Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 14, 1962 · Page 24
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 24

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Friday, December 14, 1962
Page 24
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GREELEY TRIBUNE rrijiy. V*. 14,19621 NFO Split Seen as Staley Re-Elected in Bitter Race Mart** ««uj; ·IBI.PI suMrrau 19 £*4: ·iteruts a»r*: prtws nX de- Uitrad Dtavtr tor tus ca*llei and ·· u Dtmer. cases muraed- Lui, aA 39-41; Urge "'·*-* « » T ' DBS ·r KON SPEtR MOINES. Io*a AP Oren Lee Staley has retained control of the National Farmers Organization after a bitter which left apparent splits in thejis made. The Illinois stale president Lawrence Walton of Clayton. III.] said before the election "Illinois members will not pay their dues [Unless a change in the presidency «; n-d**, »i. a* ""/L3! MOUNTAIN HOME Idaho .AP) of Mrs. Nancy Joy Johnson to find mu«d AA --The hearing into th* Hmihl* i j . . . . Midwest farm group. Despite ths support shown for out holding actions favored by what Staley calls "hard-hitting Staley were voiced by NFO mem- attacks against processors of bers and officers throuBho'it the » farm products.- the 39-year-old : - Rta, Mo., farmer is in no hurry . Staley said he fell "Ihose that to resume a holding action on opposed me were just erabbine livestock and grain recessed ear- for power." He called useless or Uer this fall. illegal, policies advocaUrj by the Staley recommended only that beaten candidates for the presi- we continue to negotiate with dency. Bob Casper, 46. of Winter- processors (or long-term con-set. Iowa, a r t ' " 9, of Bcthan. Slaley drew 2,651 of the 4.819 otes cast. Ca-iper received 1,606 tracts, and if they do not sign we resume the holding action at the most opportune time." The recommendation was ap- and Woodward 362. proved by the delegates ?.l the annual convention which ended ._, . . , -- 'v *v n w fiu uLJuwmiun Thursday night after they had said in his acceptance *lMt«rl *talm n..I.:J_Ht IIP-.. .. r- . .. . elected Staley national president for the eighth straight year. o ---··· ,,«··"· u««iiicas diiu siruc in me organ- "'^^s wincii wei Although Staley easily defeated ization, and have found out who * d ^ speculators two challengers, his victory may have cost the NFO some of the unity he says is necessary to "win the battle against the processors. .1 ' ' *" lcc " "-ainptiigns itgainsi me the most ruthless group in Amer- nd urged delegates to report to im "any other smears you hear lea." .His beaten opponents both said they do not plan active roles in the NFO in the future after holding national posts for several years. ffDTICE OF KIMNn OF PKTI- TIO!» TOn n E T L H M I V A T I O S OP HUIR9HIP !· Til* CDimtr CilHft No. 900( STATE OF COLORADO ) County of Weld . ) IN THE MATTER OP THE) ESTATE OF JESSIE P ) CHERRV, a / k / i JBSS1B) PRENTICE CHERRT. DE-) CEASED. ) THE PEOPLE Of THE STATE OF COLOADO: Staley had criticized as "too beans'l3 ompromising" proposals by Cas- *r and Woodward that all-out raiding actions were no longer ef- TAKE'NOTICE mat thtrt hat teen (lied In s»ld estate a petition asklnr for a judicial ascertainment and determination of the heirs of such deceased, and ttulnr forth- that' the names, addresses and relaionahlpt to de- elated of all persons whc an or claim -to b. heirs of tald deceased, t o ' f a r at known to the