Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on April 26, 1972 · Page 10
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 10

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 26, 1972
Page 10
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10 GREELEY (Colo.) TRIBUNE Wtd., April 26, 1972 1 FASHION FOR GOLFERS - Women, golf pros, were Quizzed recently about the kind of golf wear that suited them best. They, voted for fashionable but functional clothing, and ·as; a result Calalina designers came up with this collection tor the' 42 pros who competed in the Dinah Shore-Colgate Winners Circle Championship in Palm Springs, Calif. in'mid- 'April. From left to right, first is 'a bermuda shorts outfit with double pockets to bold necessities like score cards and tecs. The plaid shirt is layered with a tank-styled sleeveless shrink. Next is a button front pant skirt, also wilh double pockels. The sleeveless mock t u r t l e sweater allows complele arm freedom. Culotle outfits, like the one shown next have always been popular on the golf course. The shirt is of argyle jacquard. Last is a houndstoolh skirt with a front zipper.' The lurtleneck sweater has raglan sleeves lo allow for long swings. Brandt Faces More Test Votes 'J30NN (AP) -- More test! voles were in slore today for C.h a n c e..l I o r -Willy Brandt's threatened West German government; 'promising an indication of whether he can hold his''parliamentary majority in' the vole Thursday on a motion of no confidence'brought by the opposition Christian Democrats. Brandt kept his supporters in line. Tuesday in two committee votes ' on ' his nonaggression tr'e'aiie's .with the Soviet Union, and/Poland. Dividing on parly lines, the Foreign Affairs Committee voted 17 lo 16 lo recotn- end ratificiJtjnn, of the pads, id the LegftOComrnitlce voted ,lo 12 (o defeat an opposition | RRETINC 100 WASHER OR COOLER **FREE D E L I V E R Y SET UP * F R E E BLOCKS STEP 14 x 70's -*·] BEDROOM -- *IVi BATHS *HOUSE T Y P E "^WINDOWS *FIRE A L A R M BURGLAR A L A R M $ 00 6995 MOBILE OF DENVER (A Dii'ivon of Mobile Ha«in[ Inc.) W. G4lh An. ( No. feieul 421-6591 attempt lo reopen hearings on hem. Today the lower house, or Jundeslag,. was beginning a hree-day 'budget debate, and he conservative opposition lanncd to attack Brandt for lis failure to halt price rises and make good on promises of ocial reforms and on other do- ncslic issues. Four votes were expected on separate appropriations. Brandt himself planned to spearhead his coalition govern menl's reply in fhe debate. Tlie Bundestag originally banned to vote Friday on the olal $34 billion budget, but this is likely lo be pul off until later. he Christian Democrats were -working fo .muster al heir 246 Bundestag members 'or the no-confidence vote Thursday.' One of them, Baron Karl ..Theodor von und zu Gut- .cnbcrg,' is io be pushed into Ihe chamber in a wheelchair; his legs and vocal chords paralyzed, but he ''will definitely vote," a party spokesman said Brandt's Social Democrats also will be present in ful force, the party said. They wll include Mans Lcmb, still con valcsclng from an aulo acci dent in which he suffered con cussions a week ago. To unseat Brandt and replace him by Christian Democratic leader Rainer Barzol, the con servalivcs need 243 voles, majority of the Bundestag's lo lal membership and three more Ihan their parliamcnlar delega lion. Brandt's Social Democrats liave 223 scats and Ibeir allies in the coalition government, the Free Democrats, have 26. One of the votes the oppqsi lion needs may come from Wil helm Helms, whose rcsignatior Sunday from Ihe Free Demo crats, left Brandt wilh Ihe bare majority of 24!) votes. Other reported waverers an Guenther Mueller, a Socia STOLL'S MARKET ' North llth Ave., Grwfey SIGMAN'S BACONS'"*' . tb 69c . ... 27c . 2 .', b ; 49c 3 for 89C for $1 ' f o r $1 4 i.r 99c 41« 89c 4 lor 89C TOMATO SAUCE » 9* 99c PRUNE JUICE K 53c TURKEY 410 e its. COOKIES Dcplti Ciom . . . . . . noiui/ " (| " on " f" 1 "! 101 '' Ul\ IPll\ Cuptliuil. 6 o;. tin PEACHES SStr. FRUIT COCKTAIL^ r .. GREEN BEANS'~ ( :3o5 r c«. PHDIJ M KorilE ci»m iljle, V/UF\n .hfle llrntl. 303 en Del Monle Eiil) . C u d f n . 303 tut . . . . . . . . STRAWBERRIES ;-s ,,...,...* 29c TOM AIDES % iip. ....-I * 29c BERMUDA ONIONS K. K .. 2 ,*. 25c WATERMELON.*,».··...... iw , M , » 8c GRAPEFRUfc^w, 2.19 ORANGES)"":mi* tai. 2.19 GRAPEFRUIT-pRAKGEST,,,,. ...,.13c Onion Sets m«'rim»·.