Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 22, 1955 · Page 6
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 6

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 22, 1955
Page 6
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Student Teachers Are Assigned Work lor the Winter Quarter - Auignmenl o( student teachers .{or the winter quarter total 225 slu- denU «t CSCE, according to Prof. John B. Fulhright, dir°clor of student teaching. The assignments include those '..who arc to do student teach- 'ing in th' Greelcy public schools, the laboratory schools on the cam- pui «nd In other school sjslems of the itite: . ~.The assignment: .:. -. - Cimpui L a b o r a t o r y School .'-".'Elementary Grades: Alice L. Lybeck ind Marlann R. Ol^on, first grade; Ann E. Hath, second gride; Nan Loy Chambers and Lois 1. Lorenzcn, third grade; George M. Drew, Jr., Edna A. Fletcher, Dolores .M. Hamm, fourth grade; Virginia M. Bancroft, Ruth E. Nel- 'Von, Jean S. Stream, fifth grade; JTermin Keilh Blue, Elver i. Higashi, sixth grade. Art--Elementary Grades: Barbara June Alsbaugh. Diane J. Burril, Delia R. Schultz. - Art--Secondary grade: Minoru ·A. Inaba. . Business Education: Wanda J. Burger, Charles Gaul, "' ry Jean Grant, Charles Grcculy, Joseph Fiedalue, Lyman Hancocl:, Phillip Reigenborn, Ralph T. Will. ... Drams: Sidney 1. Dcrir.gton, IM. »n« FUnn. . English Diane Flinn, Helen . Reaves, Joy Hunt, Bill Pollack, Leslie Stephens, Alton Harbour. - Home Economics: Martha E. }I»ys, Mary Lou Kejr, Hulh E. Larson, Bonnie J. Lewis, Mary D. .Ostrowski. Industrial Arts: Paul M. George, Allen K. Kajikawa, Dale L. Schlos ler, Arvin L. SchwarzL-, Allen L. Walker, 'Rodney R. Woodham. Mathematics: Don D. Bc.idcr, John E. C a r t e r , Frank Gerety, Thomas H. Howshar, Vern A. Ncl- aon. -Music: Robert G. Dinkel, Dan D. Harrison, Dale E. Jens, Sharon L. Kaemper, Nancy Jane Lindsey, Franklin Kent Norlhup, Donald 1). Shores* David. J. Wilson, Theolyn G. Stum, Dick Baker. '.Physical Education--Girls: Flor- snct M. Alegre, Patricia L-. Bissel, Barbara E. Gray, A n n a Hagiwara, Margarele G. Mnser, MiUi Weis- lenfluh. . · . Physics! Education--Boys: Walter -II. Sirlivr, Richard R. Conneli, Robert D. Herron Jr., Ivan Kelly Dak £. Schropp. - .Science: Ardath E. Gilbert, Glci I. Johns, Floyd K. Kindsfalher Baymond A. Kindsfalher, William B. McPeek, Robert A. Meyers Liootl J. Robertson, Bichard R ·Routh, William M. Wait, Charles S JYiliex, James B. Feck. Social Studies: Charles B. Bea lobtrt L. Ccoley, Betty Curlrigh WiiUer L. Harris, Iran 'Kell harles R. Kutzleb, Don Jeffries, on Mendenhall, Gary E. ililler, onald R. Moorman, Conchlta .liban, Olive E. Murakami. Speech: Darlcnc B. Gabel, Ralph ebb Jr., Dolores il. Hamm. Grttley Public School* Arlington: Jo Anne Hutchison, ndergarten; Marilyn Henderson, rsl grade; Joyce W. Feichler, sec- nd grade; Dwayne D. Blue, third rade; Edna K. Gramm, fourth radc. Cameron: .Mildred A. Googlcin, ccond grade; Lucille M. Koch, urth grade; Kalherine K. Osaki, .ndergarten; Raymond A. Wcav- r, fourth grade; Susie L. While, rst grade; Shirley E. Win'cr, mu c. Maplewood: Marcene Erick- in, second grade; Marlene K. odger, kindergarten Park: Marlene J. Koeliler, mrth grade; Betty J. Sauer, sec- id grade. Heath Junior High: Jtobcrl all, wrestling, physical cduca- on; Dan A. Giullian, music; Sara Kindred, girl's physical edu ation; Robert E. Lines, industrial rts; Edna D. Lucrro, home eco- omics; Robert K. Snow, general