Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 14, 1962 · Page 20
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 20

Greeley, Colorado
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Friday, December 14, 1962
Page 20
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Camera in the Classroom P«g«2« GREELEY TRIBUNE Friday, Dec. 14, 19*2 Area Mourns Loss of Children In Bus tragedy a Year Ago (Continued from Page 1) r e l a t e s how nake them closer than they were, but it didn't. It just broke up shine and happened. "Tbh tas alway, been . real close neighborhood," she says quietly, "where , lot of folks are related; everybody knows everybody rise. You'd think xmtbing *£. h . a *' br ««j tj dama S e suits like that awful accident would !fn±.' h l'± 0 '^ trict «"* °» - _ _ _ . railroad. Some did -- insurance ompanies already have paid out loU1 rf $ *' 50 ° " Io8s « s . its totaling #50,000 »UU are pending. Some didn't-hoping that sooner litigation ends the , , -, In the Courts District Cwirt tnmtd t* 1-11 Yt»n r g a o n en Ewald Ralph Kler, 51, of Grte- **»« the wars will heal ' , , ley, was denied probation and , was ene p r o a o n an secre n s evastate sentenced to « term of nine to """I neighborhood that those who 10 years in the state penitentiary 5Ued by Judge Donald A. Carpenter in District Court here Friday. . , , s e an Kler was found guilty by a jury acquitted on a charge of invol- tov. 24 of taking indecent liber- untary manslaughter, and has ies with a girl under II Aug. 4. moved away. With his wife and ' ras sentenced to the penitentiary Harms, perhaps Ironically, is FIFTH GRADE STUDENTS of Jefferson School recently toured the Agricultural car of the Union Pacific in conjunction with the class 1 ·Btudy of conservation of natural resources. This class, taught by Glen Hamlet, is following a Conservation Guide prepared by the State Department of Education. Several other classrooms in Greeley are also involved in the tryout of the materials. (Photo by Union Pacific) or a term of two to six years on a burglary charge. Almania pleaded guilty Nov. 19 to enter- . , ng the Severan-"- Elevator last bus crash. Nik Speech Shows Depth Of Soviet-Peking Split Bu UMI I 1AU I t*\S«.u · _ ,1 . . . . *? . . . By WILLIAM L. RYAN AP Special Corrcspendtnt . ' P r e m i e r Khrushchev has heaped scorn upon the Red Chinese, even to suggesting they were somewhat ridiculous in becoming involved in a border conflict with India. . The text of Khrushchev's ad. dress to the Supreme Soviet on ,,, v . l% , uvfit 1,111^; WUTM;I. uii uiiuuiu UiiC 31-1 a^JU WU11 IML iUUU* Wednesday shows it to be one of mouthed- leftist dogmatists, one the most remarkable in a long career of oratory. It illuminates the depth of the ideological split . with Peking. Khrushchev waded joyously into battle. He stuck his oratorical knife into the Chinese, Iwisled il and Iwisled again. He threw back every charge made against him, ridiculed them, and at one point indicated he thought them "just silly." There was no mistaking whom . Khrushchev meant when he referred to the sort of person who "like a Buddha" tries lo tell Moscow what's right and what's -wrong. Khrushchev named the Albanians, but China's Mao Tze-tung has a Buddha-like look while few Albanians have. . . Piece by iiiece, Khrushchev took the Chinese apart. Red China ha? accused Khrushchev of "retreating" and Munich- Jlike appeasement in Ihe Cuban ' crisis, of being afraid of imperial ': ism, of tolerating colonialism, of . making concessions to Ibe enemy Who retreated? L i s t e n to Khrushchev on China's war with · India: "There may be some who wouli say: Look here, the Chinese re public is withdrawing its troop ». essentially to the line at whicl this conflict broke out. Would i ... not have been belter not to have advanced from the position o. which these troops stood (in Ih first place)? But comrades, ther are some who say, is it not a re treat? They also ask, is it not oncession on the part of Ihe Chiese comrades?" Who's afraid of imperialists? isten to Khrushchev: "There are some who say that hina desisted