Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on March 2, 1976 · Page 17
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 17

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 2, 1976
Page 17
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^_ YOUR GUIDE TO SERVICESREPAIRS *PIPE * STEEL * VALVES PRICES ARE 0-0- W-NU CROOKS INDUSTRIES ndustiiaIRd Na 467-4445 CHAPPELl INSULATION · Reduce your FUEL BILL We specialize in insulating older homes, walls ceilings. For Free Eslimales call 166-1853 or 466-1158 PORT-A-MOBILE · MOBILE HOME REPAIRS SERVICE · AJC SALES* SERVICE . CARPETS « ROOF RUMBLE . SIDING. PANELING . WINDOWS . CABINETS WALLS 14 Years Experience 466-7239 Complete Line · CONCRETE *PVC *ADS scowutt pipe CO..MC 22? Cold Blvd Namn 466-8971 o , -8951 Shop at H o m e . . . JCPenney · Karche: MaM CUSTOM DECOnATING SERVICE "fniUTii-.N · \V;illp.i|].T . ('iir|wii[ W Let us send a decoiator lo your homeoi ollice-alnoobligalion 10 you! Service Directory 1 STORAGE r' FoiMolfHom«jtBoati«Compfn»CaTi etc Induitrial and Domestic $30 nio. tW hoi LAND LEVELING CAT WORK Call Larry Paul 888-1897 or 467-4000 ENDELL Heating Refrigeration « SERVICE WORK INSTALLATION » SHEET METAL WORK OF ANY TYPE 4013Ustick,Caldwell 454-8311 or454-BR79 STEWART'S WINDOW AWNINO 120 . StORM DOORS. PATIO COWS o CIRPCDIS .SUING "Over 20 Yesis Experienced" '339? 388 tampa-Cald. Blvd. Nampa 467-1961 PEOPLE'S DENTURE LAB SeA- no you io' 18 /eoT a' (he saf^e : cca'.o" AH «Mft a'DUUmo - »IP»HS WHILE TDU ««II 9 lo5 Weekdays 306-12lhAve. S. Saturdays 4 Eves, by Appl. Nampa Call Al at'466-4205 JOAN'S INTERIORS NAMPA-ONTARIO · Furniture · Carpet · Draperies · Accessories CALL 466-3861 Mll.i^.li.-.iKrHT JMAYUuiu-r Sim SAM and WANDA'S VACUUM SALES SERVICE Fitter Quetn Rainbow · R o y a l · K f r b y · Compere/ · f/fcfrVui · iiltei Kfnj · Hokws · ApoHo Home Care Produtti PARTS in Stock .ndr. 459-2562 MILLER'S VACUUM REPAIR -- PARTS 1M STOCK -- Voiir Authniiicd HOOVfR Dsatrr FIHER QUEEN SECVICE t P A 8 T S 315 So. Kimball. Coldwtll. 459-6328 Losf? Find whatever you need in the Want Ads G I V E U S A C A L L - W E ' / I help you word your adi IDAHO FREE PRESS 466-7891 The NEWS-TRIBUNE 459-4664 STEAM CLEAN Your Own Carpets [Do il yourself prices] flenl a Rinse N Vaclrom COAST TO COAST STORE 920 Main, Cald. 459-8781 l20-13thAve.S..Nampa 466-2511 FALLOON'S WELDING . Specialists (or all types ol Welding ^ % 1215-111n Ave. Norlh Extension Just! BlockSoulholReslline 467-2042 * PIPE * STEEL * VALVES Prices Are DOWN! CROOKS INDUSTRIES 1731 Industrial Rd. 467-4445 CUSTOM MEAT PACKING · CUTTING AND WRAPPING « CUSTOM SLAUGHTERING · LOCKER BEEF NAMPfi PACKING CO. S^ 466-0058 -u; «uuilOM TOUCH/rv WUB HOME DECORATE WITH PURE CEDAR · "-fcnc ng · Roo'mo « S i:nj VALLEY^CEDAR PRODUCTS Hiway30East . ·_ « - Nampa. Idaho 4bl-31Z2 i I/ irr " Sl °' m Windows 4 Doors '0 Urr lCa . r P° rls Awnings · Window Door Accessories 00-ir-YOUHSEL.F SAVE EVEN MOflE! Glass and Screen Repair DAVrS-U-SAVI ^., 904-12ihAve. S^Namr^a" W-mO*f^*'J TIME TO MOVE? CALLLAZYJ Mobile Home Moving · IPUC Aulhonty · Selups* Free Es(imal!S · Insured · Awninps · Skirting ImlbllsiStn.C! H«I. 3i.Cl!dltll Service Diroclory 1 D E A N L ^ T T L E ^ I E L D E X C A V A T I ' . G Seo'ic Innk^ S, cr,T-n 'ieios. bargee ivo-^ iny Kind. -r56 37?5 Moore Tree Service f o r 'he hosi prico*. on 1't-c- s'umo removal, i.jnt] c'esrinq, :-)' do; nr, L - c c n s o c : nsureci P«-f-(- Eibl -16? 