Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on April 26, 1972 · Page 1
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 1

Greeley, Colorado
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Wednesday, April 26, 1972
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In Bouiies Murder Trial Notes Written in Jail Admitted as Evidence Byr FRANK COLOHAN Tribum Staff Writer . . -- . -- . . .. . i i v i j n i _ i i L i w i L c u mu o l I L / U L I l l g WHUIi liG Five notes" allegedly written retu TMed to (he pickup after the . by Robert Bouiies to Gerald robbcr y- Lutes ;while -the two were Later,- when tliey asked him prisoners in : the County Jail ab °ut '' '" tn e county jail here, here/were admitted as exhibits tlle y testified, Bouiies claimed Wednesday, at Bouiies' trial in " le 8 u ' n na d gone off ac- District; Court on first degree elde 'i'a]ly and that at the time murder and aggravated robbery ne c)idn ' t lnillk anyone had been A k» n n «« . · hurf. charges. Judge Donald A. Carpenter uuugu jjuiiciKi A, uarpemer j^uuta ^ un LHHI ior ursi told the-jury he had admitted degree murder and aggravated the notes as exhibits after hear- robbery in connection wilh the ing testimony in regard to the killing of Harhill. ,N e w b a n k s already has · ... . 1-- - · pleaded guilty to an aggravated Moomaw, an agent of the Colo- robbery charge filed against rado Bureau of. Investigation in him as a result of the holdup and is awaiting sentencing. Lules also is charged with aggravated robbery and first degree murder and his trial -is pending. The testimony of the two men in regard to events leading up Denver.. Venablt Objects The introduction o£ the notes, whose contents were, not disclosed, was-strongly objected to by! Edward 0. Venable, Bouiies' attorney. The slate rested its case during the noon-recess Wednesday. Presenting of evidence by fhe defense ended at 1:13 p.m., following testimony . by Gilbert Gbnzales, 706 12tli St., who found Hamili on the floor of fhe liquor store when he enlered-lo get some .beer. ' . . Gonzales Jsaid Hamitl said, "They .shot me!" Then, added "I'm not going to-make it," and gave Gonzales,a phone number to call his wife. Moomaw was Ihe first witness to testify Wednesday, the third day o f . the trial. After being qualified as an expert witness on firearms, he 'fold the court a gun introduced as an exhibit at the ..trial required a strong pull of the trigger -- four . pounds .of pressure -- each time the weapon is fired. The slate claims the gun is one used in a holdup at Westview Liquors last Oct. 26 during which William L. Hamili, 59, of La -Salle, a clerk at the store, was ^wounded -fat ally. Mopmaw 1 said it takes considerable pressure to release the safely on the .22 caliber semi-automatic. M o o m a w also testified [regarding his examination of a number of;' items submitted to trie CBI during the investigation of the robbery and killing. One of these items was Hamill's tie, on which Moomaw said'he had found blood stains, tie also said there were blood stains' on a bullet fragment which had been submitted to him. The state's two key witnesses testified Tuesday afternoon that they had wailed In a pickup truck while Bouiies, 42, of Denver, went to' rob Westview Liquors. However, the two, Norman Newbanks, 27, 2416 10th Ave Ct., and Gerald II. Lules, 27 , --,, . ». u .... j_mi.\,ijj HI t cAjjttluu LVJ l U l a l a U U U L 2415,6th Ave., said they were lion, will be requested. unaware.unlil they heard radio reports the next day that shooting had occurred during ?!?,,? " the robbery. milllon - They sairi lioulies had not mentioned the shooting when he hurt. Bouiies is on trial for first to the robbery and afterwards was generally the same. They said Bouiies had hitchhiked here from Cheyenne the afternoon of Oct. 28 and had contacted Lutes, whom he had visited .previously when Lutes lived in Windsor. Bouiies was-broke and asked Lules for money and, when Lutes said he-didn't have any, the two went to Newbanks to see if he would loan Bouiies some money, according-to their accounts. Asked for Money Newbanks 'testified after he told Boulies'he had only a small amount of cash, Bouiies asked if the two knew of any place here that might be burglarized. Also at this time Newbanks showed Bouiies a .22 cat. semi automatic the Greeley man owned. The three then drove around (Continued on page 6) Written by Horace Greeley in 1871 VOL. M NO. 154 GREELEY, COLORADO 80431 