Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on April 25, 1972 · Page 18
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 18

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 25, 1972
Page 18
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18 GREELEY (Colo.) TRIBUNE Tues., April 25, 1972 By Fiinces Dittrich WHAT IS TREV1RA? A reader asks: "What is Trevira?" With the multitude ol trade names for yarns, fabrics, ami finishes, plus the family names for 1C different basic types of man-made fibers, one can understand the average person's puzzlement. Trcvoira is a trade name for a polyester fiber developed in Frankfurt, West Germany. Fifteen years ago, Imperial Industries in England perfected the ..first polyester fiber and licensed companies around the world to produce it. Faberke Hoeuhsl AG, which was founded in 1803 as P manufacturer of dyo%Mfs and is now one of the six top companies in the chemical industry, was one of the licensees. An off-shoot of thai company, floechst Fibers, Inc., is based in Sparlanburg, S.C. Easy Care Fabric P o l y e s t e r w a s developed simultaneously in Ihe United wool, you have Europe, but · the were somewhat States and approaches different. In this country, it was promoted as a practical fiber for easy-care fabric. In Europe, the keynote was the use of polyester in high- style fabric. Emphasis was put on the characteristics it contributed in blends in wool, silk and linen. P r e s e n t l y , more textile companies in Ibis country are blending polyester with natural fibers in addition to old-faithful cotton. But the Hoechst Company, which started out in the couturier world claims an international bank of fashion and color expertise. Trevira polyester fabric lias been .in the home-sewing market for four years. It is slill a "quality shop" item, demanding and getting a slightly higher price than domestic polyesters of comparable weight in a 100 per cenl polyester. Shape Varies When polyester is formed into long hair-like filaments, il is normally smooth and rod- shaped. Most liter companies vary the shape to achieve certain effects. The Hoechst Company produced a star- shapcd fiber three years ago, which Ihey call Trevira "star." When made' into yarn and woven iiito cloth, it provides a softly glowing sheen and a luxurious touch. Trevirii fillers arc also being produced in a spun version, which means that the filament with natural a fabric that is soft and resilient. This blend is being featured in doubleknits. And Wool, Too You may wonder about the combination of polyester and wool. How will the wool react when the fabric is washed? No problem. The spun polyester and wool are intermingled the basic fiber stage and heal set, This provides a mutual degree of flexibility. Polyester and wool blends arc hand or machine washable al low temperature with a mile detergent. Remove the garment from the washing machine immediately. Do not wring Rinse thoroughly in warm, not hot, water. Squeeze out the excess water and place on flat surface to dry. In the case of woven polyester and wool you may hang the. garment on a nonrust hanger to dry. is chopped into little pieces like natural cotton or wool fibers, Ihen spun into yam. This produces a loftier, fuzzier yarn. In combination ind social meetings of PWP sd talks 1 lander Leo Malcom of the Greeley Police Department and talk on "Patriotism" by Jerry Cooper, past commander of 'ioneer Post No. 2)21, Veterans f Foreign Wars. The monthly family 'potluck upper for April is scheduled or Friday, April 28, al Ihe Blue r lame Room, when Fred t'erner will speak on community activities. Those attend- ng are asked to bring table ervice in addition to a dish o share. Supper will be served iromplly al 7:30 p.m. Reader Service: Write for free brochure, "How to Sew a Kit," by Francie Coffey, written especially for Trevira. It is an inlroduclion to [he lechniques of sewing knils, including illustrations and easy-to-follow tips professions' long, self- and stamped en- Frances Dietrich o n achieving results. Send a addressed velopc to Fascinating Fabrics, P.O. Box 5790, St. Ixmis, Mo. 63121.) Copyright, 1972 McNaught Syndicate, Inc. Smile! DENVER ( A P ) -- When members of Ihe Colorado's Senate Slate Affairs Committee met Monday to consider reapporlionment legislation --which has plagued them for four months-- they found some unidentified author had left them a message. Chalked on a blackboard in the committee room was the admonition: "Smile--it could he July 1." [For Graduation 'give him the precision Ihe wants... lAccutroir ;byBu!ova 'The tuning fork movement Is v/hat (makes every Accutron watch so |precise. So whether you buy the low. {priced model at $110 or a MK solid 'gold date and day model at $700, the |split second timing Is the same. (Guaranteed: accurate to within a ! minute a month.