Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 13, 1962 · Page 27
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 27

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 13, 1962
Page 27
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T«s*j SI «-KTI(lUE_lM| IK-UI1. K'K SAU. cr .ill tnd for ckkvil. : I 4ow fiUMlO. fntt !!·«. _ 1» CHEVROLET f-tmr tkap*. Mk At*. ·· nt CHhVKOLLT own«r. U'-iHI. IJiO FORD Mm* new vUu, ii«« POK S A L b l f i Ford Furdur. Wflttr. Fctdomatic. Good njn l»;. ph. 1H CHKVtOLET. urriul loc.l o«. ·r. ExcdUnt condition. 19R (.Vlilla ·Illy llc*nMd bj Ollxbul owiir Pric*4 Mduetd on 1 fur tuiek u!r Itt-WH. IM CM M4 Tmdu II *t duet lute th* **'!) i«t it for you. S«l«f III* hU *»· ^. M\ whit*. p»r?«-l cund'.tioi i for quirk wle. 1»M Chcvroii r Hirdton. A-l *k»p*. S* · U BONNEYILIC coatrrtible. r? itt*Hnt. pow*r brake*. Rear ip*«ker. buclivt M*t», uftty w lr»ir bitch. N«* factory U*p. Mlttot condition. li.WJ. Will C iul«r trUc. UM2»4. »il*r I. APARTMENT HUNTING? Classification 17 "Safe Buy" Used Cars 1960 THUNOERBIRD ttdio, heiter, cruiseonmtic, power brakes, power steer- ng, low mileage. One owner. ABSOLUTELY THE SLICKEST CAR WE'VE ever trailed for. Original burgandy finish. $2995 "Safe Buy" Used Cars 1960 Mercury Montclair 4-Door Hardtop Radio, heater, multiple-drive. Power brakes, power steering. One local owner. Extremely low mileage Orifitul brown finish. THIS IS NEXT-TO-THE-SLICKEST CAR WE'VE EVER TRADED FOR. $1995 Ted Nieters Lincoln Mercury, Inc. C*rt «4 Trwk* 51. Twdu ft OR SALE-- l»M ttuick Ostcry h*,-i- fltt. food C11EVKOU/T MAir 'Dcin*. P».«r Fad. * Art* SALT-.N-K «»,. KoWte hoe* tr«ii*r r*t*ir « r d » '-171S w U3.275*. \V. Semr*. iiliS Srh 5: FOR S L R V K ' E «r ii ·lU'jil* tu:* r Kn. Sal*?. SSJ.J'-O? S* |_A*«T_'«»t«»_S!;Thiirs- Dec. 13. 1962 CREELEY TRIBUNE Page 2T prtj^Growers Hear New SSSWheat Trade Plans . . . . H:«*«j El. t Ted Nieters Lincoln Mercury, Inc. 1412 8th Ave. 352-5950 QUALITY USED CARS '62 PLYMOUTH Sport Fury 2-Dr.Hardtop $2895 L«n than J.ntKI iniloa. V-S, ndio, heater, bucket e*ti, etc. __?2595 D K X Y E K _ ' A P ' - A V S I)-.-- Hedi.-s sa;d a icmmodity a- pa:tmeu' u! A^ni.ul'.urt oificiallrarisement thjt \vou!d go far be- sa.d Wedne^jy i:.e agency ieels.hond tr.e ;Te-ent Inlernational "'lade 1:1 the w ide.-i [xi^ible rar^e.Wheat Agreement is under djs- uf agricultural coinir.wi.ties shi.u!d : cussioD. be subject t" moderate fixed tar- "Ar.;. such agreement would iff* and nuthini 1 eke " ,ha\e to smie a proper balance j "No '4ruup has a mure vital : between importers' and exporters' stake in li'ueral policies than .rights and obligations." he said. I wheat growers." l.-wir It. Hea«es; "«e ..-ould net aftord to ask our isaid in an address to the con-;o»n wheat and [eed grain produc- jventiou of th;; National .