Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on May 24, 1951 · Page 4
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 4

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 24, 1951
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR LAS CHUCES (N. M.) SUN-NEWS Thursday Etonlng, M»y 24, 1951 Las in-News Fouml.-ria lii.'il; |n.iUi.-i!ii-il daily. cxrc;it Saturday--weekday aftcr- ni.ons anil Smulriy inoriiin(;s-hy the Sunshine Press, Inc., at 241 N. W n l e r Kl.. I-ia CIUMM, N. M. Entered ut Cruccs poatoffico as f.eccjn!-clru':;i matter. Stimlry r.aHti]), Advertising Manager iviM! E. I'rlcMIcy, Edilnr and Publisher Nnuoiiiil Ailvcitisinj! Rppnai-nlniivc: Inlanil Newspaper rtcpre»enta- tlvcs. Jnr.. Cliirn^o. N(",v Vork, St. Lo'.iis. Kansas City, Omaha, Atlanta. Mc::nln-r uf Hit A.isr.ciiitird Pri;sa. The Associated Press la en- lilli-.l reclusive:;.- t" the use f u r rcpuWiralion of all loc-al news printed In t h i s m-ws;iaprr, as well as all AP ni-.vs dispnlchca. TKLEPHO.NE 3.'l TIii..~m"Aj'nl.'"r Is'a liicmUfr nf llin AllJil Bureau of Circulations. Ask f"f ;, ropy ;,! m'r laiMt A. I!, :. Keport giving n u . l l t i - u f:"-ta ::inl l i K i i i r s aln.ut our clnr'.Matlnn. A.B.C. - A u d i t Burnaii ol Circulations ' FACTS as a mcnsuro ol Advertising Value i'v.-o lf,i ..... i-' nii'th nr fu'.Mi p' l'ivnSriiy Vin-rTcnin Cruccs and surburban ···K LI- V, r n per month; liy molnr route delivery in , SR.r.'i !»-r year or Kir. par month. Uy mall in New .mtli ·.!· S7".0 per year. Outside of State 85c per r v-:"'. Ma:l siilj»friptlun» arc payable In advance. USE MUFF.LE3G C h i e f nf pr.licc Sin.t'js li.miin-i: has .'Minded ii w a r n i n g to ; i l u r ; nf i n i i t o r v r i i i r h - : . in pl;ic.T m u f f l e r s on their cars imwr.ded I l i i ' l t h e police launch a ii!.:;r i-ars and trucks operating witli- ,v I h c ni 1" hi' cii;t on cars and trucks t i i r j i c r l i c f di'piirlment uroposus to do. i i i iv. v y i c i d tin; n p i n i o n that a week u p m u f f l e r s to i n s t a l l them c-.:: Monday arrests will bo c.s w i t h o u t m u f f l e r s , all t i u r k a n d c a r operator; !·:! lo nut v i o l a t e t h e spi ·.-'.id ! i i : i t a morn rigid cam- ,iiduc:ed here in Ihe week* being arrested arc? warned , and tu observe all safety INDIAN LOVE CALL Supreme Court Fair Trade Decision Nay Mean Savings For Consumers SPECIAL \v. PROSECUTOR ill I h i n g s fur .-ill uf h l i c ' i i i u l every one ;i; l i i c ;ilui'i:iplicn: and lo provide assur- ; is i n n v i i i j j ;iliiii|', ;i;; il s h o u l d . Most nf I.·:.·!!. u ; uinrc m i n d f u l UHTC iirc liudk-. 1 ; wlii.uli ·\w; :.ri' lieing ribr.ervcd; t h i i l duties sup- MIX h i ' i n i ; pi-rfurmi'd; ind helps to Harry Diizler Guest Speaker At Rotary Club An inspirational talk which had KntariariH wondering jutit why they WITC not iiblc lo do n few more Ihlng.'i Hint a few more ticconiplinh- i n c n l K in Ihlii life wan proHunted Wt'dnfsHd'sy noon nl Ihu rcguhir weekly luncheon by Harry Dlt/.ler, blind munlc teiicher from the S-ho:l fur Mm Ullrid at Alamo- gdrdo. Uutarian niti'.lor, p'ist' president (sild a mom bur of the Alnmognrdo rlub, t h n t nil ImixJI- i aped people Ukr lo be r;onsldcreil normal nnd reminded those present Hint nil people arc handicapped In come miumer or-othor lhal merely snmr hnndlnipn un: more ib- vloiis. Ocrtlnihlr 'I'm11 ,Tho desirable trail, ho :;tatt-d, IK to huif;h about Hit; handicap, Ho we are f i r m l y c ' l i n v i n c e d t h a t in c a l l i n g grand juries U ;)i..o a U v a v s provide special prosecutors lo h a n d l e tlii'.