Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on June 29, 1967 · Page 18
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 18

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 29, 1967
Page 18
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TV in Review THE LIGHTER SIDE Idaho Free Press 4 Caldwell News-Tribune, Thursday, June 29, 1961 -- A3 Wonders Early H/sfory of Hoi Dog Has Given Rise to Much Argument Artist, at 3, Had the Knack Never Cease "I know it's too tame for you, Billy, but try to PRETEND you're enjoying it!" By RICK DU BROW HOLLYWOOD (UPI) - We read the network press releases: -From NBC-TV's "Bonanza" series: "Michael Landonnever thought that 350 million people in the world would know him by name." And he had excellent judgment indeed. --From CBS-TV's production of "Ivanov"; "Anton Chekhov died In 1904. That same year John Gielgud was born." Will wonders never cease! peleon Yes, but what happens if the liars can't get together? Well, then you have a controversy such as I have just run into in trying to trace the early history of Ihe hot dog. My involvement in this TELEVISION LOG Responsibility for the correctness of television prpgrams rest entirely upon the television stations. This newspaper can assume no responsibility for errors in the listings. Channel /\ KBOi-lV L. THURSDAY, JUNE 29 4:00 Bowery Boys 5:00 CBS News -Croukile (C) 5:30 KBOI News Today 6:00 Beverly Hillbillies (C) 6:30 My Three Sons (C) 7:00 Thursday Night Movie "The Pigeon That Took Rome" Charlton Her-ton, Elsa MarflnelU 9:00 Dragnet (C) 9:30 Cameo Theatre (C') 10:30 Ten Thirty Report 10:45 Sports 10:50 Weather 10:55 Movie Time "Horrors of Black Museum" Michael Cough, June Cunningham 52:30 Morning 'Headlines f£, *if~~ «*" 4 '!( --^J/^F- phftco \^f Pockatd h Call "A 459.1505 z "" h Channel 7 KTVB-TV / THURSDAY, JUNE 29 2:00 The Early Show 3:30 Fugitive 4:30 Mister Ed 5:00 Hunlley-BrlnlUey (C) 5:30 Big News 5:45 Weather 5:50 Sports S:00 Daniel Boone (C) 7:00 Get Smart (C) 7:30 Bewitched (C) 6:00 Dean Martin Show (C) 9:00 Summer Focus (C) 10:00 Nitebeat News 10:20 Weather 10:25 Sports 10:30 Tonight Show (C) PHONE 466-7891 or 453-4664 to place your classified-ad. It's' fast, easy economical. Syivanki Qi. COlOr Admiral 1 · "Emftrtan _ .' Gnth-MatliM Service **·«· · MONDAV THHCJ FRIDAY 7:00 Captain Kangaroo 8:00 Joseph Benti Morning times I wish I had an American figure with long legs and slim hips,' says Hungarian-born Eva Gabor, star of 'Green Acres',. . 'but,' she says, Tguess I was meant to have more curves.'" I guess. -From CBS-TV: "When Margareta Arvldsson made her first visit to the United States, two major things happened to her. She won the title Miss Universe 1966--and she discovered hamburgers. The beauteous blonde will crown her successor on the 'Miss Universe Beauty Pagent' July 15 ... though she will give up her title it is likely that the Swedish beauty will retain her enthusiasm for lunch consisting of two hamburgers and a glass of milk." Yes, you're probably right. --From NBC-TV: "Following the filming of each segment of The Mothers-in-law,' Sunday comedy series premlering In September, the show's cast- Eve Arden, Kaye Ballard, Roger C. Carrael, Herb Rudley, Jerry Fogel and Deborah Walley--take their bows and then applaud the audience in thanks for their attendance." And the cynics say Hollywood has no heart, -From CBS-TV's "The Beverly Hillbillies"-"Never tryto find a simple, inexpensive ready-to-wear bullfighting suit for a 6-foot-4 215-pounder who feels comfortable in a size 46." Okay. -From CBS-TV; "Art Linkletter almost became a teacher after · finishing college. A , radio job. paying $5 a month .more prompted him to enter broadcasting." No