Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on April 25, 1972 · Page 25
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 25

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 25, 1972
Page 25
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For f -- Apts. 17 BACHELOR apti. for men only. NS- 170-880. 302 15th Si. 352-7600. COLONIAL Manor -- 2 Ixidrooni partly /urnhhcJ tipt. $150 a mo, iitus elec- trfdtr. 363-3703. L U X U R Y 2 bedroom »|)t., csrp«tcj, Irn]ird, fleet tie kitchen, n]r gunOl- lionnl, m a n y cxtrrp. ndults, t cIiiM- ren. 352-6020 or 352-1193. U N F U R N I S H E D 2 bedroom aparlnujnt. Appliances, drapfc. J i c n t turnUnel $140 jtionlh. No pels. 32-2023: S5S- 1SSS. For R e n t -- B u i l d i n g s STORE h u E l r i m K Sth Avenue. 600 etjui feel. Avalt*U* May 1st. 353-637-1. Office Space NEW office space for rent in prime ]ocnti6'n 1 _S ! Pg Stnn Williams Kcalty. ONE ROOM office Tor rent. 1723 Oth St.. 352-1361. OFFICE »pace, 712 10th St. 360 tq ft. $100 month, all utilities fur- McUUI.1 OCH , hn! t tnu- ,,| M , nd ,,,. vice. SixiCCTIK St. Cur.oco. DUNK biificjr Iwjyfor falf. 45l-2olO after C. AUTO-siomTK ,1, conditioning .,,,,[,,. _M»teonlli ht. Conoco. 1105 ISlh St. F I J ' ""tell. 1309 E. 16th St. YELLOW SOW wedding snd cr.gacc- mcnt ring t el. 451-2553. KEN'S Lnwn raoivrr henilr and Shnrp- _tnlTm. 2007 5th St.. S52-0130. A U T H O H I Z E D SH-Doo Dealer. Frank, lin Cycle Sales. 352-6932. _ OFFICE »pRfe -- Two 10x12 rooms, additional space available if required. Full time secretary available to an. surer phone ftnil for p a r t time beak- keeping. 2506 6th Ave., 352-8190. FLEA Slnrket - Every Snnfl«y-«eross _slrctl f r o m _ M o n f o r l Picking Co. NEW Ciuhman Tracks l« for . Franklin c-e!« S.iles. 35Z-69S2. K 1 H B V Sales ar-a Service at C Floor Covering. IS31 Qth Su Office space new building West Greeley. Up to 1000 aq. ft. 353-4769 Mobile Homo Space 23 T R A I L E R space for rent. __362-lpl3. MOD1LE home spue* for rent. 353-547C. HOUSE trailer loia tor tale at Hill 'N Park. Ph. 3J2-493S 2~~SPACER iivaiEnblc for inobile homes u p tn 12x60 ft. 353-054S. SPACES lor rent. Highland Mob Ha Home Park. Ph. 831-2405. LAHGE lot available. J u n e 5. Below cur i e n l price. 5130 down, ns^urno balnnee. 4725 '/Aon Dr. or enll 356114?. Miscellaneous 271 .k. mley'a H O N K E R chain «aw re a ]«r. t i n Cycle Sales, 352-6992. Frank____ KOVAI, portable typewriter, coed ' · · ,,o, . 1183 before 1 ;30 p.m. roil SALE: Wright house cooler. W«- rnrlor ivilh i front end J O H N Deere 1JO car.icr, sno\\- blower, wagon, hiadg. Call 353-73S4. LIQUIDATORS o! oil . Gary Grronwood, Auctioneers nnd Liquidators. ?60C Sth A*e. K2-4S22. ~ merchandise. Household Goods 30 IIOTl'OINT deluxe under counter cr. Co]iierlone finish. $76. after sU ii.m. KOI! SALK -- (iood ural Frluldnlre re. f r i g c r a t u r . I'lonse call after 6, 353. 3122. l-'OR SALK -- Registered El. Bernard. BLACK Pootllo puppy, ftO. Call 3i»-»3«. ST. 11ERNARD puppies. Call 353-W53. Money to Loan 31 WE SPECIALIZE tn small and Urse loans, 1*1 and 2nd morlapses or business. We ulso buy 1st and 2nd morl- gmscj. Con ij lid at on loans our specialty. C.F.O. Corp,, Gold N«lm«n Invcsltfifrnt, 61K Ave. ntjd llth Street 352-0131. FllKB to BOCK! horn* -- One year old German Shepherd, · payed, shots, ( · o o d w l t h children. 3S2-DD31. R o o f i n g and I n s u l a t i o n 33 A LCD Rooflnt Co. - All typo roof- HR opp|r C (i. 422 26lh St. S52-2332. PUPS for sale. S10. From good \vor\- itiK stock. Australian-Border Collie cross. 