Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on May 22, 1970 · Page 30
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 30

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Friday, May 22, 1970
Page 30
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Page :!() GREELEY T R I B U N E Fri., May 22, 1970, Household Goods 30 Livestock ilri-». i l-'Oll U K N T :ul Un «f i-ultlv. 2SI-?' 41 Cii- 30 hrail I rltOlMUAL filters. nir I Kninli'a Seeii Pet Stock fish, icti.dflih. nnuiii-imnii mpd laeratorsl nd Hatchery. 7"9 lot! FmrSA.Tl. ivfriserato trolling bt Very ·1305. iimlor: Buns: loos 2:nl AVI-. after K -- Cmioh. 3 liii'i-0 corner . JViiBc uml brown t\v.iil. ml condition. 688-1313: GSS- t:ibk':!KOIt SAI.K misci'l- i r,2r,r. bred gilt. 352 cleiuinl R i l l I l K N T -- tirasslatid pnslure for entile. A \ : i i l n b l e now. (.'all M.I-1M07. FOR S A I . K -- Slii-tlunJ linn fu M I L L I O N S of I-UKS huvo .1 w i t h IJlnp Luslre. It's An ral. Hunt rWtric sliainniioc-r 5 1 . · - ' " " " " ""---y _t;rc-rloy_J-'iirmtLMe. l-'llli _ S A I . K - SviTillL'rOoU washer anil Ens ilryiT,l_!"- S7 - _ ?7,'i: cas apace heatt-r. ?10; stntiiin! W A N T E D -- t; ivncon. ('oleman t-onlor. $-0. I'alll ivun ami liei alter 6:311 or all day Saturday. 351;- : 2012. J K I V K llrrcfunl 352-U522. ISO lii'inl for rent. Call suilillc and Rear. 353- wnnlitl for afffoUu black and w h i t o U n m u m - Swioty FOR SAI.K -- ARC rvKUti-rvt! Vizsli i-li:uii|i wks niollR' Fi«W t and father's Sewing Machines, Vacuums 44 K K H U I I / r Kirhy. SGii.'.T). Perry's Vnou- _um ('enter. '001 9th St. a3?-OOP-l. ~ 352-OM2. ,vp \vilh calvi v u r u u m Ewt'cpi-r. siiiRle beds, vluul'k'i HORSE P:I bfds. stove, refritferntorg. coffee niak-' _ Call u f t e i fr. newinir machine, couch, recliner,\^ |{|{l";| told find white dinette, records, b i - j jj 0 ) j ']i, ( , cvclrs. walcr cooler, irons, mixer. --- -'-- r l e r l r i c skilli-l. 111! 2ml Kt.. I,n Salic. 1^1'"TM lireedinir Tiirnhiy thnniKh .Salnrdny, 12 p.m. f o r R!l]e y o u r ,. h 'JSI-TPIS or 3ri3-li!!'i _ . o p , ,,. ,. Servii-e. 3f,2-i,;.I-i : S A V K linlf nnd (rot better f u r n i t u r e . back hi-avy .Mrditer- fabrics. nd lookins rutifau couches Thi-sp niKJrrd courlic.s will stand ui u t i i l r r the ninehrst k i n d of lisc. ()m ..,- it illicit. ?100 t-acli. Sundny only J i m i i i t u Kctlie V u r n i t i i r e l-'at-tdrj (Sini-e IS'."?). Now on Jliphwiiy $5 Evan?. Colorado. HOUSE OP BARGAINS Bankruptcy, stocU railroad salvage, color TV's f u r n i t u r e , appliances. 22S llth Ave. Phone 352-5?li LAKF, Arrowhead elablcs Boarding, exercise and care. 352-163S. HOKSI-j shoeing and hoof trimmins. u-hi SAI~t: iiiH t i i i . -liMS o r 2 0 H Glh for vncLuma, hoses, belts. brushes, eto. Perry's Vucuurn Center. ;i5:i-ft(iS4. ifiUi 9th .St. \VE are consumers, t"". Ktiposspssions --rebuilt-- ii«\v. A jihunv vn\l may envy you (lollnrs. Your only Kirhy Authurizwl Dealer. 2705 \V. Iflth St., 35^-0700. TV--Radio--Services, Soles 46 n t h . I . WAN'TKD- -Sprias: pasture, ready doon I I'hone 352-1201'. 11 t'OOT stork lr;n]rr. Excellent con dilion. Call 3r,3-770!l. Krb"M~iTM-~n7.rse., 510.00 each 2136 K-_l'Hh St.. after 1 f FofrsXl'Jf-- Hiiil dnciriiiir horse. Call! :5r:i-li2M brtwcen 7:30 a.m. nnd -1 :oir p.m.. 353-SS35 a f t e r 6 p.m. j SKVK~HA~l7 KOOI! well broke Renlle Imi-'.fs. J o h n Hraddy. 