from hostilities be- ause India started receiving sup- ort from the American and ritish imperialists." And later: Should one scrape well the loud A. H. Olsen Now Heads Cosmopolitan Albert H Olsen was eleclet resident of the Cosmopolitan Club at its annual meeting Tues- iay night at the Tea House. Following the election, the new fficers for the coming year were installed by the Rev. John Jorden. The other officers elected and installed were Lloyd R. Stone- iraker, vice president; Hallel Kaugh, secretary; Elmer B. John son, treasurer; and John VerLin den, sergeant at arms. ^ Robert R. Holub, the outgoing ircsident, automatically becomes chairman of the board of man agers. Miss Laura Jean Maynard, a music student at Colorado State College, provided the entertain mcnt for the meeting with three piano solos. She also played the piano for the group singing. The next regular meeting of th club will be Jan. 9 at the Tea House. ould easily discover that behind leir brave facade lies nothing Ise bul fear of imperialism." He put the Chinese-Albanian op- osilion in the position of egging ic East into war with the West Any big collision would mean nuc- car war--including a collision vcr Cuba--said Khrushchev. "It is interesting to consider row they (his critics) themselves would behave in such a war. They obviously would prefer to sit ii ut," he snapped. W h o tolerates colonialism' Who's an appeaser? Portugal's Macao colony am Britain's Hong Kong are 01 China's doorstep, b u t , saiu Chrushchev archly, "It would be wrong to prod China to actions o some kind which she consider intimely. It would be ridiculous t evy the charge that this is a concession to the Portuguese and British colonialists, that this is appeasement." Party Scheduled Thursday for Senior Citizens The annual Christmas parly for senior citizens will be held 9:30 'a.m. Thursday, Dec. 20. at the Colorado Theater. The party is for all persons 60 .... years of age and older. Conduct- ing'the party will be John Scha- fluclzel, manager of the Colorado Theater; Joan Dcrrington of ra- Schools Winning Recipes in Greeley Gas Contest Five Weld County schools' horn economics classes have submille 70 winning recipes in a conies conducted by the Gree.ley Gas Co "iris enrolled in classes at Gree- H . BUIJ Ury Brinft 14 Yt«r» Sondy Almanza, 21, of Greeley, . daughter, they have settled in the Angeles area where Mrs. Aug. 4 with the intent to commit arceny. 1 Bcyi Dwtjtd Pr»Wti«n Oris Martinez, U8. Frank Albert Baca. 17, and a^5-year-old boy, all of Greeley, wire denied probation and sentencM to indeterm- nate terms in the sWe reforma- ory at Buena VistaA The three pleaded \guilty Nov 9 to a burglary charge which had been filed against them in connection with an entry at the Clover Club Foods, Inc., in Garden City Oct. 9. Baca, the 15-year-ola youth and two other boys, one 15 and one 17, were arrested by Greeley po- ice the night of the Clover Club jurglary. In subsequent ques- :ioning, the youths admitled participation in 11 burglaries in the Greeley area over period o several months, police reportec al Ihe time. Anettitr Youth Stnt t» Rtforrtutory John Purcella, 17, of Greeley also was sentenced to the state reformatory for an indeterminati Purcella pleaded For years, their children went i the Auburn school In a rural istrict near their homes. Then in 1959, there was a school con- lolidation program that provokes litter controversy. Although H losed the Auburn school, some arents were in favor--and even- tially they won out. The children icn were transported to the Delta school in Ihe Greeley suburbs. It was there that most of the oomed youngsters were going ic morning of Dec. 14, 1961. The parents who lost children an't forget that, had the consoli- ation plan been defeated, their oungslers still might be alive and making Christmas decora- ons for ihe now-vacant rooms f the Auburn school. Today Ihe Delia school is oomed, soon to give way to a new building in the same neigh term. Purcella pleaded guilty Nov. 21 to a burglary charge fli ed against him in connection wit] an entry at the First Avenue Auction