MUllontjr art at follows to-vlt: ^ C h e s t e r Cherry Hatllnis. Minnesota, Cousin by Adop- _Jtantttt- Allird, Laktrlllt, 'Hlnnttota, Coutin . · · · · · · Nancy Nelton, farmlniton, Mlnntlota, Coutin · - A l b e r t C h e r r y . Lakeville, Minnesota, Second Coutin ' A .LUcy Carter, CIS Thoratt Avinue, St. Paul 4,'MtnnMoU. Utcorid Coutin · Earl Ch«rry, ICO Orlstna St., St. Paul, MJnnetota. Second Cousin Arthur Cherry, .Rural Routt J, Ro«mont, Minnesota, See- 'ond -Cousin Clareno Cherry, ISO Orleans Street · at. riul, Mlnnetola, Second Cousin ' Florence Cate, Rural Route Farminirton, Minnesota, Second Cousin. · Mtllndt, Cherry Sletten,. lit Io. U t h Street, Wahpeton. No. Dakota, Cousin Mary Cherry Parker, Boutt I, Splcer, Mlnnetota, Cousin Walter W. Cherry, UJJ Harrison, Beloit, Wisconsin. Stcond Cousin · Mabel Cherry Rovanr, Boi 113, 62 West Maple Ave., Fer- arils Kails, Minnesota. Second Cousin Elsie Cherry Haller, HiO L l n c . o l n Avenue. Wettmont, Illinois, Second Cousin Earl J..Cherry. 738 .Wisconsin Avenue, Beloit Wisconsin. Second Cousin Capt. Carlton Cronkheit, 31 Lawson Road, O t f a l t AFB fttbraskt, Third .Cousin Evelyn Cronkheil. Bushman, 234 South Hudson Ave We'st- mont, Illinois, Third Cousin Helen Catherine C h e r r y Enckson, 726 E. Third Street, Duluth a, Minnesota, Second Cousin Harry Clinton Cherry. M31 Colorado Avenue, D u l u t h Minnesota, Second Cousin Aryid Loyd Cherry. 1181 Ed- terton Street. St. Paul, Minnesota, Second Cousin Wesley Charles Cherry, 1JS1 Edgerton .Street, St Paul 1 Minnesota, Second Cousin Sonla, Joyce Loners, 9 J Lyndale Avenue, So. Mlrine- 8p n *· Mi """°"' TM« Ardells. M. Brodtman, 603 Llford Avenue, St. Paul.' Minnesota, Third Cousin · MaTine C. Kelson, 1031) I.oeb Avenue. St. Paul. Minnesota. Third Cousin . Richard R. Cherry. S36 N o r t h »3th Avenue, TV. D u l u t h 7 M i n - nesota. Third Cousin GeraW E. Cherry. A-Divls- lon, L.S.S. Forrcstal. C.VA-59, c/o Fleet P.O., New York, New York, Third Cousin Helen K. Cherry. SSi, Charles Avenue. St. Paul (. Minnesota, Third .Cousin Lillian ^ Brandenburg, 2300 And sharp criticism of U* aU- « AA il Dickie Changes Testimony In Mountain Home Killings 0 » »a: ur»e mu«d! ·""""··«·» mano iAT) oi Mrs. Mncv Joy Johnson to find ^r,j£^£ Tl * ""TM* "*». "» *»*· her and her son murdered and Air whites A -M.S-. m,- murder charge against Airman . . C-»; lirji »aiUs » 36-M; Urje n vfr-M: inMium i ' " £-5«; large »n:«* .. A 35-Jl: mtdhm whites .. duan niued * 3-a; anab ., ;,.«; Urie »hlt«!s and miied 8 »3I: m-- dmn^ B 14-13; UDdercrsdes larje M.1S. DINVI* rOTATOli ~~ ital L'.S. shipments Tbur W, Ctlo Co track Fri. S: Hakudcd r di:: arrived Colo. 1, Idaho 3: trutk- i Colo. 17. S murder charge against Airman .C. Gerald M. Anderson entered Is fifth day Friday with conllict- ng statements reported from the key witness who refuses to teslify. tinerant laborer Theodore Thorn Hum . ; : s- b«i«ri (.1 nd no o. i»u 02. ix, Chicago Grain Market ..-. " Vu v*»^i, ig. wi nuuer- -- ·-·«g» w i « n i i iwiiiwi cut Aiwerson was re-arrested Iowa and Harold Woodward.) ,,,,.,,._,, ..,,. -,,... b .v the Air Fora and charged Df Bethany. M 0 . CHICAGO I AP -Trade in the again wilh th , - * alev drew 2 M I n f n,. a .,o STM" '"tures market was limited V. ,,,, .'f. .