* t We tiavD a great selection In every Accutron price range. So give him tlie Y,atch he w a n t s . . . Accutron iby Bulova. i 1. SUlnlm slctl. Shjrkikln itnp. $110, SIlinKi! iletl. Gnsit jriy ijiil. »1:S. C. Two-lone cm Jnd bind. Burfijndydlll, J1J5, t. UK solid (old cist 1M HUditd bj.U )JM. Choose Now From Our Large Selections For Graduation Giving . . . Put It On Lay-Away Your Diamond Star* 819 Tenth St. Established Greeley PWP Chapter To Hear Mrs. Bump Mrs. Lanya Bump will pre- :ent a program on Mental leallh for Greeley Chapter of Barents Without Partners at 8 '.m. Wednesday, April 26, at lie home of Mrs. Rose Mary ioob, 2605 W. 10th St., Lot 21. Highlights of recent cultural ocial meetings of lave included talks by Com- Tribune Women's Pages Blanche Dcmpsey, Editor; Rose Mary Koob, Assistant ; Miss Colorado -Teen-Ager Applications Being Accepted j Miss Colorado Teen-Ager will'of all personal appearance Governor Love Pays Homage To Hospital Auxiliary Members In a recent executive order Jovernor John Love honored 40,000 Colorado women who each year contribute nearly 1,000 years of volunteer service worth 3.5 million dollars to the benefit of patients in 59 Colorado hospilals. W e l d Hospital, County without General exception, benefits and has since January 1971, when (he WCGH Auxiliary was started. During its first By Abigail Van Buren to mi br CHUM TriKm-M. r N«n 5r»«.. KC.I DEAR ABBY: l was shocked with your sympathetic attitude toward HEARTBROKEN GRANNY. [She wanted to visit her son's children tho he was divorced and his ex-wife was remarried and had taken the children to live in another stale.I I was a divorcee with preschool children, and now ( am happily remarried to a wonderful man who is doing an excellent job with his ready-made family [ have been bugged to death by my ex-mother-in-law who "misses" her grandchildren. She sends them cards and gifts for their birthdays and holidays, so they won't forget her. I always send her a brief but lo-lhe-poinl thank you I wish she'd slop sending Ihem things! As yet she hasn't asked to visit the children, Iwe live in a different slate 1 but if she does .I'll not permit il. My children now have new grandparents who adore them, and one set of grandparents is enough. ( jusl oan't understand the nerve of my ex-in-laws. Why can't they accept the fact that t want nothing more to do with them? You should have told HEARTBROKEN GRANNY to leave her ex-grandchildren alone. Sometimes you make more problems than you solve. HAPPILY REMARRIED MOTHER DEAR MOTHER: When one loses a male (whether by divorce or death I if there are children, the biological grandparents remain grandparents forever. Circumstances differ, liul It would seem unnecessarily cruel to deny grandparents the right lo see their grandchildren. In some stales [California I such a right has been written Into (he law DEAR ADBY ft friend ot mine died last year leaving two little girls who went to live with an aunt. Last Chrislmas f sent a check payable to the aunt in a Christmas card addressed to the girls I told Uie girls to give Ihe check lo their aunt to cash, and she would give them the money to buy themselves something for Christmas I received tho cancelled check However, last week I heard from Ihe girls [in response to my letter asking them what they had bought with my Christmas money I and they wrote that the aunt had never given them the money Should I ask the aunt for an explanation, or just forget it and never send money that way again? My husband says I should let it fac What do you say? MINOR PROBLEM OEAK MINORr DON'T (el II be. UH the aunt know that