785-2SOG. B u i l d i n g M a t e r i a l 0-3 SQUAUB f« 3S3-0110. flooring. SAW fchaippnine, nil klncfi. On* day ' TROPICAL f i s h : Weld County's moat camplElc l i n e of a q u a r i u m s and supplies. Highland, 1406 flib. , . cc. Alklre'g, G.3 8 Ave. SHOP\VORN lumber. Ideal for corr»li and many fmrm use*. Murpbj Lunt _brr_Co.,__7^2. Sth SU CUSTOM made church-lop doors, come ujlh ElaineJ person wlio lifics th size. 352-IC3D. TROPICAL tlsh, goldf^h. »iaariumt, filters, R{T pump* I«erat6rd). Fr«nV'« Seed nnd Hktcherr. 709 LOtb Str«t ABANDONED -- Two eule pups: mate ami' female--under G monthi--found \M--sl of Greoley. Bnilly nec5 homed. Very affcctionRte. Cull 352-7170. gtfus. For the unusun!. Room Boats 6* Supplies 35 :! MAN Kayak, a 6:30 only. FOR SALK -- 14 ft. a l u m i n u m fish- in* b o a t ' u n i l trailer. Cull ntlor 6, FOI1 .SALK - PulvemcJ liwn and TM*TM- BariTcn fertilizer, 353-SS58. 101 SUi 12 FT. Stnrcrnft n l u m l n m n cnrtop boat, strfe '- ! nubile, life jackets. Kxccllcnt cor.di- TRAILERS fur trash hauling as lot as for 2 houra. O.K. Traile Rentals. S20 2nd St. WR 1JUV KSCO roior or blnclt w h i t e TVs, Bterws. radios, or i'iyer-. TV Mi.rt 3J.2-7200. STEAW Rritc rar^ei Jranlnc. The lwpsl thlntc to Bettmz new c.irp«u ONEY to loan. We buy. sell and trade for »oylhine of v«ilu#. (Jreeley Pawn Shop. 35S-1137. 402 lllh Ave. WINDSHIELDS - Plata glass, win lai, new or ui«l, Karl'a Cr 1_^ C«^l«. 2105. tL Kl, ?63- MOBILE home on deluxe space. Skfrl- ed, tied down, ready to live in for as HUle as $115 a month, i n c l u d i n g space and payment. Call 353-3S44. CREKLEY'S finest. Villa West Mobile. ,,._.. _..,,, Horns Estates. 2100 C EL Ilenling 4t[rr=r, ;r- -- - f4S per month, 1 month free rent i OI |*iEWSPR.'NT next 2a.re5erv»ltoni. 353-S8E9. NEW part In small quiet town. Z t blocks f r o m chopping area. Storagej*""^ buildings, 2 car off street parking, lawns. $10 per month. Pnrndise Village, Johnstown. Gall S7-1G02, _ Q U A L f T Y can^Rfl wnrn or nil kinds reroverinu of Iruck^scnts, etc. Woxxlt Canvas Pjoducla, 1930 Reservoir Rd. FOK S A L E - t l ft. ro\v Iwnt nnrl oars; 235 6 cy]im!ot '69 Chcv. pickup cn- "'«· wcurhmB Uom 5 GteeJey Tribune. - - SPACE available IrametJiaU-ly. All modern conveniences. Chilartn and double widoa welcome. VaiJey' Ava and River St., Plattevllk (20 miles F o u l h of (ireete; U.S. g a ) . Phont manager 785-2288. 8e lb. Roll end: o 30 Ihs. The Potn-tiller Uiit fit* fill Uccre garden tractors. In ext cnnriition. Price Jess lhaii */· new one. Cal HLUE Lustre not only lidi c.irprLi nf soil, but lcavt-3 |)ilo s o f t nnd lofty Kent rice! ric 5hnmjocer 1 fl. Gilbert Uowntovrn Druir. · PRIVATE space for one trailer in country. Reply Box P-7 c/o Grceley Tribune .SPOTS Irffore ro'Jr eyes.-- on your nn* carpel -- remove tllein N illi 1 nils-Male. Kent electric sliEnnjiouer, I Sl. l'nmt Stoic. . . tion, ilCO. 351-2780. Spcrting Goods 35-A R U G E K : 357 nisit. «-ilh kihler toll. ?55. Cull 552-0742. I'AKTS for vacuama. bosea, brita, btu?l:C3. etc. Perries Vneuura Center, 363.011SJ. ]MI\ Oth St. FClilCEI)" io~7elt -- 1071 Sinner. Will lB-injr, nionogrum, etc. TaVe for J20 r 5 payir.cnu of SC.50. Tl'.one 352- FOR SAI.F, -- 367 M n g n u m Ruger Colt frame with western sty!e hoUter and wide bell. ?120. 