Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on May 23, 1970 · Page 8
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 8

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 23, 1970
Page 8
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WOMEN VOTERS-Mrs. J. W. Bradbury, third from left, of Colorado Springs, was elected president of the Colorado League of Women Voters as that group closed out their convention here Wednesday. Here she shows off a convention poster to other members of the League, from left, Mrs. John W. Harrison, Greeley; Mrs. Lloyd Joshel, Denver, outgoing slate president; and Mrs. Marion Pcarce, Greeley League president. (Photo- Art Studio) Colorado Springs Woman Named CLWV President Mrs. J. W. Bradbury. Colo-1500 for the next year, a 20 per | -Continued study of financing rado Springs became new pres- dent of the Colorado League of Women Voters at the close of a two-day council in Greeley cent increase made possible in part by returns from the organizations's recent 50th anniversary funds drive. which adjourned Wednesday af-j Spokesmen for the 18 leagues ternoon. 'in the state which represent Mrs. Bradbury succeeded Mrs. Lloyd Joshel, Denver, who was elected early this month to the board of directors of the League of Women Voters of the United States after serving three years as Colorado president. The incoming president has worked with membership from the state board and has been first vice president and a study chairman for the Colorado Springs league. Her husband is assistant to the president of Southern Colorado Stale College. Tlie voting delegates also approved a state budget of $20,- \ O T t r K TO r i t l - U M T O H * | In l l i - U l n t r l i - 1 I ' n i i r t In n n i l for the County of W.-Ill IinU S t n t e of Colormlo N I L I ' - l l i i T l E S T \ T E ( ' P K A T H E U I N E II. G I K S I C K , IVceated. A l l p c r f - o n s h a v i n g c l a i m s a g a i n s t t h e a h n y e - n a m e c l e s t a t e a i - e r e i t u i r e i l t o f i l e tliein f o r a l h . w a n c e i n t h e D i s t r i c t C o u r t 01 W e l d i r o i m t y , C o l o r a d o , on or l i . - f o r e t h e t u b d a y of Nnve.ii:- l.i-r. l!'7i), or .*aid c l a i m s s n a i l be f o r e v e r h a r r e d . l l e i l n T t N . C i c s i c k Special A d m i n i s t r a t o r T h e G r e e l e y D a i l y T r i b u n e 2,250 women outlined a study- action program to be implemented in 1970-71 as follows: --Informing voters about five education and fiscal policy, including taxing mobile homes and advancing taxation of new construction. Mrs. Charles Jones, Greeley first vice president, was in charge of the council which drew about 100 delegates and visitors from over the state. Mrs. Marion Pearce, local pres- Grain Marketing Program The 4-H grain marketing wogram is being changed to make it available to more 4-H members. C. G. Staver, Colorado State Jniversity 4-H club and youth rogram coordinator, explained hat the grain marketing rogram originally was for 4-H nembers enrolled in gain r e d u c t i o n projects and vailable in only a few counties. The new program is being ffered in 14 counties and is ipen to any 4-H member. Staver jaid the program should appeal o members with livestock and o those in nutrition and bread- jaking, as well as to those in ,rain projects. The program is a joint effort of the CSU Extension Service and the Colorado Grain and Feed Dealers Association. II ncludes a number of activities, such as indicidual work a 1 lome, county programs am state activities. Outstanding individuals in the program will be awarded a trip io the 4-H Grain Marketing 