: Christmas PalaUu t:3 **!S, 1 J l K" 1 " OtwiclM KU: Slump SUn KltUA: Cnllwry Art. 0:W-KU: Sr.i, ilrslt." KBTV: Thre. Sur Newi KlIA' Ne»». Weather KKUA: Holldsy Sou. 0:U-KOA: Toeult ^^ II:M-KU: 19-Jill.M. KHOW: rTxro* l;»-KIITV: Science FIctlM U:OD--KOAi Tomurrow tim innel 9, KRMA-- Chinnil « KOAi Kfflptre t.DO-KOAi Ktnj K DIuneeA KHMA: Lehman Muter CtUI l:W-KK)IAl Ull»e«J« KOAi Dick Poriil An XBT\': Oose-U. l«:l«-KU: Nt»i KOA: News, »eaU« KBTV: N,,s, WeallHt IO:14-KU: SlorU KOAi T«sl|M KUn': rThelch.DlntM Ct. »:V)-KUl I0:» MovU KBTV: News FlruU 1 -W-KBTVi Sdroca FkL TkMler IJ:oo-- KOA: Tomorrow News ·nnel 9, KRMA-- Ch«nntl 1 ':IS-KHMAi Fiencli 7:3o-KnTV: (Mn» My Wsy Kl^: Ulik Van Drt. . M KRMA: Time for Uil.| I.OO-KOA: I'rrtJ CoroO KIITV: Il,-.ll.o f,, KL7.: Arnulnni Ttfster KRMA: Turn of Ceilury KirrvV Our'Man'Hi'uiin l:to-KIJ!: Kawnu, KBTV: Naked frly hOA: lllh HnulKIIMA: Scotfl For 1 S:»-KOV Mm ol thailmoBU KBMA: fhrlslma. OuHr U:00-KI./.. News, WelUHT hllTV- Nrws Xlnsl. Winter KOAi News. WeaUMf IO:1J-KOA: Tonlltht KI.7.- Srurts ,.:»_K',T' ; ,o ! :" 1 ,' i ;f. t v,f 1 ' · UiJO-KIITVi Srunt* rirtloi U:W»-h)-\; Tdmartnw N«wi "" TMR 63 °,'ee K H,^ *"'' "^ 1TM' f*TM TM" K ' M N ' 5 ° THURSDAY, DECEMBER 20, 19G2 TV STATIONS: Kof Channel « KLZ-Ch.nn.. 7, KBTV-Ch a nncl 9, KRMA-Ch.nn.i 1 KKKA: Markets, ;sews (2:45-KI.'/.- Newfc KVOU: Paul Harvey KIMN:' Smilini Jark KBTR- flair KFKA: KalcidVscopt 1:15- KLZ: Mitch Miller KOA: Bill Barker l:.W-kLX: Hack lo Bil,k 1:4't-KFKA: Want Ads I:W)-K1.2: Ncwg KIMN: Tinv 11m KHOW: Joi Scncre^ KKTR: Rntihv »eei» KKKA: Kalplilmtnpc ! Ti-KI//,; Havtn ol Rc\I 2:Jj-KU: I^wicnce W»lk ! 3: 00- KLZ: Newi KOA: V!t- (.''ilifin KIMN: Hit Paindfl KVOU: Music ; KHOW 630; K F K A 1310; hFKA: Vath"i 12 SQ-KHOWi Snow linie Kill R. l^-p llnrri 4:WI-KI,X, News KIKlW: Ctmiact KB! It: nnhliy Bner« KKKA: Kaleidoscope »:15-KI.?.: Wells sto« 5:M-KOA- Neu... fmartr. KBTR: Paul Harvey Klit'lW: '('·'ontact""' KOA Vir Col,;,,, KBTH: Novs, W.-sllipr Spts 5:3D-Kt.i;: Inlormal.on 6! P KIKlW: Cnnlacl KOA: ll.