-VsyKis- tr to practice supply control jtion of Wheat Growers. while farmers in France were al- i The organization represents pro-!owed to expand production under $695jo! lxers in 11 itatei who aiow 65 a high guaranteed price." ' : Iper cent of this natiun's wheat. ! Hedses added: _ $1195' Hedges said the agricultural and. "Commercial world wheat mar^ i trade policies of tiie Eiuopean Ec-jkets are becoming more and more $1095 onomic Community pose a sharp 1 competitive. I don't think I need j new problem fur I .S. »heat mc.r to tell you that every major 5109O| and other farmers. : wheat producing country faces th* are sharply troubled by thejsame problem to a greater or less- evidence that the EECjer degree which confronts the Shop Now for Your Used 8f MOBILE HOME Greatest Selection Ever Choose From One Of These: 1950 29 Foot, one " ?droom 1955 33 Foot, 2 bedroom __ 1951 35 Foot, 2 bedroom ... 1951 35 Foot, one bedroom 195940 x 8 1957 40 Foot, one bedroom _ _ S2495 Us leaning towan ] 1a , ili s ! ' 1 y , . v *. v v 'iprlwinief inu 3rn-Lv.L-.n0 Some of these Mobile Homes may be purchased for ^o down. '62 CHEVROLET BelAir 4-Dr. Sedan Nlcily equipped, only I486 ictiinl milii. '62 BUICK Sp«cial 4Or. Sedan $2995 N ° rth of Evans Radio, heater, cuitora Interior, dual pith turbine drive, V-«!-- aluminum Stahla's Trailer Sales in» ard-looking, trade restrictive policy." he said. American faimer "Tnere is simply more wheat available than markets can ab- power iteeriot, rerj low mileaie. '61 FORD Galaxie 4-Dr. Sedan _________ ..... _____ $2195 Power itetrinc. radio, htatir, cruUtomatlc, VI engine. Ex. ctpliontlly clean. "In our last round o! tariff ne-'sorb. This creates the well-known gotiation?. the community refused situation of a buyer's market." to give fixed tariff bindings on ag- Glen Bayne of Hrosser. Wash., ricultural imports of most 3(jri-ja.-K)cbtion president, discussed a Icul'.ural products that compete] 1-1-point bushel management wheat Iwith its own production." 'plan developed by the association I Hedges said the Europeans in-'and other farm organizations. 353-2802' ^' cate ' ' nl P°rti will be subject to; He said there has been de- 1 variable levies and for most prod-jveloped for the 19M crop "a cer- |ucts minimum import prices, jtificale plan which embodies the 1 BUICK Skylark 2-Dr. Sedan 1412 8th Ave. 352-5950 Greater Values Always Come from Rambler! 1 QCO Chevrolet Club Coupe. 55,000 actual miles ijjL Standard transmission, radio, heater, twin exhausts, jet, black finish. Like new TOQO rubber. _ ................... __________ ...... _______ ....... yJJu 1QCC Ford \'i Ton Pickup. Three speed column shift 1 JjJ radio and heater. The cleanest pickup in a lonjf while. 1QCT Old* "98" 4-Door. Radio, healer, hydramatic 1 jJO A-l rubber. Over $400 spent on engine and transmission. Clean il up yourself and save. Only l ^ our cn °i ce ' one dan. Sold new locally. Both with low mileage and oversize tires. _____ M r\nrlno 6 Cylinder 4-Door Wagon. Baby blu UUUgC finish. 