Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on May 25, 1951 · Page 1
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 1

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Friday, May 25, 1951
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OUH HOME TOWN Veterans' organizations plan Memorial sei-vlces 'here for · the dead of all the nation's wars. Plan to participate In these Memorial Day services,.. Las Cr 'News ,AN INDefeNBtNT DAILY ftND SUNMY NEWSWPEA SERVING SOUTHERN NEW MEXICO THE WEATHER , LAS CRUCES AREA: Generally 1 .\ f u i r today, tonight and Saturday; little change in temperature; some ' aflt'rnoon cloudiness. Lnst 2-i h e m s : Las Cruces 88-54; State College 89-02, Rain .03. VOL. 71--No. 44 ASSOCIATED PRESS LEASED WIRE LAS CRUCES, NEW MEXICO, FRIDAY EVENING, MAY 25, 1951 CENTRAL PRESS PICTURES PRICE FIVE CENTS Democrats See Only Truman As 1952 Candidate ' DENVER, May 25 I/P) -- President Truman was the only can- d i d a l c in sight today as the Dcm- Dcratic National ·committee met to pick its 1952 Presidential nominat- ing'convention site. Although Philadelphia was still bidding, Chicago had the inside track for tlie convention, expected to ho held the woek of July 21, 1052 -- two weeks after the Republicans meet there to name their nominee. National committee members inuile it plain individually in-interviews und collectively in cheering DENVER, May 25 Democratic Natloiial committee voted today to hold It* 1953 presidential nominating convention In Chicago, William-SI. IJoylp, Jr., chair- niitii of the nntiun:il ."nmmlttee, was authorised to fix the, date, e\peeted to be-the wcclt of July 21--(-wo weeks alter the llopub- Hr-ins plrk tticir nominee in the snmo city. approval of his programs that Mr. Truman has but to l i f t his finger to win nomination for a new term. .Secret OctiUlon The President said again yesterday he has made up his mind what he is going to do in 1952 but isn't telling anyone his decision. Democrals who wound up a 26- stutc party convention here yesterday left no doubt that they have recovered from the first effects of the President's firing of Gen. Douglas MarArthur and intend to carry the fight to the Republicans in an effort to brand the GOP as the "war party." Secretary of Agriculture Braii- nan led the assault on MacArthur here. In a windup speech last night in which he gave the'party'faith- ful a "Taft anjf Martin; McCarty and Cain" refrain which ho ob- vluusly hoped would ' rival the "Martial Bartoit anil'Fish'"'line developed in 1940 by the late Franklin' D, Roosevelt. Nnme.s Martin The Martin Brannan mentioned is the same Roosevelt named --Rep. Joseph Martin of Massachu- .setls, House minority leader. He was described by Brannah as "a long time isolationist" who "wants to enlarge the war" against Red China, proposed by MacArthur. Former Reps. Barton and Fish, New York Republicans, have passed out of the political picture. Senator Taft f (R-Ohio), by all odds the Democratic choice for the Republican presidential nomination, was the chief object of Brannan's attack. The cabinet member said Taft had opposed the Marshall plan and the Atlantic Defense pact but now wants to risk world war by going nil-out against China. Bljr Doubt Brannan laid to Senator McCarthy (R-Wis) part of the responsibility for developing what the agriculture secrctai-y said was the "bid doubt" technique of casting reflections on the administration's off oils to combat communism. Of Senator Cain (RWash); another member of what Brannan described as "an off-key quartet If there ever was one," the agriculture secretary said that the Senator was 'not' satisfied just to enlarge the war -- he says declare war on Red China." . CMldWhoShoi, Mf In Head · To Leave Hospital MODUS, May 25 I/Pi--A 2',i- yoiir-old I-ovington hoy allot accidentally through the head Wednesday night may leave the Lea County Community hospital tomorrow. The bullet entered between his eyes and emerged' five inches uway at tlie top of his head. The child is Ronnie Bilbrey, son of Mr. and Mrs. V. H. Bilbrey. Just something 1 found in the Want Ads. For Quick H**ulti