too know that the girls have not received the money--YET! DEAR ABBY When my son Joined the Navy i informed film that I would nol accept any reverse charges telephone calls. After he was gone about a week i received a postcara with his name, rank and serial number on it ft also had "MKSSAGE" printed on il After "message," he filled in, "SEND ELECTRIC SHAVER " [No "Dear Mom. please, love," nothing--just an order to send his electric shaver.l Then he signed it on the bottom Well, I made up my own form postcard, i printed my name, for my rank I wrote "MOTHER", and after serial number I pul down my Social Securily Number For -'message" I wrote, "Shaver on the way No letter--no mail." Pretty soon I got a telephone call from my son He said he Jusl received the postcard and wanted to know what was Ihe matter with me, and why couldn't I write a letter? I lold him nothing was the mailer with me and when *ie could write a letter I would write one After that I heard from him regularly, but l never got another form postcard Jusl letters Very truly yours, ·\N EYE FOR AN EYE OEA« EYE (raining! vov chal'« vhai eye call basic Witt's your problem? You'll (eel beUer II you gel it off yt*r chest. Write (o ABBY Box 697M. Los Angeles, Cal, *0«». For a ptrionil reply enclose stamped, iddressed ·rvelope For Abby» booklet, -'How 10 Hive « Lovely WeddUg," und SI (« Abny. Box »7M. UK Angeles. C«l. »H». Irs. Polly Fay Is nstallinr/ Officer Mrs. Polly Fay, deparlmenl resident the Auxiliary, VeU rans of World War I, inslallec IB officers of District 6 in a meeting in Fort Morgan, Tues ay, April 18, afllie VRW hall Irs. Jessie Malhy was inslalle( resident. Mrs. Fay was acompanied b Ir. and Mrs. John Templin. A joint memorial service was eld with the barracks men, ant flag or carnation was placet « the allar for each man or ady of the organizalion whi ied in the past year. A covered dish dinner at noon ·as attended by MO Veterans nd Auxiliary members inciud ng several from barracks in Denver, Sterling and Ytima. Jewelry Clean Up! · Necklaces and earrings f Bracelets and earrings SOLD I N SETS O N L Y Reg.S3toS10 set $100 1 set ALL SALES F I N A L * NO L A Y A W A Y 914 9th Ave. same way as the ear of existance 65 volunteers onated over 2,100 hours to the ospltal. Services rendered eluded receiving new patients s they were admitted to the ospital, maintaining a gift'shop hich offered fresh !/wers as i item, visiting each room ally with a cart of supplies uch as toothbrushes, combs, laying cream and sundries, elping in various offices of the dministration, assisting in the et'kitchen, and giving aid on he wards as it was called for nd needed. The Auxiliary has a group of andy Stripers which it spon- ors. These girls are 14 Vi years r older who donate Iheir time nd services to the hospital in iuch the dulls. A year ago the Auxiliary jonsored a premier showing of movie in - Greeley as a nancial project through which nough money was raised to uy an infant resuscitalor for ie hospital. This year's profits rom the gift shop will go wards (he purchase of a fetal eart monitor. As volunteers, the Weld o u n t y General Hospital uxiliary members believe The measure of our happiness the gift of ourselves which ·e give to others." Mrs. Bruce Skalbeck lembership chairman of the uxiliary. Anyone interested in irlher information is en- ouraged lo call her at 353-8265. be chosen in competition the evening ot June 10 at the Staney Hotel in Estes Park. She ivlll be the second annual Teen- Ager selected in yearly compe- ilion, this year's winner to go o the national finals in Atlanta, "la., Aug. 23-26. Applications are being ac- iach cepted untjl May 15 and may e obtained by writing Certification Headquarters, 126 Bunn Drive, Rockton, III., 61072. GirlsSxitween the ages 13-17 vill be judged for their scholas- ic achievements, civic conlri- ulions, poise, personality and appearance. There is rio talent or bathing suit competition. Contestants must be United itates citizens, residents of the state of Colorado, and must slill be 17 on Sept. 1, 1972.. No entrance fee will be charged. Scholarships will be awarded stores. :o the winner, and first and second runners-up from each state amounting to $75,000 in scholarships