Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on May 29, 1951 · Page 3
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 3

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 29, 1951
Page 3
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0 - EViniag. M*r M. lisf LAS CRUCES H; M.J.SOTTNEWS PAGE THRER Pan-American Round Tables Hold State Convention, Adopt Resolutions Th« first state convenlion, of the Pan 'American Round- Tables of New'- Mexico "was held May 26. There .were .43 'delegates from. Silver. City, Deming, and' Las Cruce.i who met at the Home Economics building /or the morning business cession and at La Posta for the luncheon and afternoon stssion. Mr/mlnf Session · Mrs. Frank Amador was in eliaVge of the registration book with V I H - Christine Urzua ' a n d Mrs. K/L. Heath assisting. Hostesses for the morning coffee were: Mesdames Harry Shlffefie; M. H. R'ltzwoller, 'Covey Baker. IS. L. Heath, Thomas Rupkoch, C. T. Scale; and' Miss Felicltas Duarte. Spanish dancers were Novie De- Pii'elo,. Andy Clsnei-a,' anil Berta Ortega. Mrs. Elsie Vega, 'state director was in charge of the morning business session. Workshop discussion leaders were: Mrs. Paul Mann'eri, Mrs. Robert Nichols, and Mrs. Mai'cla DePriolo. the levels of civilization and general welfare." · · . Resolution!! . Resolutions adopted at the Saturday convention were as follows; 1. Resolved that New Mexico Pan American Round Tables recognize thc importance of preserving and integrating the cultural contribu-1 tions. of both Anglo and tlie Latin ' peoples to the social heritage of tiur State. ! v2. Resolve that New Mexico Pan American Round Ttihles commend the progress that has been made. toward protecting the rights of! ..., minority groups as exemplified by j m-ji? Kentucky's success with her segre-j gallon problem. 3. Resolved thai Pan American Round Table members show a more active Interest in foreign films, Spanish, Italian, French, British, and others because they foster our knowledge and appreciation of the cultural contributions of other peoples and promote world imder- Fqllowlng the luncheon twelve I ..landing. pupils of Mra. J. H. Gulnn present- 4 uesolvcd that this Convention . .. .... .._.: .. ....j.... ( . mnmen ,j the following-resolutions e.d Kjmnlsh dunces and a e. i rio : In the La Posta patio. The adopted by the Second Convention ..... f ....... __ ______ convention dining room .tables of l n e Alliance of .Pan American ·were beautifully ' decorated with n oum l Tables: (a) The resolution floral displays furnished by Mrs. p,. OV iding the idea tliat an Office J. H. Poe: : - . . of Pan American Education be os- In " the afternoon · session Mrs. i' a biishcd. We would commend also Martn DePrleto gave a i-eport of a ,i tnc slll) a | mH set forth in the the International Round Table al- 1 reso i (l tiun for making such an of llonce ill nallas and Mrs. Ortiz brought greetings from Texas tables. . Book Rwunv ' The director of the.Las Cruces Round Table. Mrs. Peter Duisbergi Introduced Dr. Marion Uardman of Nw Mexico AAM who cllma.ied the convention-with, a .review of the booh, "Vfe of the Americas," by Carlos Davila. The book is a history of the rise and decline of the Pan American culture from 1 4 9 2 " t o tlie present. She stated that the three great harriers to Pan' American unity and progress were: the defeat of federation In numerous national sovereignties which -resulted in tyr- annies'iiml 'loss of freedom; too long prevelent attitude that only force/could be used to settle disputes; over absbrbtion in combat- ting" economic, cdllectlvsm which resulted in' thought control. (ice effective. |bl The resolntloi suggesting that., an exhibition o] the typical handicraft products of each *Pan American Republic be held at the same lime and in ihy same city in which each Alliance convention is held. 1C) The reso-' lulion to ask the governments of American republics to study' a notification of their laws pertain- ng to tourist travel and immigra- ion among countries of this continent that such travel and citizen exchange might be made easier. 