1 Conference in Chicago, 111. ; Ralph Stoll assistant manager, Ranch-Way Feed Mills, Fort Collins, is state chairman of the Youth Activities Committee for the Grain and Feed Dealers Association. He has designated a grain dealer to assist with ihe program in each of the 14 participating counties. Counties involved include Adams, Baca. Bent. El Paso, K i t Carson, Washington, P h i l l i p s , Yuma, Kiowa, Morgan and Weld. Any 4-H member interested in 8 GHKBLKY TKiBUflK Sat., May 23, constitutional amendments ex- "dent, and Mrs. John W. Har- pecled on the November ballot.jnson, board member, were del-Possible development of of- egates from the Greeley League ficial positions on land use legislation and automobile emission standards as part of an environment study. --Review of past actions on children's laws and non-partisan election of judges. --Study of welfare programs Funeral Set In Texas for Jessie Renteria VIETNAMESE ON THE UPSTREAM-South Vietnamese navy craft including heavily armed patrol boats, gun boats and landing craft, head up the Mekong River toward Kom- pong Cham, north of Phnom Penh, Cambodia's capital. Korn- pong Cham was recaptured by Cambodian forces from the North Vietnamese this week. (AP Wirephoto) THE LOCKHORNS ihe 4-H Grain Marketing Program should contact the local County Extension office for details about the program and the name of the grain and feed dealer in their area who is assisting with the program. Calendar Sunday Hoofbeats Gymkhana, 9:30 " Club Funeral arrangements for and housing in the human re- R os coe a.m. Greeley Saddle Arena. Tuesday Junior Leader meeting, 8 p.m. 4-H Building. Talon Educational Program, 8 p.m. University of Northern Colorado, Student Center. Wednesday Leathercrafl Workshop, 7:30-9 p.m. 4-H Building. Livestock Judging workshop, sources area. Third Arson Attempt ^ !ls Reported Renteria u . *».,..».., . are pending with Senlors onl '- lAdamson Mortuary and Branon-| , T. hursd , y n Philips Funeral Home of La-, Leaders Council, 8 p.m. mesa in charge. Interment will!Building, be at Lamesa Memorial Park ' Saturday | 'NO. r PONT CARE FOR RICE. I ASSOCIATE 3, IT WITH MY 6IGSEST MISTAKE/' -£-2-3 merquell and Diane Peterson. They are in charge of final arrangemenis for the picnic. Reports were given on Rural Life Sunday and the Recreation Outing. A demonstration titled "Fun With Flowers" was given by Julie Kammerzell and "Cooking Science" was given by Nancy Dental Assn. Will Convene On Sunday More than 1,000 participants from Colorado and surrounding j states 'are expected at the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs, Sunday through Wed- inesday for the 84th annual meet- ling of the Colorado Dental As- isociation, according to Dr. Er- Inest T. Klein. Denver, president of the Association, who will preside. Welcoming address will be de- Ilivered by Dr. W. T. Martin, ^resident of the Colorado Springs Dental Society. Dr. John S. Zapp, consultant for dental affairs, Office of Ihe Assistant Secretary for Health and Scientific Affairs, Department of Health,.Education and Welfare, will be keynote sneaker. His topic will be "Deliver} of Dental Health Care in Ihe Seventies." UNC Music Trio Win Scholarships Three University of Northern, Colorado music students won| A full program of speakers Pueblo Scout Will Attend Space Seminar DENVER (AP) - A Pueblo Boy Scout is one of BO high school sophomores from the United States and 10 foreign countries chosen to attend an Explorer Scout Space Seminar at Cape Kennedy July 12-18. John L. Curry, 16, son of Dr. and Mrs. Vernell W. Curry, was chosen on the basis of his school leadership, community