1832 E. 17th FOU quick TV service, TV Mar.t, 3627200. Service while you wait. (:(yLUK~TV~rc]nir. Transistor specialists -- nil makes. Centralized TV Service. 19IS llth St. 353-01120. GOOD used color nnd black and white TV's. Bmlset terms. Television Mart, 614 25th_St. 252-7200. ori day or nicht. Sernon'S 'I'V. ice i-jills TV rentals. $10.00 ; S30.00 per month. 353-4786. er tiiunth. Coloi 352-7201). Real Estate 48 I-'OK SALK -- Kentttl lrolerty. Gr income over $5.000 per year. $2.000 down, owner will help fiuauce. Cull 363-1028. WILL LEASE YOUR LAND FOR OIL l\lel C. Hedlnger liox 603, Oreeley TliKiea: Home 352-3542 Office 352-0954 STOLL REALTY 2701 W. 10th St. 352-5CS7 1IOUS17 tor e.Me. infiii'malie-ii eull l . O V K I . A N U - - N i:nlni:e. WIIH $-J-J day iiOHse Real Estate 48 02 1st Avc. ·i Inilniiiiii, 2 Koi I LOW ! i».n lied St. I'hone l-i;C7-tl7IM.' I l i t - S A L U -- ni.w 2 linlnwiii hou-e in M i l l i k e n . Open all day nut. and rhiiulny. Call GSS-IIM8 after C p.m. Keol Estot* and lull-rest r mil income i n v e I ' l i m e Iticaliim. H)li SAI.K ·- 25S4 W. IStll Si. Kit. -- Lnrue e(nnrol-laule Id-level, eMru bed rnutns, eyverwil deek. detiJKiied fyi family llvlnic. Call 352-5033. GIBBONS REALTY 91G Sth Ave. 352-G570 Multiple Listing Service 21" TV CONSOLE W A N T K D -- Pasture for .10 or n horses. Tom Trefny, Kt. 3 Uox Fort Ci'Iiim:. 4^2-lHuy. LIVESTOCK spraylnc. Over 20 y with needle point record player. AM. FM, Sir radio ami a j | b e a u t i f u l cabinet. ?6'50 or licsti! offer. 352 5309 or 933 Sth ! B r u n t Pho Avoniic. SIXGER TOUCH 'N SEW (fidn series) Need resp. p a r t y to assume lasti 1 payments of ?6.09 or $42 cash.! This machine xig?.aK£ holes and does many fancy desitins w i t h cana fashion aid, lor info call credit mgr,, T7C- 3623 collect. CATTLE spraying Prompt, service. 2S 1-6377, \\"eU'o Spn ml trimmini:. Hoy Martin. Musical instruments 47 IFOR SALIC -- 2 \ytenn*in iiol^tcin CAHLE -- Nelson piano. Guild condition. ?J50. 35:t-G9IO before 5. 3 5 3 - j S M A L L electronic ortran. nssumc pny- I int-nl-, or cash out. Owner niovirt:. Call broker. 534-5525 or write I'.O. Ho\ -llll ru-twer, Colorado j!0-.02. 2 ACRE TRACT WoaL of Greoloy ucnr .lohnstown. Hus new 3 bedroom home w i t h benu- t i f n l inoiiTitiiin Y!B\V. Mas 1SOO sqiiiire feet of living area pins l J /» bafhs, natural pas and soft pipe lino water and on oiled road. Lar^e steel shed, parade anil workKhop. J\lore land a v a i l a b l e if desired. 180 ACRE FARM East of (Ireeley on Sth Street Roail. Good loam soil ivith good w a t e r r i s h f s . A m p l e s u p p o r t i n g b u i l d i n g s nnd (Corrals. C'oinl'ortable 2 bedroom iiHuIi-rn liome. Excellent o w n e r finaneillg with small down p a y m e n t . Mas North Weld water tap. Call Henry. .TfIRT LISTED -- 3 bedroom brick, located at 2312 -- 2'lth St., lat'Ke l i v i n g room, Bis kitchen with dining area, jO| utility oft kitchen, oversize 2 car garage, b e a u t i f u l l y »S landseaiicd, fenced back yard, It's in excellent condition (| and an early possession can be hail. Check with' office ;,;« for more details. '·' W I IK) I I LAND HILLS -- 3 bedroom brick, dining room, );» liviiiK room, IV- baihs, carpeted and draped, large patio, tSj| 2 ear garage, f u l l basement over tj finished, This home ^:R is s i t u a t e d in a Kood location and has mountain view ·.5jj Priced right. j*J WEST -- 3 bedroom home 2 iin -- 1 down, full finished Ji.