-rwrt KVOU: A"", nri'!jTM IC ' KBTK: Spfirts, Nt-ws 5:45-- KOA: Nw JfrKA^sa siiir KYII1!: Ne«s, Wealher. SpU. KBTR: Ales nreier l:Dn-KLZ: Muslclle KOA: Wrntlci-. SporU KFKA: Controversey KVOL': I'aul Harvey KlitlW: News KBTR: .laek P«ar 6:15-KOA. News Kl-/, News, Sports KHOW: Contact KYOU: Words ol t,!j» I:30-KLZ: Denver «l M«hl KlIOW: Uiellne KOA; Keel* -Smith Sings KYOU: Soulh ol Border 1:0-- Klf'iVV: Mlttlc 7:Ou-KOA Round snd About KFKA: News KM. News KIMN: Pogo fata Show KHTR: K.I I' Mnman New» 7:15-Kt./.: WorMwWe SporU KBTR: -l»ck P»«r KFKA: Klihlllrnt ;:30-KLZ: Denver Bt Ntxht KHOW: Viewpoint KOA- News KYOU: Ed P. Morgan 7i4j-~KOA: Round ·nt] About KKKA: New* KYOU: Nltt Watch 1:1)0- HI, 7. Party Line KHOW: Hour ot F/rh'lmcnl KDTR: Kan Mitchell KFKA: Nile Time KOA: Round and About 8:M-- KOA: Democracy In Arneric.1 9:00-- KOA: Newn. Flnanr* KLZ: World TonlRht KFKA: MuMe Fnr You I:11V-KOA: Melody Tim-KLZ: Denver m Mxnl 9:a»-KOA: Yyuth Forum 10:00-- KOA: Newa. SwrU KL/.: New* KHOW: Mrw« KBTR: Alei Prclcr KYOU: Other Slili? of Daj )0:1i-KI.X: Capitol Cloakroom KHOW: Momrnls In Music KBTH: rt»n Mitchell 10:M-i;)A. Wayu.ird Darker KHOW: Viewpoint 0;45-KYOU: News A Slfntfl hi./,. Wol il Tomorrow 1I:00-KFKA: Moonlilllt Csperl KBTR: Rna MHcnell llils-KIJ,: News 1. Sports ll:Vh-KI.Z: Denver al Nlithl l!;t»-KFKA: Kewa t SIJnMI KLZ: Nens Ii Wealhrr KtM,N: Happy Hoildftv KHOW: Neoi, Sllimll KIVTR: News, RIKnntf 12:45-KL/,: Slpioll I:C»-KOA: News, Sliooll THURSDAY TV II;00-KRTV: F,rnl* Ford KOA: yKlny Kl,/- N-^n. Wealher ll:Jl-KBn'l Kslh.i, Knows B'.' 12:00-- KOA- Mi-j^n'f'r, Miuw HllTV: Hi/ 1 ' 1TM1-V Kl./.: A.jfJ 11 "--''" 12:13~KHTV: Cf SpiTto Show KiiTV: * Plonren KL/,: V" f r!lrt y U:4S-KIMA/' lwllrl ' rr s '-' ho " l:m-Kl,/.:/'l!l'i"»'i' KOA/-"' 1 '"' 1 ^ounn KB17 O* tv In ' ouit l:»-X°3ff« I'" th- Tliilh Kljl: S'-v.-n KIJS K» Yount Ilr. Miilone !m.-l(/V': 0-Ui'fn rnr a Hay Hf.: Si-crel Slnrin /ItMA: I'rrp'inu "Ynur rtiild WHTV; \Vh'i IV. You Iflst ] r/KI)A: Aui'l^ni Malin'-r / KI11V: Ainrr. IliiniM.