Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on March 1, 1976 · Page 21
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 21

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Monday, March 1, 1976
Page 21
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The Idaho Free Press « The News-Tribune, Monday March 1 1976 - R«tlEstit«C«ldw«ll 55 ' 55 · Or rent: 0 Bedroom, all elec- In Mlddleton: 4 Btjrm home · ' nc ' ,I*S h ' d s a r a g e , four newly remodeled, new carpet. .^ years old, 419,000. 454-1417. $3500 down, owner will carry --^-- contract. Phone 459-J689, B-10 R M | Estate C.ldw.ll Highest bidder buys! Near new , 3 bedroom in excellent repair . Minimum price SIB.900 "Minimum down 5600. / C \ w t I T E - R I E O E L » C O . LJ^J «7-524l Eyes. 4«t-J?C3 - · N E W E R T H R E E B E D R O O M HOME w i t n - large kitchen and prompt possession on c i t y sewer wilh paved s t r e e t s . 518,900.00 | 5600.00 down. R E A D Y TO - MOVE INTO. ' * G R E A T FIX UP P O T E N T I A L with this large two beoroom home thai offers - b r e a k f a s t nook, s p a c i o u s dining room, oversized living room with fireplace and a music room. S22.500.00 1401 .. D E A R B O R N S T R E E T * V e R Y N E A T T H R E E .. BEOROOM HOME with l', 7 balhs. uMlity room and large o o u b l e g a r a g e . 524,000.00 Assumable loan balance ol S19.600.00 W O R T H T H E MONEY S P A C I O U S TWO B E O R O O M - HOME or possible 3 bedroom . on large lot wilh garden spot and c e n t r a l l y located to all schools and college. This clean home o f f e r s wall to wall c o r p e t i n g . t w o f i r e p l a c e s , covered patio, storage room ar^d u t i l i t y nuilding 529,50000. 17;2 W A S H I N G T O N S T R E E T . ORVIU.E D. REAL ESTATE Executive Plaza 1002Blaine 459-7419. Caldwell ChapBurlon 459-3416 Orville Collins 451-9584 PROFIT When you have Winder ,inij Associates o f 'er youi p-ope'ty for sale. R e t a i l , r e s t a u r a n t , other commercial. High visibility next to Post O f f i c e parking lot on Main Street. Streel parking usually available. Single story building on 25' x 120' l o t . Quick possession. Cash price 530,000.00. Control your earnings? You can with this f a m i l y billiard center and lunch counter. Earn in relation to your el- forts. This Caldwell business is for sale or lease. Need assistance to arrange f i n a n c i n g ? We'll help qualified buyer. Railroad and city services av.-.ilable. Industrial. About 12 ! acres. Airport Road Caldwell. Fix up special! Needs paint and some minor repairs. 3 bedrooms, large corner lof with space for garden or perhaps small rental. Near ' C a l d w e l l High S c h o o l . Budget p r i c e d 5 1 9 , 8 0 0 . 0 0 . .Shown by appointment. Need growing room? You've got it with Ihis spacious 2,950 sq. ft., older home. 4 or more b e d r o o m s . F i n i s h e d basement, 2 fireplaces, full, J y, and ' 2 b a t h s and much more. 538.JCC 00. Near C of I and efonentary schools. On the railroad in downtown N a m p a . Warehouse, approximately 4,900 sq f t . main loor, 2,160 sq. ft. overhead storage. Concrete dock on railroad, s e p a r a t e t r u c k oading platform. For sa'e or lease. I n v e s t m e n t , f a x s h e l t e r ? Downtown Nampa. 