Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on February 10, 1975 · Page 18
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 18

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Monday, February 10, 1975
Page 18
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Dr. Lamb The Idaho Kree Press The News-Tribune. Monday. February 10,1975 -- A-. Flabby reader needs more muscle C O N C i H K S S M A N J O H N I t l l l l D K . S . srconil from If [I. meets w i t h Malm's I t c p u l i l k - a i i c o n g r e s s i o n a l d e l e g a t i o n l o i l i s c u s s h i s pending trip lo liliihii « h r r e he « i l l lie tlu principal speaker ,il tiir iminial lit)!' Uiu-olu Day banquet in Boisr K e b r n a r y \'i. \ \ i t h Taxes depress work incentive Itliodrs. arc. from l e f t . Srn. J a m e s M c C l u r r , C o n g r e s s m a n S t e v e S y i n m s . a n i l rniigresstmin (Iriirge Ihuispn. Tin 1 l.inniln l ) , i \ b a n q u e t w i l l In-lii-lil u l till' H n i l f w a v I n n ;unl uill begin ;it 7 p.m. DEAR DR. LAMB - I'm one of Ihe 50 per cent of American^ who are overweight. I've been b a t t l i n g overweight far 10 years, ever since my hysterectomy. I'm 62 now, 5-foot-fi and weighed around 125 lo 130 pounds until 10 years ago. That's when 1 had surgery and the trouble began. I've been on the Weight Watchers plan but gained on (heir allotment of HOO calories a day. Only by culling the diet in half to 700 calories a day could 1 lose weight. Al this level it look me Id weeks lo lose six pounds. I ' v e k e p t r e c o r d s o f everything 1 eal for months and weighed it all on postage scales to calculale my calories. Doctors just biush aside my data and give me diet lisls lhat cause me lo gain weight, nol lose it Dieticians are just as bad. When I get a 1200 calorie diet with 80 grams of protein, I start gaining weight. Other than Ihis problem I am healthy and very active. My thyroid is on the low side bu'i not abnormal or low enough to require a supplement. Just what can a person do? Have you any suggestions for us hungry, lat people? DEAR READER - You are not alone. 1 must conclude from the rest of your letter that you are indeed an active person. The secret in manv cases such as yours is nol (he diet or Ihe daily activity, ft is how much muscle, nol fat, thai you have. This is the one Ihing that most weight control plans have ig- n o r e d , a n d i l c a n b e devaslating. The basic laws of energy mean thai you must use Ihe energy you consume, or il will be slored as fat. Most people think that means running il olf or working it off. However, Ihe body normally uses far more calories just silting around than il does from daily activity. Your body has simply quit using as many calories at rest as it once did. and Ihe usual reason is because of loss of muscle mass. Those who w a n t a d i e l program can write to me at P.O Box 1551. Radio City Sla- Berry's World lion, New York. N:Y. 10019 and ask for (lie booklet on losing weighi. Send 50 cents to cover cosls. Women tend lo have a drop in Ihe use of calories al rest after age 40. and the middle-age spread begins. Lots of light activity, including housework and walking, may not load the muscles enough to maintain their size. They begin to shrink and the body starts changing from muscle to fat. Soon you are in a vicious circle. The less muscle and the more fat you have the fatter you get, and the less energy you need al rest. 1 approve of walking and similar endurance exercises, but in a case like yours, a good m u s c l e b u i l d i n g a n d maintenance program is needed. "We 'd belter pass a law putting us on the metric system, be/ore the whole world switches to it!" ZALES Our People Make Us Number One Time and time again, Baylor ives you quality and value. Vour Choice "^T? * B j y l u r C'ek-hranon, rojnj btock dial, 1~ )C\VIM. HJS'LT Ci-k-hrdiiun. recunfiu'jr Mack dial. 1" jeui-U K A R C H E R M A L I OPEN 10-9 Won. lo Sol., 12-5 S-jn. Hillcrest Plaza, Bone J,!n Ktiul.iri: Oi.rft, 7jl, ( in.,i.( h.rfi \r, · Di Student Accounts Welcome WASHINGTON .LTD Taxes are so high they discourage people from working Astro- Graph ' -Bernice Bede Osol vFor.-Tu»Way, Feb. 11, 1975 ARIES'(March 21-Apiil 19) One with a strong afleclion fo. r you is working Behind the scenes too cover bases you ve neglected to touch TAURUS (April 20-May 20) A" active pal ol yojrs will ao h.s best lo see i^a- this is nol a duii day for you Be ready to s^-li yOi/r schedule aiou-d GEMINI (May 21-June 20) You're go.r.g :o gel an u-en- pecled boost toward a goai (ram one \vho apprec-ates cu r sp. r ii ar.d ho-,v nard y o j .-e t'y- ir.g. CANCER (June 21 .July 22) The best fleas yo.v get w ' no: be for y-Oj'se'l out tor loved ones 1nlo!