Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on March 2, 1976 · Page 3
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 3

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 2, 1976
Page 3
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50 years ago this week -^^TM"^^ The Boise Vallov r? y Cori " l " ! Mo *' ers and the Narnpa CM«.mi al ' V rt Creamery wnpany at Boise Plat, joint okataTrffi 1 !^r' pany at Nampa eliminate overlnnnmY / operating expenses and manufac.uJKll.'^n'ory. All butter will he i volume in the converted into supervisionTM several crea Boise receive casoir, p l a n t al *"» *"' * »''^g plant under the ' Here the mix for Ihe : icecreai » f°r Ihe i, distributed. Whole e i- C ° mpany wil1 ·* tandleti bv the J company C. A. Ommen he .Nampa e P SI o f f i c e silc a TMy a saes v a r d . , ° Imerilrban De P* TM« established mat Ford.! " Sed CarS ' M( -' cnanics w i" be available so W3S arrested b - v Chief Sanders ab««t 4 o'clock 0 " , and /, harg(?d wi(h «^«te«WM. He w I, ^ ^ Iocktd UD Cnief Sanders then went for about fifteen minutes. Upon his return to the kevs tt h f °i, ntl ' he d °° r to (he «°"8« vau " "I*" »d «» crhn °r h H £ miSSlng ' A " i"TM 51 ^'TM "vealed that his prisoner had been given his liberty. The keys were found on ; TM * e . j i i i l corridor. Two men, imprisoned for rtft r 7 t r t h a t ° W of the tw ° libera °* I""" ? Md0m ' bul declaring lhal lhe ' wcre "in bad ugh as it was", (hey declined the proffered liberty Flvnn was returned to the city jail within a short time but refused lo identi v r'h f 'i' y °J WS reSCUerS ' H a v i n g " sus P ici n of their demity.Cheif Sanders went after the suspects and lodged them in jail. Fred Casey. John Armitage and Frank Fljim were arraigned before Judge H. E. King and pleaded "not An ultimatum has been sounded in Xampa. Residents must clean up their garbage or appear in police court, according to cny health department officials. J. P. Gray, Nampa orchardist, has been chosen as president of the Idaho Economic Commission appointed by Governor C. C. Moore to cooperate ivilh state and federal expert economists to make a survey of Idaho's agriculture. · ^ a " a !'!j elic laurels are not worn b ' Nampa boys onlv is evidenced by a report of the basketball p| a TM g O f "Lillian Vorgason, a Nampa girl who is attending A.C.U. at Logan Utah and is playing forward on the freshman team for the school. In a recent game between the freshmen and the sophomores, which resulted in a 33-15 victory for the freshmen Miss Yorgason made 22 of the 33 points made. Her Zv f H IT 8 ? !so T a game for '" c freshm TM wh » they played the seniors, the final score being 2-1-32. Dr. J. C. Lay who recently purchased Ihe BadJey tract of three and a half acres adjoining the Lake Side Country eolf course on the west, has had the tract platted into 50x150 foot lots for summer homes. Some of Ihe lots have already been said and (he purchasers are drawing plans for summer cottages they will build in the near future The location will be known as Lakeview Beach. Excellent bathing and boating facilities are available. Members of the golf dub are given preference in the sale of the lots because of the golf course's J. A. Burton and family of Boise have moved to Nampa Mr. Burton, formerly with the Standard Furniture Company m Boise, will be connected with the Standard Furniture Company of Nampa. ShpllPv r,«' g °J " le PFE Sh0ps in Shelley Tuttle appeared at the Nampa Merchants Association meeting in behalf of the baseball club recently organized. Mr Brown explained that some financial assistance would be necessary but after the first month the club would be self-sustaining. He proposed a fund of S750 to be raised by public subscription to be used lo purchase equipment and pay the salaries of the players for the firs! month. Mr. Brown staled that Nampa has promising baseball material and the city is assured of a winning learn if proper local support is given. After considerable discussion the JSampa Merchants Association voted to endorse the club and the raising of the required funds and to pledge moral support. L. Caslagneto was eleclcd president of the Union Pacific athletic club of Nampa; Earl Ifaines was named vice president and R. C. Blakeslee secretary-treasurer- W C Bowen, P. Lounsdale and L. Mangum were elected trustees and C. Peake appointed as property custodian. Sports chairmen were named as follows: II. Burdge -- baseball I Mangum - golf and track: J. B. Doles - tennis- P ~G French--horseshoes and H.Todd -- trap shooting We forgot 'Spotlight'; well print it later The Nampa High School "Spotlight" page scheduled for today was inadvertently left out of (he newspaper but will be published later in the week. The page isproduced semi-monthly by journalism students al the high school. 