Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on March 8, 1976 · Page 17
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 17

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Monday, March 8, 1976
Page 17
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NOTICE OF LEVY IN AND FOR COUNTY OF LARIMSR T A T E O F C O L O R A D O FRANKMcKLOSKY Unflappable A low-flying seagull takes a cruise around Vancouver International Airport, in Rich- mond, near Vancouver, despite the warning sign. (AP Wirephoto) Mon.. Mirch 8. H7» GREELEY (Colo.) TRIBUNE 17 _ m m m · HOTICITOCItEOITO» Report shows economy steadily going up ^p^~ B; LEONARD CURRY nearly triple the H7 billion of Melon of the economy, of third quarter'of 1975 was 13.2 ^^"""Ss H «ovt.HA*l*D UPIBuslnni Writer December and was the largest which nine showed increases in per cent). The Commerce Jj"*TM 'THRU "TO"'THE UN° WASHINGTON (UPD - A gain since September. January. The index stood at Department earlier estimated D E I I S i G N E D OR TO THE DISTRICT study at the most recent WHOLESALE PRICES: Food 106.3 in January from a 1967 Ihe fourth-quarter rise at 5.4 TMLoa*Do°on OR^'SPORE"""'?^ government figures shows the a n j f ue | prices fell, bringing base of 100. per cent, but said the 4.9 figure 19/6. OR SAID CLAIMS SHALL BE economy, while not yet boo- the wholesale price index down GNP: The real Gross Nation- was based on "more complete F O R t v E R BAI " IEDl K m n f l h T coiwtri ming, is on a steady upward 0 .5 per cent in February, the al Product -- GNP stripped of information." The 1*75 over-all ioii.ii»iA«niit course. · biggest monthly fall in about a inflation - rose 4.9 per cent in GNP - the nation's total output PERSONALBEPRKEN'TAWE Unemployment fell to its year -- and the fourth straight the last quarter of 1975, the of goods and services -- fell 2 Thtortsi«D»n» Tribune lowest in more than a year. m() nlh without an increase. In second-largest increase since per cent from 1974, to $1.216 Warl Inflation held about steady. February, the index was 179.40, the first quarter of 1973 (Hie trillion. There was a slight trade 4.7 per cent higher than a year um deficit, but it was the kind that ag(N mean mg $100 in wholesale indicated an improving econo- goo( j s in 1967 now C05 t $179.40. my. TRADE - January has a Here is a summary of the 5mall deticit of 573 mimoni the latest figures: first in a year. But the deficit UNEMPLOYMENT: fell to resu lted from increased oil and 7.6 per cent in February, the ven icle imports, indicating the lowest in more than a year, economy is strong, while employment returned to INDICATORS: Index of lead- the pre-recession peak of B6.3 ) ng business Indicators rose 2.2 million in July, 1974. That percent in January, the biggest meant 7.1 million persons were g ain - m s j x mon ths. The index, unemployed. February was a whicn S i gna i s the future course 0.2 per cent improvement from o[ the economy, measures 11 January's 7.8 per cent, both down sharply from the Decem- her figure of 8.3 per cent. STATE OF COLORADO i INFLATION: Running at , , . ,,,,,, ..,,. COUNTYOr-WELD 1 about 7 per cent; 1974s high NORTHWELDCOUNTY was 9.7. The Consumer Price Index, the measure of inflation, c t.wwl at Ififi? in Tfltlllflrv ' T 0 THF BOARD OF DIRECTORS OF stood at 166.7 in January, JHn KORT|| WE| _ D COUNTV WATER meaning that anything costing D I S T R I C T , AND TO ALL O T H E R $100 in 1967 would cost $166.30 TM»J SN . TO WHOM IT "» y BE ° F in December. NOTICE'is HEREBY OIVEN tmi PERSONAL INCOME: Wages, salaries, investments and other sources of income rose In January by $13.6 billion TM^g p j.'jj n * to an adjusted annual rate of following individual: $1.3 trillion. The new rate was In 1920 the total electrical