Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on November 9, 1961 · Page 4
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 4

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 9, 1961
Page 4
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1'sjre H GREELEV TRIUUNE Thurs., Nov. 9, 1961 Ault qulst and Ktcklc Harden. Mrs. Al AULT-Mrs. Anna Ha). trXer- itilned Sunshine Circle (or an afternoon meeting. She is not'a member of the Circle. 01 h e t guests Were Rev. Wilbur Davis son, Mrs. D. K. Roys, Mrs. Wil liam Bjorklund, Mrs. Arvid Walii eported 39 calls, tt curds, four jouqiitls, Ihrcc plants, three sprays, one arrangement, one red Felersen, president,' opened planter, one baby gift, and five he business meeting with a Thanksgiving prayer. .Roll caJ was, answered wllh Bible verses and pastas. Mrt. N. B. Crow w« appointed to represent, the Circle a t ' church council meetings for Nov. and December. For the past month, n*mberb KOR THE BEST Radio and Television Repairs CALL El, 2-2113 Western Television Specialists ALL WORK (JUARANTEEI) IT'S OUR 22nd ANNIVERSARY olKer gifts. Mrs. Harvey; Hansen gave worship service from book of Mark, entitled "Worry Against Evil" ilosinj with prayer.. A dona- lion of »5 was received fo: floww fund and several cards'of appreci atton were" read. Mrs. Hart report ed two children in tu-r neighbor hood were ill and one of .them was in the hospital. For program Mrs Pctersen read, "The pible," laken from one of Billy Graham's books December-meeting will be election of officers and members are asket to present names of shut-ins fo Christmas gifts from the Circle Mrs. Hart served'a tray lunch dur !iig social · time. Mrs. Gladys baughtrey will be hostess Dec ; 6 Mr. and Mrs! Earl-Jphrtsoii; i Cheyenne,' Wyo!,' w-re recen STOREWIDE SHOE SALE 2 Days Left -- Friday and Saturday Celebrate our 22nd birthday and get your unrestricted choitc of our entire stock of famous brand shocR such as TWEED1ES, NATURAL- IZER, JOYCE, FIANCEES, FOOT SAVERS and others. At OFF ENTIKE STOCK (Except Fair-Tracled Daniel Greens and U.S. Keds) OPEN FRIDAY NIGHT SALE ENDS SAT.' 926 9th Ave. NOTICE OF SAT.E U ¥ U E R , CHATTKt MOHTOAOB ' NOTICE IS HEnEBV GIVE lliat the following describe e q u i p m e n t will be Bold to - til highest a pulmo sal to be held on Friday, N'ovembe 17, 1961, nt 10:00 o'clock A.M.'ft llie premises of Gulden Poln Drive-In, 3^01'Blh-.Street, Gree ley, Colorado: ' ' -. All equipment loEM«d at th premise's of Golden Point Drive In, 2308 . 9th Street, Greele Colorado, including, but not Um ted to, the follou'lnv: 1 3'8" fryer . stand . enclosur wth ends and back panel. 1 3'$" vent system. '. · 1 stainless steel duct enclosur. to liouae the top of vent ey 1 ITot'polnt HK7 Mnrk 513 do trio fryers and attachment 1 3'6" long wrapping count' \vilh heater strips. 1 6'4" longr open alielf ba griddle atantl. 1 6'4" vent system for srrldd aland, 1 stalnlesn steel duct «yite for vent system. 1 G'O'-electrlc griddle counti 1 6'4" stainless a t e e l o p e n s h i cabinet. 1 3'6" stainless steel open sh cabinet. 1 3'6" heated trench; ny a hamburger display. y : 1 3'S" open shelf cabinet »ta! le'si steel. 1 Cory "C" coffee 1 maker. 1-Wyott automatlo crtam d penfier. 8 cupholrters. 2 National cash registers. 1 custom drink dispenser. S 1 Taylor 3/4 hp shakemakeri. X Scotsman Ice maclilne. 