Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on May 30, 1951 · Page 1
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 1

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 30, 1951
Page 1
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OUR HOME TOWN A good place to cool off anil enjoy u good show at the same time is at the Jaycee-spon^oretl Aqua-Parade scheduled nt municipal swimming pool at 8 tonight. Las Cr DAY AN INDEffNKNT DAILY AND SUNDRY NEWSPAPER. 5SRV/NG SOUTHERN'.NEW. MEMO THE WEATHER I . A S CHUCKS A R E A : Clear shins w i t h warmer \vt';ither expected tn- i!ay. t o n i g h t a n i l Thursday: moil- iTate :iftcrnoon winds: cooler I n t e Ihi.s week. Ijisl 2-1 hours: Stm.; College 100-7;:. VOL. 71--No. 48 · ASSOCIATED PRESS LEASED WIRE LAS CRUCES. NEW MEXICO, WEDNESDAY EVENING, MAY SO. 1351 CENTRAL PRESS PICTURES PRICE FIVE CENTS Sherman Urges Full Blockade Of ChmaCoast WASHINGTON, May 30-- UPi-- A i l m i n i l Forrest Sherman today nilvocnted a United Nations naval mid coninturciitl blockade to strangle. Communist China'.-) economic life mid rhokc off the flow of war good;: shipped hy sea - t o the Red armies. On Hi!."] snore, llio rliirf of naval opwaUons supported in part Iho program of ("Jen. Douglas MacAr- tlmr, who called for a naval blockade of the lied coast, bombing ol" Manchuria ami thu use of Chinese Nationalist troops in Korea. In other highlight* of his testimony, Sherman said: Could Win War 1. lit 1 believes the United States f.'uulil win a war against. Ru.sriia-- "a general war that we don't want". IIo reported the navy's combat readiness and morale l.i excellent." 2. Like MacArthur and Uie other joint chiefs of .staff, he in opposed to admitting Red China to the United Nations "in*- any event". :{. He Is "very fond of Mac Arthur" but felt he should be dismissed because the General had "not been sufficiently responsive^ to the directives and policy given, and that from a m i l i t a r y point of view he should be replaced - - -." Sherman said lie would reach the same decision if lie had to do it uvwr again. Can't Itlock Alwin The Admiral declared the United States should not go it alone on n naval blockade bccaise Russia might "oppose it by force". And - he disagreed" -with ' ·TvIacA'r'tiiiir* view t h a t the Hussian-held ports of Dairen and Port Arthur should be included in any blockade. Sherman, chief o'f naval operations, said Russia 'might oppose with force any sea blockade the United States declared on its own mid without U. N. backing:. He (Continued on paije four) Armed Bandit Gets $700 In Hatch Robbery A lone gunman robbed n Hatch store owner of nearly $700 in cash and checks late' last night. The gunman locked Mr. and Mrs. Taylor Munis in a closet at iheir home after . taking a moneybag containing the receipts for the day of the Morris General Store in Hatch. He robbed the pair at gunpoint after entering the home posing as a wholesale salesmmi. Morris said his loss was about $-100 in cash and an estimated $3oX) to $350 in checks. Morris broke a lock on the closet door after the gunman fled. Then after notifying officers, assisted in a roadblock. Roadblocks set up at five southern New Mexico points within a few minuted after the holdup occurred failed . to find any trace of the bandit.. · . He was described by the Morris' as well -dressed, soft-spoken, and diiving a 10-11 Packard sedan. The Dona Ana county Sheriff's department broadcast a description of the bandit over the police radio soon after icceiving the call from Deputy Ilolph Higginbottom. Roadblocks were set up at Las Cruces, Anthony, Deming 1 , Truth or Consequences, nnd Alamogordo. This was the first, armed robbery in more than a year in Dona Ana county. Phon« 33 or 34 Little Hoover Head Must Be Resident, Martinez Advises SANTA FE.