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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 1

Greeley, Colorado
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Friday, December 14, 1962
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6MILIY. COLORADO FRIDAY, DECEMBER 14, 1HJ AND THI GREILEY REPUBLICAN WEEKLY TRItUNE ESTABLISHED IWt 'Relay in Orbit Hit Mariner 2 Look* By Battery Trouble f y ia ;' ner ^ h° O , KS At Venus, Radios Back Information CAPE CANAVERAL, F!a. (APi France-were geared lo conduct! -Low battery voRage aboard the similar experiments with Relay, new Relay satellite, blocked, at Stations were added at Nutley, least (or today, planned commu-N.J., and near Ilio de Janeiro! WARY IALLEE works on another sketch during his art class al Ureeley High School He is surrounded by pictures he" drew ot Presidents Kennedy, Eisenhower and Truman, all autographed by the niodels themselves. The larger picture is an oil on black velvet of a figure Sallce created with his imagination Tribune photo by Jim Hitch. 3 Presidents Autograph Sketches Made ot Them by Greeley Youth nications experiments. The satellite was successfully ofted into orbit from this testing station late Thursday. The internal troubles showed up a few lours later. A spokesman for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration in Washington, however, said it was possible voltage might build up later. The difficulty was in the transponders, instruments which receive signals from the earth and relay them back, for receipt at a distant point. Gary of three livi .,, _ ... , and all three have personally au lographed his work. The presidents are Kennedy. Truman and Eisenhower. Garv *** " «"*· He entered , Halloween i , , . . ~" w "«- K^"*-II ;idw. ne entered a Halloween ^ L JW nrSiT r f il : t""" T te51 ' " C JUSt "^ P TM^ TM"TM K l !^ pr ^ m{S ££1* *"*i ^ rat '' TM* "· Bnt Pri». a bicycle. HillowMf, C»ntn« Stirred Intirtit When he was in Ihe ninth grade The 16-year-old Greeley High al Heath his grandmother Mrs art student look his first plunge Irene W. Kerr of Denver died into an when he was in the jixth She left him her oil painting equipment. Mrs. Kerr had painted for many years and was listed in Who's Who of American Artists. Non-Nuclear Forces Buildup Of NATO Urged by U.S. PARIS 'AP'-Cen. Lauris Nor- Ihe North Atlantic Treaty Organ' , --i ~-n ·· «·«·»«* i..ui upvau imiiiTdr lorcc and ization's conveniinnal forces are said Washington is anxious to .,,,«. w under strength ii might be dil- sound out tie feelings ficult to contain even a modtsl European partners. Soviet iiliarlc. ~ -- ··«*» »p*\.MIC\J »IH IJW IUI- OM tO K* His somber assessment was de. ropeans themselves would have to Quarters livered «t a closed meeting of work out ideas on the political _ ,,,,,..,_ ...,,....,£ u . nv* uuv lutoa un we poiiucai NATO ministers. SI the same ses- control for such a deterrent He sion. reports of vast increases in also specified thai the vast ex- the Soviet submarine Heel and in pcnse of this prpject would have Soviet rockel deployment were to be shared. presented and analyzed. · ··"- WV.MIVU inalcu IIIU1C mill Two mtmberi of President Ken- three houri. The military talks nedy's Cabinet - Secretary of were held behind closed doors Sidle Dcjn Husk and Defense . ~wMi; Kin.« ·V1HLTB MIU nlc^il- Hubert S. McNanwra - itrewtd mar» dH not tpell out in detail Hut NATO needs adequate con- American thinking on the multi- ventlonal strength in order to national European nuclear deter- hnve a choice of responses to sg- · ' · · · · erosive Suviel moves. State Hospital Builds Fence PUEBLO (API-Colorado State Hospital authorities are completing steps lo reduce escape by patients frum the hospital's security division. The wnrk includes insinuation of high-inlcnsily iighlinp, a stand by generator and concertina-type barbed wire on (lie fence surrounding Ihe division. Tola! cost Is more ill.i n il.l.OOU. Tile barbeol wire is more difficult [d ilimh over or penetrate because il is strung in loops that collapse under a person's weight. Dr. Douglas B. Carter, security division team leader, said today, "the hew equipment will reduce tlu 1 chance of escape, offering greater protection against Ihe escape of criminally insane palienls inlo Ihc I'uehlo nrra. Tht Weothtr The tem|er8tiirc at 1 p m. Friday was 53. Ixx'al for 24 Imurs ending 8 a.m. Friday. (Jrcat Wcslern: High. 60; low. 10. Public Sen-ice: High, 51; low. 211. Rmtimclrr at S a.m. Friday: 29 m and falling. Sun risrs and scbi Saturday; 7:14 a 111 alul 4:;ifi Ji 111. COLO. FIVE-DAY FORECAST Tmi|ci attires are e.