Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on October 21, 1969 · Page 44
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 44

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 21, 1969
Page 44
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Pajre 44 GRKEI,KV TKIUUNK Tuos., Oct. 21, 19G9 The New Breed Militant Conservationist Pushing for Reforms By Mary Wiocjers The Washington Post own country, without expanding The John Muir Institute wilHuse of Ilia atom" ami tlie popu- bcvnnd the borders. And those WASHlNGTON-To (he Jcxi-! problems could best be attacked con of militancy -- black mili- willi gentle persuasion, i.e., dike (ants, campus militants, militant an industrialist to lunch rather new leftists--add "militant con-jlhan lake him lo court. Set ccrvalionisls." priorities -- don't fight every They're a new breed, who could be symbolized by the woman who tied herself' tree lo proven! Ihe city battle as a last ditch stand. Avoid conservation for conscr- lo aivalion's sake. from culling it down. They're a grin To (he minilants and Urower. be a lax emcpl organization devoted to the study of ecology and conservation. Through ii Hrowcr will again seek to pub- lalion explosion are the kind of issues Brower wants to dramatize. "It's a little frightening lo lish the series of books which sec what attempts to get energy he started in the Sierra Club have done." He says, citing the and which became a bnne of contention since Ihey cost about ·?I million to publish and Santa Barbara oil leak and Ihe devastation of hills brought on by strip mining. Iliis was heresy. "HOT knowsBrowcr feels they're necessary weren't financially profitable.i The nfl atomic reactors now around the country, ing breed, (no, feeding on the no boundaries; neither does piil-!to educate the public. iBrnwer s-ivs will "require tlie rnri'? nUb . liC f Ware " CSSlll '", lnK ' n ! ll " i0 "'" l "' ow( ' r is f " IKl nf s; 'H FOE wi " l' ress tl'e fiRht for if low of ISO rivers to operate." rtllU ICCIinOIOgy are n n m m n i n n l n u i t/i h:ip].' nn me r u t i i l n n l n i M ! c.... :.. n._ . . . . n . r - . i 1 t t r . 1 . ;o destroy Ihe '" . '". lhc P° lilicil1 ' " l r reactors are put in at the laps international, for Brower, the issue is "cirrhosis of the emp- While creeping suburbia 1; up green bells, land developers jlunder (he wilderness, indus-lronmcnl," and the disease can't ncs pollute rivers and slrcamslbe fought loo strenuously. If and, everything from aulos lojenemies arc made along the airplanes pollutes the air, lhc way and Urower has made some new bivfd takes on a new ag- powerful ones it can't be hclp- ,£!! ; ' rai1 ' U wi " not hc ! ilx excmpt.jralc now predicted, they, will ' '" Conservation Major Issue juse all the free-flowing water FOE will lobby in slate capi- by the year lids and Washington, create a [ask force on issues and Iry to "Man has 2000. other needs than The role of technology mid be to do more with jressivcnesG in demanding prior- ed. At one lime or another Bniwcr has taken on the Armv ty for its cause. The epitome of the militant!Corps of Knginoi mservationisl is 1) a v i d of Rcclamalion, "Thai's Ihe key and Ihe solution is coercion," Brower said, then quickly adding, "coercion willingly accepted. Without it, the Four Horsemen are bound to ride again. "I refuse to give up thinking man has an ability to control himself. There is no other choice." Bruxvcr wants lo devote the John Muir Institute lo "filling vacuums of information." "Nn one is really studying the problem of conserving the wilderness. No one is looking for alternatives. No one knows what the patterns for a return tfl equilibrium should be." Five Areas of Inquiry He cites five areas of in- 'crs, the Bureau assorted congressmen and the Internal Revenue Service. consei Brower. At 21, Brower joined the Sierra Club and for IS years| firowor is the complete eru- was its executive director. isadcr. He has the zeal of an Few will dispute the fact that |evangelistic missionary, enorm- be is the man who made Ihis'ous inlensily and total dctlica- Sierra Club. Undcr his dircc-hion. lion, Ihe club grew more I l i a n j Magazine arliclcs have com],000 per cent and changed from;pared him to the Archangel; a posy picker's biking society Gabriel, the liibical Gideon. Into a powerful lobby for con-'caplain Marvel, Disraeli and the scrvalion. [White Tornado. When Brower look over as! Little Room for Levity His zeal leaves little room for levity, or sensitivity to the was 7,000, and