-May 30 #! -- Ally. Gen. Joe Martinez has advised that the executive director of Uie Little Hoover commission to take the kinks out' of state government must be a state resident. He gave the opinion for E. L. Moulton, commission member from Albuquerque. Martinez pointed out that the state low .setting up the commission to study reorganization possibilities in the state'gov- ernment specifies that its director must be a resident. The commission',-! recommendations will be presented to the next legislature. Martinez still is to advise on whether a hon-iesident may be appointed to direct t h e new legislative reference bureau, designed to furnish legislators source material. Senators Attack Racing Wires WASHINGTON, ,May 30 l^l-The Senate Crime Investigating committee has aimed what it calls a "death blow" at interstate race wires which it says are "the very life blood of illegal gambling operations." One would make it illegal for anyone to send information by wire- or radio about horse and dog races without obtaining a federal communications commission license. Newspapers, news services and radio stations would be exempted. . · . ' In that respect, the bill falls short'-of a Florida measure'due to' become law today, provided Gov. Fuller Warren doesn't veto it. ' The Florida bill prohibits distribution 01- publication papers 1 or anywhere else of- horse racing information which could be used "in furtherance of illegal gambling'." ^ The Senate crime committee's bill would refuse'a license to anyone who could not prove the information would not be used to facilitate gambling. ' The second Senate bill would make it a federal crime to transmit gambling" information obtained by stealth without permission of the nice track where it originated. Officials To Meet On June 4 As Equalization Board Dona Ana county commissioners and the county assessor will meet as the board of equalization on June 4 following; the regular meeting; of tbe county commission. This will he the last meeting of the board of equalization to assist property owners in the county in adjusting tax assessment and valuation problems. Boards of equalization were set up following the revaluation-of all property in the county by the Dee Donnell associates survey which was conducted here in 1950. All property owners who have assessment or valuation problems are invited to meet with the board of equalization in the Dona Aim county courthouse following the commission meeting next Monday. Labor Bitterly Lashes Move lo End Controls Temb of Ike Unknown Soldier, Arlington Notional cemotery. Fighting Men Pause To Honor Korea Dead; Nation Joins In Memorial Day Ceremonies Las Cruces Veterans Conduct. County's Decoration Program Las Cruces veterans conducted Dona Ana county's Memorial Day observance here today. Four c e m e t e r i e s containing county war dead were visited by three veterans organizations this morning. Joining together ware American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, and Disabled American Veterans. The three groups toured cemeteries together in a 25-car caravan. I/egionaircs headed the ceremonies at ' t h e .first two cemeteries, ihe VFW at the second twti. Cemeteries visited were Donna Ana at 9, San Jose at 10, Mcsilla, 11, and 'Masonic at noon. Capt. J. J. France headed the Legion ceremonies, and Sgt Thomas 6'Neil conducted VFW ceremonies. Ceremonies at each cemetery centered -around a cross resembling; the cross of Ijorraino. It has four horizon ta I pieces, standing for the Civil War. Spanish American War. and the two World Wars. Boy Scouts placed flags on the cross in a ceremony at each cemetery. Ted Woods conducted arrangements for the legion, while Sergeant O'Nell headed VFW preparations. Business firms in the city closed their doors in accordance with a proclamation issued by Gov. Edwin Mechcm proclaiming this .1 legal holiday. j Good Reason For Sleepless Night --73 Degree Low If you were tossing nnd turning last night and finally gave up to go sleep on the lawn, there's :\ good reason. The