27,000 actual miles. Radio heater, automatic. A-l tires. Only OPEN TONIGHT TILL 9:00 AND ALL DAY SATURDAY Growing With Greeley RAMBLER OF GREELEY 1321 8th Ave. 352-9038 40 Years On The Same Corner! Dedicated to Serve You Better Our Choice of Fine Used Cars for You! $2496 Radio, beater, cuttom appointments, V-S enilne. MERCURY 4-Dr. Hardtop $2195 Llka new, fully (quipped, leu thin 18,000 actual miles. »«NV«« LIVKTOCK Hop i.iw; tur«i nd nlu z« Trade fc« ud dm-a .trad; 1»H tower; htavlrt 0 T-B1RD 2-Dr. Hardtop $2695 Radio, htatcr, cntlieomatlc, power steering, vhltewall tires, on« owner. 8 CHEVROLET 4-Dr. BelAir Sedan $1495 Power steering, radio, heater, turboiliie, 34! cu. In. V-s enilne, wbitewall Urn. MARKETS "· ar ' a ' ) ' e '«vies and minimum fully KoAy. »o»« Hrfrij nom- I8.7S.17.Uli M .n-U.Ti: 40MM l!a 1!. Cattk 500; ta]\«s none; «r itreri and hrilpn fctei i «. , r · n i ' · a r ' a ) e «ves an m n m u : inicago brain Market im p° ri p**. combined with : high level of internal support pric- CH1CAUO AP)-- Grain' 1 he said, "serve to give do- srices slid into weakness on near-|mestic producers within the EEC ly all contract on the Board of ! almost unlimited protection. 1 can- Trade as selling pressure re- loot over -emphasize the serious- versed an earlier firming trend. jness of this situation." - . No :^ 3CMOO Ux .1J^OL -hoice ili luin icarc*; ktwri o 50 lovvtr, oUwr cl chstc* SO-1JW Ib. a.70-S.»; tood 0» tt«u 9W.1.1IO to itwn - m ood tnd low choice Betters ·tilit; rm» 11.10. Sh«p 100; »liufhl« ind lerter Umlu eiilr; sUoinler r»ei JS-SO hUbrr; llitfntfr Iambi choice, and prime 4* 8 BUICK Special 2-Dr. Hardtop Radio, heater, V-S cnilne, twin turblni tclual mil's. $1295 .* dyntdow. S2.6I.' CT U«b. ctoice 7S.79 U» 15 llth St. 35 OTHERS 2 Lots 1002 8th Ave. Weld County Garage Buick Pontiac CMC INCOMPARABLE AMBASSADOR CROSS COUNTRY STATION WAGON 962 FORDOR WAGON". Top of the line 400 mode! f 000 actual miles, spotless Calais coral and frost white T. JOSEPH LIVESTOCK CatUe 7M; calvea SO; liulc ehafifltd; Md ttd cbole* MauflUer it«rj 5700; ood to maul}' choice mixed urlints 1* 17.30: utility tad low commprcial «w* UOM500: euum and cuttert 0.00-U.a: choice vultn *6.l«. Hftgs e£M: 1H-3SO Ib btmwi uid »f*k to moatl? IS kmrr; 90 Ibi not full)- esublUbi ales S.50 !··«; »ms fall? ~itcadT~ 'S. 1-2 199-2U Ib birrona and Kilu ll.iS- ««: imirt 1-3 1W-30 Ib 1S.M-HJJ i-3 250-UEr Ib U.CO-:5.(f; 3A-31D Ib U.SO. H.I!, 1-3 ao-M Ik XMt 11.71-1US: 2-3 WO-iH » 11.10-U.U. Setbacks ranged to major fractions in corn, oats and rye in the] early afternoon with some specc-j lators pressing the market by sell-1 ing slwrt alter having cashed! profits on the bulge. ! Soybeans held a firm trend. Carlot receipts today were esti-] Si mated at. wheat 21 cars, corn 95. 