Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on June 2, 1977 · Page 22
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 22

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 2, 1977
Page 22
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Thur»..June M977 ding purchase. An important announcement from FINE FURNITURE Eaton, Colorado MATTRESS COMPARISON RESULTS REVEALED! Point-by-point comparisons prone Eastman House Orthopose sleep sets superior to 4 national brands. GOOD SLEEP PROMOTES GOOD HEALTH. Doctors insist thai physical rest and mental relaxation are of primary importance to your daily well-being. The odd rest- lew night isn't a handicap to any person in good health, but a constant shortage of the body's sleep requirements is soon reflected in a variety of ways. It is generally accepted that a person can live 40 days without solid food, 7 days without food or water, but only 5 days if deprived of sleep. Only air is more vital than sleep. Some years ago, several hundred soldiers in California volunteered to stay awake as long as possible. After 24 hours, they became highly irritable. Later, they suffered memory loss. Still later some began hallucinating, and several developed symptoms of serious psychoses. However, after they made up lost sleep, they snapped back to normal. On a less dramatic scale, inferior bedding disrupts the body's normal relaxation and causes the mind and muscles to work overtime adjusting to the mattress variations, cramped space and other, discomfort factors. Instead of awakening refreshed and eager for the demands of the day, you find yourself longing for another hour or two in bed. That's a warning signal that you're probably ready for a new sleep set. With these thoughts in mind, take a frank look at the bedding you're now using. If you find body hollows, lumping areas, or sagging edges -or if you don't have all the sleep space you need to turn in or curl up freely in -- it's time you made a change. To get started, consider the benefits of moving up to an Orthopose sleep set. Decide what Features and. she you need. Then shop. Be sure the bed you choose today promotes the best state of health and well-being possible for you over the years ahead. QUEEN IS TODAY'S STANDARD SIZE. When updating your bedroom, the first thing to go should be your old double bed. It gives each sleeper only 27" of width -- the same width as a standard baby crib. And it's just 75" long, fine perhaps for anyone under 5'6" tall,' but a built-in discomfort factor for anyone taller. A queen gives you 20% more room...more width, more length. You can stretch, roll and turn without fear of bumping each other or hanging over the" edge. (Did you know experts say you turn 40 or 50 times a night?) Queen sue fits most any bedroom that will take a double. Of course; if you have the space, you'll want the superlative King, with a full 50% more stretch-out room. Choose your Eastman House .sleep set with your own needs in mind. Remember, you will spend about 3,000 hours each and every year in bed. The cost of enjoying the very best in quality and size is only pennies per night. The rewards are priceless! GET THE MOST COMPREHENSIVE WARRANTY IN THE BUSINESS. On any product the manufacturer's confidence in the materials, workmanship and your long term satisfaction is best reflected in the warranty offered. The Eastman House Ortho- pose warranty, unlike the standard limited warranty, is not pro-rated to the years of usage. It runs for a full 15 years -two to three times the length of warranties on most mattresses sold. It fully reflects the quality you buy and is your assurance of lasting satisfaction. GET A MATCHING BOX SPRING. No mattress can be any better than the box spring you put it on. Never -- no, never -put any new mattress on an old box spring as the support and comfort of the new mattress will soon be diminished. The Eastman House box spring, the heaviest and sturdiest tn the industry, is engineered for perfect coil-on-coil support. The coils in the box spring work in perfect align- t ment with the coils in the mattress, providing superior lift and resiliency, and long, long wear. THE ULTIMATE IN RELAXING "COMFORT. This You have to experience the inviting .luxury to appre- ORTHOPOSE King Size set