12th Ave. dispute dominates meeting (ContinuedfromPaa/» i \ ,*,, i i The Idaho Free Press, Tuesday, March!, 1976--3 (Continued from Pago J ) experts in planning on the council," lie said, adding, "A city government which jnsl abounds in non-experts takes it upon themselves to change the plan. "I object to spending the money for a comprehensive plan . . . then ID decide by fial lo change i|," he concluded. Councilman Frank lievinglon responded by saying, "There's been m a n y years gone by and there's been manv changes in our city." Changing the plan "doesn't mean Iliat the gates are open and the floods are starting." he added, Fred A. Chrislensen, 316 Davis Avc., disagreed with Bevinglon and said t h a t he fell (he change would start a rush of commercial development on I2lh Avenue Koad. "It would be in order to consider the whole plan." he said, referring to the fad t h a t an update of the comprehensive plan is expected lo lie completed by early summer. "II is sheer idiocy lo pick little things apart." on the plan, he stressed. One of the potential developers of ihe proposed W.iremarl grocery which would be built on (he rezoned plot,' Gene Richey. 103 Chestnut, stood and said (hat [tie comprehensive plan "is only a guide . use it as such and ito not make a Bible- oiil of it " He said thiil he and older developers of Ihe seven acres to be covered by the grocery have been working on Ihe 'plans for six months and "we need lo go now." "1 can't accept financial hardship on your par!" as a reason for the change interjected Brown at this poinl. She said Ihe developers had known t h a t the zone miglil not be changed when they starled the planning and so the city could nol be expected lo back down on the plan to satisfy a proposal which had been at besl a gamble on Ihe parl of Ihe developers Don Smith, 1411 12th Ave. Road, said, "A building is a building and people are going (o go there in automobiles" regardless of whether a store or doctors' offices are built along (lie road "The rights of people on that property are being violated when you refuse to'zone commercial," he added. But Thomas F. Payne, 915 Roberts Lane objected lo the zone change, asking, "If you can break Ihe plan in onn n!i"" 'how da 1 know (hat there won't he a service station sitting in my backyard?" Taylor spoke again, uoliiig Hiat "there's a grocery a minute aivav from there" and questioning whether a need had been established for the business. Hcspojirting lo this, C'arrol Howard Nampa Home 7, said, "I'm glad to see a grocery come in. It will eventually be Developed that w a y . . . if yon put it off, you make it more costly for everyone." He said thai an additional grocery'in Nampa would force food prices down and said Dial Nampa at (he present has some of the highest food prices because of a lack of competition. After Brown was asked lo repeal the list of businesses which would be allowed along 12th Avenue Road under Ihe commercial zoning, Hay Garmendia 220 4lh Ave. S., asked, "Whal's so evil about those (businesses including used car lots, bars, groceries and service stations)? They're all over every (own." He added lhal ''the people out there arc getting the shaft " when commercial development isii't allowed. "It's simply a question of do we plan or don't we plan," replied Brnwn. "Marguerite, you're not the only one interested in planning," retorted Fuller at this point. "Don't make us out like Ihe ones with the Unck hats. "I'm trying to give an over-all look lo the whole thing. You've made an island out cf i t . Fuller continued. "We've been lotallv inconsistent with any planning out (here I n i s is what looks right to me. "It has almost a limited occupancy oiil there." added the council president citing the restriction to residential professional as excluding many businessmen. "You could broaden it more if you had it (zoned) industrial," quipped Diemayor as Ihe discussion closed. ' ' The resolution to amend (lie comprehensive plan passed on a 3-1 vote with lirown voicing Ihe "nay." The first reading of an ordinance rozoning the area f r o m r e s i d e n t i a l professional and residential m u l t i p l e t o c o m m u n i t y business commercial was (lion heard by Ihe council. Two more readings of the ordinance will be given March 15 and April City firemen protest council proceedings i Continued from )'a#e 1) of 'striking' to gain a contract. "None