1 12'S" walk-in cooler Inctud- IriK .2- compressors and controls. " · . All'bags and paper holders. All 'pots and pans. All. counters and shelves -and window service on the premises.' ' . " Lollipop curb sign located outside of the building. Prior to the sale, the equip ment listed aljovo may bo Inspected at 2308 9th Street, Gree ley, Colorado. The sale of the forcgolnt Itemt. ivill bo made- pursuant to the terms of a chattel rnorlga'g* dated May 2S. 1969, given by Uodle C. amllh to the Golden Hamburger Drive-In Corporation, as mortgagee, and thereafter assigned to General Electric Credti Corporation on August 21, 1959 The said assignee has repossessed the foregoing equipment because of,-'defaults occurring under ihf mortgage. Dated: November I, 19(1. GBNEHAI. KLECTRIC CREDIT CORPORATION" ·j By John' F. Sliafroth I t s - A t t o r n e y ·· I The Qreeley Daily Tribune INov. 6. 7, 8, 5, 10, 11, 1J, H.-16, U. 1)61. . uesti of Mr, and Mrs..R. J pes. They are irecuperatin? om recent Illness. 1 . Sharing a surprise party in the 3m* of Mr. and Mrs. Jim Raney, jnoring his .birtjiday, were' essrs. and'Mmts. Elmer Huttt. dwin Flolkoskl and family, Guy rees and 'family, 'Krnest Brees nd Darrell Huill of.-preeiey Utney was presented with gifts nd during social evening two irtbday cakes were served with Friendly Needle Circle was re- elved by Mrs. Ernest Breese for i afternoon kensington. Refresh- lents served included a decorated ake made by Mri. Frank Peter- in honoring the birthday of Mrs . E. Cuffell. Gifts from the mem- ers were given,to Mrs. Cuffell. Irs, H. C.. Hautenslrauch was cjub uest for the- afternoon." ' : 'Mrs. R. I. Jot'dan :enlcrtalned t -a 1 1. o!clock luncheon.- Covers rere'.placed ati small, tables at- raclively arranged with rose cen- erpieces in colors of' gold and h*, with matching china in bou- uet colors. Place card favors :ere scenes painted by the host Guests included Mrj. Kenneth QuayK historian· Mr«. Richard Wolfe.-re-elected treasurer.- Mrs. Anders Anderson read next year's program including assigned roll call topics which ' were ·accepted. Mrs. Alan Salberg conducted-, tat business meeting. Mrs. Masterson had.the program and showed, slides on the history of Greece. Mrs. Morton, in behalf of the club, presented Mrs. Anders Anderson of G reeky and her newly adopted baby daughter, Carol Marie, with a gift. Mrs. Anderson will receive the club for the Dec 6 meeting. Deu Lon Bridge members "and club'guests, Mrs. Jetlye Fullrrwr and Mrs. Mads Hansen, were en tertained by Mrs. C. L. Neisler r.t dessert bridge. In contract bridge played during the afternoon high scores were nude by Mn. Han-| sen, Mrs. Fullmer and Mrs. J«o*^ Hasbrouck. Mrs. R..L. Burmin will'entertain Nov. 14. " . , : - n Fourteen 7 members 'attended Carrousel - Club to the Ifcrij-y lounge when hocte«es were MjneV Bob Uney, Lynn Leili taj^ ford B*r»nart. Mrs. Manrin er,-'president, h*d charge .of Ui« justness diiscussioD.: A.donation of $16.0», received from ch)t;s booth at the Halloween Cartrral, was voted given to the band fund The club decided to sponsor an art talent contest for local high schoo studenU as a new project. Students entering the contwt will edn- tact the' club. Following business session Monle Carlo Whist am bridge were played. Mrs. .James ifrs. Ed Boston will be next hoit- BS, .Mrs; 'QUe'fit.BaH Jr., pro- Phillips received attendance prite en chainnftn* .."