-.c u r a n d j u r i e s . . V.'e m i - convinced I h a l by c'in|)luying special counsel, l l n w e not Im'nlini! p u b l i c o f f i c e and not connected w i t h public c j f l i c i a l : ; IM any w a y . w g r a n t certain freedom to everyone i . p n i a i i m ; lii'li'n-c ll'c.- i;rand j u r y as w e l l as Ihe grand j u r y i t . ' i i - l l . . 'I'iii-sr in.·':..! j i i r u s are i - . i l l i d for o n l y one purpose -- to let.!: i n t i i l i u i ' i ' . : ; in .-ire t h a t c ' v r i y t i i i n g is going along as it ·.(.'. mus! be pi.Tlrelly free in order lo be able to The r merlin).' r tlci' I.IM Cnli::'» Kiillir.v dull \Vi'ilm«la.v, May SO, will im Ici'lit nl 12:10 nl I he Aloiuiirhil Ci'ni'rul lio»|iltul .175 Hoillll Aliinci'illc, It linn hn-i swrelnry. Tin. |irot,TCim will I"' II I n t e r i f Hen hnsiiltjil mill IlilH will nl \i I Hi n linffi't hinc-li- Bradley Testifies (Continued from pfiRc one) ion of wlictlicr or not we can rar- ·y out our military commitments to conform to our diplomatic com- initincntH is very much one of opinion." Then IIB continued: ClmwUumi Commit montH "JL may lie Hint right fit llii.s mlmito, we Mo liavn more diplomatic commitments thim we ciin carry out mMUnrlly. ·Tnko the North Atlantic treaty [rg»nl7,nllon. for example; tho 12 na.tion» of (he ' North Atlantic treaty organization do not have the capability, rlglil now, of slopping tin iiggressiori by Rusuht. "I don't HOC why ( h a t should imply, howevor. Hint we phbnldn't go on and have Ihn North. Atlmi- tlc treaty orgn ni7.n I ton, ;mrl try lo encourage them tri hiilld up their Hccurily forces. hec-aiian Hint 19 t h e wny you p,r,\ built up lo t h a i commitment. I'l-rfcclly I'nmrr I think It l(! perfectly proper in' n cane like that, lo make thin commitment. If you want to cull it ' t h a t , of the North Allantic treaty organl7.nIIon, and .try to build to I t . "1 ugrcn with you thnt wo should not Just go around Ihc world making commitments,, which wo can not. f u l f i l l ; but I think It Is pcrfooL- proper. on the other hnnd, lu mi It P Homn, pdrtlculiirly when? yo.i rn trying to build up a colIoctH'c icfon.s.e, and Him build to It." Hy .IA.MK9 MAHLOW , WASHINGTON, JAny 22-- VP-Your pockelbook-- .tlie price you j);iy for things yir.i buy--may benefit from a supreme court decision ye.'itei'dny. H means :i lot of Bhopkeepera cnn now rrhf,rj;e you lews than they've been charging. They'll be free to cut prlce'ii. Thin court decision Involves the foil- tnide laws of the 45 stales which have them. Three states- Vermont, Missouri, Texan -- and Ihe DS.itricI of Columbia don't have them. LauV Moaning Thi:; is. what those fair trade Inws nicHiil, .Jimong other things: 1. The manufacturer of a bruiid- 'inp prorluct could go into a state and make an agreement .with one r rnorfi retailers, handling his product, not tu Belt "It b«lt)vv a certain minimum ju-lce. This was price fixing. 