3 comm e r c i a l r e n t a l s on main floor, 8 furnished apartments upslairs. Reasonably priced at 539,500 00. G u i l d e r s , i n v e s t o r s ! 542.000.00for 34 building lots. C o l o n i a l S u b d i v i s i o n a 1, Melba. p l a t t e d recorded and p a r t i a l l y d e v e l o p e d . C i t y w a t e r a n o u n d e r g r o u n d utilities available. Agenls for the sale or lease ol 114 acre planned industrial development a t t h e o l d C a l d w e l l Airport. We assist you 10 arrange to buy or build. Old Mill Block, Cald. 454-0411 ;ves: Richard Winder . 4 5 9 - 6 1 8 2 Don Winder 454-0411 w / ; - , ' °TM w / l a m j l y room and large h yted double garage and let (lie SU5 per monih rent on itie ad' i a c e n i 2 b c i r m . house help make .'° u ;,'Payments. Both houses for 534,000. See al 2fl | College Ave C a l d w e l l . C a l l 459-0294. for appointment, aller 5. By owner: 3 bdrm. with lamily room, garage, extra large lot with huge garden area. Plenty ol storage, nice neighborhood, w e l l - b u i l t home wilh cedar shake roof. Phone 45J 1789 Four unil apartment house, closelocollege,J37,500. ^^^ Phone 459 9658 ·1 Bedroom, 2 bath, utility room, family room, about 4 years old 526,750. P a y m e n t s SI9I mo including taxes. Insurance and interest. 7 n% | 0an , d r | ve bv 7610 S. Ohio, Caldwell. If interested, phone 454066). Five acre parcels near Purple Sage Goll Course. Phone -15-1-0290 Spacious 3 bdrm., Uj balh. fireplace, f a m i l y room over ?.CCO square feel. Phone 459-88.10 or 459 262). SS. R»«lEsUttC»ldw«ll 55 Newer 4 bdrm., southslde, large lot, 2 lull baths, large garage. Quality appliances throughout, many exlra features for convenience, S1,OCO. No Sal. calls, 459-0508 alter 4. Tnvd Trtilwt A Campers Pickups, Truck* «Tr.lltf* Automobiles 64 «5 Automobiles 85, + 80 Acre Farm, sas.ooa. nice 3 bdrm home, garage, large barn, 4'3 acres of new alfalla, 14 acres grayily irrigation ana balance in sprinklers. 1 Contemporary Desinii in this a t t r a c l i v e 3 bdrm., Vallivue Schools. 5 bains, family room, f o r m a t dining 8. living room wilh a t t r a c t i v e rus l: c used b r i c k fireplace, covered palio. S'ecker Subdivision S43.000 4 - Just Listed. Soulhside 3 bc'rm. in Rosewood Subdivision on Uevvey Lane. Formal living room, family room a playroom lor the kids. T h i s f a m i l y home nas I7jj sq. ft.. Pi balhs, fenced lawn, and maintenance f r e e aluminum siding. S38.500 * _NEVVER SOUTH SIDE 3 Bedroom. I 1 ; story, all electric, lovely kiichen. built ins. 2909 tow.i. S29,5CfJ ' C O Z Y 2 BEDROOM, part oosemeni, south side 1700 Fillmore SI6.000 ^STANLEY L.JENSENtB * 7lh Blaine, Caldwell 459-0736 '"'^ Eves: Steve Jensen ... 454-0669 Jeff Jensen ... 