Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on March 1, 1976 · Page 7
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 7

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Monday, March 1, 1976
Page 7
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The Idaho Fret Fret 4, Th« News-Tribune, Monday, March 1.1976-8 Tonight's TV 5 5:30 6 6; 30 ._.... 8:30 9 9:30 0 0 15 0:30 1 " " " 1:30 y - - · 2:30 r ~ Ch.2 KBCI(CBS) f ftS r vi'Mir.q Nowi r. «-.i-rii, r . Nr«s · Tru' lu.idv Bunch Wont] o^A.:imals R I'dd,i P_h»(i , A'l in Ih" F.l.mly Cc-nlcr Mornmq Headlined Ch.4 KAID(PBS) E l t ' c t r i t C o m p a n y Legislature 7s Animation Fe$tiv,ll Austin City Limits ToopTe" 'TrTrJTrjnfTn" Sru'crji of Ihe week T B A and Friends Ch.6 KIVI (ABC) M j c k c y Mouse ABC Evening News Big Valley " Niqht Movie Rich -van. Poor Man Sporls m idal.o News Scent 6 My ii day Spi-vial Movie Ch.7 KTVB(NBC) "NBC Nightly N?wT Npwsboal 1 To Tell Ihe Troth "on Adam's Screen Test Rich Lililc Special ~ Joe Forrester " J i?saw"John Newsbeal 7 , Tomorrow BLACKER SERVICE-ALL TV-STEREO GE-APPUANCES-AU REFRIGERATION Program Highlights i:00 (4) LEGISLATURE'76 Jeff Scw;ird and Mindy Camerongivea report on the legislative issues of the day from the Capitol. :00(G1 ABC MONDAY NIGHT MOVIE - "The Young Pioneers" -- A dramalic western that follows the hardships and triumphs nf two teenage newlyweds who, ·with unbeatable courage and love for each other, tame (he Dakota wilderness in (he 1870's. Stars Roger Kern and Linda Purl. ..Graph '·'Mt Be mice Beiie Osol For Tuesday, Mrch 2, 1976 MllES (March 21-April 19) I'ou should Imd youll have 'nore elbow roo.n today to act Tdependenlly ol o t h e r s Demands. Concenlrale on ad- rancing your own interesls. TAURUS (April 20-May 20) |a)(e lime totfay to clean up a Caller you knovy svasn'l handl- properly, even though hers may not be aware o! the U T ..V EMINI IMay 21-Jun» 20) The adership role in any group ideavor loday'is likely lo tall i you. Use your init'ative to it things rolling. ANCER (June 21-July 22) e next tew days you may be en more ambitious than ual. Though you'll have me challenges, vou should ·e rather well. 0 (July 23-Aug 22) Your im- inat-on -s especially keen toy Become involved in things 1 ere you can use your eative abilities to the Fullest. RGO ( A u g 23-Sept 22) enues of gam come through '.ers today. Someone could you in on a prosperous joint deavor. 7:00 (2) RHODA - Fthoda iMorgenslern has one little problem wilh money: she doesn't have any, and it's forcing her window-dressing firm out of business. 7:30 12) PHYLLIS - Whei Bess Lindslrom rejects the attentions of a young swain, he firings his studious and amorous attentions to bear on her mother. 8:00 14) U.S.A. - PEOPLE AND weekly scries features two film reports of varying length on various aspects of the campaigns in progress. Bill Moyers reports and presents commentary on campaign rhetoric, political news, features and interviews. 0:00 (6) RICH MAN, POOH MAN - Part VI - Rudy is accused of seducing his boss 1 daughter and Tom turns to his mother for help in escaping syndicate hit men. 9:00 (7) JIGSAW "Dry Ice" -- Homicide investigators Jolm St. John and Sam Donner track duwn the killers of a security guard in a posh Los Angeles hole), following (he Ihefl of a |uarter-of-a-million-dolli!r necklace from the hotel safe. 0:00(2) MEDICALCENTEU- Gnesl star Tolie Fields plays the mother of an overly confident resident doctor who has gone through medical school on his mother's hard work. She tier own life ; al the hospital. 10:00 (6) SPOUTS IX IDAHO -Highlights of the many varied winter sports participated in around the stale of Idaho. I0:?0 (2) CRS LATB MOVIE -"Message To My Daughter" -- Starring Martin Sheen, Bonnie Uelimln and Kitty Winn. When a young and rebellious girl narrowly I'.