service and a 400-word essay entitled, "What is Man's F u t u r e in Space?" Refreshments were served by Jndv Currv. The next meeting Lamesa, Texas. R e n t e r i a was bom Livestock Judging workout, Sen-! will'be June 13. in.iors only. I · I individual honors and $200 scholarships at the National College Jazz Festival held at November, 1955, in Williamson i Gymkhana County, Texas. He was a; G r e e l e y Hoofbeats will student in the fifth grade. Renteria who came I sponsor a gymkhana Sunday at to the Greeley Saddle Club Arena. There will be nine events in Texas Tech Post LUBBOCK, \O F I . N ' V I . SUTTI.KmTVr No. I ' - I M f i . ' i E s . a t e of O I ' I B 1... COGBURX. ased. 1 Another arson fire was set in;Colorado for the summer wilhj jFrasier Hall . ' | discovered at 3:06 p.m. when'weeks when he was killed in | which are: the northeast wing of the! a car-bicycle accident, one and'ten through thirteen building suddenly filled with i O ne holf miles west of Prospect 19 and over, smoke. Sludenls nul Ihe fire out with the University recently. of Illinois CU Criticized About Rewards Court Moves r; r, M ir w !· r BOULDER (AP) - P o l i c e Dr. David If Working, Gree- chief D(m Vcndc , and Bnukler 'linicians and election of officers i.s planned. lev, is -a member of the Board! of trustees of the association. County Sheriff Marvin Nelson have issued a statement criticiz- The three represented two]^] e eates to the CDA House of . ^ Univcrsity o[ Coloradn ! 0 ^les include: Drs. C. \\.' f n r smltino a r i k ) ,. i p t rnllrt , Rex. (AP)--Colo-^VSe^^^ of Mines President!TM; J vT ^iSLof." 1 -Iho'iH. Kineade. all of Greeley. and the Houndstooth Combo . , _ _ _ , . . . , .., . r t f J U UIC IlUUJlUniUUUI V^U Orlo E. Childs who will resign, ^^ b Fred Hamjlton . m .lunp. lias been named vicei r,.,, r. ·__,, _ e i Friday. It wasjhis family had been here^wojeacl^of the four^ age^ gTMups,jin June^ has j^^med^vjcel Bill Frisell, a freshman music!i Hamilton, a sophomore music'EXGClltlOn j t l l l " . " ,· T" ' i_ . m I ^HJ I'liacii. d iicaniiicui u i u a i u i r ^ I _| / nine and under,,president for research at Texas majflr fr()m Dcnveri was n a m c d |EX-ColOradan S nrlcen, 14-18 and Tech University. __ _. ,,,,, ml | s , snr i in g miiiarist: Fred! i j Valley. i Entries will open at 9 a.m. _. .... .... .._. ......I He is survived by his parentsiand will close at the beginning hMvC 1 fii C c t i s mv e ffM:Jimi"tV, 1 ,"u,e!a garden "hose and fire ex-: M r. and Mrs. Margarito Ren-1of each respective event. District court of weld Cniinty.|(inguishers b e f o r e firemen i er ia O f Roscoe and sisters,: For additional information Colorado, and t h a t any person! q , _ . . _ , _ _ _ ,,,,,,!;,,_ ,,r T omoca ' rnntarf I.pRnv VanRehor at 352- ohjeet to ii.e snnic| arrived. F h a l l f i l e w r i t t e n o h i e e l i o n - w i t h i h e -said c o u r t on o r h o f o r e .lune '"THl'i I-'IRST -\ATION.\I. B A N K U K l i K I O E l . K ' Y . CHLOUADO Hy: Kusisell l l a n i - y · A S H t . T r u s t o f f i c e r SC'L'^THAIID A N I S O I T H A H U . . \ u o r n e y s T h e O r e e l e y D a i l y T r i h u n e . jliay -2:\. Ml. June C, 13. i:.70_ I'l H I . 1 C .