Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on November 8, 1961 · Page 17
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 17

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 8, 1961
Page 17
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Classified Advertising T*t It***--Hft«Mt 'OR RENT--'J bcdroon\ huuif. 1623 23rd" Ave. Weil of Heath Junior Rich, |0' V*r month, unfur.n1ihei1. 1'hono EL 2-5747. , .' ' F0"ft 'BKNT--Two or three toom baw art, imfrfrn., wtilllles naH. 2-3137, Classified Rates CASH WITH U H U t K UN OU1 OF COUNTY AD'S M a w o r d -- I Htmi-on. 10e a word--3 conitculivr inlertton» Uc a word--I contvculit* I n w r l l o n i $2.0* nit p«r lint 0*1 mnnlh Mil* (mum of two line* Every Mb«r »*« *dj W b* eharfM at on* do rait , Blind bo i numtxr* 2Br ixua. M i n i m u m ad 1U \ocrrcli M i n n n u m chirie 60e: 10% ducvunt f r o m abo.r filet ,1 paid «am* d i if I n n e t l i i AHi ordered t i l ) cBnerll*d. LO i*ivi diieotinl ff pairl dnj nl .-ancellaltai CLASS! MK1 U L b P L A Y Minimum one I n c h , tn counij r: 11.U5 pet column Inch Out of cron cat* 11.ID p«r column Inrb ( Volumi ratn upon ipphcalitmi ERRORS T0 : U K K K P I P K T K U ONCE. Th« Trlbun* *LH maVe no lowane* tor mor« than or.* ,»corr -- lrW for ro---l«. Call KI, W A N T K D - WatUta* A[plj if pM- in lack'i Xarhteuc. 117 7ib 9t SVAKTKD--2 part lime w« WAllCTi. « n J 1 full t!m«. Wall an. Camfield Hold, WANTKD--Mjin f o r . l i r a l in work. Prefer oldrr man Int-nmr. Writ* Bon V-i, e und ttmt agency. Kvrhancc. neetlpU now anJ for _ tvr, Knn.ll In an aellvf fritern SUte*. T«arkrr'» Hox !01. lloutdfr. Colo WANTED -- E x p e r . f n e e d . will re** Nr SunH*» ni holiday .York. Appl ir perion. Jon-ny'* Cafi. 621 UHh St r-j.ll Kl. 2-1170. WANTED-- Iron1* Call Kit 2*4314 WANTED-- Ironing. PAINTING. d*eoratlpa-. Leach. EL 2.6215. untyrnSihed. Bui It-la t Carpet. dr*r«*, mar j-ossa, · v'en and r«nrt. y txtrai. KL " W I L L do baby -l.llnr In my borne 6«6 Mth St. F.I $-(5»l. THUMISON flout Sandlni. I'll. El S-0£»!» 1616 Bib St.. GT*ekj, Colo I I A H V tTtllnc m my Home. d*7 °' nlt'hl. I T U Xlh St KL S-29S. skl'TIC tanki aad «jjpool» e J f i n c u HfusonnMe rate* Call El. t-1740 PAINTER Beautiful ivork. No job loo i m a l l or bin. Call D * R'i. KL 2-1243 FOR RENT-- One, or two lietlroom' m bllt hbmej, electrieltr." *alrr. ipace Included; also. plcViip euicha and Kuiier-i. EL 2. IE 6!*. bedroomi. fciilll ' * bi- N E W duplex, oven,- rani*- dU)*oi»l. 'Jrt* "0* nets, Wall to wall carpeting. dr Ad u ttf.. r.u fx 1 *. 1 11 0 month. Classified Index AnauulactmeT.u ._- -Auction! --« A u t o service, and Suppllfa .-- Boird and Room --. -- · Boil* and Supplie* BuiMfnx Material : RuB.n*ai Opportunities ____ Gift Guide -Coal and Wood Cor.tirueiinn Equipmei Canvilwc^nt Uomn Cuilon Work Edi.eiUon and I ru Irutrlfc i. Farm femi|'ment For Rtnt-- AparlmenU _ For Rent--BulWlnfs For' Rent--Farmi and Tracta For rtent-^fiararea _ -Kor Rent--HoiwM For Ilent-Mt. Kom*i. Cabin* -- Pnr Renl-0«ic* Sp«e« . For Rent--Roomi . ." -Fruit* and VegeUWea _-- l'urntr*s -- - * · Hir. Grain. Feed. Straw Help Waated ... -- KDU» and Auto Trailer* -- Ho'isehold Goodi -Irritation Syitenii -- . Lefa Swap Livejtock Lost and Found Miicenaneoui _ -60-A _ tk _ n W A N T K D -- M a r r i e d mm between »K« 24 and SI for twv«r»F« route ialei- m » n trainee. Permanent job u celknl advancements. Write Box V-I. c/o Tribune. scion offeri a r«ptaltng narrlw! woi BEAUTY Coi Income for No canvaulntr. Call EL t-31E5. or EL 2-K15 hefori 10 a.m. and *fl 4 P.M. WANTED--Sale- full FOR RKNT--Home at 240" £th Ave. to m*H family, U T i f u r n l s h k d exctp XM ranee nml hral. Ulllitiri furnist l. F.I. g-6aL 3 bedroom and ranf r and dry FOR KENT -- Wear new horae. Dishwaihcr, ov*n h u l L L In. aiilomalk wash: er connection In Vtlclitn, · Civ F*r R«t»--A^tv 17 'URN. 2 btdroom bisrmeTil nvl. Nf*; Cameron and JU*h School, 1CA. J'ti Kr, g-iil». afl«r 6. Mlic*llan»ii ' 27|Wed., ^ 7 ()V. S, I D f i l GREELEY TRIBUNE Pajfe 17 i 1» Sunset Memcrltl K U K S A L K -- O n e buck and VISIT our ToylatuK Lnynwaj lfi at daiaUf*. f l O 10th .St. Kl. 2-91S7. OR RKNT-- FU-e rooms »m) bath. Unfurnbhexl. M«ln floor. Clotf la. Ph. KL 2 - 3 I Z 2 , STRUUK1/ Aparltncnti. Clean, nlrc furhfohtti a p a r t m e n t . Cluse In, V n-otUnit.gtrl. l«l Bth St.. Avt. 17. KOR H K N f -- 3 room ·' cloie in. a M D.t*!