3a3-092G days. :ulnr T59.05. it and Awn- TV--Radio--Services, Salcj 46 9*9 IT. imibrolln lonla, IC now 15 To n f f . Grcelcy Te inn C'u., 520 8th Ave. FOR SAI.F, - One tet Wilson K ol( clnb.^, ^ \voodi, H irons, puller, baK, 2 Bets of head covera, umbrelln. All used only one season. JlcO. 3o3-C326 daya. RCA TV roTor console, 21 Inch, $125. Plains Motel, apt. 7 Jifler 6. S TRACK am/fm Btereo ivith tnnea. lOS. !!6-n59. F r u i t s and Vegetable* 39 WHITE pointers H.50 r" hundred; 50 lb». S2.00. 1/3 mile east of Lu- cerr.r. 3o2-2S4G evcnintrs. Hoy, Grain, Feed, Straw 40 ENSILAGE fov s»]e. 434-2327. W A N T K D -- Silnse. 2S4-644H. OnCHARD and brome grasi, Eom» mixed ivith a little alfalfa. Lame fcalej. SI.75-bale. Also «lfalf«. 2S4- 0472. EXCK1.I.KNT, oftieient ul, trjit's lilne 1,'iilrc COUNTRYSIDE MOBILE PARK . NORTH We have a wido selection of lots to choose Irom -NOW RENTING MOBILE HOME SPACES Stop At Our Offlco At 2036 1st Ave. Phone 356-071.1 Miscellaneous 27 CHEV mag wheels; Pen Pearaon hllnling lx»v. Call 284-79S6. FOK SALE -- Embroidered tVB»nze u e i l i l i n c «own. size 0-11. 353-1-193. 20 l^s'CIl rrc 1 ! type Koopr-r K l i j i p o r mower. Ixxjlis like new. 17P. 3j2- fcnlsiory clenner. pooer, SI. JtRtich Wholesale, . BEAUTIFUL rcposBessed Mbtrn M«rco console, like new. M u s t ?( tclfcve. Ualance at $1SF. C.iH ^[mmoni,_3a3-330. FOR SALK -- Polaroid camera. and rcor.OTiiic-1 carpel nnil .i:p-!i;oot) i Livestock 41 WANTEIl"-- Old srn5» to _ _ ,, ._ .v-inter 400 _heifej^ jmt^l May 20. Call S3 1-2191. JERSFA* m i l k cow, IMS]] in 2 weeks -..iJ-2314. after G. nltachnient, HO or beat. 17o 5 . latli! offer. 352-;, J H A V K 6 1972 .Sinucra. Will ZIP-MJT, Idinr! horn, biitlnnhole, monngram. No ultnchnients to b u y . $32 cnsh or e.isy terms. 352-JG'J9. L A R G E o f f i c e nfc. I n s i d e ineHure- ment in indies -- l:en:)il 57, icnirlli 4-1, 352-0 f, , plh 25. D. C. ttoycr Agency, STORK, fixtures, vnrioiis types, sold nnd trndcd. Cci Dux CSA, Ft. .Mori ircsl H i g h w a y 31. A D D I N G J n n c h l n w . i; Kiinranlwn Sd Avt. ,152-MGt. l l l h FOR" ·ion. 2«j miles pesvrllera. All -il. Knlc5, Fi;r- FeMhniiH. 1201 N K W individual c.ilf pens. TWA Dairy. ast-are. Close in. Call 352-2118. NO. 07G Wetcrn rnper Hereford fnr\- ilk 1 fnr safe. R.12-4S05 HOItSFS tor enir. Co W A N T E D -- Pasture For flSSG or So2-I2t,9. DTL 1000 w i t h rS mm telepllolo lei V i v a t n r 1?0 elcctr cnrryinfr ra«e. (22; FOR SALE^WooJen ninckstnitih vise,, $3o.OO. lli-a v),;fc. $50.05. «0 111. ] i l n t f i $50.0". Ktli;. ~ ' - iya Sc-Vor camera ni.-n 1.4 Icnp, i:j! s. density filter, nilft f l j i s h , Irnthor . 353-0??6 dnys. kegB. 7oc. ITcavy 510.00. Iron bar k t:ih!« \\ith nlc, . Ipply Co.. MilliVr Household Goodi LA\\*N mower.- push wheels, with cntche lyne. rubWr xl condition. !12.JSSS^-mj before 1:30 p.m. An'AGE^sTle. Tutfday thru Sun. TV, »cu-inif machine, tape nlnyer. All household ecxls. 635 17lh . SI. (!E refl-iiieralor-fricier, frost f l e e ; L'arly r.ew pjiani^h eotirh'. 352-3r.27. C O N V E N T I O N A L M a y l a K washer nnd * of rinjc tubs. 281-0:120. VTFOKM rocker, 115.03. 1169 2jlh FOR SALB -- Band bUKBy or stolt cart, gr.a engine, dinette Fet. 3520524. REPOSSESSED color console TV. T.t- ccllenl condition. Call Kr. Simrr.ons, 353.MS9. CAS heaters, hoi water tanka, fur- rinees, overhenrfa, bldg. rr.iteridl. 352- C63. FOR SALK"-- tx a red hns carpet, likv new, h n r d f y n GARAGE SALE F u r n i t u r e , children's clothing, miscellaneous. 