8, rye none, barley 19, soybeans 7. CHICAGO AP)- Prev. High Low Close close basic ideas of th* bushel management plan as developed by our groups." Bayne said ''this program provides some new tools for production management and market controls which can he a real boon to the uheat producers." Judge Rules Green Shield Vote Valid OMAH*. LIVtSTOCK \Yheat Dec Mar May Jul Sep Corn Z.09H 1W 2.08i 2.06H 2.11'-« 2.09 5 4 2.10 s i 2.10! 2.09U 2.08H 2.08H J.09 1.89'i 1 89'» 1.S9H 1.89 3 l.SS 1 . 1.92 1 . 1.92'» I.92'.i . \\JKO: barrms and eilti around ; banwi and I1I15 f.S. 12 190- butcktra li S'.l.7!i umi I70-S30 Dec Mar May S3» ib lt» .No 1-3 H.WhUM. Cattle 1.MO; calves 2S; (tnerallr steady itfa alauehlrr item choice arotiu! 1,100 Ib iteen It.SO: null; Mia choice tot Ib beifert 28.25; utility and commercikl co»» 13.OO-13.00; cannen and cutten maialr 11.00-13.08: utilitr and comtner- rlal bull* 17.00-13.00; good aad choice ralers 22.00-?6.0Q. Sheep I Joe; ilanzhler Iambi moitlr ?5i ifher; choice \tfth end ct prime i ].,} U Ibl uooled lambs ll.5o-19.50. dioice " Ithorn llanchter Iamb* BX-IO? Ib Ni 1.12'a 1.13'. Jul Scp Oats Doe Mar May l.W'i 1.12 1.15 J4 l.ll'i 1.11H 1.12'j 1.12 1 , 1.14 1. 1.16 1. 1.144 l. iO-polish finish. it Automatic Transmission * Power steering * Power brakes ft All transistor radio *· Amazing Weather Eye heatinf system ·6- Non-slip differential ·k Tinted glass all around it Factory underrating 6 Special individual and reclining seats * White tires * Light group * Special mirror group 6 Plus Many, Many Other E.-rtras Save 20% from New 36 Month Time Payment Plan OPEN TONIGHT TILL 9:00 AND ALL DAY SATURDAY Growing With Greeley * RAMBLER OF GREELEY I CUU S«p .72*4 .71', .TO'a .PS'i .70 .68'! .67 .68*. .714 .70-1 .69 .67' 2 ' .71' .71 .69!« .68 .69 Kye Dec Mar May I °° d Jul Sep CENTER iAP' -- A federal'^ in favor of a proposed merger udge ruled \Yednesday that an,of Green Shield, its'wholly owned officers' election by a group oflsubsidiary, Green Shield Life In- dissidsnt stockholders of Greenjsurance Co. and Texas Resent Shield Plan. Inc.. in Boulder.jLife Insurance Co. o! Sam Anionio Colo., 24 hours esrlit"- was legal-iwith National Life o( America, !y valid. " jsioai Falls. S.D. An effort by the orjanization's When opposition to the plan de- Id directors to postpone the reg- veloped. Green Shield's officer! lady s c h e d u l e d stockholders postponed the stockholder? meet- meeting until Jan. 22 was wiihout:ing until next month, uthority, said U.S. Dist. Judge; But 75 stockholders opposing the Yilliam E. Doyle. (proposed m e r g e r sought and Present management of the firmjgained entrance to the organiia- '.lion's headquarters in Boulder Tuesday after a tense confroata- jtion with armed guards placed jthere by Green Shield's manage- jment. j Sheriffs officers and police went .to the scene and disarmed some LAS VEGAS, Xev. (API - Rep. 15 P rivale de'-ectives brought along