*rn p.m FOR K K N T -- U r K i 4 ain floor »r«Ttnenl. I n q u i r e 7th Ave. KL, 1-417ii. afl*i :30 ... -ilsrt fmmrilinietx. - tfirr. Kxrcplionally good y'ezr anKino · el'ers. We t r a i n our i»!fjm«n, All repltf* ronfldeatial. Write VDJ. V.I, c/o Tribunf. YOIING men 18-25. travel California. r e t u r n . All t r a n i i w r U l i o n furnuhetl. I m m e d i a t e t»ilj «!rawinR account. D=Ins pubMFhera roali-ict work. No f r t - vioua experirnce requirexl. Mu«t bi free tn travel. See -Mr, Greftorj, Al hloj-i Hotel. 10 tn 12 a.m., 4 to ' |..m. .Vt phon* call*. YOUNG women 1S-25. travel a. return. All transportation fur- shed. Tminedtnte rash ilravrtni ac* u n t . Botnc pnhltshen contact v.ork Money to Lean _-- Mor.ey Wanled MoteU ______ M o v i p i and Storaca Musical InitnimtnU Perion'*]* Pet St«k - _. " ?Tofe»«ton»l Rf«l Estate Roofini and Plants. Flower* -- chmes-VKcuuns . Wanted . - Situation Sporlir.s Grvodi Traflir Space Tranipoitation - Tr.«h Haulinc TV-Hartio Service! - UieH Ctra and Trucki Wanted To Rent --. _ ' F O,MAN T WHO CAN' DRIVE, If mi would enjoy working 3 or ours a clay calling regularly ach m o n t h nn a group ot Studio !rl Cosmetic clients on a route o ho established in and around Greeley, and are w i l l i n g to Tiake l i g h t dfilivfines. eln., write T D J n O G I R L COSMETICS )ept. ND-S, Glendale. California to w i l l pay u p to $5,00 per Lett mni Found ·TRAYED-850 Ih Holitein helf Northwest of Tj.ton. MkainR tw ^-eek*. Ph. exiled Et- 2-lSW- v LOST--Lady purse, red. at --Kyi Ke«p rr.oney. return other eonlent Th. El, 2-05SO, or EL 2-231^, 5 p.m. LOST--8U120 lire and whwl Jwlw . . ,,, -!V m.j OT1 High.' M." perience requtrexl. Wuil bt- trte \n travel. Parent^ weleom · t ,ntcrv:e.T*. See Mr. Gregory. Al binn Hotel. 1* to 12 a.m., -« No r-hnnc eft Hi. BODY MAX, experinncod. Buai- nesB Is active. CoinmlsBlon Short distance from Grceley, i^xp. brnke and service man for out of (own station. Days only. Good saalrj- to right mail. EX P. STBNO N E E D R D . U R G E N T L Y QRBELEY Mrs. Gwen -Craven, Mgr. 322 Greeley Bldg. EL 3-0181 *mal«. Immediate ictvlce. EL l-3tiO. W A N T K D -- tronlnr. El 2-ll?8. C A I N f l N G and detotatinj. GUbvrl Elomcro. EL 1-M79; aft«i « p.m W A N T K D -- Nrw buildinr ot r«moIeL- W A N T K I 1 -- AH iyp« of Mwir.s. "'« ntKKI . H 1 NG for iviier llnei. Mplit lankx and IwehinR f»ld» U ^all* P A I N T I N G . reiKlenllal malntenanet a ineeialt;. First elan work and ma- terlal-. L. S. McDini.l Ph EL *.n«5D Ain EIIAT10NS-- Ladle* -T.en'1 clolh- ' ni Grace'i Alteration Shop. Slt^r Fth St.. KL .1-2973 SUEEP ,»hearirr. farlnt and ta«BiriiE. l(ox 49S. · Ph'. EL 2-2100. I-'ALNT.NO - Exterior, interior, 1m- iontbJ*. EL a-CBlt. Dal. T^lman main. Ih EL I-. 966. LIGHT housekeepinr. baby ilulnr, V a.m. lo 12 noon, your Komr. Call af- CESSPOQLS, fitatt irapi, pumped- C u n n m c h a m . G U A R A N T E E D palnltnr a n d paper Don Moon.* EL 2-4936. CURB and" rutter, «Ed« walki, di-Ite- *ijt. patios, fkrori and brCL-V work ' A and H Cement Co EL 2-5462 EXPF.R1 ENDED married mm with i m a l l family *int« *tady y e a r around f a r m wort. Write Box V-13 c/o Tribune. WIIL cart [or ehlklrcn «E«« l\i a n d up. In my Licenced borne. Cor.tUct undert landing, a d u l t luperviiton. References. EL 14-4744. . [-AIKIINO. MUrlor. Interior. Rea t toaable aad' court «v.:i wrtict Eaton 1 18. C E. Mrilefc-. EL 2-lflBB. W. J j- AFTERNOON employment. Eiperlene* hind. I^cal ruferenc*. All itir.ulrn aniwered and Write Boi V-li, c/o Tribune. purfom Work 1 ler Tabtnet Shop, 7 Ave. at 26 St Jake tf'rKhauer, 284-5462. j Outer, Gilere«t SIS1. 7 i'h,.EL -VJS3S. . El, 2-S6B7. ^ 'OR RENT-- 8 room.'.. bcOroom houtc. par pels And a rap**, clectrk d.ih- wiuher. Full bailment, e^tra ro^mii. £araxe. 1!^ 12th. Ave. (M.V.Cf) monthly. Call Dave Mangan,'. Whec - er Really, EL 1-03JE. FOI. RENT-- Six-room fcouw. Three tiedro-jm* Complelely furnlihed raent." Recreation room.- Utility room with *a(htr. dryer. $160 ier mwntK" Wheeler Realty Company. EL 3-OJK JIOUSE for rent-- I.lvlnc rosm, dinuiE room, two VedroomE. liath and k.ten- en on main floor. laundry and playroom tn bniement. Aiiartmcnt n.iv b* iub!ct or (or rentera'- own u?e. Cum- r r o n lehool district. HfecV nud hnLf fnam Post Office. Available immediately. EL 2-H.U. For Rent -- Roomi 16 W A R M I P09 "th SI A UnKlon Hotel. ROOM, f.rhnK 1-ilk, walk.n eloiel, for one. 9U Bth St. - . ^ICK, larKe room, cloie in, Reaionable. 9\Q 12th Street. nun. 1403 loth Ate. EL 2-6576. ROOMS for 1 Jady or couple. 810 6th Street. £1/2-1698. Ir raEei lo work'inK · people. TV NICE. e\txn b*drtxim wilh prlnte b a t h . 2l1 1 Hh Avenue. STERLING Hotel. Koomi Y-tilh or with- RI low as S7.50 per week with bath, Maid rervlee, phone, eafiterla, P»tk i n p tot. All eonvenleacei. ItOOMS from (2S.