to an accredited junior college. Also, each slate vinncr will receive her excuses paid to the national 'inals, which include food, lodging and plane flight round trip 4-day tour. As part of the national judg- ng each state winner will be asked to write a 100-word theme on "What's Right About America." The winner from Colorado will return to represent her state in civic events and parades and receive 100 per cen monies. Currently Miss Debbie Berton reigns as 1971 Miss Colo- ·ado Teen-Ager. Trophies at the Miss Colorado n een-Ager Pageant will be presented the winner and five ninners-up, plus a congeniality award and citizenship award. This is reported to be the lar- ;est teen-ager pageant in the vorld. Judging -will be handled by individually by the panel of judges on the day of the pageant. Judges selected for this event include Iver C. Ranum, superintendent of schools a' Westminster, Robert Briggs Jr., owner of Briggs Carnation Farm, and 11. E. (Bud) Plait Jr., owner of four clothing Nelson Named New Production Executive Peter Nelson has joined MOW as a production executive, according to Daniel Meknick, MG.M vice president-production Nelson will function also as Managing Director of Premier Productions, working closely wilh Andre Pieterse, executive vice president in .charge of the company's, internalional operations, in the various phases of the Studio's program of acquisition of foreign films for distribution. Before joining MGM, Nelson had been a production executive with Warner Bros. Prior to that, he was head of creative affairs for the Aldrich Studios and was executive producer on the film, "Whatever Happened to Aunt Alice?" and the girl educational citizens stale of Cojorado. will be interviewed Mure Engemoen Tells Auxiliary of Trip · Marc Egemoen, Greeley Cen- tral'High School representative the Presidential Classroom in Washington, D. C., was the guest speaker at the · April meeting of the Woman's Auxiliary to Greeley Typographical Union No; 586, Wednesday evening at the home of Mrs. L! L. Wilkinson. Engemoen gave an excellent report of his experiences and conducted an informative question and answer period. The meeting at the Wilkinson home followed a no-host dinner al Purr's Cafeteria. During the business meeting, officers were elected for the 1972-73 year. Mrs. Dennis Moore was named president, Mrs, Lloyd Hopkins, vice president, and Mrs. Blanche Dempsey was re-elected secretary-treasurer. The next auxiliary meeting, with installalion of officers;, is scheduled for May 17. Hostesses will be announced. A special remembrance from every member of the family with from 1 to 9 GENUINE Birthstones gracefully set in 14 Kt white or yellow gold Illustrations E 817 8th St. .352-701* IBROWN'S END-OF-MONTH SPECIAL! NOW THROUGH SATURDAY Jnil No. 18 'Juniors 'lady, Make Pictures The Juniors of Viclor Candlin Jnit No. 18 gathered al Ihe wme of Mrs. Ira Anderson at 0 a.m. Saturday wilh eight members present. Beverly Ziminennann pre- ided al the meeting. Pictures ·"iitilled "Know Your Policeman" were distributed to mem- )crs. A prize will be awarded at he next meeting to the member irning in the best colored liclurc. The girls also worked on the cnya doll costumes. Members iscussed various Mather's Day lifts and plans wore made to make them at the next meeting. Refreshments were served by Vlrs. Anderson. The next mect- ng will be at 10 a.m. on May Do your h.tir and skin have Ihot young, fresh look Ihey should for spring? Winlcr is so hnrsli and drying io us. Come in . .let us brighten you up with our I n n 1.1 s t i c R E D K E N PRODUCTS Let Yourself hdvc a grciil BEAUTY AFFAIR AT THE HAIR AFFAIR By Mr. Loren JS30 I l l h A v e n u e 354-2378 OUR OWN VERSION OF ITALIAN COMFORT. SOFT, BUFFALO G.LOVE LEATHER. DONE IN A ONE EYELET TIE SET ON A SOFT, CUSHION GUM CREPE SOLE AND HEEL. PERFECT FOR WORK CASUAL OR SHOPPING. FIRST TIME EVER AT THIS REDUCED PRICE. Y O U ' L L P R O B A B L Y WANT S E V E R A L PAIR. DROP IN FIRST THING WEDNESDAY MORNING. SIZES: COLORS: TAN CAMEL BONE RED WHITE Regularly $16.00 OPEN 819 8th St. f^/l/QWJW/}- FRIDAY 352-3008 SHOE FIT CO. N I G H T S Use Our Handy Back Door and Parking in Rear

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