Vayne X. Aspinal! D-Colo., told b - v !hc stockholders, county officials ot Western states! Tlus g ro "P. claiming manage- 1.31 1.29U 1.291 4 1.30H 1.29 l i 1.27H 1.28 1.29 1.27S 1.26H 1.26H 1.27ii 1.24(t LM^i 1.23!i !J4'i Wednesday that a major effort of| ment nas an lar lay \vg Sep 2.4Hi 2.46H 2.46^ 2.50'.j 2.4S 2.49 2.47 2.49'i 2.52 J i 2.51 s , 2.51'j 2.5H. 2.534 2.52H 2.52h 2.52Vi KANUS CITT LlVitTOCK Cattle 9J«0; cahK 100: fcllr iieadv; COM.-. 13.0-15.50, rannen and cuttera 10.50-11.;). IniUi i;,W!1.00: pud and choice a'auzhur calves Z!.U)-24." and ckolce rtalera a OO.M.OO. Kosi 4.900; steadjr to mosUy 23 loner; ·? Ib barrous ajid sill^ 15.75-18:3; i-MO Ihs 1-3 15.25-75; W0-2?o Ibs t5.W- ·; =75^00 Ib aon* 13.50-14^5, 400400 Ib \7i-13.75. Sbwii 300; ateadv to SO !o»-er; food i low front 80-100 Ib wooled lambs 7.7S-U.OO, atilitr ar.d «ood U.5H7JO. laufhter ewes 5.50^.50. CHICAGO (AP)-tUSDAl-Hogs 9.000: butchers steady to 25 lower; 1-1 190-220 Ib butchers 17.0017.30; mixed 1-3 190-220 Ibs 16.5017.00; 230-240 Ibs 16.00-16.50; 2-3 240-260 Ibs 15.50-16.00: 260-290 Ibs 15.35-13.50; 1-3 340-400 Ib sows 13.25-14.25: 400-500 Ihs 12.25-13.50: 2-3 500-625 Ibs 12.00-12.50. Cattle 800: calves none: no enough steers for adequate test few loads and lots good and lou choice 950-1.300 Ib steers 25.00- mated at 3.4 million shares com 28.00; Rood and low choice 850-9oC 1321 8th Ave. 352-9038 1960 THUNBERB'.HI). Uailio, heater, cruiseomatic, power steering, tiowar brakes. Full leather in terior. Heritage Imrgamiy ......... _ ....... ------- $2895 1061 FORD Siinlincr Convertible. Radio, heater, cruise-] omatic. power steering, power brakes. AH deluxe chrome and continental kit. Red with white top ................ ...... _ ........ _..._$2395 1962 T-B1RD. Power stcorinp, power brakes, power windows, powur scat, nir conditioned. Immaculate tlmiout. 12,000 milw. John Wheeler's personal car. Silver mink ........ ........... ______ $4495 1060 FORD Siinhnci 1 Convertible. Radio, heater rrnisromntic. pnwor at A one owner car. Very white top ..." and power brakes floan. Red with . . . $184,'; Why Travel "Sardine Style" Enjoy the Room of a WAGON!! 1961 DODGE PIONEER 4-DOOR WAGON Power steering and brakes, all vinyl interior, beautiful 2.51', 2.50 2.41H 2.40U 250H 2.4» 2.41'j 2. 2.40 2.38 ; « 2.40 2.36 Wall Street NF.W YORK (APi-A slusgish stock market moved irregularly late this afternoon amid som signs of a lower trend. Volume lor the day was est pared with 3.76 million \Vednes dav. Aspinall Tells Of Public Land Policy Changes authority to he next Congress will be to re- ·ise and revitalize public land pol- postpone the stockholders meeting, then elected a new slate of officers and directors headed bv Aspire-ll said Ihe action of the ! , Bouider Mo TM y Charles E ' '""· lest Congress on public lands! TM' . , . , ·may weU shape tte future pat- . Allorneys for the