Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on June 18, 1957 · Page 29
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 29

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 18, 1957
Page 29
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Fim l4)iti4M*t · jo la not far off. See us for new or used combines or for an overhaul on your old one! il-41 Wlndrowcrs and Hay Balers. M-.M Side Delivery Rakes. Mowers, three-point hitch and trail type. Three-point h i t c h a n d front mounted cultivators. Gauge Wheels for All Cultivators. Each $11.75. Cultivator Tools. M-M and Planter, Jr. Worrill Wheel-Type Side ·Delivery Rakes. R E Y N O L D S Farm Equipment East 18th St. Phone 1053 C.n ni Tncb SI I (AU-IIM IliUk Iwtl mm rOI IALB-1141 Mm. 4-O. CVaa- Good IraMfonatlM rfc KaiM »!)« BALI-HI, T..UM | tot M. ·· U» BlInM. ri» p f I"IW Mil »lh *., I ( K BALE-Conlcn trat a wiiiii».o.. N»... ecu. IOR 8 * L t - l l l 4 |.],«« u tl. In. ·uHkbl* fcfftr. tit tmylrt St, 11:1 eiitv, I.WUM tit,.. iui u. »itl«*. IU4i« · ·· k««t«r. IIM. I t l l IlltJiU n. 40I4W. IOR SA1.K--II fmtttr rUrftitl 4Vim«. lull, noirrrt. Intl. rt H17W. » ] M 7tk A,,. I ' M I K H I L r «..,.,.u« || «.. 17.11 .,l.h..,. «,buUl KMrtUtl 44 unn UiM nduun 4IM ilftntra .« npiirita All m« Cartft if* ikVl trim lch« TknapvAn tir.* · · r I · · * ilirt '"' " ·« P» im I OK BALL--Hit Sl^rUl,r Ottrn. pioa conttrlibU. Rkdlu. kMUr. ov,rdrl.«. N.w bl u . pU.tlt Ml rirtftt, H r t r d n.w «htt« tap. Ei. rrtliBt rubt*r St*«l tkk fof ·nlr I:3S. No detlfrs. C» .rr.»f* fi- »act.J'k. 414 I O R P A L r - l l rorl tolor »ltk Hrrrurr mint: '11 Llnolo turj. Up rout*: 'II EtuifeUkrr 4.door: I I Chrv, j ton with 4^p«pil trlnft. l*u*i'n; '44 Plymouth IcdlA: '4* H i l l y . Jfp. 4 »k«l drlTt. All In Sr«*l condition, liiiy t'rnf. hw In. l^rftt Mtci. John Thump»oa. 401 ilk Air. Farm Equipment 50 HAYING TIME IS HERE! See the New Oliver No. 60 Baler Now on display, with PTO or engine. Papec Harvester 32-A with pickup' or direct cut CHEAPER IN PRICE -- LARGE CAPACITY Compare It With Other Models _.|200 $133 Brady and Opel forase harvesters. Sinner's Weeders. Oliver 14 foot self-propelled windrowers. Bale Loaders. Baling Wire -- Binder Twine. 20 foot boom Mayrath sprayer with trailer. 