6 ) C O or 9 3 9 6 / 0 0 Service Directory S S EXCAVATING C a t w o r k , top so i 1, s e D I i r. systems All typos ol e x c a v a t i n g Jack Stitos, 4597301. VACUUM REPAIR c s t ,111 rr.ikos P,ir!s. baas. .f--, cic in slock, v.ei's p.i.f i Sfl'cs. n ' 6 IJtti AVC . J66 ?")4I GOOD TOP SOIL ji nil' JfiS^JGO TREE SERVICE l O ' . » O P L i * C O N ! ROL irco s c r v . c s Licensed, 'jonded 4 irsurec Liirry R.ills, J66 937« EXCAVATING B.ickhoc. L t T n c i s c r i p i n g t r u c k i n g D ( C K N A Y L O R E X C A V A T I M G CO. Ph ^.4 0 3 5 1 evenings .159 7613. LAW LEVf LING Uo;ers. s c r a p e r s , g r a c l e r s , ripper, o o c k h o o . John Rcilmon Ex'tiv.iting. Phor.e J59 6167 SEPTIC TANKS DRAIN FIELnS rt n^ k -nrt o n n c V h o e work J O H N L I T 7 . . E F I E L D CnM !i9 (58J ,iftcr 6 p . m * Electrolux Repairs 1 Sales Call Jj.l 0 7 ? 7 o r J66 64?7 TREE SERVICE KC"-.1-.,V " ill .%.-"fi ·fm~..t FREE ESTIMATES t ni,rcc Ji9 b'M iif.PE ;', HOW TO R E M O V E R U S T S T A I N 5 FROM W H I T E ·.'.ASHABLES. Cover sl.lin with of 1,-irtcr. then q.nner rrnicrmi loqether to form ,IS,ICK and il.p area inlo hot wdler Le! soak for about five minutes, ihen l.iunaer ,is T r y ,1 Classified /vtf to buy. soil or rent something. BASEMENTS RjfCriv.TK.'ci comcnlc'd untlcr cxishrq h o m o s / 1 him ihe cosi of huriding o^ Also concrolo v/ork H E A D YOUNG. fel,^;:; |.|/.l'cnl, r u o.-.,;'i. ,,·; You have to "tell it" to "sell it" Tell us today - we'll tell our 68,000 daily readers tomorrow! IDAHO FREE PRESS TH£ NEWS-TRIBUNE 466-7891 459-4664 WANT TO ATTRACT | BUYERS FOR VOUR "DON'T NEED5"? ALWAYS USE THE FMMLY WANT f\PS Lost Found LOST Ausfraihan Shepherd, tr,,ilc. blue tan Vic of Homccf.ile/ W i t c e r . reward lor return Coll JSJ njl. L O S T : 5 Yr. old. ferruile Brit liny Spaniel. 'Candy 1 , -MS' l.iitoea :n ear. Vic Lnnc Star s. Mioland. R e w a r d , lii 7312. LOST in Middleton are.i: Ore old Germ.ln Short n.iir dog Phone 585 3 1 1 5 . Income Tax e ELEANOR'S BOOKKEEPING J F A X S t R V C t C.1! J6717!:.! Misc. ForSala Income Tax Remodeling Repairs. Skillet crallsman for home or business Prompt service. Cnll 466 596B DO YOU HAVE ANYTHING THAT WLU ATTRACT A SECOND BASEMW on A LITfLE Carpcnler. ,Sp lv conslruchon romoileliiit] R e a s o n a b l e raii-s Call 4k! 4 1 3 S Ciirpcnlcr work No job loo small R e m o d e l or new, insiue or out. No Suntlriv w o r k . 467 I ?94 Personals "?· Hostess Shoppe: Flowers. lve. dried i plants Wedding sup plies, gowns, veils, accessories Cakes catering. C.ill 454 0?50 PEN AND INK Reproductions of KENWOOD School. C A N Y O N C O U N T Y C O U R T H O U S E . N A M P A P U B L I C L I B R A R Y and many other local buildings ore now ovnilable a I S4 03 cacn. C O R I N N f c M O Y E R S . A R T I S T 466 3054 Gentleman would like to meet it n'ce lady around age 55. Pre f e r a D l y a homemaker. W r i t e 10 Box A 33. r/ o The N e w s Tribune, Calclwcll. I will nol be responsible lor any cieu's ottier ihan my own, J o ^ a s fA Jones. Box 337, Piirrra Ellcciiyc ?