-.capes lieing killed in a car accident, her father unwraps a long-kept secret and makes a gift to his daughter of tapes which were recorded by her mother before her death from cancer. The tapes provide a poignant message promise of a happy future Dr. Lamb Woman hyperventilates 3RA (Sept 2^-Oct 23) Toy you wJI naturally Tall into Inership situalions. which your strong suit You can rk m harmony wilh (usl out anybody, ORPIO (Oct 24-Nov 22} ere won't be much fooling iur.d for you today. It should a ver-; productive day. GITVARIUS (Nov 23 -Dec You're a joyous fellow -- -mel today. You'll brighten v group you're pan of. PRICORN (Dec 22-Jan 19) ou have a chance lo wrap up m an important S'tua- i icday. by all means do so. n . ! leave loose ends, even it "nve :o ousn others con- red. UAR1US (Jan 20-Feb 19) nial tas-^s should be a snap o u today Put that very fine '0 of yours to good use. lor irself and others iCES (Feb 20-March 20} y ire nent 'ew days con:is affect rg you matena : !y vf:ry e^ccurag ng K you're e'orisinp. you cou^d boost r bank balance. By Lawrence K. l.amb, M.D. DEAR DR. LAMB - Some months ago- my husband un- derv/ent surgery and 1 had a severe shock when I was lold that he might not recover. Since then he has progressed very well but I haven't. I developed tingling in my hands and feet and up my legs wilh some weakness. I have feelings of hot and cold with perspiration and cold spots in my scalp. I awaken from bad dreams with a jarring start. I have loss of appetite and some loss o[ weight. I visited three physicians with no results. Extensive X rays, cardiograms and all the tests failed to shoiv anything and one doctor prescribed Valium. I was referred to another doctor who diagnosed my trouble as hyperventilation and he sent me to a neurologist. The neurologist gave me extensive tests and suggested I breathe into a paper bag when I had these spells. I did but this has helped very little. Is there anything you can suggest that J can do that will relieve me other than drugs' I am very nervous from (he tingling and from the weakness in my legs. DEAR READER - [nview of your story and the examinations that you've had, I wouW suspect that you do not have any serious illness. Hyperventilation means over breathing. With it a person blows off loo much carbon dioxide and it's fairly slan- Ferry boats 4) your " birt ixtay March 2, 1976 poriL,i-tics are ail around : that you ^ay have ignored fre past. Thr$ coming yea' w 'i oe able to ta^e a se,d loo'', ana reap a deserv- SF.W VOKK ilJPh - Kerry boats. \Uiosu number reached an all-lime low of 140 in the late 1960s, nre making a comeback, reports Compass, a magazine published by MOAC. Ihe nalinn's largest commercial marine insurer. Snarled rush hour traffic, disgruntled motorists ar.d air pollution arc Ihe m.iin reasons behind their increased use in ualer-laced urban centers, Ihe publication said. dard to tell a patient to breathe into a brown paper bag (not a plastic bagi. Laboratory analysis has shown that chemically this may not always do too much but it does seem to help some people. Others as in your case, get very iittle benefit from it. Your hyperventilation is no doubt related to an anxiety reaction which you are experiencing. And 'that is also Ihe explanation of some of your other symptoms. The anxiety reaction was no doubt triggered off by the shock that you had from your husband's acute illness. Getting over it is not always that easy. I think you should ask your doctor to refer you to a psychiatrist. Let's face it. the situational anxiety response that you are having is basically an emotional problem. You need help for that just as much as if