-ial-cn you pass en w ' l be used advantageously L E O (July 2 3 - A u g 2 2 ) Business dealings tooay \M|| not be conducted mT-e normal mailer Wren hra res-.i-ls are tailied. though. :ne uiH prove prolita'ole VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sepl. 22) A sudden oecison you'': make will sta'l'.e an c o n c e r n e d because ol i:s boldness anc! lack ol sellshness en yc,' part. UBRA (Sept. 23-Ocl 23) A career opoorur :· -,v ! OOP ..e that will spei: g a - '.O T c u .1 you cai le :re oose ends togeirer qu ctiy SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) You've made -nco ol an -n- p/ession [ran y o ^ realize en a recent acc^amia-ce Don: ce surpr-sed 'o near 'ror- v - s oer- so.i 0*1 o 1 »r,e rjiue SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23-Dec 21) Y o u " be luciy loony m dealings vnn 'neics ^--ose sirccrly ,s beio-d o..e$:'C- Seek out ir03e o^ trust CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)Taieihe"- Naive r ge:t r.g in touc^ ',i'.n o^e ^,-0 ^as bee." on you 1 "^tnd 'ate'y Yo- r can will ingger a c^.a r ol '-_n eveiis AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) Your finale al prospects SM:I Do bright the ne«t lew days b-,,1 n«t m obvious v.a/5 Be alert 'r.f ollbeat windfalls PISCES (Feb. 20-March 20) Don'i wait fo' gco-J :nmgs (o Happen f.e next lew cays T-o Breaks w II be ine'e il YOU lake the lirst steps hard Ic earn more and Ihis is an underlying cause of inflation. Kecleriil Kescrvp Hoard chiiirnuui Arthur F. Burns has tohl Congri'bb. Hintis said Ihe low work incentives which arise from a liigli rate nf laxalioi) are responsible for low worker productivity. This, in turn, helps account for the nation's persistent problem \\ith inflation, he said. Like other top government nffk-ials flurns saw inflation -- nnl recession --as America's mnsl serious Inny range problem. "We cannnt realistically expect to regain lasting prosperity until businesses and consumers glimpse some end to the in- llation lhal has hcen damaging our economy." Hums testified before t h e J o i n t Economic Committee. He said a typical working man w i t h three dependents gave up only about 1 per cent of his paycheck in federal income anil Social Security taxes 25 years ago. Last year, lhal same worker surrendered 13 per cent. Such a "large increase in the absorption of private incomes by government pnscs a threat to individual incentives." liurns said, especially when taxes levied on working people "arc then transferred lo others who remain idle." St. Louis in 1847 was tnc site of Hie first idegraph line to (lie ea.stern part of the c n u t u r v . over .-M stand behind this sign..^ F»b. 11, 1975 You'll place grealer emphasis Ihis year on the accumuiai-on ol worldly goods. Though some al your goals may tppear unusual to others. Ihay'll make a lot ol sense lor you CALDWELL TRANSMISSION SERVICE 3815 Cleveland Cold. 459-0759 / r/m*rni,s\i'ons should hi' sen-iced ··i-pry 12,000 miles, 11 r c.... '.Tir- i, on, |«rhi«g ^ -J ,c., ^ " 0 - Ihrj- in today's m o d p r n ar.d t- OC ,,1'ta t . t r y 10000 10 · 5 0 0 0 -·,' Chores o.e ,cu. to- *-:i. iO 50C - i l t i o' f o r e a i d , o , r - o - r - ' f r f itan^trj Ihe \ n-d or ".if - \t~ ·· (o^f. O' odpi'ed "·( T y hf "-e in.-.r ol you' p-ot COMPLETE AUTOMATIC T8AHSMISSION SERVICE rtt'jdev f«"-r,-o. o' i^e pt" Qd u \' r.g flatdi oji,\'"^ 'I'^afje ('to" * SERVICE RECOMMENDED ' EVERY 15.000 ' MILES. . . . 4 A 1 f X £m *Tbo"oH'ftg 1 '«po r t}i It i -e'-e Co'd . . . Because First Security stands behind your check. (X'er 12.000 merchants in Utah and Idaho take Check Protection Plus as First Security's word t h a t your check is good. No other check guarantee card can even come close to that number, Or this one: 127 First Security banks (hat also honor Check Protection Plus. That 12,000 includes everything from depart- mont stores to gas stations, from drug stores to super markets, and many of the major national chain stores tlinl traditionally haw accepted no other cards than their own. When you need lo write a check, look fonhis siyn. It u'on't be hard to find. APPLY FOR YOUR CARD NOW It's easy to apply! Just stop by any office of First Security for an application- it's easy to understand and complete. If you have either a First Security checking account or a BankAmericard, you're already halfway to the convenience of Check Protection Plus. If you have a current First Security BankAmericard and checking account, you automatically qualify for a Check Protection Pius card. Just send us your two account numbers, and we'll send you your card! M«»V»IWH,.^» : ^K»i««J»»MW J ^ First Security Bank ii I m

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