Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on May 24, 1951 · Page 5
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 5

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 24, 1951
Page 5
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Thurtdiy Evening, M»y 24, 1951 LAS CHUCES (N. M.) SUN-NEW3 PAGE FIVt STATE Game Dejyurliucnl NEWSLETTER j'KKIMTOR ANIMAL CONTROL Mew Mexico ranchers and farmers had 045 predatory animals re-' moved from their backs by I'w Game and Fish.department during tlic past, month. The tfike of these destructive jinimal villains included . 10 lions. 156 coyotes, 50 bobcats, 33 fox, 51 hawks, -is beaver and-others. Homer Pickens, ^assistant state anie warden, who heads the predatory division; announces some changes in the division's personnel. IjOiilfl BCrffhofer, a ' s t a t e trapper for some time, has taken military leave from the frame department lo enter., the U. S. Army. His friends and co-workers wish him the very. best. Ira McDowell, of Mcsllla -Park, has been employed HS n beaver trapper t- be utilised anywhere in the state where dam- ago is. beinR clone to irrigation ilitclics. lakes, streams, etc. fjcorgc Hi^htnwer. well-known ilrpartmcnt lion hunter, ban been transferred tn the Santa Fe and Carson Forests areas for at least three months to eradicate the llic c»ls. At present Im is at Mud Springs south 'if El Vado lake. FISHING WATKKS OI'KN' Friday. May 25 Is the MR day f,ir fislicrmcn who like to fish Um nnrthcrn 1 New. Mexico trout streams and lakes. Tlic season nnrlh of Highway 66 officially npens on this dav and promises to he very · jjooil tills season. Of course, the anplcrs have been linlilR up tlicii' cars for several Santa Fe Painter, Sculptor Fiesta Highlights Heavy Schedule Of Art, Theater Events Planned For Summer FATIIICK AJ\'1 SON TEACIIEHH j cliltoctur:il ilniwhiK- His son, W»I- t~~ Pueblo t(1 '* ^° Monluunt, Jr., ia an in- PUI3BLO, Colo Junior College 1ms » mther-uml- son combination on the faculty. Walter 0c Mordutint. local urchi- Icut, joined the staff to teach ar- fj true tor in freshnm English. Sweet potatoes iiro liiph in vitamin A content. The Merino sheep wan considered so vuluable in Spain at one time that anyone attempting to export one was put to death. ' lly AssocUitrU I'mss week-ends Conchas lake nn the Rio Grande. ind othnr waters at- rfaM/'oncn. Lust week-end the Rio from Taos j u n c t i o n to Pilar ac- mmmodalcd over :jr0 caper bail throwers. Duo to winds and the heavy rains few of thr. group did much bragging about t h e i r catch- r s - b u t wrrc not. ton diKcoiiragud. At Conrhtis the weather again disturbed i*ic water, but of the 200 carloads plyinc »helr luck there, many were gratified with nice ratchets of pike. Fred A. Thompson, director nf fisheries, .reports that two trucks Swimming Pool Will Be Opened Tomorrow At 1 ' Lns Cruccs Municipal swimming; pool opens for the summer season . :it 1 p. m., Friday May 25, it was] announced tndny by pool manager | L. H. McDonald. Lifeguards and instructors will be on hand Friday. Classes for bulb beginners and advanced swimmers arc, set to open early in June. MacDonttld said classes this year would be limited to youngsters seven years old or older. He said admission prices to the pool would remain unchanged _lhis summer. The price schedule is as follows: Ages up lo 12, 10 cents; J2-17, 25 cents; Adults, 35 cents. No no swimming suits are provided, miltowcl service is available. There will be a refreshment con- cr.-i.flon nt the pool this year, MacDonald said. Children "of any age will be allowed in the pool the manager an- npiinccd, l)uL said a ruling must be applied that all children under seven years of age, or those using" tlic kiddies pooi must be accompanied by an adult. IiiKtructors and lifeguards tins- year tire L,. H. Bradley, Arcble Beckett, .Skipper Corley, Pierce Hubbfml, nnd Hat-Donald. This is the third year Of operation since the 2f)f,f)00 gallon-cnpa- city pool was built by the city. It is operated as part of tiic Las Crm-e.s'city-sohoolH summer recreation program. New Mexico artists appointing again for UIR state's niiiin summer art attraction -- Ihu annual statewide show In Santn Fe during fiesta