459-6010 Slan Jensen. G R I . . .459-B-IB5 ALL ? AMERICAN REALTY D I R T Y BUT C H E A P 4 Bedroom, owner will carry 8% conlraci S13.000 NEAR DOWNTOWN, clean and neat 1 Bedroom, exc con- dilion 514,500 BIG OLD 6 Bedroom, owner will linanceat 8% .. . . 516,250 MIDDLETON mobile home, quiet area, let's look . .515,900 NICE 2 Bedroom, storage area, good condition . . 519000 P E R F E C T S T A R T E R , 3 Bedroom, fenced y a r d 521^900 T O W N H O U S E S , easy financing, low maintenance 528 950 C L A S S I C ranch styles Bedroom, edge ol Caldwell .. .535,500 S P A N I S H slyle 3 Bedroom, brand new, duality Inroughoui . C A P E COD style. 3 Bedroom, a t t r a c t i v e decor, south side . . 536,000 S T E C K E R SUB, 3 Bedroom, elegant living, shown by ap S P L A S H Y NEW, 4 Bedroom, 3 balhs. Instelully decorated .. . BEAUTIFUL .1 Bedroom, near golf course A Leisure home . · · S46.500 COUNTRY Estate, super home, swimming pool, out buildings, lano $ 7 9 0 0 0 37 A C R E S plus spacious J Bedroom, nice improvements .'... 580,500 CLEAN 2 Bedroom home, I balh. new c a r p e t s $18,000 I 5 A C R E S , row crop, 2 miles Irom town $22,500 1 "2 or 3 A C R E S , building site. Call Joe s$$s 40 A C R E S level. Smiles Irom town, all under irrigation with 2 Bedroom home S4B,000 C O U N T R Y LIVING.greal 3 Bedroom, just outside Caldwell $34,500 LB KCIDBLDG. Slan S m i t h . . . . Collect 337-3468 Melba Carter 159-9695 Dottie Strinyfield 4 5 9 - 1 4 3 5 Mike Forney 459-6998 459-0766 ShelbaBlaisdell. . Joe DeGra:ia . . . . Billye Jenkins Assoc.Biokor. . .459-9276 .454-0583 .466-9557 GOLDEN WEST SW Sf OLD TIME C H A R M E R ! Is tlis? story, close to the park on a large corner lot. close to the park and tennis courts Oilers a real cure lor the crowina 'amiiy. SI8.5CO v LIKE S T R I K I N G OIL You'll be very excitca when /ou see Ihis 2 Bedroom, full basement. Spanish assign home, fireplace, oining room, 1 J; balhs ana fully carpeted. Contract terms, too! S26.733 STOP T A L K I N G A N D C R Y I N G ! About inflation! Yes prices a re up out we all need a home to live in . . good or bad times ... buy and have some deductions. This 3 Bedroom home is really unaerpriced so puts you financially ahead the day it is yours. New, nice lo in growing area. Classy kitchen, nice carcels. double qarage. immediate occupancy S29.9CO " L E A V E Y O U R WIFE...! At home unless you're reaoy lo ouy. She'll love the over 2000 sq. ft. custom home. 3 Largo beorooms, 2 way fireplace, f a m i l y room plus nice sized living room. kitchen builtir.s -,vith super b r e a k f a s t bar. new on the market. 538.900 C H I L D R E N A R E R A I S E D ! And now they must sell their family home lor something a I'-tlic smelter, -i Bedrooms, family room sewiny room, wet bar in the full basement Sunken iub anc a terr-f ic viev/. S40.9CO TRY B R I C K S IN '761 A brick home on a saving acreage, close to everything, c o u n t r y t a x e s , owrer t r a n s f e r r e d and anxious to sell Ihis j Bedroom, f a m i l y room, spira' sta rcase loads to a 'ull lirvshec! basement and lots of s'c'aqe. SJi.533 S U N R I S E -- S U N S E T ! And all (he y e a r s between will be spen! happ ly here ... lor kids ano animals on tn s 1' j a c r e fo r rnom ar.d ciad : n 'Jiis lovely 4 Bedroom c o u n t r y rrar.'u v.