3012 Sunset Drive, Evans Wednesday, April 26 0 a.m. to 5 p.m. DENVER POST OFFICE HOURS in Greeley 10 a.m. Mil 7 p.m. d a i l y 7:30 a.m. till 10 a.m. S u n d a y PANEL-IT 607 14th St. Gveeley 4x8 Pre-Finisherl Paneling Vinyl Shield--3 colors .... 2.03 4 colors L n n a n - 3-09 (loldnisli -- 2 colors -- 4.9 3 colors Lauan 'l.M r:aronsot -- 2 t n l o r s 5.!)n: Dio (Jranile -- 3 colors .... 5.!9| V f n y l g a r d -- I colors B.5!lj l l a l h r o o m Tile Board - 8.0n : 4x-S Pcghoard 2.D9 Coiting Tile 1051 S u s p e n d e d Celling, panels, s|. ft 28, Marble Top V a n i t i e s 3!).SS| 2x6 D e c o r a t i v e Daslic 2.MI LoilVfirnd S h u t t e r s 1.67 Open S h u t t e r s (for f.ihric) .. 2.08 P'inished f c I ' n f i n i s h n d M o u l d i n g Colored X.iils, Panel Adhesive Y K A H o!d spirited gelding. |27fi. '53-4142. ' THRIFTY wcnner pigs, average 40 _llw. After_4, 32-41T4. FOR SALK -- 2 movable fnrrowlni muses. Call 352-7S'2i n C t c r 5. U K L U X K 3 horse trailer. Call 356-0447 LIVI-^TOCK iprnyi t t f j n t n e r . t:o,irtTpJ flrl prslin H O H S K S urcn.i n rtK- Over '^0 yean Phnne 3S2-825 15 acres. Ridin pairs. Cnll 454-2343. WANT icr pasture for 5( liny all type* liveslot :Rrload. 352-3o!JCt. HOIiSKSHOEING - jiajis Htid - Trnlnint;. Custom D w n i n Crowj 6S8- K K R M ami Sons Tack Hoom. Saih'... , l:i«(s nnd tnck lepnired. 2 3 7 East ISlh St. T. yds. Mart nnd Rubber l.ickins, Oil. Call 3J2-3in, K O U N U U r urona ,-.r.. tSruf [irice for (.15. 35;-2SM. FOK SALK -bulls. I icciblt . f(nl rinl stall!' l i r n k r : 2 j' projects. ere.1 Hcicf in b u l l . 281- H A V K 6 1072 Sincers. W i l l blind horn, bnUnnhide, monog a U n c h m c n t ^ to buy. $32 CA=h or c:»sy terms. 352-4C0. CAiU'KTS a f r i g h t ? Make tlwm a b c n u t i f o l .;i^.L with U l u u T,'.:^trc. Kent rlcclric sham PIN-: er, ?1. Crce- Ipy Furniluie. !ASH for y o u r f i i r n i t u n nter rvire. 2MC .TANniNT, at K i n d -- Ny Quill Tin C«ro AtJHA 7JM31. Grar.daon of llai. 3o:i.QSCC. lOjiSKS iKirn.led: Hny n n J srnin f u i nhLfl. J!e-L ridinK nrcn in lowr .S^iirk Ffc-.l nnd Supply, IM-SOtf. | T'orlt Farmi hrrcrtlnf; Thirocs, Yorlm. Pel Stock Phon . 353-32=6 a f t e r 5 p.m. 6 wevli old, TRACT--4 l*Jrc«ni home, den, TV room. Corrgli. 2iH-77S2. S IIKDHOOM home \vllh UlnehM rage. Cull nfler 5:30. 352-3C2E. A K G feinnTc llcflilc, 7 mos. OSedknce trainnl. Children t.ceeasiiry. All ihota. 350-24S2, rarty line. FOR SAl.K Ii3- owner -- Residential home, close to both enmpuses. lly ap- r o l n t m e n t only. Phone 351-774). JjD Knclisti fiheop doj? pnps for * 454-2623, 1 mile north of KtUori li^ht, % mile west. " only*-- Blick *nd while Huskies. $26 c.ich. 352*7701. A K C Norwcjrinn F.lkhniind Se!cct Terms. brcodir.ET. K n r l e t Fnrmi, . prices. liriacsdiile, I K R M A N Shepherd puppies, AKO. U e n n t i f u l large bor.cij. Fxfellent temperament. Top bloodlines, parents X- raycii. Reasonable. 785-263Q. Sewing MochTncSf V a c u u m s 44 I'HtRY'S V a c u u m Center. Rebuilt Uirby'a. STJ.95.1501 Blh St. 353-0031 T'.' RENTALS. HO.Wi Mr month. Color SSO.OO uer moolh. 352-7200. DOB'S TV. 2011 Blh SU Service calb. t7.nO 85J-4786. TV Hart, 552- aiL OOD u = ed COIOT and Lta.1t and white TVs. Budget terms. TcicPision Uart, 61J 25th SL 362-7200. - FOR quick TV B 200. Fervtco whiic Tt'u Musical Instruments . 47 'OR SAI,Ei -- 1 B a n d m a s t e r an . Little Princess amp., Jilus atratocns- ' tri- Euilar. Call 353-56SO atlcr 6 |(. Real Estata 48 STAN WILLIAMS REALTY 1210 Dili Ave. 353-4822 Real Estate 48 Real EKalo CALL Rex Timothy for rutmi - ranches land. 353-2855. L.raou Kealty. 