Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on February 10, 1975 · Page 16
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 16

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Monday, February 10, 1975
Page 16
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Houi« =Kr' * T " X - MVml '""'. .M««fov. n. I97S A-5 Unhirnkh.* « Acreages 50 Business Opportunities «i fleal Estate Namoa 54 "HOMF : D C X J T A , £ , c j l « our V cw P r °P (!rl '- approx 3 a c r e s , Are you happy in your work? siuno ihr:rru home Y o u ' l l love mm.,, , * , DIVISION." J bdrm.. barn. silo. S30.COO Lcr us help you slarl a good II ib rushc ln-,,,m ,1 iriling i,. II, auiier ono Associaies, Realtor. S17.7CO down. $190 T.O J5 1 ) J705 income business with a very family room w i t h .in unusu.i odrms.. lormal dining. 2 batlis Can Pearl al 459 2S26. riewer 3 bearoom wiih a t t a c h e d garage. No pels Slas Mo , $100 ·-· Comlorr.ible 2 Ddrm. rouse P a r t i a l l y lurnished. ,'Sno Plusclep Call 446 6007 Largo 3 bdrm , i'. brttn. carpel, c'ule. gar., lenccc /aro, no pels 6 Mo. Jeaso J59 0697 f C p7rT 2 Mrm d u p l e x ' 5to «?. ? Bearoom. capered No pels A v a i l a b l e firsl ol February 0!lice 1010 Fern. Nampa Mobile Home Space Rental 46 FEBRUARY MARCH RENT FREE KARCHER MALL HOME PARK Coll Dole Rine 467-4066. Nxl to K a r c h c i Mall wiih oN Conveniences. Adult and family lections You vvanled a rcomy riob'le Iwme, you'll want room lo park A)in rho space age at -159 S696. purple Sago Mobile Manor 1 ' i F R E E - 7 .V.onlns Rent MOBILE ESTATES AJlull 'r.ilk'r D a r k v/ilh r c j c r t ' a i i o r . i l club nouse, Ulunciromal, o a v e d s t r e e t s , p a i i o s W a t e r , s e w e r , tra^n Hiccup, furn. 2 car off street p a r k i n g Linden 8. G e o r g i a hohlndHoll's Pfioic J5? J32I or | J 5 9 0 5 J 8 Spaces i3S 8. 540. Adi/IIS No d^s C i a r * ' s Mobile Home Pk. 1105 !J'h A v e Rd .1660.381. B t A U l . F U L SPACES, larrje lr^?es. close to K archer Mall. S45 'v\o 3 M o n t h s rrnl f r e e . Evergreens. Narnoa Caldwell B|vd «7 i!9a. R J S I N G ' S M O n i L E HOMF P A R K hes spaces available in Minify and aduii sections. . : Phone J55 9041 Qyiet rural selling, cily con voniences Adulls only, no doas. F J r s i monlh's rent F R E E ! Easy access o 1 60 J66 7 7 85. Q u i e t c o u n t r y living. Now sejling 1 acre lots tor mobile nomes. Underground p o w e r , w j t e r . sprinkler i r r i g a t i o n , sewer 4 surfaced roads. $6. SCO. SSOO down, balance like renl. Ncjrlh ol Caldwell J59 9132. Wanted to Rent 48 10/10 Acres ol hay ground. In Natnpa area. Cash or share crop. Call 4 6 6 6 5 5 1 . Firm Properties 49 Dependable young man wishes lo .renl smaller ( a r m in local arfa Phone 457 1813. tor) Acres North of Caldwell. 88 Acres irrigated mostly in allalfa se$d and corn. Only 590.000 6 E R N I E GRA1 1'ON 8. CO. Ph. ·45f8Jll or Yosic- Wli-2885. Lee 459 1279. 1 FOR S A L E : ?0. Acres ol beautiful mountain v^w. All in hay. Black Canyon area. By Owner. C a l l 459-3040. BRUNEAU R A N C H . 