Us* Sun-N«wi Win! Adi PHONE 33 COMMUNIST CHINA'S top leaders applaud in unison as they review a demonstration in Pfeiping. From left are Li Chi-sen, vice chairman of the Central People's government; Kuo VTo-jo, vice premier of the government administration council; Vice-chairman Liu Shao-Chi; Vice-chairman Chu-Teh; Chairman Mao Tse-tung, Premier Chu En-lai. . --(International Soundphoto) Allied Tanks, Troops Slash Across Parallel In-Hot Pursuit Of Battered, Stunned Reds RED CHINA'S TOP LEADERS APPLAUD DEMONSTRATION Senators Attack Stop-Communism Foreignjleasure ; 'WASHINGTON, May 2fj--/PI-- President Trumim's new 58,500,000,000 stop-Communism foreign aid program 'seemed certain today to face a rough course in Congress. But. the, initial opposition which steamed up yesterday when the President outlined the vast military and economic help program may cool off by Uic Lime voting starts, pi~obably in mid-summer. "Much too big," said Rep. Ben Jensen (R-Iowa, who suggested offhand that the program could I . b e trimmed to "not more I h u n I $6,000,01)0,000." ' 'Shu re VicAVS Other influential Republicans privately said they .shared Jensen's views but withheld public com- Union High School Graduation To Be Held At 8 Tonight .Commencement exnrcises for 134 graduating Cruces Union high scljbol seniors will be held at. 8 tonight in the high school's football stadium. Dr. Sherman Smith, director of ·student affairs, University of New Mexico, will deliver the commencement address. Following- the processional by the. high . school band. .Dr. A. C. Douglas. ; p.asLpr of First Methodist church, will deliver the invocation v Three selections will be presented by the Mixed chorus. Selections nclude-"Adoremus Tc," by Palestrina, "Courage," Huhn, and "Wo Thank Thee Lord," Oxenham. Following Dr. Smith's address. Principal S. H. Moscley will present the 1951 graduating class to W. P. Thorpe, who will confer di- ilomas. Supt. C. S. Conlee will present awards to student leaders whose activities in school have been outstanding. Rev. Bancroft Smith, pastor of St. Andrews Episcopal church, will deliver the invocation. The evening's ceremonies close with recessional by the high school orchestra. Crony Ex-Truman Ordered To Jail WASHINGTON. May 25 (#'-John Maragon, who used to be a frequent caller at the White House, went to jail today for lying in the Senate's "five per center" inquiry nearly two years ago. The one-time Kansas City boot- alack Is due to serve an 8-to-2-l- month sentence. He went off to jail after U. S. Dist. Judge Jennings Bailey turned down a plea ihat the sentence he suspended. Edward J. Hayes, Maragon's at- lorney, culled the Greek-born Maragon "only a scapegoat" in the investigation of influence peddling. Maragon, who once was a friend of President Truman's military aide, Maj. Gen. Harry H. Vaughn, icard his lawyer's plea for mercy with bowed head. TOKYO, May 25 --(/Pi-- Allied tanks and troops today slashed across the 38Lh parallel at two more points in their officially designated all-out offensive to hunt down buttered and retreating Communists. The new crossings kept up pressure on the Reds, who already were baLtling an Allied spearhead now thrust four miles Into North Korea on the east central front. Field dispatches said the new crossings wore made on the western front north of Seoul and on dumdum. front Both northeast of these tank-infantry teams withdrew to South Korea by .nightfall. "The 38th parallel means nothing to me," said L.L. G.en. James A. Van Fleet, commander of tha U. S-.Sth Army.. . . Crosses In- I'eraon · " · He showed he meant it by crossing into Red Korea himself. Van Fleet visited a tank and infantry task' force.. It was sitting soltrily as a huge road block north nf the border astride the Reds' escape route from the east central front. He said his army's tactics of pursuing; the Ileus into their own territory was a gamble but is paying off." Other American tank patrols crossed into Red Korea northwest of Chunchon late Friday against only light sniper fire. A front dis- Labor Bureau Rules In Cruces Union Dispute ment. Administration Democrats