of these ollern'alives are acceptable to the firefighters," concluded the protest document. Mayor Ernest Starr said, "I don't think it would he too productive to debate with the firefighters" and asked City Attorney Terry White to rule on whether any upward change in the proposed budget could be allowed. White read from the City Code and said that because the city had published the resolution of the 19VC budget already, calling for a public hearing, t h a t Ihe only way it could be adjusted was downward. L'nder C|uestiomng from City Council President Robert Fuller and several members of the audience, While repeated lhal the maximum limit was already established for the budget atid the hearing could not result in an upward adjustment. Janet !·'. Singer, ^1G Almond, rose and asked to be allowed to read a stalemenl. She said, "Every person who lives in Nampa has a slake" in the firefighters' negotiations and added that with conditions as they are now, "the potential already exists" for a disaster because of imdcrslaffing in the fire department. The cily council members, charged Singer, "have chosen to ignore the facts ur are ignorant of the facts" concerning the need of (he firefighters. It is "impossible to compare these men's salaries with those of any other group," she continued, citing national statistics showing the high percentage of job-related fatalities and injuries that occur among firemen. "Anyone can drive a fire truck," Singer continued, "bul nolhing less lhan a well- trained f i r e m a n " will do when our houses arc burning. She said (hat the firefighters' request for a minimum of 10 men on duty al all times between [he main and subs t a t i o n was nol enough. 'The minimum should be 12," according in Ihe National Firefighters studies, she said. "You arc gambling with the lives of Ibis city," Singer told Ihe cily council "Fire protection must be a No. i p r i o r i ( v - m n, pa ; » c c^ an acccpl " olhi "- lcss ' lha n the best." She e»ded by saying that she opposed the setting of (he budget until (he negotiations between the city and the firefighters are ended. Del llobza, 2W W. Washington Avc asked the mayor just what Ihe monetary figure difference is between what (he citv has budgeted and Ihe firefighters arc asking. The question was shifted several imes, with City Finance Director Ken Harward saying that he had (he figures in his office. Larry Barrett, Nampa Route '1 one of ihe firemen, said lhal the total' difference is SSI,000. fuller spoke (o the issue. "We Irv lo buy tne besl with our dollars." he said "The way we see it, it (die money for the faxes'""^ ' Sn ' ( !h0re W ' lh011 ' ra ' S ' ng y o u r "We're nol ignoranl of the need for fire protection in Ihe community," he continued, but he added that [here's only "one way to do it (meel the firefighters' demands): raise everyone's laxcs." E v a n s denied the i m p l i c a t i o n s of Fuller's remarks, reading from another statement which said, "to find the real culprits behind any of the woes of municipal finances, the citizens are going (o have lo search furlher than the wages and benefits received by cily employes. "Economy and fiscal soundness of'the cily requires more than a characterization of the public employe as Ihe ultimate villain," continued Ihe statement. "II requires new economic direclions . . that put the welfare, protection and lives of all our cilizens first. "Solutions are there if (he cily administration will have Ihe courage to pursue them and quit treating public employes as second-class c i l i 7 o n s " concluded Ihe fireman. Upon close nf the public hearing the council held the first reading of ihe ordinance a d o p t i n g Ihe proposed budget Trustees discuss bilingual program ; N A M P A - B i l i n g u a l education in Nampa schools was the main subject of discussion at a^mecling of the N a m p a school board and the I.akeview- f ' a r k v i e w p a r e n t - t e a c h e r s o r g a n i z a t i o n Monday evening. '.The meeting, the f i f t h in a series of dialogues belwcen Ihe bo.ird and district patrons, was designed lo allow taxpayers, parents and others to express their feelings and suggcslions regarding Ihe education process in N a m p a . S u p e r i n t e n d e n t R e x EnpclkinB. in response to a question, said t h e d i s t r i c t ' s personnel d e p a r t m e n t is working in the nrca nf recruiting b i l i n g u a l p e r s o n n e l for Ihe bilingual program. He said Ihe district welcomed Information regarding qualified people: lhal it-actively seeks and recruits such personnel. He said ihe difctricl has nol set a