generating capacity of the United States was 20,000 megawatts. By 1974 it had increased 20 times to 400,000 megawatts. NOTICETOCREDITORS stair 01 GLENN 0. STOW, DerMSKj. CMINo. P-IUU II persons having claims against the ve-namcd estate are required to on or before July U. 1976, or said claims shall be forever barred. Glen Howard Slow personal Representative The Greelrv Daily Tribune Mar. 1. B. 15, 1974 NOTICE OF HEARING REGARDING RIGHTS AND ADOPTION OF CHILD IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF W E L D A N D S T A T E O F COLORADO Civil Action No. mt-A I N T H E M A T T F R O F ) T H E A D O P T I O N O f : I DAN B R I T T C U H N b L L , JR. ) To: Dan Britt Gurmell. $r., Parcnr. that a petition has been District Court in and to Colorado and county ol V Ml wilh Ihe ie Stale of i requesting WATiRDIST NOTICE OF MEETING FOR INCLUSION r *fl"lar meeting of Ihe Board ol Directors Qf tne Nortn Weld county Water District win uetwid it owner omctinLueenw. Colorado on Monday the !2nd day of The highest recorded speed The World Trade Center has by a sailing ship is 22 knots, no stories. from the CARROLL RIGHTER INSTITUTE FORECAST FOR TUESDAY, MARCH 9, 1976 GENERAL TENDENCIES: Decide how to realize goals which mean the most to you. Unexpected benefits flow to you if you have a wide-awake attitude, but be careful of conventional-minded persons who are critical. ARIES (Mar. 21 to Apr. 19) Long discussiosn with allies produce fine results and excellent ideas for improvement in operations. Avoid a self-centered person. TAURUS (Apr, 20 to May 20) Put those ideas across that will help you add to present prosperity and forget some limiting condition. Avoid danger in p.m. GEMINI (May 21 to June 21) You arise full of good intentions, so cany through in a positive manner. Liter, steer clear of a friend with inflated ego. MOON CHILDREN (June 22 to July 21) Quietly analyze where you are headed and put new system to work confidentially for best results. Gain needed support. LEO (July 22 to Aug. 21) Contact fine friends in a.m. and gain their backing for your projects. Don't listen to what a newcomer has to say. VIRGO (Aug. 22 to Sept. 22) Make that contact in .p.m. who can be of great help to you. Analyze your personal life better and improve basic structure. LIBRA (Sept. 23 to Oct. 22) Looking into new projects can yield fine results. Steer clear of an irate associate until temper cools down. SCORPIO (Oct. 23 to Nov. 21) Get into activities early that help you advance and then keep busy on routines later. Take health treatments necessary. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. :: to Dec. 2!) You understand partners better now and can make more interesting arrangements with them, keep promises easily. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 to Jan. 20) Get at those accumulated tasks and gain the proper benefits. Plan time intelligently, then you can get the most done, AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 to Feb. 19) Make appointments early with good friends for recreation later in the day. Bring your finest talents to attention of bigwigs. PISCES (Feb. 20 to Mar. 20) Increase harmony at home. Some new venture may seem fine, but needs more study. Await a better time for the social. IF YOUR CHILD IS BORN TODAY ... he or she will be most alcit to whatever is going on, so be sure to give the finest education you can to properly equip for a profession which requires this quality. Teach early to complete whatever has once been commenced for best results. Spiritual training is most important here, and sports are a must since there is much ability at this. "The Stars iiiipel, they do not compel." What you make of your life is largely up to YOU! Carroll Righter's Individual Forecast for your sign for April is now ready. For your copy send your birthdate and SI to Carroll Righter Forecast (name of newspaper), Box 629, Hollywood, Calif. 