time. The 38th annual exhibition of New Mexico Painters and Scnlpt- 01 H will give' 275 to 300 artists a chance to show their latest work to the public. It is set for Aug. 10-Scpt. 1G at the Museum of New Mexico. Prizes are being offered for the first time this year. Many Sc.lioduled The Fiesta exhibition, however, is only one of a number of .shindigs scheduled in 'New Mexic-i art nnd theater circles this summer. On tap in the art field are ex- of Dorothea Whitcraft and Maurice Klpht, both of Albuquerque. All New Mexico artists .ire given opportunity to display theii- paintings at a show held each year in connection with the State l-'air at Albuquerque the third week in September. I'eter Iliird (iroup The Koawell museum features its hirge Peter Murd collection and trophies won by Cowboy Bob Crosby. The museum has a complete set of 100 Hurd lithographs and half a dozen of his major works. One of the top 'events in its field will be the University of New Mexico's field school of art at the Har- wooil Art Foundation in Taos. Thirty to -10 advanced students are expected tu attend. A professional art 'group will hibits of paintings in Albuqucr- j function at Las Cruccs, and .the que, Roswcll, Taos, Las Oruccs usual summer arts workshop ' and Las Vegns. Theater and drama group.i will be active in Santn Fe. Albuquerque, Silver City unit Taos. And art groups are going strong, with G3 clubs active in New Mexico. They count some 1,500 members. Little theater groups dominate drama doings in the state, I art education will be held under Dr. John Dietrich at Highlands University in Las Vcgns. There will be two sessions, June 4-July 12 and J u l y 13-Aiig. 17.' The New Mexico Alliance for the Arts, based ht Santa Fc, stages two-week exlni/iions of prominent a.nd » pick-up p l a n t i n g from . Red river all over thti northeastern waters uf . the statn and savs: "Don't let anyone tell you that fishing won't bo good this year. just po '· ripht ahead nnd have a j(n^d Unie," Many sportsmen's organizations ' »s well ns individual sportsmen throughout New Mexico are en- raced this spring in planting wildlife foods or improving game habi- ' t f l t in 'sonic manner; They realize t h a t , to n great degree, the abundance or.HCArcitv. of food. and rover ( reflects in high, or low wildlife poDUlations. ' Numerous clubs have planted , Pfii^uhm grains .(for prairie chick- j ens, pheasants, and quail) and j '' oats, rye, ami barley (for wild lur- f ' keys) on the lands of farmer; Mends. Another result of interested party's farsightedness, labor and expenditures, will be the wild cherry and mulberry trees planted \ which will benefit all game birds in the mountains. Boy Scouts often render excellent service in these planting activities and learn a valuable lest son in the doing. Indirectly, and often limes /julic. directly, the farmers will derive . benefit from the increased number 7 of song and insectivorous birds attracted to their lands by the increase in crops, trees, and shrubs. The feathered friends of the count. t r y m a n feed on insects and worms injurious to farm crops with the quail being .one of tlic best controls locally for the bean beetle. Aft YEARS SUNDAY SCHOOL 1 LYNCH BURG. Va. I/T) -- C. Sncatl Sharp of College Hill Baptist church lias completed a half century ()f Sunday school attendance without a miss. Occasionally he has been out of town, but always brought hack a certification of liis attendance at a Sunday school in Home other city. Cabbage comes in three colors-white, red and green. New Mexico artists ami is planning ----I a c r a f t s show in August. A number of commercial galkT- ies w i l l hold showings during tho summer, including La Fonda ami Bliin Door galleries and GaIU i rl;i ftacumiida ut Taos; Plaza'gallery nl Albuquerque; La Gallerla dc Lou Artesanos at Lns Vegas, and the Alley Hook Shop at lloswull. The Santa Fe Fiesta is set for Aug. 31-Sopt. U. IL celebrates the elevation of the Holy Cross and re-conquest of SunUi Fc by General tic Vni-Riis. The-oldest community festival in Amcricu, it has been- held annually since 1712. San (JiTonlniu Fiesta The, San Gcronimo Fiesta at Tao.n Sept. 28-30 honors the patron saint of the Taos Pueblo Indians and is tlic pueblo's equivalent to Thanksgiving-. On July 25-2G tiic summer fiesta a! Taos honors Saints Santiago and Santa Ana. Hack on the scene at Santa Fe this uummcr a f t e r a one-year absence will be Pat 'Corellt's Clill- | drcn's Theater. The youngster.