\OT)CK A p r i l l.'i. 1!.7». M i . l i i - c is her m a d e t h a t M o u n l a i n S t a t e Iii. ·mil TV Corp. f i l e d a p p l i c a t i o n i v i t l l t h e f e d e r a l Connn.i.uea- l i o u s i : o m m l » » l o i i f o r a u t h o r i t y ; , ] , . , _ c o n s t r u c t a. r i l l ' TV sla.l" · I n ' l n The fire was located in a I.Aeustana Medina of Lamesa,.contact LeRoy VanBebcr at 352- " , n i · _ T -f "\1f\A floor workshop and had been set in some scrap wood · · · ·-· Texas, and Sylvia Luna of 1304. , Texas. I Brothers and sislers living at All The appointment, effective July 15, was announced Thursday by Dr. Grover E. Murray, president of Texas Tech in Lubbock. Dr. Childs will coordinate all research activities and func- the outstanding guitarist; Fredj i major from Adams city, won, t h e oulslandiiif; arranger's; award; and Dave Hardin, a! music major from- senior Set in Nebraska LINCOLN (AP) - The Slate and cloth and ignited with the :],,,,,,; arc : John, Catrino, aid of half a can of denatured Margarito Jr., Petro Joe. ·alcohol. older members are invited to : t j _ . an Educational Program I Mary, Francisco, Donna, An-i sponsored by Talon's Fashion ! A school instructor had beeni^g and Dora Renteria. Consultant on May 26 in Room -- 'in the room at 2:-1ii p.m. andl -- 247 at the University of Nor- .Lyinolhing was out of place at Ihatj \\'INSTON-SALEM, N.C. (AP) (hern Colorado Student Center Denver, won the outstanding!Supreme Court refused Friday rirummprs award to set asl( ie " }c dcalh sentence Talon Program tions for Texas Tech University| d TM TM d a ^ ,,, imposed on Thomas A. Alvarez. , ^jw*TM was ] aa,n,,t, u, t" ^!l crs -.TLI^ J»* a ^.., T «? s ^.TSfl ""S yjLudwig drums in addition to his or o p c r m i t t h e former Denver M . arri ^Michael ^ o^ ihearing on a reward. The $5.000 reward was given Ihe university by an anonymous donor to be given Ihe person responsible for providing informa- lion leading to the conviction of the person who killed coed Elaura Jaeciuette of Grand Junction in July. 19GG. Joseph Morse subsequently was convicted of the crime and sentenced to life imprisonment. Tlie reward was claimed by School of Medicine, said. Murra y| scholarship. The festival was not a youth to withdraw his plea of . 'guilt to murder. . , .' ii.c icdiivd. wad iiui a. v,uiil-'° ,, ,, , , ,, j n Childs has been president o f i m i v e ewnt but rather ! Alvarez. 2.1 drew the death Ihe Colorado School of Mines, in 5 J l d th talcn , of (h sentence for the 1%G rape say- Golden, Colo., since 1963. » -.,.,._.,:__ band , in «.. ing of Mrs. Mary O'Shea of L,,i- -- Antiwar students at 8 p.m. There was no damage other;Forest university put up hun-| T h e T a l o n If you plan an outing by mo- to the scrap wood O f sm all wooden crosses F a s h i o nlior this Memorial Day weekend, representative will demonslrateldon't crowd your driving sched- ir said cla · r e d . K r l i t h K e m A d m i n i s t r a t r i x Tiie i ; r e e l e y D a l l y ' J ' r i h n n e . ' .May L'3. :iu. . l u n e li. i:l. 1!70. T h ' e ' f . r p e l c y P n i l y T r l l m n e . .May£.JJ\j-'.1. I" 11 ; ______ ....... __. MITII r. i.\ tar. i n y r i i n - r c n r n - p . I/: XOTIf.'P. Of F I N A L SHT'ri.KMF.XT No P - 1 1 I M ^ 1-Viale cf A K C i U S T U P KOSS MC.iil! HUSS RIGGS. a.k.a. most outstanding bands in the U . i gained the right to appear the festival by winning district; coin. competition held earlier. Bartletl Boyles, the sentence was affirmed by the Stale Su- PARIS -- Trucks are limited preme Court in 1967, but return- 3.5 tons downtown in day-led lo Ihe court on a post-convic- Ition proceeding. lived Morse in Longmrmt. Vendel and Nelson say the McDowells are entitled to the rcward and ask that CU regents reconsider the court action. Univcrsity legal counsel John Holloway says the court action is an attempt to make certain there are no complications to awarding the money to the person meeting the reward requirements. 