woix wary of comment. . Their views coincided generally with those of Chairman Richards fD-SC) of the House Foreign Affairs committee. "The President's program will receive the minute scrutiny that it warrants," Richards told newsmen. Too Ambitious Some of his Democratic colleagues thought Hit: proposal was too ambitious. However, administration leaders pointed to yesterday's house vote and last week's Senate vote, favoring a food, loan to India as Indication of Congressional sentiment for continued foreign aid. The India-aid bill, pioviding for WASHINGTON. May 25 ·--Th«! Jl 5190.000,000 loan to Help India National Labor Relations board buy grain products to_ combat fam- has ruled that two Hen l-'ranklin stores at Uis Cruces don't have lo take orders from the Dallas, firm which owns the Hen Franklin trade name. . Butler Brothers, a wholesale firm in Dallas which owns 3.70 Ben Franklin stores throughout the country and. furnishes independent variety stores with the trade name and u portion of Ibis merchandise, was backing- a demand by a clerks' union that helpers in t h e Las Cruces stores be required to join. The- NLRB said the stores, owned by Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Bui 1 - esli, were not controlled by Butler Brothers to the extent, that they should obey orders from the company. Fanny Bricc Illness Is Believed Criliral HOLLYWOOD. May 2,=i UPt-- 1 Fanny Brice. radio ami stage co- patch said they withdrew at night- f-j.ii . i mcdicnne who once said she had . Field dispatches told of open - otten everything out of life, is flight by Chinese toward the. 38th parallel from .some fronts. They critically ill. The creator of the radio char- fought stubbornly on others. Tlie | acter "Baby Snooks" suffered a pursuing Eighth army, Van Fleet said, will "not be limited by such barriers as the 38th parallel in chasing them down." lilves Awards On a tour of the front Van Fleet (Continued on page four) cerebral hemorrhage yesterday at her Beverly Hills home. Miss Brice, oi). has been in .show business ^since she was 13. She said she planned to retire some time this year "because it's too much work.." Sale Of Aggie Grid Tickets Is Still Progressing Here COTTON' MAKKET (Courtesy K. T. Hoover Co.) July Oct. Dec Mch May High ·15.20 38.28 37. !M ,T7.80 ' .17:64 New July 37.13 \ew oct, aa.os Low ·14.91 37.95 37.56 37.50 .17.38 36.0G 34.98 Close ·15.08 38.02 37.07 37.09 37.46 3G.D6 34.92-95 With the response continuing e f - , gifls or contl .i hl itions this yea forts were being pushed Friday to complete as soon as possible the job of selling from 2000 to '25QQ reserved seat season'tickets to the Aggie's five home football j;ame.s. The campaign is in chai'g'i 'if the Dona Ana County Aggie Ciub headed by Ras Mayfield wilh the assistance of Henry Gnstaf.son .secretary of the A l u m n i group. HloeJi Sales It is hopeJ to place the grealor part of this number of tk-ket.s through the sate of blocks ol tickets from 10 to 50. A large n u m b e r of business f i r m s nnd nrofesKion- al men have already pim^haaod a block of tickets. H is hoped all who have.not will buy from 10 ID 50 of these and then either :.e.ll them or use them as they desiie. There is to be. no 'campaign fcr n Quarterback club, it was :tn- nonnced. Those who have sought ,o aid and help the. team in Hie past, with a direct gift are being given tickets for their money this year. Two Konsons There is two reasons for the efforts to sell blocks of season tickets and to complete an advance sale of 2000 to 2500 tickets. The first is the desire to have a record crowd present for eacli one of the games. A good attendance provides an inspiration for the players. The second reason, it was explained, is lo have some 522,000 in the bank in the name of the Athletic department. With this advance sum is will be possible for the atblc.tic department to cany (Continued on page four) ine, was in a Senate-House conference following its 293 to 94 "approval by the. House. MacArthur Aide Attacks Bradley Senate Testimony NEW' YORIC.