^S 85 '..... . grain futures market was limited largely to speculative transactions . Staley passed up an opportun- y to woo his opposition when he toward weakness. with gams running to about itterness and strife in the organ- smear campaigns against me," gainst me." ,. , ....,,,,,.». »..,,... .aaiiji vijtj ·i«ivj(n:iii ifiul 11 wi% Dickie re\erscd his story andiAnderson who committed tlw mui d Anderson was guilty of lhe|der and himself who covered up crime, the hearing was told Thurs-jfor him. "last month Dickie said he was Siew Sfro "'^ ?"TM -T^s?ps^r^sti ious behavior on the afternoon o April 10. The bodies of Mrs. Johnson an her son were found thai morn ing. Mrs. Stidhcm quoted Anderso as telling his wife after rcturninf from a Mountain Home bar resulted in an exoneration of Anderson by a civil court. But Anderson was re-arrested me IK.-K »iuij uy uicKie was; Soybeans were the exception told at the hearing by two Air)' 0 -" ~.« M no OI.I.CPMUK.C spcecn ·"· ""'; iwwuig vu «uum «rorce agenis ol t for the first time we have had cfnl *' tinws on tne distant de- Special Investigation. ' - r * · ' Force agents of the Office of liveries which were well support- Some scattered export buying hinks big and who thinks little." He also criticized Casper and -«. .w~TM m uic »m«i pu, 'oodward for what he called but corn and oats came under selling pressure. Carlot receipts loday were esti' mated at: wheat 7 cars, corn 60, oats 5, rye none, barley 9, soy- Dec. 7 that he went to the home ^inking that afternoon or to th , el higher. December the itional treasurer, William Ryn- · of Wintcrsel, Iowa, who made seconding speeches for asper. The board of directors indical- ed slrong support for Staley, bul I new members were elected to he 26-man board after Staley won e-election. Delcgales also voled to curb the powers of the president through changes in the bylaws Wheat »2C Mar 2.11H 2.10'4 2.11 2.09 2.08V. 2.06rs'-..-,. Jul 1.89?i 1.89U 1.89»i 1.89i Sep 1.92S 1.92V4 1.92H \MV 3ec l.ll'/i l.lOli 1.10V 4 1.1B4 Mar 1.124 i.lHi my, 1.124 MARKETS VINVII LIVIITOCK i( K«B | l»! lotUnf sho»n all aunt " C3a, IM; calv« »; au . e vetlers 23.«).2l.«i. to """W' bnnwt 1-3 1JO.JO Ibs 1S.75-1I.23: | "J 1 2 ». «n»»d 211 IDt 1J.35; 2 Sd ] . 1-3 27M50 lb. . ww ,,, Sleep 23: not enmh offered lor t«t. OIUHA LIVISTOCK Cattle l,OM: olvtt n stud;; cttlcc anund 1.123 lb steers OM, choice 1,175 lb tt«rs UM; 3h? ood lo tew cfcoic. i«o.:,i3o Ibi a.oo 27.30; itaadard and good 22 30-23 00 choice. 9» lb helftrs 2WO: utiBtTai commercis! cows 13.00-13.00; canners and cutters mainly 11.0W3.15: utillly 5d olS so" 1 " utillly 'w v ensbiisheai n»s ... I U0440 Ibs 16.2S tesdy: U.S. 1-J traund iscjw IDI ».a 6.50: mixed 1-3 190-2W Ihs 16.00-1123 SMfs No 1-3 270-330 Ibi H.OO-RM Sheep 200: not tested. JOSEPH LIVISTOCK «s 3,TM: bsrrous snd lilts arou -- 210 Ibs steady lo wesk, weifhts over !«I IB 25 hliherj »\vs slesdy J.S. 1-2 190-230 lb barrows and 'gilt ·f'^.'S-S' ""I- "l'»«d M 1W-2SO lb CHICAGO (AP)-(USDA)-Hogs closed !»·· cent a bush- murders, but it was apparent she believed it was to the slayings Suppression of Dissent Hit by it heifer calves steady to I :L- L' I I · ,, Feeder Steers: weak to LlDCrtlCS UttlOn 50 lower. Feeder heifers: steady . to strong. Feeding cows: steady . . '" ,,. ., to top of 115.30; bulk 1100-1500 fjne " ca " Clv '' Ijberties Union Slaughler sleert and heifers: fj"" 3 Frlday there is a "^'"cy in steady. Cows and bulls: «i«»i« ' United Stales to suppress dis CRIILIY PROOUCIRS PUBLIC STOCKYARDS FM WIIK OP DEC. ) Cattle: 3500. Light steer calves ind light heifer calves steady strong. CHICAGO (AP- j; avwage"lo high ^ fa ."»,"" nt " t with ^ ban good 25.00-27.00; standard to good ""' ot '^'""nanism Prev. High Low Close close 2.09H 2.08H 2.09V4 2.08H . . 