\|H;clctl to average from .1 In fl degrees above seasonal w i t li no important changes except cooler norlhenst near first of \u-r-k and uanner noilhrast by niidill* 1 of week; prc- Rusk reaffirmed the ----- -- _, _, . .,,. IILUIV t can u II1VU uw wllllUg* flad. retiring supreme command- ness of the U.S. government to , wa TM w! . Fr i; that hclp scl up a ! * aborn! mullina i._ TV...... n Gary has also been encouraged l alter launch, Robert Grey of y an uncle who is an art teacher N 'ASA said, "The thing should be in nmtw about where we intended it to be." in Denver. StarM tn FmMmh !n IN* - tiona! European nuclear force and of its But Riak specified tha the Eu- ill 17OV. m Uidl IUIPC IW UJCVY 3 -- - · · - -- wv ·* vuii« nn.u i\ nuuiu likeness of President Kennedy, rcceive maximum exposure to using a news magazine picture as sunu ght during its first four or the model. He shipped the picture bits - Ttlis wls »«*··»? to allow tjf i n V_..~L.'. :-. i i ihp K 2IS cnlftr mile tlihUino it« olf to Kenned} 1 ': campaign head- The session lasted more than Conference «aid rcnt but made it clear the Ameri cans have already made an offer and that the prcposal first advanced two years ago (till stands. Now il u up to the Europeans to come forward with suggestions ol their own. he mud. NATO has never been able lo achieve its target of 30 combat- ready divisions in Western Europe. The Kennedy administration believes one lesson provided by the Cuban crisis was the clear need to have many possible responses lo agfjrcssive Communist moves niiira's speech, informants said. Private comment before the ses^ nuclear weapon power among na- in a proper frame of mind, lional forces as a world danger " ' ' ' . and . . i«.^aiiuu in me tommumcations tests between The |lrst Rel f I.mtMl 51 lltic arl/] Pnrnrui hlA · , . . .. Brazil, for experiments between the United Stales and South: America. The Brazil station was equipped, to handle telephone, teletype and] bigh speed data signals, but not' television. A station at Fucino, Italy, which later will become a whizzed close to Venus today, iving anxious and excited scientists 36 million miles awav r 11 n j j o 7 · usls * million miles awav on fu l-fledged Relay participant, was earlh _ ,,,,,., fim c , ^ k set filially to receive one-way on anothcr pIaneL voice and teletype tests from the U.S. and South America. Othtr Stations Planntd Other stations are planned at pace probe, the planet and earth was established about 2 p.m. EST. Through Mariner's heat and ra- ., . , . r -- luiuugi] mariners neai and ra- -Mojave. Cahf. and m West Ger- dio M ^, t ^.^s hope manv and fnr ftt., r ~ r n » . . . . * , . many and Japan for future participation in [he Relay project the United Stales and Europe had been planned for the filth and sixth orbits. Relay was launched successfully at 6:30 p.m. Thursday and wideband radio frequency and television lest patterns -- were scheduled for the fifth orbit, about 3'i hours after launching. The second day schedule called for * r ----- -- ,,· ---- WVLUUU uajr a*.;icuuit; lalleu Lul three hours later, was reported to news stories written by the As- have achieved its planned orbit, sociated Press, United Press In- making one circuit ol Ihe earth ternational. Reuters and Agence every 1 hours 5.09 minutes. At its France Presse to be exchanged lowest point the satellite is within between Andover and the British 819.64 miles of earth and swings and French stations. out to 4.612.18 miles at its high est