2. -Once a manufacturer made aiir-li un agreement --if only with ono rrl illci' in that is'? to- -no' other rctidlrr there could sell below the price agreed upon by the manuffic- turcr and that one denier. . That. w-i:i Ihe way it was until ycntrrdny, nu the rtalo laws were interpt'^UMl. But the uuprcme court clinngcil that'' lii pnrt and in this way: in SI'l! Affrcn Tho I'ourt Hitlil t h a t in «tates Rut, from now on, any dealer handling that reel ~ if he.didn't take port in the 'tigrecment- can sell the reel for any price he wishes below $16. . Jaycees Discuss Staging Of Giani Water Show Here Final plans for staging "Aqim- Parade," water show New Mexico Western college.' \vcrr completed last night hy Ia,i-Cru- ccs Junior Chamber of Commerce. Holding their regular weekly meeting at Circle Cafe, Jaycees completed organization of the committees thnt will assist the college's personnel In staging the r' ant aquatic pageant here Memorial bay. May M. " ' ; ' Under the direction of Frank Gilchrist. Jaycees will install scaling and assist in erecting properties. Gilchrist announced no advance ticket sale will be held for the show,-all seats being sold R! the door. Tlie water show will be staged at 8 p. m. May 30 jn the municipal swimming pool near Ihe vif . Ufisl night's meeting Vas high- KBKK it A DIO STATION ' WASHJNOTON, May '24-- Wi-An,application for a new fitanilar.d ratilo station was filed yeslcnlay 'with the Coniimmlcalions Comml.s- slon by Theodore Ro7j-.ell and William Pel Brown, doing -business as Radio Station KBIM, Clovls, N. M., : 13IO kilocycles, one kilowatt. daytime only. which IKIVC f f i r (rad.-j l.iws a man- A fire curly Wcdncadwy cvciilng 'uscd only minor. d'unnffB on a ififl lr ilc r nt the Ofinij) Mi.ssoun, Soutli A l"mnda street. The fire vns (···tl-iriii.'Jicd by members, oi the Iji.'i Cnicos Volunteer Fire o rti.ii.iiL \/ho responded lo the i l . Pi-of.. Arm-tnd K. Singer nf WcH Virginia University, has made ;in ·MicopUblc ilciitrifice froiri an old "^niTijjn rer-ipr i:sinp b-rfpy, flour, ·iiic^ai- in'xecl with honey, ;:alt and pilicnnrd root. Lions Will Show Valley Products At SiaieMeeiing A display of Mcallla Valley pro uutii \vill he featured H|. the New Mexico Lion's convention in Gallup, May 27, 28 anil 20. The display will be. similar to that prcscntcil recently at the state Jaycee convention in Carlsbad and Ihc Plainsmen's Nurseryman association meeting in Midland. Included will be Mcssila Valley cotton, pecan trees . and pecans from Stahmann farms, and a description of other Messilla vallr.y crops. Approximately 000 packages of Del Ccrro pecans have been Riven by Stahmann farms for distribution at the convention banquet. Oulwgc is a member of the fam- ].v inchid-ng Mni.nsoJs spnuitr,. kale, d rntahiifra. llRlitcfl v.;ji a movie "Waves o f ; Green," shown by Jsycnr Sherman Palir. The f i l m dramatically p r n - ] ·iciitrd the story of land grant col- ·» B c S in I hi- U.K. and their adslst- anrc In agricultural development. No regular meeting .will lie held \v .layccci; next week. tfEW. SELF-SERVICE West Side's Valley Laundry .Most ComplBlB and Costs No Mor» \ 945 North Clh SI. I Mock N. White Dot Cafo Phone 994-W ' s i l!ic j;rai!(l j u r y ;irc supposed to hnvc open muni;. :md r.i»l !»'! t h e i r likes or r l i s l i k e x enter i n t o t h e i r dc- fi;,:nn:; i : liti.'sr \;i:,(.'