you had a broken leg. You would be surprised how much good you can get out of quality counseling in such situations. Some' of these situational problems can be relieved rather quickly. There are a variety of medicines which help, depending on which kind of emotional response a person has experienced. The medicines that are available certainly extend beyond the range of prescribing Valium alone or any other just simple tranquilizer. You'll get a lot more good out of some professional counseling than you will out of breathing into a brown paper bag in your particular inM: stance. It may help improve your life thereafter. Why lake tranquilizers or medicines (o dull your r e s p o n s e s to something when you have a good o p p o r t u n i t y w i t h professional counseling to resolve the situation and free yourself from medicines entirely? For information on how spray devices affect your health send 50 cents for The Health Letter. Number 3-4, Aerosol Dangers. Enclose a long, stamped, self-addressed envelope for mailing. Address your letter to me in care of this newspaper, P 0. Box 1551, Radio City Station New- York. NY 10019. MOVIE RATING GUIDE For Parents and Young Peopfe A'.l AGESADMITIEO R E S I R I C I E D R fvllr'rrtgcretirciXipjr, Pj'Or-lorASJIC,!.. .'-'r MO OS'E UNOER '.! ADMITTED ATTENTION ONION SEED GROWERS are now contracting lor Hybrid and open ollinated onion seed, This is a seed to jed program for the crop year of 1977, iterested growers please contact. C Bar C, Inc. P.O. Box 1059 Caldwell, Idaho or phone 459-6783 evenings. NO, We're NUT Crazy - We Have Available BANQUET ROOMS for your Office Parties, Family Gather-, ings, Wedding Receptions, Reunions i -- Just any kind of party you want,' even a Post-Christmas Party. Phone 454-9921 For Your Reservations (Bitstle HOME OF FINE FOODS 371 9 Cleveland Blvd. - Caldwoll IMMMMMMMt Ann Landers Rape myths exposed A cord of oak, maple or birch provides about the samo araounl of heai as 150 gallons of No* 2 fuel oil cr 2-I.OOO cubic feel of natural gas. Dear Ann: There were an estimated 40,000 rapes in Chicago lasl year. Only 4,000 were reported, largely because most women fell they would nol be believed or (eared being insulted by authorities and humiliated i'n court. Only !29 of the rapes reported ended in a conviction. Although attitudes are changing there are still many myJtetffboWJrap*, .You could help'iirVmeasuraWy, : by 'printing this letter. , · . Most people think rapes are committed in dark alleys by perverted strangers who can no longer control their sexual desires. The truth is that 48 per cent of all reported rapes are perpetrated by someone known to the victim and 51 per cent occur in the home of the victim or rapist. Only 10 per cent of the rapes in a Philadelphia study were not planned in advance. Ninety per cent of the convicted rapists tested out as "psychologically normal" - no different than most men walking (he streets. Most rapists choose their victims because of their vulnerability (living alone, car trouble, no . cine around, physically or mentally incapacitated, etc.), not because (hey are sexy-looking. We have had calls concerning victims from 2 (o 90 years of age. Perhaps the most damaging THE FAMILY CIRCUS 11:00 (61 J10NDAV NIGHT SPECIAL MOVIE - "The Pigeon" -- Starring Sammy Davis Jr.. Pat Iloone, Ilicnrdo Montalban and Dorothy Malonc. A private investigator tries to help a girl and her mother, not knowing that they are running (ran 'the family.' myth of all is that rape is motivated by sexual needs. Psychologists, psychiatrists and rapists themselves admit it is the desire to dominate and humiliate thai causes rape. Sex is only the method by which Ihe rapist achieves these goals. Most rapists are married or