^ IiaseiiKjui, 1 car garage, fenced bank yard, exceptionally !';i clean and in excellent condition. Call o f f i c e ' f o r details 5' J$ JUST LISTED -- 3 bedroom homo 2 u p 1 down, large ;7;i k i t c h e n w i t h lots of dining urea, a good sized living JrS room, basement is fully finished, with wood paneling. ·$jj Basement is set up for, and could be used as a 1 lyj; bedroom a p a r t m e n t . Has a t car detached p.arage, beau- ··;;5 t i f i t l l y latidsi'aped front and rear. Better clieck on (his ;iV' today. EveniugR and Holidays-Vance Dauielson 3S3-0139 Elton Illiiicworth 353-OS71 E. JI. (T!ud) Orosse 353-0397 Tommy Gibbons 353-0139 Real Estolt 4 Pet Stock 43 STAN WILLIAMS REALTY 1210 Oth Ave. . 33-'l822 Mulliple Listing Service i CRANFORD AREA inning home on a corner lot with large J i v i n g room, dining room and kitchen with d i n i n g nook. 2 bedrooms and sun room :n main floor. Kull partly finished basement with ?', bath, ·ec. room or bedroom. Hot water heat. This home goes for ?19.900. COLLEGE. AREA This is probably (he cleanest )lder home in the area. Located on 7th Ave. 1 block from campus. Large 'combination lung and dining room w i t h fire- ilace. Kitchen is large and has large nook dining. w i t h lots or itoruge. bnjrooms nnd /· b a t h . Vlso n uood 2 car garacc. This Mime Is i?i pstnto -- jiricnd at ?18.250. Cnn be shown anytime. BUSINESS ZONED FOli SAIJ-! --- Hy owner. ji|»t»'tim»iit hounc. IM'J Mil St. JIU.OUO, 120(10. tlnwn owner riiiHtu-'?. 31)3-1)085. ^ ·. N K \ V a Ix'tiriHim hvick holne.' Full bint'ini'iit. 2 vur BuritKi!. ti-1,000. 617 ir.lh A«'.JI63-18S8. iVTTovlaAND -- e liouw. full liHKi'incnt, Hi Imtliu. I'Hp-u; ft'iic- i-il ym-it. CariifU'il. Can assume 5-V/o _ l i i i i n . _ IUJ7-OCDV. CAsfi~for~.|ur I'nuity. Any type properly ooiiBiik-rcit, n-Kanllt'ss of ^ ul1 * illtlnn. Imniixllntc service. No obli- Kiitiiind wlnit KU ever. Call I,«m Sloll. 1162-5667 days, or 353-21121 I'VfllillKH. RAY LARSON REALTOR AUCTIONEER Phone 353-2355 Multiple Listing Service HOME INCOME Completely redecorated. 2 bod- )in -- l i v i n g room with new carpet, kitchen (lining room r o i n b i n a t i u n . f u l l bath w i t h shower plus extra lar.ce one Money to Loon 31 for pale - - ;. :! i double lain pasture for calves. 70 h f n d - JS2-US3S, l-'orlj I Registered and i tern saddle. 15 ~ ricKCd. 2M-7MOI Sl'lNtrt' piano to bo picked tip in|: this area. Need responsible party l o ; | t a k e over payments or cash out, C a l l : J looker. . r ,:l-l-5r.2r» or w r i t e I'.O. Box,! l',l Denver. Colorado S0202. ': Leon Stoll Henry Stencel J a k e Schmidt 353-2321 353-4605 686-2625 Real Estafe 48 E N R O L L now for summor ritlinn lus-i noiif. Experienced instructor. K x - j ct'lh-nt f.