90028. ((c) 1976, McNaught Syndicate, Inc.) 718 10th St. Uptical Co. BinUmtfitird - Muter Chiije Jttrr Poitfiv Ophlhilmit Optician 919 Wh St. 353-92B4 ; REAL ESTATE TRAINING CENTER IFCOLOIADO PHONE 221-0131 OR 221-0310 1149 W. Oak SI. Foil Collins. Colo 80521« Evenings Saturdays Brokers' Salesmen's Classes In Greeley Attend a class as our guest. Continuous Classes -- Start Anytime! Tues., Wed. Evenings, Start 7 p.m. -- or -Saturday, Start 9 a.m. Winterset Inn, Hwy.85 South of Greeley For Details CALL 221-0310 Collect It's now 'baby by the hour' SEATTLE (UPD -- Burien And Ellen Gillis, a nursing Hospital is charging by the supervisor, said that in some hour for maternity and nursery cases women would come in for services to encourage safer one or two hours without behavior by expectant mothers, wanting to be admitted because A hospital spokesman said they didn't want to be charged Sunday the action was taken for a full hospital day in case of after several cases in which a false labor, near-term mother dangerously "That left nurses with an challenged the odds by waiting unadmitted patient and some in the hospital parking lot until got pretty worried," she said. after midnight when the billing day ended and a new one The purple finch is the state started. bird of New Hampshire. --!Believe h orMrt/ HAVEBEEKI SEEN FLYING OVER THE HIMALAYAS.IM ASIA, AT AU ALTITUDE OP MORE THAN 29000 FEET DEWITT CLINTON AS MAYOR OF IN I9I4, WHEW THF BRITISH HAD BURNED THE CflPITOLiW WHITE 1. Rkhard A. Sandra Allen ifl2E.CtyRdNo.48 Fort Coll Ins, Colorado A tract ol land situated in: S'AOt SE'-iol Sec 1-7-6! 7. HaroldW. BcllyLaw HQSIhSI. Greeley, Colorado PtolSeciiti 3. Joseph VlrQlnla Forney 74)0 13th Ave. Greetey, Colorado S'ASW^NWV-SOCZ-SM t. Gilbert Alvtra BOOS 44f North Mth Ave. Greetey, Colorado Sec 33 646 J.B. Acres Lot No. 10 5. Northern Colo. Church of the Brethren by Greg Quakenbtnh, Treasurer P.O. Box Windsor, Colorado Pt.OlNWi/jMSKl/ltr 6. Eugene Reiber in North 1st Ave. Greeley, Colorado Plot Sec 5 565 7. BMitferl Royb* Const. Co. by FlrJel Roybal imjftth Ave. Place Greeley, Colorado A tract ol land located in: NW'/jSec32 76S B.CarlDelpheKr0use 1UD75taIeHwyNo.3n Luc erne, Colorado PI. Of Sec IV 4 65 9. Fred Helen Brlnkman 3«*ilstAve. Greeley, Colorado SW'ii Of Sec It 7-W 10. Lois E.Du Char mi Executor (or Estateof Lena EHerl 11. BertLeautaud Box 1337 Windsor, Colorado Lot No. 6 Roth Subdivision Sec 31-7 tJ 11. Centennial Gas Corp. Industrial Gai Service, inc. 13 Lakeside Lane Denver, Colorado A port ton of land located in; NWi/4NW/jSecf.6-«4 13. Oscar B, Hatel Sullivan Rt I Box II! Eaton, Colorado SW' Sec 3974$ 14. Ronald Charlyne Kruger PUBLIC NOTICE I N T M G C O U N T Y C O U R T I N A N D F O R T H E COUNTY OF WELD AND S T A T E OF COLORADO CIVIL ACTION NO. CVJIS 7* IN T H f c M A T T b K O P THE PETITION FOB CHANGEOFNAMEOF RoisD. Kocrner P E T I T I O N E R Public Notice I* hereby given that by Colorado, cnlcrcd on the 3rd day ot March, 1*76, In Civil Action NO. CV2IS 76. tlw name of R we Dawn Kocrntr was changed ROSALIES.ADAMS Clerk of Ihe WHO CounlyCourt (SEAL) BY: Rebccta Nlctiolion Deputy Clerk The Grcdcy Dally Tribune March B. li, 31. W76 JUANITAFRANKS 1 DEFENDANT ) Noi'ce is hereby alven that on the ?0th day of January, »76, a writ ol Executio was ittued oul of 1his Cowl directing Ihe parental right-. In DAN BRITT GUN- Sheriff of the Counly of Weld, Slate of NELL, JR., and order hlj adoption by Colorado, to levy upon and win certain RICHARD D. ROTH. The hearing on the property of the above named Defendant, petition will be Hold in Division