-tr-, 3 f i r e p l a c e s Many nice f e a t u r e s to' your p'easu r e. SJ9.9CO CAlOKf U WUUIPU USmC SERVICE 2900 Cleveland, Caldwell 459-1597 Marie Johnson 459-2330 Bob Carre* 459-855; Reva McDanlol 466-215« Bonnie Ashctaft 459-8171 Virginia Off 454-1645 Trula Carrow. GUI Warren Ryan Bob Orr, Farms Ted Sutherland Gordon Sines RESIDENTIAL H 1 L L C R E S T , 2 Bdrm.. 1'j oalhs. just SIS.000. H a s d t o l o x also available, SI5.COO NEW K I T C H E N . 3 Brtrm , l i r e p l a c e , a l l brlct. W.900 AAIDDLETON, 3 Bdrrr. . in new home area, ' ? acre. $28,950 N E A R L Y NEW, Sculh S'de, 3 Bdrm., I \t baths, f a m i l y room, double fireplace. S33.500 ACREAGES 1 A C R E S , with 4 nnrrr. home, city w a t e r ar.o Sewer S32,0:'Q ? ' ; A C R C S , new s Bdrm . 3 natns. near nq c o m p l e t i o n , j u s t O H H w y . 44. 70 A C R E S . 1 Bdrm , new horn,:, new shop bldg., barn anri c o r r a l s 563,500 M A C H I N E S H O P , garage, s e r y i r e siation. Well equipped, complete wilh inventory Sj2,C5i) RESIDENTIAL V A L L I V U E D I S T R I C T . 3 Bdrm., 1 3 * baths, on ' j acre lot. $33,900 ALL B R I C K , 3 Bdrm . 2 full baths, formal dining room, targe family room, very nice. S43,90rt Y O U R C H O I C E , 1 Bdrn,. lamily home OR 2 B e d r o o m with 1 Bedroom upstairs ap). Priced Righf THIS IS PRIME, over 3000 sq. f t in this Povely split level home, located on choice acre ol land S53.200 CALDWELL REALTY 454-1409 119 S.Kimball, Caldwell LM Scruggs 459-1278 K«rtn htoikklla . . . . 4 6 6 - 2 6 2 4 Purk Coll«y 459-250? Vosie Ogawa 466-2885 Kelen Englosby ... 452-3325 Robert Polls 459-6264 Elsie Colley 459-2509 Eva Levanger 337-)S53 Frtd Hull? 722-5462 Two private mobile home lols, 50 x 120, S5500 14500. Mobile home, 1 2 x 4 4 , J4500. Phone eves. 454-989? ____ Was *42,000, now S39.000. 3 Bdrm., 2 balhs, custom decor, fireplace, fully carpeted, built ins, drapes, underground heated pool 8, sprinkler system, ','3 acre, fenced, brick, shake roof. 454 8139 aller 6 p m . weekdays. BOB WELSH REALTY 2116 S.Kimball 459-613'1 1965Field!, Stream travel trailer, sleeps 6. Phone 467-45181 to 6. MINOR RENTALS T R A V E L T R A I L E R S , C A M PERS, MOBILE HOMES O F F I C E S , A L S O MOTOR HOMES. CALL 466-7844, Motor HomM 63A For renl by Ine day, week or month: Motor home or VW Bug or pickup. Call days, 467-5532 or evenings, 467-5066 For rent by week: 20 Fool motor home, sleeps 6. Call 467-39 s« a f t e r s p.m. ;Plckups, Trucks Trailers :R*«I Estate Misc. 64 58 3 Bedroom home on 5 acres. All pasture lenced. 537,000 Phone 922 4309 Motorcycles 60' SuzuKi 390 with fairing, 350 miles. Also new 7 h.p. Clinton outboard molor. Phone 466-7739 1975 Honda MR 175. Best o f f e r over S700, or Irade for car or pickup. Dial 466 3495 alter 5. 