low last night was 73 dc grees-~the warmest night recorded here KO far tiii.s year--and as far back as tbe weatherman's figures are listed. High yesterday was 100 degree* at the college, and probably a little warmer in the city. Figures for Las Cruces were not available today fitin to tho holiday. There is ho holiday from the heat, however. Clear skies and a glaring' sun this morning boosted the mercurv back up in the J 00-105 brackets to near the record mark for May set Sunday ami Monday nt 105. Thu weatherman sees no relief in sight. Whenever a cloud rear;; its head over the Organs, a brisk wind comes along and Wows i! away. Hn. (be forecast is: hot and hol- ter. ACCIUKNTS T A K K TOM, Accidental tlealhs began mountling: Wednesday as tbe Memorial Day holiday was observed. The National Safety Council forecast t h u t I J O pci-MOn;; ivouM die in t r a f f i c accidents lii-lweon · p. in. Tuesday and m i d n i g h t Wednesday. 'Aqua-Parade' Opens Tonight In City Pool With Varied Program Of Water Specialties With clear skies hut lil K h tcm- p^rutun's forecast for tmiltflil, Ijiis CrncpiLs will find ri'fn"»hli:;f cnlertninmnnt \vhcii the \val«r extrnvafjunyji *'.\(]ua - I'rnt'li:" 4i|MMi.s at 8 this eve nt up in iiltliii- t-lpnl pool. Producer* nppllotl finishing lonrhf(| thin ufternimn tn^ped ii socnic nnd lighting' cffcts used by tlic show, which iilnyptl last night before, u cnpnrlly Kl I'aso crowd. Aqua-rnnidt', fcJittiring out- stunillnx* swim studrnts of New Mrxlro Western rollcffc, Stiver City, In clinics rvrrylhlng frmu jfnirpfitl water Imllct hy I'hnrni- Injf nirnitnldH to nccompU^icd downing. · To ncrommlftlP the ninny h|tpr- tntofs rxiMftod, Mrjichrrs him- INYII InNtaUcU n round two tldcn of the |HHtl nnil reserved rhnirs placed utop tin; bath house. A d mission prices wilt he. $1 for ndults, $ .50 for children, nml Sl.fiO for reserve seals, all prices Including tax. Scuts nre for sale only :U the door. Municipal |nml was closed yesterday and todiiy, despite record hl^h temperatures, to allow work crews opportunity to lasliilt hleaehers and sots, Ac|Uii-r;iraiIc. Is (IcMtfCiici) for entertiiininenl. With tin own or- clicstni, the Kl«idei)l-i»rc:luee(I shou' features wnler h:illel, dlv- llig r.xhlhlllons, solo nnd specially nets, clowning, onl-of-wnter productions, nnd .other novelties. 1 1'erforincil under colored lighN the wilt or .show Is a aoa-proflt venture of New Mexleo Wrste.rn Mildellts. II seeks only to meel road exjirnwH, Sponsored In Ixis Crliers by Hie .liinitir Cfuitiittcr of ('fimii)erce, t i n - shoiv's p r n l t i s will be Invested hi the recrnlly- openetl .layeee-spiiasored srrviee- inen's ehib. . Shident directors of (he show arc Anilii. While, Silver Cit.v, who Is griidiiiillng fntm Ihe cnl- Irge this year, uni! Duvld (iobble of DenUng, a junior. First half of flic- show IK staged "on the le:ieh r " and die serum! hull will gn nil lit-1- a "metropolitan" back{lre;i and ll;li- Ing. Tbe show nffri-K soinelbliig diff e i r n l tn Southwest audiences because of l i t t l e water activity In the area. The east Is purlin) with top coed Ix-ality al tlie allege, nnd mule swlninirr* provide: pleasant b.ilanee vvllli (licit- own water I m l l e l , diving and spe* chilly acts, . Korean F i g h t i n g Pauses In R a i n For Observance Hy The Associated I'res^ The nation toduy paid homuge to its denil of past wars while Sir. sons were dying on a new battlefield. By tho hundreds oi' thousands, Americans gathered in Hntrchrs. ! at-ecmelpries and on hi'.llowcil bat, tlegrounds. .' Wreaths were laid on grave;; h h n l bloomed iifrcan on Ibis 83d ! annual Memorial Day. Volleys of j riflemen crucked overhead and | buglers :;ou ruled the .s«id, solemn j note.