-intt 3..TO-KI//.' Kl»rr YrJI.irvl Show KIl'IV hKnucTj- 'fij 4:W~M7,' K r d ftp.l Kat KBIVi Mj.-l.cjr Mtitu* Clur) 4 W-- Kit IV: U'lly, 1,'py. 'lout hi* 4:l5-KO.\i Kwky nml KrlrnJ* 5-00-K), 1 /.: Nt-ni, Akrr« KHTV; 'hinv'^Mnn KOA; H- klrlKTrv Hound K U I V . ,\,.%. ^wrti. KillV; HlfiliH,iy I'MHil KHMA- r-iliriii. tif A1.I KilA- Wiilr C-imitiv KHMA: Whnl'n N.xv 7:(XX--KH'r\'- Oi'iins Il«*wJ KHMA: S!:;in!«ti 7:13 -KHMA: |-'n-nrli 7:30-Kl,r\' : !.,,,, « To D |tv« K'lA. I)t. Kl!(bf.j KHMA: O.lo. WlltlUfi I.N-KU: AUrH KlUhcwi KllMA; Scirncc In Anita KltTV: My "jhrr* f^ru « .10 KllR : M.Ualf'i N» v y KHMA I^.-rrrutioi S.W-Kl./: I'tnv Matun K"A: AiHty Wiltidmj Sti(v» K M M A : Hi ·clEtHmT'sMhpd. 9 W KHMA: famtn fh«l« KHTV: N«V. WelltTH 15:16-- K.DA: Tonijihl i 10:30- Kl./ li; 311 Mn1i v ll'in-- Kll'fVt Kt-irnc* Mrllni ' · V ° U KI^N : lt^ BTR "^ K ' M N 95 ° FRIDAY, DECEMBER 21, 1962 TV ST/nONS: KOA-Ch»nn=l 4 KLZ-Channol 7, KBTV-Ch«nn»l 9, KRMA-Ch,nnil 9 3-4J-- K K K A : Want Art* 1'WI-- K!,/,- i\t\v/i KI7. Xc**. * Hill I): Ja,-k I'.,-! l:«-KVlt' Mu., 11:1S KFKA: Mid-Mn|n MrlMlr. K'lA. B:il linker Kr hA: Knlrido-cripo *:Ij-- KI.X \Vi-1|» Phrt-/. ' n ~$k\^l *rt*nJ,r** 12:00-- KYOIJ: MalKCU Ne«s I-IS-KI/' Ou" ^a *" \tml Klfl It: I'aul Harvey KIMS: l);i\r Kran'-i-n 1-111 Kl '/· 1'-, k in n M Kltlw"V,' r ^','" T KO.\- Si-ws, U,-a!1T hf'KA: Srws. Markett . KHTH- ItohDj U: ' 5 ~E!,'-X ";""''' *,,'·»»" i : V--KI7. Latirrnro WHK RAD!0-KOA 850; KLZ 56 SATURDAY RADIO 11:00- KI.7,: News t Sjxtrlj FOA: Monitor KISIX: Sm.lms Jai-K KBTR: Jji-l P»r KHOW H:.Wi R,-uew M X \, - 11 IS-- KFKA/ M. ilr KOA.-Mlrt Iwcra \'f)\. VK- ( f.t'fm i 3IJ-KI.7. lnli.rm-.|if.n M KIKlW: Hnm H INtrmwin KHTH: K"^,,, KUTR: Al*" rlrria"* KMJL': 5.|W)|H KOA: News. WfStlier, Spts. KFKA: Milch Miller I.W-KI.Z: Muncalc hirill J; l( , (',:,, KIII1W: (unta't KOA- 11.11'rk Hall ol Fnnis KL/. IMite, .1 Nl«hl K^Of; Sn:t!h af Border s IS-- KIIOW- ^liisff 7-30-- KHOW- Mtuic KLZ: Denver nt M«ht KFKA: Night Time f:»-KFKA: Newt KVOU: Nltewalrh 1.00 -KdAi Mew» Cait KL/,: l-arty Line KHOW; Hour 'A E'ch'tmcnl KFKA: NlEhl Hmv H 3t-- KOA; F)tiith \*1'?J r T)II 9:00-KO\: Jatk Pa^r 7:OQ-Kf,A ,\R( .