640 Acres. Suitable for hay, grain, corn beers or potatoes. Livestock car ne jnciudcd .WESTERN REALTY · Ph. 466-8496 anytime : FARMING OR ; INVESTMENT 35 -Acres souif of Nampa, Top potato bee' ground. Cement o ; t c h ( i t west end L e v e l , irr (gates al. o^e W.IY S?0,000. P a jS e r c ;i r r i c 1 o D y owner ;v i M i imprest or ? ° 0 : SEL-RITECORP. · 466-1010 W A N T E D DY c' v a t e parly Farm or R.inch Musi have horne S. somr oqmp Around S50JOOO J7f 9413. QOJSP. '* PUBUSHEFTSNoriCE: lu5|»Cl lo Ihe Ftcerjl Ft i Houi.r.g Aci ol 1369 -tilth mkfS it 110;*! lo idrtrlii "iff prtrVtnci. '-nuion. or 3ii:r.rnr»- Such p'i'»rr.ce. ' -imtion or d ier rr.ina- IKM." Tt"is r.*wtpip«r mil accipl aij adran ung lor i»t\ «i:itt «h.:h ·* n *.c i l.on ol in lj*. Of rfjdrt jr» feet, n- formid If it a'l dwi rji ad«1ii*d -n [r-n niwlptp*f art nrliai* on 11 tqjil opo r - ur-ily Dtl'l S 5 A C R E S ; n SI ScO por ( if re. ^ O A C R E S Parfiall/ -r-qd't-a SUCO per A c r e Term 'o bo n-rnngoy PATTERSON 1SIJ First St. So. 466-0446 EveJ: Ail 466-5172 Fred 466-437A ?' Bill 8 8 8 - 1 4 7 3 Sandy . . . . 4 6 6 - 1 5 1 5 Wilma Cerent . 464-050'J Farm Properties For Rent 49A 40 Acres, 550 oc-r acre- n'u', v.-ater. Also 2 ponic-s ior sale Dial 459 J793 O O O O C R O P L A N D F O R R E N T Both sprinkler ?. g r a v i t y ·rnaation Will lease all or paM ol 2JOO acres. Casn or siarc croj would lease for several years lo good f a r m e r call Grajidview. 834 ?73S Acreages 50 L E ^ E L 80 A c r e s , O w y h e e Counly. W a r m w a t e r , a r t e s i a n well; domesi'C well. S60.CCO A A A Rc.VI/ 459 8104. Bargain s. I D A JO A c r e s ' : Boat sp r ing rush. 837 j | / i netwoen 7-9a.m. I 5 ACRES SJini. 10. ol Nompa. 466-8334 6 Aires m allalfa Robinson Blvi i Hutward Rd. 52,000 A c r $ V I . 000 Down «, 4100 Monlh l A c r e country sites., also IB ,· a c r e approved lois wiltt un l e r g r o u n d p o w e r w a l c r . Greal view wiih cjoll course ronlaae ^ 5 v 0 4 7 1 . W A N T : 5 acres or more. ML.SI be- Easi ol Calowell Pnone 459 6J55 all. 5 p.m. Business Opportunities 51 Business Properties 52 R E N T O R L C A S E : Commercial bltiy. on E. Cleveland, goou iron 1,1 (]e, tasi used as offices, wo'j't remodel to suit Icnanl ? 5 ( 8 F Ck"/eiand. Cala -159 4-142 Income Properties 53 1 Un t Earn SI50 a week slulling en roaf ' rmls (or S 3 I S ccr mo I23 v e l o p e s f r e e uelails, send CI[1VO llnd ^".S'O- will Irnue lor si.impeil envelope to W E w moncv w / S13.500 escrow al s°, P.O. Box 815 Boise, la.. 63701 "' 1)al ' ince ''' s150 "' E«s. Business Properties 52 MOBILE HOME C O U R T - a WAREHOUSE BUILDING ON TRACKAGE NAMPA Masonry builUing 5.600 square lee , plL-s 2100 square foci n overhead lofl Concrete floor Co^trele Rriilroatl docV. T r u c k t o c ^ too O f f i c e irc,i and privnio o f f i c e . Oeoflod land. A I of n i s a l Y E S I E R D A Y ' S p r cc. 525.000. Available NOW! Phone or appo.nimcnt ! ITJ BAKE YOUNG REALTY 2081 2th A»e. So. P.O.Box9BO Nampa d. 83651 [208)466-3525 Real Estate Nampa 54 - LOW DOWN P A Y M E N T HOWES 5I.OD(^^^| p^bdrm 5IS50 On. 2 Burni.. home, "igh SI., large garage Sl.1,300. H u r r y ! ! ! Jusl S1503 Dn.. 3 BUrm. place on Maple. Bsrnl 513.500 Lers LOOK??? MIDLAND B L V D B E A U I Y . 