«D per raunth. E!e¥. Coffee Shop, parkins tot. Phunei maid icrvfee. A!) conv.. working »· Rooms without bath, roomi with bath rid Id) nnd IcItvULou, Luncher parked. Roo^i and meal rile* by th month Really · your oe^l deal In town. TT.B Cornfield Hotel. For Rent-- Aplt. 1' School. 155. Ph. EL 2-CZ43. L A R G E 3 bedroom parllf fum, ap 175,00, 1731 llth Ave. Ph. KL.t-611 FOR RENT-- Furnished .. room *r FOR JU^T -- 3 room furnikbed ap A P A RT^rMTij; ipraclically new, .ehi FOR REIfT-- 2 bdrm. t r a i l e r hoi:i al HSliri-i Trailer Ct. FOR SEWT-- 5' room bile, ipl- 20 LARGF. V 3 room apt. at 1229 Tilth Si ·OR KKNT-- Ctej ;.Vr TV. IHH E CLARENDON b 'furnlshmci. J 2'-15.!. Alto t bedroom 2-S776, fi-S p.H. with -utovc ar FOR RENT-- 17* KUciYer al 1: 2-0601. OK K E N T-- Nc f u r n . apt. 1S5 (rom collfRe. i nr KL 3-1HE. OR l.KNT Greelej Hilh imll houit or 4 lo 8 p.m . OR RENT-- 1?, e udmr xaraire El, 2-1604. TEAM heated to» Apart men 6 p,m. KL M OR REN1 725 10th SU H. Opdyke A "OR BENT-- U* · " a n d 'hflsen-.e - 2-OSdl. NEW* 2 bedroom. 190/per mont · 2-37BO. G A U L K S Apt. St. and 10th heateH. I n n . 2-0400, or KL POR R K N T a p a r t m e n t . 0 Inff couple pre 1 wo years. F 2-13S* ond floor apU ' TV anlonna. lidj. Call to Apt 1. or Pi F U R N I S H E D e room apti..'j lj a net "".on area, 1 J»rE r oriJ^EfJpJ U A C I I E L O R apl?.. « v e r t h f n « fun 410.B* vfifk. Suniet Motel, Wps-t U.S 34. 3101 10th St. Kl. Z-7601, FO,{ HENT-- 3 room p a r i t y f u r n b h e U Miaritn'enl. Pri.-»le entrance. HOT _.Fli.llVel EL Z-2034. S room f u r n 1 - h e d AdulU. No r*' St. '1 aiJt., t n r l u d i i MI th St. El ( u r n . u n f u .. n. apL Chll E Tlh Ave. CI. flixir *ii.ttme Hill ,B«al Kv civ rei.ecoralr I Tlh Ave, 1' .tJ-.ilU, Cnll K . . 3.091 Nie. ap.rlir.ertl r.ea School. I9 mu. M n th Ate. r.U 2.377 · . '. M iKth Are. 2 bcdr Vtment furalsheil. . Call Hilj Itftil Fata nt.. Convenient to the Ph. EL 2-OiM or all n o w n l o w n acartmer. Reasonable rates, ii liar.. partial]* t u r n l a Actncj,, EL t-H«7. M a i l OH S A L K - U » e d i-bthlns. F.I. !-27IO. and tiled welder.. Z-TOM. Caab 'AHK plun. Elatip'. (i.s. OH SAI.K--U.ed truck 8I2A--JU t;rcc!et Auto M K H I l ' . A N t h l n u aril \K Y.rd Uuy an! r v l h l n c 102 Stb St Ok SAbK--Lllrl. Bra dlrl. I'H El. 2.0MO toi KL Mi'M ·OH H D I I S K me El. 1-D|2 All vtTIK ae« Hie be. n tul!niriES foi « IAT1EHIES 19.5V Il3.9 W A N T K D -- C l f . n e flieeley Tribune. r'UK' SALK ~ Rem I'll. KL, 3-0145. W A N T b l l t - U . S eoli\a . 11 a l l v c r anri co KIIWA1IUS C h e v u e i HousihoU G»*di 30 WANT U b:iy or trari* inllnui dlihn. fumitur* KL Z-2MI or El. 2-S6SO NIIW. Diodtrn bunk b«di. compJelt with lit fu*m malti-tuci. IfiS.'Ji mr.fl.rifld. Furniture. 2201 bin Si FOR BAIjK or trade-- It fl. * by 22 ft wiwl carpel and pad. EL 2-53QS, allrr 6 p.m. Phyfe Ublt; MaylnK 7111 ilove, Hk T.P.Y. Ph. Kl- ?-«S2, C1IV.CK K\»n* Tradlnr Po*l tor be*! buy* in u«»l [nrnliurr. Smuh un U H. f5. FOUR trwn.1 of · furniture lor Hale. FOR SA1.K-- 17 tiirfe Airline TV. fioo-1 ron-illlian. AHo 40.000 »TIT [M bent- *r. nearly new. Autcmalk control. Ph, Kl. 2-JC9I. Ihe KVRIH Trr.dinK Poal. 2 miles ktoulh en U. S. 85. . USED 21 Inch conmsJe TV. Juil the nl No down Tiaymenl, I5.M a month CftmhlM. 910 10th £1. F.I. 2-91fc7. er, IYV«I itoras* ilrawer*. Ck*n anr Kiiar*nUt-c). No clown p»ynwnl. 11.0' per monlh, »4P.flr.. Gambles. 510 lOt SUcct. Kl. Z-91R7. NKW Corona Ho vrnte.1 hrwlor. 30.^0' Livtstock ; 4) KERKFOHU bull*. Set Wliwtr'i «t SLW itatich. Priced rleht. 130 GOOD Hereford c«Uti. Call CL 3-0836. 306 16th Et. Ihfc. Sltxhman-- Waternweat. IJVKSIOCK »prarlntr. Over 23 r«lr* experience. Bcanlncr.* Ph. EL 8-1636 A H l l F l c - I A L breedlr.ic. Cauileout t(- flclenl service with A.B.S. proved ijres Kl. Z-2-W2 Pouhry 42 Ph. K.I, 2.8507. UUCKS anil vc-cia To/ itl*. f.I. 2-SU. i'UUl.TKY IT k n 1 · d. Allo ciuton Jroilnz Mmdir Ihiouili Krld., £L 2.11B5 Crtcler Ponllrj Hoim. 1111 YKAR OLD Heavy and Light lireed Roosters hlglit Hre'c'l Hens I LIVE · lOc Per I'ouml MEYER BROS. SI'KCIAI. ii'rf plsilic Vr-la. $t.25 each. Me) WHKKLS-- Twu "ire n«.lc IS inch, *7o-500. Tirfi iZO. Kl. i-1710. TWO firla' cwts. »iic R nr.A 10. 1611 H t h Ave. nr p h , 2-SS91. KOR SAI.K--li wheel trailer. G O O x l f tires. N«w Ivv 4x7. Also Royal typewriter. K». 2-22«. FCTIV KAT^Fr^Thiee *ool blanket fleet tic hEankel. 