Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on May 27, 1951 · Page 8
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 8

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 27, 1951
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT LAS CHUCES (N. M.) SUN-MEWS * Sundiy . M«r 27. Las Cruces Sun-News PHONE 34 DEADLINE 9 A.M. Big Ten Voles To Conlinue Play In Rose Bowl ·KVANSTON, 111.. May 20 i/I'i The Hig Ten and Parifn: Cmml Conference will liingle in-ilie KD;O Howl football ultiHslc fur nt lca:it Uiri'c more years. Squelching nil rumors It was i/atlalcd w i t h five- p U n i ^ h l Pfitui- di-na win.'i and would summarily ([lilt the jujsl-ficason contest contest. the JllR Ton ypHtentay volrd ti continue bowl play J U B I * the w»y the Pacific Coa.-it Conference 'Wit n ted. That rtini« In a surprising I Jig Ten approval of a oncc-evi-ry-two- y-rnr appearance limll for the same tV-imi. The lllg Tr.n'K policy In the originrtl five-ycnr pact of limiting the Hiintn t e n m to one trip every three years hnd been unijcr f i r e by the Went COiisl Circuit which made no iwitridlpiiH. A l t h o u g h cnrtain'delaiis liavc ',» be worked out between I hit two conferences, yesterday's ]Jlg Ten Hi'llmi virtually certified renewal of the grand-daddy uf all ]io:it- m-Jiffon ^dd upectaclu.s. La Mesa Bluejays To Play Juarez IM MI-M. J[|urj;iVM today HiiHh 'ultli fliiay/. In a.lioiiK- gintic on ,lltr I.;i .Mi-sn llrhl. UiiiiH'. Mine h b::t». fc ,Iii!trr7 Is (DM- of t h e Mrnngcxt II^IDIS l'i ('dinn ln'fun- the Ithir- jnVM, \vlin [o dulr linvn a five \M)1I, (MIC IllSt n'C.KKl. And J,ti ."Mi'HH will (Icflnltrly In- ^niil Ic-'Iny 1" sharpi'ii Its (ml* Inr ti I'lasb \vltli I,ns Cruct^, tcn- 1:itfvrly hrl lor nrM Hiitiiliiy. Texas AM Lambasls Arizona To Win Berih In Tourney TUCSON. Ariz., May 20 (/J'l ·- Tirxati A M lambnMtcd. Ari7,ona \4~'2 ycsicrday to win n berth In t h e .N'ationHl Collegiate Baseball ChHinpiotifiliij). i'nl l l i i b e i l . who ban pitched more l i m n half of all the r, r nme;t tli« Soulhwr.'iL Conference nine haii won, l l m i l n d Arizona t.o tiix lilt;:. The: win gayo the Tex aw team F i 2-1 rdgr In Ihe three-famfj playoff for ;i Kp"t I" tl'« N C A A B-iKebaM turiu/ment. scheduled at Uuuiha next month. Johnson's 'Simba' Will Be Shown Tuesday Evening Tin- famous wild-life picture Simhii, f i l m u d by the nxjikirer.i M n r t l n and Q.ia Jolm.snn. will be iihmvn Jit 7:.'10 In I'.ninignn Mi-tiujj 1 - lul library a u d i t o r i u m Tuesday n i g h t May 2». The picture is ruinous for it.i n u l u r a l wild-Itn phoLogi-aphy. It tihmvs hcnlH of wild iinimal. 1 !. Sim- bn king oi the Jungle s t a l k i n g his prey, Mr, Johnson nearly killed by a huge nhnoL-ermw. There will be 80 tin-Ill packed minutes of ruil wild-lire In the jtinglvH of Africa. Slmha IK being brought l i n e for showing by the Um Cruces H.U.A. parochial Kflinol. Tickets nn; ivail- n l i l i ; i l i i - ' M i n h Hi;liutil children or limy he jjuri'lumcd »l the a u d i t o r - ium I'lilnnii'i!. Ailiniiisitm cliurge-a aio 5(1 ctMitrt for mini Is, ;ind 'ifi r c n t w for cliildi'i-n, t u x included in i-acli. i Iranian Premier Says Governmejil. To Force Oil Law TICimAN, Irnn, May 25 i/I'i -Prime Minister Mohammed Mos- riadcgh, his, voice throbblm; w i t h rmotfon, told repoitors today 'Iran will "fight to the end" to .ichievc ·ill .-lationaHzatlon." Tlic Premier of Iran, vhich has a treaty with the Soviet Union calling for intervention of Soviet troops in the event of cr.nln contingencies, declared! "If the Uritlhh government cr any other govcniuieiit iiiHl.'