20 foot mounted Mayrath sprayer Irrigation equipment of all types. Good (election of u»ed mowerx. FiT0 good used farmhands. Excellent selection of eood uied mowera. HamiTIOnS Implement Co. 717 6th Street Phone 138 Make Crop-Saving Windrows . . . . with this all new McCORMICK NO. 163 Self-Propelled Windrower See how its low-angle, center-deliver)' platform · Handlei jour crop pojitlveljr ·£· Dulldt uniform windrow*. ·h Makes clean pick-up easy Heavy duty mower guards and" mower type sickle for handling the toughest of hay. BALERS 45 "T" or 55 T" or "W" with 8 bales of twine FREE with your purchase of new baler. Let's trade! GREEN HAY CHOPPERS 20 "C" International with mower bar attach' ment. This machine is unexcelled. Gehl chopper with mower bar attachment. IF YOU CHOP FnOM WINDROW. PICKUP ATTACHMENTS FOR THESE MACHINES ARE AVAILABLE. Tb« Cehl nr»en Crop Feeder l« th« hest. at a xerj »ttractlT« price. SEE IT TODAY! · Come Sec The New No. 15 International Parallel Bar Siderake Ellis Capp Equipment Your International Harvester Dealer BOS 8th Avenue Phone 1346 Died Con and TrticVi Uitd Cot] end Truck! SI "A-1" USED TRUGKS 1919 FORD--I 1 - ton V-8 motor. 1951 FOUD F-GOO 2 tnn, 2 fprccl axle, fi cylinder motor 1932 FORD *i ton pick up, heavy duty, 3 jpccd. 1932 FORD F-700 UVI1 V-8 motor. Completely rebuilt. 1933 CHEVROLET "t ton pickup. 4 speed. 1954 FORD K-f.00 2 ton V-8. 5 si^ed tranfmi?.«ion. 2 upced nxle. Garnsey and Wheeler Your FORD Dealer 715 l l t h Street Phone 220 CALL T l l t K C A L K S W K H f U S T A T I V E S A N Y T I M E Barr, Hull "T»n - fairt.ll n » « . '' J ! - '-" K I I t - "» Clarrnca 'S-ed.' i l l J M - Jm 17SJSJ rut risrh. :i«isn UiW Ctr« nl Trtitki 51 U»W Can ««4l Tmcti 51 WHY BUY a low-priced new car when you can nave money in buying a very low mileage Big /VWcury Demonstrator Prices are born here--and raised elsewhere! McMILLEN MOTOR CO. Lincoln-Mercury Dealer 1412 8th Avenue I'liom- f.15 '52 MERCURY and '52 PONTIAC '51 MERCURY '50 PACKARD '48 JEEP STATION WAGON '49 STUDEBAKER CHAMPION '49 CHRYSLER SEDAN '49 MERCURY 25 Other Low Priced Cars To Choose From We'll trade for anything you have. We Do Our Own Financing Corner of llth st - at 6th Ave ph;!67 SEE WICKLAND MOTORS TODAY! 1956 r Sedan. )uy! 1954 ron 2-Do in. 1953 Plymouth Savoy 4-Door Sedan. Overdrive, radio, heater, two tone finish. A buy! Plymouth Station Wapon 2-Door. Radio, heater, two- tone finish. Really clean. Mercury 4-Door Sedan. Radio, heater, Mcrc-0-Matic Trans. A good second car. 1952 Rambler custom coupe. Radio, heater, overdrive, \VS\V tires. Really sharp. 