-ifilitiop. Call between 1 and j TIME REALTY S1.50U. Most collaU'ral acceptahlp.;POA App.ilooaa pony sLu! KCI C.F.C Corp.. fith Ave. and l l t h SL ^ chnmnions in j.rodurtm Phone 352-0132. I JjJTM^" 1 ^, £*!! WE L O A N mnncv--1st and 2nd mort- smrc or business. Al c u buy 1st and ^n-l mnrtcact ; . Cold-Naiman Invest- m e n t Co.. fith Avc. :ind l l t h St. I'hone 3.2-QW2. ^'^923 Fnrmf.! St. 352-8838 -V Multiple Listing Service 7-r Building Motcrial 341 rDfuiiiK. nil kinds. One clw Alltire's 613 S Ave. 352-0501. rough himhrr. Gaotl Etock. Ltirnlier Co., 134 l l t h Avc. Cash paid for fresh, dead or disabled cows and horses. WELD COUNTY BYPRODUCTS 352-1788 MOORE REALTY 922 llth St. 352-3437 Northern Colorado Building A MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE ft 1GTH STREET BUSINESS FRONTAGE 8." ft'r-l UN I f l i h Si. ;HTOSP from u n i v o m t y campus. .More tlinn H U M I D square feet and b u i l d i n g s on hitc easily removed, business 1 I zunod. ^ H O P W O R N lumber. for con nnd many farm u?03. Murphy her Co., 712 9th St. Poultry ri(il'X)NS for sale. Renponnblc. rnl * :,th ^. Boats b Supplies (lit SALK ·-- 1-1 foot fihei w i i h -Ii' hon'spowcr tnDtnr. sl..i!i\ Cjill .ir.-1-lidOli after G. B A R Y CHICKS-Hnti-hin^ e _ l !in«l Thnrs. Heavy Irctds ·cry Mon. md w h i t e ims lKi:itj Good; Pet Stock |CI"TE liiitc ' " 2 BEDROOM--WEST--512,500 " j W a l l to wall carpetinir. 2 car garage and low monthly payments. 1 BEDROOM--?7,500 nico luiino. (liira.ue. workshop and fenced yard. [lysossion. Owner iniiy f i n n n c e . BELAIR HOME SITE Pmall. very 43 I m m e d i a t e I x 12S l o t . ?2.7SO. All city or consider trade for??? u t i l i t i e s including sewer. Will Sporting Goods .. O I V K awny 1 Inrcc hlncl; Vrsi.-m inm cot. 3BU-C669 nflc nlc | 10 ACRES--EAST 1GTII ttci-nanl p Lov . Roasumahle. Top p o t e n t i a l as home site w i t h excellent subirrigated pasture. !^' L'land after C. r'(;,',1, Sh; p . C 4Th7v C . r m°d" i 16't'i;!TMl;:K - 3 'ln=l '·""-!« '.1 Siamc 5t afte Seeds, Plants, Flowers 33 NICEST bciltliiiK box. (ifi'.- plnnls. all si Millers, A u J t . Upon, 11 n.m 6. Setter. Good I l K O l S T K K K D Kntrlisb _W(M)iMinc?. 353-0534 or ^?1-63SO. nmle Chlhualiun th St. 352-0327. _ KOH SALK -- Blonil terrier pnj:]_y. M13 L A H K A H O K -- C fur Hny, Groin, Feed, Strow 40; ]-OR (SALE -- 10 1. J l A V fur s:ilc. 1st am! :(nl. Tnlf.ilf:i, hl-KP ·m.-in Shepherd 1 Kivo au-ay. I's. ?2ri. itics. Sm.-ill h(iu?c f A real h a r d f i n d fur tlin horspy sot. $11.000. Clyde L. Davis, ;r:i-72nr. Gil nunley, sr2-G22?j Rohpi-t H u f f m a n . Sr,3-l!i25 LKAFY~Kr per bnlf. PARK~bnrTi;r.idi-d inlos. ?1.10 S K A I j t ' O I N ' T .Sianu^o kiuens for eale. | fiel^l. If.-ilfa. Wis. cellar : A K r lil:u-k I.a ._,_.._ Dnn Krily :ir,J-W91. | _ .MiM sc.|I.£l. ^~AI.K · ion tmip rnsilw^y; r.d ' f W M malt' ni i Isl ni'.'l iinl r i i l t i i m hay. -1 n i a l u r e . Hilton. Ph. .!Iil-:M:!0. -'r lui'- aiuicot Poodle A~KC . M i n i n t i n e · l-r,-. 1 :.! 1 , ; 'JS'l- S A S S A K K A S hivil pmall m i n i a t u r e Fil,' \ r r I ' n i n i l o ^tui! service. :!52-iiri.-. Livestock A l l A R T I S T l C Pnoille KriHiniiflB. _ I ami Toy RUIil. 352-0435. rrnt ?ALK -- i ·c. am] liriiHc.; I'OODl.E also \KC WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE Horses or Cows For Reward Ph. 353-0920 24 Hour Service EVANS BI-PRODUCTS CO. I .!. 3VJ-1S11. ili(;iTirA'N'[T~Ailuiii-iura. 1104 Wh K! The only fit.iro in N K Colo, a.