3 Bclrm cream brick ram l;ler, cc-nlral air. fenced ,'MC* /arci. couble iiar age. 537,500. MCE A C R E A G E , 3 13 t! r m . r a rn u 1 e r , aluminum siding, nice Irccs. 578.500. 70 ",, Down N E W E R 3 Bclrm.. Ramuler. 1' : balhs. fireplace. bu:n m appliances, i/3.903 10 °o Un 20 A C R E S . VVestol Caldwe 1 10 A c r e s irrigated Price cu to 522.500 N E A R C O L L E G E . 3 Bdrm. tiome w i t h ? c n loan. S20.9CO. W.iVe ofter E R I N ,\VE 3 Dilrn. Rambler v. ' f a m r ro ircplace. NEW R e a c y . 531.900 I O ° o U n A I T L N F I O N C A L D W E L L G l.'S 3 Bcirm homr on Elgin. SI3.900. P A L A T I A L J D o r m s . Country home wim large family rcom, iriulliple b a t h s , S u n n y r i d y e District. 539,500 S B A C I O U S .! BMrni nome near colle;c A/.ml conci l on nice- snoo 53?. SCO Gooc 'crms C O L O N I A L 6 B c o r o o m none, larce c a r p o r t , rioun'e 01 o nice spacious place for i»f5W. 20°odn. Now S/9,950. E X C L U S I V E C A L D W E L L A C R E A G E 5 Becrooni tioiic. l o t s 0* room. ^jniPjcr. cul to 527.950! D A V I S A V E . 3 3orm. home w/ gas a vce lor Slv.750 Gl lerms V A L L I V U E 3 licirin R a m b l e r , l i r e p l a c o . tihl q a r a q o , 5 3 3 . 9 0 0 O w n e r rans'erred. Make o f f e r on cr.. NICE B R I C K 3 Barm fm f i r e p l a c e $/6. vso Should G.I too V A . L I V U E Country never 3 bdrms . 1 J j Udlhs. double garage O/ t r a n s f e r r e d 533.750 LLTS L O O K ! 5 H A V . R O C K V I L L A 4 B d r m / 'evel N E W HOME vi' Luge lam rn- 539 9CO I0°o !ln S P A C I O U S r . S l o r y '·o^.o v. 4 ndrms . plus * nasemenr Jusl 5?l SCO ' A i l G.I 57.000 DOV' k l i f^\i horro 0 " cOV.^ " (in sierrei v ^V^' .juO 7 °c r- 0 , SX F L O R . D / . ST 3 stum Ramtj'er. Bur.t -ns. gara-je. i/i.Sfin i.i-rs i c o k " * ^ ? im mr : n PGSS S L ^ . N Y ^ i O G t - 3 B c r m R"-!.ier ... II' larn.l, rm '.rcD'-ir.; NEW n? 9:-c i c s 0 c i - Cl OSE IN. cr.irnmi 7 nurrr ' omp ,v nsrr- I/CO SQ f t of gooc li ' rq 519 SCO.'cr-r.s Dr.-,.),T.os and 9as log nclucie:! NO DOWN P A Y V C N T 10 G 1 'S 3 Qc!rm horne. lixp r.e iv, a gocu reoo lor 512. 5CC a t w v . c e W.TH :·. r i i . . . ^ If^T 1214 2nd St. So. ? LtXoyHorne . . . . 466-75/1 Ceurtnty Swanton . 466-0554 fl/ntr Sroomfiali . . 46-38S6 Dftt Wttimoik, Bkt. 466 4) O 1 ) ^r.iulo irecs. A Mom OacJ o p e r a t i o n , nice Un r go l i v i n g q u a r t e r s w 1 1 h b .1 s c m c n i A, money maker v/ilfi sleadv in come! Gooii local ion on c i t y sower K -wnier Oon'f v/ait. call A M E R I C A S ) R E A L T Y . -16? 5^39. Real Estate Nampa 54 Will Irady lor-J. i^c jr) Caliiwcfl 0 ^ 1 \^\ efl. 3 Bc'droon^. |j\*""^-3. large amly . ^y*^ ,.e basement. 'i baths, fitter lol, garage. S'M.OCO W o o J v i e w I J i r £, " ·* bcdroOiTi TiricIT 3 baths. 'J Fireplaces, family room in oasement. oil lurnace. play house, barn $-17.500. bedroom on about an acre, (tin 1 . iy room wiih fireplace, 1 b a t h s . double g a r a g e , c o v e r e d palio. Vdllivue School D.slriCI $3.1,900. sccluoecl 'i bearoom nouie, with larqe liviny room and oinmg room, fenced back yard, b 1 i c k I o p peel d r i v e Price ^U,900 Only $9,850 for ihis com pie i ei y ren e \v e d 'l bedroom house on corner lot. Gas heat. 5 A c r e Pcivcrline E s l o t e s -- 5U.OC-0. BRANDT AGENCY 215- l l t h A v e . So. Bill Ar^tM 466-4281 JoSni Don. . . 