-t.H on retaining the former oil company, tho rc.sult.i will KO'tn bring the entire free world to Ihe brink.of .Ms- aster to save Iran Is *o .save t h e world from a third .vorld war." Registration For' Girl Seoul Camps To Be Held. Monday ftrglfUratlon for Girl Scout Day cum]) »t Slate College, Tune 1-7 will be held Monday, May '28, at Ihu Girl .Scout room in Brmii;*an Library. The room will be open from I) to 12 a. m. and from 1 to -1 p. m. HeK'«ti'"H () n blanks will be available find £ir)s .should Rive their J2 fee nn well as a doctor's certificate to MI-H. Button. The fee charged will include milk, i r n n n - nnrliillfjn, and .swimming facilities. Also on Monday, registration for Camp Mary White, will be held. rtegi.stnitlonH for thin camp must be accompanied by the £5 fee 'ind must be Htgncd by Mrs. Fred Eieh- holtz. Jvl-Poivw Helicopter Will Fold In Jeep WASHINGTON. May 20 /Pi -The Army has on order a l i t l l e jut-powered helicopter that folds up like a dcy bed in a wnll. According to plans, two men, uslnff ordinary tools, will bo able to stoive the little hover scout in n jeep. Two t i n y jet engines, one a t t a c h e d to each rotor of thy plane, will power It. It will Carry only its pilot nml a radio. Cub Pack 22 Has Award Night At Alameda School Cub Pack 22 of North' Alameda Hchool held a regular - monthly meeting Thursday night at Hit school building. Dr. T. V. Nelson conducted the mectiiiK with Cub.*) nnd a. number of parents prc.icnt. Kach, of. the Cub dens presented a skit. Charlie Singleton, pack cubmna- tcr stated that the dens' would conUnnn to meet t h r o u g h o u t ' D i e Biirmner with n picnic meeting for anil members at the While Sands. Cnl) pncli momberfl were presented a words as follows: Den Nt». I Eddie Buncy, 1 silver , arrow point, 1 assistant tlcnn'er slrinc; David Ncvare/.. 1 silver arrow point, ] Bear pin; En!war Mathis, 1 sold arrow point, I denn»r stripe; Jim Bob Sedtfwick, 1 pold arrow point, 1 car pin; Harry Wiley, 1 cur pin. Urn No. 2 Mlc'ltunf Martinez, 1 gold arrow jiolnt, 1 wolf badge and pin, Dim Martinez, 1 gold arrow point, 1 wolf bridge and pin; John- Mer- rhnnt. 1 wolf badge and pin; Gary G a l l u p 1 wolf badge and pin. Don No. 3 . Ray Bogart, 1 golil arrow point; Billy Nigh, 1 gold arrow-'polnt, silver arrow pulnls; .Russell Plait, 1 gold iirrow point, 1 silver arrow point; DOUK Zimmerman. 3 gold arrow point; Donnie Davenport, 1 gold arrow point, 1. silver arrow point, 1 bear badge and pin; John Dogett, 1 denncr stripe. l)en No..* Liiirry Hnngaa, 1 silver arrow point, 1 assistant denncr stripo; Russell, 1.silver arrow poinl, 1 dccnnr stripe; Joe Arthur 1 silver arrow point 1 denncr stripe; beomml NclHon, 1 Kilver arrow, poinl, 1 assistant denncr .stripe; Penny Pcnnlngton, 2 silver arrow points; Ocn No. ") Jack Umlmvoud, 1 guld .iri-ow point, 1 silver arrow point; Sedg- \vlck ' Oriuly, 1 bobcat pin; Jon PanluniT, 1 bobftit pin. Boy Scouta and Explorer Scouts of the Yucca Council arc now getting their camping gear together for the annual trek to the Council Camp in the (.Jila National Forest- north of Silver City. This is one of the facilities provided by the .