Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on April 25, 1972 · Page 20
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 20

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 25, 1972
Page 20
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20 GREBLEY (Colo.) TRIBUNE Tu**., April 25, 1972 TV Station Managers Not Pleased With Prime Time Rule f.' : By JERRY BUCK : 'Associ*»td Prix WrHtr HOLLYWOOD (AP) -- A nationwide survey of television station managers shows thirds of them dislike two- TV's prime lime access rule, which with only modest station and audience acceptance. A common ground of agree-' menl by nearly all of the sta- lon managers was that the ew shows were not as good as hose offered by the networks. would be magnified greatly if The public apparently agreed, "·-·· I "-' ! -- " ' ··- --- Vcause over-all viewing during ie early evening access time declined in the Nielsen ratings. Most Popular Tlie two most popular shows /ere "I-awrence Welk" and 'Hee Haw," with new shows of- ered to stations by barter after ampliation by the networks. Other big winners are "Lasie," "Rollin' on the River," Wild Kingdom," "Untamed Vorld," "This Is Your .Life," Sporls Illustrated. Hie the ^Justice Department is successful in its antitrust suit against the networks. The prime time rule was imposed last October by the Fed eral Communications Commission as a method of providing more diversified and innovative sources of programs than those offered by the networks. It requires the local stations to produce htcir shows for a half hour each night or turn to inde- pend^ent producers or advertising agencies. Whether more innovative and diversified programming has resulted is questionable. Two-thirds of Ihe local station managers polled by The Associated Press said they are opposed to the rule or believe it has not achieved Us goal. They say it has either produced poor quality shows, cost them money, or both. Against Rule Sixty-one out of 97 managers polled were against the rule. Only 23 managers said they either favored the rule or believed that it should be tested further. Thirteen offered no opinion. "It's producing a variety of programming and allowing independent producers to enter the market," said Lee Jason of KFSN, Fresno, Calif. "But it's decreased the quality of programming because independent producers can't gamble with an innovative product, instead, they slick to tried-and-true formats, like game shows." A struggle wilhln the industry could be in the offing, gome stations are losing money from the-rule, but others are profiting: from it. NBC is seeking to have the rule withdrawn by the FCC, presumably because it lias cost the network money. But Hie rule has greatly helped the. competitive posture and financial standing of another network, ABC. Risking Money A-.number of independent producers are risking money will new shows on Itio assurance ol th e ':FCC that the rule will stay in force. \Vhile critics assail the rule, eaying it has produced a proliferation of game shows, bargain-basement dramas and off- network reruns, Ihe Justice Department has filed suit to lake entertainment programming away from the networks altogether. The suit, filed April 14 in Los Angeles, would turn network programming over to advertising agencies and independent producers in much the same way as docs Ihe prime time access rule. The networks have mixed reactions to the prime time rule. Julian Goodman, president of NBC, is leading the fight to revoke Ihe rule, which he calls "unrealistic" mid says has