point. Al a news conference an hour , e He turned to drawing presidents '? '""essM Telstar satellite, was i lU/k A t l L _ i i; ___ 1_ _ _t Iflllnrhpd at a tima ulun it u*Atl1r in 1960. At that time he drew a launched at a time when it would Kennedy placed his name on the picture and it was returned. While Eisenhower was still in Hit Whit* House, Gary hurried off a quick picture to him. Eisenhower seot t the picture back with his signature on a separate card. Then Gary «ent i picture of Tru- nun lo his Independence, Mo., home. Truman autographed the picture "To Gary Sallee. kind regards from Harry S. Truman." WwH T« Atttnd Art Initirott When h« graduates from Greeley High, Gary wants to attend either the Chicago Art Institute or the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, But right now Gary, as well as other art students, are concerned about facilities at GHS. "We don't have enough room to work, nor enough storage or display space." he reported. The art room at Greeley High is actually the room which once This formed a theme of McNa- housed the industrial arts workshop. "It could be twice as big." he sion showed the depth of emotion asserted. His instructor, Mrs. Pa- aud resentment aroused by the tricia Abbott agreed. "When the unconcealed wish of the United students walk into an art room i Slates that Britain and France should be beautiful." quit the nuclear league. ^ What s.he meant was that e er eague. ^ a s.e meant was that a pressures available to us" short uau !· resident Kennedys adminls- certain atmosphere u= required of shooting to end the secession ol al tralion regards the scattering of lo put the budding young artists Katanga Province in the CoiiEo| Bea ' nuclear w e a o n mvcr amn - ·"--- · ·· · ..... lanti . --°~ Gal 'y belongs to Ihe Greeley President Moisc Tshombe orders .... is advocating a combined High Art Club, which this year his troops to attack the U N NATO nuclear force as a wan sponsored Ihe annual GHS calcn- force, "We will hit back to the full dar as well ,19 homecoming Relay, a first cousin to the high showed teletype transmission between Nutley and Rio de Janeiro on the fourth day and a swap ol elcvision programs between the United States and Europe on the sixth day, Dec. 19. the 1,215 solar cells ituddiog its eight-sided shape to convert solar energy into electrical energy t charge fully its Morige batteries Relay is one of many types o communication satellites being tested by the United States lo de termine which is most feasible for a worldwide radio, television teletype and telephone y«Um. Uw Or** 0-vratit- Designed for operation at km orbit, Relay u much like Telstar the highly successful satellite which orbited last summer an served as an effective transmitter of radio, television and telephone conversations between the Unittt States and Europe. Telstar was closed down operationally lasl month. The stations employed so scc- cessfully with TelsUr--Anodover Maine; Goonhilly Downs. Eng- jland, a n d Pleumeur-Boudou Dean Attacks Soviet Disarmament Offer _, . , , , uc.:x:ivft lAn -- ine united The experiment schedule also states attacked all current Soviet Florida Tries To Salvage Frozen Citrus LAKELAND, Fla. (API-Farm workers swarmed into orange am grapefruit groves in central Flor ida Friday for the biggest crop salvaging operation in UM state history. of this century, thousands o workers were available to pick frosted fruit before deterioration sets in. Ol 24-hwr Optr*N*n Concentrate, plants began 24- i-.Mariner It may be as long as a momn analyzed and evaluated, however. The success ol the momentous space experiment was signaled ai the opening of a news conference Radio contact between the when an official of the National o leam the weight, temperature nd something about the atmos- here of the cloud-veiled planet, ow the morning star seen before awn in the southeast skv. ours than had been collected IB -- -- -.