^May 25- -i/Pl--An aide to Gen. Douglas Mac A r t h u r challenges (Jen. Omar llradley's Senate committee testimony t h a t Army Chief Of Staff Charges MacArthur Violated Military Orders In Korea; Says Russians Are Flying Chinese Red Planes ... ,-- ~y Collins Believes General's Plan Imperils Peace HENRY McCRACKEN, shown in j a i l at left, is under a triple indictment for the sadistic k i d n a p - U i l l i n g of Patricia Jean Hull, 10. McCracken's lady frinmi. Pearl Fisher, right, says his motel cabin door was locked from the inside Saturday. The litlle girl's body, the he;id slashed and crushed, i was found yesterday. Four feet from b u r i a l place of her body was found a bloody bedspread police say came from McCracken's motel. ' intcnuiKnml Smmdphotol Colorado Fanners Call Rain Manufacture Dismal Failure S£H H WASHINGTON. May 20--'/n~Gen. J. Lnwton ·CoIIitut teuUfieil | today that Gen. Douglas M u c A r l h - j ur violated military orders by.seinl- j ing U. S. troops to the Yutu rivur, j marking the border between Man! churia und Korea. ! He said ^ Mat-Arthur Iiiul "n ; clear cut directive Ihnt he was not ' to employ troop* other t h a n South j Koreans close to Lhc frontier." i Collins. Army chief of *tufr, i made t h a t contention to Srn;itnr:t inquiring into MacArtlmr's tli.s- miKsal und told them also t h a t ho bad thought it might be ncco.'isnry to remove Mao A r t h u r ev«n beforo he learned President Trunum was considering it. (Military .Vi-ci\vdty As to sending U. S. troops to the border. Collins said: "When we naked him, challenging bis doing this, ho said ln did it because of m i l i t a r y necessity." By "we" Collins immnt himself of lh^ joint t h e top military Farmers said I hi- valley tin* worst condition l i t years." but Knelt blamed "f beyond our roulml." Mo H a i t i d r o u g h t ciHiditiun over I'rutn last year, and were nn flouils lo peril. Kriek told t h e farmers his ·L'] 1 iinliilf guru'ratim; in the KM Colorado valley would In Collins Nuitl (he joint chicf.i "dKI iu't ('(Minlermand" M a c A r t h u r on ""- t"'"l-» siiK'o "Ilio ill-lion }:rl iilroiifly buen Inkt'n". A L A M O S A , Coto., May 2ri I/Pi-.. ! Fanners in San Luis Valley h - i v t - i called a hall to a r u i n - m a k i n g project. in . ( ] ] | | Declaring it was "a gamble wortl; '"·"'"" ""' 1 -""" 1 "- | [j,| L ne ,..,ji r ,| [ L ;i "specific ex- Itiking but failed :o pay tiff." they j M? - S!litl d r o u g h t ciHiditiuns hold ] ample" of n violation of military decided lo pay. Dr. I r v i n g K rick's ltvt ' T ''' um ' ;ist - year, and t h e r e · orders. Water KetiiUiet-s DevHo|mtMil u ' tM '° 11() I'l^uds lo peril. i Presumably Cnllius referred t ' Coip. S10.UOO railed for in t h e i r Krick told t h e farmers his ail- '"· November UtfiO offensive whit-li contract. vL-r iodiilt' guru'ratim; in t h e Kniith l1rove t o l l l c banks of t h e Vain. But tlK-y said they wmild nut central Colorado valley would I n - 1 T h o transcript of hi* testimony pay the company t h e Sl.'.OOO bonus j turned u f f May M. Hut hi? ;;:Ud' S :iVl * no date, is was t n bnvr uvcived it' rain was | he believed Uu» area would bom 1 - · Secretary of Defense Mur.ihall produced, oven t h o u g h Krii-k «k-1 f i t from projects nearby. Now | a n t t Gcn - Omar cT. Bnnllry. fhair- Glared I he vall.-y 'wa;i "twii well off" us it woiilfl li MacArthur strategy. The aide. Maj. Gen. Courtney Whitney, said in a dictated statement night that "there was no gap in the sense reportedly described" by Bradley in bis closing testimony yesterday before Scna.- tors probing MacArtlmr's ouster from the Far East command. Bradley snid M a c A r t h u r was warned twice by the Pentagon last fall to close tlie gap separating the 8th Army and the 10th Corps In Korea. The 10th Corps was.en- circled by the Chinese Communists' winter offensive and finally escaped with heavy lossc. 