%.,«» K [ / W(|fld T(m .j. KiMN: I'fiK" P"C" *=hn^ KI'KA: MiHir Inr Vi.u KBTH- Kd P. Mors*.n Newi T.IS-KHM'A- Sixm« KU, WfttWuifl* SporU S-15-KL7.: ltft\\n a! Nlfiht IO:ll-KnA: Weslher. Smrls | **-KI.7.: World Turns KltOW: Thl* I« r.,n. / mnvi Fnlher Hr,t Vi\3.- liivlle lo l^arji fi-00 K l / - IT'-ule IO.I5-KIJ;: Viodd Tomorrow / KYIHIi Sinn Oil / I1:00-KFKA: Monnllfhl lisnrrs / U:t».,kl'.7.: Ne'»V 1 Ur'alher/ KIMN: ll'ilMn* Khnw/ KHOW: Nrui, Kgnnl 1M5-K1.7- S!«nml' 7 fiSiSir 'Sr rn FRIDAY rJ KI.Z: Nfwji ,1M/i KH1V: F.inip ».,,/ KPTR: Air* nrrttr KOA: 'l-llny / Kl,/.: NTM,: V,eJ" 1J:1.\-- KU I \ I '.nrtoon Minn KHTV: Am!",! -i, ^,, ; |v 1? 1V- KllMA: It,.. l.|i. r Srh-io! Ill'/- M','l!i',!,i a ^""' l:.lo.hiy.- lo 1,-n It,,, riuih KlltV: VMII K, VI hi./.: S'ird S'.omi 23'1-KHTV: Wild lin'vmi 1 Inwt ' KOA' A'ntlcmy Mntinr* Klirv Awrr KaiiiMmvl J-Jfi-hHIV- Ii'vdiurj V. 4.m-Kl./.: tri-d ttni\ 1-ilS'lV: Mitlirv Mini** flub 4.3I--KUTV. \V]]y |.' t ,» Tmirha 1 J lri)~.K| 7. Si »x ,\V-rr- Hn.\' tlxhv anil Kllrn'li MUV: I..i-4ni,.n S - J S - h t /. NIV.V l..1n.-.nh 3 .11) Kl,/,- (IT; tti- ·'[-M K!./: S.u«ii)i, «l l."tti!tf KOA Nrvn Mr:,|hri K K M S : (irili-Kc "I Air l.t'.ix · c.iinnt Men KHMA (II N(,l. Kl./. Star \i-n.ind K r ; \ l., 1h . ,j|i Mr ( hurho 7-l*~1.!tMA- t irMh ?'3f)-- Kl 7- Kalf Or'iani* KflTVi FIlnlMnnrji KOA Sir.ji With Mllrk KHMA: lofxl For U(« K»A; I»r3th Vilify Diiyf MUV- 7V S-imct itt)p KI'.IV -thin1 Mnii fl.4%~KI./.. Jnhn CUfrPlI lo no- KI.7- NVW*. ttrstheir KO.M News. Wr»thflf |fl ir,-Kf).\: TnnlchV Knrv: n uHihintwM Ct. 12 nd-K('\- tf-nx-rinw Scivn KH1V- Srlrno Fir linn " RHO K"m,.^,, K , F ^, h l! 10; *! Y ,°" ^ , KBT . R ", 0i K ' M N 95 ° SATURDAY. DECEMBER 22, 1962 / TV STATIONS: KOA-Ch a nnr, , KLZ-Ch.nn.l ;, KBTV-Ch..n«. 