--Yucca Council for the use of the Scouts in the Council territory. Members of the executive staff will be in charge of the operation of the camp. C. K. Randow, camping and 1 raining executive will be in charge of the camp. Barney Gardner and James Schrcicr will run the Explorer Scout camp which is new this year for Scouts fourteen years of age and over. This Is a camp in the Wilderness Area of' the Gila National Forest. Scouts In this namp will hike into areas that very few w h i l e men have seen. They will also do their own cooking and setting up their, own camp. At Camp Tuff Moses the main camp the program will hn run for Boy Scouts. Executives who will be assisting and running the program arc B. J. Lewis and Al Ortega in charge of the commissary and rooking and eating facilities and Allan Duitman In charge of the program. There will be a Junior Staff of Exploiter Scouts io assist in the operation of camp. Some of the camping features 1 Iliat are being planned this year will ho exploration, nature hikes. These may be u f - j u s t a. day duv- \ ation or they may be overnight, hike, whichever the Unit Lcadern choose to do. The rifle range'again this year'will be in charge of a competent instructor. Also there will be council campflros a couple times a week and the units themselves will hold their own ^amp- fires. Sometime during the week a surprise hike will be taken by the entire camp ending up at a prearranged spot for a chuck wagon supper and a cumpfirc following" the supper. Units which have .signed up ,';o- far from this area are the Menilla Park. Troop CG; the Lions Club Troop 01; Central School PTA's' Troops 60 and G2 and the Lions Club Troop of Hatch Troop 73. The first period of Qamp starts on Sunday, June 3rd; thin period is entirely filled up. Second period starts on the 10th and there is some openings in this period as wnlt as the third period which starts on the 17th. Fred Zwick, camping and activities chairman of the Yucca Council, is asking that all Scoutmasters make their reserve ttons at once as no Troop will be accept- · ed at camp unless they have ?i I "iscrvation. . Al Least 16 Sailors PerisLln Launch ' Capsize, Navy Says NEWPORT,,!*. I. May-26 ()~At least 16 sailors''perished in the pitched 135 men!into a heavy seas in a northeast gale yesterday, the navy indicated today. The navy reported 23 men miss-1 A-apok^imtin at Boston,Haiti ll of .the 23 missing men .were In. the! boat '.or oh* the -pier .beforJ .the boat' topk.oif and prcsiimablj 'were aboard. The, o t h e r - n i n e an., Unaccounted Tor. Two .were Hate ,'aa dead yesterday. .Several of thif missing may aim 'pjy'.hav'c overstayed their Icavu H'h'c navy said. Although it ov.-ns on!y ci^ht per cunt of the world's oommurchil forest area. Ilie United States produces 44 per cent of the world's lumber, 68 per cent of its plywood and 43 per cent of its wood pulp. I N S U R A N C E FIRE -- LIABILITY -- PROPERTY DAMAGE WINDSTORM -- HAIL -- AUTOMOBILE -- BUILDING CONTENTS -- PERSONAL PROPERTY LOANS PERSONAL - COLLATERAL - COMMERCIAL STATE FINANCE CO, INC. 117 East Griggs Phon» 968 Calling all iporti! Bring sports clolfaesihere lor fast, expert, reliable-'cleaning! We treat those: sports shirts right . . . put; proper press in slacks andjjacketsl Those clolhes comejback to you right on time ..'. no dry- cleaning odor, all .'ready to wearl You save on wardrobe upkeep, too . v. we do highest quality ' work'.at · lowest possible prices! Call us TODAY! QUICK SERVICE CLEANERS 131 No. Water P h ^ r u - 4 0 * MONDAY THRU SATURDAY MEN'S SPORT SHIRTS Designed f o r summer l i v i n g . Seers u c k e is, d u l l e d s w i s;;, :.kip dents and many others. 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