27 miles per gal. Save! PAYMENTS TO SUIT YOU! Lifetime Warranty WICKLAND MOTORS Chrysler-Plymouth 404 8th Ave. Used Car Dept., Tel. 1332 817 7th Street New Car Dcpt., Tel. 2915 Make Us An Offer What Do YOU Think They're Worth? C r~. * v / . . , - f Dp ^rxUI . L.VCI y V -- U l i v i u o i uL _ » w i u . '51 DODGE 4-Door '53 DODGE 4-Door '50 DODGE 4-Door '50 PLYMOUTH Club Coupe '52 PLYMOUTH Club Coupe '52 PLYMOUTH Hardtop Coupe '46 PONTIAC 2-Door '51 FORD 4-Door '50 FORD 2-Door ·51 CHEVROLET 4-Door ·48 CHEVROLET 2-Door '46 FORD Club Coupe '49 OLDSMOBILK 4-Dix.r '50 PONTIAC 4-Door '50 MERCURY 4-Door '50 CHRYSLER Hardtop O.U[K- '51 MERCURY 4-Door '49 MERCURY 2-Door '51 PONTIAC 4-Door '50 STUDEBAKEIJ 4-Door They Have To Be Sold They arc worth something Make Us An Offer "We Sen-ice What We Sell" OPEN FRIDAY EVENINGS WELLS MOTOR CO. 1108 8th Avenue Phone 2396 , { 20 Yean in Same Location Uw4 C.r» M4t Tracki SI Ui««1 Ctrl M«t Truck! SI QUALITY USED CARS '5G PONTIAC J-Dr. Hardtop n i c e t r rqulpprd. 99(1 milri. '55 I1UICK Hpeclal 2-Ikxir llardtup. Standard transmission. '55 rHRYSLKIl 4 Dr. Station Waton com- plftelj- equipped includmi power ileprinz and brakei, automatic t r a n i n i l t t l n n , electric »rat. '55 PLYMOUTH V8 Hardtop, very ilran. Radio tiftrr, automatic transmfxsinn. '54 11UICKS Selection of Hardtop* and 4-Dr. Sedan*, all reconditioned at attractive prices. "o\ CHEVROLET BflAIr !I)r. Bod«n w i t h low mileage. Itadio. hfat* tr, PowprRllde. '53 1UJICK :-I)r. Hardlnp w i t h radio, heater, power hrakf s. pom-. er ftteerlnc, dynaflow. '53 ' "KVKOLET lielAIr M)r. Sedan » i t n radio, heater. I'omergllde. K h i t e w a l l tire*. '52 BUICK Super 4-Ir. Sedan, one owner, radio, heater, dy- naflow. '52 FORD 4-I)r. Sedan with radio, heater pood lirej.^ '52 CADIi.LAC "«:" 4-Ir. Sedan. Radio. heater, hydramatic, one owner. '51 FORD V-S :-Dr. Sedan. U a d 1 o. heater, overdrlre. whitewall tires. I'ONTIAC 4-Dr. Sedan. Radio, heater. pood tires. rot IAIX-1UI ford *· !·*·. mi «k At. n IHIW hm lAl.t - mi r.H vicwri.. cu«. ra. Jlliw M lM»ir. Illl I l t k A*.. '51 '51 OLDSMOB1LE F$ 4 Dr. Sedan. II a rf 1 n, heater, h y d r a m a t i c eat covers. WELD CO. GARAGE Buick, Pontiac, CMC Used Car Lot, 815 llth St. and Trade-Ins !'56BUICKRIV.CPE. ! 56 OLDS. 4 DR. '55 OLDS. HOL. CPE. '55 OLDS. 4 DR. /53 OLDS. 4 DR. I'53 OLDS. HOL CPE. '51 CAD. 4 DR. '51CHEV. 4 DR. '51 PLYMOUTH CPE. TRADES-TERMS Many Others McArthur-Wheeler Your Oldsmobllf-Caillllac D»ar 811 7th St. Phone 399 USED CAR LOT 430 8th Ave. Phone 800 APARTMENT HUNTING? READ Classification "17" Died Can tnt Trucai 51 1957 DeSOTO Firellite Demonstrator Radio, heater, Torqueflite, power windows, power scat, power steerinR', power brake.