2 I1KDKOO.M hoas*. Cnrpeled, fenced y«nl. l)tl»ehfil caraze. 355-1599. 2 MEnilOOM home In f:«ton with Ilrc- rlace ar.d full baicnitnl. Call after 6, 45I-2S24. STOLL SEAY CONST. CO Builders of "DISTINCTIVE CUSTOM HOMES" Presents a complete personnllzed homo building aorvlct' Including designing, drnfling, (Inanctng, and a homo trade- in program. We sjieclallzo In qnallly construction and c r o f t m a n s u i p , iilus th« newest ideas and innovation In custom home building. Phone 352-5687. Tiies.,' April 25,' 1972 GHEELEY (Colo.) TRIBUNE 25j.; *^ Real Estate 48 home. n«,500. 353- ONK TO nine icrcs, your choice. New 3 bcdrootn. 11^ ^J,th. rircp[«ce, land- icnited, pole fence. luur UKPS, Ko-Jth Kuney. Csll J53-5502; SI2-5171. FOK SALti-- n p u r t m e n l hoys* dot* to downlou-n. Nlr.e lovely unlli. Grass annual lnco]a« $8,4CO. C*ll Klnrccie* «t 352.0105 or SUr Kealtr 352-17(8 KOIi SALE -- New 3 bcilioom home: f u l l y cunietej. 'i U H i h j , lane kitchen and family ruumj 2 car garage. Only H6.000. W i l l irxle. 1'hcnt 353-1SS5. ESCAPE KIT 5.D acres in iirivjite wilderness. Year rotinrl rocroiillnn a r e n , tic- cess limitcil lo property owners und gueBts. Kxcel.cnt f i s h i n g l i t stre.uus and Ifikes. Only 1,000 ft. to vitst N a t i o n a l forest. Cabin slto OTI knoU. Among w h i s p n r i n g pino nnd nsnen. Your Investment protected by covennnts. Nortliwcst of K I . Collins nnd w i t h i n l\( 2 Iiours drive from Greolej-. This is planned for Y O U H FUTURE. ?S,SOO terms. CONTINENTAL WEST REALTY "Recreational Land is our Specialty," Gveeiiwood Plaza Englewood, Colo. 80110 303-770-2262 Days, evenings, weekends. WANT A GUARANTEED SALE ON YOUR HOME? For Information Call: SCOTT REALTY CO. 12I2-8th Avenue, Greeley, Colo. 352-1212 Suite 203 352-5747 1000 lOLh Street Multiple Listing Service J.II. n n i l S. slock. ne^is tm:ill Slli Ate.. 352-j522. UNIT m e t a l kilclrfn cnbi cliuiea: Finale r i i i h , f u u r c t trie roaster with Mind. 35H-3JW, 2201 R t h _ S l . HN]N(i room set with rhin-i b n t f c t ; bicycle i pnfa ieel: bedroom f t t ; Hi:i- picnic t n h l e :; fi-S t i i n k T 1 I K K K g e n t l e pac* mule.;, f.r r K i M i t - n (o ride: 2 t;ei hdr=ir-.5: fl j / r n f l c rar.cK horpi tn Struh. fiiiilnble 3. I-3CR- . . - - . AQUA Firi-re! gcl3injr 6 ym. old. C u r - \vV,lein I'k.iLurc. Shoulil do nn t^- K f | c n t n i l n m i r n . ) ynnlh *hnw Ktrlil- ]n[ . $l )Cjl Jn j, n stroh, SSf-i*?!. Multiple L i s t i n g Scrvlco 1530,000 rsc 2 s l o r y lionic .n excel- leul c o n d i t i o n - i n gowl d o w n t o w n lorntion. IJon't miss this if you l i a v c nrjcd for t l i i s typn nf prop- ertv. $18,000 You'll l i k e this n t t r n c t l v c 2 licd- rooni lioniB on t h e o u t s k i r t s of Circclcy, T/nrgc k i t c h e n , u t i l i t y , fenced y a r d , f j n r n g o and many fenliirea you'll like. $18,000 Large, older home on Sth Aven u e n e a r the r a n i p i i R . $15,500 Snmohody is misfrinK something here. It'.-i a 2 story h o m e in ii-3 Zone w i t h i n w a l k i n g d i s l n n c n to town. l i a s ] y 2 l a t h , garage a n r l 190 ft. lot. Hotter Look. $14,000 Small Z tictlrnoin h o m e In West (Irccley. Large lot Zoned Jl-2. New r:nr|ie.t, f r e n h nnd clean. V a n t f u r new o w n e r . Owner ijiay help f i n a n c e . $13,000 A very clean home on n c o r n e r lot in Norlh p a r t of fireeley. scMnenl f l a g a ?i b a t h and hedrooin. p ou , try ly. STURDIKST bcn^ in town, only f i f t y flnSlnts. Maifo and riiirnntcr-il -IAV )\A) turkey hy J i m m l c Kelli^' i-'urr.itni* F.irtoty. 