ciencc; Robert K. Wallers, has- etball; Jay R. Winslow, 'nduslrial ·ts. Meeker Junior High: Fred E. nderson, industrial nrls; Paula J. ourlay, home tconomics; Fran- W. Knolls, wrestling, physical ducation; Carl L. Ramunno, in- nstrial arts; Mary Lou Roberts, ·ping; Franklin S. Trembalh, inthcinatics. Greeley Senior High: Brute W. nderson, history; Harold C. Bacr, eiences; Emerson B. Belz, Indus- ·ial arts; Donald E. Brolherton, liysical education and malhcmal- :s; Marjorie E. Card, business :lucation; Naney D. Childress, liemislry; Donald C. Garretson, idustrial a r l s ; Patricia J. McKee, usiness education; Byron B. [core, malhomatics;' Marjorie A. chwagman. business education; race M. Tap[i, languages; Phillip . TnmpkinK, speech. O f f - C a m p u s 'Plic«m»nt$ Ault: Belly K. Azama, second rade: Gloriana K. Cayetano, first rade; Bernard G. Long, sixth rade; Daniel J. Molls, tciencc; .uth Ann Nelson, business educa- on; John !,, Plait, mathematics; lunro P. Ware, social studies. Boulder--Fairview School Dis- rict No. 5: Anill R. Hunlley, sixth ·rade. · Canon City: Martha Lee While, bird grade,. Harrison school. Colorado Springs: Barbara J. Smith, English, senior high; Angeline Raicevich, history, senior high; Edith Vacqunray, socia studies, East junior high. Craig; James D. Vfeyand, socia Crook: Elsie C. Reuii, home economics and chemistry. Delta-Greeley: Russell Z, Kails- hack, tilth and sixth {rade; Jackie F. Bigum, primary grades. Durango: Kenneth G. Randolph, physical education, social icience, and health. . ,. Eagle: Ted Childers, Industrial arls and physical education. Eaton: Daniel U. Albcyl-. fifth grade; Virginia Barger, business education; Stanford Christian, music; William F. Finch, social studies and physical education; La Mac Oltesen, English and Spanish; Albert W. Wells, science and mathematics. Xnglewood: Carol I!. Bonduranl, jocial studies, junior high; Rebecca J. Kombach, English, senior high. Evani: Robert R. Kihllhau, sixlli grade; Gracie L. Servin,. fifth grade; Richard L. Allison,. industrial arts; Hulh P. Hermanson, biology; Edilh A. Slensun, burinuss education; Donald E, Hoehtrill, physical education; Dorothy A. IMngrcc, English. Fort Collins: Annabclle S. Lind quisl, La Porte Elementary school, first grade. Galelon: Lincoln A. Blakey, business education; Bill Collins, social studies and physical education. Gilcresl: Calvin E. Malhews, speech; Anthony A. Valencia, phys ical education. Gill: William J. Harrison, social studies; Frank W, Morris, bust ness education. Grand Junction: Carol L. Holde man. first grade,' Tope elemen lary; B a r b a r a Yanl, third grade Lincoln elementary; Lois L. Heals senior higli. Johnstown: Mary Ann Doolillle first grade; Barbara J. Sharpe second grade; Virgil L. Blaclwell geography ind physical education John T. McGraw, English and physical education. Kersey: Gerald L. Kingsmorc business education. La. Junta: Mary E. Gorton, so cial studies; Robert McCatidless biology. Jefferson- County schools: Carolyn Allison, second grade, Wilmore Davis school; Vivian O'Connor, third grade, south Lakewood; Daniel Figliolino, business education, Jacobson, L. Brod- harvest Larger Colo. Farm Income Is Less Q DENVER UV-Colorado farmers inrvestctl about a le»th more field and fruit crops this year Ihan in 1951, bul were slill below average, a final 1955 federal-state crop report showed Wednesday. · Tonnage of the principal cash crops, 'such as food grains, fruits, potatoes, dry beans