produced "absurd results. "\Ve believe what people said (his. would bring aboul, what the: FCC members voted has!not come nhonl," Goodman said. "We don't think that iias met any of Ihe objectives that were set out for it and we think Ihe FCC should admit its mistake and lake a fresh look at this." Another Year But at ABC, a spokesman said, "We think it needs anolh er year for everyone to lake a look at it. The first year was an sxperimenl. A shakedown year with a lot of waivers. "There's no question that i helped ABC. Tlie economy was bad, cigarettes were gone. 1 reduced our inventory in a slow market lime and we were abl to weed out a lol of losers." NBC said lhal according t the Nielsen rcporls ovcr-al viewing from October to Febru ary declined 8.4 per cent a compared with Inst year in th 7:30-8 p.m. period. Network af filiales report viewing off eve more--12 per cent for (ho ac cess time period. Independent slalions, how evej, increased viewing 56 pc cent. Network sources snid Ihi lias been due principally to Hi stripping five nights n week NEW YORK (AP) - The march of what the television industry calls "busted pilots" continues. This time it was Television Review By C Y N T H I A L O W R Y AP Television Radio Writer three comedy programs on houses of worship. NBC Monday night, none of which is on the network's fall schedule and so all may be presumed to be discarded. "Wednesday Night Out," the first, centered on four house- periments to Gothic and Re liolds--a Jewish, an Italian- American, a WASP couple plus a divorcee, all close friends. A black woman doctor was injected into the story line and sometimes baldly and some- limes amusingly. A little TV amnesty for draft dodgers am Golddiggers," and "Let's Make the ethnic one-liners took over, Deal." " --- '--I-"-- ---· Look at one city, San Fransco: I KPIX, a CBS affiliate, fills ils Vi hours weekly wilh local and yndicated first-run shows ob- ained largely through Its par- nt Weslinghouse Broadcasting orp. Among them: "Doctor in naissance cathedrals. Reasone; called New England's white churches with their steeples "America's single greatest ar chitectural contribution." 11 was followed by a news department report on the subjecl ibigolry goes a longnway and ,1 Archie Bunker still has it pret- ly well cornered. Then "Keeping Up With the Joneses" concentrated on the life of two couples formerly in "The Funny Side" which was he House," "The David Frost canceled at midseason. The evue," "Street People," and 'Good Grief, It's Sunday," The NBC affiliate, KRON,, ims its shows for children and le family audience. The ABC station, KGO, ex- anded ils news operation by ne-half hour. Don Curran, the eneral manager, pronounced it eminently successful.' He afd, "We're absolutely de- ghled wilh the rule. 1 hope ley don't go back lo the old ·ay." A n independent station, !BHK, programs movies oppo- le the access shows. "Our rat- ngs have jumped, said Carlo nneke, the general manager. pairs in this, one black and the oilier while, have the same surname and share one remodeled brownstonc. It was all slightly reminiscent of the old "Honeymooners," wilh lots of shouting and marital misunderstanding. Between the domestic comedies there was Arle Johnson in sleuth. Arle had a chance lo use a lot of wigs and crepe beards und exercise an assortment of foreign accents. It was okay for a half hour, but would be a bore, on a once-a-week basis. The combination of Andrew Rooney and narrator Harry Reasoncr emerged again in a short ABC essay on church architecture. It seemed primar