9th Avrn A l l . El. COMI'I.KTK repair w n r k en nuluj, rw. fraclon. Call llrowmci G* Kl/ a-Silfi, 13 14th St. FOR SALE-- SsnaJI 2 mo^i hou«.» i moved. A-lyp* hoc houiw for Ph, EL 3-1SE!. , floor' urartment. Call Heal Xitate, El, KIltST cl»!i f t IS Reward. Truck Rentals, Inc. EL -11S4. rlaaaes attached. In. the vicinity of aland Grov* Park a n d - l i t b Ave. Reward. Kb 2-5927. after R v-m. JARANTKF.b ' w.leS and cloc« e«- cairing. Grayb»al J.vrelrr. WILL, not be responsible lor any debla i n c u r r e d by anyone other thati myself. Panl 3R drlnklru; problems contact Ai- cohoHc. Anonymom. 2608 1th Ave. P. O. 1IOS. Eb Z-6501. e'L t-HK Trinaortation 3 LI.S Rent A Cat, S22 M. IHs. Are. EL 2-78(0. Wa deliver. Anyliir... Woilfd like to join ear pool. Call S!°.l, C.ilereat. AR rentals, daily, wecKly. monthly. Cr«ley Leasing Comp.ny. EL 2-9174. 1100 Sin Ave. Announccmt nfi 4 HINKIKG of bicyetes7. Think of Alkire'a Sporting Goods. EL J-B501. ELF-SERVICB dry eleantnK, |z.TM oer load. Classic CleioinK Center. 24(1 8tn Avenue. EL S-3974. ahovrirz in the office, of Jack Ellsworth Co., Diamond Brokers, 21 Firft National B a n k Building. 1/1 Ct. Solitaires. »«9.50 u p : !4 Ct. Koli- Uirei. »«.00 up: 5/i Ct. Solita re. J1S7..S8 up; 1 Ct. Solitaires II72.M up. This price 5 r.c|-.:dej( 14K white or yellow gold mounlinr. Aslc tor d i a m o n d eompariaoa .liowlnr. C.ll EL 3-134'. ' r*r.f*ll«f14ll SsfTTICtS ' 5 31INSMITH in to«n7 Ves «lrl Al Alfclre 1 . Sportinr Goods. Ef. t-OSOl Bujinuss S*nricci 6 SREELEY Curtal. C!«.ner». No pin nTarks. 7C« »t» AT.. Ph. EL 3-1.8S CABINET shop. H.« work and r. Oted.y Lumber Co.. «4t« lotb St. PORTABLE «e!dint. electric ana acetylene. Reasonable rau-s. Brownlea Garage. EL 3-8»lS. HICYCLE repairs, all makes, moflei! Alkire'. Sporting Goods. C.mfleli Hotel Bldj:. EL 2-M01. FOR THOSE soft bacteria lte« oiap- eii. call Gre«ley Diaper Service. Wil wash yours or rent you our*. t-L. H A V E your pillow* gone slalei Banish perspiration odor, r'eathcr pil ows clean*!/ Huffed. ieo4ri»ei anH p ae ed in new tieklrur by Nu-Way Clean ers. 5452 I'lh St, EL S-J014. h R A X E Rellne Special -- Most ear S1J!.9. labor included.' 24-hour, .erv ce Brake and llrtt inspectiOTi station We p k k u p and deliver. Dick a Tex aro. 1744 lit Are. F!, 5-9707. . Hllf W.ntaJ WriU Hobbi Beaoty Academy. 140 WANTElV-Yonni w o m a n for dlnin roowl veorlr. Apply 'n person. Marsha Cafeteria . RAWt.Elr.H dealer wanted, at once GooX oppoflnaity. In F,. vYeM- Co Write at onre. Fawleiyh a Dep COK-SZ-10S. Denver. Colorado. WAITRESS' WANTED Nlgh'l- Shift . -Top Wage · ; , : '';'. Bxperienced. Apply In person. ; , , . ! CAPER CLUB \V 1 -' Field Representative An imnujdlrite opening for n alert young man int*r?sted In career with nn expniidlng flna nl»l orcinlMtlon. Eicellent o T TT7T? TMQTTP 4 MP 17 ' J j l r J i IINCUrvAl\V_/iL c JiVMRTJAT, A R E N O Y inest Rgreement In the bus!- c vest our money In the develop- c nent of an agency In this train -- and FINANCE a' com-' G. A. we select. This is a contract which- will enable you and your men to grow without a starvation period. Tell us why you may IIP the strictest confidence. We .will NOT conatct your present Contpauy. Write HOT V-10, c/o Tribune. E d u c a t i o n and Instruction 1 Men »nd Women. Needed TO TRAIN FOR CIVIL SERVICE JOES We Prepar* Men »nd 'Women Age 18 to 55. No eiperience necessary, grammar school education usually sufficient. , Permanent job. no layoffi. shnrl hours. High pay. advancement. Send name, home address, Write Box 0-34, c/o Tribune. ( rural, gire direction. MEN-WOMEN BE A PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR, GUARD, WATCHMAN OR DEPARTMENT STORE DETECTIVE N'ew spare time t r a i n i n g program does not interfere with your present job. (If you «re healthy, alert and of good char acter, send AD for free ap plication blank to determine · igibilily.) N'AMF- ' A D P R K S S A f i E . P|TY , S T A T K W r i f e NATIONAL DETECTIVE ACADEMY Box V-3, c/o Tribune lusiMX Onxxt-iti.. r CAFE, truck »lop. CSood bmii.««. ret I innible dotvn. low -rent. Ph. tStrilis nfler 1 p.Tn. ' , WANT ... »tce#»iful b w i n f i i *^f TOU . " own t A »m*]| fnv«tlment will M ypii up BI · M»e TooU DiitributA for lh tr«. E. AiH. Box 4!. Ben - ' *cr Colo STtuitions WanfeJ 1 E TWO h»ndy men win do «oy k i n d c «p*ir. wnrk. EL £.«4». W A N T T D -- Typinar. H u v a *rxpfrkr.e rh. J^-HT*. anrlhiric. Don. rtuoniblr. 254-702. F USTOM corn tombltiinr Hurold ·· ur- row. EL ?-r?7i. USTOH plowinn. Luthti. El, S-9.03, ORN camblnlng or pickinsr. Ekvkib. or furnithw.. $1« p«r «cre. Lulher, KL Z 9493. 1AY and itr»w c»!ini with BIW 1»- 1PSJ1. «,-it,e. fi (t, deep. Wi a »nj-wb*rc. flit mobtl* unit Our price* «re p aitic pip«- Centml Trenchlne S*r»fe* Ph. EL 2-48S4. 