5. Resolve that it be a custom that members of various Hound I'ables of New Mexico have changed residence be received as members of thc Round Table of thc new place of residence or he placed in the waiting list If membership s full. (i. Whereas the convention of a .; . , Dl'vHardmah also related a num- Ijer-of- untruths held-its-principles by certain ' groups -such as: .all culture comes from Europe; South America Is superior In spirituality while the United States' is basely materialistic; and the theory that only,South America benefits from our aid'where In truth .the United SlatesMs' expanding; markets, and gaJrilh'rtl'oUta: ·."'"' '; ' . Shi' further stated that thc au- H.or-^^wa ti-Jii- Part-Am'erJcan- Isin-ls-tne-bnljr hope' for removing barriers : .'th'at , dlvide-/and. weaken the'-cpuntries of Uiu'wwtern hemisphere. ' · ' ; · ' : "· . ';. ' . ' :. Ill' closing Dr. Hardman said ·Tan'.·American' Roundtablcs can irlaklj a-great/contribution- to tht United 'States by pursuing alms of friendship' through understanding anc) .Hiding, all movements, to' raise Pnn .American Round Tables of New MCiilco has been hospitably and delightfully entertained by thc Las Cruces Pan American Round liable, be It resolved that we extend our sinceic thanks for tliese courtesies extended us and that we assure on holcss Round Table GOOD EVENING Pleasant Listening k 6 B E USD On Your Dial I.' TONIGHT -- TUBS.. I 1 . H. ' ' ,. 4:i\a Evening Buyers Guide 4:45 bean baclt anu'listen !):lj« Straight Anmv ·BtilO Sky. King 0:00" Gabriel Hentter. C:15»* Fulton Lewis, Jr. 0;:itl Let's Waltz G;45 .UP News C:50 ...Sport Cast ,~ . G;'r5" Bill Henry and the ; 7-00 Civil Defense. Program 7 ; l h . ' Concert Miniature' 7i2r.. E'ldy' Arnold.., . 7:HO** Mysterious Traveler. 8:00 . Alo' for Leisure 8:10 ' 'V.-'A. Report .8:30 '.Jackpot jimhoree 9-00! UP Nfcws' '·|lilS*".'.M«luil Newsreel' '9:ao : ' Starlight Concert 9:55*" Mutual Reports the · ' . News · : lb:0fl Sign. Off ; TOMORROW V VEDl ' .' c:UO yP'News . . . r : 6:05 'fcl- t'orvido' Mexlcano ' ! 7:00*' Robert Hurleigh .'" 7:15 "Farm Family · ' 7:30 . ,U7' Ncwa, . . . 7:40 . .Trading Post : tj;00 P. ef; '! Brown ' ' S;i's' Gather Round, Klcl.i 'I 8:M' -News' 1 ' ' ' Sniff 'Monilng Buyers auidd ';ir;00'"ln'iIl»An|iiills Speed Rnte i j-»5 -'News 'i):30 Mo'rnlng Devotions I 9:4fi . Queen for a Day ' 10:00 !c«lrlo Foster -]0:tfi Staii IwOinax 'Sport Vlcwn 10:20 'News -Ki-ao --lirooklyn vs.- Philndclphln K 6 B E 1 ; Your Kriomtly Sullon A JIUTDA1. ' ; · .. .- AFFIIJATB that our memory of our First State Convention will he a vary pleasant one. PARTYUNES ' ; Mrs, «. T. leavinij..ncxl week ; 'for" Clemv'ood, N. M., when she will instnict in the Artists Roundup. Following tlie roundul she will he'at home in Huidoso fo (he remainder of the summer. tt Mrs. Alvin Kotlne v.-;;i leave rw Minneapolis, Minn.. May 30 to at tend the "graduation exercises o her son, Willard, who is attendin! the Univet-iiity of Minnesota. Sin will also visit her daughter. Mr; Robert Fcigal, at Fine Island. Minn., and will return in about a month. THIANGULAR BUTTONING-Is slimmlnp; delall in women's Si7.cs of a New York dress of navy taffeta-shantung. The easy- fitting sleeves push up and out In pretty contrast to tlie trimly- tailored nccltline. YAT. Y. IJrcas Institute Photo}' Training Classes To , Be Held .For -Day Camp Leaders This Week ; Leaders have been training the past week in preparation for the. Girl Scout Day camp to be held June 4-7 at State College. At Saturday's session 24 lenders were pre.ient for instruction. There will be a class from 9 to 11:30 n. in. Wednesday in the College Gym for intermediate leaders. They will receive training in camping habits, whittling, cowboy songs and games. On Thursday from 0 to 11:30 a. m. Brownie leaders will practice ciafts, songs, games and hikes. S J Cemetery Given 1 ' Attention Here Although all of the work that was desired to" complete was not finished here in the Odd bellows ccmctury, a great impiovement wan made Suiuhiy when somn 14 ! responded and spent a half day cleaning up the old cemetery. Thc workers, some 11 from the. Odd Fellows group, two from the American Leg-ion and one indivld-! ual, did do IL good job of cleaning up the cemetery, removing much': ·ubnish and trash and removing. ionic