1971 Yamaha 250 Enduro. 1 2 c u . f t . G E refrigerator. Phone 467-2554 1975 K a w a s a k i KZ400 Full dress. 15CO miles. Asking S11CO Call 467-5653 61 Snowmobiles 1972 R U P P 2 9 5 NITRO, 5375. Phone 459 6890 7 John Deere Snowmobiles Like new, 51800, Call 466 0525. Mobile Homes For Sale 62 1975 Broadmore. skirting cooler, SI,000 down, take over payments. PHone 896-4584 12x65, 3 Bdrm. Late 1973. like new. Call 337-3293 or see at space f 11, Sunset Village, Homedale. 1974 Skyline 12x55, S500 eQuiiy and take over low monthly payments. 459-4796. 14x60 T w o bdrm. Biltmore, 56,550,5800 down, paymenls $96 mo., a'Jobank loan. Private lot in Middleton, can rent or buy lot. Phone 454-0661 14X68 With tipout, S3,000 down, takeover payments. Phone 459-4126 1961 CMC '/! T. pickup. 8 1 box, newly rebuilt motor, good condition. 467-1672 aller 6:30. 1974 Chev. Van, PS PB, n Ion, 5 s t e e l belted tires. Good mileage. Ph. 467-3193 afler 4. 1972 Ford 250, XLT Ranger, 55o engine, wilh camper stiell, extra w h e e l s and tires, e x c e l l e n t cond., 53,401). 396-4179 f969 Chev. C 60, 5 3 speed tandem, rebuilt 396 w/ less than 1,000 miles. Clean 8, all systems go. With or without metal spud bed. Call Homedale, 337-4532 1973 Honda 250, 5695. 1773 Ford 1 /; ton, 4 speed, S3,150. Phone 585-2944 Super nice Datsun pickup! S1200 or best offer. Phone 416-2891 1963 Ford Vj ton pickup, v/ 8, standard trans., lonncau cover, chrome wheels, radial tires. 5595 or make oiler. 467-8587 19^4 GMC ME6500. 427 V/ 8, 13 speed, PS, air brakes, 34,000 tandem. Low miles. K A R C H E R T R U C K S A L E S 8, S E R V I C E CENTER, 467-44BB 4x4 Classic 1967 Jeepster con"- vertible, red and white. White spoke rims, radial tires. V / 6, roll bar, runs great, looks belter. 52,000 or best oiler. Call 585-6655 days, 585-3370 evenings. Out ol town this weekend. 1966 GMC P I C K U P Good condition. Also, canopy w/ floor. Call 722 5911 1964 International piikup. 4 cyl. 3 speed, low miles. Good condi lion. 5425. Call 4i6 7620 New heavy duty landem axle stock trailer, wilh elec. brakes light. Phone 466-1039 Automobiles 65 1969 Chev. pickup, 3 speed overdrive, 6 cylinder. Clean runs good. Call weekdays 459 6820 or evenings 337-4226 maGMCiorjttleorlrade forcamp^railer. Phone 459 4965 1970 DATSUN PICKUP. L O T S O F E X T R A S . CalU59-6555 1 9 7 5 C H E V R O S - E T 4 X 4 . '.a Ton, AT, PS, PB, excellent condition, 51,000 miles. Call 4827291 days or 459-6853 after 6 pm. 1969 IHC tandem drive, 392, excellent condition. 1970 Ford pickup. 1975 Pontiac G T O , low mileage. 1969 P o n t i a c . Call Wilder, 482-6451 1973 CHEVROLET EL CAAIINO Excellent condition, low mile age. Musi sacrifice 152975 Call 467 2308 after 5:30p.m. 1974 Chev. custom deluxe, '-2 ton, 4x4 pickup. Automatic, PS, power brakes. Dial 459-0634 1972 INI. 2'/7 ton diesel trailer puller. 