23.00-25,00. Slaughter h e i f e r s : May Jul · Sep OaU Dec Mar May Jul *p Rye May Sep l.HH 1.14 l.U'/i 1.14 1.16S l.lSVt 1.16'/s 1.16 1.14H 1.14V4 1.14H 1.14 .72 .70H .MV4 .«7H .MH .70' .68H .67 .61 .71% .m .69 .67'/s .70V4 .67! I.ffl!i 1.2o',i 1.29 1.2914 I.27S 1.27% 1.27H 1.28 I.MS 1.26V4 l.K'n 1.J6 1 ! 1.23'/i l.U'.i 1.23H 1.23'j Soybeans an 2.47V Mar Jul Aug Sep "*!TM^ i «H»A.C,TY-CA.; 2.50li 2.48!i 2.50!« 2.49 2.52% 2.5!Vs 2.52% 2.514 2.53',i 2.52 2.53',i 2.524 2.51H 2.504 2.51Vi 2.m 2.42»i 2.41 2.424 2.414 2.41'/ 4 2.39',4 2.41 Vs 2.40 Wall Street NEW YORK (AP) - A sharp I OCfll drop by Douglas Aircraft featured UOtal a dull and mixed stock marke late this afternoon. Ctrrtcttd r* Dw. 14 n^^i^sr-^SltJ:::: actional ' " k a hour 260 Ibs 15.50-16.25; 2-3 250-280 Ibs 15.25-15.50: 280-300 Ibs 15.00-15.25; ..° JU " J , Sk ' bolt , an mixed 1-3 300^00 lb sows 13.25-" *" h /°, la , rlS T'"' 1 ? 5 ' - , 14.25; 400-550 Ibs 12.50-13.50; 2-3 *° rd , that aUto sales m '^ wruws IK. 11 m to =n ueccmBer were a record helped 500-625 Ibs 12.00-12.50. Catlle 6,500; calves slaughter sleers 25 lo 1.00 lower; none- S ° me °' " lc mo ' or st(K -'ks. Chrys- lnu,or! 'f s P urte1 more than a point. Motors gained a sizable load" lot" high" choice and prime ^"^ M .° 10rs gained a 1,150-1.375 lb steers 311 Ki.ll w fractlon ' Tne other autos ,, SI. Way. Calif.. Second Mabel Helllnc, l:« N 0 . Cedar I/akt Rd.. Minneapolis, Jllnne- tott, Second Cousin Helen Custer, 124 No. Cedar Lake Rd.. Minneapolis, Minn., Second Cousin. John Custer. 134 No. f.dn.r Lake Rd., Minneapolis. M i n n Second Cousin F r a n k l i n Honnne. 65 street Westmont. I l l l n o i i . Second Cousin K M u I n Homnir. R a r n e a v i l l t , M i n n . , Second Cousin rionald Hoinine,- 100 N o r t h " i l l l a m e t t e , W r s t m o t i t , llli- n o l f , Secon'i Cousin Myrtle Blerley. ? ( E B H,,||| s t,r Ave., Cialeta, r u l l f o r n l a . Second Cousin Jessie M. D i t m o r r . Bnn-eton Mills. West V l r K l n l a . S"-nnl Cousin Roy A. Cherry, j m j sucy I.ane. Panta B a r b a r a . Calif Cu'/.vn C u r l i « Stlfin Cherr* Detroit Lakes, M i n n e s o t a 'S"ond Ci-utin .[·rry U. W i n t e r s . (;r«]f.v. Cnioraflo. G u a r d i a n ad Lilcn- A n v ami ill unknt..v,, p a r t i . n «·!;· ir.ay be or c l « i m to b« heirs. Tou a,-e herel.y n o m i t d 10 « p - 1,150-1,375 lb sleers 30.00-31.50, aulk choice 1,100-1,400 Ibs 28.2530.00; choice 900-1.100 Ibs 27.7520.00; good 24.50-27.50: part load high choice and prime around 1,075 lb heifers 29.00: bulk choice 850-1,075 Ibs 27.75-28.60; good Sac'rame'nt'o 24.50-27.00; utility and commercial cows 13.75-16.00; utility and com mercial bulls 18.50-21.00. Sheep 300: few sales slaughter lambs weak; choice 90-105 lb motel following their eviction 19.00; good and choice 17.00-18.50; cull to good ewes 5.00-6.50. vooled sla ughter dr CHICACO IUTTM AND 6GOJ »"B"ji? : S '^" A " i"'-'=' »* l »,j 89 C SV 1 ^. ' ClrS 5 ' 1 ' Eggs about steady; pricu umhj 70 per cent or better irsde . mixed 38 1 M: dirties mediu : stand D I H V t R IEAN1 Gtncral bid to IW ,r,,p I ' S · I pinloi « M Ilrmtr rale jhippin; man Anderson. 