-rvim: Ihi- aquaript exclusivoly. K i l l ; S A l . t : -- AKC rei^iHterrd 7 weil:« olil lila.-k male Poodle imi'l'.v. 1'honL \VANTI-:T) - Home for ouMonr = ' j i year old male ili'K. fiood will] child-1 .,.,,. ]Minn,._:i52-i:.'i:if,. FOir~SAl"E -- AKC ie;:N:.'.,.cl Toy Pooille Inp|iiep. 6 weeks uirl. Call n f l e r a:t."i, :4r,:l-l!lln. AKC m i n i n t n r e Sho' STABLES · D A R K a'fu.'r" IN'OUVVECMAN ! mfiyed erosi. A ' n ' K N T I O N -- S i a m V-!.ie's H a r e Si Eoardintr, care and exercis-l Ji,',"'' 1 ,',",!,," 1 !"!. "\TM S1DO. hrfCflcrs frnm iiiff area. Large rodeo arena available. CLOSE IN Call s:.3-3.1(i!); after 7, sr.S-iiOIE \VAN"Tl-:il -- (I""il li'imc l i f l i l feiiiiilp Shi-phcnl f r i p n r l l y rL-innh- w h i t e ilnir: 2 Lively f.-mnli- (i hT.I-. ; wliiU- innli- Pi-kr-l small lilnck m n l e wire rier. rabies slid : oliler huahua, rallies s h u t . lumie. Huiniiiif Sm-icly ...... ..11 M K ' I ? : ll.'iireil Ti.T femnle chi .eeil lovink nf Wplil C.. Houschold Goods 30 Household Goods 30 Greeley 2600 So. Sth Ave. Furniture Co. Ph. 352-5441 $119.95 Used Dj-e.xel Mahogany china .._. ... Used sofa bed S'in.On Used d i n e t t e sots . . - - 810.95 and up Good used redinor S29.95; 11 ft. x 12'6" shiiR carpet, like new . 9 ft. x K5 ft. Shan cm-pet, like new ]0'G" x 19'G" carpet .. - Early American hide-a-bet), new rover Kew bronxe kitchen chairs $09.95 ... $59.95 SI 89.95 exchange : OPEN" WEEKDAYS THJ, 8:.",n ; SATURDAYS T I L L 0:00 P L E N T Y O F D R I V E E K K E P A K K I X ; A N D .FREE nEI,I\'ERY Across the Street From The Post Office 918 llth Ave. 353-14-13 SIXCE 1014 NEEDS CHILDREN This S lirdrnom liome is in an nxor-Hent. location to schools; has low tnxes. lie sure to spe t h i s one at 223 5 t h St., in Kersey. BUDGET BARGAIN FOR A COUPLE A s m a l l '2 bedroom home on a quiet street in Evans. Excellent f i n a n c i n g a v a i l a b l e , w i t h a full price of ?7,!)50. TOMORROW'S NEST EGG A 2 bedroom home w i t h 1 bedroom basement a p a r l m e n t in the U n i v e r s i t y area. A real buy at 2135 7th Ave. COOL POOL 4 large bedrooms. 3 t i l e b a l l i s and a s w i m m i n g pool, with m a n y oilier a m o n i i i e s . Better look at t h i s one for t h a t l a r g e f a m i l y . $30,750. OUTSTANDING VALUE Over J 2 0 0 square font in this 2 bedroom home, with 1 bod- room basement a p a r t m e n t . Close to business areas at 3(101 3-1 Ui Ave. PAINT AND PUTTER on t h i s two story r e n t a l at ]f31 O t h Ave. Your t i m e will be well invested when you receive ( h e excellent income a v a i l a b l e . TREASURE CHESTS We h a v e for salt? two excellent m s t n u r a n t operations. Both show a very .L'oiul r e t u r n anil b o t h are in ;i growth n r e a . Onn is a f r a n c h i s o t y p o outlet w i t h a protected territory. The other is a bar and food o u t l e t w i t h very'Rood f a c i l i f i e s . \\*c will he pleased to show e i t h e r of these to you. O U T j i j A \- E i Multiple Listing Service Mnmlipr nf All Points Relocation Snrvice. Inc. Tf yon n r o moving out of t o w n let us provide you with our n a l i o i n v i d o real estate .service. There is no charge for this coiirfesy. TiF.AL KSTATR D K P A R T M K X T Roy 1'anlipy 3.12-IH2-I Lewie Smith SS2-3SS4 J a k e I'l'ioiKiT S. r iS-1724 C l i n t .Inrsenst-n 352-130S I.VSI'KANX'K I I B I ' A K T M K X T Iliin.