here June 14. PlMdi Guilty Cipriano Lucero, 17, of Wind or, pleaded guilty to a burglary 3 "pf/VOOCHlCUt. , f*l J The implication was: Stop nag- ,. ge .TM agajnst him in con r!» n ... _u...i ,' .f nection with an entrv of a build ging us about appeasing the Jnited States on Cuba--we, too, have reasons for not acting. / Missing Arvada Family Hunted By Two States CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) - A bottle of black hair dye. . . a car with three bullet holes in it. . . an unpaid motel bill. . . and insurance polices of a woman and her three small children. Those are the clues that Colorado and Wyoming police officers are trying to piece together to find out what happened to the Francis R. Crossmock family o Arvada, Colo. The family has been missing two weeks. Sheriff's officers said the Cross mocks checked into a Cheyenne motel folloding their eviction from an Arvada residence in No vember. The father, mothei lection with an entry of a build ing belonging to William Yauk let. 29. He was given permission ly Judge Carpenter to apply for probation and his case contin ued 14 Jan. 7. District Court - Tri«| Enttrj Stceirf Day Trial of a $79i!82.40 damage suit brought by Norman D. Flores of Mead against Theodore An :hony Rademacher and his father Theodore Rademacher, enteret its second day in District Cour here Friday. The trial is being heard by _ jury of sue persons. District Judg Roscoe Pyle of Jefferson count is presiding. f . Flores is seeking a judgmen , 8 in connection with a collision o two trucks at an interseclion o Iwo counly roads one mile nort and 2.1 miles east of the junctio of Colo. 66 and U. S. 87 south Mead June 2«, 1959. The accident invloved a true ~, . · . ., · , _,, ··"'":'· mi; uuiui, moiner and me accident invloved a In The recipes subtrulled by 7 hree chiWrcn disap d from i oaded wHn , ^ iris enrolled in classes at Greehe motcl two we(fc ^ ^ cn hy j,,^^ ££*££ High, Meeker Junior High School, Ault High School and Kecnesburg High School, arc being printed in a booklet by the Gas Company, to be distributed to all home economic students in participating chools. According lo Mrs. Earl Achenbach, home service director for the Gas Co., there were almost ,. - . ,. .,, " - - , - · no "convenience foods" used dm station K \ 0 b ; and Jim Most recipes arc put together the Hanks, spork and games director old . faslliont!(1 wav with lho irls . ol Community j own modern ^ Inlerest.s in all lypcs of foods were demonstrated with thu selection of the recipes. Few snack: such as pizza or sandwiches arc i included in (he Iwokct, which Albert Adclmo Cordova, son oficovers such hearty fare as gou- Mr. and Mrs. E. Cordova. HI. 1, lash, enchiladas. Yorkshire, chick- . J TM'°, r l»w not been bullet holes in it, was found Dec. and theorized that the bullet holes Mallendor, Rt. may have been inflicted by targel shooters. Insurance policies In Armed Forces Cordova Enlists Crossmock and (he three children were found inside the car Conine says a warrant for Crossmock has been issued by Ihe . . , lia Salic, was recently enlisted in Ihe Air Force. According to Slaff Set. Kredcr en. and deviled hamburgers. Typical Icon approach is dem- r .:onstratcd in a few titles, crazi . - , Ick E. Wise, local Air Forte ie-' c;i ' a ' an( ^ P°" r rnan's cake as cn.itcr. Cordova w i l l undergo !WP " M traditional kcugo.ll.iipf, basic training at Uickland AFIi.'' 1 TM 1 '''^' 1 coffee cake and vciriouf -San Antonio. Tex. Following lia-!- vc5ls f i e he will ho sent lo an Air Force training in an Air Force spc, i;,Hy.: P Q r $COUt Named City . Traffic Accidents | i'r. Joseph Clark was ehosei j ' b a i r m a n of the lioy Scout Circu: I thai will he held in isl.-.nd (irovi 1'ark A p r i l 27 The's Peak Bov Crossmoeks car, wilh three er. by Theodore Anthony'Radem^h on Mrs. El Paso, Colo. Department, County Probation . --. 