/ ? ! / 76 N E E D H E L P ? Don't knov; v^herc lo lu^n? Call Information 8, Relerral or HOTL1ME J64 3SM C O A / . M U N I T Y M E N T A L H E A L T H C E N I E R S Counselling Ernorgency Aid Days 465 S98I S. 4 5 4 0 4 2 1 fc v e, 8. weekends, phone 4 5 4 0 4 J 1 . Card o) Thanks 3 We wish lo express our sincere thanks lo all lor Ihe comloning words ol sympathy, cards, food, g i f t s 8, lor the beautiful floral Iribufcs sent in memory ol our beloved husband, lather grandfather. Arthur Kic-ster. Mrs. Esther Kiesler Mr. S. Mrs. Robert Bruening S. lamily Mr. Mrs. William Rice lamily Special Notices 4 A L C O H O L I C S A N O N Y M O U S Thurs. night, Counly Builc'mg Nnmp.i. 8 p.m Call 466 3312 O A R E N T S A N O N Y M O U S Parents are YOU concerned about your oarenting bul have- no one available to help you? Days JW 1766. ovcs J66 665' 4j? 1635 Alcoholics A Al Anon. Nampa. moots Mon a p.m M e r c y Hospital Sun 8:30 a m COT munily Center. Cjldv.-ell. Weu 8 . 3 0 p rr SI D.lvid's Episcopal Churcl'. K a l e y A / c d . Center, 10 Lotj.m Wed. 8 : 3 0 p m 45? / i s ? 454 1043. 466 5476. J46 0474 ·YOU'LL FIND \fttt$ QLJICKLV WHEN you RELY OK TME FAMILY WANT-ADS We co'iio lo your home. Reason .ibte rales Backed by 29 y e a r s of service Boise 376 ?86S J O R D A N ' S T A X S E R V I C E Bookkeeping 4 Income Tsx. r^itlway 59 482? MOORE S INCOME 1 A X S E R V I C E Pnone 459 »?:)· INCOME 1 A X S E R V I C E ELMER R O S O A H L 715 Hudson, Namps 4 6 6 3 1 6 4 Neva Chapman Prompt, ac cur.ite service. BY appointment only. P.inne 467 4358 ~ H R BLOCK's largest lax ierv-cf Nii'iiiw 1307 ?nd bl So J66 TOi mo ??4 nin Ave Mo 4S7 JOi Catdweii 10JO CicveM"o. JS_V»9 mil in S'. ,irs. CaKiwell Schools Inslruction ~1 SCUBA LESSONS ~ Cerlihi-o P A D I inslruct-ons Gloria Morse, .nslruclor Phone J6' ?300 evenmtjs A I R L I N E C A R E E R S Lei Hie profess.onais iram you i n A I R L I N E R E S E R V A TIONS.- T I C K E T I N G P A S S L - N G E R S E R V I C E Your Airline Training begins al home Then we fly you 'o resilient training ior lour ex ctt.nij. lun p.ickeo v,ceks cl linal preparant.i Pc-rl ol your tr.nning A.II be on Branill's reservation computer system You can slarl immediately No obligation lor inlormaticn C A L L T O D A Y (?08) 343 54J] Idireciorcollecn or send name, address, age ana telephone number to AIR L I N E / T R A V E L C A R E E R T R A I N I N G . N'orinvvesi Scnoois. Depr. AM 13. Box 51. c/ o The Idaho Free Press. Narnoa Sign up lor Lingerie 8. Basic Knii Seeing CMsses starting now at Nflmps Sewing Center, 1?2 1/th Ave So., 4660531 Irene Means Diane Schmidt Male 4 Female Help 12 LONG BUN D R I V E IN, help wrtn'ed. full 8. part time Call 459-8925. ON CALL ADMISSIONS CLERK immediate ON C A L L opening (or a d m i s s i o n s c l e r k Responsible lor various jobs in nospiial business office. Musi *iave (iood typing ability and meet (he public well Apply al personnel o l f i c e , Mercy Medka Ci'ntpj. 151? m.h Avp Ro^o. Nampa Tin- Idaho Kreel»r- -s The News-Tribune, Tuesday, March 2. 