and sugar beets, composed a smaller proportion of the total than usual. Winter wheat, for instance, it 16,237,000 bushels, was only 40'per cent of average. Much of the tonnage this year was in feed grains, seeds, hay am other rough feed. Early-indications, according to Floyd "K. Heed, chief federal ag ricultural statistician in Denver are that receipts from iales Colorado farm products in 1955 wil amount to only $395 million, the lowest figure since 19i6. The lota last year was $442 million. Drouth and falling farm prices cut down the 1955 receipts, it WHS reported. Education in 1955 s:It Useless? Owner Finally Calls For Plane He Parked Whealrirtge senior high. Helcn M. ; William La Salic: fourth crick, English; Michael Dorame, physical education; Janice A, ilads, business education; Robert C. Kordula, industrial arls; Charles F, -Morgan, physics and algebra; Del L. Tanner, Industrial arls; lanuel Martinez, physical educa- on. LeadvlUe: Thomas M. Hood, English. studies. EVANSTON fi-- The owner of plane unclaimed from a pr.rking lot east of here for three week. has been located. He said he' pick it up one of lliese days. The plane, blue and yellow Acronca, has been tied down i a parking- lot on U. S. 30 South since Nov. 30. The owner, Ar Brothers of Salt Lake City, bough it from a pilot who made ai emergency landing on the highwa; and departed before identifyin; himself. The plane was forced down b. darkness, snow, and a disable, radio and was slightly damage when a crosswind forced it -ol Hie highway. Sheriff Frank L. Narramor spent Ihree we.cks tracing th pilot through Ihe plane's forme owners: James Foole of Sall.Lak Cily, Andy Honk of Ogden, Utah and Boo Lindcrman of LaBargi Linderman made the force landing and sold the plane Brothers. CRYSTAL Inrt from ·Mr PICTURE WINDOWS ·" L k ||^S!^^a^^ Pr»+«ct unal k«ourify your furnttur* with Cryiral Gla» fops, Cvttcm Cut to Any Sin or Pattern Longmont: Sonja J. Rasmussen, :indergarten, Columbine elemen- ,ary school. Louisville: Donald A. Ross, business education; Rita L. LaSalle, English. Lovcland: William White, social sludies; . Waller. A. Yuhl, socia' studies. Mead: Richard W. Allsup, Indus Irial arts and physical education. Milliken: Robert L. Pavia, physical education. Pagosa Springs: F.ldon C. Johnson, business education. Pierce: William R. Holmes, industrial arts. Pueblo District No. 70; A. Joy Kellogg, fourth grade, Park school; Carroll D e a n Rankin, aocial studies. Pueblo: Florencio Beruman, history and Spanish, Central high; Frances A. Cordo, business education, Central;, Frances C. Walker, business education, Central; Frank J. Zerfas, history and physical education, Central; .Mary Ijm Pisciot- ..., business education, Centennial; James V. Potestio, drafting. Centennial; Hosctta Corsunlino, second 6 GREELBY TRIBUNE ThorstUr, Dte. 22, 1»5S Educational huddlt-- S«ntoni lik. (hit r fhi WWt« HMJU Con- f*r«nc for Education ltd schaol Itadari t* p«k of Hw "r«J!t- cov«ry e* th« «itii«n" In ttachkis pr«tjl«m. domi- MOFFAT Carl 111S 8th Avenue PAINT and GLASS KeicWiardt Phone 319 Mrs, Willis S, Claus Gets Many" Phone Calls ALBUQUKRQUF. W -- Wrs. W lis 5. Claus says Ihe kids w phone he'r home each year abo tins time "aren't very . original," "Most of the callers are older kids trying to have a little fun," she says. "They don't really bother us. This has been happening in the family · for years." Her daughter Marilyn, 11, had a little fun this season. She're- ceived a call from a youngster who seemed to be in earnest. Marilyn said . it certainly .was Santa's home and she was a helper. She toolc.the child's order. Five significant events ated the 1955 educational picture ·ilh its somewhat eased shortages f school buildings and qualified ·achers and itt "climbing enroll- lents. They are: , 1. President Eisenhower'! · Feb. mecsage to Congress calling for imited federal aid tor school con- truction. :. 