Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on March 8, 1976 · Page 26
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 26

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Monday, March 8, 1976
Page 26
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,m«re»l),lt7« 50 movie oldies money in the bank Kin Tin Tin VII, the television performer, gels acquainted with Ricky Brandt, 12, during a visit to cheer up young palienls at Los Angeles' Orthopedic Hospital. The dog was ac- Disney Studios set record with 17 films in release Hospital visitor companied by actor James Brown, television's Lt. Rip Masters. (AP Wirephoto) By BOB THOMAS Associated Press Writer LOS ANGELES (AP) -With the sale of "Gone With The Wind" for a stowing on NBC this year, il seemed that every old movie had been sold to television. Not quite. There are still a few holdouts, and they range from Disney cartoon features to X-rated nicks. The film trade believed that MGM would never release "Gone with the Wind," since the company could always make millions by rereleasing it in theaters. So it was a surprise last year when MGM announced the *5 million, one- showing deal with NBC. A survey of the major film companies discloses that perhaps a half-hundred films that have completed normal theatrical releases still remain unsold to TV. Walt Disney Productions has the largest number, and HOLLYWOOD - Walt Disney Productions is releasing MI unpreceuent Id motion lictures this year, while putting .;ix more before the cameras ind approaching completion of i full length animated feature. According to Ron Miller, vice 'resident-executive producer, JP million has been budgeted or new product. Starting in February, "The ihaggy D.A." starring Dean 'ones and Tim Conway got nder way, followed by 'Freaky Friday," based on ·lary Rodgers 1 popular book; Pete's Dragon," a musical i m b i n i n g live action and iimalion; "Candleshoc," a ·erry masquerade to be filmed .' England: "The Love Bug oes to Monte Carlo," another omp involving Herbie, the ·iimanized Volkswagen; and lero from Otherwhere," an (venture-fantasy also corn- ring live action and Meanwhile "The Rescuers," 'falure length cartoon about vo mice on a cross-country rescue mission, is being finished. "Production is now virtually completed for fiscal 1976, and we are turning our attention to the development of motion picture and television product which will carry us into 1978," Miller said. Leading this year's new releases is "No Deposit, No Return," a comedy about two youngsters who fake their own kidnaping which opens in February. "Ride a Wild Pony," about a girl and a teen-aged boy whose quarrel over a pel horse splits an entire township, opens at Easier on the same program wilh Wald Disney's animated feature, "Dumbo." Next comes "Gus," a football frolic about a Yugoslavian mule that kicks 100-yard field goals. Also to be released during the summer is "Treasure of Matecumbe," a big, exciting story about t-.vo boys and their friends on a gold hunt from Kentucky to the Florida Keys in 1869. WEVTERSET INN \ featuring I \ «$*:»?K ^·hc^y Best Western Special --Mon., Tues. » Wed. Complete Barbecue Short Ribs Dinner for Two A nc Highway 85, Evans 3S3-2492 ^ Life of crime Jane Fonda, making a Hollywood movie for the first time in seven years, portrays a wife, who, wilh her out-of-work husband, turns to a life of crime. The comedy is "Dick and Jane," co-starring George Segal. (AP Wirephoto) Actor's former girl friend seeks property rights in fesf case HOOT W/E WANT yTOMAKE. YOU HAPPY By MAXINE YEE Three other decisions in U.S. LOS ANGELES (UP!)-Isa district courts in California woman, or a man, who has have been made regarding the lived with another person in a division of property among marriage-type relationship unmarried couples, two favor- without benefit of a license ing the case of Miss Marvin, entitled to half the community The case was first brought property when they split? before Los Angeles Superior That's the question Hollywood Court in 1973, but it was divorce lawyer Marvin M. dismissed on a motion by the Mitchelson wants to resolve in actor's attorney that Marvin a case he has taken to the was married at the time he California Supreme Court lived with Mitchelson's client representing the former girl and thus could not share what friend of Academy Award- legally belonged to his wife, winning actor l*e Marvin. "We took the case to the Mitchelson said the decision state's highest court to for once would affect hundreds of and all decide whether or not persons in similar situations all they're going to apply this kind TUESDAY NIGHT SPECIAL German Sausage Includes Salad, choice of Baked Potato or French Fries plus Coffee or Tea. TOCKA5E 1542 8th Avenue over the state and set a precedent for pending cases. The 47-year-old attorney said the case was a constitutional issue because it is unequal protection under the law to deny community property rights to unmarried couples because they lack a $6 license. Michelle Triola Marvin, who never married the actor but legally took his name, is contesting her right to one half the property accumulated during the six and a half years she lived with Marvin. Since California does not honor common law marriages, she could not legally claim any part of the property. Mitchelson is challenging this, saying people who have lived together as man and wife should not be denied rights guaranteed by law to married couples. "Our reasoning is that the states have a right to unequally apply law in certain instances ... such as driver's licenses, being a doctor or surgeon ... in order to protect society. "But I couldn't see what difference there was to deny (community property rights) to two people who have lived together as man and wife but do not have the benefit of a license." of asked