rlval «« U P* eras into which Western commu-i. nities will be required lo mold Dl l c c t I throughout the day in U.S. hemselves for years, and possi-l, " ° blv decades, to come. ' ' the groups work out a stipulation that fu,, .. , , . , . I'ure business matters affecting He addressed the regional dis-,, hcm and GrMn shie!d wiu ^ rf C rTMlw e Na "° nal AsSOCiati0n ;TMnducted peacefully. The forme:- oflicers of thi in- of Counties. The congressman, chairman of the House Committee on Interioi and Insular Affairs, added that surance firm are J. S. Shivery of Houston, Tex.. W. Joe Carter and Roy D. Tofte. both of San An- there are revenue sharing f»rmu-| lon ' j0i Tex and ^-j,,^ v Bn]m . la which require the -ontinuancei m( , tt and Sullivan E B of federal management of publicj o( s , oux ^^ land areas even though private; Ncw officers', in addition ownership would place the land : , iams _ on the tax rolls. Ib heifers 25.50-27.50: utility anr commercial cows 13.75-16.00; ctil ity and commercial bulls 18.50- alwut a point prevailed 2!.oo. most key s'ccks. Sheep 700; slaughtci- l a m b s ] An early advance by Bis Three, steady to 50 lower; deck choice I motors faltered as Chrysler con-]"'' 6 D. ,, , , . ^nd Arthur F. Takamine, both r-f He expressed concern thai il.c| Dcnvtr . charlcs c shoemaker . Bureau of Land liains and losses of fractions t set ' ms to imong|^ razl "P; Management ' KfR , mh H Bwman and Jan !'f h ° .h" C -. f W - 2eil al! "' Bou - dcr and ches - .\tucn i/et trie .^ ^ \j av . ^ Auburn Neb the interim 1 to act. _J ' i"in ordtT !o promote the l-Jsiies; _ __ ihe pubhc land ^Kiiiis.juJQng Admits ] and prime 97 Ib fed Western verted a gain to a fractional! ...,, rtls P°~"' Muoled Inmtis 2000: package oss. Kurd was barely ht.chcr.| ' lne aUl ' IK ! lt lfl ' choict and prime 190 Ib native? 20.00; pood and choice ftHO,S Ibs 17.00-19.00; cull to pood slaughter ewes 5 OO-fi.50. General Motors kept a '(ractionallj p^nn ' e-nsed. finif'n. owner. Only 16.000 miles. 1961 DODGE SENECA 4-DOOR WAGON Six cylinder economy onfdne, power steering, automatic T U U N D K H i i l K U . Kadio. hralor, Full pnwor. ( i r c n and while 1061 CHEVROLET IMAir 2-Dt.or. V-8. 283 engine, radio, hoiitor, ?lanilnrd transmission «tul over drive. Ulue $1995 CHECK WITH ONE OF THESE S A L E S M E N : / JIM H O Y l . M A N . 353-4:.Sr, G O R D O N J O H N S O N . 352-6571 H A N K 8HEAI1KB,' r.l.l-CSfil I I A f t K Y H I / U , . 3:-,1/3liH C A P H 0 1 . I . Fl.ACJC,' :SM«:i H I M " C O M P T O N . SS/SWil I I . M I I t Y H O T I I . M-IHO / t : S K I I (.'All H A N A C . K I l Garnsey and Wheeler Co. transmission, power taiinalp. Sharp inside and out'. 1158 DODGE S I E R R A 4-DOOR W A G O N -V8 t'liKine, automatic '.'·ansmission. power slecrinp aini -niiseomaUc.! brakos ' plcclric t a i l f ; l t c ' Soulul a " t!u - v make ' c m l *23!)S i;)r7 MER('l ! R v 'J-DOOR HARDTOP WAGON Automatic Iransmi.'sion. jiowcr steering and brakes new finish. A real beauty antl a real bargain. 