represents the ultimate in ciate how the technical superiority over other famous sleep engineering development. Feature for feature, name sleep sets comforts your tired body. Before you every size of ORTHOPOSE sleep sets represents supe- invest in any style or brand you owe it to yourself-- and rior quality and comfort from the core construction out to the beautiful cover. your future well-being-- to discover how much comfort and value your bedding dollars will really buy. The INSIDE STORY on Eastman House Orthopose. See what it's got for your best rest, health, and comfort. Coil-on-CoIl Construction 312 coil springs in the full size mattress are fully supported by 312 matching coil springs in the full size box spring. Comfort and support are double deep, double resilient. Band of Buoyancy Extra lift in the center 1/3 of the mattress that carries the most weight is achieved with Royal Crown® construction -- higher spiral coils and closer permalator mesh. All cushioning materials are inner-quilted tn prevent shifting. The resulting Cushion Top® is incredibly luxurious! Only Finest Inside Cushioning. Premium California cotton -- the finest -- is layered cross-hatch style for strength, then compressed to form resilient cushioning batts. A grand total of 216 layers in every mattress! 100% inner quilted to prevent material shifting. Fire retardant, too. f!'-', ^ggjy-iy".!\jgy j^Xgpft; Only Finest Surface Cushioning. Thick, pure, lofty polyester is quilted to the damask ticking to create luxurious and lasting soft surface feel. The resulting combination is far superior to ordinary foam toppers that eventually break down. Breathable Border 5 Multi-eyelet border lets the mattress inhale and exhale freely as you sit. He down, or move about on it. Fresh! And More I Luxury damask ticking. Jumbo taped welts. 4 handles for easy turning. Plastic corner guards. PICK A BARGAIN! Discontinued bedding a close-out prices. If good savings on good bedding is your main interest. NOW is your time to buy! Choose from discontinued covers, showroom samples, mismatched units. Ideal for guest rooms, summer cottages, etc. TWIN SIZE as low as 58°° EACH PIECE QUEEN SETS as low as 188 88 FULL SIZE as low as 68 88 EACH PIECE KING SETS as low as 28g88 $pw JUST 3c PER NIGHT x -5£S|kX IS WHAT YOU PAY ^7 FOR THE BEST! Figure it this way. An Eastman House Orthopose sleep set averages out to about 3c per night more than ordinary bedding over the span of its warranted 15 year lifetime. Isn't the quality of your res! and your zest for life worth 3c per night? What are you waiting for? i*ir COMFORTABLE CREDIT KH Something as important as your good B^MJ^fl sleep and health merits your prudent ^MBr* use of credit. Let us arrange terms to \^Zfy~7 suit your budget. Your bank credit xSiRS/ .cards also «to«. BBIJUNHOBB Somtbodjr itill · "V am ihout quility. Downey Fine Furniture ^-^ / 454-3361 (·/ 1 ^-^ M- ,-*. -^ m A) y~v I y~K mtz\s?r~*. s*m J demonstrates how Orthopose coil-on-coil sleep system offers better rest and better value for your dollars. BURLINGTON, IOWA -Detailed point-by-point comparisons between the Eastman House Sleep Sets and four top national brands proves the Orthopose coil-on-coil construction outranks them all. For 111 years, Eastman House has produced and pioneered structural advances in some of America's finest bedding. The quality control policy ensures constant re-evaluation of their established construction standards and prod-- uct refinements against the products of other top mattress makers. It means continually comparing their perfected. engineering of the coil-on-coil construction, Cushion-Top band of buoyancy, structural strength, quality cushioning, etc. against the products of other top mattress makers. Competing top-of-the-line sleep sets are purchased and delivered to the Burlington, Iowa headquarters. Here; each unit is carefully and completely dismantled and compared side- by-side, piece-by-piece, and point-by-point with the Ortho- pose brand. ·The latest comparison revealed staggering differences in the construction and content beneath the variety of handsome covers and famous labels. TEST RESULTS ON PERMANENT DISPLAY, The dismantled sets now form a permanent display at the Eastman House factor)*. Every merchant selected to carry