·· · . . " 39c POTATOES ft ,£ .. »i, 59c . . . *»* 69c Tomato, Cabbage, Chile and Pepper Plants BEDDING PLANTS- All Kinds WE TAKE FOOD STAMPS jmocral, and Free Democrats nut von Kuehlmann-Stumm, Thard Kicnbaum and Richd Wurbs. One faclic Brandl's men will c Thursday to discourage electors is lo abstain on the vote. To vote In the Bundestag, a member must come forward and place his secret ballot in a closed box, and any Socialist or Free Democrat who did would brand himself a traitor to the government. The government docs not have to defeat the motion to survive. It only has to keep (he Christian Democrats from gelling 243 voles. Kissinger's Cover Story Began With Small Fib From Ziegler By GAYLORD SHAW Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON (AP) - President Nixon's chief spokesman casually but deliberately told a ie last Thursday to begin building the cover story for Henry A. Kissinger's latest clandestine journey--a four-day mission to Moscow. It happened beneath the or- late chandelier in the White ilouso Slale Dining Room, where Nixon was shaking lands with a stream of persons attending a reception for the American Society of Newspaper Editors. Presidential Press Secretary Ronald L. Ziegler approached a lalf-dozen reporters covering [he reception and said the Pres dent would be leaving immediately after all hands were shaken for a weekend at his ~amp David retreat in Maryand's mountains. Nixon went to Camp David. But Zieglor also volunteered lhat Nixon would be conferring here during Ihe weekend with Kissinger, his assistant for na- ional-securily affairs; John Ehrlichman, his lop domestic adviser; and H.R. Haldeman, chief of Ihe White House staff. And Ziegler added lhat the trio of advisers already hat gone lo Camp David ahead of the President. This was not true. Kissinger hadn't gone to Camp David. He was, at lhat moment, in Moscow. T h e German-born inter- 1 national scholar and presiden- ial adviser said Tuesday l h a t j his talks with Soviet leaders on Vietnam, other world problems and Nixon's planned May 22-29 Moscow summit began Thursday evening and continued unlil Monday noon. A few hours a f t e r announcing Kissinger's mission Tuesday, Ziegler said the Camp 'David Program Will Return Bible Animals NEW YORK (AP) - A fund to aid Israel's conservation programs will return a number of animals mentioned in the Bible but no longer found in Ihe Holy Land. Benjamin Wechsler, president of the new Holy Land Conservation Fund, Inc., an American Organization, said Wednesday that returning the unique animals to Israel will he the fund's first project. lie said Israel has established 75 nature reserves, two of which, have been designated a: breeding grounds for the animals. Many of the animals are on the verge of extinction and wili have lo be purchased from zoos, Wechsler said. Among them are the adda, Nubian ibex; Arabian and Sahara oryx and qnager. concoction was' necessary because "both sides agreed that it vas desirable to keep the meeting secret and kc«p speculation :o a minimum . . . " Ziegler said Ihe While House decided "that pre-announcement would have led to a great deal of speculation and the irip's success could have been jeopardized," noting lhat "Henry's whereabouts in rccenl months had become a matter of a great deal of interest and a matter thai we are frequently asked aboul." Such carefully constructed While House cover slories had w o r k e d before. Kissinger slipped into China unnoticed last summer while he was supposedly suffering from an upsel stomach in Pakistan, and lie had commuted lo Paris a dozei limes during a 30-month period for secret but unsuccessfu' peace talks wifh Ihe North Vietnamese. The latest cover slorj worked, too, although Ziegler found it necessary to repeal the false report on Kissinger's whereabouts several times Last Friday, for example, he was asked at a While House briefing who was with the Pres ident al Camp David. "We mentioned last night flu President would he. working over the weekend al Camp Da viri on both domestic and for eign policy matters . . ," Zieg er responded. "During tti« veckerid, he will be conferring villi Ehrlichman, Haldeman and Kissinger." Q. Are they there now? A. I believe they went up ahead of lime yeslerday. They went up before the ASNE're- ception. Father's Day Third-Sunday Of June WASHINGTON' (AP) - The third Sunday in June of each year officially will be Father's Day. President Nixon on Tuesday signed a' congressional resolution which made Ihe designation. The action eliminates the equir nakin making the designation be passed each year. : · · This will place Father's Day on a continuing basis. Mother's Day'has been on a continuing basis since 1914. GLASS PACKS 10.95 INSTALLED F R E E COLLINS M U F F L E R S H O P S 2401W. lOlh 353-2537 SEERSUCKERS Seersucker. Just about the best travel escort you can have around town or away. Never loses its cool. Stays crisp. And is always ready to go carefree. Left: shirt-look with white pique-knit above a skirt of bright multi-plaid, 10 to 18. Next: safari-look in bright multi-plaid, 8 to 16. Polyester-cottons. FASHION BAR ON 8TH AT 9TH OPEN THURS. AND FRIDAY NIGHTS TIL 8:30 -- CLOSED SUNDAYS

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