I in the and the Sheriff of Ihp County of Weld did District Couil in and for the Counly ol levy upon, And seize and take into his weld and slate of Colorado, at Ihe Weld possession Ihe following described County Courthouse, Greeley, Colorado, on property Wednesday, the nth day of April, 1974, af Lots 3, t. 5, t, l. B, 9 and 10, in Stock 1, (he hour ol 1:00, a.m., 11 which place, date in the Town ol Brigg-xUe, Weld and houi you may bepreient if you are so County, Colorado. advised. In the event that you do not ap- Now Therefore, you, Juanita Franks Ihe pear or enter your appearance or olher said Defendant, take notice that wilhin len wise plead, the court may tnlcr us Order days Irom the date ol service hereof, if lermlnating all of your pdiental rights in served within this State, or If served by DAN BRITT GUNNELL. JR. and enter a publication within len days alter service Final Decree o* Adoption of DAN BRITT hereof, exctusiveof theday of service- you GUNNELL, JR. by RICHARD D. fiOTH. may make and file wilh the Clerk of the IN WITNESS WHEREOF »ld Notici above entitled Court a wriltcr claim, exemption which you may have und statutes of the State of Colorado; and in case of your failure to make and file such written claim of exemption wilh Ihe Cic of said Court you shall be deemed to have waived your right ol cxemplton under Ihe statutes ol this stale. W;tn«t. PONFUT D BOWfT* Sheriff · of said Weld Counly, of Colorado, this 6th day of February, 1W*. ERNEST D. BOWER SHERIFF. By Shwon K.Brady DEPUTY. SHERIFF'S 01-F ICE WfcLD CO.. COLO. RECEIVED FEB. 6,1» Jt TheGreeleyDnllyTrlbune Mar. 8,9,10.1), 1!, 13,15, 16,17, IB, 197* this 1st day of March, 197A. MaryM. Connell ': Marcii E. Spelts. Deputy Clerkof the DlSlrktCourt ( S E A L I y Daily Tribune AUTO GLASS For All Cars A M GLASS 621 13lh St. Ph. 352-6218 Box I7B . ARWWGED ID LOAN THE GOVERNMENT OT- THE UNITED STATES ^f.OOOOOO Windsor. Colorado SWUStclOt67 Trip individuals have prayed In their prflllon that Ihrtr land be IncludM In the Dlilrlcl. The Board will also lake up any other boslnms to come before It. GIVEN under my hand and the sea! ol said District this J3rd day of February, 1W6. ( S E A L ) The GrMlev Dfllly Tribune Mar. 1.1.15. If7£ PICK YOUR PLAN! C07 PASS-BOOK SAVINGS U IQ Compounded Quarterly . CERTIFICATE OF DEPOSIT 4 IQ $100 Minimum--12 Months Minimum CERTIFICATE OF DEPOSIT Q sioo Minimum--24 Months Minimum CERTIFICATE OF DEPOSIT Q $100 Minimum--48 Months Minimum 40 pc. silverware set FREE with a deposit of $1500 for one year or more. Deposits protected up to a maximum of $10,000.00 by Industrial Bank Savings Guaranty Corporation of Colorado. A private corporation which is not an instrumentality of the State of Colorado or of the Federal Government. Let Your Dollar Earn More Greeley MOUNTAIN INDUSTRIAL BANK nil 7th Ave. 352-4634 have the best of fwo worlds -- of 70% savings I Sterling E® flatware by Wallace Now you can have the elegance of sterling, plus the practicality of stainless steel... with Sterling 11 ® flatware by Wallace. Combining sterling handles with stainless steel blades, bowls and tines. And now you can en|oy 10% savings on 32 and 48-piece sets ... select from four lovely patterns: Plymouth Colony, Olympia, Scarborough and Coventry Forge. Take advantage of the savings now with The Denver's Sliver Club plan. There's no service or finance charge ... and you can take up to 24 months to pay! Cost of credit is included in price quoted for goods and services. Your monthly payments can be as low as 10.00! Silver, Second Floor. 8th al 8th, Downtown Greeley Store Hours: 9:30 to 5:30, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. 9:30 to 8:30, Friday. Telephone 353-2111.

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