Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on March 1, 1976 · Page 5
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 5

Nampa, Idaho
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Monday, March 1, 1976
Page 5
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Sadat finishes tour with blunt £yrian warning 'V I "ItOll l*fHSe I r,.«.... ~ i: _ , ^^^ Today's Weather KtllOHM WU1HII ill»i(| KKKnil i, ; M | S i ,. , 1% 50W ^ |fi) -r-^-v ** -»J7. The Idaho Krce Cress The News-Tribune. Monday. March 1.1W6 - 5 3000 s 'TM » ? " « « i,,. .,",::- """"S'o Syria not si.ui ,i new war agamsi 'Si aei. ;" At a news conference in ·Kuwait before flying home Sunday with pledges of $751) , nuihon in aid. Sadat said Svria ··would have to "shoulder'the responsibility" if , ( provnkcd a new conflict. ' Bin he promised lo join in anv bailie launched by Israel. In Jerusalem. Ihe cabinet said .Sunday Israel ami ihe Uniled Stales had no! ye! begun work on a neu formula defining ihe end of Ihe slate ol war in the Middle ·East lo serve as the basis for ^ew Israeli-Arab accords Sadat noted reports Damascus might renege on renewal of the L'.N peace-keeping mandate along ihe Golan Heights w i t h Israel when it expires Mav :ti. Such a move could provoke another war. . "If Syria wants this as u means of embarrassing (Egypt i and bargaining, then the Syrians should shoulder Ihe r-osnr,,,. (hen The Egyptian leader also warned Syria and Jordan not lo let Iheir new alliance undercut Cairo's leadership of the so- called ··confrontation" states those that have front lines with Israel. "The unification of their t w o fronts augments Arab strength, which is good, but Egypt cannot accept anything being concocted at the expense of other parties." Sadat said. During his trip. Sadat held extensive talks wilh ihe leaders oflhe oil-rich Arabian Peninsula states of Saudi Arabia. Oman, the I'nited Arab Emirates. Qatar. Bahrain and Kuwait, seeking both support for his waning political leadership in Ihe region and petrodollars lo aid his ailing economy. lie reportedly got pledges of immediate cash grants of $750 million, including S300 million each from Saudi Arabia and Kuwait and S150 million from the United Arab Emirates. SNOW is expected tonight over parts of HIP upper ;reat Plains and Ihe central Uockles. while rain is forecast along the upper California coast. Klsrnh'Wr. generally fair weather should prevail. Pictures of Patty top trial activity · S A N FHA.NCTSCO (L'PH Prosecutors used bank pictures to show Patricia Hearst was pleased with a Symbionese Liberation Army holdup. The defense will use the same photographs - enlarged - to show she was horrified. Attorney F Lee Bailey said he would i n t r o d u c e the photographs loday and -nighl finish Ihe defense's case in the five- week I 1 S. District Court trial bv (he end of the day's proceedings. 'The prosecution was expected to call several psychiatric experts tu rebul defense testimony that Miss Hearst. 22. was brainwashed into becoming an SLA bank robber and terrorist. 1 ' S Attorney James Browning ·lr said this might take a dav or IWTI Then Judge Oliver Carter would give bis final instructions. Observers said the case could reach the jury by Ihe end of the week. "Prosecutors used Ihe Hihernia branch bank securily film to show Miss Hears! had a smile on her face when she saw SLA ccfniederato Nai:-y Ling Perrv shool and wound two bank customers in the April. 1974. I'.'oldup -The holdup occurred aboul ilvn months afler Miss Hearst. daughter of San Erancisco Examiner President Randolph Hearst, was kidnaped by the SLA from her Berkeley, Calif., apartment. Albert Johnson, one of Bailey's assistanls. said Ihe enlarged pholographs showed Miss Hearst's expression was "one of horror." Miss Hearst was charged with bank robbery and carrying an automatic weapon during the SIC,000 holdup. If convicted, she could be sentenced lo 10 to 30 years in federal prison. She also faces charges in Los Angeles where she was accused of helping William Harris and his wife. Emily, lo escape after Albany Albuquerque Atlanta liakersfielcl Bismarck lioise lioslon Brownsville Buffalo Caldwell Charlotte Chicago Cincinnati Cleveland Dallas Denver Des Moincs Detroit Eureka Fairbanks Fresno Helena Honolulu Indianapolis Kansas Cits- Las Vegas Los Angeles Louisville Nampa High 54 71 77 67 15 :« 58 112 5-1 :I5 74 57 71 68 79 45 46 (13 ·17 13 57 :« HO SS 61 74 61 7I 3-1 Low 3H 44 ·ill 5« K 21! 4H (17 31 27 ·16 32 32 ffl lid 24 3D 31 34 -13 45 2 (M 46 38 54' 52 49 29 Memphis Miami Milwaukee Minneapolis New Orleans New York North i'lalle Oakland Oklahoma Citv Oinalia I'alm Springs I'aso Hobles Philadelphia I'hncnix I'itlsburgh Portland Me. Portland, Die. HapidCiU Red Bluff' Heno Hichmund.Va. Sacramento Si Louis Sail Lake City San Diego San Francisco Seattle Spokane Thermal Washington 71 7('i 44 411 76 lifi :I7 511 71! 