1976 - A-3 _6 Malef-'emaleHelp 12: Male A F+mic H«ip 12! Ncfd 3 allraclive home'makm to help conduct fashion shows. Local worfc, need use o* car Part lime, some eves Call 459 3537, 4590174, 466 030J. 4666363 lor appointmenl. Legal Secreiary wanted. Musi have Typing shorthand ex pc-'ience. good with public. Call Jan, ·*« V???, 9 »o 5 Experienced mechanic needed lor loreign car dealership. Must hflveownicois Top pay fringe bcnef.ts Contacl Gary Palmer, Sefv.ce Manager. Royal Inv pons Poise- ma^o 345 lOQi R e s i d e n t api manager in C a ! a w e i l , couple p r e f e r r e d . Ligni ma-ntenance and cleaning reauireo Pleasp send resume, including phone number lo Box J9. c - o Idaho Free Press. F arm hano lor general Farm v.orX ana .rrigatmg C a l l 396 4219 Older person for o*f ice svof k for smdli con'rador n 585 ?2" Full or part tirr.o nighl man al T r e a s u r e V a l l e y L i v e s t o c k Auction. Call J59 7J75 DEELINE F A S H I O N S o f f e r s opportunily to turn spore lime inio p r oliiabie pan lime bus-ness fvo cost samples w-rten vounualily Pi-one -159 3537, 459 OWj J6603C4. J66 6363 or 72? 650? for appoininie^t NE E DED Experienced only, mierior wooo moulder, metal ( i p i s h e r i n s t a l l e r , - n t e r .or Imi sn. c 3b me t s e l l e r , eec iric-an, roof builder wooo, rco' insl.ilJcr AOOJ Apply in penon. IDTJAL OF ^ D A H O . ?H So 3Jlh Avc . Cflldweli. 9 a m 3 o m . M.indtiv Friday So cans. please V.anager T r a i n e e Appiy m per Si". 70S l?lh Ave Rd . Namoa T a n o ^ Company Equal Opportunity E mployer No experience necessary Musi be able to talk on telephone S.iiarv plus bonus Hours 9 a.m I o 3 p m a 3 o m l o 9 o ' v Apply m pc r son o^ly. U06 HHi S' So . Nampa N E E D E D Mature Housexecpcr Phone J66 7C78 R o w c r o p f a r m hand E x penerce m cultivating ting House lurnished. 466 600?. PAR r T I M E B O O K K E E P E R - ep needed, 'deal lor male social security suppicnienl. Call Gwen a l C A N Y O N P E R SONNEL S E R V I C E , ?lsl Arthur, Calehvell J5J Ull We are presently taking applications lor part full lime employ men t T ACO J O H N ' S . 6?J 121h Ave Roao. Nompa Woman needed for motherless hom^ Boy. 8. girl, 5. Boa--c. roorr 1 . salary Lady witn one child OK Call 585 22JS. PRINTER immediate part lime opening for P r i n t e r , lo operate main!ain Muliiiitne press collator. Responsible lor all hospifal printing assignments Must have good manual d e x - lerily. Will frain Hours 1 S p m . f^.ondav F r i d a y A p p l y Per sonnel Ollice. Mercy Mecical Center. 1 5 1 ? l?th Ave Ra Broiler dinner cook, young. dependable, c a r e e r m i n d e d Con lad chpf, Saratoga Hotel, CaldweM. Won Sa'. after 3. · DO YOU NEED AN OPPORTUNITY? · ARE YOU EXPERIENCED IN RECREATIONAL VEHICLES OR MOBILE HOME MANUFACTURING? · CAN YOU MANAGE PEOPLE PRODUCTION ACTIVITY? · KIT R.V. has a limited number of key positions (hat oiler excellent wages. Irmge benefits. insurance, incentive bonus antl year round employment. APPLY AT: KIT R.V. Evans Airport (Neil to Caldweu Airpom KIT COMPANION KIT KAMPER Come Help us innlc our Tiailers ana Kamoets Ev lienence not required, we will ira.n von Good stariinc v/iige. mceniive nrogram wifl nolni,iv^ nisirance ornqram and paid vac.iiion APPLY AT: KIT RECREATIONAL VEHICLES Evans