.. i l i f y are i n v o . s t i j j a t i n g . Tlioir f i n a l i l r r i s i o t i K me U be 1 based on tlie evidence and l i ' s l i n i n . ' i y , cn:viii!i.'U\ f u l l n n d ; i l l of il. s u b m i t t e d lo them. ( · r ; u t « l l u i i . r s ni-nl time, ;unplo lime, lo cnll ;md to htnr ail (.!' Hit 1 w l l i i i ' v o s J l u ' v ik-.'ire lo liear and they desire to call b d u j c I l i c m . Tlioy need amph; t i m e lo study tlie evidence l i n y j i a t l u ' t 1 ai:d to make t h e i r decisions. ' i l r a n d j n r i i \ - i y h n i i l d bf called in our opinion at the be- j ; i r . i u i H ' n f ' i c n n . : nf c'oiirl and not n e a r I h e close of these I r - i r a . . U n l v i n l i i a l w a v ca.n t h e y have a m p l e time. \\V :'l--i) frel since llir law p r n v i d u i l a special investigator f n r l l i i s d i s t r i c t t h a t t h i s i n v e s t i g a t o r should h e ;ivnilablc for t h e u - r ' i t t h e j ' r a n d j u r y a n d t n conduct the* investigations \ v l n H i m a v hr 1 r e q u i r e d . Hoy Sandman served as the f i r s t n i i r I M J - t h r ; c o r n l y - ho has ncvi'i* been replaced. We i;L'lie\\' t l i a t e v e r y t h i n g possible shoukl be done to a i d a u r l l i c l j ) ?;r;unl j u r i e s i n t h e i r pruhus a n d investigations a n d t h i s include.-: c a l i i n j : I h r m early enough t o provulc plenty df t u n e ; p m v i d i n K i' d i s i n t e r e s t e d prosecutor to h i m d l e the Ii t;a! plian-s; and tiu 1 p r n v i d m j ^ i f tin 1 special inve,siij;«'»tor out ul t h e d i s t r i c t ar.nrney'.s u f f i e c . MOTHER SENTENCED Thr niui'.i 1 U'lin r c i ' i M i t l y scnli'Mi'i'il Hit 1 hmispwifi 1 in \V;i!ri I I H I , lmv;t. to six m o n t h s MI I h i * WUIM.MI'S State Koform- t f ' c y I n r n m l r t n p t » . f nmi'l I M T J U I M ' she ivlnsi:il I n I j i k e t l i n n,i!h i l ;i j u r n f i n ;i m u n l i - r oji*--c rrn.'tinly provi'd by his very i i c U i n i ht: wasn't t n u r h omrorm'd ;ihnnl (ho Anu'ricnn honu 1 . We havf iilwjiy:: f o i l l l u i l wr must nispt'ct our roiirts. Th.'il is is;-;! ;r; i i n p n i t . ' i n l ;is lYsprrliMj; ( M i r hiws nnd our law I'lilmri.'inrni d f l i c - c r s . I ' u t t h e r o u r ) Jis well ;is tin* law on- r n r i V i m - n l i i / j r n r i i ' S must m r.inihu'l Hn»M)M?lvos tlu\v Hi\scrvi? nol dike It too fiuriomi and lo try and develop UHI luimot'ou:! !ildc. lh; thon relnled tor bin llstenern a number of amu.sing itnd cnttr- t n l n l n g ImniorouH fitoriew -- some jtibout other blind people ami some ' o f thorn on lilinwir. l l i ' l m i l tin- Unlary club In a loild l o u r t»f Inu^hlor during most of UK; lime ho'WHS Hpoaking u n l l l Ho M ' l t l f d down to 11 l l l t l n more Hcrl- nim sid( ol bin talk. He pointed iml I h a l ;iom- follts luivc tho idea Hint till blind people are hnppy. This, lip puinli'd out, Isn't true and 10 poinliM 'nil t.hero In nothing o ln happy :'"bout. In lielng blind, lowrviT, he sluU-d, those wllh Ihls »'iidir.i|i iiiiiially lu-pp lo Ihcm- wlu-n thoy'iin'. down in the innpti. Xht'i- I'cllnw's HlHX'ft Aivl indlvlditDls, hr filnlc'l, suf- criti;; fmrn (hln hnndlciip aren't in-lined to 'toll nomeiine to RO to he devil luiliiy 1 If thoy are Itki-ly o need tlitnu In help thorn across he streel tomorrow. Most ol I h o :u*iMtUT mMR-hhors, he J l n t r d . ;tiT nioro t h n i i kind anO ·fiKiiilo.'Ui- nt iiio:io w i t h n hnndl- :i|i mid t h u y ure incllnmi lo try UK! fol(iw tho oonrcpt f Claro [iirrow of nympiithy. Darnnv * Ihal H.vmpfilhy in Ijolnp able to put .olf In tho nliier follo\v'fi shoos. Korean War In t l i n n I m v i n i ! c.'iu- ;n'.il t t l t c n l Mo : :t i - t us ic:-pcii i l i a i of in;, we ln:!irvr. u - . t u l d ajir t n M ' i v r as a j u r - u 1 or hr iv c l u l « i r c n run m. lnwa, case the housewife and m t t l b c r o a t h as a j u r y mil.'