1972 F O R D diesel trailer puller. Call 4660525 TRUCK FOR SALE Pli ore 4668763 Parlially disabled Viet Nam veteran on his own, without w e l f a r e , wants to acquire a broken down I ruck. Phone 8883650 Automobiles 65 1971 Double wide trailer. N equity, take over contract 8. move. Dial 459 3704 MOVING: 1970, like new, 12 x 55 f r o n l kitchen, large rea bedroom, awning, porch, lawi shed, etc Call 459-0625 eves. 1972 Rideau 14X64 mobile home Fully lurn., 3 bdrm., w/ lire place, central air, i'/j baths large awning skirted. Loc. on large country lot s ot Nampa Phone 466-7783 12X50 Academy, furnished, sel up. Evergreen Mobile Hom Park. Only 54500, with 5450 dow". Will finance. Ph. 467-1578 1972 Nashua 2 bdrm. 12x^4, heat, fireplace, stove refrig., utility shed, S4500. Ph. 495 2381 WANTED: T R A I L E R ! HAVE ALL CASH Call6B9 8894 Ontario Introducing . . . The All New 1976 14x70 Deluxe teatuics include: · Corpeling ihroughout · New panelling · Beautifully furnished · Siorage galore · 3 Oulsicfe doors · 2 Bedrooms · 2 Full balhs (one with Roman tub!) · Separate olility room TOTALLY UNIQUE! TOTALLY ELEGANT! TOTALLY NEW! See if today . . . OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK FROM 9 lo 9 HOMES IDAHO, Inc. 4664155 Travel Trailers Campers 63 · EXECUTIVE · TRAVOY Front wheel drive · TRAVEL QUEEN · CHAMPION · SUPERIOR · TITAN Idaho's largest Exclusive Motor Home Dea/er!l ROBERTS AUTO 323 Nwnpt/Cild. Blvd. Opsn E»tf. 466-9226 1968 Jeep Commando 6Cylinder,S1500. Call 459 7609 a f t e r t p . m . 1974 F=ord Pinlo, 3 door Runabout. 2300 motor, 4 speed, air, vinyl top, luxury interior. Call 4663450 alter 6. 1975 VVV Rabbit. 4 Ooor, raaio radial tires. 13,000 miles. Call 467-4262 1972 Chevelle, headers, Hi-rise, Holly, AM/ FM 8 track. Make o f f e r ! Phone 466-6749 19730ldsOmega.18,000 actual miles. Very clean, below book. Call 922 5675 Must S a c r i f i c e ! Sharp, 1968 Olds 1 door fidtp. AT, PS, PB. air, new tires. Call 446 2300 197J Ford Pinto wagon, good condition, bronze, good mileage. Call 459 0268 1973 Toyola Celica, A/ C, vinyl top, new radial tires, mags. «6 6613 or^467 3531, ask lor Larry. 1973 Ford Gran Torino Sport, 2 dr. AT, silver wilh white vinyl roof. PS, PB, air, AW/ FM 8- track stereo quad. Mags, steel belted radials, exc. cond. Call Keyin. 466-5511 or 467-6667 eves. IMI Pontiac Firebird. 4 Sp. standard, power steering. Call aller 5, 467-6490 1967 Plymouth Sport, 383, buckTM! seats, 4 speed on the floor. Good car! Call 467-1887 1970 Ford Chateau Van. V/ 8 automatic, very good cond. Call 467-3996 1971 F o r d R a n c h e r o G T Goodcondillon. _ Phone 467-2700 1971 Datsun 510, 4 dr., AT, good condition. Sell or trade for older Volvo 122S. 467-2377 1969 oc,dge Polara, air condi- lioning. PS, PB, radials. Good condition. Phone 459-0171 1962 Dodge Lancer. 383 Cubic inch, low miles, S200. Dial StS-3226 1961 Chev. Impala 2 door. V / 8, AT, red with while top. Very good cond., tires 8, snow tires witrt slue's, inspected. 466-7059 1965 V W Bug, engine rebuilt. Best ofler over $550. Call 459-626 R A C E R S : Hillborn i n i e c t e d Iskey cammed, blue printed 8. balanced Chrysler Hemi. Moving, must sell. S500 or best ol|_er. Call 585-3226 1969 Ford Torino. 