1057 POXTlAi; CHIEFTAIN 4-DOOR VVi Passenger WnS'in. Rnditi. heater, automatic. Top con-'! dition mechanically. Beautiful finish. Room for the); whole family. N E W Y O R K D R E S S E D MEAT r»rc»M frtcn ftfud* to .'trecf:, *m\ raL' xtroni: lamb Mtxdv In i M«r btfl choice i-areasjw MP-fi CHICAGO tUTTCR AND ECCS . r.fn miscri. r, N" 1 « air.plr. pncr p-' (P! tzv r.-fldl^l r j . CS.M rptiimfd national .-\m?rican The steels, which mostly S!.H)d, firm in the mornins Wjan to! o(i re1 " sj;ci As;,. -imp.'c« NK\V ORLE.\NS. La. (AP)-An .retention rather th.m for the first two Nepross for disi\i.ii ' The lesisht.v i yield J-ome ground. Losses hlxmt a point were sho«n the recreation (ie;d ona accepted In enter Tulano Urtiver- t t a - i s i t y ha; hailed the school's dcvt- o .TI- ..j^,, as " a courageous ?t?p for- ·Jones i Unighlm anil Kcpuhia- - l '' lV - °" P 1:b!:c 11^ Steel. V S S tTM Stwl dropped The average «;!.·= :the : ' or ' 1 "'' lands - Hc ·~TM l recre.;ti..-n u- i Tho i23-ye;ir-o':d unueiity tuck :i' jction voluntarily tt'ednesil.'v :- incoii^iMon' w.lii iM.iii.- i ,,j tl .. . t fttd^j-aj ^^^ declined to uii^di5ris;it of publso lands oitvr cnrollrrwrt of tiw XcsriH". Sc.irs lioehuck And '"' ca;ll ' cl ''''' ;l lnu '" '' f ' nili Biirb;i:-.i Marie Guilinn- ami'pv,ir- ipunvus iiv-oatum vrocMn; I ' h,. Haiiiin Eltok-. Nickel, e.ich up ahoirt a [wmt .\l. lii-il Clirmical. Texnco. Union bide, Dii Ton;. Consolidated l-:di-] C!U * llh i d '" irm ""-' sun. ronfolicia.eri Natural U;is. nnd Southern California Kdiun. all frai-tionHl gainers. IXni^las A i r r r ;u" t sli|i[vd a twin!. Pokmiid clur.;! tn n ^-point rise 1RM ;'lip|\-d nwre than [pom! :i.l»in'.'-lriiti\c nwhin-, l.,ilun. t.. u« tin- .-erv.i im-onsu!-! |?,,ih sought ailmi.-f.."i ,is si,vl- itiim :.iuli, :i { 0 ..{u.-entii They now are fhgi- Th( , ,, r(Jer n rcne Inrre of a o-uH ,, eur ,, c ., , ul , Hi;ull . pe of \o!unt;iry rec»;4n' i f'- : H'a uvicatHMi .ir t -:i '. tm ,:-iH' .Inhn !' u ! ; i v i i U « i w i i l u i v i H - i . i n l o The 'luhino \/on .lr «f th- R 1:V". mr t«r(f SMS. ONE Y E A R G-W WARRANTY TERMS -- TRADES WELLS MOTOR CO. 1 4 1 5 : u^dt D t N V t f t rOT*TOIS . i:: tm trtch TTi-jr 4: tn ^(rlM 4. »mird ( ok. 1 I Cash Grain iwhr:h.T l?lHvd up So\l)can Harlo\; Local Market Cormttd tc DK. 131 Tlwir sCiilfun'fd a t»'t V ; Your FORD P«wlcr 711 llth St. 2-9174 DODGK I liis sth A v f n CHRYSLER IMPERIAL DJ)DGE TRL'CKS CltV CASH GRI .1 '»!k h»irf : ;:'i I'm;.- Bt.n.s. N S. C'Vt !ihl Hois USB 1HI TRIBUNE WANT AOS . 52 .»· .V»!i ,-,ii(l i.i M.ilp t;.'-. B1 ra- '·-''···.·' I'B.·.!·; !'-.:'jrp and Mr« .tVi Npwc-,-iTih .^.irlv tvnpi.i, Irtrv hA*l .V- .!nt"i'iiM (i.piis !i.vira;d tduci M,li"Tt nf nrhil? jtwtentu ·.

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