Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on April 25, 1972 · Page 17
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 17

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 25, 1972
Page 17
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. April 25, 1972 GREELEY (Colo.) TRIBUNE 17 House Approves Senate Amended Voters Measure i" : WAITING TO BE J U N K E D -- Vandals and transients 'have, destroyed most of the seats in the once sleek Texas Zephyr. The train is on a siding next to a Denver salvage company awaiting its turn to go under the ball and hammer. The Texas Zephyr ran between Denver and Dallas until taken out of service in 1967. Prior to 1957 the train was called the Denver Zephyr and ran from Denver to Chicago with this service starting in 1936. (AP Wirepholo) irey, McGovern Both See Victories in Today's Primaries = · By WALTER R . M E A R S A?.. Political Writer ' Democrats in Pennsylvania ind Massachusetts vote 'today In. .-doubleheader presidential primary elections, 'with Sens. Hiipert H. Humphrey and George McGovern. forecasting victories. Sen. Edmund S. Mus- kl« was embattled on both flanks.,, . · - . · The dual primaries began an Intensive-month of Democratic ballotuig with Muskie of Maine, his early.- lead a fading memory, battling to remain a con- teftder for the While House nomination. · : .'Muskie put his campaign emphasis on Pennsylvania and said^in Pittsburgh he was "rea so.nably confident." Humphrey taid he expected to win and begin "the long, victory trail to Hie White-House." .'McGovern;, far ahead in the polls .-in-Massachusetts, said he Expected, .to''score.'-"a clean ' sweep ; there," and · venturec 'south'Monday to hunt votes in Pennsylvania,'too. The ; voting began at 7 a.m EST in Pennsylvania and some Massachusetts communities. Polls-were to close at 8 p.m. EST in'both stales. ; In Pennsylvania, Humphrey ti'f M . i n n e s o ' t a , Muskie McGovern, of South Dakota, Sen. Henry M. Jackson o: Washington and Gov. George C Wallac* of Alabama were on the presidential preference bal lot. That contest is not binding oh the 182-vote delegation to the D e m o c r a tic National Con yehtion. Pennsylvania Democrats were choosing 137 of the dele gales in the primary. Humph rey said he expected fo win more: of them than any other candidate. Muskie was banking on the support of Gov. Milton J Sha'pp and Democratic leaders signed On in his .frontrunning days to buoy his delegate show · ;The long and ..complex Mas sachusejls ballot ' listed 1 a presidential prefer eije* poll. There are 102 dele gates at stake there, 20 to the statewide winner, the rest ap portioned, among the 12 con g ' r e s s i o n a l districts. Onl; IcGovern and Muskie were| unning full- delegate slates.' The Muskie slate is headed by oston Mayor Kevin H. White nd boats a lineup of party of- ce holders and leaders. But in Massachusetts, the reference vole -is binding on le first convention ballot, rais- ng the prospect that some ame Democrats pledged to ifuskie might win delegate eats and go to the convention n Miami Beach, Fla., committed by state law to vote for IcGovern on the opening bal- ot. McGovern Do Ydur FALSE TEETH ','·'' Drop, Slip, or Fall ° D6a't kttp »orryin» »bout you ftlM t«th droppmj «t the wron time. A denture ftdneeive can helo FASTEETH»tfves dentures » loni er, firmer, steadier hoM, Makes eai in* more enjoyibte. For more KOirit nd Wiiifort. uie FASTEETH Den tttre Adhesive Powder. Denture that fit-in mtntiil to health, S» your dentut refululy, r otes, McGovern peeled to gain ' number of delegates" in Penns y 1 v a n i a . ate, then flew lo Pennsylvania or an eight-city tour. In Cheser, Pa., bidding, as he has in said he ex- 'a surprising "Massachusetts said the delegate ompelition is nonetheless vital, ecause the convention is likely o go more than one ballot. There are 1.1 million Demo- rats and 950,000 independent oters in Massachusetts, where egistration totals 2.6 million, state officials forecast 780,000 r oles would be cast. About 40 per cent of the 2.8 million Democrats in Pennsyi- ·ania were expected to vole. The issues were essentially Iwse the Democratic rivals tressed in Wisconsin, where McGovern received his biggest toost with an April 4 primary 'ictory. The candidates talked if the war, the economy and of ax reform. School busing was wt a prime issue. They chorused criticism of 'resident Nixon for renewing he bombing of North Vietnam n response to Hanoi's offensive in Ihe South. Muskie said hs was "getting lis second wind. "There have been too many ups and downs to be overly op- imistic, .but I think the momentum is building," he said. 