4665159 Iff Ceil MtNojglii . 466-5885 W Airelha A^deno^ 466-4479 E II Thompio-. 447-1204 S P R I N G T I M E I S g a r d e n lime T"is J A c r e has a privale well or garden irrigating, large vinrj room, ] barms., good c!oj:vr- garage. All lor onl/ S16.C03 J U S T LI5TED Anprox 1 ,Kri' with alniosl new 3 bud-oof". nioiiHe home with 2 bnlhs Chain link lence and Mor.itie shed, localion helwern N.imoa iino Ciiluwcll A!: lor S?15CO. MOBILE HOME O W N E R S WHY PAY R E N T when you can iniy almost 1 ncre ol land. E 2 F F 'crms! VV.iler, seplic lank included Conveniently l o c a t e d o N.iiMp.1, C o l d w e l l . .in K.irci'er Man C a l l us tor cleMfIS YOUR D R E A M HOME Diiiid i on ihis 5 acres with a nuilio.T SSS view bui selling for only S36.2SO. AO A C R E S Wild 2 bedroom nouse. Hay ant mvi Mnci South ol Nampj ocation. SaA.OOO I Alhritfm W64644I -Kunyftzzyw ,,, u ^ · Neal H.Russell 466-2731 JackGivens 466-338? Wm. E. (Gene) Richey . . 466-5645 Leora Gingrich .. . __. 466-1229 Fiances Coyle. . . . .TjT. 466-51 55 Roy Shannon . .. y 466-1621 Ellis Albrighl, Broker . . . 466-01 68 v c n t i o n a l 1 inane inci now available ol 8' 3 °o Custom builf Call DeWnyne Dailey, 466 At6 American Housing Corp Eves 69. 5973 jp 3 c,own. bath ' ? . -12x12 -amily room, lireplace, garage, or go screened patio, fenced Kickynrd. -166 7303. / ucirm., all carpeted, new)/ lainred inside. Large L.R. Million, lots of cupboards, gas urnace. Washer dryer hook jp. Bi(j lol, carporl, l?'x?0' rjar nge, shade frees, (mined, poss s9.3SO Owner v/ill carry papers. MERLE SAYS HOW ABOUT owning your very own town? Plus 2 A c r e s ·( a 3 bclrm. home with full bsml , f e n c e d p a s t u r e , corrals, large fack room ana extra income from the U.S. P o s t Q f f i c e .. .$38.000. LET'S STOP AND LOOK al Ihis newer close in 3 bdrm. home, wiih garage and nearly 2 Acres ol land in paslure, year 'round walcr jnd large horse barn. Owner needs quick salt $2.1,900. MAKE A GOOD BUY or, ftiis 2 bdrm. nome, lull bsmt. wiih e x t r a bdrms.. garage, lenced yard and only $700 fin. on FHA lerms. Below appraisal for rapid sale ... $17,500. N E W E R 3 BDRM 1 'i bam home in V a l l i v u e School Dislrict. 1 A c r s of land, in eluding apple and peach Trees, ?CO Evergreens, large slrawber ry garden anti much, much more. . . $32,90". H u r r y ! H won't lasl long IN LAND b e f o r e the Spring rush aid Save money. 5 Acres . . $12.500. 4.6 Acres with well. . . $15.900. 10 A c r e s posture. . $28.500. BO A c r e s lots of improvements $750,000 Butler Associates REALTORS M* MERLE BECKLEY. 467-3682 RICH BUTLER, BROKER . 54 Real Estate Nampa 54 54 H».l Fi^^mp. ^ £4 You don't have lo bo an ad C O U N T R Y L I V I N G . All eloc. J wr'icr lo use a Classified Ad bdrm. 2.9 A. All fenced, loaling Our s t a f f will help you v.'0d shed plus mobile home hookup 3 Uurm., lamily rm.. ,, cre in grass, barn, garage, etlached garage, patio, shady deadend 521,500. V A c r e s dry lenced yd. -166 5411, «4 0678. land, mobile home OK. $3.700 W A L K TO SHOP! Neat 2 bdrm. pi, jS4 1650. closed Saturdays. New carpel, lireplace, large " COUN -[ R Y LIVING New 1 master bdrm.. garage lots of Bdrrn Family rm. w f re sloi-age. Nar d o w n t o w n 8. , ,, i|t in df , plii · _ a , *^°°'^. «t-!?»