44 118 59 UK m 118 42 « 27 fifi 49 7H 511 76 fill M 53 411 3li HI 77 lit) 7:1 III M T2 ·111 til 44 37 Ti fifi 47 411 lltl ·HI 311 :!2 ll 35 2!( :2 44 43 43 ,1K 45 33 22 58 S:i [ Valley weather weekend he would not have become Miss Hearst's counsel if she had truly become "a flaming revolutionary." "If that had occurred, we would be trying Tama,' no! I'alty Hearst, and she would he doing jus! what Emily Harris told her lo do -- jumping up and down and calling the judge a pig." Bailey said. "Tania" was the name Miss Hearst used in the [aped com- muniques the SLA distributed after her kidnap. ROISE - Snow and gusty winds spread rapidly across southern Idaho (his morning. A winter storm warning is in effect for southeast Idaho loday and a travelers' advisory for the Magic Valley. Two inches of snow accumulated during the night in 'thirflmctrtprarn fell over'most' of southeastern Idaho. The snow- has spread only as far niirlh as Ihe Orangeville area, while clear and partly cloudy skies were reported over the Panhandle Locally heavy snow accumulations of four inches or more are possible over the Magic anil Upper Snake River valleys, as well as nearby mountain areas. Winds gusting 20-30 miles per hour arc causing blowing anil drifting snow over much of southeast and smith- central Idaho today, resulting in hazardous (raveling conditions. Temperatures dropped during Ihe day today over the southeastern third of the stale, after overnight readings in Ihe upper 30s and lower 4(ls. Snowfall w a s expected lo taper off from the \vcsl loday aiid.loniglu, hut scattered snow showers should continue 'over and near mosl mountain areas of the stale. The extended outlook Wednesday through Friday is calling for continued quite cool weather, with a chance of snow Wednesday diminishing toward the end of the week. Highs will be in the upper 2os and ails, wilh overnight lows in Ihe subteens In low 2Iis. The sun will rise Tuesday al 7:2n a.m. ami lull sel al C::K p in Corner of Kimbal! Blaine Sts., Caldwell Real rope, real wood, real leather - and really good fashion! A shoe that's sporty enough for pants, pretty enough for skids and comfortable enough to wear all the time. Any way - it's a natural! 8 states push amendment to balance federal budget !!)· I'liilrill'miiliilrriiatiiinal KiglK s t a t e legislatures, fed up \vilb a rising national ilelil l.haj now reads 12 figures in I Infill, are advocating an amendment to the US. Constitution Ilial would require a balanced national budget i I/Congress fails load on Iheir rVijuesl. (hey want In force the fc(ieuill) (hefiisl constitutional convention in nearly 2iii years, a opponents riuilrml irmilti VTi'ak ha vuc in Hie I'mini Slali-s "I iluu'i want the govenimenl spending my grandchildien into the pnorhniise," said Mississippi Slate Hep. David Hallirnok. WilbiHir a pnid from the stales, he snid. Congress wnn'l du ;; thing. A UI'l survey shows Hie eight sla.le legislatures minuted resolutions calling (or :i constitutional aim-million! banning federal deficit spending. If Hit- rcsoliidoii.s- are ignored by Congress, the slates ask that Iheir pioposuls be considered pclilions for a constitutional convention, which would require aclion from luo-lhirds of Ihe oil suites. "Congress is an ailing, inept institution." said Ohio s t a l e Hep. Alan Morris in advocating a coir.litutional convention. "Tbe first lesl of government is In balance the budget, ami Ibev Hunk " CiiiiveiiiKin resolutions have been adopled in Louisiana. .Mississippi. Maryland, Georgia. Xnrlh haknla. Delaware. West Virginia Nebraska Attempts al [j,i.-.s,ige Here planned in Illinois. South Dakcia. Nevada. New Hampshire and California Legislaloi.-. in mher stales were considering similar proposals. Many Mate lawmakers {»·· lieve in the balanced federal budget content and contend Ihe gmeimiienl is risking financial ruin n-iili a national debt of S:"iB4.2 billion, llwl many feat 1 a constitutional convention mighl lead lo something worse · a ··ewiile of Ihe Cinisliluiion "1 can't believe anybody in his right minci wants lo see a con- slitutioital cuiiveuiioii called." said Missouri slate Sen. Paul Hrailsliaiv "You've got a lot of konky people running around these days ivilli a lot of kooky ideas on him ihe Constitution The u l t i m a t e safeguard against a rewrite would be Ihe ratification of a new constitution by the stales California Stale Sen. H.L. Kichardson Hunks Ihe chance of a constitutional convention is remote. "These legislalors would no more call a constitulional ciinvenlion lhan they would levitate." Hichardson said of his colleagues in Sacramento. Nonetheless. Hichardson said, he intends lo bring Ihe resolution up nexi year. SOMETHING FISHY IS GOING ON A J BUDGET KING MEATS U.S.