Orthopose bedding has the opportunity to see exactly why -- and how -- it excels over the other famous name brands. He's qualified to demonstrate those points to bedding customers.. They are detailed in the comprehensive chart below. ONLY THE BEST IS GOOD ENOUGH. Each and every year Americans spend nearly 3.000 hours in whatever beds they buy. The quality of the rest they get in those sleeping hours has a major influence on the vigor, vitality and energy they enjoy in the other 6,000 hours of the year. Penny-pinching on the price of bedding or underrating the comfort and support importance is a common failing. Yet the cost of buying the very best possible, pro-rated over the many years its quality will endure, is mere pennies per night. The new comparison results released-by Eastman House are a dramatic lesson in consumer value and illustrates how consumers can ensure they get the quality and benefits they pay for in bedding. DEAN DOWNEY NAMPA "I've seen the result and I'm convinced." That was the conclusion of Dean Downey, Downey's owner, responding to the mattress comparison study released by C E, manufacturers - o f ' Eastman House bedding. "I'll be delighted to demonstrate the same points in detail to anyone thinking of purchasing new bedding. It will make them better informed consumers and ensure they get top value and satisfaction for their bedding dollars." Far Superior Box Spring There are fully 312 coils in the full' size box spring to match the same number in the mattress. Every row of coils supported by a heavy wood slat · -- 24 in all. Rigidly reinforced frame. Extra heavy gauge steel border rod keeps unit firm and flat. COMPARE* Check the quality features that assure supreme sleep comfort and long-ierm satisfaction. Ketall just SI 19.95, twin size each piece. Coil-on-coil construction. Unique design puts a coil spring in the box spring . directly under every coil spring m the mattress. Double- deep resilience, double-deep support. California Vtllejr cotton cushioning. A springier, more resilient cotton, quilted layer upon layer. Provides perfect cradling action without "boardy" feel. Fire retardant, too. Cuihlon Top®-r-band of buoyancy. Deep 3-section control. Extra lift in the center 1/3 of mattress that carries the most weight. Breathable Border.® Entire mattress border perforated with 520 eyelets so mattress breathes, stays fresh. 24 lUU In hoi spring. Every row of springs fully supported by a heavy wood slat -24 in all. Super rigid box ipring. Extra heavy it 1 gauge border rod to keep box spring . firm and flat. Steel grid and California cotton cushioning. Framed in seasoned wood and strongly reinforced. Fifteen jear, limited warranty. No ifs, ands, buts. Just solid promise of satisfaction. EASTMAN HOUSE ORTHO- POSE® YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES SIMMONS BEAUTY- REST YES NO NO NO NO NO NO NO SEA1Y POSTURE- PEDIC YES NO NO NO NO NO NO NO SERTA PERFECT SLEEPER YES YES NO NO NO NO NO NO KING KOU. POSTURE BOND YES NO NO NO NO NO NO NO * Results based on detailed Internal analysis on brand namci listed. Orthopoie HAS the quality. Orthopose HAS the value. It's TOUT beat buy in i!tf p sets! Eaton Colorado 19 North on Hwy. 85 More Great News! FREE! Win a Queen Size Orthopose®SLEEPSET! Nothing to buy -- simply visit our Eastman House bedding display and record your name for the free draw. If you buy any ORTHO- POSE bedding before the draw takes place and you're the winner, we'll present you with the cash price of the Queen size set! Come in tomorrow and see for yourself why ORTHO- POSE is the new leader in features, quality and value. You can't win if you don't enter. Come on, get lucky and enjoy years of sleep comfort! SEE THE COMPLETE ORTHOPOSE RANGE TOMORROW! TWIN SIZE 39" x 75" of superb 4 individual sleeping com- j fort. Mattress and box ' spring, each piece QUEEN SETS 60" x 80". Get 20% C more comfort space on i your full size bed frame with extenders. 95 95 FULL SIZE 54" x 75". Maximum comfort in traditional si?e. space. Mattress and box spring, each piece KING SETS 76" x 80". The ultimate in stretch out luxury and comfort. $ 95 Mattress and box spring. 2 Piece Set 139 $47995 Matlrc« and double box springs. 3 Piccc'Scl

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