AND .THE GREELEY REPUBLICAN- WEDNESDAY, APRIL It,, W2~ WEEKLY TRIBUNE. ESTABLISHED 1870 Storm Knocks Out Power Weld County By RON STEWART Tribune Staff Writer Heavy, wet snow in the sou- hern part of Weld County knocked out power from Johns- own to Kcenesburg early Wednesday and forced dismissal of school in Gilcrest, Fort Lupton, Brighton and Seenesbiirg. Some early reports showed as much as six inches of heavy snow which downed power and telephone lines over a wide area. No Damage in Greeley I Areas to the north, however, were relatively unharmed by Ihe welcomed moisture. In Grccley .32 inches of moisture was recorded by 9 a.m. at the University of Northern Colorado, and while winds were was no damage or power fail tires reported. Power outages were reported D , . - w . . u j u|-rui i w * V . 1 V . 0 1 . J J. l l i l V t Y J l l t : O l l U l«l O U l i C in the Kecnesburg, Hudson and but were dismssed by neon be- strong during the night, there buses did not run. Prospect Valley at 5:30 a.m. Wednesday. Power went out in Fort Luplon abunl 8:45, report indicated, while Brighton w a s norni'ng, and doused about 9 a.m. School was called off in Rc-3J district (Weld Cenfral) and 8Siiiilii3^ ^^^^^^B^^^^TM^;^^. 1 .:^^?? TWO K I L L E D -- An auto accident nine miles west of Greeley at about B a.m. Wednesday at the intersection of Colorado 257 and U S 34 resulted in the deaths of two men. David Alonso Candelaria, 30, of Evans and Gaorge Harold Clark, 23, of Lovelaml were reported dead at the scene according to the State Patrol. (Tribune photo by Mike Peters) Colorado Delegation Asks Olympic Funds WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Hnuwvnr siv mom,nro ^ 1^1 !,«~,,-i ..i_i L . . ,, ,. WASHINGTON (AP) - The Colorado delegation introduced Tuesday Senale and House bills !o authorize federal funds for the 1076 Winter Olympics near Denver. The bills call for federal participation in fhe construction of outdoor sports facilities at Denver. Tte proposed appropriation amounts were left blank,-to x: filled in by Senate and House Interior commillees ifler hearings. Cost of the facilities has been estimated at about $20 million. Additional funds for housing, expected to total about $31 mil- Howevcr, six members of Congress urged the heads of two federal agencies to withhold all funds for the Denver Olympics until an environment a ,, In addilion, Denver and the slate will contribute about $18 lal impact siatement has been completed and congressional committees have investigated (he project and its cosls. The six, who wrote letters to George Homncy, secretary oj health and urban development and William Ruckelshans, Environmental Protection Agency administrator, are Sens. Fred Nixon To Disclose Decisions On Vietnam Situation Tonight WASHINGTON (AP) - With Henry A. Kissinger freshly re- currently are slated to drop to turned from a secret Moscow 69,000 by the end of this month. trip and the Paris peace talks This ncars the residual-force resuming Thursday President s[rcng | h of Km lo 3 Nixon gives the nation a Viet- M . , nam report lonighl including N ' xon has nam repor o n g l n c u i n g his decision on U.S. troop levels °" unl " " anoi frce s American (here after May 1. prisoners. Besides scheduling the widely awaited presidential radio-TV address for 10 p.m. EST, the While House also announced DENVER ( A P ) - Mountain Bell's flat rate \Yide Area Telecommunications Service (WATS) is conducive to waste and abuse and revenues do nol equal the service provided, (he Colorado Public Uliiilics Commission ruled Tuesday. The PUC thus ordered Moun- CONFERRING WITH COUNSEL-Robcrt Bouiies, center, confers wilh his counsel, defense attorney Edward 0. Venable, right, outside the courtroom during a recess Tuesdays W i t h - t h e two men is Venable's aide, · Mohamcd A. Alhamrani, a UNC student. Bouiies is on trial for the murder of liquor store altcndant last October. (Tribune pholo by Mike Peters) U.S. forces in South Vietnam .,, w.ll slay negotiators will return lo the Paris parley Thursday, wilh Iheir first item (o be "discussion of measures which will put an end to the flagrant North Vietnamese invasion of South Vietnam." Nixon suspended Hie weekly Paris sessions March 23 on grounds the enemy was using them only for propaganda. The Vietnamese communists have been demanding -n resumption of the talks. Ian-is, D-Okla. and George McGovcin, D-S.Dak., and Reps Parren Mitchell, D-Md., Donah Frascr, D-Minn., William F Ryan, D-N.Y., ami [I. R. Gross R-Iowa. We believe there are scriou; questions and objections con corning the Olympics," (he joint idlers said, "especially when Ihu American taxpayer is already overtaxed and whcr there arc already loo many unmet needs of much higher priority. 