*, whitewall tires. Low mileaKC, new car puarantee. Original Price $4593 $1093 DISCOUNT A WONDERFUL BUY AT $3500 FINANCING TO MEET YOUR NEEDS Cozens-Dralle Motor Co. DeSoto-Plymouth Gil 8th Avenue Phone 1358 OK'D USED CARS '57 Chevrolet S t a t i o n \Vaeon. V8, overdrive. '57 M.Ci. Sport Car. Like new. '57 F o r d Sedan. V8, overdrive. '5fi Chevrolet S|Kirt Sedan. V8, Powcr(ilidt. '55 I'ontiac 11. Top. Fully equipped. '55 Mercury H. Tnp. All fijuipped. 7."i Chtvroli't II. Top. \'8, PowerCJlide. '.')6 Chevrolet Del Hay. 0, overdrive. - 5fl Ford -2 Door. V8, Ford-O-Matic. '5G Chevrolet Sport C|e. V8, PowerGlide. '55 Chevrolet S e d a n . Overdrive, radio. 75 Ford Sedan. V8, red finish. '55 Foril 2 Door. V8, Ford-O-Matic. '54 Mercury H. Top. All equipped. '53 Chevrolet S c d a n. Light irrcen fini?h. '52 Huick H. Top. 2 tone fini:-h. 7I .Mercury Sedan. Fully equipped. 7:l Chevrolet CM). Cpe. Extra clean. | 'SO I t u U k J^ed*n I '.'.0 Cheirolft 2 In»or. ! '."/· Chev.-olU H I ; i l l n n W*rnn. I V.o I l u k k ) l n r d T^P '51 Chevrnlrt Sedan Del. ; T)0 Ffird \' t T. Pickup. '.-.I Ford '; T. Pickup. ' 7)2 Chcv. U T Pickup. T3 Chevrolet -It T. Pickup OPEN EVENINGS Edwards Chevrolet Go. USED CAR LOT 1310 KiRhth Avenue -- Phone 932 Tuesday, June 18. 1957 GREELEY THinUNE Page 15 HMM 0 fralkii 51 KOH SALE--IT'j tout tr.'.ltr, ( o»4 · b«[-«. f i t , t a i l l l l t « J l . BUMHt.h'.uI.Vnli wi.k to m.t knu»* traikr. At kut II fnoUr. Th. 4 l l . I t t A i l . r i t f t io« mL »'i«nt4 r»u» '^"_S^IIK A f « rn MIW KIH ^AL^^ll rt. r*m. Am. mi I l*!r«,ia fomt-lfl* *rlth t-tth. TV, .njl«r. ntrt tlrt. C»!l :*i:U tfUr- ·krtrt AA nil. A »». B n » j mW. lura nl.H A U IT. ft U B ; im*B A II Hi KMWrfr»d»i Ur» U-1C. imiH I. Poultrri Utrlrt tUidji temiBd »·*· »rat«; frfferlBfl Ub#r»li prtt*t ytkl 4» Iirrr4 Dravtr: feral ktivy type 14 IM ·id ttrr it-Hi b»»ry IJM ua^rr l^i .U u i s i Llfht t»pc 4 IM »Bd «*tr I I : hjht |yp« .iBd«r I !*· 74; br*U«t| ·nd fritn. (wavy trp« 1L M A R K E T S I » I » » I \ I X L . 1 *J local U.S. ihipmrnti MOB. T». r/tta- · : trrl»»d Art* 7. Calif 1); Haloid 1 1; ditrrUd 7; oa trark JO] tratiUu |AiU. 1. Calif. 1. Markrt about itradn IM Ik Backs U I, N« 1 ilte A ual*n «rtS»nrb* Maud: MT Alii, round rrdt U.S. No I J'4 la. miB. 1 2 V 1 X : lire »hit*i I'S. Nal ·ue A CalJ, J l i J W , Arti Holt foO: t*adr lo » r i k i mttcd t'. t N« 1 1 barrowt and filu 1*0-Hi Ib*. mli*d gradr »*i Mi IM Ib* ISM-lT.uu. Shffp IQnd: St*»*dt; ba'.k food and trhoit* tlauih'rr f p r l n c limb. 2* DO-JIM; f u l l and utility » l » u x h t r r r«ti No. 1-1 p«Iti 3 ("0 S M. imd tad (Aoire Irtdrr Calllc 1.000; led »lc*n itradr ta 23 rhoir* led ituri iroo It,*, and rti*n 23 M-21 M; bulk h u h ITCH! U a v r t l l * rhnlcc Ifd htilrri ILHVIMW 1E«. 