Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 14, 1962 · Page 7
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 7

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Friday, December 14, 1962
Page 7
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$6 Billion Tax Cut Urged by Committee ·y FRANK CORMIER spending at current levels - an WASHLN'GTON AP'--The busi- event that seems most unlikely, ness-financed Committee for Eco- The CED nomic Development urged Thuri- »«iM li day tbt enactment of a $6-billion *«.tiuii. income lax cut ottering the greatest ben?fits w higher-income individuals and corporations. In a formal policy statement, the often-influential CED also called for a second, and later. tax cut of $5 billion on condition that Congress and tlic adminis- .... tration hold scheduled federal CED': bracket wui4 receive K billion of the W billion of tax benefits. CED economists estimated. Taxi payments by corporations and| ligher-bracket individuals would j be reduced oy n billion each. The nonprofit CED. which also claims noGpartUan status, »et forth iu proposals in the wake investment the , deficits might be immediate result, the lax g«s would promote budget in tiw long r IMMANUEL LUTHERAN CHURCH U«5 Fourteenth Avtrtut Sunday, December 1C 1:45 A.M. Church School 11:00 A.M. Hindel'i "Msnl«h" Chrlitmai Portion (Friday, De«. 14, 1962 GREELEY TRIBUNE U.S. Offers Skybolt r ^ u . o j. D -A · George Washington To Take Program to Britain ! Nationa | Licking in Jan ·» ARTHUR 6AVSHON Harold Mac-milUn told th» Hnmp. " Pag* 7;to sta'M'jppurtrf school! where ;es ji'e higher, and that tke W63. Britain really independent nuclear power. first-cla» mail, will be replaced January 7 with a five-tent stamp years. Lincoln was restored bearjig Washi^tor.'s portrait, Now. the Post Office is on a day noon at the Weld Count ere! Hospital where she h rates would be reduced at leas 8 per tent and no rates would ex ceed 70 per cent. The rate in th lowest bracket would be reducet from 20 per cent to U.4 per cei while the top rate would be slashed from 91 per cent to 70 pe cent. 2. The present 52 per cent co porate income tax rate would b reduced to 47 per cent. 3. Individuals in the lowe HOLIDAY j For Your Lunchcom and Parties i ly DOLLY MADISON I Pcntnilii* y.ur trcnt with a itcncil or mold-on iptciil order from i Dolly Madison Dairy Store 1825 St. MOOSE LODGE DANCE SATURDAY, DEC. 15 - 9:30 to 1 a.m. TUNE TWISTERS -- MODERN and POLKA -Members 1.00 per couple Gueslr 1.50 per couple Don'l Forget the Legion Meeting Sun., Dec. 2 Lunch tcrvid by the Moot. Lidlci CHRISTMAS SHOPPERS! For Instant Sirviee, Qulity Food Those who know (io to McDonalds they actually are. MM N« CI*Md Although Mills opposes a quick tax cut early next year, it was earned that he has not closed lis mind complexly to the uossl- a patient since ealy Novembe She was born March 29.1898, at Britain's only delivery ,v,,.v. Dallas County, Iowa. The former would cost anolher $2 billion Hyrtle May Gregory and James least mi;iv ii,« j V TM)" ue m »J oregory ana James TM1J d 3 r l UCU °" m a ? J b e R - *·««"' *«TM Carried March enacted during the year. Under a, 1916. at Knox County. Mo. tht Golden Arches 2440 8th Ave. STARTS FRI.. DEC. 21st [EXCLUSIVE BOAD SHOW ENGAGEMENT! | MUTINY ON THE BOUNTY frHrni JCHIOUU Of FIICIS Still !·· ""«« k "·'· l " °" k - ·»' '·'· »"-*·· »' » InllltU ''' · '" "·' · '"' --°«' ·"* l«* SO--Mm. SI ·« ·i4*f M«ti««»--O«k f*i L»q« 11.11--M««. it.II Icr til Mak Chtck or Monty Ord.r ui DINHAM THIAtlt 1llh«l California Dinvtr 2 t Colorado PUon i.ndmt -- -- tlV»nt»r , . .. Dy t Dott --- or -- Mai -- Ivt !nd«»t! t-- -- -- At » tlly !··« lt«1t Mih. Wrf. l:)l M some circumstances this might iven be made retroactive to Jan. 1. The Committee for Economic Development argued that an ear- y tax cut is needed to stimulate he economy. While it favored still broader tax changes, it said these should be deferred pending federal »93.7-billion level estimated for exceed 60 per cent. This would reduce the lowest brocket rate to 17.2 per cent The spending clampdown rec ommended hy the CED seems most Improbable. Secretary of the Treasury Douglas Dillon said recently that outlays, especially foi space and defense programs, in evilably will rise considerably next year. Most unofficial fore- . . casts put fiscal law spending at MfS. ROSC between $98.5 billion and $100 bil lion. Harold Macmillaa told the House, London: "It is! program