percentage f i g u r e for Ihe number of bilingual personnel it hires but lhal the dislricl doos i n t e n d lo fill bilingual program vacancies w i t h q u a l i f i e d b i l i n g u a l instructors. Board member T.J. Comslock said there has not been a question of setting a percentage, lialher, he said, il has been a case of "hiring almost oil who were q u a l i f i e d " because qualified bilingual inslructors are nol readily available in sufficient numbers to meet Ihe current need. Jerry HDSS. another member of Ihe hoard, said he felt Ihe district should he complimented on the strides it luis made in developing the model bilingual program. Hess sairi he believes the board has a good understanding of Ihe meaning nf bilingual education. "We have hassled with il for Ihe last Ihree years," he sairt. There's been some philosophy c h a n g i n g , some concept changing, bul we understand il." Members o[ (he audience said they w a n t e d to be sure the board saw the program nol as a welfare program for a special group but rather as a positive parl of Ihe entire learning process. Hoard member Darrcl Marks said the board faces a similar problem in regard lo the education process throughout the district. "We're very interested in positive atliludes of all education programs in Ihe district," he said T h e b i l i n g u a l p n g r a m , K n f i c l k i n g said, undergoes p e r i o d i c e x a m i n a l i o n f r o m wilhout as well as from wilhin. He said teams of cvalii.itors from Ihe U.S. Department of Health Education and Welfare, w h i c h f u n d s Ihe program, monitor its development and its students regularly. There are also local e v a l u a t i o n s and review of lest scores, he said. The prime concern of the d i s l r i c l w i t h t h e b i l i n g u a l program, he said, is to see thai the written goals of ihe program ami t r a n s l a t e d i n l o a c t u a l achievements. The hoard also: --Heard a complaint lhal the dislricl did nol inform parents of kindergarten students thai a snack nl cookies .inci milk, cnsling n per monlh. was an optional part of Ihe program and up lo Ihe parents to decide. Kngclking said Ihe snack, a carryover from private k i n ( i c r R a r t c n programs, "was intended to be presented to pnrenls as an oplinn. If l h a t was misunderstood, it's probably our fault." --Told Ihe a u d i e n c e Ihe district does nol carry full insurance against Ihefl because it has found lhal the cosl of replacing slolcn items has been less t h a n the costs of laying insurance premiums. --Pointed out that leathers w i l h g r i e v a n c e s h a v e t h r e e avenues which lo seek redress. They may take Ihe issue to ,1 facility grievance committee, Ihcy may go directly lo Ihe principal or they may t a k e the mailer lo Ihe superintendent. Final decisions, if they cannot he resolved there, Ihen go to the Imard The board also reilcrated that remodeling of bathrooms al I.akcvicu- are ;i high priority item in Ihe dislricl. "I would hope the board can see til." Hess said, "if Ihe plant facilities levy passes, (hat we could modify those balhrooms." He said a two-year old appraisal of the projecl had been for $30.000 ,-.iid lhal wilh i n f l a t i o n the sum now might be more. The next incelmj; of tlip bmni and palrons will be al II p.m. Wednesday, March 10 al West Junior High Schonl. IHT I'RAITICI.NC for Hip fordicomiiiK Man-It al Dimes Supn- IVnlkalhim in N'ainpa arc, from loft. C l e n S t a n s p I t , prpsider.l of the .N'aiiijiii .Iiiyvrcs: Sanilra JJowiie. .Vampa WLilkiillnm i r i n o s n i l a l h e : Snndra l.ctlcia Haniire/, ilaugtilcr nf Mr. and Mrs. Itichanl Ramirez and a recipient of March of Dimes aid: Melissa Ferrera. Jay-C-ettes w a l k a t h o u co-chairman; ami Bill Shumate, Jaycees! nalkalhon chairman. Both Jaycets and'Jay-' C-cllcs are sponsoring the walkalhon Ih'is^ year, to be hold Saturday March 27. : Preparations underway for Nampa walkathon \ NAMPA - "Sole power" \vi,. be t a k i n g over Nampa Saturday, March 27, when Ihe March of Dimes sponsors its third a n n u a l Super W a l k a t h o n . Participants will be walking on behalf of more lhan 200.000 children born each year with birth defecls. "Residents who arc unable to join the 'shoe leather express' can step forward to sponsor a walker," say Rill Shumale and Melissa I'errera. en- chairpersons for the event. "As a Walkathon sponsor you pledge a contribution to the' March of Dimes for every mile your hiker covers." Sponsor forms arc available al all Nampa schools, as well as Circle K stores. The 20-mile trek will begin at Nampa High School al 