ily designed to show some o: e off-beat edifices used ai ily the A "church" was defined fo: program purposes as "any place where people gather tc pray." They ranged from shab by storefronts lo modern ex deserters. Most of the visua material was taped segments of a Senate subcommittee hearing on Ihe subject. Both sides were represented, and it was ex tremely thought provoking. "Surrender at Appomatox" in CBS's "Appointment with DCS tiny" series concentrated on the final days of the Civil War and the confrontation between Robert E. Lee and Ulysses S Grant. Tlie program was primarily designed to contrast the char acters of the two men leadin| opposing armies, and it dre\ a broad satire of the infallible sympathetic and warm por traits of them. The dramatization in a low key scholarly way called to the viewer's attention . the sim ilarities between conditions a the end of a war more than 10 years ago--frustrations, dis writer unity and personal tragedy-and those faced by the natioi today. TV Programs KBTV, Ctwnntl 9; KLZ, Channel 7; KOA, Ouniwl 4; KRMA, Channel i Vollack Plans News Conference DENVER (AP) - Democratic Slate Sen, Anthony Vollack of Arvada announced Monday ie will hold a news conference at the'capltol \Vednesday afternoon -- precipitating specula- lion he will seek either his par- ly's no'minalion. for the United Stales Senate or House. Vollack, a 42-year-old lawyer, is complelipg his second four- year term in the state Senate. He told friends only that he is not announcing for reelection. His brief notification to reporters of the press conference said only that it is "for the purpose of making a candidate announcement." If he runs for United Slales senator he will have to contest with former state Rep. Floyd Haskcll of Arapahoe county for the nomination and the right to oppose three term republican Sen. Gordon A|lolt in tlie general election. If he runs for Congress from the Second District, he would have to face four- term Republican incumbenl Donald Brotzman of Boulder in the general election. The news conference will be held at 1:15 p.m. in the audio visual press room on the third floor of the capitol. In 1942 the former French liner, Normandie, burned anc capsized at a New Vork pier. SCRAM-LMS ANSWERS av,RMm-Li.i.j ^"·*;*~"-»...,,,,.· TT n Walnut- Craze - Ruxom - Orphan- WARM UP ·Have vou noticed that cold cask makes people WARM Have you noticed that cold, casli XTP to you? two network shows, "Hogan Heroes" and "I Dream of Jeannie." ", Significant Dcclin* The networks also said the access rule has caused a significant decline in viewing of the .'evening news shows. NBC said" the three network share during the news shows declined from 85 per cent last year to 77 por cent. Few of the shows offered lo television stations through syndication or harfer--n means by which a sponsor offers a show free in exchange for a few min utes of advertising time-were Innovative or noteworthy, many of'the managers felt. One show that was, "Slory Theatre," mtl Tuesday, April 25 4:00--2: Green Acres G: Media Theory 7: Guide Tr Love 4:30-2: Gilligan's Island 6: Mislerogers 7: Mayberry H.F.D. 5:00-2: McHales Navy 4: NBC News 6: Sesame Street 7: New,'. Wlhr, Spls 9: News 5:30--2: Hogan'ii Heroes 4: Eyewitness News 9: News Force One 6:00--2: Dream of Jeannie ^·. High Chaparral 6-. Electric Company 7: CBS News 9: Belter World 6:30-2: Andy Griffith 6: Foik Guilar 7: Glen Campbell 9: Mod Squad 7:00--2: Truth or Consequences 4: Four Kings G: Vanishing Wilderness 7:30-2: Dragnet 6: Course of Time 7: All in