comment. Joan Sutherland Favors Revivals 81 Old Operas By MARTIN HEERWALD United Press International SEATTLE, Wash. (UPI) -Joan Sutherland, often referred to as the world's finest cc'.oritura soprano of this musical era, says she is happy her husband has the "habit of finding and reviving operas that have fallen out of fashion." Her husband Is Richard Bonynge, a native of France, ----^--^-- wno also has made a habit of The first polo game In the conducting the operas in which United States was played In- his red-haired, Australian-born doors at a riding academy in wife performs. New York city in 1876. Their tours from one great i^^^________ opera house to another throughout the world account for about eight months of each year and brought them recently to Seattle, where Miss Sutherland added the title role of Lakme to her repertoire. The work by 19th century composer Leo Dellbes Is best known LONDON (UPI)--Britain is ably more than the number of for its "Bell Song." moving so cautiously Into the sets the British Radio Equip- "I like the role very much," age of color television that ex- ment Manufacturers Assocla- Miss Sutherland told a news perls believe fewer lhan half lion expects will be in opera- conference. "It's very emotlon- the people who want sets this tlon. It estimates only 35,000 al and I prefer the 19th cen- year will be able to get th?m to 50,000 sets by December tury operas. I don't like many despite American urgings for a when the British Broadcasting of the contemporary operas boost In production. Corporation starts Its full pro- because they are so unvocal." The tremendous demand gram of color broadcasts. Miss Sutherland says she sure to develop for color sets "There has been too much takes care not to become "too was predicted to British busi- pessimism among manufactur- emotional" In her perform- ness leaders last February by ers about the demand," said ances, allowing the natural Robert W. Sarnoff, president of Joseph Robinson, chairman ol emotion of the music to carry the Radio Corporation of Radio Rentals, with which the emotion to the audience. America, on the basis of ex- RCA Is affiliated in one phase "You can tear your voice to perlence In the United States, of Its operations here. ribbons If you try t j put too He told the Westminster Other trade sources said the much into It," she explained. Chamber of Commerce they BBC caught them by surprise "You have to have some con- were sitting on a market that by moving up the date of color trcl and a good idea of hew far would reach a volume of $280 to July, possibly to beat West you can go." million a year within five Germany which had planned to Mls Sutherland demon- years and then double that start In August, and thus claim strated her fine control very figure In the next five years, the honor of being the first in convincingly In her perform- He said RCA was so confident Europe. They also said they ance with the Seattle Opera of this surge that It was mov- were not sure how many Bil- Association. As one local critic Ing into color television and tons would be able to afford put it: "She could sigh a not« other fields here. color sets which will start to and have it heard in the back Although Sarnoff's talk was sell here for around $800 row." widely reported and discussed However, Saraoff in his ad- NO Actress in business circles here and In dress and In private talks as- By her own evaluation, Miss Europe, H now appears that sured the British they had Sutherland doesn't fancy her- when the first color programs nothing to worry about--the self as much of an actress, are broadcast In July--the demand would certainly ex- "People come to hear the Wimbledon Tennis champion- piode as soon as the