- ·" --i »«"5 «J a lllulll.ll 11UUI3 uuul lulu UCC11 tUUCClCO la before the radioed data can be all the long reach of time before. Aeronautics and Space Administration told reporters: For several anxious hours early oday scientists were unsure ·hether the two radiometers--the hiel scanning instruments aboard lariner--were operating. Twice ley failed to switch on in re- ponse to built-in command sig- "We are currently scanning and nals. but at 8:35 a.m. EST they gathering data from the planet." J - ~- - ' ' As the first reports from Mai- iner reached earth, NASA Administrator James Webb said more would be added to man's knowledge of Venus in the next few By MICHAEL GOLDSMITH GENEVA IAP) - The United lisarmament proposals Friday as deliberate efforts to break up the North Atlantic Treaty Or^aniza- the mercies of the Soviet military machine," Dean said. ''We will not allow NATO to be fragmented, as would be the case under Soviet proposals, into 15 iso- aled military compartments for _, v ,,,.,... u _ u luvi-u iiiiuitu T njiiiyaimicUvS I U I ion and undermine the security of bidden from joint activity and cooperation and separated into split the free world. U.S. Ambassador Arthur H. North American and European Jean told the 17-natkm disarma- districts. ment conference that the United States and its allies will never al- ow themselves to be lured into such a trap. Won't Gin Up ·»« American nuclear delivery ca pacity and U.S. military bases around the fringes of the Sovie bloc are key elements of Western defense strategy which the Wes will not give up until the fina stages of disarmament. Dean said. "We will not permit this situa lion to arise while the mighty So viet military machine remains es sentially intact in its own part o Eastern Europe under a single un ified command. "This is especially true whe the superiority of the Soviet Unio alone in tanks and artillery over The Soviet Union, he said, is ma ins committed to the cooper* wasting its time and blocking any uiauiry. **suug lu urn* aaa oiocjcug any With vegetable crop* virtually 6lart *" KTM 0 TM 1 disarmament if it wiped out by the coldest weather P ersis ts in its effort to "subvert the military and political position of the free world" with slantec Dean said the Soviet demand lor elimination of Western bases and nuclear striking power woulc "radically alter the world balance t ~~ bu .. «. i auiueuiy aiier me world oalance hour operations lo handle part of of mi ii tar y power in favor of the an estimated 50 million boxes of Soviet bloc during the very course early and midseason oranges. The and, indeedi rather dose to the -L^Tw Ca " pr ° ces5 ° n! v about outset of disarmament." 750.000 boxes a day. For the second straight morning .. ,..TM. u ,,., ,,,,,, ^ tlca , ,,, temperalues set records al Mi- one and all thai no amount of de- ami and Miami Beach. It was 35 bate and casuistry-specious rea- U Thont Urges More Nations Join Boycott UNITED NATIONS NY (AP'i secomi slrai ? hl day. The previous -Secretary-General U Thant de-j low (or this dalc was 5J in 196 °- . Thursday and Friday at Miami International Airport, while the previous lo* for this date was 42 degrees in 1944. Miami Beach had 39 for the soning-wilbe a b l e c o n v n c e the United States to abandon its allies in Europe and elsewhere to J V 1 . 1 C M 1 ( - V J C i l C l i t l U l l l i l l H UC* , - clared Thursday night the United! ° (hcr lows around Ule sta 'e Nations will exert "all of the! day 1IK ' luied pressures available to us" short Thanl warned that if Katanga extent of our capacity." Area Mourns Loss ot 20 Children In Bus Tragedy Year Ago Today By JAMES D. HARPSTER An«l«ttd Prui Writtr I'| before dawn. Dunne R. Harms kissed his wile and infanl daughter nnd went ciil lo start Ihr bus. The temperature was i well below freezing. Il was Harms' custom on those railroad tracks al such an angle , .--** ., fc ,,,,,, ,,WK; invic u.tin IIIUM uui- r loiina except at tort Pierce hal. in crossing a motorist must er school districls lo promote Stuart and the lower East Coast IlMlK tfl IltS Flpht J)tin m-m- hie tnfn'i* n«J i.