of the undesirable brush. I'hev did not have sufficient help t o ' m o u n d up the jj'^vif.s a.s they lesii-cd to do. Carolyn Binkley To - 3 resent Piano Pupils ji Recital Wednesday Carolyn Binkley will present her piano pupils in a recital at 7:30 i. m. Wednesday in the WIA blliid- ng- Those who will participate are: David and Danny Ivcy, Priscilla Meek. Curl Lovclady. Panllette Till man, Mary Dale and N'ancy Jones. Ann Miller. Helen and Keith Slierrif. Kathy Phillips. Royal and Jeffrey Brown, Susan Crosno. Joyce Earley, Jo Leach. Frances Lee Tillman, Ruben Garcia. Patricia Johnson. Priscilla Hill, Doris Davis, .man and Lar 1-y . Chisholm, Judy Coultts. Cor; Lynn Holman, Claudia Rhcams David Dnlavey. June, Robinson, Clara Melcndres. '...The public is invited trl attend.' Home Economics Club Will'Meet Thursday An inLcrcstins prognmi has been lihinhcd for tlie Home Economics club meeting; at 7:30 p. m. Thursday night, in the homu of Mrs. Paul Conttlin, C29 West Court. An ilhisU-atod report on the SonIhv.-CHtern Recrt-ntional Scliool held !it the El Mi-rcdor Ranch, [near Santa Fu. will be jiven by JMiaii TraviK Hughes. · associate Nut Odd Kt-llows It Is hoped, however, this work will result in additional work being done nt the cemetery and In some plan or program being- worked out :o knep iL in pood condition. Although the cemetery, which wns used in the curly days, carries the name of the Odd Fellows, it has been definitely established it is not their property. They arc interested, however, in ..H care ami feel that the city and other lodges, groups and organizations here should be just as .interested. ' . ' Future Cure, The cemetery is located just acrnas from thc Masonic cemetery. It was given a good cleaning several months ago by LeRlonnaires. Since that time until Sunday it hus been neglected. Many are hoping mat sooner or later the city will take over the cemetery and give it the attention and care it should have. : Some disappointment was voiced that only 1-1 reported as volunteer^ to assist in the work ' Sunday; Members of the Rcbekahs serveij the workers coffee and doughnut; during the morning. ^ CO/^iNG^EVENTS The Sew nnd So club will mec^ at ?.:30 p- m. Thursday with Mrs. A. I. Kt'lsoe. · * i Engagement Of Merita Heinzman To Chris Diebel Is Announced Today .1 _ 1 -- :---^~~~~ Mrs. Klhel Heinzman announced j gj,.^ Helen Hubble,-Carolyn; nnd the engagement of her daugliter. I Irene Knox. .. -* Meritil, to Chris Diebol. at a parly in her home tills afternoon. -The ^ wedding date has been tentatlvelv | planned to take plaee this fall l-'t. Worth, Texas. A t t e n d s Texas Christian Miss ilciiumun is a graduate of Union higli scliool, and while attending she was an active memriei of Masque and Gavel, !·'. H. A., and participated in the junior and senior class plays. She is a member of the Order of Rainbow and is now u Junior al Texas Christian University. Mr. UiebtM is from Bcrrlair. Tex as, and is a griiiluutc of I he Uni- j versity of Texas. He is at prcsenl unending Urite College of the Bible, at Texas Christum University. He is minister of the Bin-net Christ i a n Church in Texas. Decorations and refreshniunln for Ihe parly were carried out in rose and white. -Miss Ivngcnc £toul offered piano selections and Mesdame. 1 : l-cltic Blli'lianncn. Mil- dved Sheldon mid Mai 1 Stonl poiir- ed punch. rhusc I'ri'M-nt Friends |rcsenl u-erc: Mary Frances Iluester. Virginia Bailey. Evelyn Campbell. Joan Carbine. Doris Carniichacl. I'cggy Jane Chew. Gertrude Fi-iillicr, Virginia Garland, -Betty Hormlon Helen Lenox, Donna MeacharN t , Joan Overpeck,' Joan "Powell Jilni.- crson, Ruedell Stovall, Maridell. Frazier. Ann Tilder,. Ada Charles Housten, Betty Hiilc, Rosalie Vci.leli. Mpry Frnnecif Vcrcher. Teresa Viramontes, And- . roy Fay Wood Wnilhcr. '' ' '··' Patricia Wright, Joy Ann Drum, McMillan,' Buckley, T)ella" Ann and Connie-Eichholtz, Delores Bombach. Mm-lcne Bourn. Barbara Shipinnn, Mary Frances Daniels, Louise Snwell, Sally Whatley Stahmnnn. Peggy Herrel Sanders, Betty Gray, ireno Alberson, Ina Ijou Varcnoamp. P.