! she was assured her imro'ir tn l a k i * eari 1 of them. One of thrs '.u,; of ;u;e and the n t l u - r tl years n|H. Sh hf c u i i r l to make arran^enuMits ur insur ollu'i 1 for t h a t demand. Mosl t h a t :;lu' r»houUl not bo askoi : irrd to .serve u n t i l t h o r o wa.^ bo j^iven care and a t t e n t i o n MJu 1 W) 1 ;; merely M M t e c t i n j ; her own' hoinr nnd her own f a m i l y s i v m m j i t y w a n t e d to ignore t h a t ; he re- eitluM- ibe coiii'l or (he nmtlior had an M* c h i l d r e n ; and only demanded t h a i the luslice be satisfied. l l y in a mad mood and a bad temper IK t h i s mother to MX m o n t h s In the jtyUe women'} l o f o r m a l u r y for conli-mpt of c o u r t -- f o r refusing to take ar u a t h and .-(.·:'vt- on Uu- jury. Tlie Siaif .Supreme court hailed t h e (natter-mid without a doubt w i l l h a n d l e it jiro].ierly. Hut had we been tho governor of the Stak 1 uf Iowa wo believe we would have issuer a pnrdon lo UUK mother and commended her for placing bet f u m i t v and her d u l y to these clilldreu f i r s t . 'I'here is l i t t l e question hut what the term she receiver will probably he a longer one t h a n the defendant in tho murder t r i a l on* which she was to-sit as a juror will receive il he is convicted. We do not believe apparently in this day and time ol punishing people for major and serious crimes but rnthor foi only tho minor things nnd we believe in this pnrtioulnr cnse , the ends of justice eould have Ijcen better served by excus ing this mother instead of finding her guilty of conlomp nnd giving her a six months' sentence, oncluikd the program by plnying \vf piano coins. The loud nMplniiHc ^r l liw Hot.'iriaiiR nol only clearly mricnlcd Uii'lr tipprpciaHon fur his n h t l l t y nin] hi^ titlcnt but for lil.i iiiMit'.il ability, Hill Krwin extcudnl lh: Hiauk;i i| ();· rlub In Uulm'lim IMtJ.lrr fot My luni; I n p lf Ui« t'rurin tlie splendid tmvisnpe he hrniif;ht to the club mnnbi'r.'i. The profi- h:n'j:o i-f M u l l l l n n who wi'.s formerly n member of Ihe club. Ho prt-si-ntet Kntailiin'i He wan accompanied by Kotnrlim Neiil CJ»lmli j;o oC Ahinn);uixln. Other v I. ·-, i till); itotarifiii!! inrUul rd WlWinn Uakev of Cnlilornla; nnd Jess Kliif; of I'hoenlx. C.vil Pi:i-(;ncll ot »nya' Hiincll w«» ii Client of Ihu club for thr Xeu Mnulirr Le.sllo Hyrou \vit« iiitroducrd a( a ntnv meiubor of tho club mid lu was welcomed Into Hut otuh hy \\n tariau Carl Conlee. Announcement of tho Inlcrru lional Itolnry mci'ttr.p held VliUi'K day noon In Kl Pn«o \vn« uuule h\ Prrjfldenl ,lohn IJavln. It nl so wna annoimrnd, thnt c new meeting placo for Ihe club wll hnvo to be found elnco tha Tortu Ran Trading iwst pluiiR to dlscon Unuo serving tho nevvlcei club. It la expected H mooting p) will bo announced (Htfore tho meet Injt next wcok, (Cnntinucd from pant! one) . lid nol pinpoint It, b'ut presum- ,bly tho tusk force thnint up th* oiid from Hnn[ Injc. lain Tlirc« Milut · Olhor unita in Almond's com- nanri pained more than three ufnrUirur j-mi :i rotnller c;m still nifJic iiRrpcmcntii not to sell be- lo\v n rortnin price. J'int, liio court naid. tills applies in t h e f u t u r e only to tho.'ic making llv'agrrcKira! ml. In the future, any- n-'-.ilor nol a party to the OKre(!in* t nl can out Hie price- as much rs ho wir.hcs. Ilere'n » homely example of how Hint worked and can work now: I..The manufacturer n f a fishing reel wrnled It U s-dl for ?15 if you bmp,W il. from a luckle shop. · If 1m i;o!d H. lo a t-.irkln dealer in tho Hinlriri of ("olumhio, which liij.