*; of "taps" in a requiem to the | fallen. } -Soldiers I'uusC i In fitr off Korea, soldiers paused 'amidst the new war to mark tho j day in the new United Nations ! cemetery at Pusan. While rain i beat down on t h e green hillside .' cemetery, they nlood w i t h bowed j hearts iiml heard thin.menage from ' Lt. Gen. James A. Van I'leel, com! nmnder of the K i g h t h army: j "These men lying here are the ! heroes of Korea. We who ure still · living can never t h a n k them enough but w« shall never slop trylny." Seven! v-six-year-old President Kynfimim Khnu of KOHM stood bnrp-beadoil in the drenching rain throughout tbe service. In a Menmriaf flay .statement, l-'nrcver Eletnemher "The- people of Korea will fort v c r rememlKT revere t h e heroic men of every nation, living nnd dfitd. who cnme to this fur-off land of oui s to fifi'il Ihe Oominin*. ist aggressor and make the world .safe for peoples everywhere . . . . "Let the fiet; v/orld today resolve t h a t these honored dead shall not have died in vain . . ." In Europe. America's f i g h t i n g men incmoiali/eil their it:ad uv«n its new troops from home imu'cd i j i u l o pnsh; along the western ilc- Hy The Associated Tress The CIO today accused big business of trying lo bribe labor lo join in "scuttling price controls" and then "share the loot" with business. CIO secretary-treasurer .lami's B. Carey, in a statement for I h u Senate Banking eommittut!. cited specifically the National Association of Manufacturers and ;iic U.S. Chamber of Commerce. . He assiMled the tu-o organisa- tions are g u i l t y of "a complete irresponsibility and a narrow greed t h a t could wholly wreck nut- defense program" in proposing an end of price nnd wage controls. Reject rnnspira.".v "We of the CIO rfijVei e m p h a t i - cally this o f f e r of n conspiracy acrainst the public intercHl." Can;y said. Carey urged Congress lo o \ t i m l the Defense Production A c t . whieb authorizes price-wa^e controls. H is due lo . expire :i m o n t h from now. Secretary of Defense Marshall yesterday urged an extension lie- so ho said, i n f l a t i o n is milling S7 billion a year to Ihe cost of the arms program. Scores Inflation "The lo:;s of guns ami I links ami pianos to creeping i n f l a t i o n Is just as damaging- af: i f - t h e y had been destroyed or captured by nn unsetm enemy," Iu- said. Meanwhile, the U. S. Chamber of Commerce criticized price director Michael V. DiSalle's proposal lo license ail hustnos sfirnis as one which would "subject our citizens to the kind of alrciitJackcUng. policing nnd regimenting" which is typical of Communist police slntcs. DiSalle had proposed .such licensing to enable the government. to put out of business companies \vhie.h violate controls. DiSalle's Office of Price Stabili- sation set ceiling prices today for canners' sales of the ISIM spring pack of canned aspnriigus, green beans, spinach ami other vegetable greens. OPS last night gave most ineat m a r k e t s an additional two weeks in which to post o f f i c i a l beef ceiling price charts. Mcchcm To Review Lalt'Sl Row Over El Vudo Release A u B U Q i n C R V U K M:iy I I I ) - - i / l l i - Guv. Edwin Mo.ehem wiM la.s! night hi- will study the Kite;;) con- travorsy over release of water from Kl Vailn reservoir. The ivKi'rvoir is drnii.ed I t n pay a w a t e r dotit owed by the I - M i d d l e Itio Grainie Cimst-ivaney d i s t r i c t t f i t h e R i o Grande piojivl In soiithrni NVw Mr-xlr.i and Ti-s:i:i. Thi' ilraiiiiu;; s t a r ! e l some tilth' ago a f t e r pMi|cui};ei| a r g u m e n t ami delay In- ice. Tl!i» l:iN"J (li;-.]Hlh l i-niireniJi tin; i . H e uf d r a i n i n g . The V.iddlf ttm boiinl hti.'i refused :i riHjiieyl by State Engineer John I Hiss. New Mexico member n! i h « ' K i n (Jnimir; i Compau cuinmis-.-iion. in | thi! rale. ows Allied Advance SANTA I--E. May :tn i/i 1 ) - For tin 1 second t i m e iin two VHIS. A l l y . On. Joe L. Marline;-, will out"!- u (-use involving r u t c increns- i 1 . 