for division of community property," said Mitchelson. "In the Marvin case, there arc additional rights, obligations and issues that have been raised so far. In other words, the whole determination of common law marriage -- the status of it, the recognition of people who live together -- is going to be the result of this case. "The Marvin case will cither shoot down all these rights (division nf community property) or recognize them all or in part." In 1970, California passed the "Family Law Act," which eliminated fault from grounds of divorce. "It doesn't matter whose at fault," he said. "What it means is that property is divided equally -- conceptually." But the law still applies to married persons only. He said he is not advocating "equal" division of property, but rather division of property according to each spouse's contribution to the marriage relationship before the split. Mitchelson said "the elimination of fault has helped keep a lot of dirty linen out of the courts." president Card Walker explained why: "We believe that all of our negative] have a great potential value, and so we are very careful about which ones we release to television. We're interested in this company as an institution as far in the future as we can sec. Perhaps we could make some quick money by selling our classics to television. But we would also be harming their future value in theaters. "Why sell 'Show White' to TV when its current release -- the sixth time around -- will bring in rentals in this country alone of $10-12 million? Look at 'Alice in Wonderland.' It was disappointing when it was released in 1951, earning only $2.3 million domestic. It was on television five times from 1954 to 1964. In 1974 we released it to theaters and it brought (3.6 million in rentals." Disney now holds onto all its cartoon features and classics like "Mary Poppins" and "Swiss Family Robinson." It has released to television contemporary subjects like "The Parent Trap," also "The Ab- EKi'.-Mindcd Professor" because it was filmed in black and white. Twentieth Century-Fox has only two backlog pictures that haven't made the switch to television. The reason is obvious: both "Myra Breckinridge" and "Beyond the Valley of the Dolls" were X-rated. United Artists also has a pair: the X-rated "Last Tango in Paris" and last year's "Lenny," which was rated R but contains too much of Lenny Bruce's four-letter language lo make the home screen. But, says a United Artists executive, "I predict that some time in the future standards will change so that both pictures can play on TV." Ed Bleier, Warner Brothers vice president for Television in New York, reported that "A Clockwork Orange" had not been offered to TV. Not because of its sex and violence, out "because the networks don't buy nonlinear films" -the kind that don't tell a story in the normal beginning-to-end manner. Also, filmmaker Stanley Kubrick has contract restrictions about the release of his movies to TV. "Although it was a big hit in theaters, 'Woodstock' has not sold to the network," said Bleier. "It has a little nudity and some drugs, which could be eliminated fot TV. Even so, the networks say they think the film may be too specialized." CBS bought Luchino Visconti's "The Damned" from Warner Brothers and showed it late at night with 30 minutes cut the X rating dropped to PG. Still unsold is Visconti's "Death in Venice," "Performance" with Mick Jagger, and "I Love You, Alice B. Toklas," which concerned marijuana brownies. Universal Pictures has not yet sold "Anne of the Thousand Days" to television; the studio is waiting for the right terms. Now that "Gone with the Wind" and "Doctor Zhivago" have gone to TV, the only unsold MGM film is "2001; A Space odyssey." Says a studio spokesman: "Both MGM and the networks are reluctant, because we don't know how well a film of such scope will translate to the small screen." Stiff in trim Ray Bolger, dancing star of stage and screen for 50 years, appears as Jack Lemmon's talented father in "The Entertainer" for television March 10. He considers it the most dramatic role of his career. (AP Wirephoto) Gina leaves filmmakers stranded MANILA lliPll - Three Italian filmmakers said they were stranded in the Philippines after what they described as "professional differences" with film actress Gina Lollobrigida. Miss Lollobrigida is currently in Manila to make a film documentary to promote tourism in the Philippines in cooperation wilh the Department of Tourism. The three-man film team, contracted by Miss Lollobrigida and headed by 44-year-old Alberto Corbi, showed newsmen a telegram from the actress stating that all further communications between them would have to be through their respective lawyers and that the team's "bad behavior" had made Philippine authorities react adversely. The telegram also stated that the Corbi team contract had been terminated. "I have no idea what is meant by bad behavior," Corbi said. SUNK SHAFT FROM CELLAR RENO, Nev. (AP) -The old saying was "Gold is where you find it." No matter where it was, old- time miners claimed the ground immediately. When it was discovered that the Como Brewery was built directly over a bluish lead deposit, the company sank a shaft in the cellar immediately. Miners staked claims in all directions. The entire outcropping was called the Lager Beer Ledge. COUNTRY BREAKFAST | il its IK-SI Two eggs, sausage, hashbrowns, homemade toast, apple butter, coffee or tea . . . |ust$l,30 -- AND OTHER GREAT BUYS -APPLE BUTTER INN at the Chuckwagon Dinner Playhouse ' Tuesday-Saturday 6-10 a.m. Sunday 9a.m.-i p.m. Monday and Tuesday Plus Distinctive Pizza at Cables End 110526th Avc. 356-4847 TUESDAY- WEDNESDAY 1.09 Special 2 pieces of chicken, potatoes gravy, cole slaw roll Ill 23rd St. 2501 iitth St.

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