9 a.m. Coal of every walker will be to cross Ihe finish line at Nampa High School. "Last year thousands of energetic and generous people across the country raised $11 Around about the Nampa area million through WalkathonS " Shumate said. "This monby supports March of Dim!s research ant) medical servi :e programs, as well as heafih education projects in o ir schools and community servi -e activities." Those wishing to "pound the beat" against birth defects can call Ferrera at 466-9392 $r Shumate at 466-5138 for further information. I This y e a r ' s W a l k a t h o n s being spear-headed through [He joint effuris of the Nampa Jaycecs and the Nampa Jay-(J- Etles. i SPIRIT OF TRUTH - The Bible study and prayer coffee group will meet at 9:30 a m \\cdnesday at the home of George and Lorraine Scott 12th Avenue Road, l ' 2 blocks south SPANISH CLASS ~ Spanish Level II Conversation Class with review, starts Wednesday. March 3. at 7 p.m. in Room 202 N a m p a H i g h School liegislratioj) (SIO) will be held of Mercy Medical Cenler. w i l t ihe first class. For more Ladies of all faiths are welcome i n f o r m a l ion. call Cordell tor more information call 4G7- Oopper. 4f.7-2064. 1919. JOliS DAUGHTERS - Jobs Daughters, Bethel No. «, will l:old the regular meeting tonight at 7:30 at the Masonic Temple. T R I N I T Y L U T H E R A N WOMEN - Trimly Lutheran Church Women will meet at the church on Wednesday at 1:30 p.m. Mr. and Sirs. John Throne, Plantation Home parents, will show slides and tell oflhcirwork at the home. The program wilt be followed by a b u s i n e s s meeting. Refreshments will be served. Members are asked to bring an item of canned food or bathroom supplies for the Attention Home. U.S. COAST G U A R D A U X I L I A R Y - U.S. Coast Guard A u x i l i a r y . Namna- Caldwcll Flotilla l't-4, will hold its regular monthly meeting at Ihe Canyon County Agriculture Kxtension Agents' office 7)5 A l b a n y Si.. C a l d w e l l . Wednesday evening ai 7:30 The meeting is open loanyone who is interested in boating. M E R R Y MAKERS ML'KT The Merry Makers Fun Club will meet al the Community Cenler Wednesday at noon !cir a polluck dinner followed by a business mooting and games liOYAL A K C H MASONS MEET-- Cyrus Chapter Ni, 2 Koyal Arch Masons will meet Wednesday for dinner al p.m. Members arc asked to hi ing salad, vegetable or pies. Meal will be furnished Nampa High speech department will present program. Sojourners anil Royal Arch widows are welcome. "EVENIKC SPECIALS" ;""""*"""« $5.25 ^oT $5.25 $4.50 $4.75 $3.75 DANCE SCHEDULED - , 4 dance will be sponsored by the i-nciahle Seniors Wednesday at 8 P-m. al the Community Center !'12FirsiS:.S. Everyone is in- uled. There will be oldtime '""Sic by the Three Sharps and admission is-SI. Refreshments w i l l be served. For bus service call 466-3511. SINGLES CLUB - The Treasure Valley Singles Club Inc. wilt have a dance at Ihe M a r d i G r a s i n B o i s e f r o m S p m lo midnight Wednesday and Sunday nights. All singles are xvelcnme. GUILD MEETS - The Art Guild will meet "s at the Community at 10 a.m. Wednesday -"'^rested in painting is lunch. Co/fee Kill be'"^^ FREE PUPPY - A part- Pnodle pup, aboul seven weeks n . r . r e d s a g c o d h o m e . H e i s a "·lie brown male. Call 166-0603. "It's.sure good toisee yo again," I said lo Ed Brolse as 1 met him on the stree several weeks ago. "I hop* it's good news that brings yo back." " A f r a i d not," he sak "Age eventually catches u with all ol us. This time If my mother. She has a modes home, probably in Ihe $20,00 price range. I think we wi want to sell it." T h e n E mentioned hi mother vva very ill. "if she lives, she'l need money from her nous for care," Ed said. "And, i she doesii'i. money will be . easier to div · 'de among her Days Young h jj irs ,, lflan ' The next day Ed called Go ahead and sell the house," tie said, "And Bon'i hold out for the last nickel Time is ol the essence A quick sale would be a rea Slessing." A lew days later we sold Ihe house al appraised value lo the F I R S T prospect! Mutual cooperation -between a willing seller and a competent Realtor - leads to satisfactory SALES, we serve you? 1) BAKE YOUNG life REALTY HUPS FRI - RM'.OOW1RO'J1 10; SA1 ·OSLUONICO STEAK .. »,, W -W.HVCOlM.tCll . Jl.flfJ PAN FRIED CHICKEN $2«5 NAMPA CHIEF RESTAURANT t LOUNGE "I'm gonna run that steer by now ancfW gojh s»kett rope em cause we might nor find anotW dwrT spot hie thitTermnW' For All Your Insurance Weeds . GLENREED TM INSURANCE Jimiwn 112-12th Aw. S. - Nmp. - 4M-244S

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