1 : i.oughi by M o u n t a i n Stall's Tele- phono it Telegraph Co. TliL 1 company asked tin; Corporation Commission to approve in- crenscs l u n g i n g from five cents H duy fur home phonos to I I cent:; a day for business phones. The honst would bring tho company about Sr»;i.OOO extra each mouth. A spokesman for M a r U n u z «ald his office will study the proposal. I piobaMy Thursday. He. pointed | n u t Hint M a r t i n e z resigiiLvl as ' Corporal Inn Commission attorney in in-ISl -- :it the l i m e (no last increase wns g r u n t e d I h e company - and appealed commi.snion np- prnval nf t h e incr-oiis-i* to t h e S t a t i c Supreme Coin t. \i .hiristlirlinn The court riiUM in March l!)r.O ii had no jurisdiction and it wns up to the. commission to decide whelhur liny rate im'rea:'c WHS i ren. i :on.ibli! :md Tair. I Asst. A l l y . Gen. Peter X. Chuni- ' bris siiid I n f o n n a t i n n gathered in ' Mint case slmidil In; helpful to t h e conmiissiiiii in iluci.Hn^ wbelbiT in j;i:inl Ibis new Company manager R. C. I'h: ( C i t n i i n u c d mi pa^e t'oiir) TOKYO. May DO /? - ][?avy niina and Reds r i y h t - inj; from u-at.;r-nllt;d duKouts to- (!ny .slowed Allied sjvaiht'iid.s in C o m m u n i s t Kmr;i. ; Field i]i.ipati-hrK t e p . n t e d I Fulled I Natinns lroop;i my vet thu less had i fiiiight w i t h i n li! miles of ICumlnv:i j Communisi b;i;se in r e n l t a l ICnreii and seized u n f i t her crossroad:! iilmvc Inje on !hc cn.'U fiMUral I't'fillL KaitiH HWi-pi must of Hit' biUlle- front this Memorial I»:iy, i h i l i f i i n j ; in Kurou's i r u d i t i n n a l uv( .sfjiBcm. Zero visltiility cut Allied n i r u t - tachs lo 12G Hiiflies. l.a.vb Hurl; Red tiottuH. wlxiu^ the w e a l l i r r n i l v i i n l i i K v . Iu«ht't1 biiclt at U.N. supply lines on HIP ea:n c c u l r n l front. A at lark cut south Korean dcft-nscM on the I n j f l l y i u i ruuil. Ked.f r.el up I ond bluck;! on bolh sides uf lnj. covering mined in:uls w i t h b:i/.ooka and miichiiicKtm fire. An America n unuorod furns fuusht tbrou.qh heavy fin- anil thick nu id lit 1 fore Kt'ii'.hiH a slni- U'^ie Vdiul junction HUX niih-K noillicnst nf Iiijf. On Iho c e n t r a l front, a C a n a d i a n batliilion Ciiptuicd a b i l l from -i Red liattalinn Tuesday ni(;bt only lu Uisi- it to a Hcd i'(Hinti?r:ittai-k nt drtwn. Amliusli I ' n t n i l nil I lie ccnlvHl f r o n t , ('hi- nesc lianiiiiprfHl umieitectjs.Mully :iL t h e U.S. Seventh division and :un- bu.shcd n rrtconnnissance «pulrol. Hut others surrpndcivd to :ui AiiitM'icnn col inn n slogging 1 throe- qtmticf.i of a mile through kneu dt'eji mud. Red resist untit: mounted steadily. The Communists apparently j w e i e iiitiniiluiil- in m a k e U.N. I forces pay heavily for any f u r t h e r j advance I n t o N o i t h Koren, AP | Correspondent Stan Curler rvpurt- | i i l from K i R h l l i A r m y ht'iidquart- , ersi I U.N'. ti-oops had UuiRe.d 2G miles north of the ;iSih parallel border, f C u n t i n u u i l tin papu f o u r ) Early Tickets Insure Good Seats For Aggie Grid Games jRidgway Believes Allies Inflict Major Red Defeat Krloclcd your he five Afffj ·ii'cveii seats for home football You can make that selection now and have Unit vory name su'at for the eiulro .season. The Hope Abandoned iS^K^; 1 .^ n " r i- L ii/r- i jl "'- !1 '' vo ''° '"' f '-'" t """ ""' c " im ' S1 ' For English Mine H,,rt j^rTM';..* ta , h for the entire season. Tlic' A(;Kic.s ,,-, , T -,-.·. It;,·,,,-,*·, tu-n i l n v i n n to UiV wir »,«,:,,.,« t,, p,,,, nv, ,,«,,,,,,.,,, Corkers In Blast if.TM,;.,,,, ,,,,,;,,, L^ ,,,,,,;, tins M.QI-. meeting the bUplien i-, . , f r n p L i m M 10-0 00 Kerf snMlei* A u s t i n team at S oYloek on S«'p- RASINGTON. KnK . ( May ; {0 (/['.; sine.- tin- ( M m m n n i s t f l opened t h r j r U-mber 22 fnr their first. ;;aim\ Thrir scrrmd home /{nine w i l l be th»* U n i v e r s i t y of Now Mi*xini hriv at 8 o'clock on thn night nf October n. That will be the hoiviecnm- Their third -gume at home will be against Flagstaff al S N'ovem- . Hop.