-ilil .T. K n p p 352-32SS Rohc-rt LauMian .?ri2-21^1 Julin S t e i n 3r2-5-ir.O (inne fiunthpr 3ri3-153fi HOME LOAN AND TRUST DEPT. Acciit for M i d l a n d Federal Savings nnd Loan Assn. rharln.s Fxitt, Broker 352-33S5 T h e Jilmvp listed salesmen nre at. your service at a n y time, i n i - l i i ' l i n g eveniiiKa a n d weekends. bath, k i t c h e n w i t h lots of cabinet space, living room and a small room t h a t could be nsed for a sini'.le bedroom. 1 car attached garage. Call Ray Reinhardt for details. \Yonld make dandy office and i n v e ample parking. Lot is 2flr feet deep.. Home is 2 bedroom--H ""i* n i i n r t m e n t house --- 1-3 lon.s,' liviiiK room uomhlnntinii.l'"'""· -·' I'drin. and 1-2 hflrm. Full basement could be p n s i l v i n n ' I R - ^"cwly p a i n t e d o t l l s i d e and converted to a p a r t m e n t . Thisl'" VOT 'V "''' (! condition inside. home also in an estate Let ,,,,'I'riced at only $19.000. D r i v e by 1012 -till St. and sivc Ray Reinhardt a call. show vou. "I !);lleauly shop and wip salon j t : of ex l?/®! lj ° vp|nnd f l ) r sale because ,'fci 1 '"""' 1 reasons. T h i s is an L business opportunity. ! llllv e a good nile cluli, mal;money, for sale LA SALLE Deluxe custom b u i l t brick home. All elect, k i t c h e n , diuliic: area, extra liirpe l i v i n g room w i t h WE ARE CELEBRATING!! We have just listed some of the most b e a u t i f u l homes in the Greeley area. Now is the time to buy your dream home -- call one of our cotir- tonus salespeople for your personal showing during REALTOR WEEK! 2-113 7TH ST. --Mori? hern t h a n meets t h o eye. Large family- k i t c h e n hits been added, f u l l basement too. Lots of p o t e n t i a l here at $iri,!iru. 3023 SUNSET DR. --.lust listed in excellent iOvans area. 3 bedrooms-one is luiKi! master bedroom. 2 b a t h s , f a m i l y room. Fenced y a i d and covered patio. Lovely new car- I M ' t i i i K and draperies. A honey at $l!),u)0. Owner w i l l consider V'HA or YA I i n a n c i l l K ! 3122 W. 5TM ST. -- Heller t h a n new. 1'triek r a n c h style. -1 bedrooms. 2 h a t b s , double car jiara^e. fenced yard. Shows b e a u t i f u l l y . Call q u i c k l y and lie the first to see at ._'.)..'mil. 151G 27TH AYE. ·--A really s h a r p bi-level w i t h so m a n y extras. Oversize d o u b l e ear i;arai;e. 4 bedrooms, 2 f u l l baths, f a m i l y room. Large f o r m a l dininp. You'll make. b a t h s , large 2 car a t t a c h e d ua- rage. and owner f i n a n c i n g a v a i l - liavo n liilllnrd Parlor, in;,];, able, money, for sale. i i OWNER WANTS OFFER LookinK for an a p a r t m e n t u n i t ? so don't wait -- call l o d a v It -- we h a v e some! ; ls , ft ,, V( . ry d ., y ,,,.,, you ' fan .. , I f i n d a di'al l i k e t h i s o n e . 3 low a .out a small M o t e l ? TVpjhp.lromii brick, electric latch-n. " :lvo t l l ! l t - I new carpeted l i v i n g room, bath Call needs. us for your Heal RveninRs and S u n d a y -- C a l l : |Ed HoH |nnrl H a r r i s o n l A d o l p h Lesser · Al Felnnd Stan "\Villiania I" j w l t h sluiwer. f i u n i l y r o u m un Estate! first floor. I'lns mu- of the mat- est finisheil b a s e m e n t s -- larpo carpeted bedroom, rec. rotim w i t h linilt in bar. extra room for an office a n d 'i b a t h . Call A l Larson for details. 