1 :. Whlleny .said it was "apparent" that Bradley spoke without "first band knowledge of the terrain" and added: "During 11 months of the" war he (Bradley) has never visited the Korean battle area, whirl) differs materially from anything lie has personally experienced." Governor Asked To Oust Negro School Principal SANTA FE, May 25 /P'--Co\crnot: Edwin Mechcm lias been asked to see to it Unit the contract of the principal of the Clovls School for Negro students Is not renewed. Stale .School Supt. Tom Wiley tlie stale suprenii said n i g h t that the petition i t h a t Ihr order be was sent t h e governor uflnr a i r l u d e n i l l o f i r h f r H group of Clov.s rcHldonts discussed j ilcrs. bad Ihi 1 firm not been npeiatuig. j the state. Last Day Of School Also End Of Catholic Public Teachers Mexico ranchers uiul fanners i;nve.' " Kt " of llle J° lnt chiefs of H t n f f . contracts with Krick fuveriug all I e u r l l p r wltnosncK at the inquiry. SANTA FK. N.M.. May 2fi i/'I'l--- . This in more t h a n the last day of school in n number of Now Mexico communities. It marks the end of the era when Catholic nuns a n d ; ^ u l brothers wore employed as teach- · with i errt in the stale's tax-supported schools. When public schools ivnpi'ii next f a l l . ln.\ I n s t n i c t f i r a \vill ivplaci- the few rcmniniiif; church touchers as n n o i i t s r o w t h nf '.the famed Dixnn t-fisu. Catholic nuns and brothers had t a u g h t in tho schools continuation sarv. annouiict'iiiont nf the Mill uni replied t}1 ' io1 " ftswerlinp tliere h.-is aKv.iy.s born a "partnership- he- twucn UIL- CaUiolic church and the S l u t l ' B n a n l ° r ^dnnilion anil llien! *s IU1 fissni'.ince the new pol- testified they know of no military orrlcis h u v i n g been violated by M n c A r t l n i r . I N u t Salisfied j .Srverjil .Senators / c'.\prcs:H"t j themselves during a luncheon ro- I fpsft :is not satisfied with Collins' j s t a t o m e n t m t l u i t respect. They -- Indicilted they would pi ess inn. ,I LI ! f u r t h e r about it. ,j,. | Collimi backed up both the tlis- ! mi.ssal of M n c A r t l n i r and the ;ul- ' ministration's Korean \var slrat- since colonial days. The state, sclio;^ board began looking a i o u n d last month for lay tcacht'i-s to repfaco n-li^iuus in Iho U'.st suvt'ii schools affected by tin 1 case. U was s t a r l f d in ISMS by ProtirsUrit re.sidonLs nf the n n y l h - | fin ern New Mexico town nf Dixnn. of Renew.? Acheson Attack WASHINGTON. May as. .r/n S-.-nalor M c C n r t h y ! R - W i s I lias il a n l i a r p new bolt at Kw:n:t:iry t i i t f Acheson atid what I h r f LOJilie Medina, schonl Kiipcrvisor . S i M m t u r :all« "tlv in Ilio A r r i b a counly. sai-i last · clique 1 in povvur n i K h t tbf county h a s had n n d i f f i - | p - i r t t i t t ' j i t . " c.utty in f i n d i n g lay teachers. "But the now teachers have big shoes to f i l l , " ho added. "The n u n n linvc done a wonderful job in our schools." Dixon rosidiints brought .tiiu'i ' Ho added t h a i titat K:iinst aliniit MO moinbcis of re- ' "potitiriiuus" havi; I Adic:i]i. M c C a r t h y s:iiil in i . j Son;;It- :.pci'ch ycstcrtl-iy. li:i;; "In-:-! j ! In niaki' sure t h a t we could IKU i I win in Imttlt:". i department On tin- war itself, he told t h e Senators "we are quite convmro'f" Uial Russians are. flying .-.onii: ul' the Chinese Red planes. He Hlsn .said: 1. ICrmipniont r a p l n r m l from the Chinese is "mostly PaisKian". li. The Chlnciio .suffered "tre- niiMiddus casualties" in their Jipring 1 offensive. .'t. The Ked ('hincsc are niuv "in p r e t t y complete reircat along the front". Collins' testimony t h a t he hail believed M a e A r l h u r might liuvo to be relieved came under que.itlomny from Sena I or S:il toast nil ( H - M a s ) . The Senator ::idd ho bad gathered Col I iiis JI;K| not considL'red it tie- t'orc he was mitil'icd that Mr. T r u m a n had it in mind. Collins replied that he had "not as ii l o r m n i m a t t e r at all" but thai. (Continued on p n n « f u u r ) ligious orders, asking t h a t they banned f r u m leaching in the public · schnol-s. A f t e r the district court ! banned the nuns and brothers by name, the p l a i n t i f f s appealed to . Kor ug c o u r t extended of religio sking In in- Ho pro|io:u-fl I ha! Achwnn ' only n\sign frnm tlu 1 .iinin tn\)\ iiit:nS but remove your can from t h i s c n n i U i y and K" ' (l n; i lion for which