1 l.rnastcd. I'hone 3^3-H2ft, Dlh .St. ami H i g h w a y 1 F r n n V ' i l l ^ t r h e r y , S.'-. i n _ K v a n s . FOR SALK -- Rox « [ r t n y nfid m i l - trc-^s: ilouhle l-ookra»e hea«JioaT(1, ·n-nlnut: pintle boc.kca^e henHlxj^rrl, u-hlie: livinjr raum I n t n p , 4S in. t^ll i *ct of 3 living n;iim jiicturp^, FCI- srflrc-- mahosr^ny fran-.c=. ("all S:,i- 4f'7l n f i c r 5;3fJ p.m. T\V1N trf-il w i t h maple (v^Vr.i^f hri-l- lonrrl, fS.i.; 7 picre ilinctte, bronze- poirlfc* White 3.12-1 nil for ?12,950 I! Bedromn, o l t l c r homo In Xonc on 1 0 t h HI. 80 ACRE FARM ]l-3 m i l e s from Grnnlcy. T.RVC'. ci,i-k« - ll.torni! in-e «Mk.! Koml Pr n 'l"":r, l O f l O gallon i i i i m p Ribrock, (ircy Leuhomi. Cni-'nn'l ( l l t c l i w a t c r . 2 inodnrn a u n d c-'ii. on s u i r t t j j h o m e s , f f i i o n s o t l u f f . rorr:ils t\ Calh..rn imllcl thlcki. j,|p|iorf JlJK I n i i l r l i n R a . {80,000. M e v r Hrr.thcra l f n t e h r r , flrecley. P f Stock MONTHS nl.l Setter. (Ml S.J3.1I10 n f U r .i. 43 Jl'ro^-c. t j V . : l',M.y rrilJ "illi m n i l r r r - . : r J?|.2 J]'^' S '"' Z '"" ^'i^XT'm^Cifoi't": WJ*'-'TV/Sn oTM., pfx.-j cim-litk-n, $-W, K x r e l K u r n i l u r c , _'' : '- J'*_"_^-' ll!C Tcfrn? 31S-EI6.SS. C I I T K pur" -- )r / t f n " rffl-jT Chin* cabinet, nvft- _J:..00.__X-.3.*7V. tr»; r r i ^ i ' h i r c ^ Jet A r U " n , AUSTRAT.1 A N Shpphc jcoli'i, olflcr l^'f'lt SALK -- MX!*- , 160 ACRES J o h n s t o w n jireii. 250 AV, HiK T water p l ' i n d l t c h w a t e r . J172,lrOn. S k e r h r r d p n r « . 352.r,IJ'i. . ^ ln C ,n'"nl.h'l''w . tiffrt. .15: w 't: clectrie hoiter, [nsfar.t" f l o : rn1 couch. f n i r ' j O I [ S A L K : K«iternt yHlo«r I.nbra- $ji. C«11 K i V J l H S t c f o r e 1:.W| (}or r P triev«r. MnU-, lhr« yearn rdd. _ | K.T=.= cll llMiiml, ml a n r l whin*, f r m r " | y f » i « ti\t\, rr^i.tereir, mulr. Call 3.12- Open 9:00 to 6:00 Mon.-Sat. j Priilay Xighis until S:00 | Prices good until April 20 i Master C h a r g e -- l l . i n k a m e r i c a r d j Mobile Home Space 2 3 ' KOFI SALE [!! f i i r n i n i r e «r -M types St'Jvr-a and r e T r i ^ o r a l o r f l AT TUB WAUKHOUSR ^22 26th St. BEAUTIFUL AKC LAB PUPS i l ' i i p p y Bho l l e n t h n n l ^ Mobile Home Space 23 !-, fienlle nets, excels, top h l o o f l l i n c s . i2ri 7 f h Ave. ?,!.2-niT,r, "Personal A t t u n t i n n Makes the Difference" Arlolr«h I^ossor Sieve f ' e l l i r a n Dave I i e r n h a r r l t K l a n W i l l i a m s 3SS-27I7 3S2-7-13C R5S-1I01 I \\'K WILL MOVE TO , OUR NEW BUILDING SOON--WATCH'FOR IT! HOLIDAY VILLAGE MOBILE HOME C\| Seeds, Plants, Flo we 11 Spaces available for double and single wide mobile homes. Call Bud Larson, Park Manager or come by our new club house, 3102 17th Avenue. 353-7741 Sccdi, P l o n l j , Floweri 38 ATTENTION FARMERS Grow pickles /or early caah BREEIER TICKLE CO. Now contracting pickles for 1072 Excellent price, phis hauling Phone 353-2016 284.6274 484-1168 FIRST OFFERING Tio tho first to EOO nnd liny t h i s n e n r now tri-lovcl In Cnn- cmle. 