1, La Salic, an fcrluf Milton Brandt, Rt. l, M ikcn. Eight witnesses were called I teslify by Ihe plaintiff Thursda wforc the trial was recessed c 4:55 p.m. by Judge Pyle until a.m. Friday. Man Dies When Struck by Truck At Gravel Pit With Officers Moro Yulo Display Bulbs Stol. Kor the third successive da TM vc th " enlire 'APi-OM'ar Wood. 15. of was killed today when slrucli hy a heavy truck at a gravel pit three miles east (if KimMcr. Deputy Sheriff Marsh l{ ( , Jr n said lie iv.-.s lolil Wood walked into Ihe path of a backing truck driven In- DTM Wilson of Boulder 'mincil met in CrcHpv this week One aunlent wa*- ic^u-tr Oriflcy streets Thursday. II iwn-f. at G . I 2 p m in Ihe flffl to plan for I hi: circus which is lil'ir-k on 8th Aie In-.nhcd w e r e . held rvery two year«. a ]··:» srian diiven by Harold-' Hii-hard' Talciill was named V, n A r w a l d o f K«|P- Park, w h i . h ' v i c e ehaiminn Hobrrl McCon- r.-r:ird S.10 .iamages. .-.n-t a tr«;nell. nnEm.iste. : Frank Jami.^n ln,i-k diii-f-n by Chrisl llanscn of!rp'.ponsibil,ty for ibe narraii'in- activities Henry Kline's Cor Catches Fire in Lot Station I of the (Irecley Kire Department re.s|nnd'-d Thursday l i a call al l.'iif, ilth Ave., M i l l e r " Sujierjnarket pa.kini; lot. A 1959 Chevrolet belonging to Henry Kline, had caught fire Hue to over . , Aurora, w h i c h rercivi'd$2nodam-j:,nd Horace Alkinson. . Khairman for Weld District. The jurors are Reuben Foost J . . ** d ' ffl " ""?* "J h . a *' b r «« t dama S e suits K '» » secret in this devastated those who didn't are no speaking. Harms, then J3, was tried and , aching school. These farm folks remember, too, the political antecedents of the Phelps Gets Denver Job, Sets Record CHRIiTMAS DONATION - Greeley Elks Lodge 809 made ils annual Christmas donation to the Salvation Army Christmas baskel program Thursday. Elks donated cheeks totaling J500 to the project. Shown left to right are: Mrs. Mary Tulk, Salvation Army bell ringer; Capt. Richard Beaver; Gordon Lacy, secretary of llie Elks, and Arthur K. Anderson, chairman of Ihe Elks Christmas fund. Tribune photo by Jim Hitch. New Kaiser Contract Lines With Loan To Be Trend Setter The Poudre Valley Rural Electric Association, headquartered i , ° *** **«»»MWMi uiauuuui id ITU borhood. It will be called the in Fort Collins, has been issued ,ast Memorial School. a 11,329,000 loon from the Rural Electrification Association in Washington, D. C. The Poudre Valley Association serves many electric users in Weld County. To Add 553 UMTS The money will be used lo pro- ide sen-ice to 553 new consumers over 188 miles of new distri- The Hensel Phelps Construe- bution line in Weld, Larimer and ion Co. of Groeley has been Boulder Counlics. In addilkm, the money will pro- warded a contract for $1,451,000 o remodel and expand the C, A. Norgren Co. plant in Littleton. The Greeley firm submitted the owest of sue bids made on the build six miles of new 69,000 volt iroject. Joe Phelps, head of Ihe com- lion near lied Feather Lakes, lany, told the Tribune Friday that The balance of the loan will be he Norgren contract increases used to buy new transformers, the Phelps Co. volume of construction work to a record high or the fifth consecutive year. Ovtr fli M. in Pnjoctt Contracts in force for the Grce- ey contractor during 1962 have totaled $$16,744,600 and represent obs in Greeley, Denver, Fort Colins, Ealon, Loveland, Longmont and Prospect Valley. This year alone the Phelps Co. ias done work on Ihe Weld Coun- j «o«oo, n · " °~ ty General Hospital additions, the and $3.262.40 m special damages Wilshire Shopping Center Stale in ConneCUOn with a rnlliainn nt V L..:u: - ,.i- · ,, ... . farm building, a clinic, Ibe First Christian Church, the First Methodist Church and other smaller projects in Greeley. HowltH-P«ck«rd Plint Includsd Hensel Phelps is building the new junior high complex at Eaton, constructed the Hewlctl-Packart plant i clinic a One of the biggest and oulstanding projects completed jrecley police received reports of stolen Christmas bulbs. Friday morning Mrs, Paul Schmidt, 2101 Hd. told police that 30 Christmas bulbs had been stolen from a display on an outside fireplace. 