2.' Supreme Court's ^ order to tatej with segregated schools that hey get going oh segregation program. Some states are seeking * ay iround the court's order. . S. The White House Conference' n Kdcafion' which approved federal school building lid. 4. Rudolph Flesch's controver- al book, "Why Johnny Can'i Read." Flesch upheld the phonies method of teaching reading. When he storm died down it appeared hat most schools do' use phonics j u t - U S E sthor tested approaches with them: 5. Disbanding 'of the Progressive Education Assn. In a "fu- icral addres Its-president said: 'It passes on with its 'work done, t-5 influence great." The U. S. office of Education reported school enrollment of 30,. up 3.5 oer cent over 1954; 1,138,922 teachers, iip 6.9 per cent; 60,258 more school rooms, up 10.4 per cent. But other reports indicated the increased facilities are not enough. The Fund for the Advancement of Education said future teacher supply could not keep up with enrollments and asked the nation to find new ways to make belter use of teachers. A White House Conference Committee 'estimated the nation will be short 374,250 clais rooms b'r 1960 »t the present rate of construction. ' . . . . ' ' The Office of 'Education estimated J9S5 college enrollment at Weld County Real Estate Transfers RtVfnu* «1imp on rtal e*- ·UU traniftra th« r»t« of 11.10 par thoutind. . v · D*e*mfo«r20 . Bernard W. and .Maytal E, Du- ·abie to Norbert and Frieda Grunc- lewskl, Lot'17, Block 13, Farr'j 3rd Add., Greeley, Hev. $1.6S. Subject o Deed of Trust of $12,000.00. . Elton N and Catherine S. Miller to Albert J. and Leona .M. Peers, SW« .32-3-66, Rev. $29.15. Elton S. and Nancy B. Ross to Frances H. Johnson, Lots, 41 and 12,Block 1, Normal School Add. Roswell Alexander English to Dorothy English Dales and Donna English Sheppard, SWWSEW,' a- ·'. :«, No Rev. - . . . - " -'. · * '-.' · Pauline E. Allen to'PauUa* ft Allen and -Ididorce L. Knight, E4« - ; eet of. W 45 feel, Lot 8, Block «\ : ; Greeley, No Rer. · . ' » ' · ' . . Edgar Rulh to Ernest E. Hulk, Lots 18, »nrt 17, Block 1, Arlington';; Heights, Greeley, No Rev.. ' ·' ',, ;'.» Marvin J. ind James M. CoUin», Jr., to Gladys Collins Woodrow aind Ald« L. Collinsi SWA, SEM, 35-T-«,. to'Rcv. ' '. .. · ' ' " ' .. It'l n* dltgracn to h«y« b»d bug but why k**p '«m? Consult tn *x- pert at your R«all Storo.'Gilbert Bllh«p * W.ldorado DrU9l.-Adv. For that . last minute g i f t . . . - · _ " . ' ' . TRY BOGAN PHARMACY 830 8th Av».'' 2,716,000, - up 8,S per cent over 1954. The federal' college housing loan fund was boosted 200 million dollari to 500 million with lowered interest, rates. Private .corporations and foundation funds gave more .. attention to colleges, but many institutions still 'did not know how they would deal-with the fu-' ure flood of students. One. of the important private gifts was the Ford Foundation 1 ! 