'Wo nrc concerned, too, about the environmental problems involved," Ihe group said. "Wo are interested in (he pros- perl thai, if Ihe Winter Olympics arc lo in; held in Ihe United Slalcs, some old site- like .Squaw Valley (California) or Lake Placid (Now York) -might Ire recycled for (his pur pose at less cosl and at less en vironnicnlal dnmage." PUC Orders Mountain Bell Alter] Colorado WATS Service Rates lain Bell lo remove such flnll rules nr make oilier long dis rale service from ils charges lano: arrangements. Inside The Tribune W Pages) Ahby H Alsop column _ 4 Boyle column _ 47 Amusements 17 Classified pages 41-46 Comics _ _ 21 Crossword ...._. 21 Editorial page 4 Hcloise ,, 22 Horoscope _.._ 2! Hospital dismissals _ R Letters to Tribune 4 Markets _ 47 Needlework 2.1 Obituaries . 6 Sporls JS-20 TV and radio logs _ 21 Wealher 8 Women's pages 22-23 Today's Prcsj Run 17,502 and lo cut ils charges for measured WATS service. The break-even point between measured and unmeasured service on existing rates falls about 4S hours use per month Ihe commission said. Under rales deemed proper tfwsc f l a t rale customers using WATS service will pay substantially more for such service after reaching the break-even point. The PUC decision pointed out federal and slate governments find other large users will be (lie customers most affected by removal of fhe current flat rale service. The commission ordered flic company lo file ils new rale to he effeclive May ) for new WATS customers. It specified existing customers wil) have until .July 1 to go on (he new arrangements. The order has no cffecl on interstate .service. Finally, the I'[/C said any f u r t h e r revenue gave under lire current order will lie used lo cut rales now under consideration in Ihe general rale case (he commission i.s- now hearing. Weather NORTHEAST COLORADO Stockmen's warning; lonighl -- Students showed up for school n Brighton, Fort Luplon, Gil- n rcsl, Plalteville and La Salle :ause of power failures. nches was recorded. All read- ngs were taken at D a.m. iVednesday morning. The storm is a blessing to farmers whose spring-planted In Johnstown power was on crojs were in need of moisture igain, off again most of the ' in some ireas near Johnstown rural there vcro reports of power and tele- )honc outages. Robert Decker, a ^spokesman for Public Service Co. In Brigh- 011, said (owns without power al 11:30 Wednesday morning vere Brighton, Hudson, Kcenes- Jiirg, Prospect Valley, Forl .uplon, anid Plalleville. Decker said work crews were :allcd in from Fort Collins and Boulder to aid repair of t h e lowned lines. He said he was 'hopeful" power could be restored by Wednesday evening, Hit added that repair of the lines Icjiended on whether the storm ibatcd. Schools and towns north- of lilcrcst were apparently unaffected by the storm, and badly lecded moisture was welcomed. Schools in Eaton, Windsor, Ker- "ey und Ault planned lo remain open all day and only traces of snow wore retried. Dr. Glen Cobb, wcalher .observer at the University of Nor- liorn Colorado, said moisture ·endings around the county may he higher than measured Ire- cause of high winds which shipped the falling moisture past the gauge. He said winds Tuesday night reached 45 m.p.h. and "I car say with reasonable reliability that we received about a noli lo two-thirds of an inch o moisture in most parts of the counly." o germinate. He said the storm will begin o disperse Wednesday night, )ut lie forecast a low We'd- lesday night of near freezing, ligh Thursday is expected to )e 45-50 degrees. He added the storm is moving ;lowly lo the east and a warning trend should begin by Yriday. Only LSI inches of moisture i a d ' been Recorded through Tuesday -- far below the seasonal average through April of 3.07 inches. recorded, while Giicrcst re ported .2C. A gauge 10 mile inches, bill easl of Greeley Kodak Rezoning Approved A - resolution authorizing ipproval of a /one change- and ilanncd unit development ap- ilicallon from Eastman Kodak X was approved Wednesday by the Board of County Com- nissioners. The resolution provided t h a t i 160-foot strip of land along he weslern boundary of Ihe Kodak property