11IH AVB. *t Bth Str««L Trtih Hauling 12 RUBBISH removed. Ph. EL t-1203. G«rce- Dawnim. · ' EL Z-6124. * retr-.rdtd numb*t ' trap* puroped. W h h U k r r EL Z-SOS7 or F.L S-I3S8. Wiy»i AbbottU Ph. EL 2-189 invtiTOt, IF IT'S trim. *i b»ul It. Plvm* . n h n Kirne. KL t-ll«. Moving ond Stor.i|« 13 MOVINO »nd »torat« pfoblettiil C*. U f f e r t y Wovin« and Strr.irt. El J-«5?6 FOU local or loni diitaoe* raovinc, »** Truck Rcntali. Inc. ini aavi. ET- Z-USl 40H 26th StTMt- WflHlt... U R«nt 14 nlsTtei. apt. for 2 n»le ptrioni. per- ir*nent. Huil have priv»l? pnlrani-e. W r i t e Pox V-12 c/o Tribnnt.- Fo, R t n t -- H*us» 15 221C 2n.. St. EL 2-G610. TWO bedroom ho'jse, f u r n . or un- f u r n . in Ktntf. 35.V2160. FOR RENT-- Nice a Wrw. home. $1 P«r month. KL 3-200t. TWO bedroom boui« for i«nt. t month. 121 2nd St. TWO brfroom unfurniih«i di:pl«x f rrnl. J O U Etb 31- NICELY fum. 2 bedroom borne. N jwn. EL M3H. TWO brfroora tfup!« for r « n L Ca ii?-i J2i ONE1 bHroora duplex. Ni*. ftrnljfc« Adnl'j* J90. EL 3-1169. EL 2-240 THREE room modern houic. Spam romm unity. I caul re *t 1001 lit Ave. FOR RF.NT-- One bedroom home » K»rapr, extra room in baieir.ent. 2-7509, Kewly decorated. 21 Elliott Cou Evani. Ph. EL 5-426J, .» FURNIB11ED fft'jr b*Sroom hou»«. bathl. at Uz« 9th Av«. Call A - 267-4447. ' TOR RENT-- Homt, S bedroom brick El/ 3-2678, or KOrnr.andy 7*151 S r T/JTcUnd. ^ ONE bedroom IVMIW. 1 blh. from eo ktie. US per mo. EL 3*1169. Jcjne Reallr. - COXPLKTELY furn. 1 a n d 2 hedroo 3 ·TotUrrt. Week]; and m o n t H l y ratej 203 10th Street. f BRICK duplex. Two te^rfwi-,', ti b t t b . AutomaUc waiher (onnVclior e. One block from new ·thool. tS'.S per Binnlh. Call EL 2-S«S7. iMtir-tu O^«ftiMirti.n 9 »«»m«l O^*rtwfli*i«i DEALER WANTED .. STEEL FALL-OUT SHELTERS 1 ^- Mamifaolnred by Clayton fc L*mb«rt wilh over 10 years ? ' exiwtlen'ro ss steel fabrlcAtor*. ' ,^ Meets criteria of O.C.n.M. p , -=v Advertising and promotion at both local and national lev.?]. llliin'fei furr.. EL 2-SM7 ^fter J. U R N I S H E D apart men., utilities for T. '0-room Turn, upstair., apt. for lady. EL 8-GQM. . , ,, R RENT-- Main floor. A room turn. )he,l sou 161fi Sth Ave. KL 3-1102. -EAN, comfortable hase. »pl. Unities f u r n . 1419 17lh St, EL 2*2710. -LEAN two room apt. Neat eallefit IJlilil.eA paid. EL 2-C428. -CK S loon kitchenetU apt Mote? Koarcr. 21S l l t h Are. . 4th SCreeL F or !»ly. EL 2*042«. iibed. CaH EL 2-5291, after 5. OK RENT-- FurnFibed- 3pL at 1226 -- WO betirooTM apt. at 1513 I Z t h . A v e . Adults. Cull after 1:30, EL 3-lfi. * 627 1 /j 8lh Ave. Utilil.ei paid. «21 Utb St. EL 2-22L.4. t n-. STREET. 2 bedrm., u n f u r n . , leml- base. apt. Inquire 1012 H 18th Ave. _ URN. apt, 1 or ^ adolu, 810 6th Street. EL 2-1698. ARTLY f u r n , base, apt., aersu f r o m c Arlington i thool. Call EL 2-2SS9. OR RKNT-- Furnishert fir«t floor apt. ' Utilities, paid. 602 llth Are. ECONOMY priced apu. $^5 to laO per *· month. Se« SheeU ai 244S Sth Ave, OR RENT-- Fum iibed apt. Ulllilies - furnl'hed. ApL- No. 1. 160i StS Ave I OR RENT-- Cabin*, U« ana up p«i URN. 2-hrdroom ant. S22 18th St. la fourpTex netr colieye. Contact EL 'OR RF.NT-- Ground floor, a room, modern, furnlibed apt. Private entrance*, utilities paid. Ii27 7th A". . ment art., utilities f u r n w h e d . 133* l U h Ave. W O R K I N G man'! apt. Everything f u r n . $3.C8 and up per wps-V. £05 St. LARfiE f u r n . 4 roora apt. Second lloor. Utilities furnished. Arf-jlu. S75.CO month. F.L 2-5729. FOR RENT-- F u r n i n h M apt. Ck»e tn downtown area. Prefer lady. I n 8 8lh Strreu THRF.K room furniihed apartment. Individual heat, p r i v a t e bath a n d entrance. TV a n t e n n a . Call 't 22ft Uta Street. U N F U R N I S H E D APARTMENT f'Ort HKN'T G r o u n d f l o o r , private e n t r a n c e and bath. P e r m a n e n t , single l a d y preTerred. KL 3-0420 For Rent -- See This jClefln 3 room f u r n . apt. Private .'bath and entrance. TV hookup ' and garage. Reasonable. 1S20 6th . Ave. r n New 2 bedroom apis partly furnished. ' Unfurnished 2 bedroom Du- » plex. ; Ph. El/ 3-1888 2 rm. (urn. bulTel apt. $57.50 2 rm. furnished apt. IST.fiO Two room fitrn. apt. Jit Utilities fiirnlnlKd. Kl.gln 2-4759 n f u r n . dupirx. Sto.r, ir. -JraiierJea. 240* 5th Ave. mth; EL J-QS36. or EL NorthfatsL corner ll.h Ave. Mala floor. *ie«m 13J Olh A v e . Th. El. , 2-5CiS. - FurntaahcJ tairment Inliide entrance. \Vork- pferred nr one child t 'or pacticuSn cxll EL iaiajl. nWeij f t r n . , Clbit in- U lilies E . Suilahl* for worltlnu o tet at ' U 2 * Bin El. Ph. EL 8-3712 :cmplrtel, 1 and 1 earage. TV. Iclipbon* from ·horplnr « i*U Utlliti«J r»'^- Treek f»le« 2AC» IQth St 10 9th Ave. Wall :!os* lo ihop room, living Inq. 1303 9th Ave., ·r EL 2-5055. ant.. 1*5. 