^ ^ Sara*. H5.«0. Phone «l 257,. 05J7 or Eves. J59 8563. NEW! 3 Bdrms.. 1 '.baih home. 3S B A R E A C R E S all under ca TMi;o iioublc oacage Ljrue culliualion und close in. Some So \a ',,,.,,,. , 0 . 533 950 c o n c r e l e dilch. P r i c e j u s t E ; B M unMPi j BrfVm« i J ,n rrrlnrrrl In Im II, i . i T i r n n .FARM HOME! ·) Bdrms. (J in acre. SEF T H I S ONE T O D A Y ? sml was apt.]. Excellent location short a c r e 10 A - R E S wiih beautiful view 'P"' 1 "'"- - S25.000. v/alrrs one w c y With building l/nm ||n/4nr4iU| WT sileyou wouldn't believe and IC1II UllUClUalll 1U r ONLY 52^,500 32]-12lh»n.ll (f /t?J '» i t v t K A L 1.3 A C R E bu.ldmg ROOMY home, 3 bdrms., lois Mill available in rural c a r D e t C d buill-in appliances. iui)uivi-,iuii money i. available ^-^g room, double fireplace. a?-TM"h rn ' '° h " M """ covered patio, air cond. Garage. · $30,000 lerms. W IDA-HOME ^ BDRM. all electric home, y nr 4 1 TV oulsirte of city on large lot. K C A L i r S28, 000. Terms. 923 16t ^,r Nampa C. Cash Harper Esther Fillmore. . 466-2090 REAL ESTATE Ollie Fillmore, Broker ,.,, 2 ^ STREET SQUTH · GIVE Y O U R V A L E N T I N E Ihis newer 3 bedroom house Eves: 466-8055, 466-1176, on a large lol and she can 466 ' 7127 watch her garden grow .ill t l M N A N C I N G NO P R O B summer long irom her , c»,,,n . P K U B beautiful patio S19.950. h,^c ^fml^lurnacT^ ' I F Y O U R H O N C V i - k condiiioner. allacheil garage, hnrtnt c i. n -n '" hl ^ c s uoc ated on corner lot c lose o e?M in ,,· ,' '° SC "" O w y h e e Shoppinq Center no P h ·,' ^ r ' 1n Owner s a y s only 57.000 down rneite with 3 b e o r o o m s t i t M n n n overlooking Snake River. ''"Ju.uu » 103 A C R E S - Improved, HEY V A L F N I I N E ! I t ' s north ol Nampa. 2 Arlesian nearly done this lime! J wells, land l a y s good. Uedroom, in I c v c l w i t h single S2?0,000 CO. owner says !9°o car g a r a g e in E d b l l a n d 00 wn f/.onor Only 529. SCO _,,. · E S T A T E 1 b e d r o o m , fl mf (Tl 1 t Jv mt l3 baths, f i r e p l a c e , basemen £r^*jV ^ c o m p A n a W B with laniity rcom. garage. v. 5«3' u ,/ Boii; 376 4 1 II 1J7 523. COO 00 Mike Loegering. Broker .467-3187 '"" ' " Voi «6-553J . . . presents fh/'s unusual offer 258 HEAD GRAZING PERIMETER IN TOP GRASS AREA. CATTLE FOR SALE AT MARKET PRICE $25,800 7 PATTERSON REALTY TMf. 6 T 151 2 First St. South, Nampa HWHmo T^^^^^^^^S^^ft* £|^~ .. x J;v ^u^ -^::?r s ^*^ S: -'^" ' ' v ^ j^^^^^^^llHH|IHfl^^^pH| JUST PERFECT FOR "YOUl She'll fall in Jove with this attractively landscaped yard, and the the gracious -;vmg room with a 1 replace lor loasiing your toes on china cupboard arid ample room lor lamily dining, generous storac and draped throughout. In addition lo the single garage, there's a extra !o' tno homemaker. It's an immaculate, all brick home loca d stance to shopping anrj churches. AND . . . there's even a garrj p'ce'OnlyS2-1.500. ^^_____----rr~lMjREl · HERITAGE K»IEST» p-~jp^]\,ST WITH °^ MEO , 4T Fi.Yl · ttlKMKHTt. . . . I ING f OfViS)^^^^** SWWl . ALMIGHT HEULTY.. JH NAMPA jB MULTIPLE -"^^^^Pl 1ISTIN G {*W 7 R Wi /( ^^^^^B T BBJjjjHP "Home :· · *-· ' ! §ig^|i Week" J VALENTINE" iviiing. well-cared home . . . quality buili by Lyle Olmslead. Step into chilly days; then, see the brighi. cheerfal kitchen wiih built-in glass e space, separate utility, 1 V balfis, 2 farge berfrooms, and carpctRd i aiiached carport with insulated fruit room . . . another ihoughiful ed m the Roosevelt School Oislrici on a qu:ei street wiihin walking en space for the "green thumber" 10 enjoy . . . can you believe the E *67-44« · PHTTERSOH REALTY 466-0446 4$6-7J78 · HEILU WEST 4W-S2I1 4664644 · SHIELDS A CO m.ii« , VJOWl . ALL AMERICAN REALTY 466-4666 . SPLINTER AGUCr u*J.m ^^J · WKDTMENCr,. ·~"~ · BUTIER t ASSOCIATE · IDA-HOME REALTY . . 4K.7S21 * mitmitelW 466-7671 S 466-35SS » WEBSTEt CALDWELL 4664561 . . . JfilJiU · WHIir-RIFOFI RFII F.1TITF i£7.^11 W Multiple Listing Realtors Use this TTl T Insignia In Their Advertising y^ SPANISH~STYL£ ron gale enclosed eniry couri, amily room with lireplace. urge iving room, lormal dining room, beautiful kitchen. U'xlV mas er Ddrm with double closet 3 4 b a 1 h . Ulilitv room wiih ] 4 Ijath finished double garaye. SJ5.000 Tom Williams Builder. J66 B036. E X E C U T I V E E L E G A N C E . Br ck suburban 3 bdrm. home, s p a c i o u s master bedroom v/ilh p r i v a l e cress ing room, vanify arid lull oalh, f o r m a l dining room, slep saving kitchen, ving room wiih fireplace, oldce. large unique family room, p r e c i p i l r o n , ,wim m ng pool w i t h c a b a n a , fenced yard and many otfier ( ne features it's exclusive ano secluded . 565.000. I N D O O R S W I M M I N G POOL. Huge patio area. 6 bdrm?.., l o v e l y home, ? fireplaces. 3 balhs, rec room with wet oar, full basemenl. arge corner lot, all lenced in ana situ,iied in one of N.impa's finesf subdivisions SiS.ODO. S U D U R U A N L I V I N G o n appro* one acre, with 3 bedroom ranch s t y l e home, close in and yet out ol c i t y Kmili Many addeo f e a t u r e s at ihis location . $37,000 B E A U T I F U L V I E W . Three 5 A c r e s ( a p p r o x . } t r a c l s Sweeping view of the lane and v a l l e y . Gooa lerms. S1S.OOO. BUILDING S I T E E X T R A O R D I N A R Y . Approx. 1 Acre n subdivision overlook ing Purple Sage Golf Course ana V a l l e y Good r e s t r i c t i v e c o v e n a n t s B R E A K G R O U N D NOW FOR Y O U R DREAM HOUSE $4503. D E V E L O P E R ' S S P E C I A L ! 100 A C R E S, c o m p l e t e l y p i a f f e d and passed by Canyon County Zoning. All l o t s h a v e view of L a k e Lowell Can be developed in o refer ly f a s h i o n and f a r m e d in the mear.iirne. . . S33QD per acre includes well, platling. zoning, elc Additional 77 acres available if desired. AUAMERICAN^MT REALTY 4fN KARCHER MALL 466-4666 Bill Morgan 466-7603 Millie Ambrose SandyCope 466-2322 Blaine Sreckon 466-5772 C h o c e suburoan lots. Curbs gutlers. central *are^. underground utilities. ^ m Wiil ! artis. Phone 466-B036. MMEDIATC Pf)fSE«ION shopping area. Home has been completely refurbishes baths plus lireplace. Financingllexible .iJi.500. Acres Living room, lormal din ng room, kilcheh, I 1 ? balhs, ?