'llin) always" on hand at Weldo- The program was given by ' rado Rexall Pharmacy. -Adv. Art Briggs and Stan Benson. The next meeting will be June M, r R u67s'° nS I" at 8 p.m. in the 4-H Building nr"i-:atiicr K. safer, De- at Island Grove Park. The I n i l n 8 1 program will be "Tractor 'latelRecords and operating costs." A l l p e r s o n a t U ' a u i K t t h e a h n i r e r e ' l u i r e i l t i file t h e m for c o u r t i s M - l f t C o u r t :i, IrVr'lilo. anil of W e l d t h a t a n y person b e f o r e t-mlii-r. I '. !«, or Saul c l a i m s s h a l l ,rin.u r t o object t o t h f t s a n i e l h e f n r e v e r h a r r e d . 11 f i l e w r i t t e n o b j e c t i o n w i t h ) K d n a S. H h i n e h a r t :.-'id ,.-ourt o n o r b e f o r e J u n e i A d m . n i s t r H I r i x 1 ' i T u I'l'lie C r e e l e y D a i l y T r i b u n e .May I. 1 ., -:t, "0, . l u n e 6, I'.iTO THI: P T A T K - Winer H. I t l K B s ]-:\'eculor o f s H i c K . A p p l e . A t t o r n e y ; r e e l e y D a i l y T r i h u n f t . !'. 11:. '_n. 3d. l : i 7 ( i . No'i'iri-: or I - I X A I , I V T I I K DIS'I'IIK'T C O I I H T of al r g a n , ile T \ K F ' N ' T i r l - : t h a t a p e t i t i o n , I,-,', h e l n f i l e d i n I h i s ---! : , l l , - K l l i B tl'i" "» ! »·''" died l e a v i n g I h e '" f , ril.i-cl prop. hot ; h e r e b y K i v e n t h a t I my f i n a l report In the · iirl of Weld O n n t y , , a n d H i n t a n y person!' ,nr: nn ,ir h'-fore .Inn Braccwoll Lads and Lassies The recent meeting of the Bracewell Lads and Lassies was held at the Robert Tigges residence. Commitlees set up included one to clean up the community Pride Park Project again and one to plan inilialion for new members at the June 11 meeting. Softball practice will begin May 27 and will be held every Wednesday following unless otherwise notified. The float for the Fourth of ' ' S t a t e of C o l o r a d o ) flfl. I ' o n n t y of W e l d I N T H K M A T T K R O F T H E ) h l - : T I ' : U . \ H N A T I l ) N lil-'^ l f N - ( I K r H A K l . l K I I . l.ANPKnS,! A l s o k n o w n as C. H. I j a u - t dcrs a n i l r h n r l e s H . h a n - i led. ) Tftiiin"nr shnroli Kay; July parade was discussed ant - d e i e r m i n a t i o n of, members were to find out i ,al p r n c e e d l n R S ^ imp , ernent dea l er won]d ] et |. :slrl ,. k ' ,,,,!,.,.,,, , , , , n t i t l e d m a t t e r , a n d ^ -m.-ienHy ad; \ i s , d . I 111 iTH O U I i K U t h a t t h e Ihe s: t and I I I". ^ : , i d p e l i l l " . ! ; , f l e r M T V l c . , ..,, or \ v i l h i . : i . , s t l . . , l , l : . a t . ; , , , d i l l . l . - f . l l . l r , , u r t w i l l pi i i . i i t l t r a - ·" l . a t e d a . t i n s K-l M.'l I(T, TO n i K I H T O I l R Nf. p - 1 1 i:r,v l : n a l i of A I A U Y S W K N K O N . I"'' la v i n f r c l a i m s o f i l e t h e m f o r D i s t r i c t C o u r t ' o l o r a d o . on or .the group use their garage to j build the float. '·',pp'ear i ''alid f : r answe'r' 1 rhoi Ashton Home EC. iii a ,-ordnnce with the.| plans for a family picnic to ,"' M "' 11 ''" f nla '" ! R " (1 be held June 14 at Luther park IT is' K i - i ' . T i i K R onni;:i!Ki wc re discussed at the recen meeting of the club. .-Ti-ii.une a n d | The picnic will be at 12:30 R e c r e a t i o n commiltei members for Ihis quarter an S a n dy Wiedeman, Linds Durrilef. Kalhy McSlhcnny Susan Zivk. Tracy McCarthey Susan DrWitt, Nancy Kam f u r fo ' i r e M il i n t l m i d e n t i t y w l i e r e · f . - d i n u ^ n r " f i l o r t . - m p f n o p r n c . i u r t t h i s 1 2 i b ,,f M a y , A. f . 1970. nv T H K coriiT: SUNDAY, MAY 24-1=30 TO 5:00 p.m. NEW HOME 1102 24TH Avenue Ct. 1212 8th Avenue Phone 352-1212

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