428 engine, 4 barrel Ram Air carb., good tires 8. cond., S1250.' See al 1127 C. Canyon, or can J66-8609 1973 Toyola Corolla, 4 dr. sedan, air, 4 spd.. e x c . cond. Priced to sell. Call 467-3941 eves. 467-2550 DA1SUN J40Z, 1972.1 owner. Perfect inside and. out! S4300 Call 467 1702 1973 Pontiac GTO w/ tape deck no air. good condition, S2795. Call 4 5 4 0 3 3 9 aller6p.m. 19730LDSMOBILE C U T L A S S low mileage excellent condition. Phone 459-6664 aller 6 1974 VW bus, 16,000 miles. SUNROOF, radio, radials, like new. Phone 722-5578 I960 Studebaker Lark, 1 dr. New rings Inserts Standard. « cyl. »65 cash. 4t7-3547 alter 4 p.m. 1972 Buick LeSabre Custom, loaded. 1966 Lincoln Continental, all power. Exc. cond. Phone «?-518,9 to 6. 1962 Ford Falcon station wagon, runs good. Also, 1964 Ford pickup. Phone 4S9-6204 1966 Ford Galaxie 500 55,000 miles. Phone 467-2554 Good T r a n s p o r t a t i o n C a r s ! Reasonably Priced!! ED BARKER'S USED CARS 112-l6lhA«.S 467-3691 1966 PLYMOUTH 2 door or 1963 FORD G A L A X I E sedar,. Call 466 3986 mornings or evenings. 1969Chev. Impala. Two door, runs good, 5750. Phone 454-1932 or 459-6049 1962CORVAIRMONZA $150 Ca'i 466 47870' 466 C720 1973 VW Super Beelle, radial tires, 51,895 or best o f f e r . Call 459-7527 or 459-0478 ED B A R K E R ' S CARBURETOR EXCHANGE", Tune-up Carburetor Service . 112-16lhAve.S. 467-3691 MARCH INTO SAVINGS! 1971 DATSUN PICKUP 'ee- 4 speed en. radio o'ei. Low V.'ei Exceile r '' Ccid 1 Look ONLY. . $1995 1948 Dodge Charger 393, (our barrel, automatic trans., PB. power steering, mag wheels. Phone 454 1525 alter 6 p.m. 1955 Chev. 2 door. 283 engine, 2 four barrel caro,, Eldenbrock manifold, headers, 11 25 slicks. Phone 8 8 3 2 B 4 2 after 6. Rick. LIBERAL TRADE-INS! EASY TERMS! BANK FINANCING! ERVIN' 466-6531 LEE 466-6508 SAM 922-1193 DILLON 611-3rd St. South Nampa 467-2155 WE SSS SAVE SSS SAVE SSS SAVE SSS SAVE $SS SAVE $$S SAVE $$$ SAVE $SS SAVE SSS SAVE S$S SAVE SS BOB RICE TRUCKS CLEARANCE SALE We Need Room For Expanding Inventory!! LNT 8000 Slock No 6379 Tractor only, 225 Cat engine 186" wheel ase. 5 Speed main, 4 speed aux. trans power steer 2 cu. I. compressor, L. H. R. H. auxiliary tanks fi 2 brake system. SAVINGS to $1800 on JakaTysSm Slock N L J ,jG-175 H.O. Cat engine, 5 speed tran.^X-peed axle. 18,500 rear axle 10,000x20. ,2-ply tires, 20?" wheel base! 138" CA, power steering, aux. tank, hydraulic brake system. F-600 3 TO CHOOSE FROM 194" Wheel base, chassis and cab equipped properly or gram/livestock service. COMEJNTO SEEJQW MUCH YOU CAN RAVF'i '" V ^ LT880 Stock No. 6377 Tandem axle, 475 V / 8 , 5 and 4 speed, air brakes, 12 cu. H. compressor, power steering, aux. tanks, 12,000 Ib. fronl axle, 34,000 Ib. rear axle, 10,000x20, 12-piy lires. Pre-121 brake system, NEVER BEFORE OFFERED AT THIS LOW PRICE! SSS SAVE SSS SAVE SSS SAVE $$ SAV

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