-itrii-ia McMahon, Helen Anderson. Marjorie Hay. Yvonne Plaee, Ivojean Stoul. OLDER FOLKS OFTEN HAVE TIRED BLOOD MISS MERITA HEINZMAN Ratarians To.Meet At Hospilal Here On Wednesday Noon The regular meeting of thc Las Cruces Rotary club will bo held al 12:10 Wednesday at Uiu Memorial General hospital, il. hat; bren announced. Members of thc club ait? ur£etl to note the change in meeting place. Members will br taken on a tour through thc hospital and then will served :· b u f f e t luncheon in th« hospit/il. Thc club, which for a good many ycflrs has beun meeting at the Tortugas cafe, is now spiking a new metiting place .since thc cafe has discontinued .serving of service clubs. '"It is exported that the change in m'enling place will bo announced prior to the meeting scheduled for Wednesday, Jur.t; G. La's C.rnwb Sludenl To Receive Degree Al Stephens College Miss Alury '·'rannw Stevens. ufihU'r of Mr. nnd Sirs. William P. Steven., is ;i I'.indidale for an A-ssociato in Art:; ilcjrree fmiu St'jphcns Cnllego for Women. C'ommnnrL'nicn; exercisoK for I lie lysih grjidualion r-i-jKs of the college will he' I'.eld May 2i». and il-- grocs will b« co.ifurroil u mou- tliiin DflO cjndidatcH. by Dr. Horn- ·r P.. Haincy, proHidenl of the col- lt-K«. There will he an cxlensive fivr- rliiy (iDiniiitMirunu'iU proK 1 ' 11 ' 11 whirh will tiictiuU' a ball, with the f a t h - ers of the seniors serving as escorts; anoperuUn; an a q u a t i c !;ho\v; and a lior.--e show. RiCC fi i-,Lin' is the medium of e^:- chnniie' : in many parls or tlie Orient, where debts, taxes ami vvun paid with it. C H I R O P O D I S T Foot Specialist Wishes Office Space Wilh Phone Service Call DR. GOODMAN Dona Ana Courl. lit,!, linhl.r III""-! , j i i , i [riiuflMtilf VLIJ:I!" H'?. '111.- wi,ndcri :i *"tf J.-irriboJ bi- RejJu'i DiftM. II yuur Jocr.w uyi )«i mfl ·" iiun-bln-.! miiii-- H'l ST.- liuu muili I'"'-' )"" Irtl GERITOL F L O W E R S for MEMORIAL PAY We Will Be Open All Day May 30 CITY FLOWER SHOP 123 E. Las CRUCES PHONE 311 Bonded Momber of Florists' Telegraph Delivery Service state -1-H club leader; Miss DoriS Mardl-i, county home agent; nnd Miss Billyc Sue Tyson, assistant home agent. To add inleresl to thc report they will show slides', photos and crafts. All Home Economists are invited, to attend. Jimmy Prichard and Gloria Shelley WISH TO ANNOUNCE The Re-opening Of THE PRICHARD BOOK STATIONERY CO. Completely Remodeled and Restocked To - · ' Seller-Serve Your Needs Our Book Deparlmcni has been reworked to include the Convenient Rental Library. Special orders will bo sen! oul for any book wo do nol have in slock. Complete Art Department Business Machines Stationery Supplies Office Furniture Greeting Cards Newest of iliem all.... and built to day thai way! Prichard Book Stationery Go. "Evcrylhinj For Your Otfico" 302 N. MAIN PHONE 918-W F.vcrj'wlicre you lonk, ii's not only the i.Tirci/ new c:tr if tlie yea; . . . Inn the car most likely tt) stay ihar way! Consider styling. Packard sivts you the newest ideas in ( design-plus--traditional 1'ack.ird cxcluiimiett tk-fics : ycnr "il.iritlg." Take power, i ' n c k n r d T h u n d e r b o l t engines ^ivt 1 you ihc peak e f f i c i e n c y iif'AnuTio.i'5 higlK'M-tompressiim cifjlits. P l u s : the 1 s e r v i c e - f r e e s i m p l i c i t y of a desijjn w i t h li|i in Wa fewer workinj; p.ins ilun in engines of comparable Or study aulomalic drives. Pack.inl --ami I'.ick.itil .ilinii;--olfcrs the unequalled smcxithncss and elliciency of Ullramaiic Drii t. And here aj;.iin, there'; service-free simplicity that puts this Drive in a durability class of its own. Look into the- r.mlc-proof rigidity !f Pack.inl Armor-rib body construction . . . the 1 l,iiliii/:ly smooth firmiu-ss of Packard's own broad-beam suspension Jt.f M"} t/Qn, a. air- - M system . . . Inak tlccficr i/ you're cirr liliikcil iilla il CM bt'jnn-: Vou'll know, then, why Packard holds motorJum's most consistent durability record-. O/ nil ihc I'ackanla Iniill--itl ihc litst 52 years--orer 50' ',· are i/ill in service! Let th.u be your final clue to the most jiir-!fj'JjtL\l good liny in thc automotive lifld today 1 . - X S K I l l f AMN WHO O W N S ONE EQUIPMENT SUPPLY CO. OF NEW MEXICO, INC. 137 S. Church Phono 168

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