the Family 9: Movie 8:00--2: Perry Mason 4: African Dairy G: French Chef 7: Cannon 8:30--6: Advocates 9:00--2: News, Wthr, Spts 4: Nichols 7: Cades Counly 9: Mnrcus Wclby 3:30-6: Open Topic 10:00-2: Movie 4: News, Wlhr, Spts 7: Newt, Wthr, Spta. · 6: Open Topic 9: News, Wthr, Spls. 10:30--4: Primary Coverage 6: Inform 7: Movie 11:00--9: Dick Cavett 4: Tonight Show 6: Inform 12:00--2: News 12:30--9: David Frost 4: Eyewilncss News Wedn«tf«y, April U 11:00--2: Famous Jury Trials ^·. Sale of Century 7: News 9: All My Children 11:30--2: Iloneymooners ^·. Three on a Match 6: M a t h 7: As the World Turns 9: Lei's Make a Deal 12:00-2: Bllnky Fun Club 4: Eyewitness News 7: Love is Splendor Thing 9: Today at Noon 12:30-2: Phil Donahue 4: The Doctors 7: Guiding Light 9: Dating Game 12:45-fi: Science Gr. 3, 4 1:00-4: Another World 6: Science Gr. 1, 2 7: Secret Slorm 9: General Hospital 1:30-2: What's My Line 4: Peylon Place 6: Social Similes 7: Edge of Night 9: One Lite lo Live 2:00-2: To Tell the Truth 4: Somerset 6: K'cctric Company 7: Dialing for Dollars 9: Love, American Style 2:30-2: Beat the Clock 4: Days of Our Lives 6: Furnilure Repair 3: Newlywed Game 3:00-2: Big Valley 4: Concentration 0: Bewitched 3:30--4: Money Movie 9: Mcrv Griffin 4:00--2: Green Acres 7: Gomcr Pyle 4:30--2: Gilligan's Island 6: Mistcrogcr's 7: Mayberry R.F.D. 5:00--2: Mcllale's Navy 4: News 6: Sesame Street 7: News -): News 5:30--2: Hogan's Heroes 4: Eyewitness News 9: News 6:00--2: Dream of Jeannie 4: High Chaparral G: Electric Company 7: CDS News 9: Star Trek 6:30-2: Andy Griffith 6: Green Survival 7: Arnie 7:00--2: Truth or Consequences 4: Inspiration'l Living 6: Profile 7: Medical Center 9: Sixth Sense 7:30--2: Dragnet 4: Movie G: TBA 8:00--2: Perry Mason 6: Public Affair 7: Movie 9: Smith Family 8:30-6: This Week 9: Comedy Machine 9:00-2: News, Wthr, Spts. 4: Night Gallery 6: Vibrations 9: KBTV Special 10:00--2: Movie 4; News, Wthr., Spts. 6: 'Soul' 7: News, Wtr. Spts 9: News, Wtr. Spts 10:30-4: Tonight Show 7: Movie 11:00--6: Inform 9: Dick Cavett 12:00-2: News 4: News 12:30-9: David Frost Radio Programs KYOU HM KUNC-FM ?1.5; KFKA 1310; KGRE *2.3; KUAD 1I7»; Tuesday, April 25 4:00-KFKA: News, Music KYOU: Info News KUAD: Voice of Valley 4:30-KFKA: Editorial, Music KYOU: Regional News 4:4S-KFKA: Want Ads 5:Ofl-KFKA: News, wthr, spls. KYOU: News 75 ·KUiN'C: Evening Report 5:30-KUAD: Sign Off 6:00-KFKA: Circle J R Ranch KUNC: Things C'sidcred 6:I5-KYOU: South of Border 7:30-KUNC: Poor Consumer 8:00--KFKA: News, Music KYOU: Ted Loveland KGRE: News KUNC: Martin L. King II:30-KGUE: Music KYOU: Regional News KUNC: Jazz 9:CK)-KUNC: News, Prog. Mils. KYOU: Info News IO:00-KKKA: News KYOU: News KUNC: Rock 10:I5-KKKA: Var. Carousel KYOU: Sporis, News 11:00-KYOU: Sign Of( 12:00-KFKA: Sign Off KUNC: Nightcap Wednesday, April U 11:00-KUAD: Bob McBride KFKA: News, Music KYOU: News KGRE: Stereo Music 11:15-KFKA: Music KYOU: Spls Weather 11:30-KYOU: News 11:45-KYOU: Macy Allnult 12:00-KFKA: Monforl Rpl. KUN'C: Expanded News KYOU: News, Weallwr KUAD: News I2:10-KUAD: Voice of Vnlley 12'15-KFKA: Woather, Spls. KUAD: Bob McBride 12:30--KUAD: Bob McBride 12:45-KYOU: Paul Harvey KFKA: Saleiime, Mkls 1:00--KFKA: What's llap'ning KYOU: Chuck Wolfe 1:15--KFKA: Music 2:00-KFKA: News, Music KUAD: Don Bell 2:30-KFKA: Profile, Music 3:00--KFKA: News, Music KUNC: News, Music KYOU: Jim Cox 3:30-KFKA: Spts, Music 4:00-KFKA: News, Music KUAD: Voice ol Vnlley 4:30-KFKA: Editorial, Music 4:45-KFKA: Want Ads 5:00-KFKA: News, Wlr, Spl KYOU: News 75 5:30-KUAD: Sign Off 5:45-KFKA: This is Greeley 6:00-KUNC: Expanded News KFKA: Circle JR Ranch 6:15-KYOU: South of Border KUNC: Periscope, J 7:30-KUNC: Drum 8:00-KFKA: News, Music KYOU: Jim Cox KGRE: News 8:3o-KGRE: Music KUNC: Music 9:00-KUNC: News, Prog. Mill M5-KUNC: UNC Profile 10:00-KUNC: Jazz 10:15-KFKA: Varsity Carouse 11:00-KYOU: Sign Off KGRE: Sign Off H:30-KFKA: News, Wlr, Spfs KFKA: Sign Off KUNC: News, Music KYOU: Market Music DENVER R A D I O KLZ: 560--Music, news KHOW: 630-Music, news KBTR: 710-News 24 hours KOA: 850--Music, news on '.i hr Beifeve R orNatl SALOMON BRENNWM.D («M7«0 of- SSWAMIM. S w , KCQRDWG TO TOE EPITAPH HE WROTE HIHSaF,/tJ!5/f PASTOR IU 3 PARISHES, HAD 3 SaVS AHO 3 DAUGHTERS, TfMfS,AVD LWfD TO THE AGE OF 3 TIMES 23 THE STONE SENTRY HEAR TAVO'.ARA, 1T/UY ROCK ., ^MONASTERY IN ROANNE, FRANCE, BECAUSE ST. BERNARD USED THE PHRASE 1H THE 12th CEMTUR/ WEN HE SELECTED ITS'SITE BY THROWING HIS STAFF, IS NAMED!' "ThcK.itt its Praise God " ACROSS 1.--Alonzo Sfagg 5. Symbol of grief 10. Sound 12. Poker loss? 13. Conflict setting 14. Shabby 15. 1972 entrant into baseball's Hall Of fame ·17. Give the O.K. 18. More nervous 22. Take on help 26. Sec 15 Across 28. Veer 29. Crescent- shaped 39. Lay odds 31. See 15 Across 37. "Passage to --" 38. Only son of Abraham 40. Tolerate 41. Nervous 42. Coalesce 43. GefV.I.P. treatment DOWN ,1. Former Mrs. Sinatra Z.Piefa figure 3. Butter's competition 4. "Squeal" 5. Resource 6. Persian tiger 7. Yesterday Fr.) 8. "King of, theNibc- lung" goddess », Porky's home 11. Actor, Dm-Jr. 16. Suburb of, Detroit 18. Hoad curve 39. Swedish · river 20. African antelope ?,1. Chemical ending 2«. Vandal 23,"-- man answers, hang up" 24. Rodent 25. English river 27. Get the belter of 30. Part of an oar 31. Being (Sp.) 32. Jewish month 33. Peal of · bells ·: river 36. Famed political cartoon at r.Distlnc-' tive theory 34. Written letter DAILY CRYPTOQUOTE - Here's how to ivork it: A X Y D L B A A X R is L 0 N G T E L I. O W One letter simply stands for another. In this sample A is used for the three I/s, X for the two O's, etc. Single letters, apostrophes, the length and formation of the words are all hints. Each day the coIc letters are different. CRYPTOQUOTKS G J K A H O S K I G K W K Z V N I K H C G J K U N A P, H N G J N A P H H Z I , D A P U H I J O K C N G G N A B D L K Z I H A H C T E B S N G F , N I I G E P F . - M N S S N D U Z D U K I F Yesterday's Cryploquole: IT USUALLY TAKES MORE THAN THREE WEEKS TO PEEPABE A GOOD mPROUPXU SPEECH.-MAHK TWAIN (© 1972 Kinff Features Syndicate, Inc.) HENRY By John Llney ARCHIE By Bob Montana JUST LET ME . ., LOOK. UP/ PHEW.' V ONE OF ^ WHW A .("GRANDMA'S HEADACHE.'/ HOME REMEDIES": A RAG SOAKED IK VINEGAR TIED TIGHTLY AROU N D TH£ FOREH EAO / W A I T A MINUTE? THIS SAYS...*SOA«ED \JN SUGAR WATEfV/ REX MORGAN, M. D. By Dal Curtis LIVE in MY HOME AND C-O TO COLLEGECH A FW.L-rr.He SCHEDULE/ kVHEN I f?ETUR«/ I THINK U'E'LL BE TO MKE. A DECISION FUTURES. n's JiiiTKor MESKICF TO BE ,UAIOST mo HOURS I'VE GOT TO GO A\VA\ FOK A. W H I L E , SVZY-- SO THAI IVE CAN EACH T H I N K TIIIH6S OUT A L O N E .' LATE AT THE otncE WITHOUT OUUNG INIK£.X/ fRi.nn.Yi I'M 1IOKRI6P/ I'\'C CHECKED 1VITH THE HOSPITAL ! Hf , E4RLY MORNING KOUHPS JOHNNY HAZARD By Frank Robbing Li'I ABNER ONTO VLMjGARIt-LA'ft TV. SHOW.'.'-AS TH' J REPRESENTATIVE O' A 1 ACLTHASS FINE AM' ) WHOLESOME JM */ AMERICAN) LIF£" ) ISC3ONMA DEMAND KQUAL TIME-- TH'AUDIENCE IS APPUAUDIN'-- AH PREZOOMSTH' ISO/ER. NCW IT'S M AH TURN/.''

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