500 million dollars divided between schools and hospitals. . . . . Herman R. Allen Merchandise Mart DKTR01T (fl and his father, - Richard Colien oam,' have announced plans to convert_a *even- slory downtown' warehouse Into million-dollar merchandise mart, making Detroit th« third city in ihe country to have such a mart. New York and Chicago also hav« j'uch marts. - , ' . Rapid Turnover LINCOLN,' 111. Lfl --' Julius' A, Wood suffered only cuts when his car: ' . Went out of control, struck « sign, shot across Route 66, went down a steep embankment, flipped over and landed on its wheels in grade, Somerlid Elementary; Ethelyn T. Jones, second grade, Park View Elementary; Marilyn C, Leech, fourth grade, Ben Frankin elementary; Esther M. Zinno, iflh grade, Washington Clemen- ary. Weldona: Kenneth E. Shaklee, physical education. Windsor: Richard Tomasi, science; Frank Campana, business education. Wiggins: Albert W. Tanner, fifth and sixth grade. Wray: Belly Wiidom, business education. Yuma: Evelyn R. Modlin, home economics; . Annabelle Blach, kindergarten. Brainerd's branch. Buxton ' · Billfolds For Everyone' '·'·' Complete Body and Fender Repair 24-Hour Wrecktr Service Factory DupllcaU Painting--Baked On With tafr*-Ra4 Wells Motor Co., Inc. | 1108 Eighth ATC, Prior,* 2996 WE'VE MOVED! 'only 98.95 buys the perfect GIFT.. NOW- you can mok« Anything- becauw rh« AUTOMATIC NECCHt doel everything. From finl nam to final trim the AUTOMATIC NECCtt" dc«i every ititch of lh« work'...wlthbul attachments. - : .' ' . ' few FREE'dtmemtreSlirOan «f VtiH Necchi-Elna Sewing Circle "TlO'Srh XYenuiT^^ : Open Every Night 'til 8:30 PARAKEETS and CANARY SINGERS Supplies For . . . . . Birds, Cats, Dogs, Fish ANDERSON SEED COMPANY 710 9th Aye. Phone 197 i, V I TERRY'S MEATS and LOCKERS 1*19 9th St. · Phone 2382 LOCKERS/PROCESSING, MEAT AND POULTRY, LOCKER SUPPLIES W. Wish You All A Merry Christmas . For Yo»r Convenience !n Preparing Chrufmu Dinner We Will B« Christmas Morning · and Monday Morning 1 ·:OO a.m. to 12 Noon Turkeys Grade A Hens IMS Ibe. _ rb, 59C Toms 18-84 Ibs. _ Ib. FRESH DRESSKD AND DRAWN FRESH Oysters 69c 12 oz. jar Capons ' - . Grade A . 63c .ib. 5 and 6 Ib. average Hams Our Own Homemade Gorman Sausage 39C Bulk sfyle ._ Ih. Beef Ground ________ )b. 33C New Is the time to fill your locker or home freezer with Beef or Pork. Local corn fed choice beef sides . . 39c Ib. PRICE INCLUDES ALL PROCESSING. Oder now and wf will have it ready for you after N e w Yean, ' ' ' · ' · · · · · I.L In The Holiday Tradition . . . Fruit Cake Ice Cream Also -- · Cherry Cocoanttl Ice Cream ' · Ire Cream Plaques Cranhtrry · Raspberry · Lime FREE Friday and Saturday Half Pint Lowell Whipping Cream With the purchase ef each '. gallon of Lowell milk. Bottled Egg Nog (NorvAIcoholic) Punch For Your PariUt Christmas Special! HEATER Goorfby Cold Fliers, .Cold Corntrs: Coleman'i Supar-CirculatioD tpreadl i wall.t«-will "carp»t of warmth," ntn ta dlaUst rooma. . . : - · Warm i You, Not Th* Ctiling: Colemtn'i circu- Utinr action pallt air off fioor bafore it gtu cold. Gas Jiving 'Ilui-Ribi. kon' l u r n t r : Wringi EXTRA h»t from fa a, cufj your fuclcostal Guamntetd far life of htattrl S«rf»-Co«1 Cabinet: Cool · to touch b«cau»« it circU; latci mor heat to th iome! No other heater at .. any pri£ gives Krmuehv eemfort for your money I - *)».'... £ef lefttr Inf.'... Jake Mmim tf Out BlewifWtr Before K Expires Models to Heat 1 Room or ' ' - · Whole Home ;;.: Choice o f . - · ' · . - · . · ' · · Beautiful Models and Finishes. For City Gos or Propanf. COLOMBO RIML GAS CO: 942 Mil Avt. Phono »e*3

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