353.4371 3F..1-77GO, Albert Larson 1 I f l a y R e i n h a r d t 3S3.D.in3 ij mi j, e ,.,. v 3r,3.1-|04JAlan L a t t a 3S3-IS75 353-14115 l i t t l e a Hi'.;just ^LTi money every day here loo! The loan is C,\ at just $14ii.OU monthly. Kino home -- 1815 l l T i r AVE. -- c h a r m i n g older home w i l h t e r r i f i c income po- l i ' i i t i a i . Prime college location. Hrick. xoned for m l i l l i p l i ; dwelling on ^!)(1 ft. lot. $2H,2fiO. n , 25TH AVE. - 1 kinjc sizo bedrooms, f n n i i l y room. 2 full hiiths, j^^ '2', f t . l i v i n g room. Top i-ondiiion - - custom brick, ^ f l o u h l o cnr j, r ur:im\ Kxct'llcnt loan 10 assume, "t*' J ) o n ' t miss It «t 52S.500. l;jv, 3027 33TII ST. fe ·--Li-.'-s tli.'iii ;i y t ' i i r - o l d . Topnlur "Spanish l y p p " ·-- ranch home. 3 Ijt'Urooms, l j i baths, f u l l ImtJument, [$ d o u b l e car . ?2S.7fiO. x I $ 5, 152: I! 29TIT AVE. CT. -Absnluti' porft'i'lion in decor nnd care. Spacious It ballroom, 3st floor finnily room w i t h fireplace, for HIM 1 d i n i n g , f u l l basement, fenced yard and cnvoreu* patio, sprinkler system. ?17,GOO loan at "i^Co i"«X J'e assumed. I'ayment just SlfiT.OO. It's lovely! 1829 2GTH AVE.CT. -- C h f t i c e Cotlonwnod localion. Over 2](in sq. ft. of finislied area i n c l u d i n g -1 bedrooms, 2?\ liaths, f a m i l y room w i t h f i r e p l a c e a n d f o r m a l d i n i n g area. T e r r i f i c view of the park and mountains. Only one year old and worth all of $34,BOO. 2134 GLENFAIR -- L i k e the u n u s u a l ? This home is for yon. Lovely iri-levol coniempornry s t y l e home w i t h cathedral c e i l i n g a n d u n i q u e floor p l a n . H e a n t i f n l l y l a n d - scaped yard jmd quiet prosit- area. Don't miss seeing t h i s one at, S34,f.OO. 1820 2GTH AVE. CT. --This lovely c u s t o m brick home allows "room to grow". Perfect for tho lar^e f a m i l y w i t h ." bedrooms. 2 baths, f a m i l y size k i t c h e n ami formal ( l i n i n g room. 1770 HI. ft. nn the in;iin flooj- plus a f i n i s h e d basement. You won'l b e l i e v e llu size of ( h i s home u n t i l you have .seen it -- I l l ' H H Y ! 2023 24TII ST. RD. '^ --Lovely ranch s t y l e brick home on a b e a u t i f u l l y //-J landscaimd lot. This home offers a t e r r i f i c t r a f t i c ^J* p a t t e r n as well as G bedrooms, m a i n floor f a m i l y ^, room, 1 % baths up -- ?-i down and rec room in ^R basenuMit. Jjovely patio area for out-door enter- 't*, l a i n i n j c . This home may he purchased with or with- ftp out a d j o i n i n g lot. $-10.000. j'^j GLENMERE 0 --Fabulous pv(:cntivc homo on manicured lot In t h e ffM lieort of Olenmere. The perfect home for t h e dis- jL c r i m i u a t i n p buyer -- per feet inn throiiKhont. A '·w dream come, true at $iiS,330. Call for fljiecffic do- fM BEAUTIFUL RELATR ^ - r n m - u a l l y well developed e x e c u t i v e home. Fins «,L California w t y l p living. Courtyard entry with slid- '**»* \i\K doors to p a t i o nrojiH. I'rofessionally decorated gtj ; in tho finest featuring -t bndrooniH, lovely f a m i l y a room will) b