2 Jarge ran. ie Steam hfftl. elec-. ..Iflundry r-r.. anrl T V 1 f'ront -rentrince, downtown LHcV -Q"-^ O'nt'.ady. HL 2-1693- TWO bcJronn. iitiil .n fourplM.. II" heat 1120 GLASSES dupllelrfl Opllral d amt reraiiinp *-0[k. Wood! Cinvas Prcd-icto. 139 20th St.. S-W. paired. Uroken l e r i t a New f t - a m n . Ureele 912U B Av« EL 2-561Z nt. m»ifi-: ]ilk;t runlrol. iijnlh. No ilo«rn pny-f · 0 1 0 - SOLh St. KLS719 7th St. -buy f r.-- 1 _ SKLI. *T.aT" you ikin'l * \\Kat oii r.ccj. CorniKnni rHvH daily. A u c t i o n Sloaflay nlfrhts. 7 p.m. P r i v a t e na!e daily. Kir*t Ave. A u r l i n n . 1700 Kinl Av«. El. J.7S74. HATCHERY EL 2-3451 Pel St«k « DACHSHUND EL 2-72S7. fe/nat. pupp[». AKC. W A N T K D Ii. l,ny--GooJ «i«p rfrr. I'hiiiw Kalon 43H1. R O U N D oak d i n i n g room table .·n»ir*. H i r d enpe. Two w u h i n c s thine" Dresser* ami nii^ellnnCJUs SIX week old- C h i h u a h u n pcnn fl bomehoid f u r n i l n r e . Call EL 3-1126.1 S14 O l n St.. o'mvnstalrt ipl. or EL 2-6077 for uproint nient. FOR SALE -- Monarch in.: 7 (1. Kelvinato both yellow. 2-plece lifce new. While Vrlcldal nenl »li«. 7U aith Av «!r. « . refrlceral Money to Loan IRE BaUnelnl-unl; .eniei . lire. Walthta Elutjber ll.C-U per . Irrel O K. WdJers. 103 N I Ilk Av«. lAlilNKT wcrk. norm a.n. Coniplcl^ stork of n-rst coat lumber. Ware P l a n i n g Mill Co. El. 2-«i FOR SA1-F.--* cylir.der *l*clrie litrht plant for eahl: I12J 4 t h Av*. falloul iheltcr. Farm Ranch Loans U)N(1 T R R M S - LOW K A T E ASA T. JONES, JR. i Years L o a n Correspondent C.insas . City bl(e Insurance Company. Clifford G. Camrbell, Mgr. 11119 8th A V B . Ph. EL 2-6417 D A C H S H U N D pupjr. g munlhl old. Male. HeglHered. »!5. 2(21 SHI Av«. LITTLE C h l h u a h ' j a p u n i . El, g.54». i r l J R E U K K I J German Shepherd pupplM. I AKC «tild. I'h. 552-65SS. : r ' l t l U K I N E S . tropical fish. Supplier Lta.'tSl 14th ATB. Ph. EL 7-I171. JUST arrived, new iruprr.ent of arjuar- Eum nlantA. Water-Land, 2334 6th n t A D E In what you don't want loj iomelhir.B rou can use at the Wonder What Hut. 1S32 lit Are. El 2-21CJI. ELKCT1UC moioii. all HUA tint, rebuilt. H» Electric* Wnrks, 62) Stb St.. 2 block] of -.rc»l Office. Pb. EL J-C67U. UlCVCLcS. [KFEB tHurlfon from $7-5 up. Gun*, n m m u a l t i o n . f h h t n g Uckl loo. Alkitc's Sportini Good*. 721 'iil St. EL 2-5501. "sTEfir.Etl V»* · «i"l o' 1 he*l*r». nci ·n.l HE*!. Merrill's Wtstview Coai lo Com!. !410 10-h St. EL. 2*4302 Open «vcnins» u n t i l fi :30. ALL t y j i u be.ntjr i\ork Mn« by -u- perviittJ itUf!«nU *t cre*tly reduced pric^. Grecley Beauty School, tZQ'S.- Kit, Street LOANS FARM and CITY Low Interest Rate Courteous and Fast Service 316 Qreeley Bldg. EL 2-574' Representing T H E M U T U A L L I K E UN'S. CO. of N.Y. For Renf--Fornn, Twrti^I 9 KOR HKNT--1M aer« f n r m . 1'tenly i I f f . 1019 2tnd Ave. Ct. After 5 l LA SALLF,'arfa. 110 ·«« exctllcnl (arm. 1 Adcnuate ·««. mct.err homr. Tn»Bt ' Itavinn for a r m t f forc«a. Write-Bin V-H, c/o Tnbur.r FOR LEASI-V-, HO A. iir. MoJf" house. Ooort soil, nrr.nle «attr. Mi:s ha.e r.(«encB. Writ. Bo. V,7, c.', Trlhunr. T Y P E W R I T E R S . audlna m a c h l n e a . new and uted. Sales and .ervke Work cuaranteert Ea Feldh.-s El. 2-fl(M6 1201 I l l h Ave. U N C O N D I T I O N A L L Y soara tires -- all .ixes Northe Tire In 2-2 EOS. 2110 Elh Ave. red u: General Ph. F.I ·WO pair nett sarjdle panla. sreei aii 27. bk« ail! 31 Nf.. black knil dress, sue 10 Rnsf hushes, al d i f f e l f n t kinds, dia your OT^-n. E] STOIIM dcura ar.d wln.kjws. Chain l i n k " lenee. A l u m i n u m awninB. Alumlnurn. (Ibrezlasj. wood oalio covers and carports. Fire escapes Clifton's H o m e Sertiee EL 2-EOM For R e n t -- B u i l d i n g i 20 l'(INt:ilbTE pipe age. sewer and BUILDING tor rcm at 1 ET, 2-S90 ; _ fOR RKNT~cr least. Bu: Ins.. 4 000 n ft 1105 Ii sines, build- st Ave Mountain Homei--Cabins 21 ENTERTAIN, special parties! i tain cabin. Will aecommodat S-0266. lyatLun. d r a i n :ulverts. Siie. 4 inct for Boat! Supplies 35 St. EL 2-2028. KOR SAUK--3 AXC white loj poo. itcs w i t h ixrmanent sfcola. 9 uks. .hi. F'rank J. Crom, ALpin. 1-4*28. i i i ' i r A L n.b. EOkiriah. anu.rlvma, air pu m p a (Aerator.). Seed and Hatcher;. 10! lOlt filtcra Frank'. Street _ C A N A R I E S Parakeet., Kampstera, cages, eornpleu Una of pet fjpplles. Fr.nk'a Seed and Halehary, 709 lOtt, Street- '. Sewing Machinei--Vocuumi 44 V A C U U M cleaner for all make. Repp'a Ph El Service and p*rtY Call Ed Parry at a-002., TV--Radio--S*rvif.ei 46 MEW J'V picture lubes, I34.9S Installed. F.asy term.. EL 2-5130. aim C. J » i e k T Call TV hospital. Complete crrice all makes. Th. EL- 2-0111. El. ·£ MM 1211 7th St- Evans RED TVs f u l l y reconditioned ^and nteed. $30.S3. 