if to do so' an lot his Macmillan's "if" looked asi r he countrymen. - - ,, m ^,. most abundantly though it might become just about American postage .stamp. four-cent lavendar Lincoln The Fugates h a v e lived al Evans since 1930. Mrs. Fugate was a member of the Evans WCTU and the Evans Methodist Church WSCS. She was also a member of the Iowa Club, Navy Mothers and Greeley Health Council and was a patt president of the Greeley Better Homemakers. Two children, Richard Dale and In Washington, Macmillan faces: 1 " 1 ''^graphic Society. I port does not improve -ie Kennedy administration's dis- The firit slam P s i^"" 1 '" "HVJ Rufus C. Harris, president of ouraging skepticism about the fu-! were a five-cent stamp with thejMercer University in Macon. Ga. _ 0 ure of national nuclear forces.:P ortrait "' Benjamin Franklin andisaid the best teachers are ;"·"_ the Evans The administration would prefer' 3 ten-cent George Washington, i^-^ ^ ^ ^---..^l..^..--.^-J .___. _--_, "·- »;--..._-- -.-- fTM Q h^c] ·^^*^^^^*^^^^^^%rf^%^^^^^*^^N^^^^^^^^^^^^«^W he British and French to pool Washington's stern face heir nuclear know-how in a J ' " '"'" """" forth Atlantic Treaty Organiza- ion nuclear force. And the Amer- cans doubt Macmillan will be able to tell Kennedy at their meeting in Nassau next week Britain up develop- Besides her husband, survivors nclude nine children, Mrs. 1 Defense Secretary Robert S. McNamara put the U.S. offer of Alamogordo, N.M., Mrs, Jaque- yn Brehm and Mrs. Alice Swetzig, both of Greeley, a sister, Mrs. Iva Newcum of Kirksville Mo.; and 29 grandchildren. Adamson Mortuary is in charge of arrangements which are in complete. °f «* fra "kly. Cuba Prisoners Swap Expected By Christmas By CHARLES WEST NEW YORK IAP) - Interna- tiona! negotiator James B. Donovan, encouraged by President Kennedy and joined by tlic American Red Cross, said'Thurs- day he hopes to win freedom for Cuban invasion prisoners by Christmas The Cuoan missile crisis had stalled his efforts to swap medicines, medical supplies and baby food to Prime Minister Fidel Castro for release of the 1.113 invaders held in Cuban prisons. Castro had demanded S62 million ransom, bu'. Donovan said no ;cash is involved. j "I'm optimistic of being able to accomplish this iswap) by Christmas." said Donovan, the Wall Street attorney who ar- ranpcd the exchange of Soviet master spy Col Rudolf Abel for American l : 2 pilot Francis Gary Powers. "We have had to wait until we got assurance that what was being done was In no way inconsistent with national policy," Donoven said. President Kennedy gave Hint assurance at a news conference Wednesday when he endorsed Donovan's objectives. The Red Cross said it was col leciing supplies from U.S. matm facturcrs for shipment to Cuba and would provide welfare scrv ices to any Cuban prisoners re leased to the United Stales. Dies Wednesday Mrs. Rose Murphy of Hender son, formerly of Greeley, die India Exports Balls NEW UEl.Hl-During fiscal 862 India exported sports goods alued at S271.7W. The lending cms were hwkey sticks, fishing ids. and cricket Kills. Red Rooster Restaurant .'( mi. W on llishway 3J SPECIAL FRIED CHICKEN * * * Complete Chicken Dinner $1.10 CLOSED MONDAY Tuii-Frl.--« p.m to '2 p.m, JUturdiy--4 p.m. In 4 ».m. Sundny--11 ».m. to 10 fi.m. ednesday evening emorial Hospital. . at Brighton She was born Dec. 8, 1891 a linton. Mo. and was marriet lere to Arthur Murphy on No\ ", 1910. Tlicy moved lo Ealo 1925 and lived in the Eaton an reeley areas until three year go when Mrs. Murphy movec Henderson. She was a member ot the Bap- charged the Americans . church. Mrs. Murphy is survived by l. ijldrcn, Mrs. Daisy Brydon o reeley, Robert of Napa, Calif, larles of Riverton, Wyo., James Centra! Valley, Calif., Earl o tenver, Mrs. Lois Bieker of Dcr Marvin. Ronald and Mrs orothy Cranford, all of Rich ond. Calif, and Oliver of El Sa ·ante. Calif.; a brother, Jame: illiems of Galeton; a sister lapel with interment at Linn rovc - fcrson on the three-cent, replacing the Lincoln uf the Hoover Administration. During Eisenhower's prediction Baptist . t . .. .-elated vchiclts--'' east TM different postage stamps colleges will not survive another ^ : have borne the likeness of the d e c a d e if present education jfiM President, says the Nation- trends continue and financial sup- ,, WORLD* BROTHERS GRIMM S Co'3 B'«*-tTe-v\ '- 41774 Buy reserved tickets in Greeley at; THE CAMF1ELD HOTEL DESK 729 Seventh Street ---_,.