237SZ171: fanntrt »nd cuttfri II no-lisa: utility ard rommcrru] built 1100-1171; choir* fr«d«r *l-p'* 77 Ib.. 11 (Ml, C-hf» 11: S t c » d r to « r * k fvd and choic* %«alfr§ 2 0 W ! 3 M ; «fM«J and choir* ·laufhtcr c a l t f i II W 11 W. 0MH* IMF.VTneK I lloci 7^'Ni: IInro»i and filli vraix t o ; lowrr; mlird U. S No M barrow* *nJ ·0*1 undrr 3'"0 Ibi H i d Cattle 11.5*), raUti 1!»: »*d »tp»n CHICAGO Ul -- A reaction let In oa the Board of Trade Tucsdiy iftpr Mondiy'i price upturn. Wheat future, were down about a cent at times ind corn more "« » cent. Oats. r t ind =07- beam *howt*d 105Stf( »hich WfFC factional most of the icsiioa. CHIC »OO C R 4 I N T4BLC W H E A T old !-»mb*r W H E A T ( R t « ) July i!th i^»» no»4p l.fiJ'% 104'* 304'i 2f*'i JOTS 2D?i, nm MIS n»i l» tni»r; ra«i bu'li ind \t»l*r« tti-»dy. mijonty hmr* tfd^ri 1200-21 Mi choice h f i f r i t 21PD-21 SO; i t i n d i r d r»d* cowl 17.00-1100, f f w thout ta prime \fil- tri 1100-1300. Sheep 2200: Sprtui lirabi 23-73 lower; CORN I JulT 1 S*ptfmt*i . 20S»i J.OTi 105'fc J H ' i 211 * 11J'« 2 1 0 4 111'* 1M4 J C7S 204t« 207H -. 12-"S I M -- 1-3HH i n - . 1 2 * 1.23'« II l.M'l l.JOH tteidyi food lo prime iprinf l»mbi 100 lh| do«n m»in!y 2 1 f O . J 2 M . c h o l r e - IM Ib thorn limb* No 1 re!U. around 73 lower it H S O . rull to soot thorn »lau|h- ter t w f i 100-700 K A N l l ( f IIV L I \ I ^T(( K Cattle 3.«KI; c i l » e » JJO; frd iteeri and fed hrifen iteady la U hijher; ----- Sfpt*rr.b*r -----l l M4 UP. 12J', 123H .70H .«»', ileidj; good ind (hone »tten 31 00-11 Ii; j f » r h n f i 1100-13 JO: ro»i 11.10-11 M, food «cd ( h m r e .r»ltr» and i l a u f H e r r a h e a ltl-0-11 00; |ood SO Ib feeder ileeri I I 7 S lion 1J(X); t t c i d i ; V S No 11 2nn, ltd id banr«i and |.!'.i 1) SO 73; »o«i 13 W.17.U. Sheep 1.500; ttradj; lew ixd end Sertember l*?it mber M i n h Mirth LARD Jjlr SeptrirlSer (Mohcr n i » rim 1 20 1.20't ur. i.uv* 123 III L2I IJl'b i r ' i 2 3 1 H X 1 1 H 2 2Si, j; ( l 4 21J i:i'. i2m 2214 223^ Z l t W 223 11M 1143 ll.S: 11 C2 11H 12.T !J«i '11 12 i 1112 1110 121 i:n 11 is 12 9 CniC'«r.O Lnt:«T(HK Wbr.t M ciri; 2S lower ta 14 fclfher. A l«« hO|l Tu«a.r ItltlH IH« 121 M "· J »«* " d «"* '«" 11I4-TJ4HMI top. »luh .it th. hijkeit pnt. In al. N o ' 2 . 1 7 H 2 I 2 H N : N. ltd ill'4- ir,b.l t.. ,..,. »d Ml hrro nu.lle.) 2.17Ni N, J 2 11^-2 UN. 11 1.0 prt.lou. Ki.ion. th. llit I.. t "'» 1' '·": "omit.Ur H hlrh.r. N« »wk.. Butt!..,. »»r« ftn»r»'.T . U . d » : ' » M ' l « - i e 2 N : N, 1 l.U-l.HSi N. t. 25 em Mih.r. A f.w M, ol N» l l » « » » « * »'«rt Lr.l.tONi K. I l.j«. t« 1 bulrhfri «·?