Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on June 2, 1977 · Page 28
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 28

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 2, 1977
Page 28
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S GREELEY (Colo.) TRIBUNE Thurs., June 2,1977 Parthenogenetic animal said blind alley By KEN CONNAl'GHTON SALT LAKE CITY (UPI) Animals that reproduce alone can quickly populate an area but a University of Utah biologist says in the long run, sex is the animal world's best survival technique. Dr. Orlando Cuellar says many animals whose habitats are plagued by natural catastrophe such as fire and flood have survived for a while by developing parthenogenesis -single parent reproduction without fertilization. "The only advantage of single-parent over bisexual reproduction," Cuellar ssys, "is that it is much faster. One survivor can repopulate an entire area." He has analyzed the known parthenogenetic animals and plants in the world and concluded their habitats all are subject to frequent or periodic destruction. "Their survival in these precarious ecological niches actually seems to depend on the recurrence of catastrophes," Cuellar says. "When the habitat becomes stable and the natural bisexual populations begin to gain a foothold, the parthenogenetic species can't compete well." Parthenogensis is common among aphids, ants, bees and wasps. But it is "an evolutionary blind alley" Cuellar says, because all individuals are clones, genetically identical to the parent. "Bisexual reproduction provides genetic variation, and this improves the adaptability and chances for long-term survival of a species." Although animals seem to prefer sex to the lack of it. Cuellar says animals he has studied all show evidence of a tendency toward parthenogenesis if deprived of fertilization. He said the U.S. Department of Agriculture had taken turkeys with those tendencies and through 60 generations of inbreeding produced partheno- genetic birds - in this case males who could reproduce without help. Cuellar said that type of experiment unveils a tot about the process of parthenogenesis, and could hold promise for ·development of single-parent species such as fish which "could speed restocking after sport or commercial harvesting." Field studies Cuellar conducted with whiplail lizards found in the southwest have proven that tens of thousands of liiards in a single population are genetically identical and probably evolved from a single ancestor. "Skin grafting is the most accurate technique we have for testing genetic relatedness," he says. "Normally, any bisexual animal will reject a skin graft from another individual, unless it is a true twin or a case of severe inbreeding." Poisonous snakes saving human lives Bv STAN LEHMAN some 5,000 Brazilians die each snake by the. head and organized network to distribute but warned that that ratio is SAO PAULO, Brazil (UPI) - year from snakebite. squeezing its poison-containing and store the antivenin pro- quickly .nvertmg ,Uelf to 4-1 In one of Sao Paulo's few The Butanta Institute, consid- glands. The poison then falls duced by the institute. "« -- -"*-- -TM" »"»· remaining green areas, thou- ered the world's largest center into a.test-tube drop by drop. "Some of the antidotes are sands of poisonous snakes are of its kind, each day attracts To produce the antivenin, the found m metal outposts in helping to save human lives. hundreds of tourists who gather institute maintains a stable of regions where the frequency of snakes Approximately 40,000 snakes around three large snake pits to 300 horses into which small snakebites is higher and we are watch laboratory technicians doses of poison are injected. always ready to dispatch rodents that appear in large Afterwards, some of the antidotes, by using the Brazil- numbers as previously virgin years of existence, has gained nakes, pii vipers, coral snakes, horses' blood containing the Ian Air Force, in emergency lands are planted with corn and J B . . . · . . . -_.:L-J! world fame live in Sao Paulo's Butanta Institute which, in its almost 80 "extract poison from rattles- "as man destroys v.rgm areas in order to plant crops.' "The fact is that poisonous feed on rats mice, guinea pigs, rabbits and other variety of antivi to save the lives of peopli bitten by poisonous snakes. According to the Institute's director. Dr. Fauze Carlos, for the large bushmasters and a variety of antibodies produced is removed cases here and abroad," Carlos other cereals. As the presence ·entail produces other poisonous snakes with and put through a series of said. of rodents increases, so does lives o? people exotic siding names. steps in the institute, we«- He^saidftat in areas where ,he.presence . po = 607 /r si t · The venom which is used in equipped laboratories to pro- man has not yet penetrated, the snakes, which reproduce rapid- the production of the antivenin, duce the antivenin. ratio of poisonous snakes to ly and in large numbers," is obtained by grabbing the Carlos said there is no non-poisonous snakes is 1 to 4, Carlos said. The Butanta Institute also produces antivenin for scorpion and other poisonous spider bites, a field where it is also considered a world leader. Last July, Carlos received an urgent call from the American embassy in Brasia requesting that a rare vantivenin be sent to the University of Mississippi to save the life of a young girl bitten by a poisonous spider. Carlos immediately dispatched five vials of the antidote in time to save the life of 7-year-old Carolyn Payton. The world's only hospital exclusively dedicated to treating victims of poisonous snakes, scorpions and spiders, the Vital-Brasil Hospital, also forms part of the Butanta Institute. It treats an average 2,600 patients a year. Q · . T l**f FKE£ PeLiyetf IN PAMBLING we 7? Condi. in /I qep - AsKNCHlP v 6V FlM fclAM 3LUE JCET ft* f A« Q? /2X/1 - fin*** To RATH to** X*TM* 00 " 'up IN 200 mites to the gallon Greg Molennar of Washington, D.C. is the analyst, rides his board when he goes out for first on his block to own a motorized lunch, about a mile away. And at'200 miles per skateboard. Briefcase in hand, helmet on tight, gallon that's a lot of lunch trips. (AP and of f he goes. Molennar, a computer systems Wirephoto) Introducing Luxury living by Guerdon Industries MASTER BEDROOM a Todays Only Sensible Housing --^---i ,,. . ,r s.'n;^, Choice T I .-.-, I J- J 7 BtCROOM 2 Ptt i««H I I Q ° 0 T^TTlMM U nNr U ; \T KJ -- r BEDROOM 3 tXK. T furrm I «fER L ,-» TMTM fXKNG / lr * !Q -' T KITCHFN eSQ FT "*«-.. . oa^N/^ r\\ 0 iiin. I»TM r 0 ·'/ \/l /J ASTER BEDROOM I IS S9. FT. J .-f .1 Introductory Offer June 3,4 and 5,1977 This Friday, Saturday and Sunday At no added cost A TV and 1977 taxes paid for by A A with any Guerdon home sold this weekend. 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