'I think we will pull it off." President Nixon is sure to .vin the Republican primary in Massachusetts, where Reps! John M. Ashbrook of Ohio and Paul N. McCloskey Jr. of Calif- lornia remained on the ballol. endorsed McGovern n the Democralic primary, and said that even though he had quit the campaign he hoped for some Republican voles to pro- iest the renewed bombing of North Vietnam. There is no GOP presidential preference contest in Pennsylvania. A Massachusetts poll pub- should be a clean sweep," he said. McGovern said those show- ngs should give him a majority of the 239 delegates al stake in he two primaries. He wound up his two-state campaign day with an election eve rally in industrial Lowell, Mass. He urged voters there lo 'cast ballots for peace" by supporting him. He · said he would end the bombing and set the date for total U;S; withdrawal from Vietnam "on my inauguration day." Muskie canceled a lasl-min ute swing to Massachusetts t concentrate on Pennsylvania working the Philadelphia an Pittsburgh areas, and hoping for a boost from evening tele vision appeals on two dozen stations in all the stale's major cities. Muskie wound up his Penn sylvania campaign al Villanova University, repeating his pledg to withdraw al! U.S. troop, from Vietnam within 90 days i he is elected. He said Presiden Nixon "deserves to be de feated" for resuming what hi called a discredited bombing policy. That speech was pipec telephone lo some 20 at a Worcester, Mass. in by people rally. Mrs. Muskie stood in for the candklale there, appealin, for support for her husband ani his delegates. Drunken Indians Create Controversy for Winslow WINSLOW, Ariz. (AP) - Attorneys for DNA, the Navajo tribal legal aid agency, claim that Winslow police are not ar- esting drunken Indians, leav- ag them open to assault and njury. The legal aid agency says lis is because Police Chief V a 11 e r Maule has nterpreled or misapplied ourt order prohibiting Winslow fficials from overcrowding the ily jail. The agency said Sunday it would ask U.S. District Court udge Carl Muecke of Phoenix o clarify his 1970 order. In ad- ition, Robert Hilgendorf, an ttorney for DNA, said : a mo- ion to cite Maule and Lt. Benie Smith, a jailer, for con- empt would accompany the re- uesl for a clarification. One part of Muecke's order ilaccd limits on the number of irisoners that could be held in ertain sections of the jail, including the drunk tank. the Winslow City Council has approved construction of a ,new ail, but Maule said work" on he facility would not start unfi his fall. lished rated by the Boston Globe McGovern the leader dian woman the police decidet not to arrest later was founc raped. He said an intoxicatet Navajo man, who later died of with 43 per cent of those surveyed, Muskie al 19 per cent and Humphrey, who has no' campaigned there, al 14 per cent. McGovern opened his fina campaign day early, shaking hands al a Lynn, Mass., plan S» Satt'XfrXXilSOaJOflIK «S.K3»OSB»S.3»KSS«! i '-.- . . NOW . · OPEN FOR BUSINESS USTOM SLAUGHTERING BEEF HOGS COMPLETE * SLAUGHTERING ·A-AGING ·A-CUTTING * WRAPPING * FREEZING YOUR CHOICE MEAT PROCESSORS - WIGGINS, CO.j J CALL 483-5400 ie been taken to jail, wher medical care was available. Maule agrees that the ma might have lived had he bee aken to the jail. But he sai officers did not see the man. In addition,, he noted th; U.S. Public Health Service do :ors repeatedly have refused real sick Indians in Ihe jail. Maule said the cily counc las instructed police to 1 drunken Indians lie when the see them passed out in place where they are safe from tra ic or when they are nol a dai ger to themselves or others. "Although an officer feels moral responsibility to take hem (drunks) in and give them shelter," the police chief staled, "the police must follow council directives." "Our agreement with the police department was that they would compile a priority list of minor offenses and, as the jail ' By CARL M I L L I A R D Aswclaled Press Writer DENVER (AP) -- County erks would have less dis- relion in questioning voters -- arlicularly those in the 18 lo ) year bracket -- under a con oversial voting measure ap- roved in the Colorado House onday. The measure was back in the ouse for consideration of mendments made in the Sene. Democrats generally agreed the Senate admendments but aid there still were far too any questions county clerks ould ask new voters. The bill, introduced by Hep. ustin Moore, Il-Englewood. akes it clear to new voters lat they must fall under the ales motor vehicle registra- on and income tax laws. It al- ws absentee voting if a resi- ent lives more than 10 miles om his polling place. Finally, allows 18 year olds to hole