24. San Diego Calif, silling in an adjoining room, sobbing. Dickie has since refused to con- ifirm the statement that it was . The hearing will determine f vww ..-mcu 11*1 for the killings. .., ~~" ··»···*· «*·· The new story by Dickie was ,, ' want to ^o it, bul I ha They said Dickie told them The dark haired housewife du. not say whether she understood referring to hi «.w-*a,w. aiaugnier n e i t e r s : ^·"·MI^UUJ uiiu rcKai, moi high good to choice 26.75-2J.25; ^ social trutn " « imperative i average to high good 24.25-26.50; acniev « lasting peace in an age standard to g o o d 21.00-24.00. w ' len man nas tnc power to de sianaara 10 g o o d 21.00-24.00. " llc " lllru ' "«5 me power 10 Cows: Good beef cows 16.50-18.0o! str °y himself, llie ACLU said Commercial and utility cows: its 42n(i annua ' report. "The greal Iragedy of our 20th cenlury resurreclion of officia orthodoxy and heresies, both social and theological, is their hope 14.50-16.00. Carmen and cutters- 11.00-14.50. Bulls: Bulk 17.5019.70. Feeder steers: 13 head 929 Ibs. Jf.lO; 18 head 726 Ibs.'27.70; 31 head 82 Ibs. 27.20; 35 head 747 less Ibi; 27.30; 23 Holsletas 528 Ibs. 21.50; 20 Holsleins 699 Ibs. 21.00. Feeder heifers: 33 head «40 Ibs, 27.10; 31 head 550 Ita. 26.30; 22 head 821 Ibs. ».10; It head 998 Ibs 28.10; 16 head 714 Ibs. 25.60. Steer calvei: 17 head »4 Ibs. 36.80; 85 head 351 Ibi. 34.10; 26 head 366 Ibs. 34.10; M head 373 Ibs. 34.00; 49 head 47« ibs. 32.50. Heifer calve*': 69 head 310 Ibs. 31.50; 28 head 338 Ibs. 31.45; 65 Sheep: 10 ewe, IS.So per head- 10 «*« «^ P«r head. ' Corn 74 cars: unch..doun i; *h!te 1.22; No 3 1.11-1.25N; No '.Mllo malte"* 1 ! a" * " ' IO * iN - Kafir U8.1.99.V Rj't 1.23Vi-1.26V'«N. Bsrley l.M-l.OBN. Soybetai 2.3SV..J.45V4N. Brsn 90.W-30.75. .. Barle y ................... *·« " unusual| y Heav * Hefls Fall Injures Johnstown Man Dn Building Job Ilipolito i Paul.' Conzale*, 27, g( Johnstown, sustained injuries to lis left leg and a broken left arm n a fill Thursday morning at he new State Farm Regional Of- ice building being constructed in Evans. Gonzales was admitted at Weld County General Hospital, which reported his condition was tails factory Friday morning. Herbert Marr. job superimen dent on the building for the Hensel Pheips Construction C».. uid Gonzales was adjusting scaffold bracket on the forms for the concrete walls of the structure 'hen the accident occurred. Marr said Goruales apparently saw the bracket was starting to »me louse and reached down to try to fix it. He apparently was i to do this in the time he lad and fell about 11 feet to the ground with the steel bracket, which pierced his left leg when landed. Free inquiry into "legal, mora " achievement of such truth," wrol John de J. Pcmberton Jr., execu live director. "It may even now be loo lal for ail of mankind to yield suff citnt wisdom for the avoidance o annihilation. But the greatest wis dom to be found in our commo inheritance has taught us lha only in unlimlled inquiry and un restricted debate-the anlithes of official orthodoxy--is truth 1 be found." " " " " - *«*«· iations of civ The report was released at at the National Ar chives honoring Bill of Right Day. which is Saturday. Thi , marks the 171sl anniversary o 1 Ihe adoption of the Constitution' Bill of Rights. Clumsy Kitty McALESTEn, Okla. (AP)-Th family cats at Ihe William Kroeger home have a prival swinging door through which Ihe wander al