- iazed from 15 different three-centj stamps, including the lirst three- center issued in 1351. Commemorative stamp; have marked Washington's birthday bicentennial, the end of the Kevo-' lution. his first inauguration, and the Battle of Brooklyn. He appeared on a Mount Rushmore issue and a commemorative for Washington and Lee University's 200th anniversary in 1949. United States postage stamps have honored men and women, glorified animals, illustrated history, provoked criticism, and move: The Americans! slir ^ ""aginations anTMd "* do not think the British" or!d - -j · . . . ' Recent commemorative stamps can afford to go through with the program. Politically, it could ring down the Macmillan government if it were to Iry lo tackle something that the United Slates deems to be doubtful and risky. Financially, it could break the .Macmillan government if it attempted to pay for the project by raising income taxes by hall a crown--or from the equivalent ol $2.80 to $1.43 ol McNamara and Thorneycroft have not yet met here to continue the exchanges thev began in Lon don on a replacement for Skybolt have honored the late Representative Sam Rayburn ID-Texas', he Seattle World's Fair, the centennial of the Battle of Shiloh, and the chicken as symbol of the 1948 centennial of the American poultry industry. The Project Mercury four-cent stamp -- issued February 20, 1962, within minutes after Lieutenant Colonel John H. Glenn Jr. completed his orbital flight--was the first stamp offered for sale almost simultaneously with the event it memorialized. The 1962 Christmas Stamp, a wreath-and un uu a replacement lor suvtxiit. ,, , . .' · , , But exchanges of another'kind ca ", dle , des 'f ; " ;« ^ gn*n , (IS I"** '' rl:t tA marl- n KnH/^»- cna ground on throughout the day by] /.Hi,.:..!.. ~t » u _ ..... ._- * , iSOn T" "' ,"",",'.", ° rSt '° mark a ho!lda ' sca officials of the two countries, who] appeared lo be questioning each! other's motives, good failh and veracity. British informants, for example had - ... "pulled the rug from under our feet" in a sudden reappraisal of Skybolt. American sources disputed this. They claimed McNamara personally had given strong indications on about four separate occasions over tie past 18 months that Skybolt was in trouble. Lofty Peak Scaled KARACHI -- A Pakistani-Japa- Tutti-frutti, Hoodi Tom? There is no lack of subject mat ter for stamps. Bequests received by the Postmaster Genera! call for stamps bearing the likens of people as diverse as late Marilyn Monroe anc llooda Tom, a champion Temies see hog caller. Letter writers who object to the tasteless postage gum have suggested these flavors: strawberry, tangerine, tutti-frutti, choc olate. maple syrup, and beer. aisy Marlw of Clinton, Mo.; 39 nese team has scaled 25,400-foot andchildrcn and 9 great-grand- Saltoto Kangri, the first lirst tune a Pakistani expedition has reach... -- cd the top of a 25.000-(oot peak in aturday at Adamson Memorial the Himalayas. Greeley Women's Bowlins; Association Fund Raisins; D A N C E Saturday, December 15 ... 9 to 1:30 Greeley V.F.W. $2.00 a couple Modern Music by ADOLPH LESSER Public Invited! The whole town is talking about . . . the fvn they have at the CLUB LIDO 2703 Eighth Avenue Dancing and Listening to BILL GOODMAN and his five people western swing band JOIN THE FUN NIGHTLY 9 to 1:30 A Cooper FoundatWffTheatre Colorado Show itirti at 1:30 Dootj open 1 p.m. STARTS TODAY 4 DAYS ONLY! USE THE TRIBUNE WANT \DS| WORK-FREE: WORRY-FREE! ECONOMICAL! Let Harry Fix Your Fried Chicken! WORTH 25c This coupon worth 2oc towards regular 9Sc order of Kentucky Kried Chicken. 3 large pieces Chicken, French Fries. Roll. Butter and Pickle. NO LIMIT: Coupon Good Frl.. S«t.. Sun.. Dtc. 14.15.16 UK(;i;LAu nsc ORDKK: i: SAVE ioc WITH I'Ofl'ON Boxed "TO GO" Phnne Your Order ahead: ready when you arrive. 352-2166 Savt Mom trom ( r y l n j tht c h l c h t n . . , . Itt H a r r y do ill NO TippinR South 8th Ave, THIS IS THE STOin OK A STAR: The mcbs . The loneliness . The loves , , , The d r e a m t , , and the happiness that seemed al\vay» just beyond her grasp! BRIGITTE BARDOT MARCELLQ MASTROIANNI "A VERY PRIVATE AFFAIR" A new B a r d o t in a c o m p l e t e l y d i f f e r e n t role! BRIGITTE BARDOT in the story of a famous star... A N D Doors Out". 1 p.;» iTHKiSTOOOIS Show Starts ':30 D.PV Their N E W E S T RIOT! i C A STARTING SUNDAY

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