have another sexual partner. Whal Ihey really want is the feeling of power that cornes from conn-oiling someone else's life. Women who arc raised to he passive and are unskilled in defending themselves are natural victims. It is time the myths aboul rape were debunked. They are damaging lo the victims who are humiliated and brutalized, then told they probably enjoyed il or wanted it. These myths are an indictment against a society that allows half of ils pupulalion to live in constant fear of attack and continues lo place Ihe blame on Ihe victims. Thank you. -Linda lieinshagen, Victim Services Coordinator. Rape Crisis, Inc., Chicago. Dear Linda: Your letter has made an excellent contribution to understanding. Thank you for writing. Dear Ann: What's (he mailer with me? My life is a mess and I don't know why. I quil high school to marry a foreigner. My molher thought" he had money. She was right, but I Bv Bil Keane could never gel my hands on any of it. He was so stingy 1 had (o steal from his wallet to buy groceries. The marriage lasted 11 months. For the next year [ wen(.with a man who owned irfffslaurant where I worked. Hjrtfid his wife fought like cats'and dogs. He left promising '· they'd be divorced and then he'd' marry. Finally 1 said, "Now or never." He went lo the priest for permission and the priest said he should stay with his wife. (They had six children.) Trw next man I fell in love with turned out to be a homosexual who was using me tor a cover. I wasted a year and half on that rat. I nearly had a nervous breakdown and moved in with my sister and her husband. One night I got drunk and had an affair with my brother-in-law. My sister caught us and threw me out. Please tell me why I am having so much hard luck. -- Jinxed Dear J.: It's not your luck that's hard, honey, it's your head. Gel some counseling and learn why you subconsciously set yourself up for disaster. The human body contains enough carbon lo make more than 14.000 pencils and enough Jinn 1 to paint a barn white. SOMETHING FISHY IS GOING ON AT BUDGET KING MEATS | $Q99 ForTwo S \ %/ Plus rax S \ Choice of 4 Dinners 0 K S Dinnerat the Thoroughbred and Theatres! ^ The Karcher Mai! Twin! i THOROUGHBRED S Restaurant-Lounge Karchsr Hall -- Narnpa NOW SHOWING (HMEXJL THEATRES SJTES OKI 1:45. SWUIMS Celdwell's Own RONNEEBUKLEY.riom.njied i* "BEST ACTRESS" "NASHviilE" (R) AlloNomlnilKj la' MSI PICH'BC" PlLl in* Co-Hit "*«,« OITM WNtmirtlSS" MKS»[IM5.SI«*T7:15 FlUELECTIKH-UIIUTa.S Cthe RETURN of the Pink · tlnilidHrtisIs U . PI..S. I "SHEILA LEVINE"(PG) CINEMA No. 2 "THE WINDS OF AUTUMN" LUCKY LADY v Zip up your jacket, Billy-- you've had a cold; And, here -- use this tissue." as "LUCKY"7:15 10:59 "S.P.Y.S." 9:12 only! · Direct deposit into checking or savings account. · Social Security or other retirement checks. · No weather, health or transportation worries. · The amount of your check goes · Checking account · Personalized checks · Money orders · Cashier's checks · Traveler's checks · Notary public · ID card, your passport to free services · Check cashing privileges al over 132 First Security Bank offices FIRST SECURITY BANK Retire.amatiC. GIVES YOU BOTH i Direct.Deposit service can now be arranged when you brina in u n ,, r = Security or other retirement check. Retlre-amatic cards srri £1, y - , Social eligible First Security customers. are availa °'e now to First Security Bonk Fi/t.1 C*r,,Hv R*nk rtl Illih M A ^* Hy B*n* ol Ullh. NA FiriJ SecuM/ R*r* ol Idaho. NA Firil G«CunV V»!« 81-ik, Si 1 11*6 City Utah. Fir it S*CunV Statl Bank of Sprng,,.:'« rsf Security S'a!B Dank of Kayjv.l; tsl Stcu'ity Banir. o'flo-.r.Iilul N A lSlStUinlyBrkor A I Setur.ty Bi-X of Login N A

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