-? | will st.'irt rehearsing duily on June | ·I and will stage plays July 12 and | Aug. 23. NEW liofpcint Double-Oven EEectric Range Two big lighted ovens with automatic controls...Two charcoal-like broilers...Two spacious storage drawers...Fully automatic operation! uriiimi IIUIIIKH ill »IU MiiLL'. njicisiH _ f _ _ j-- 'IS n^?X^ Cruces Writers Club To Give Tea ^^X" Sunday For Short Story Winners mincnt players for one - week ·* .^ stands. El Teatro is expected to stage a nine-week schedule. Little theaters either are preparing productions .or have about wound up their,season a t ' Albu- I .·jucrquc. Toas, Silver City antl ! Santa Fr. - ! Indian Arfi.sls ' Works of Indian a r t i s t s arc kept in portfolios at the state museum in Santa Fc and can bn i:xnmincd on request. Other main events during the summer at the museum arc the spring-summer invitation -sho'.v, now in progress, and regular monihly showings by New Mexico artists. The invitation displays wurk (.f 27 leading New Mexico artists from may through July. Us purpose is to -show a represuiiUitivc selection of New Mexico ui't nl Ilriltsh Collc;t4nn The Las Cruccs Writers c l u b ] Ij0f , t c.oltl Mine".-Imvc been awnixl- will give a ten Sunday afternoon from -1 lo G May 27 4n tlic home economics cottage of Union high school, honor guests will be local high school students who have won top rankings in the Irving Memorial -snort story contest, sponsored 1 Catalogues of auction sales of important book collections often become, collectors' Items In .themselves. A price catalogue of the Jerome Kern sale, which realized almost $2.000,000, Is u prized item for bookmen. liy -Mi', aii'i iliw. Robert Irving! One item of i and the. Writers rluh. ! "Mrsilla Valley ed honorable mention. EoKiile.i the guests of honor and their parents, a number of otliers who have a special interest in the achievements of these talented youngsters have buen Invited. One item of interest will he: tin- Writers Table," on in t h e Writrrs club ami | uulsule "this vicinity. j j Mr:?. Irving- i; in charge of I h i s j f tho 'display. Ginn Allen i!i in genera! From Sept. 15 to Oct. 1? , British the El Paco Elks. collection »f paintings owned by Second place has been won by [which \viIJ be displayed t h e pub- First place lias bcon Riven to ; H Snc ,i W0 rks of n mmibe.r of w r i t "Mariu" Ricbard-son for her story | crs enti'Ucii "Mystery (if the Double' Victims." M a r i e is the daughter Ilev. and Mrs. . E. Richardson. Is a junior nt*Wftshinglon high school ami ha: had an active place in t h e activities of her school, as well as n hiph ranking in her academic work. She won .second place this spring^, in the oratorical contest sponsored by Galo, Way lodge uf International lousiness Machines will go on exhibit at the museum. Albuquerque painters will display their work May 25-July 5 in a show sponsored by the New Mexico Art League. Some 200 pictures will he hung 1 in the public library, Hilton Hotel mezzanine, YWCA. Play.i gallery and La Placita. The show is under the co-sponsorship Janice Phillips, Union hi^h daughter of Mr. and Mrs. .1. M. Phillips. Her story has the title. "A Wish Conic True." Janice is a sophomore, active in music and dramatics. She won second -place tins year In the "Get out the Vole' contest. Willa W i t h row's "Never a n o t h r i Race Horse." and Mac Chow's "The Goodbye Heartburn -Hello TUMS! Quick rtljcf for si f till only IDC. enjoy the best LAST CHANCE! FRIDAY AND SATURDAY .... LAST 2 DAYS OF ANNIVERSARY SALE SHOP AND SAVE! EXTRA SPECIALS From a Famous Brand . . . Boys' doublo-kneo khaki slacks. Regular 3.98 NOW Costs only 2* aweekforthe. average iamityf 1 CHILDRENS PLAY ALLS Navy. Light Blue, Gray and Red Denim. You have seen these sell for 2.98. For these few days only . . BOYS' WAIST PANTS Rayon or i w i l l . . . ideal dress types ... several colors lo choosp from. 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