9, KRMA-Ch.nn.1 1 1 2 3 - S - h l K A ; Wrfllhcl KIITII: -lack I'a.r KI.Z (all Krom l-nnrloa KVOU: Rflionsl N^ns 12 tt- KKKA: Nfws H./.' -Sc»» LdTV-KhKA: Kfl'.i Music K\(ir \l-,» r Kl / Ita1 ,, VI, ,-" ' * t:3J| KIIUV. Shitti^r l:(n-«H(lW JM Vhe?»r* MlOA: Whi-fcf Shtu.1 3'W-- rv()A: M^pil^r *-iiO-KI,Z: Wrsthrr t)laj 4:15- KU: Rafti, A r t l - f SOO-KL/ Sj-nrt*. N«« KHOft- No**. *,pnrU KBTH" l ! uv' n ^ru UIIC 5:15- KI.7 . ,. KFKA: M-.f'"n'l Mutinr* KVdi: MIUIC I:*.-- hi./- Spnriji KFKA- Wftihlnx.ofi H--porU I'OO-- KHO^ N»;i*« Kl,7, Ra%i.ti rifi* KFKA \m» KIMN- Da ir- fi**«*rt «-r--K(»A MnnHot KVOU: F(,r,il!» Wnrthtf fi Vt Kt./, r*llln« Aqf-nrl KFKA Mi-mi- Un« KOA: Srwt KFKA: Nlt« fimr 7:30~K(^: N.Y. rhUharmonlc K\OL: EmpJdym'ni ,N»wi **~KVOV: SH- Watrh KHTD: (Cm Mitch*.! KVOC: Nlt« Vrjiti-h V^Kiv *SmJrlM-omffl»re KfKA. .Memory U/» 1 XHOWi %»»· .m-Ki,:nw.i«, M.-V: n,h.r M, * n.. IB:la-KflA: Writher/Sport* Kl./. r.u.M f hHOW Sal. r'l Show IO'10'KII^- DisKP 1 ^ loll m.7.: I"-'' 111' »:e-KVII!I: Mm 11 ll:m.KFKA: V.« uhl Caperi KHOW ·, tl:l»-- KHOW. Ss Ml* Show 11 SS-KI.?. fiti R^ KKTR: J* Wrapno KltOW- Si ^fl News KIMS: 1 :· Hiliillf KHTR N v "len'ill 1I:IV Kl,/. *« '1 KFKA. » VXi SATURDAY TV \.\3. l....nn T.. l)iw KUA: KM-lonnt II .W-KBTV M.i«,o t ana KdA U«i«h Mr. Wirsr.) IJ-rsv-Km V: Ar-s'I U *l-KttTV: Klri-ilP Knlor tlDIH KM-,- \FI, FI.MHMI 11, M,!,!, ^^ KOV ;i*y IHMlnp ***** !* "- I\fl\- 1 .ij* (.^llflnt 3 4 K17,: H'iy.i;n( 4 t-n-KOA: It!-mtrv 4.15 KdA is-n Vtf.vrn KIUV- Arm* 'n An.J* v. MiAr Ii-icjncA Hl1.fir« J W - - K ' i \ ; Ann S'-uihi-in hlinw KI / l-MicUd'* KIUV: 1 ;-*ny tr.-il \? it Kl / III H n KIIIV HMV H,. Cf · 1 .« KIM- A, ,,,,,,,,. I-«_KI)A: K« '. KIP* s Ifln-Kiltv-WKs'wiirii iipnrtj n.w-m' n" i«r,I!e,, Knrv; Mr. *m!!H 11 W«h. 7 : r o-Ki./,' H-tvc (;nn. win iftvH ft ro-- Ktirv VML. MI» rihtai KL/.: Ii'in«in(ii.H 4 i«0-'KHTS'- Ittar^t :'vi '· .fct- Kl./ nt,i(inifn Kl'lTV NI-PII ami ttatl.«' iO-.w- M,7 thf Ifl-.W Movl* It t- hP.rv- Million I M"*M lito"^'^ 1 i* 1 !^ 1 "! 1 f***" tI:)f.-KIJ, UU MA*

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