*»« «:o lg t« I20.SO. * " N . U. rricliol top nn.ipu «.t« tiM. . "·" "«: l»nu«U» N« smn ..r. l.lrl, .,11.. .nd .l 1« 15 t.nli to-.t. A l.» loaai ol kuti thOM. .Dd prim, "ttrri .old »t III 00 t» 12850. th* trp ll.tffr 0 » « .Bd bull. .1.0 w.t. «»dT 10 25 c«Bt. lo».r. ».r. Hf.d* to » f » k .nd .I. ..t. Ill* lo - « » ".·''· ' 1I-».H. Ki'ir 2 11-2 22. "^' ,, , . tt.rl.y .w-1.05. s*ib».BI 2JO-2.J1. Br " 2S50-MOO. r.imx -orn No 1 )ellow J3'-j; «ata No I* «ridr hi»r »hit» (t. iwimlnali Haluni thoict J.JO- ! IS-l.M. Lot A N(J I Ll.S tl\ I MIX K Catlle tJO, »',iu(htrr t Utv*i fu!lr k t e a d y : t » o loid* mo»l!y rhnice arounl IJljt) Ib tleeri 23 Mi; teieral loti (rvod !,%« ta 1,000 Ibi ^sru;]; rnlxed .rud utilily and fommerclil ro«i I S f X M I S H : canneri and rulteri 10 5^-14 00: good and j '^""^''"^'SH'^'.V'V'S",'; N '* :W VonK~*"- The .lock U/ a 1 CJ pnn | f f Q l l JllCCl u.s. NO u r» i Shwp 1ft; not *n jioo-Hwi ! market shaved, early losses but lloi. 3K : Mrrlr Hf.d^ jr.^n (M j Mi j| r c m a j n e d fo^ f 0f ^ d a / i7oo. ' late Tuesday afternoon. i rtfrrril ta tf«t I .\On-fciTOUS mftJ IS5UC5 «uf- /crrd widest defines, both Ana- T r£ ; more than 2 points, u-ith aixcraftf, 1 * · , chemicals and most oil* also down. r . a a i Pi:MI:* itf:«\i Crn«r«l bid to iro»*n for !».' pinto*. I V n t r r ril* b»*i§ »rl|jni fcjin '*«];ini I ia for L'S. N» 3 U for U.S. .No S. CHICAGO firm:* AND i nr,« ho]*- AA S», I A SI; 90 n M l ; 19 C , Tuctd SS: t i n : M R 37; n C i; 1 , i prr. K f « » Hi-Jdj; i r r t i p t i IJ.WX); who!*- j Wt«*k »lr t-j)ln rriiri unthir.ird *1 r*r Mr,nif «rnl or r V t t c r A *tu!r 31 m u f d 11 Vnr m d i jmi 27 »t»nd*rdi U: dirlici ;i l i; 5Tx-K * ^ r » » r . r Jjni* "ll dir '(« IS .S M 174 S 113 I T« 1 IIS · 271 i IK 1 71 I IM 1 n 2 1:1 i 77.0 ii; i n 1 12* I 77.J l U f l 2^11*01 ::i ;nt food «f.r pnm. u io.rr ; r« b*»f D «h»iMi. , MCALESTEH, OkU. Lfl - A 52^ u i."« !*TM b iM r iJf ^M 1 **?!?* l j '" r "° ld scaped convict told Me- p'rimj i Alester officers his name was ^..rplr lo».r; 50 m. 11M. D I . M F 1,1 h : n d q j i ruse didn't work. i h u r t u JswC I ^ n l i c c Capt. Jess Hcn*on laid , that Ben J. May, who escaped .r;sV"rT,riT.r \" om ' hc o" 1 '"""" 1 S1 . lte ' r "! ien .tuar: o.m.r.j moo-r- ,tiir' hrrp. was apprehended in i i.^rji; IDC* p*ii d*- c h i t V f n pen, atlirt'd in a drest, 'i.i."f«ITM Vc'i'aiaf ii"f '»car( and cotton itockir.gj. CUT HAY AND GRAIN COSTS THIS OWATONNA WAY! ELLIS -CAPP EQUIPMENT CO. 508 8th Ave. Phono 1346

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