1 Hubcap* Stolon Thursday nighl Glen E. Edgar M police that two hubcaps had been stolen from his car. Sallo M«n Roporti Thtft Stan Mackey of lit. I, I,a Salic, complained to the Sheriff's office at 10:49 p.m. Thursday that too hub caps had been stolen off his ·ar while the vehicle was parked "ifih School at «t the Valley PJalltvillc Thursday evening. TV Stt T«k«n From Motel Kred Hohnbaum, 615 2Bth St.. of the carl.iirolur on Ihf reported lo the Sheriffs office engine. Firemen extinguished the Wednesday thai a television set Wa7o w i t h chcmicaij. Only the had been removed from '» cabin oicclriral wiring was damaged, at Ray's Mniel hy a tenant who The amount was estimated at $15 hart left the motel. -'niled Slcelworkws Union. It could set a pattern for American ndustry. The pact, due for announcement next week on the West Coast, re- wrtcdly will contain an cnlirelyi Knis «r nef!«li;itnrs, aided by 0 new concept of sharing produc- l TM °' outside labor experts, is to lion cost savings among the em- l c l workers, management ami the ploycr and hij workers with the public sliire in aa\ savings. , vide for 72 miles of line changes o heavier conductors and tie ines. The association will also public also benefiting Edgar F. Kaiser, the firm's ward chairman, talked over the (iala . Any savings shown In pro- prospective pact Thursday with "'"''ing n ton of steel compared ransmission lines to the substa- melers and olhcr equipment nnd to build an addition lo the office Hiilding. The money will le repaid to REA with interest over a period of 35 years. Hn 4,ni Cuitonwt Now As of Oct. 31 the I'oudre Valley Association was serving 4.M1 consumers along 1,4.11 miles of line Total investment of the association is $4,788.152. The loan money will be used during Ihe next Iwo years. The association serves the Nunr. and Carr area, sections of Weld Counly directly east of Fort Col lins and Berthoud and area* south, north and casl of (ireclcv By NORMAN WALKER . The expected agreement is re- WASI1INGTON ( A P ) - A radi-'l""' 1 " 1 lo contain a new approach ;a!ly different sort of lalior con-!' uwar l solving one industrial age .ract apparently Is in the making! m;| j°r problem That is, how best wtween Kaiser Steel Co. and Uie! ca n management, labor and Die tools of produi-lion bo hamrssvd together to achieve ihe most efficient and economical teamwork and maximum output. The innovation devised by the Periodically, computers would be pul to work on a mass of cort President Kennedy nt the While House, but Kaiser later declined to give newsmen any details. He said he was hopeful negotiators meeting at Pnlm Springs, t'nlil., this weekend could reach a final agreement. with a specific prior cost figure would be shared according to n fixed formula. The effect of lh» formula reportedly would mean that workers would retain about one-third, ami Die remaining one-third would wind up as additional iax pay- menls-thus benefiting the public. The negotiators, working on the Idea for three years, discarded profit sharing or worker intentivo systems as (he best way to get maximum icam effort. They are reported to have derider! in this d.-iy «f highly and inilomaU-d production fwililics it is practically ty in Fort Collins. 207 on Payroll The Phelps Co. pumps a lol of "oomph" into Grceley's economy A tolal of 207 persons arc cur rcnlly on the firm's payroll. The Norgren company manufnc lures filter, regulators and hi bricators for use on compressed air systems. When its expansion Is ciimplel ed in January, MM, Norgren wil sell the plant at Englewood an move the enlire 0|«ralion to tleton. Ken White is New Scout Leadership! Training Chmn. The oppoinlnwnl of Ken While of (irceley as the new leadership training chairman lor Ihe I/ings Peak Hoy Seoul Council V.-.