will. through cat comin lhe enlrance w ° k e h ^ y aC , Ce P tcd a U ' S - P lan Skybo " and re P lace tie. A rise of more than 2 by Houston Lighting helped the utility section which was fairly steady overall despite some fractional losses. Keimecott slid more than a point while other nonfcrrous metals showed minor gains and losses. Steels were unchanged to slighlly lower. Oils wcre^-thor- . ^ - - oughly mixed. althougjn(rnerada posted a I-poiut gain. Avto was fractionally higher. Dynamics Corp. of fraction. America Cash Grain CHICAGO 'API - No wheat, oats, or soybean sales. Corn No 2 yellow 1.171,2. Soybean oil B'.jn. Barley: mailing choice 1.25' l.Mn: feed B3-1.05n. nn " U h l n t v e n t v d a y s a f t e r s e r v - iri '·( IMS l i o t l i on ·.,.; ,|( nrv.l by p c l i l l c K l l o n ' '.ilthl!' i w e n i y d a ; « s f t « r H last n u b - M'-allon of ( h i s n o t i c e ? and in defaul*. of an a n s w e r cr a p p e a r - ance t h e Court will proceed t-. recede a n d h e a r proofs .-oncfrn- I n r t h e heirs of sui-h decease-! anrl enter a ««TM d e t e r m i n i n g »ho a r e l l t r heirs of aucb do. c * a f p d perton. r'«i»J at '.;ri!«l»y. iJ.|. ir ad- t h i s l ? t h day of N o v c m H e r I U 2 (SEAL) C. K. WAI.LACK ·Clerk of t h e ' J o u n l v C'uri By R ' t f A L I K S A D A M ? T r p u t v clerk tVjtldo * Waldo A M o r n e v d f o r E a t s ' " )"!» I9llt A v » . ;re»l"j. Colo Tin aritJtf null;- Trlbun« Kot. 13, 30, Tltr* 7. 14. UfiJ I SATISFACTORY WATCH REPAIRS- 75% of our watch repairs cost $1.50, $3.00, $5.00 or $6.50. Watches do not always need a "»"" m a j o r overhaul · v e r y time they "-^^y. 1 stop! S RIH DIA.MllNDs 1 1 She P r o v shooed it ou.ide Introducing... a new dimentim in typewrittri THE COMPAa STANDARD fay UNDERWOOD Only 98.00 plus lax T*t« UNDERWOOD-OLIVETTI COMPACT STANDARD it the idtai part-time typewriter for tke larger off ice, and the economical full-time typewriter for the tmoUcr office. The UNDERWOOD-OLIVETTI COMPACT combines the feoturet toid per- fornumceofttandardofflcett/pewrittrt, and the added convenience of light weight. "[·Amthing for the Office" Avenue W«(ch Ttwt Stuff LOUISVILLE. Ky. AP) - A» tte Ibletw tdephorvd Jim WjJ- too o( radio station WHAS to ii why some announcers nun- the English Ungiuge bv us* o slang and »b- Marriage Lictnut Edmond R. Bates and Helen S. Regal, both Cheyenne. Charles K. Hauer, Grover, and Mary Christine Westlund, Colo- ado Springs. Thli ChrUtmii Give Htr 'atue ·I jreen Comfy Slippers Get Thim Today At 926 9th Avt. Waitw explained that Mtfc abort talk added emphatus mt uAtttti, and so OB. The caller didn't budge aa inch. When the conversation died fewi. thanked the .man for his inter el. | "Thai's OK." he replied. BUSY CHRISTMAS SHOPPERS EAT at HARRY'S! Doubl* D«ck HAMBURGERS A Mil* HI of btin Only 44c Acrct of Parking NO Tippinf An Ideal Gin NEW ALL AMERICA ROSE BUSHES FOR 1963 Something the Person Who Has Everything Couldn't Possibly Have MORGAN NURSERY 2200 RtMrr«4r Rd. 353-4442 atch your Gift to your man! BLAKE B.D. TRIM CAIN Spinsmooth* shirts of Belfast self-ironing cotton in collar styles to flatter every face! Chocse the MANHATTAN collar style that makes the most of jow man's features. Then choose that style In SpinsmootMb* luxure fabric that takes care of itself and keeps him at his neat-taoking best all the time. 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