you huvi: li .stru^glliig :uid f i g h t i n g for the matter with him on a recent visit lo Clovus.. Wiley said he told' the group the m a t t e r was one for the municipal -school board to settle. The parents complained that their children arc not getting adequate educational background under the a d m i n i s t r a t i o n of Principal j T. C. Martin. The Catholir chinch i with » request that I hi court ruling be reversed. Last m o n t h Archbishop Edwin V. Ryrnn sain roiUniels of C a t h - olic religious as public schnul teachers would not be renewed next f a l l . The attorney general followed with a t h a i the appeal !o dismissed on ground.-) the ii l u l u Uic llfW at- iti- i l » p n i - t m r n t dur- vi'.silgalinn nf Ci i n. Honplas Mar- A r l h n r ' H .lismi.v-inl irnni his t-'ar 1-lii.slrni e o n i n i a n i h . He l ^ p e a t r d l v him charged llu; stall- department w i t h harboring Communist sympn- llcurded 5/ To Win W *\I*rizes In Contvsl MOMBASA, Kenya. May '_'.-. U. - -- A team of bearded sihk.s ( t h e i r religion forbids Ulem to .shavo) w(»n the tug-of-war com petition hero iltiring yesterday'.'! Ktn]inv -Uuy sports nontcrits. The prize: A bowl of .shaving soap fur each man, Government Ends A-Bomb Tests, Hints At Experiments Leading To H-Bonib WASHIXOTOX, May 2,1 WJ-Tho United Stairs jinnounccd toilay It. hail 'SMWi'.ssfiill.v tair- rleil out altiinic tests nt Knhve- lok Including sonni evprrinirnts that may Irntl to H-liomtis. Th*; AKtVs announci-mciit said "In . furtherance of the deiit'tt annoiinronirnt of -Ian. 31, 1050. the (ivit program Included experiments contributing' to ther- monuclOHr wciiponn ^rrHenrchi (Thr term "thermnnurlrar" r«- fers lo mitt Ions involving n-- h-ujie of atomic energy through htshlon nf hj'tlrogrn atoms.) On .Inn. 31 rrtwldenl Trillium gtive the go-ulieiul for development of the super H-bomb so t h a t the United Klatr* may de- friul itself "ngiihiHt iiny possible, aggressor." lie. aakl then: "Like all other work In (he. /field of atomic weapons, It Is foclnfr ami wlll^ lie rarrlril f»r- \vnnl on n busl* consistent with , the over-nil, .objectIvfe« of our 'program for jtrnce ami security." Toduy's AK(J annrruiU'cmonl In- dlcjili-il trvts nt the sii|ir.r-swrrt Pacific proving ground were aimed also at providing new Information for tise. In civil do.frnsf against, atnmic a t t a r k . Tin; cnminlsslnn snltl lht» program "inrludrtl comprcliriislvi 1 incnHiircnumt of hhml nnd Iher- mal fffer.ts on stnir.turrs, ulr- craft anil vnrioiiH ulhrr itcnw." · Tin; rrfcrenco tn thennimu- c-lcur wo!i|Hni rpscarrli wan th« first matin by the rommhslon In ronupctlon with an iiclunl trsl- ing program, Ildt then' wn.s iiothiiiK' In Hie. AKC'n iinnoiiucomenl- to Indlrtar. \vlu-tlMT or not mi a-I mil H-bnmlt of any appreciable »lze, liuil In-en exploded. I lent of many million*, of degrees would )H required to delo- ruite. u hydrogen homb. While utotnle Itomtis exploded so f u r have gene ruled tremendous heat. them hn.s liccn some, micstlon itboulwbe.tLrQ the, older type, of nuclear fission eould p rot luce. sufficient brut to "trlfcicer" the hydrogen Innnli. Thus the ailiifilineemelit illdl- C4iles t h e tests lltclllilei!. experiments u h l c h may have nn Imp o r t a n l bearing on the mieslion of whether n hydrogen Imnih can aeluall.v be set o f f . There, was speculation Hint at leant u small amount of hydrogen malcrhil might havu hcc.ii wrapped aroiiml tin orlliddov A- bomb In nnlcr to lest (hi 1 feasibility of itn IMaxnb detonation. The announcement said they were, successfully carried out by Join! Taslf Forec .'1. II added: "Lt. ;-n. Klwootl U. ({ne.saitf. i:SAK, eomiilltllds .ITI-'-!!, eom- [losetl of personnel fnnn the. A !·;', A rtiiy. Na vy, A i r K» rce and from educational and Indus- Irlitl orgitnl/.ntlons. Dr. Alvlii C'. (iriivch of din I.os AlnnitM .sclen- l i l l c laboratory Is scientific, deputy cwmiwinler of .nT'S. .. " (ienenil (Jucxada and Or. (iruves will return to Waslilng- ttin In n fe\v xvceltN to rc|orl to (lie Depiirtmont of Defense anil AEt; "

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