110 Jown. * nth EL 2-SI30. after I. 01IKSON Sea-florae salr* .n,l serv- Ice. Wilber'a Outboard M a r i n e . !(02 I nth Street fEUCURY outboard motors Comrleu m a r i n e *ales and service Revno!dr'.tirmenT Co.. East IMh St. MR. U I I A l O w n e r , Do you know Ibal dry. healed, -winter storaer foi oolboard Cascade 2-4M" motoi it. you n o t h i n g al 241Jt i n t r St El 13SED TV sets, tully. g u a t a n t c e d ;-alsa r.ew Bylvania TV HI-FI, and Stireo. TV H-ispiUI. 1Z14 llh St.. F - v a n i ^ E L Z-011.1. EL 2-EMO . ·' Musical Initrumenrs " ; 47 120 bsis .uor- FOIl dlr, SALE--Crow r i. AT 1 4-S42I. FOR SAf.E-^-12 Lass Hohn.r accordion. Call EL 2-224,6. Sporting Good] 3S-A lilt bicfch. with evt- cor,dtticn. A 10 STEED liritlsh h ar.y extras. I n r verifier. El, 2-Et9i P I A N O tunics and repairing. Work guaranteed. Box 772. Eaton, Ph. 40S. USED Cahle Spinet piano. Walniit pro. - rlncUI. Excellent condition. See'-ihr« tflay. Mu-io Center, S26 8th. 6.1. USED Spinet orB-in with j'ercussi'Jn. IS35. OriKin.lly s'nld for tl,3u5. Music Center, S2G 9lh St. 12 GAUGE donb aln have- 213 anrl .2', sale-. 511 13th Ave. days -2-CSJ6 eveninKS. ,1 «holr:un. 155: rifles for call EL Real · Eitata 48 AN ACHE tract with 3 bedroom' tousi Office Space 22 .,, Zl inch. We uie «ll»li reals! eemecu Pbone HU 2-7J5Z or KU 2-691 fi fi20 Wood St.. Ft Colii FOR SALE-Argua C-J camera witt I f l a s h : ! tricycles: d i n e t t e let: 1 be! aiirir.jr and mallrejM 1 child's r.ev.- nhor.oirraph ; child's picnic t.b!e; oul- d.Mir c b a l r i . EL 3-1935. FOR r-ASI f a m i l y laundry service rail Crystal Whit. Laundry. Waihed. dried and (okted. 12 Ihi. only «6c. Free delivery. 914 I l l h Ave. EL U K W A K E . r first irlance "barir.ins. See us before rnu buy Win. 'Mod 70 I H l o O : Rem. Mod. 121, »7«.»5: Rem. Hod. P70. J74.M: Weaver Kl acopes. $32.50. KekiadinK of hi-powe shelll S2.W1 ner bnx. Alkire'. Snnrl inc r^.^s f a m r i e l d ITnlel Ride. 'Fruit! and Vegetables 39 WEST Slope apple* ar.d pears; arrspi fruit, orange., and tomatoes, po'.a toea, oniona, and other veseljhles Dale'* Fruit a n d Veireiable Mkt l?03 fith Si_ EL 'C-M21. NO SUCCKSS In Rrllinr jour prop«r- t y ? I.islim.;» r.««lH. Contact Ed Hoff. Uroobn Really. H«. Ph. 3S3-i37i. rn*. 3 bedroom. FOR SALE-- Hil!sW« ho Cukl buwnent,- g*r«i to wall carptL and d Early poi*e4iiori. 24* EI 3-S521. - ONE room oCfice. 16m St.. colKtr'.' 110 mo. Incl beat, llsht EL 'i-!14Cn l:i!OHND door ollic. space 10H IClh Are. Ph. F.L 2-2SJ6 OFFICE acaee for r«pt In I^ironado Building;. Newly decorated i n q u i r e Wheelci R.altT. El J-OJie OEIOICE mrwlern air^onditioned otlice apace arailsbl.. Contact First Ni tier..! Hant. fOR RENT--Office spare. T' ing rooms at 1817 Sth SI. furnished, I7i P«r month. 2-4 U7I. FOB RENT - t and 4 room ofde suites' available Znd fkor. Psrk Pise. DuiMlns. SZ7 811. St- "}"'" No. 210. Ph. EL J-07H o. EL 2-S747 OKF1CE3 lor tent. Ekeator. utilities janitor services fuTnisfatJ All conveniences, inclgdins parkinr- Re resann.bte. Camfie)»' Hotel FOR RENT--Thre. room office s u i t N.wll decorated Ulilitles (ornl'hed Whe«!«r ReallJ Co. 1331 Sth A." Call DaT. M.nsan. F.L 1-0141. UtililieJ Ph. £1 SOING overseas, aiual sell 1558 Chevrolet V.8 210 station a-aieon. Kx- cellent condition, r^'cu? tires, radio heater. New paint job. r79S. Serireant Smith. Phone SS1-4021. EL _3-a216 or F.I. 2-S7««. FOB N K A T d e p e n d a b l e prlnlln« you prill find this rno'err, .Rop an cellent selection We foliow copj carefully and .we eive vou qualit) rork at reaaonabr. ccst. Bring, u: your prtnlinr work today Ph. · F.I 2-0211. Tribune-Republican Pub. Co NKW batteries, ruaranteed one y t.7.93 excb.r.jte. Used batteries. S3 Battery repairing. Rebuilt Ken tor. and startera. All types of tuneupa and repaira Uied eara pickups. Low prices, easy tr John Thompson's Garage, t-01 Ave. Ph. EL S.184! FOR RENT -- Desirable office apace available In Greeley Bviliir.i F.le- ealor service. Apply 11' Greeley Buildir,.. Ph EL 2^747 FOR RENT--Medical a n d Denial ap.ce avail.ble In th. Medir.l Arts Build, ing Air conditioned «rd heated Con. v e n i e n t l y located to th. hospital Contact Wheelei Reattr Co El IJUU Get your hunting and fishing licenses and otber sportln; yooda at the new -MER KILL'S WEST VIEW COAST TO COAST STORE 2410 ) 0 t h St., Greeley Ph. EL 2-4302 Open evenings u n t i l 8:30 .OFFICE SPACE FOU 1T.KNT WEST 10th STREET Approximately 950 to 1060 square feet. Suitable. for office or email business. Call EL 2 9030 or EL 2-5167 after five. Trailer S^oca L A R G K convenient parKir.l apace. · rr month. 