-_*.._ Ju . f _ _ r _ '· look lo his right and over his , shoulder to see down Ihc rails, more since then. But no one thought that a par- "But we've learned thai other · t i u " " C 1 U " ticular danger a! the lime. "·· -- ^ *.'«--»iii(; 13 uMviinti^iii. iniTic sun ;airiy profivarns cold mornings to warm up the arc no sJgnal markers there. The happened 'here " hip vrhu'lo Knfn^R pln,ai.,« L:_ - . . .. lipilalion itrd to -.( to le Inn- big vehicle before sUrtiiu; his rounds, lo make the youngsters as comfortable as possible. If the children were too young lo appreciate it, tlicir parents were not. Harms, HIM said, was a fine young man. A few in f t a m , i students on the bus liflht snoiv norlh- n n moiial au^ :IIK| n o r 1 h c it s t around lnl ol llu 1 work. low 7.ern lo In nlK.vr .immitains. 2.1 to,.,, j( ,,,,,,,,,,,, wc , |wm() ^ __ 30 al lower elfvaMni*. | s , nvi ., , ()ad |nwar(| lhp ^-^ COLORADO-tirneinlly fair lo( '"' SM " C nol niiu'hl A " lusl " nl hlw. in * tragic iii!.piiai'y if limr and 'Arathei'. liif lives of ;n younglrr.s were We had done more than must oth- Ocala, 19 at Tallahassee, 26 Vero Beach and Daytona ich. 27 at Lakeland. 28 al Orlando, Tampa and Srasota. 32 al SI. Petersburg, 36 at Ft. Lauderdale and 50 at Key West. Light, scattered frost .._ _ ported at most places in central Florida. The Florida Citrus Commission scheduled a meeting to assess damage and consider regulations on use of frost-nipped fruit. State I Agriculture Commissioner Doyle E. Conner said ice had formed in 75 to 100 per cent of citrus ir Florida except at Fort Pierce All 50 Aboard Survive Amazon Airliner Crash RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil (AP) safety, nnd we've done far. far! ov F . rri , Bn ., nl '. f , ar 1S , B , r) , an d loK " Today, one crossing is unchanged. There still . t year later, the haven't begun lo examine ihofri. county commissioners say there is no money available and. be districls throughout Ihc «,untrv; C 7 S TM TM" 8 haven't booim in nvamin. iKnf-i Br yant told a Boc, safely programs in light of what ·a Haton meeting of travel sgenls Thursda; Arc you, Ihen. convinced the Greeley school bus disaster will sides, llwre's a legal conlrover.'y|bp reneatcfl'? involving right-of-way. " j ··[ am amazed that 1t hasn't (ireelcy School Uislrirt No. 6 happened lime and again." saysj . . answered a command beamed rom the California desert. Scientists who sweated out tha ours before the radiometers switched on, drew some comfort rom the fact four other experiments aboard the spacecraft are working well, so that even if the adiometers had failed the mis- ion would still be a partial sue- ess. The radiometers are counted on or the most vital information, rowever-- the temperature at Venus' surface and within its cloud- lacked atmosphere. One of them might even be able o determine, by indirect methods he nature of the "gross features" of the planet-that is, tell whether Venus is made up entirely o! and masses, or contains water. The other four experiments on Mariner, which have been in operation virtually all the way to the targel-- and will be working today-- are designed to get infor- - mation on magnetic fields, radiation, cosmic dust and gaseous "plasma" spreading from the sun through space. \Vhen the radiometers go into action their signals -will be combined NATO forces is' quite , lon lheir s 'S nals ' wu! ** re- substantial." f 1 TM [rom GoHstone and ampli- Dean said Ihe United Stales re tive defense of toe free world. Laborttorfs" 'tSRSidstone, Calif., tracking station and amplified over a public address system at a National Aeronautics and Space -\dminiaration news conference lere. The U.S. Information Agency, )lans to send reports on Mariner's progress to 107 posts around the DENVER IAP) - A J3-a-month S lo be in 38 languages. Later there $3-a-Month Boost Given - boost for Cnlora(io ' s more than . will be a documentary film of 50.000 old age pensioners was ap- Mariner's progress for world-wide proved Thursday, effective in Feb- theatrical showings, ruary. by the Stale Welfare Jlari ner's journey got off to a Board. bumpy start. Due to