municipal offices and also be [poinlcd elections judges. The 34-19 vole by which (he louse fell along parly lines vilh Republicans supporting it nri Democrats voting againsl The bill was the only one con- iidered by the House during its norning session. Rep. Carl Guslafson, house najority leader was forced to issue a call of the House in or- er lo get enough members in heir soils for a vole. Many vere meeting in Ihe half dozen I able and what provisions have conference committees which been made for sewage disposal neasure was roadopted by the They include measures which would: --Give a belter lax break lo the elderly. --Clarify the authority of the stale water engineer and others in deciding who should be able to obtain permits for water wells. --Set (he stale budget for the upcoming fiscal year. --Kcf]iiire land developers lo say how much water is avail- ire attempting to smooth out differences belwccn the House ind the Senate on a handful of bills. on Iheir subdivisions. --Set up standards (o planned unit developments within the counties and municipalities. Curtain :; Comes Down · NEW YORK.(AP) - A final curlain is coming down on 'lh« comedy and pathos of travelers coping with customs at Kennedy Airport's International arrivals Building. Dope is doing Ihe drama in. For 15 years, spectators have liad an unimpeded view from glass enclosed balconies of.cus- toms lines where agenls bared the contents of luggage. However, it was announced Monday that an $33,000 recon- version is being undertaken to mask the customs procedure with opaque plexiglass curtains. A spokesman said .'jhe purpose is to prevent any/exchange of signals between/ arriving narcotics smugglers and accomplices in the spectators' galleries. ·\e Found Her SAN FRANCISCO (AP) ruce Britlon met a "beautiful ·cdhcad" while bicycling ii iolden Gate Park a few weeks go, but he lost her phone mini er and didnt know her last ame. So he plastered posters w ire alarms, mail boxes an elephpne voles at a busy iinan cial district intersection urging! he girl to call him. Britlon said Monday his mes- iages, addressed to "Anne, wilh red hair from El Paso, Tex.," brought him a phone call from the girl. Anne, who Britlon knew was secretary in !he financial dis- rict, didn't see the posters at he corner of Montgomery and California street hul was told about them by a girl friend, Britton said. Visual acuity -- the ability o discriminate between objecis -- decreases as speed increases. Drive at a safe speed always, says the Stale Patrol. iE Automatic IV' rii'Clin-Sil cf,.il C n t n . 5-)Cii|»Mi\irily; choice of Calais. SS.68 ·*. UTwilhSdi-cl.Kimic'colorrnnliol. SS.R8 .·: clcclik. 4-Ql.c.ip.icity; choiccotco!irs.S8.88 'url.lMr Miici 'i -Kiufi' d push pjncl bc.iler ejector. $8.R3 .'* ncrcombin.ilion. All electric 1 . SS 88 ': S H O P G R E E L E Y Open Fri.'tilfl:30 SOiBthSI. 352-6957. $g88| buys you any appliance here! ZA|.PS' My, how youW dunged Use one if our convenient · Z.ilos Cusliun Cli,uj;o · Zalcs Ui'v · Master Clwrgi' · ll.iiiKA'moric.irJ l.ins . f, lli.irf,e · reached capacity, lo release prisoners who have served longer periods of lime," Hilgendorf said. Meanwhile, Dan Gronin nf Hilgendorf said a drunken In- Winslow, Navajo County DNA an illness, might have lived had they pass out. Council director, has called for a police crackdown on bars that sell liquor to Indians until they become so intoxicated Go From Here To Here with Grecian Body Wraps Lose up to 24 Inches in 90 minutes. Call 352-6498 ,, Introductory Offer $12.50 Grecian Wrap of Greeley 1300 9th Av«. You can at Kni' pire Savings. For a more trifling sum (shown i\l left) you may purchase (he jnunly and flamboyant Westinghonse Biko Radio/Headlight (rlcmonslrnlcd below). . i Pedal merrily while you thrill (o the wild and wonderful sounds of the solid stale AM radio with its cnsy fo dial volume and tuning control. Bask in (he security offered by the headlight's reflector focused beam for safer night riding. *And it's on sale exclusively at your Empire Savings office. But Hint's not all. For I hose of you who don't own n bicycle, take heart. free drawing Your Empire .Savings office is giving mvny PRKK n brand new girls Grand Sporls or ,1 boys Grand Tiirisniti bicycle by O.C.M. FnsL and fancy wilh Dunlop gold seal nylon cord fires, gofhic mudguards, spoke protector discs, spotty handlcburs, and finished in SiciTU Brmi/e. Simply come into Empire Savings nnd fill but nn entry blank wilh your name and address. Drawing will be held on May 19. 'Price plus tax. savings Available only at GREELEY OFFICE 900 8th AVENUE make your handlebars come alive

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