the budget wasjfeelings of others. Like most $75,000 in 19G9, the mcmber-icrtisaders, lie exerts greal ship was around 70.000 and the! force and, in Ihe process, causes budget nearly ?:i million. (great friction. Wore than t h a i , the A subsidiary, tlie League of Con-ridiculous assumption that we can stretch a finite earth. But other people are recognizing we must get back to an scrvation Voters, will try lo F ^[effect political campaigns in "favor of candidates who are "right" on environmental is- undcr t h e ( iuiry thai his institute would focus on. (1) "What would happen didn't do it. Suppose we don't build the dam. What other ing it and expanding what they have, they would avoid new t r a f f i c concentralions, n e w costs, new loss of land." (2) Brower would have a review of things already done. ,"I would say lo.lhem, 'okay, you buill . it. This is what you promised when you buill lhal freeway and-this is whal happened.' A sludy of a few cases like that should have a purging effecl." (3) Know the rales of renewal of natural matter. "Lichen grows back at the rate of 1/1G inch every 25 years. But crab grass replaces.itself as quickly as you can pull it out." "What about other natural things destroyed? For instance, we slopped Ihe flooding in the Central Valley of California. But if it forced farmers to use ferti- equilibrium. ways are there lo gel water? ncs. "The predominant question is Like tlie New York jelport. They "The perils of Ihe peaceful'troi. !finally found lhal by nol build- executive director in 19!H, the membership of Ihe Sierra Club of! Brower was born and raised i bailies fought and won hceanielin Berkeley, Calif. When he was I prodigious-- among them fight.sjcighl, his mother lost her sight. j to save the Redwoods, the Hc became her eyes during Grand Canyon, the everglades walks in tlie hills, and this, he and numerous parks and wildcr-|says, sharpened his own ap- ness bills pushed through Con-:prccialinn of the beauties of the gess. Forced to Resign But in Mnv of Iliis wilderness. He is a pianist, photographer and an excellent mountain Brower was forced lo rcsignjclimber. During World War II he from the club, nfler losing a fought with Ihe Tenth Mountain! vole of confidence in a nation- Infantry Division in Ilnly. wide club election for board of directors. The fight to oust Brower was messy. There were charges and counter charges, including one that Brower misappropriated funds by placing a $10,000 ad in lhc New York Times without the approval of the board. Nol the least nf Brower, now 5(ij is linguishcd looking with prematurely white hair. He still lives in a modest house alop a hill in Berkeley. For six months this Brower was a conservationist without a club. A few weeks ago, he announced the forma- 1 was a philosophic schism wilh-jtion of two new organizalinns, in the club between militants the Friends of the Earth Soci- and moderates. To the moderates Ihe Sierra Club had enough problems in ils ety (KOMI and the John M u i r Institute, both of which lie will head. New Methods Introduced To Correct Male Infertility By HARRY NELSON iplcs for whom he has prcscrib- The Los Angeles Times .Jed this technique. SAN FRANCISCO-TWO new' Askcd b - v """'sinen about tlie melhods of correcting male infertility--one a surgical opera- future of a male contraceptive ,«,,.,,,v-uiie ;. Mug.cM, opera- I 1 '"' Dr ; Amclar and the panel lion and the other a' sex act i"° d --rali)r, »r- ^'"ce II. Slow- tcchniqiic--have been rcporled| nrl ° r ' n c Cleveland clinic, cx- | ]Cre [pressed strong doubl that a male ]Cre Urologists taking part in the'"I 1 "1" ""?',' bc l"' rft ' 1 ' ll : d -., nnual meeting of the Amcri-|. A Plcnlis\ hazard ol such pills an College of Surgeons last,'? """ l h c dn 'fi Wl " TM u TM eek also discussed the likcli- L'hroniosoiiiMl damage which ; [· 01 /could cause birth defects in a A ' I ' AmUleS T D 1 0 B e nnnual can week hood of a contraceptive ,,,, iu, . . . . . , ma ] cs 'child who may be horn aflei" Dr. 