· -'' - a,,Import .duly tent by'M pin**;;. HPfertlis t Doer t. - BAND SWEATERS ^_ · AJl Wool : : · Red Color * Two Pocket Regnlair Sand Sweater '. Reg. 7.98. LESS JR. HIGH DISCOUNT g.Jg of 20% .,__..; : NOW y . ;· HB.Ttnth ;K; · '· phone : .EL : 3-0204. s'tore Hours S-5:30- Open Friday Nlghtl Charles · Bass, Tom Gardiner, athleen Swanson of Ealon, Wil iain Graefo of Grceley, Edww ;lauson, Edith Petersen, Otho Wy : kert, M. C. Widmaier, Erie Hyde, H. Burroughs, R. L. Burman, Arvel Stewart Jr., Jellye Fullmer, Lillian Sanden, Madb Hansen, Jacob Hasbrouck, S. R. Spencer, S. L. McDonald, A: B. Stewart, C. Neisler. Contract. bridge was ilayed and high scores -svere made Mines'. Honsen, Hasbrouck Wykert, Spencer and Neisler; Mrs. Kenneth. Masterson was liostess to SOUi Century in'her new home. All of the members attended. Officers elected include: Mrs. Oliver Nix, president;. Mrs Robert Morton, vice president; drs. Vernon Stewart, secretary; ..._· ....'NEW _____ Portable 14 \v. .\, · Typewriters From '815 Tenth St. Prior* EU 3-0204 Store Hour«! 9-5:30 Open Friday Nlnhts I; MONTGOMERY WARD SAVE $ 4 ON AUTOMATIC BLANKET OF 1OO% ACRILAN 98 23 W- MONTGOMERY WARD UP TO Riverside giaranteed auto parts · Equal or Better Than Original Equipment SHOCK ABSORBERS · Giiar»'ht»«l V'.; is ; o6o :' mlle«. ·Smooth*- out-'roaTd'- bumpl,' provldtt better- control of car. Ea. Save $25 to $50 on 100% rs-manufactured engines. Reg. $149.95 '42-'S1 Chev.S . with exch. 46-53 Dodge 6, reg. 204.95 J149 49-53 Ford V8, reg. 239.95 |141 · Up to 212 new porh · New car guaranrt* · Low co it installation SPARK PLUGS Reg. 59c each. Gives hotter ipark for quicker starts. Sav« on gai Most cart. AMf* Now only _-_ '.^"* VOLTAGE REGULATORS Brand new. Reduce! battery, electrical trouble*. Keepi ' generator from E AD burning out. _ _ WiwW, OIL FILTERS' Rea- 1.09-to,.-US.;. Lengthei» ? englneMlfe b'y'rem6vVrg_car-' ban . and . ..' . d i r t - - : ··-':.·.?':. ;.f' BONDED BRAKE SHOES Guarantctd ^5,000 mile*. For all brake «y«tems. Sheet for Trade YEAR GUARANTEE .jf ^. "·?,'- f*·'·*££·'-~^JV ·.^fl^^fe^i 'nil * n*4 k.««f* for «w r*t- S YiA.1 fiUARANTH! Mank«t become* dcfectivt. Wards will rcplac* FftEE flrst 2 years, repair FRH next 3 years your astufance of cortiouioa vc4ue and always fine quality. when you buy »" o^i* o| Wbnit moMybockl NO IGNITION TUNE-UP'KITS Tune up your* own car and lave. Reitore' balance performance. Kit* for tl! csrt, lo 1 CARBUREtbl^S;. . Rebuilt .with new p»rfr,«.: tested. 'With tr'««l«,'''PoM.-.VtV 1949-63 -' · · · ' IS''·"''-'· low at Exch«njj«"l ^··ti.f-.f ' * " «·' FUEL PUMP%^;^ Guaranteed £5,000' : .-;nll*«.;- Brand' new, perfect'.-Jreplnie--!· ment. Single action.'''JJCO''. - pump, now low »·--,iWsfw.' Kill for 4 ( iw it 11« WHEEL BALANCING Including weights. S Tire* 5,99 /MUFFLERS , : , Double ceattd'tb rt*lit ruit, corrbtJon, : Tw]ce^the ««rvlee .life. Ford V8 '49-'S4 1; other*, low at . 6.85 BRAKE SHOE INSTALLATION 2 Dayi" . Only . Set f.f REGULAR 27.98 1WM tUX, fMOLI COMTROL Yow orKt-a-season chance to save. Featherlight Acrilcm® Acrylic rrracri- in« wenhei; i non ailergenic Nylon "Sani-blndtng" guards against germs. 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