Airport Road (Next loCsi Have ooeiing for Real E s t a t e Associa'e! '( you are interested o e a i c a i e d , c o n t a c t Mr. Webster at J54 U31 or Mr walker ai 3jj 791$ W A L K E R C O P R O F E S S I O N A L R E A L E S T A T E S E R V I C E , 7 2 3 Main Street Caioweli Cashier, small a a i r y store. rotating shift Can J$j 1319,9 a m. to S o n l y Opera 'or "Trainees Exp. Key Puncf* Operator. also 10 Key Operator G r a v e y a r o s h i f t , wouio spend 2 3 weeks on day, 2 3 weeks on swing to be trained. $500 Month. Appiy Meridian Wood Products. 46? 5221 Management Trainees Sa'cs Represent alive positions now open if a c c e p t e d , excellent earning opportunity v, r.jfe 'earning, when qua f if ;ea you w i l l a 1 tend m a n a g e m e n t t r a i n i n g s c h o o l following.. graduaiion appt ds oranch manager $?00 per week guaran leed Draw available. Want stable career minoed person willing 'ogive luM commitment Pnone375 31?6 i m m e d i a t e e m p l o y m e n t f o r school bus drivers. Nampa area' Paid Training, free babysitling provided. Approx. Hrs, , 7 : 3 0 l o ^ a m., 3 f o 4 30 p m. Call 466-4181 bet. 7 :3o a.m. 5 p m. '· Farm hand for year round job. Needs exp. in beets, potatoes grain hourly pay, fringe bene : fits, immeoiate. Wriie Box 43 ; . c ' o Idaho Free Press, Nampa! Farm help wanted. Musi have row crop exp Reference req. Sendresume. B o x 4 6 , c / o Idaho Free Press. Nampa. Room (urn. lor singly person in exchange lor work, ideal for man 46? 5532 or 467-5066. CAMPUS " WELCOME HOSTESS POSITION .-a- a We *.:n A'tLCOWE WAG04 V 3'iiD3' Civ-C mmdeC SE'I Staner e3sax i:e-ce ^ys goM ea-nngs a'i -i;66'9 A*a::h 3 ceiween S ano i? 4oo Eq.a' O o ^ n - i fa- MANAGERIAL POSITION IN BOISE NOW OPEN A W FAMILY RESTAURANT 809 Cald. Blvd.. Nampa ' tn Eaual Opponumty Eirp'jyer" Situations Wanted T E A C H E R WILL T U T O R I N J R ' S Call 45J-1588. The Cloihes Pin. now laking Spring i Summer clothing on c o n s i g n r r e n r GOOD q u a l i t y , o n l y ! 512 N. Kimball. J54-Q207 G E N E R A L H A N D Y M A N Call A l a f t e r i p . m Phone 466 8S94 ll make spring 8, summer clothes or tormals. Call J59 9J98 Baby Silting Child Care 15 Wanted Babysitter, rny home or vours. lor small child Call J66 3061 cays, W7 3290 evenings Will b a b y s i t i n l a n t s u o t o three years old, my home. Phone J59-2619 i n i t i a t o r K i n d e r g a r t e n Nursery School Register now lor fall. 466 5111 or 66-?4j2 Misc. For Sale Ji Misc. For Sale Teacher will give excellent day care to pre schoolers. 315 Holly. Phone J67 2623 19 Misc. For Sale McLaog/7//n'sOWYHEE 19 FIREPLACE SHOPPE SPECIALS HEARTHCRAFT Wood Burning FIREPLACE All Made Black (m;sh. Price includes graie. , KEG. SI89.95 ^· G MALM Corner Model Wood Burning u.ii.u'i-vin.i Reg S5C500 G « MALM DUKE 30" Round Wood Burning i;^.*r 5 D $239 *,,h,\S$ Y Wa " Model Wood B ^ning l.r-sh^co's^S is'' ^4 39 FIREPLACE ACCESSORIES · Tools · Log Holders · Matches · Grater, ·Bellows ·LogLighlers · Scran Doois · Glass Doors · Corn Poppeis CHIMNEY KITS, too! Mn ^, M WOOD HEATERS choose I'om t O O Q R Pi.ceii'anfrom C.Z. PWYHEE SHEET METAL 1020-UISt.S..

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