and a 100-foot strip . along t h e , northern boundary be -reserved for ini- provomenls lo roads and highways bordering property. Tho commissiners had sought reservation of the land during a hearing Monday. Although . ,. Kodak did not agree to donate At Milllkcn .40 of an inch was '' lc strips of land, the resolution .,,...,., ....... ,,,, . provides lluil if sold the land must be offered (o the coimly west nf Greeley measured .29 for "rnw land" cosl, the cost paid by Kodak for Ihe land near llic Kcenesburg cutoff 1.63 before it WHS developed. Andy Gurtner Seeks Commissioners Post Andrew (Andy) Gurlncr, 1217 llh Avc., in a letter lo ,1. L. Hud) Johnson, chairman Weld ,'ounly Republican Central -ominitlcc, announced Wcd- icsdny he is a candidate for county commissioner reprcscnl- ng Districl 3. In Ihe letter, Gurlncr sub- niltcd the following summnry if his background, experience ind f|ualificalions: "I was born and raised on farm in Kansas where I earned lo do all kinds of work rom planting and harvesting ·rops to feeding livestock and lauling manure. Most of all I earned how lo work and work tard. f was 20 years old left Ihe farm for New York 'Ay to sec a different way of ife. I worked at construction work for several different contractors and learned mucl about construction including drafting ami blueprint rending. "When I was in my early 30: I left New York for California There I went info contracting for myself, employing up In 5C men in different kinds nf con- slruclinn work, f iiisn attended night school for 2 years while r u n n i n g m y contracting business "In 1910 f l e f l California for to Greeley. I have lived here ever since, except for serving with an Air Force ground crew for several months during Iho war. "Upon returning to Grceley, I started my own paint contracting business employing from 15 to 25 men. I painted most nf the major buildings in the city of Grcclcy and on tho University of Northern Colorado campus. In IMH, I bought the Side Markci mid continued in the sausage grocery, business mid riiin and .snow ncar]Grec'ley, In meet my wife's additional relatives and ended up moving ' when I leased my building out as a heallh clinic. "During my years in Grceley I have been aclivc in comm u n i t y and public affairs and I have gained considerable experience serving on many boards mid commissions. These include the Cily /Coning Hoard ami Cily Planning Commission fnr six years; flic City Civil Service Commission for six years, ami the Weld County Board of llcallli for four years. I have also served on the City Sanitation Commillen and have thoroughly studied I lie environmental problems nf (rash rlis- [Kjsnl and sewage I real men I. I Nave spent many Imur.i working for relief of our sewage Ireal- mciil plant problems. "I feel Iliiit my broad hack- inounliijri.s with accumulation nf 4 inches or more; strong and gusly winds causing blowing snow tonight; colder lonight; high Thursday 35 lo 4:1; low Irjnight 2ij lo 35. f'recipitnlion probability CO per cent tonight, 40 per cent Thursday. Mayor Declares 'Loyalty Day' Mayor Richard Pcrchlik hasifrecdom," Pcrchlik said in his proclaimed Monday, May I, "Ixiyally Day." "This special day was designated by [he U.S. Congress ind fhe President to be scl aside fnr the rcaffirmafion of oyally lo Ihe United Slates of America and for the recognition of the heritage of American proclamation. "In keeping wilh this 'Loyalty Day,' all state, counly and cily officials arc to display (he flag on all government buildings. I also invite all ciliicens of Ibis area to join in the celebration of 'Loyalty Day' by displaying Ihe American flag at their home." Andrew Gvrtntr ground nf farming, business, contracting and construction ,vork, and community service fits me very well for Ihe job if enmity commissioner. "It will Ijc my desire as county commissioner to sec that we all work together regardless of Ihe problems lo find the best inswcrs for Weld Counly and Is people ami lo bring about ;rcnlcr harmnny, m u t u a l sc'E rcspcel among our citizens ,-nJ respect for our county. It ,s not an easy tusk lo please all he people, but I will give my nil t j m e lo the service of the )coplo of Ihis counly and to ring about belter cooperation, peace and iwdcrslfinding. "Trusting'in "God's help am! guidance, I make this an- noimccmenl' of my candidacy for \ cnunty commissioner in Dislrict 3 of-Weld County." -

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