u i l t - i n bar and 3 f u l l baths. You n a m e *·£* ii - -- it hits ii. Pins in every rc.spect. $. r i!),riOO. fo 12 ACRES @ --One of the nioPt b e a u t i f u l homes In the Oreeley jf^l jtr'-a t o g e t h e r w i t h ( h e b r e a t h t a k i n g g r o u n d H i n - ^ ciudinp: 2 lakep. horse facilities, a p u t t i n g Kreen '*£V and a f n h t i l n i i s view. A real o.slate at J175,dOO. ffl: -Jti IlPlon Mnv, S5S-2I11 m! ,-· (;iisii''K. .":.?,-11 rtj » v-V( Tom Spear, SS2-OB1S ' Joan Thrapp. 353-6571 Schoonmaker, 353-07-13 Frank Moore, 352-3313 REALTY CO. 1212 STH AVE. 3152-1212 MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE COLO., \VYO., MONTANA, NEBR., TEXAS A T.OT OF UVARILITY Tliis t w o herirnoin has a f a m i l y rnnnl wtlli ffreplnre. d i n i n u r i i i n i i and nice k i t c h e n up. The basement has two l.edrooms, rec room, ·''.i bath nnd u t i l i t y room. Located in one of the nicer parts of t o w n and is priced ri^ht. FRANKLIN ADDITION: Two Inls a v a i l a b l e in nice residential area. Close to school and shopping, liny a lot and build your home now. BETTER TO SWITCH THAN TO LOSE THE FIGHT Good income property can stop your market losses and r e b u i l d d t v i n d l i i i K capital. Two a p a r t m e n t s and two sleeping rooms add up to fine income for you in a t o w n really needing rental u n i t s . We're convinced t h i s u n i t is presently under-rented and would he to your a d v a n t a g e to check into it right away. COMMERCIAL ZONED Four acres w i t h highway frontage. This Is a perfect l o c a t i o n for someone looking for "the spot" for- a small business w i t h room to expand. Call for details,BRAND NEW HOME In Cascade 1'ark w i t h a b e a u t i f u l view of the mount a i n s from the l i v i n g room window. Full u n f i n i s h e d basement for the h a n d y man forms the f o u n d a t i o n for t h i s three bedroom ranch style brick veneer home. M a n y extras including u t i l i t y room w i t h one-half bath on the m a i n floor. This is an o p p o r t u n i t y to decorate t h i s home in your colors. Excellent f i n a n c i n g available. Ask any of our salesmen about this home today! LOCATION! LOCATION! LOCATION! The threo must i m p o r t a n t fnctorn when buying n homo! LuciUcd in t h e nver-pnpuliir Jackson area this In-level tlirco hndrnom home i n c l u d e s a spacious living room w i t h n fireplace, 1% baths and many other extras. ONLY ONE YEAR OLD!!! !i"i2 si], n. of f i n e l i v i n g -- home is in excellent, con- d i t i o n . Priced at only $lS.7aO, this h o m e w i t h its q u a l i t y carpeting, large cheery kitchen and many, m a n y c a b i n e t s will make a f i n e place for your family. You w i l l t r u l y love the gracious q u a l i t y and comfort of this home with its many features. KVKMNGS WEEKENDS HOMES-BUSINESSES FARMS-RANCHES Ralph Coojier 352-.S670 Leonard Borowskt 353-2S58 Ed Anderson 352-1202 Myles Ijiindstrom SM-SSItS John Schell 352-6818 Mac McKlnley 352-3209 7)111 namhrell .t:3-!13! Larry Anderson 454-2683 Dean Avers 352-4H10 Rox Scott ' 857-6767 Henry \V. Herhst 352-8441 Carl Showalter 353-7351 COMMERCIAL Hong Seam 353-3840 HROKER Krnle Scott SS2-8S33

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