-Mexico confab mulls drugs, rights · DKNVKK illl'Ii - Interna- in Iheir respective countries lo liu:iiil drug abuse, torture of suppress the production, traffic Ihe American prisoners in Mexican jails and trealment of Mexican migrator; workers in ihe U.S. headed issues at the Mexico- L'.S. Interparliamentary Conference. ind use of illicit drugs." .stall-merit said. Although the American participants thanked Ihe Mexican government for aiding in the "war mi n a r c o t i c s t r a f f i c , " A joint statement was issued support was given to creation of by conference participants, a commission lo further in- Pal wliich included Hep. Sc.hroe.dpr. D-Colo.. Sen. Floyd Haskell. D-Colo.. and Sen. Gale Mclicc. D-Wyn. and oilier U.S and Mexican lawmakers, re- |m-s(ing commissions be sel up to deal wilh mutual narcotics problems. lensify efforts and eliminate the drug problem. (In Ihe subject of human rights. American d e l e g a t e s expressed concern for Ihe w e l f a r e of I'.S. c i t i z e n s in Mexican jails while Mexican olficials sought belter Ircalmenl The five-day conference. f" r im'gralnry workers, which began Saturday, was split "They responded that they into [wo groups, one meeting in lre:l1 American prisoners the Denver and another in Atlanta, s -'me way they Ireal their own (la. The statements were issued prisoners." said Sen John by both gatherings. "The delegations expressed satisfaction lo Ihe.measnrei and ;e.ff[irls.-adonl(!d'and.-umier(al«.'n Din-kin. l)-\ II. He said Ihe resull was a joinl statement pledging lo .work for .Ihe protection of human rights ought to be changed." Georgia':, black delegation opposed the convention resolution, saying civil rights could be wiped out ol Ihe document by a convention. Nebraska stale Sen. Ernest Chambers, the unicameral's only black member, said a convention mighl be the catalyst for an in'.erna] resolution. If that happened, he said, "the his!or\ .if ibis nation may well be w r i t t e n in Russian, or even Chinese " Uespilc s t r o n g arguments against a conslilutiiiMat convention, supporters contend the near financial collapse of New York city should prove the need to control federal spending. West Virginia House of Delegates Finance Chairman Hilly fiurke contends (he nation already is moving in Ihe same liiiiincial direction as New York Mosl lawmakers attempting to drum up support for a con- vein ion are counling on Congress to lake Ihe initiative once it learns Ihere is no way out. "They waul that in convention i like they wanl a boa constrictor in bed wilh them." said Nebraska stale Sen John Murphy In oilier slates, (he concern was more at the stale rather than the federal level. "Who am 1 lo judge? We have trouble with our (stale) deficit," said Connecticut stale Sen. John (iroppo (iroppo's colleagues were considering amendments lo the Connecticut constitution to pro- hibil deficits and balance Ihe budget. U.S Sen. Carl Curtis. K-Ncb.. has formed a special committee designed lo answer the fears of a constitutional convention Curtis is chief sponsor of a proposed c o n s l i l u t i o n a l s p e n d i n g amendment he hopes will flourish if a convention movement appeared headed for success. Curtis contends Ihere are adequate safeguards lo protect the U S. Constitution from a rewrite al a convention. The first one. he said, is the legislalion and the appropria lion Congress would have to pass before (he concenlion could lose t|ie convened. ' ^ Ruptured Men Get $8.95 gift for trying this! Kansas Cily. Mu --Here is ;m impimcil means of holding rupture ihnt hns benefilled thousands of ruptured men in the last vcar. Inconspicuous, without lee si laps, elastic hr'ts, body en- drr.liii« springs nr harsh pads, it has caused many tn say. "I don't see. how it holds so easy. I would not h a v e believed, had I not Iricil it." So comfortable -- so easy lo wear - it conk] show you Ihe way lo joyous freedom from your rupture tremble. You can't lose by trying. H is sent lo yon on 30 days trial. Yon receive a separate S8.93 Iruss as a gift j u s t for trying Ihe invention. Write for descriptive circular. It's free, lust address the Physicians Appliance Company. :!|.-| Koch RUlg., 515 W. 75lh St.. Kansas City. Mo. 04114. liul do it t o d a y before voui What a combo! Only 169* Save s 40 on a zig-zag machine in cabinet. A BUILT-IN BLINDSTICH IS ONLY ONE OF 17 SEW-EASY FEATURES in this simple-to operate machine. 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