-i no f-iir trull) lav:. Hint denier ivul'l r^ oell il tn you for »ny prJco ho v.-jFlr.-'! Jiclmv 510. Ho milled himself c.n \.hr.\. Thnt still stnhdB. Tlio fiupreino court decision doew- I chanpo thiM. 2. Btll .tny Iho s-iMHi niaiiufar- turrr v.-onl Into n ulnlc with a full tn:do law.' He muUo a deal with a tackle shop n»t tn re-sell that reel foi' t h a n ?I5. .Even lliou};h Iho manufactnror m:idi* l.hal. agreement, w i t h only one Uckltt shop. a l l . tho nlhor tlcnlers \vhn hnndlod Hint a^inc reel liao to nrll It for no lean tlinn SJ5. even though they look no p^trt in the Agreement* . - · Still Cnn Contract Now, under lh« Vnurt decision, Iho miinufnctiirer .still can make an agreement In a fair trade state will i n.s many dealers who nro willing to go'alon^ with him thai in? reel shall not be :.old for leas than 515. ; LI M WATER ACTION GETS ClOmeS REALLY CLEAN! rrtgidnire's exclusive tive-Wrilpi. Action putj wrging hot suds through and Hirr-i-gh Ihe clothes. Gch Ihom really clean"-- genlly. Clotliei ace in tho v.-ater oil the time --nol half in, half out. live-Watei Action a ho nnjcj clothes twice in clean, freih walei. Select- 0- Dial does any kind of wash the way you want! Expert Injiim. iilleq. Often thoy fought stiff ac- j chTUnn i,onn .ton.t with Red rear guards. Jhunclion In on the western XIank )f Ihlfi sector, -15 miles northeast if Seoul. Amerk-iins driving I n l n .be lowij report ud they capturotJ 'more enemy t h a n \vc could hnn- Advice . . . sum nee Co. 'South Koreans 1 cleaninp; up Iho trca south of Chunchon ndvnnceil miles. Strike Nurtlnviinl Americans who had recaptured Knpyonp. .12 inllos norlhoast of Sroiil. slriick north aloiiR Iho highway Iowanl II\vnclion In rto i \orcn. '. . Alliod luimhors and flphtcrn fly- nf; ahoad of thn iidviincn blnslod l.hy Chonvon-Kumhwn -·liwnr.hon trlnnglc In Hod Knrcit. This was tho buildup area mr the liod.i Mrt.v Hi offensive. Vim Klcot .-mid that (tffeiiRlve ondod in mplolc failure" but Uio ('nm- munlHl.s ntlll have powor to .ntilko apnln. CommunlHlH fr'll litick I.M'forr the advance oven in tli« oaslcrn moiin- talnti. W. J. LITTLE REALTOR,' KEAI, ESTATE'A LOANS First National Bank. Blilg. I'll. - 210 or I30f Personal To Women V/ith Nagging Backache ir I'ltrVnrhc. Iww*t'f n .JO^.L ,-,f k i d , , M'lncy run.'t lirnltb. Wlion Bd Htrvpa nml f i i n r t i o n t i i ^ l r I'lTlrrltnUnn ·y fiinrtl«n. p'Klnrn fny if«nl nn \f \ttry import«nl to R f f d nlrnin rntlnrg Ihln I m i m T l q ^ L . . n m n y f ' . l k u K U t T f - n n i r . -frr) niUornhle. Minor hln't- cniisccrmiiCtipulKhtworfrcniienlpBMBKcff. · thin I nrplrct vour kldncyn if Im-cc cnnill. tlnns Nithor you. Try Dunn 1 * Hlk-ii milif illun-lic. Uict xueorMfulK hv mllHonn for nvrl-EO ycnra. It'nninnilnR hnxv n i n n y thnri t loan's Rlyr linniy rplicf from Ihcnp Jlrrnm- f i M l n - t i - t p t h r - l 5 i i i i l r ! n f k t l T i r ) - 1 i i l K . i n n d l l U krs fhiEh nut \vnntc. Grt Donn'n I'llh tMnyl Leli you pre-ielect Ihe wajhing time yoy v/nnl~ even for Rayons, Nylons and Wboleni. The Frigid- oire Wcihcr does oil the rest--all automaiically! 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