a somewhat That brings the maximum pen- fau j'. v performance of the 10-story skm payment to $113 a highest paid by any state ui the nation. The increase was approved aft- ity of Colorado economics pro- , -- A Brazilian airliner made a lessor who conducted the study, forced landing on a jungle lake did not account for the discrep- shore near the Amazon River port | ancy between Colorado's cost of of Manaus Friday and the airjliving increase and the national force said all 50 persons aboard |figu survived. The hike is the first lor Colo- The four-engine Constellation jrario's pensioners since la.t May. went down in predawn darkness ;when the monthly maximum was just a few minutes before its;increased from J108 to $110. scheduled landing at Manaus. The! In another action, the Welfare plane was on a 2.500-mile flight i Board decided to wait until Feb- trom Rio de Janeiro via Belem 1 ruary--a month after the new Re- and other points. ' piiblicar, administration of Gov.- Earlier. the newspaper Jornal.elect John A Love takes office- do Brasil quoted military sources before recommending changes in in Manaus. capital as saying no signs of life detected when the the Panair do Brasil Constellation,£ive the ne.v administration was spotted in a jungle cleannc opportunity in suidy the com fied over a loudspeaker at . _ ____ r ____ NASA news conference here. Coded signals win be relayed by t e - ' - ligh Atlas-Agena B complex that launched her. she began her trip on a greatly off-target course. That error was soon substanti- er a price index study showed a "? wTwted. Since then, though, hat Colorado'? cost of living in- JIaril ier has been beset by yan- dex- has risen twice as fast as the ous ot ' ler temporary troubles-national rate in the past six some °f ' Bcm s 'il' a mystery, months--and indications are that While scientists expect to get a the trend will continue. cncck on the condition of the Dr. Morris Gainsey. a Univer- s P ac ecr a 't itself, they say it will , be "at least weeks and possibly months" before they'll be able to say what Marimer actually found out about Venus. of Amazonas .the state's S10 million-a-year old ' . N M ' ' AP '-- A f life could be:age medical care program. jargazm ? batonuts r wreckage of: The SO-day srace period hould!? ;iy a ' ti;r taiim f : 1 lo iU-onsteilation.Sive the ne.v" administration anl^f . l r o m f, ar lhe llllpio r l o a r i n n OPWrtUnitV In StllHv tho rfinit^fiTl iiiniOtJliH"! C. Star Gazers Ride Balloon 81,500 Feet By HAROLD R. WILLIAMS HOLLOMAN AIR FORCE I'AP'-A pair ot ; returned to- look at the 18 miles from Manaus program and make its own rec- TV Constellation bad last been onimendations. the boaro." said, heard from at 3 a.m.. six minutes ^i'"-'' '· *· approved by the Wore it was to have landed al voters in IKx?. Ihe medicare pro- jManaus. on a flight [nun Belcm ^ r a ni each \e,»r has exceeded its Air line officials s?.'.d the plane ^'f miliion-a-yeaf s'.atutorv limi- hns IT- routed il? . however. . . in avcid this and MS many olhcr ailro.-ul Pal Ryan. 'hen vvoid came of the and Saturday: cllrin^e 111 lr|l|iri .ilill* 1 . lou to night w in :ai *\Mi and r.iM in lo,20 norlbv.csl. 7ero to in below In mounlains. lm;li Silurd;iy M lo SS oasl. 15 lo 55 wrsl 4(s now lo lend his eyes to the driv.jcncf thai few ran where needed, and the district employes * lull-lime transportation duccloi on the bliinl prow nt the I n ion Pacific's City of Denver passenger train. : That was one year ago lod.iy. ] The lm windows «erf sleamrd WYOMIN6-(i e n e r a l l y fairjovrr. cnjineor Herlx-r! Sommers i, partly cloudy imilli tonisht|rccnllcl later. Numb with sh«-k. and Satin day: few snow flurriesjnuanc Halms couldn't remecnbcr Ihr- one which hr is ronvipi-cH in nnilHrslern nniiinlains; not ratirb clianne 1:1 lrm|K'r-ihiir: low lonlgbl in ?t\* at lower elcvaliotis. in sbovr lo S Mow 7s tains: bich Salmrliiy 50 to *in,t, 40s west. 35 lo 45 mountains. exnrtly uhethcr he'd slopped, llo'.ight be bad Stale patrolmen, sheriff* o(fi- A j marc licie Ihat winter day. there nigh!: "It looks as if the vegetable CTip is wiped out for now." Florida's rich soil and normally arm sunshine can prodti other^vegelable crop in abou, 5 ixi calTit , d ,, ^ ps ^ nKC W and la.,;.,, " i:' babies, pins a crew of ~. Thi.