'I'hlK home ii;m n i l the fciitnrcs yoiuit; America w n n l f l . TriiUo Up. NOW IS THE TIME to b u y Mils n e n r new 2 h u i l r c o m , hrick liomo w i t h elcclrlc kltclicn, f u l l biiflcmont and g n r a g e . Tlieio's n nice gnrdon ai'ea anrl f e n c e d ynrd. Cnll now. O f f i c e : 352-5747 Residential D e i m r l t n c n t : Nonn P n n r t l l 3r2-snr,8 UnrlKira Mock 350-3285 Farm a n d H u n c h Department: J o h n P. WtttKon 352-9383 S. Oinlyko, Uroker I WHEELER REALTY COMPANY * REALTORS ft 1331 8th Ave. 356-1331 . MULTIPLE LISTINf! S E R V I C E WE MAKE THINGS HAPPEN JUST LISTRD Tills lovely trl-lnvcl In R n l l l n i ; I l l l l n . It fctiliircs four levels -- tho f o u r l l t Is n n f l n l s l i c i l lint, h n a n i n p l e r n o m f n r a f o u r l l i l i o f l r n n i n n n r l a r e e r f n l i n n r u n i n . Other f c n l f t r c s incltitlo a InrKO s j m n l o i i H l l v i i i K room, formal d i n i n g ronni, k E t o h o n w l l h d i n e t t e npncci, ( f i r r i f i Imdrnoms., 1 y t -'/, littllis, two cnr g u r n g o . All of l h l « nesllea on n hinjc l o t -- h u r r y ! T,AKGE LOT You w i l l f i n d l l i o elbow n m r n you d c n l r o n n t h i n 72x175 fl, l o t i n I n n Hrn;ulvtaw nrfrii. T l i l B on« I f t V f t l lionu; f n n M i r r n (hrcn. I j ^ f l r t j n n i R , f a m i l y Hi7crl h l l c l j u n , K i n d l e c n r wrnKU n n d I K l i t I m i i i F i c n l a t o c o n d i l l o n . T f n t l o r $20,000, BO m i l today! WK CIFALT.KNGK YOU To f f n r l a l i o t l n r I n i y I f j r only (Ifl.OOO t h a n Uils «lory n n r l one l i n l f I h r o r * heirdom h o m o F i t I S I f t ] ^ I ) i Slrcrit. r /'Jir':n hoflruonm, f n r r n a l rilnlng rwmi. l o v e l y k i l r f i o n nnd I f i f j ft. \('.t'.[t lot. Jl'H z o n e d /or Inctjim!, nn t . i f l NOW: SIX HEDROOMS I n I h 1 n I t n l l i n ^ I l l l l i i hi-lf:vf:l. I t ' K " w j n n n k y ok-nn" nnrl b f . n i l i f u l l y d';corFil r :d M i r o i i ^ l i o n t - - f u l l y r.-irpnlr-d, f i v r - n thn. h J t c h f i i i ! l l i i K f l lol, B [ r l n k ] o r n y « l f j m , f^nrn rmd I n r r l f i n l;rii(]Hfap[n;, If y o u li.'ivo n I n r K O f a m i l y , t h i n h n i n c 1.4 fnr you! T R A N S F K R K K U O W N K R \ \ ' i l l K!VP, ffijst p r i H K P H H F o n o n l f i i n I w n y o u r o]rl r n n r h P l y l ! IKJITIO on n I n r g c lot In rhnlro I t o l M n K F i n i s arf;n. Spni":irjTis l i v i n g rorjin tlnnor.'itofl In n l i a d c H of K O l f l , f J r f : j i l r i f : r r , I h r c r t hrrlrrKirnK, I*i h a t h n n n r l f u l l h,'iHfimf:nt. TJi« all-ft|f:r:trle k l t o l i o n I n c l i i c l f t H r f j n « n , l i H f i w ; i s h r : r , r f f r l f f f t r a t o r a n i l f « o o n v o n i o n l l y .irr;mK-dL Dotililr; car K s i r n R f r . f f j n c f n J yard and p r k f j j lo « ( r l l (it $3] ,500. UMVKRSITV AKICA 2221 f u h A v n n u f t . C h n r m l n p l i i i n ^ f i l o w w i t h I w o i f - d - ronms nn I ho m a i n rirhor plnw a rf:c room Find I l i l r d b f i f l r o o m in t h f : h a B o m o n l , I{";nitl[nl deep lot w i t h , i n f i l n r n Irot^, l j ; i r b ( - c n o a r e a ami o f f - s t r e e t p a r k i n g . ? 21.000. 0 AG11K IrKCt n o r t h of (Utc'.on. New S Lc*)rootn Li-level liomc, 2 fircplnccs, rec room, aim ilcek. Cull Itobert Krcr., 454-2SFi5 or Star Realty, 552- T. COf.I/INS family tooktnR for 120,003 to ^24,000 3 bedroom home to luy In Greeley. Mint tnv* treed, larRe yurd, quiet Bliect, jtnac*. Call J u d y Kminctt, 484-S605 or wrllc Ifiig WheUtec. No «Kcnta pSt.isr. '0!t SALt-B acre tract, show, plnco for tcRtslcrc-l ICvnto^V suitable for other fcusltiwa. 