programs music, mostly," she says, ships--spec la lors at the mat- and sets became available. RCA ches may actually outnumber and a number of other Amerl- those with color sets to see can firms which hold patents The first belly dancer In them. for television components to America was "Little Egypt," an The championships draw an share richly In the color tele- Armenian who appeared at average attendance of about vision bonanza here and In Chicago's Columbia Exposlilon 25,000 a day. This Is consider- Europe. in 1893. By DICK WEST Hamburg, Germany, lie undoub- reminded him of a dachshund.) "humorous implications" that WASHINGTON (I'Pl) - Na- tedly would have called it a Midwest Version they were stuffed with dog Bonaparte once said, hamburger. Then things would Gannon, who is pretty far- meal. "History is a set ol lies agreed really be confused. flung, also passed along the I don't know where this upon." They are confused enough as midwest version of Ihe origin of leaves Napoleon out I'm con- it is, as I discovered when 1 the hot dog. vinced that among historians received a challenging letter Midweslerners claim the hot the first liar doesn't stand a from Patrick It. Gannon, a dog was invented in 1883 by chance. Walnut Creek, Calif., historian. Anton Ludwig Feuchtwanger, a Gannon complained that I had St. Louis sausage monger. Four Bids Asked swallowed the East Coast Feuchtwanger reputedly sup- version of the genesis of the hot plied his patrons with white BOISE (UPI) - The Idaho De. dispute began a few days ago dog. The West Coast version, gloves so they could pick up hot partment of Highways has an- when Ihe Coney Island, N.Y., which he quoted from a San sausages with their fingers. He nounced that bids will be called Chamber of Commerce invited Francisco newspaper, holds that lost so many gloves that way he me to a parly celebrating the the frankfurter was invented in finally hit upon Ihe idea of 1853. serving Ihe sausagesinbuns. It (nrlher holds that the first Determined to resolve the hoi dog, as such, was not issue once and for all, I put my constructed until 1902 and that entire research staff to work on the name was invented by Tad it, and also asked the Library of Dorgan, a San Francisco Congress lo investigate. Both cartoonist. added to Ihe confusion. (Dorgan, by the way, was not One reference book said a native of Hot Dog, Germany, frankfurters originated in the He is said to have used that middle ages. Another said the name because a frankfurter name "hoi doe" stemmed from Gi/tetl children can HUIK m it c h rmltarrafsmfnt to adults, .Vof Inn? nfO the Rat- al Acinlemy of Ail in I.uniicn nccepteil /i'r an txhibit o priniilirr jminlinir. called "Trees anil Monkefi", It tlrftr cunsidernblf praiit fmm critics ichose faffs became red irhrn it iras Itmnei thllt ihe (irtifl iffts a three- \etir-»til buy named Ltiril f.y/im trhft hart fonlerl nrnimd nilh si'nie point after a riiit tn ihe mil. Words of Wise About Genius 100th anniversary of Ihe birth of the hot dog. ,, _,, According to ihe chamber, From CBS-TV: '"Some- tte hot doBg was ^.^ June, 1801, by Charlie Feltman, a boardwalk pie salesman. Being a native of Frankfurt, Germany, he called his creation a "frankfurter." for on four new projects, including an interstate roadway Job in Ada County. Ft. Doyle Symms of Caldwell, board chairman, said the interstate project involves constructing a roadway, drainage structures and a cement pavement In 3.58 miles of Maple Grove-Orchard and building a cement pavement on .275 miles of Orchard-Garden. Different Version Had Felfman been a native of PHONE 466-7891 or 459-1664 to place your classified ad, ( I ' f l ) -- $(imr /flmmis opinion! about genius: I harr knotrn