- f'si'."! ivriai. the Ixwic Wert. Than W7-M ; M,, S( j( no! a || n . cv(1 ^;. cvcc) was lold. l!:e program w i l l ex Floriilg Citrus Mutual, bic to iv Bra.-ibias -'-fed th.ii tifurt by nr;,rlv $2 mil . . ere teacher or parent rides each b u s j w a s hysleria and unlwlief. then Siowi-rs coo|rrntive. rtir,ia;cvl thai despite 'stmulfe fire mj" here confirm*! Panoir do Bias;! hr,ui\ji;;irtrr:-. it q^ (il ^ddcd' year later, there if hilterness.jvent frusl and oilier efforts toi"Ayparently there ,«e survivor*." nsfilily and apathy. isave Ihe cilrus c r o p - w h u h i Tiie ra;ln report s.i:d !h,- plane Of 15 sets of parents who lost j central Florida's economic niam-ini.iile a loivn! on th,-. . fathom. Now. chines lo stir up the air to pi-c: i!,iiii- ami :_ .:ii ______ .._.., t ____ , _ _ j _ . , ,.- . . ! . . . - » M 1.1 ^tl^ 01 pmcui* woo losiutuiiai r i o r i o a s economic ni.un-'m.Hlc This job was » pait-liiw asMcn ( h i l d r r n . many have moved a « a y j M a y ~ n i o r e fruit was frozen tbaalshore Ifn! of nn^ vrar ?i*rt ·. fmt« ili.^i^ m^nnA ~«J IL,:^J ';« in* - T.I T*. . . . ~- · .. A handsome man ulioso llhMr srcond ajiH third-sen-;in 19:7-,vl. That j P ,ir. ,10 Tiuliion · i in i;*. ! I^niiy j'wxes of citrus were losl and No\.. voice has ruled class wins foi | "A lol ol them ]UM didn't want: 30.POO lice? killed i .i] qiiarlei-ceiituiv.jlo be reminded of it by living in! I'S Weather Bureau and K l n - ' ( - h w l of a Uke ncai the in an area uiiiwi [iv'nn nov is associate sitpei in lendent ul DistiM fi His |irr-;onal lliif;elics are two: The crash that look placr- on IVc 14. I9T.I. .in will lak»» plhcr again Mniewbrre. wmetiirtc. in lln- future the nnptitxuhood." says one neighbor, "hut there wcie a lol of nllipi reasons, lo«i I'm sorry I can't leli von about Ihal. ii's just too kid " II mie neighbor chooses not to if IraKedv's nltei-math, how- da Agricultural Experiment S'.a-j lion forecastoif ssid ih.i' toniclililni; would see some moderation of Ihe; 1: in nvum cers unrt InlerMdle Commerce many limes," he «ays. "in .--. . . ,1 u vl tl tit,vuv (mi i uiiiui, INIW unt tin ; I've searched my liearl many.jpxrr. ,-tnotbfr will In Ihe parlor of low of 19 Commission anthorilics nil rursed thf crosinR. Th« rotd cns«s 1 could have done anything to avert that awful Ihing « year ».so. her home. « gray-haired f«m mother rocke in the winter sun iConltnued on pag* N) I'ahn ria to.l.i. \nu:on area pilot line. w?s rnvrterl s! cold snap thai sent Ihe mercury Thursday to Id decrees j| Tails- h.aswe. 11 at tVala. 12 at .1-u-k- nvilk- and an all-lime Tampa Ihr i h u d Bra«;i,m accident in IPM than a month A Brazilian Boeing TOT crashed and burned or- a ne-^r Lima. IVm. No,v hilitii! and ail , . . pcr.«oa« akwid ivr:shrd. the t"«'pniber record rUy before, two Brazilian planes' collided in fught and crushed; i""-Swi Pn«k. kllinj J7 rnld stjainni th* hMting f«ciliti« I Air Force Cap- .loe \V. Kittin- jger Jr.. 3-1. and civilian astronom- ·er William C. While. 40 landed safely on UK- southwestern, New Me.xuo ric.-vrl ,n 5:32 a.m. near L S. Highway SI about ISO miles west of the Holloirion, launch site |.-ird alvat *i n::les soulhwest -ot "launchn: .1! 11 a m Tliur«hy. ' T!:e I'roj.-ct ?tjrg.«cr flight In ·«' :il::ii'-A- of S1..XX1 feet and back. tw-k :s hours aiid X' minuter-. The ballon :-CJct:ed its maximum ··rw. ·:·: .iJvu; («., hours. To- ;oay's i-..v,-or; sijiicil ,,t 1 a.rr,. K-.ttiixcr v.,s th- balloon, pilm. W h i t e -AJ; ir- charee of the expc'- :rr t -r.:- !'. n- iy bf mn-e I me bcjore t'rf lk;ionn OfK-c'.vr.s c! i',e tr.p isi-ludrd .fxior-:v. n: !o He^rmim- il stars !' .' Allen Hvnck of : ami .Mail Karly Buy Christmas Stamp; ; ruins Tr ,y.;., .,,.,,(,, |,,.. , 1n ?mp ,y · r"l Uuck Iwurcrag over l roush Iroad

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