- was abandoned today OU Hritish i'(i:tl mini'is liiiric'.t S first spring offensive A p r i l 2'J. feet heloiv groin "Thutipli everylbing bus lnvn aiul is sUM being done at Ihe j u t . then: is now no hope of any of the entombed miners 1 Lord Ilyndley, c h a i r m a n her :t. The two 's will be a f t e r n o o n ronte.sls I against West Texas S t a t e j ei'fil. One badly injured miner die on Nove.m)n?r HI and McMurray uii j i" a hospital l.itit nlghl. One ie : ;.-ii November 17. pi-ai.-icd t h e U.S. division w i t h a t t a c h e d K i e i u - h a m i Dutch unilii for i t s g a l l a n t slan.l in east i-eiitral KOHM whii-h t u n i e i l the main Communil blow. And Ititlgwny wiirniil t h a t the. Hods have t h e power to :;t t i l c e , f t!,,- j n q i i i n . But be rxpi.we.1 confi-ience n a t i o n a l coal hoanl. i t l i n t !lls t n j "l'-' : ^ llin t '"" ltl 1I P Sixteen hodii'.-i have been recov- t More than 1.000 season tickets | lH ' StiJI cla.i in eomkit hnntji ami fatij:ue. pan!.-,, llu; siiprt'iiii 1 euui- workcr .lied in the mine. Th.; n i m i - hniinder g i i m l y lotd reporters t h e n - !jf missing w.i.i rediiccil wlu-n ! !·* no reason to believe the war U | Holdiei.-; made air pilgrimages I I to war cemeie-rie;; m ! Lnxenibonrg. Uelginni, Italy, 1 in: I Netherlands. France and Knyland i In Berlin. la:;t outpost in the cold | war against Communism, lroop:i were given a holiday but no special services w«ro planned. At home, NcrvieoiiK'ii ami veterans, ]!oy Scouts- timi patriotic groups parndcil in t h e i r (radiUon- al s.ilul.e. to tin; m i l i t t u y doad. I President Truman, who wns nn I a short vacation cruise down the i Potomtir river and in Chesapeake | i bay, WHS represented by Wiiltc j House nlilou at Memorial I'tiy Her- { vlrt-ii in Arlington National Cemetery. of th; goal ( .r a.OOO tu 2,5(10. i l m m p - " W i t h t w i c i as m a n y season lick- already Hi)M this year as w e i e sold htsit year, confidence has been voiced t h a t the goal can and w i l l be reaehml and that Conch ,loe Colemiin. his staff and the Aggie will h a v e the f u l l support f p i i e t l y in tin: glari; o] Uie big spot- sneci-.-isfUl." l i j j h t n i tlii- pitlinul. ° n 'y ll change of policy on the. On the b u l l e t i n hoard wa.-t a ; highest Communist levels in Mos- message from King CJeotgc v t . j ''w «r IVIpins. ho snld. can ulup "Th.» (iiii-t-n and I " lit 1 .said. ! ihe bloodshed. regret i llidswiiy said Communist nmrulo ' \ I n o a k i n g under tremendous "li:uv Iciinit w i t h i if lh.\ i'X|iliniim nt Knsincton nil- of the c o m m . m l t y in t h r l r grid | |j( . ry ^ ' ()f U]( . ^.^' } ^ of mv AI! M fir. snperiority. , this yoai 1 . n,l our deopcst s y m p a t h y M j IIWMM s u f f n r f t i l by the R.Ms and M a n y .f the I.O.sO tickels r e p o r t - ! l U , lll)lS( . who ltaV( , , ((4l hus»«unlrt the growing aevero shortage of (1 sold wi-re sold in blocks of 10 to M) 1.0 Indlvidiiiil.s and lo firms, Many of UK; individuals who bought, a block of tickets hnv already .sold thoill. Some business f i r m s have nlrraly sold their t i c k - ets. Urged To Buy Other business firms and prolVfl- iConUniieil on |ji|;« fuiir) or sons.' KKI.I.V I . K A V I W 'HtK'K' fond i n Communist -held areas. "We Imve lonnit'il from prisoner I nf win* reports that desertion ban SAN* KKANCISCO, May W '.Ti j beconin a d e f i n i t e and sorious proh- - Ceorge ( M i i c h i n e G u n ) Kelly, a | t . m f 0 r Hie Communlats, well back on a- swaggering Rimnuni who roitreij t h n n i g h the midwest and Into their rear areas," he said, "Thurc must \t{ a growlnR quos- Hoitlhwi'Ht nn n p n t l i of lilooit In t l i o | t l u n In llui mlmls of tho Chlnnxn "His. WHS t i a n s f t - n v d f i o m A l c a - l f o i f c s tin to the bcno Ira/, l-'eduial prison today. |lh«lr letulcra' piollvca." as to the bcncflcioneo of

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