no man of fenius ahn rlirl nnl hart to W in snme affliction or J«- ffci, either physical or spirit' ual. jnr ifhnt the gotll hsi fiiren him. -- Ma\ Bcerbohm, Truth is the nursing mother oj genius, -- Theodore I'nrktr. Ptirerly is the step-mother il f e n i u s . -- Jnsh Rilling!. . . - , . . . . ,. ' 8:25 KBOI Morning News ' 8:30 Jaok La Laurie (C) 9:00 Andy of Mayberry 9:30 Dick Van Dyke Show 10:00 Love of life ' 10:25 CBS Mid-Day News 10:30 Search for Tomorrow 10:45 Guiding Light 11:00 General Hospital 11:30 As the World Turns 12:00 Password 12:30 Houseparty (C) 1:00 To Tell Die Truth 1:25 KBOI News 1:30 Edge of Night 2:00 Mike Douglas Variety Show 3:30 Secret Storm FRIDAY, JUNE 30 4:00 Bowery Boys 5:00 CBS News with Waller Cronklte (C) 5:30 KBOI News Today 6:OQ Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour 7:00 Friday Night Movie (C) "The Pleasure of His MONDAY THRU FRIDAY 7:00 The Today Show (C) 8:f10 Snap Judgment (C) 8:30 Concentration·· '9:00: : Pat Boon«'(C) ,9:30 Hollywood Squares (C) , 10:00 Jeopardy (C) 10:30 Eye Guess (C) 10:55 NBC News 11:00 Newlywed Game 11:30 Lefs Make a Deal (c) 11:55 NBC News 12:00 Days of our Lives (C) 12:30 The Doctors 1:00 Another World (C) 1:30 You Don't Say (C) FRIDAY, JUNE 30 2:00 The Early Show 3:30 Fugitive 4:30 Mr. Ed 5:00 Huntley-Brinkley (C) 5:30 Big News 5:45 Weather 5:50 Sports Picture 5:55 Business News 6:00 Mister Ed 6:30 Man from U.N.C.L.E. (C) 7:30 T.H.E. Cat (C) 8:00 Miss Wool ol America Pageant(C) 9:00 The Invaders Company" Fred Aslaire, 10:00 Nitcbeat News Debbie Reynolds 9:15 Hogan's Heroes (C) 9:45 Avengers (C) 10:45 Ten-thirty Report 11:10 Movie Time "Staje Struck 1 Henry Fonda, Susan Strasberg 12:30 Morning Headlines 10:25 Sports 10:30 Tonight. Show (C) British Drag Feet On Color Television More MODERN SWAG LIGHTS 13" ADD-A-SHOWER Easy to install tab to shower unit 15" SPRINKLER HEAPS .... - Full, 'A or 1/4 ' 50 e ·^ %ir each 15-20-30 AMPERE FUSES BOX OQc OF 5 Li Vi H.P. GARBAGE DISPOSAL 39°° All Progress Brand Light Fixtures 50% OFF LIST Vi" Galvanized PIPE 10'. 21' length Long Life LIGHT BULBS 6/ $ r° M SQUARI w DEALS 3 /4" PLASTIC PIPE 100' Roll 2*9 Wall Huns WASH BASIN 395 FREE .PLANNING SERVICE For Your Sprinkler System Replacement SHOWER HEADS 769 Fiberglass LAUNDRY TUB with stand 18" 3" Diameter DRAIN PIPE D.W.D, PLASTIC Reduced to lull 79« ft. 10' LfNGTHS 25 Ft. Mechanic's TROUBLE LIGHT With Bulb 149 White 3-Picce STEEL SATH SET 69 50 ^^^····i" Iron '/a H.P. SUMP PUMPS 38 50 BASIN FAUCET 4" Full Circle Impact Sprinkler . HEADS Up to 70' Clrclt I " · each 7' Replacement IRON CORDS 99 W M each 21x32 Steel Colored KITCHEN SINK Coppirtone, Avxida Grxn 16" 12-2-WC Building Wire 250' Roll 13" One Week Only NUTONE DOOR CHIMES 20% Of! Delta Single Handle KITCHEN FAUCET 15" ilM 52 Cal. Clan Lined WATER HEATER 49 50 10 yr. mjnufacturcr guarintM "A" Grade TOILETS 18 95 IESJ SEAT Pop-Up Type SPRINKLER i_itr A me - ' HEADS Full, Vi, H O ^% c Ivory Duplex WALL PLUGS Grounded Quick Wire ZoL 9' EXTENSION nnonc uORDS 49 21x32 Self Riming STAINLESS STEEL SINK 2750 Safety Wire Glass BATH TUB ENCLOSURE 32 50 Vi" Calv. ELBOWS 10 ek " Whit* TOILET SEATS 1" Hallmark B/THROOM HARDWARE Snip Diih, Pipr Heldir, Towel, Rlnji, Etc. 20% a Vi H.P. DITCH PUMP Both Pump Motor 53 50 Quiet (very WALL SWITCH 39' KITCHEN FAUCET AERATORS 89° Our Hi*. 109.00 Citt Irai 3 Compt. KITCHEN SINK Complete wild biikiti fr ilnglt Kinj| ( ductf. «'," 77*0 Only . / / Steel SHOWER STALL 39 SO All LIGHTS 50% OFF LIST BOISE 710 N, Orchard Phone 342-8917 ELECTRICAL and PLUMBING SUPPLIES NAMPA 1824 Caldwell Blvd. Phone 466-7807 8:30 to 5:30 Monday through Friday; Saturdays 8:30 to 4:30

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