'R.pp'.. 2e rt1 10th SI FOR RENT - Modern trail;. IPX Natural Ma 1'oOTer Trailei Co. 311 l l t h AT* PR E' ?-t39l ond Room P R I V A T E home for elderly people. Pk FI, 1.3S1I. FOR SALE-- Family ii«J threr tx.!- room horni, Carpe'.H llvmaT-rfininB · com bin at Ion. Nire ii*tA kitchtr.. built-in rann« »nd "ren. Lots «( obineU and closet ip»cc. Full ·^·-''v menl Corr.c -trH iee SI 1 ? 33th AT«., m o r r t i n v k or *ft*r «. F.I. MIS*. Hay, Grain, Ftcd, Straw AO OR SALR--Ten tons fit bilert alfa Nrir KunT. KI, 2-5132, Telcp. OR SA1,K--Vint. Feeonrf and . third h»y. ET. 2-2393. · IT] third cutt 2-79 S3. OR SALK --Fiw t)K SALE- H » y str.v, Parh iv«H Don Kellj. EL 2-9191 H K Sl.ickreaB-- ) T O N halcrt hay. 1 2 5 t o n t t i 125 head corral ipact Kvai!ab!«. f.i. 3-3S27. WANTED--P«j»lur teel tops. bay. or F.L 5-3X3 COTTONWOOD VILLAGE offers yon . . · Ai-gc. home sites T"T Protective covenants . to insure lasting value lie. Call'F.L !-0 = S«.j , z-C Livestock FOH SALK-- 8 Rea. Anjiw rei heifera. Pal Carr. Col.,. bred. Victor I.'br. ONE polled Herelor.1 b-ll. hjeedini. Call EL 1-USt. 105 Street. Household Goodi 30 o,l«l Kenmore I SAI.K Ve offer. EL 2.M71. (80. El. 2-1211. In Hnlro:nl r I R O V R I T E Ironer (o Ave. EL J-IJ79. FOH H A I t f i A j N S . .hop E v a n j lure. TVs, $19.95. EL 2-06SI HIGHBACK 3 back chair; iro F.L 2.02M afle a.nd hi CERTS a ar «rrl--ready for a » b i r l a f t e r eleanine rarpet* with bt-e Luttre. K o m n c Faint Store. ; SEF. I f a u n . for u«ed l-irn.. clothir. mi«e. \Ve pay more, ?ell for le! US .V. l l t h Ate. F.L 2-3101. RF.FRIfiERATOR »ith f FARiMKRS. RANCHERS In Greeley Area S3 and $5 cash paid for fresh dead cows and horses. $5 to S10 for crippled and down horses and cows. (Call as Soon as Possible A f t e r A n i m a l Dies I I m m e d i a t o Scmrp Seven Furni Ulnys a Week - Nlfjhl or Day Ca!! Collect: Greeley EL 2-1788 LEE DOG FOOD CO. ouch : w ins ,,, fceJ. Fh Underground utilities B e a u t i f u l view r Excellent financing The Georgia The Columbine The Provincial 23rd Avenue at 20th Street Road S H O W N FiY A P P O I N T M E N T Call EL 3-0316 TIFA'EI.OrED BY W H E E L E R R E A L T Y CO. 15J1 f l h A V K M J K Kouichold Goods Household Goodi *i«T ch^'t ifresl. l«. OOM and beard. GoM foort. runehea p.ckH modern roorr.a. Al. «ori l.nces Bt week, bj month. El.v. Free p a r k l n r Tamfielrl lintel USED F U R N I T U R E SPECIALS Matching pair spring unit TV ounge couch. Both 30x74 ins with loose cushions. tn miniterlil poittlon. SaUrled position involvlnif pnbllr. ton lact". ijibernl employe* teneflls. Coilsje. preferifiT PACIFIC FINANCE ' CORP. '1U12 Sth Ave., Qreeler I Tho only tomptole line of shelicn, ranging in sixes from 12 feet to ISO feet (or f a m i l y An*, fudustry. -$ .JnllmHed production with B day delivery for 1 unit or ICO i m l t N . ' .YOU M U S T _ H B UBXPY TO ACT AT. ONCE, S M A L L INVBNTOHY." INVE3TMTSNT - 10U · NATIONAL SALES, ING. y Hldg., Miami, KlorliU FRflnkUn PARK PLACE APTS. Furn. or unfurn. bnflet »pl«. Steam hpat. hot water »nd Ijtllllles. jSfi pur mnnlt:. Ap : '·f\y S3? Mil Si.. Km. ilO. Ph.j 'iKI 3-075; or DpilyU Acencv.i Illno. Ph. EL, 2-5747. 1 A i U M l N U M * Storm Doora * Storm Windows * Awnings * Siding . . 519.95 ·'ormlca top bootneranp table nd lamp tnblc. m a t c h i n g pair. ;ach -.. ..I12.S5 4-inch Hollywood liecl. mat- rcss and box spring. Witliout icntlboarrf 5S9.55 .............. itollawny 30-incb bed (sleep ·nrt). .......... _ Twin size steel bed with col] springs. . . ..... ... $15 Four d i n e t t e chairs, bronze fin- sli ......... _ ...... ,, ..... _________ HO.Ofl 2rih mattress. Floor lamp. __ ............... ,,. JG.95 Dx!2 fonm hack nylon rug. 119.95 Five piera illnellc net, y«llo» lalilc. (our chiilrs ..... $19.9 YOU CAN Cr^mOB IT AT at. Shop i BL J.8263I D10 GAlViBIjlJki Olli St. EI. Greeley Furniture Co. 600 S. Sth Ave. Ph. EL 2-5441 jsed volltop desk -------------------------------- · -- --^5 'scd mahogany china ........... ------------------ $79^5 Used largfi dining room table ----- ............. ------- 510 Used innerspring mattresses and springs ------ ea. $7.50 Used b u f f e t ..... _ ....... . ........... --------- - ......... $10 nfiway bed w i t h foam niattfess, new ----- ea. ?.19.95 WestinRhnuse sweeper with attachments. ' Like new ...._; ____ ......... . ........... -- ............... __...$2!05 PRRR DELIVERY OPEN E V U N I N U S TIL 8:30 I'J.KNTY OF FivEii "A"KIMQ UR1VK OUT

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