'Richard D. Amclar. a ' he I" 11 ll! ! s , bcc " slll l ) l' L ' d ' Or New York University urologist, ' A m c l a l ' · sil " L . said that a new operation do-, veloped in England and now he- '' ing used at some centers in the United Stales can successfully: correct an important type o'tj male infertility. ; C I I T" This is a type in which a vein : JETlOKeleSS I ype in the left testis becomes swol-; Jen and develops a condition N K W A K K . N.,1. ( A P ) - Scv- similar to varicose veins in major airlines announced ' C S- that all new planes will con- As a result, blood flows in the ,.,, smokl! | oss ,, ngi ,, L , s ,,,.,, wil , wrong direction in that vein. , ,, ., · bringing with it toxic materials' 110 ' l )olllllc lnc ""'· from the kidneys which depress The announcement came dnr- Ihe activity of' the sperm and '"K a hearing on a snil by tlie make the man infertile. Mew Jersey Slate Department The operation consists of ly- "f Health which charged the airing off that vein at a certain linos with violation of Ihe stale's. jxiint so that the testicle is. air pollution code. served by other veins. Tlie airlines, which were cited Dr. Amelar siiid 20 lo 30 per by Superior Court Judge Nelson cent of all male infertile pa- K. Mini/, as being "very cooper- tienls can be cured this way. alive." were Trans World. In a series of 111 corrective Northeast. Piedmont. Hasten). operations, known as varicocel- National. American and United. eclomy, 00 showed improved In ihree .separate meetings sperm. Fifty-three of the wives since Hie filing of Ihe suit two became pregnant three lo 111 months ago, the seven airlines months after surgery on the agreed: husband. ' --That all new pianos will Dr. Amelar also discussed a contain smokeless engines, ef- form of coitus inlcrruplus which feclivo immediately. sometimes is successful in cor- --That all seven airlines will reeling infertility in males with convert a total of ·IS engines per low sperm count. month to the smokeless variety. He explained Ilia! the major effective February. 11)70. portion of sperm is in tiie first Thai the refilling wiil bo one third of the ejaculated mat- jacked 10 200 per month for all ler. If a male has a low sperm seven airlines, effective Aug. 1, count, one of Ihe reasons his 1070. chances of fcnilixing an egg _____ are lessened is because tlie sperm hc docs have are diluted Monager's Away, by a large amount of barren 'fhuos Improve Day semen. J · r l If intercourse is interrupted LOS AXGK1.ES (API -- When immediately after the lirsl third two gunmen robbed a teller of of semen is deposited in the fe- iOOO at the Santa Barbara Sav- male, the chances of fcrtiliza- ings and Loan Association Vr\lion are much greater. Dr. Ame-day. the manager. John Glan?. Jar said. wasn': there. Ho h;td gone to a He said lhal ·)·! pregnancies meeting on how lo prevent hold- have occurred among Iflfi coii-inp.'--. lizcr to replace the natural chemicals of the soil. Now in don'l slop Iliis kind of thing, what will renew the land?" (4) Brower hopes his instilule lhan learning who fought what battles is an understanding of natural cycles of life, an awareness of life around us. Controversy Pops The controversy that has surrounded Brower lately popped up again at the .press confer- Montreal, fertilizers dumped so ence announcing the new groups, much nitrate in Ihe soil, Ihe Among Ihe backers of his water became unpotable. If we groups are some major indus- trialists, like Robert C. Anderson, the chairman of the board and · president of Atlantic-Richfield Oil Co. He reportedly do- naled some $80,000 of his personal funds, (c Ihe groups. . Brower said lie SEW nothing questionable about taking money from an industrialisl and that he didn't thing Atlantic- Kichfield was involved in anything like the Santa . Barbara conservation movement isn't going to move as fast as It can become an independent re-oil leak. "There has to be good searchers issuing certificates industrial cooperation or the for private industry and government for good conservation practices. "Sort of a Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval or a Ralph Nader Inslilule for Conservation. Out of this will come the chance for people to forego things harmful lo the cnvrion- menl and opl for Ihings nol harmful to the environment." (5) Teach ecology in the educational system. More importanl aboul conservalion is nol. should," Brower said.'' Whether he is a man on a while horse sacrificing everything for a cause, or an over- ambilious, over-agressive pro- selylizer who'll subjugate his will to no one, is argued and arguable. But that there will be more people becoming more .militant In that light, perhaps Browtf whatever his faults, will s ; p- ceed in turning his goals into realities. Certainly the man lives by his creed, which he lakes from a couplet by Goethe: "Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it.. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it." 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