*tra iarge lamilv room with fireplace, com pleiely carpered. - wifM loo many extras to mention. . 548,900. offrm. nome in a country selling. 1 * balhs. unique family room wiln lireplace, Owner s a y s - will VA, FHA or C o n v e n t i o n a l linflncirig available. Only 535.MO hi£AT 8, t,l,EA^ is this all briclc 5 barnTnorne m souin side Nampa. 2 Barms , 1 3 * balhs, even has a fireplace. c,irpon and lool shed. V E T S LOOK! Gi terms available «J,500. ^ I N N Y R I D G E D I S T R I C T is bdrm. C a r p e t e d Ihroughout. P* baths, all equipped kit chen wiih altic Ian, well a n d s c a p e d i n e x c e l l e n l setting Let us show you Ihis beauty wiih 50°o financing available. .539,033. N E W E R J B D R M . in I3DO sq It. 1 J . balhs. ? car g a r a q e . double c o n c r e l e drive. Owner says "S30CO dn., balance on o contract." Only S35.SCO. NO DOWN P A Y M E N T FOR VA - On this solid 3 bedroom home AVmy e x t r a s . 516,500. ft /f/eritaqe ,jM REAL ESTATE. K 467-4449 ul l23-2ndSt.So.,Nampa u Aft EVES. CALL |t\ Louise Gi6S«... 466-5339 A \ j Ken Allen 467-2667 2SEE Dave Jones 467-3105 _^ Miko Sharp ....466-6901 IJF VarnUrwIn ....886-2918 W Kem Marshall ..467-1 844 TM Roy B«»ls - Broker 466-2550 . c.yqo TER.ViS -- 3 Bedroom ranch style home on larqe lot. Wall to wall carpeting, de^ and a t t a c h e d garage. Hurry for th 5 one! S20.000. 120 A C R E S ROW C R O P LAND in Homeddle area. Good house and outbuildings including a 3 s all Surge milking parlor. Call tor more information. $120,000. FINE C O U N T R Y LIVING - Lovely nev/c'r 3 bedroom'home has altraclive rock/ wooa exterio pasture and under irrigation. SALES REPRESENTATIVES Naomi Shaw 466-080 DelHobza 466-348 E B Grjgo. Jr 466-901 KenKoslelic 467 -3B? OPEN SATURDAY A. M Nampa: 624 3rd St. So. -- Bt r fin sh. Sits on 6 acres all in See o appreciaie. S-iO.OOO. -466-9211 ^J? is»: 805 N. Orchard T N'o 1 2 3 Acreb - $13.750 near NNC Ideal building lots. W 11 have 3 street frontage Hurry, thiswon'l ig^l long^ No 3 $64,900 - E x e c u t i v e home, man/ extras J Bearoom tri level in Vallivue lor income. No 5 S35.4CO - 3 Bedrooms, old. in counlry. No. 6 S71.400 N'lceSoedroor yard Nice carpeting ard d No 7 Mobile Home - U x 60. oown and assumu paymenl WHITE V REAE 1618NAMPM 461 Jem Slocfr*«ll 46/-3720 Lows ISktelj Htllty. . . 456-6565 Lto Holmes, tsso BOISE OFFICE: 6 l h B e of c ly limits. Level and leased 3 4 ba'ns. Over ' i acre. 2 Years n on corner lot. Chain link lenced raperies. Very nice! Air conoMioned 1 Low s. .iffUEDEL ESTATE m SSiOWELLBLVD. 1 1^ ton 4 ^ ^^^^^^ , 'Jim Erbsricfl 459-681 ) Clinlsn L. Wfiiling 466-5794 cute Bioktt 459-t997 ·nnock - Phone 345-0322 /_ Nampa/Caldwell 54A Nampa/Caldwell 54A fS NEW LOW 3S INTEREST RATES! A /4 INTEREST VA - FHA - AND CONVENTIQNAI_HMAMniMR VETERANS - *75 Total Move In Cost NATIONAL GUARD MEMBERS Have you tiad 90 days active service? You may be eligible lor an FHA-VA Loan wiih a minimum down. ffftfjllFAtWM BUILDER OIREC SttSSSr 467-3271 ·' l«oy« a m»ia|« with our 34 hr. m»»«ring xtvki T

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