-K an- nuunccd Thursday night by William Fnrr, council president, al a council meeting al the (Ireelcy Country Cluh. Farr was hn-,1 for the meeting, which heard committee reports and set dales for several events in I9M The president'* conference, was set for Feb. 24 in Fort Colhns. The council lit-st aid-o-ree will be held in Ihe (ircclcy Community Building March It. lho annual recognition dinner M;.y 5 in Cheyenne, Wyo. and th? annual busi ness meeting in Peter E. Moss Dies at Hospital Pclr-r Edmund Moss. 8fi. nl Boncll Home died Thursday nnon nl the Weld Counly (Icrcral Hospital. He was Ixirn Od. fl, 11170. .it Lincoln Counly Kan lie came lo Greeley in 11)18 nnd -vorkwl lor Ihe Union Pacific H.iilrnnd ns a cashier until his retirement. Ho. transferred In California ii- HMO and returned lo Grco.'ey in 1MB. His wife. Kmma, died in HIM. Moss was a member of the up Old Timers. Shrine and was n 32nd degree Mason. .Survivors include two children. .!. F.verlon Moss of 'ircv'r-y and Mrs. Madonna Prilzkau u[ Mansfield Center, Ginn.; two sisters. Leonard Leads 1st Meeting of Skate, Ski Club The first meeting of the Skate and Ski Club, sponsored by Cola (.'nbann, was held Tuesday night in the Youth Center Ballroom ........... , ............. . v.'ith Don Ixmnard, ski instructor I im ! xlssil)1 ! for tliu imlividu;!, and head of the Hidden Valley | w °rker or his foreman, by aildril Ski urea, leading the meeting, jpcrsonal effort alone, lo do much This is the first year Ibis type of organization ha* been organized by the Youth Center Council anil Community Mivilirs. It is ojrt'n to 1)1! member;! of Cola Cabana ami will r.jxmsor regular bus trips lo Hidden Valley, a series of six ski lesMins. and entitles members lo group rules for ski- ill)! in the area. At Ihe mei'ling Tuesday, linn-jllii! IMI-OO MIT| strike tontrovrr »rd discussed ski ri|ui|minl aiiil'sy. M i n e icmilly his f u n i cut clothing, showed slides on skiiimisli'i'l prices an averaiie Si; a (mi nr! taught a few excises loj 11u , nw K ., JM|| . 1:l , )(lr ( ^ prospedive skiers to |prop.m|,i,,dersl (w | t,, ,,,,,I.-,, M , urnv,*, them for the ski season. j,, k ,, lt , im , ,,,,. ,, m]|) . ||lv v Mrs. rora, West . Alice llarsbliarger of Au- Ifenly nf ' ,-uicl Mrs. Mai- Covina Calif ; anil ' t« 0 In ppur efficiency and output. They are said lo have adnpu-d the savings sharing concept as. a sort of plantwicle or company- wide incentive rather thun a mill r individual incentive. Kaiser is regarded MS a '.railing innovalor in industry. Me broke TM.-.y from other sirel firms In .make his own lalair settlement in I Kuni'ral --ervicii': will be at 1-50 p.m.. Mmiilny from Macys Draw ing Itfrfim w i t h Masonic semens at I,inn lrcvc Ccmctcrv liy Occidental !x»!ge No 2n AK ft' AM. Krttmls who wivh may m.ike memorial donations to lioncll Home. There will be ininii lor 50 skiers, on the regular Saturday buses lo. Hidden Valley. They will leave Ihe Youth Center it 1 . 7-.TO a.m. and relurn by K-y, p m. 'I1.e first o[ these trips will be Jan. 5. II had iK'en hoped lo Ix'gin Ihe trips earlier, but there is ;«il enough -now on Ihe ski S!II]K-S. Students interested in joining Ihe ski club ni.M be members nt Cola Cabana For i n f m i n i i l i i i n and nv.islralMii they may mil I c . i i i i m u m l y Aclivilies. KI-MZ-I, visit i|i.i olli.vr. at "to I t t h "tiler steel n u l l i f y if cost savings aie iiMiltii-ien! In ' Knisi-r uorkei:.' oarmi.,;-, io t h a t loir). .-··r f.-alure Is re|ii'Tl',d lli'- lo e l i m i n a t e gradually Ibe prcn'iil worker ii.i-i' Mem. The ivinkn- will be series o[ rhuicrs that arc peeled In lead | mn (,, |,, c | ( , new cu:.l-s|iaiiii|' ii ; , v The ' Registration To Open For GCA Swimming lepiMralmn for Hie w i n t i - r quar- ler '.'ommimily Aeln-ilirs swimming program w i l l Ivgin Monday. !)«-. 17. There will tw -.ix session?, three on Monday niithl.s aivl three on Saturday nifirn'ngr .liinior anH senior lilesaving anrl adult (·!,·!·.. es will lx hrM nn Mumin. nights nnd rhilriren'* rinses w i l l he nn Saturdays. Hrgislration will be at the Com mnnily Activities office. prinlii ^ vclnpcii iai,.|it lu , syMoju. !o strcr a\\ay llew aminiiy sln'l a ].·,.: FARM FRESH TURKEYS OVKN U K A D Y H K N S -- IS lo 17 Ihs. . B i l O A D K U K A S T E l ) TOMS 21 lo M Ihs. F K K S I I M«7,K\ HKNS . I'.S.D.A. Inspcrlccl. S In 1(1 His., 1(1 lo )'2 Ihs., M lo Hi ||| S . Special prlcc-s on ( l i f t Orders Phone 284-6424 DURNEITS POULTRY 2 1 S miles ivesi ,, n Codfrov llollnm Hond. I l i i r d house on soulh side of fund.

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