4 room, 3 l.ith home, earrali »nd f u l l y fiutppcd outbuildings. All city utilities. Mint see lo Appreciate. Ini- incdiata po*scision. Call 353-58*6 to fee at a n y t i m e . Would consider r inc. TALL, COOL AND SERENE il's y o u r new nolfzhlior -- tho luosevolt K u L i o i i n l Forest, A n d t's r i g h t next ilonr lo this -1.25 icro imrcel. W l m t a V h n l n location! (Just i(5 min itcs frotn Rstes Purk.) Hcaull u l sito for y o u r f a m i l y mouit a l n cabin. Let mo know* ivhnl lay you can RCO I h i a ilcltghtfnt vooilcri rolrcnl. KEYMEN 1402 8th Ave. 353-2271 STAN E M E S O N , nilOKRR IMPROVED TRACTS Aliout 7 ner«a of ernes w i t h Rinnll 2 lirdroom IIOIIHC. Not t 'nr from tho city l i m i t s . A now ,1 bodrooin h o m o : l.COO 8(1. ft. of l i v i n g area, f u l l y cnr ictcd, hoL ' w n t o r Iicnl, 2 cnr nniKO. $35,000. fi ncros of K r n H R wilh n m n j i R o f u l l)iitUlhiK» Incluillni;: n r K o n m i i i y 2 bodronm home w t t l i l i U B c m o n t ; m n c l i l n o : n r r n l H nnd. hum. miles of Orccloy. W i t h i n 15 AUTOMOBILE OR QUALITY HOME? "SELL IT" LIKE IT IS: TURN TO THE WANT ADS TODAY! Mobile Homci 8-A Real Eitata 4S COTT School «re«, 4 b*Jroow bt- ., kvel. 2 b«th«. »lr condillonri, doubU*'- ' g«r»gc. 362-4725. No atenti plcm*«. ILLSIDE -- A Unroom brick. Full biecmenL M i E n floor utlHttn. N*wly '"' redecorated. Shown by *[ pointer at only. 362-7360. OR SALB--3 bedroom t»m«. Fully earpctCfl. In excelUat area.' Good loan assumption. Kay Lanon Real' ty. 353-235S. Call Joan Johnston, J52. 0281 or Kay I.arjon 362-8188. IOUNTRY HOME SITES -2 ncres. City water, 1 mile nst ot 1-26 at exit 121 Berthoud. Ciill NorLlimoor Realty 1-427-2020 Denver Attention Veterans Duplexes--l-Plese» No down^ G I h Reply to FRONT RANGE BUILDERS 218 E. Cth Ave. Lovoland CC9-1177 .I1LLIONS OP DOLLARS n Real'Estate Is sold daily n the Classified Ada. Moth- · ng small about that I Get into the Want Ad Habit. , jo!) -.: Si HAVE YOU LOOK-: ED, TILL THERE'S S P O T S BEFORE YOUR EYES? HAM' troOH, TW 11 yon a 1 c o u n t r y . l U K I C i . KA11MS 140 ncrcH, 169 ncro», 1GO iicrofi, No. 2 Dig 'I 1 ivalor. ACHE, 3 licil., Rimlon, · o, Iwo cnr gnrngo, f r u i t ' ?18,riOO.OO. , ; ith w lied. h o m O j Town o r ' , TWO. 2 lied, homes, nlong wit 11 -I Ijctl. lioino, or wo can flho llt.'U'. I .-M-Vl : : -^T ··r!;,.v| No FLINN REAI/IY r C f j u o H L (no a n u t l l or CIliiis. A. KM n i l , Broker Clchlnn M l l l n r , S n l c f i m n n too. Mobllo Homai 4B-A NO DOWN Payment on VA Loans Low, Low Downs on non-veterans with credit NOHTIUCRN MOBILE HOMES S. (if l l n m n c l n I n n .Ili.WGO ICOl!» llltSJ! Jerry Ir:don Srrm f i l v n n floy I ' a n k e y a n T h r a p p Mr-rln "Mac" McN'iilty S52-7001 M a r l n n Shoop M n r K n r ' : t (,'nsii H u r l K t e r t w c l l Jerry I t n i l l f f I In rnlil Mnoro IJolored M n r l c h 352-0825 353-I7SS S56-I132 .153-2S88 GREELEY 5 STAR MOBILE HOME PARK LST f \ U H H I ' A C K R B N T A L O U A H A N T K B U J U U I y~tJ WITH 1 ' U l l C I f A S K FOU ONK YE, LIMITED OFFER YKArt SPECIAL 1972 LIBERTY 12x60 $3995 ( l i n e n ) STOCK REDUCTION SALE ®P SJ \ , r;/ -;'^' A L I , SIXKS A 1,1, MOOKLS 12x60 WAS $f)79G NOW $3995 (Iliisc) EASY LOW FINANCING , ; :::^': ! . · ; OF GREELEY ' ' ' . · ' 200 N. 35lh Ave, Grceley ·--' - 353-3781 H U N T R R MOBILE HOME SALES CO. : ·],!,! ' ··· :S ·V'IK

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