Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on May 22, 1970 · Page 24
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 24

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Friday, May 22, 1970
Page 24
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OP TH ti STUM'S S A L B SO. i. At w r i t t e n request of Wild C o u n t y Bank, leeal holder of iiroinlssory note dated J a n u a r y 13. I f t i y . executed by Jerry L. W f l a o n and A n t i a 10. Wilson, payable, w i t h Interest, in the i i r l n r l p u l sum of $11,500.00 to \\'fld C o u n t y B u n k , secured by tieed of t r u s t of even d a t e re- curded in Book C04. under Re- JV u m be records i n t h e of of Clerk and Recorder of the County of Wold and Stitte of Colorado, which deed of trust by t h i s r u f e r e n e e Is incorporated herein, because of the d e f a u l t of said makers and a l l persons claim- i n g by, t h r o u g h or u n d e r said makers, in p a y m e n t by said ins t r u m e n t ? ru(|ufrecl principal a n d Interest due and payable on demand and election of an id h o l d - er to declare the e n t i r e d e b t due and payable, u n d e r power of sale contained in said deed of trust. 1 "·ill' sell nt 10:00 o'clock in the f u r e n o o n on J u n e 10, 1970, at the }-::ist f r o n t d o u r of the W«ld C o u n t y Court House In Greeley. Colorado, to the highest and best bidder for cash to a p p l y on said debt and costs, ana deliver to t h e purchaser a c e r t i f i c a t e of p u r c h a s e therefor, t h e p r o p e r t y Conveyed by said deed oC trust, t o - w i t : All of t h a t part of the South Half (S',-j) of the Northeast Q u a r t e r ( N ' E U ) and of the North H a l f X % ) o f t h e Southeast Q u a r t e r t S L O ' . i ) of Section 8, T o w n s h i p n .North, Range (If "West ot the G t h P.M., Weld County. Colorado, l y i n g _ N o r t h · L. Brigg* whose address is n r i n .,,. 1. Box 25G-A, Fort I^upton, .^.gfJof-VhT roi^W de? SS^° ut £f'Vd« Colo- A n i t a E. W l l n o n in le*1 of t r m t recorded in Brok (J04, under lle- cuption Number 1638201. W*ld County Records, described a« follows: an, eaaemcnt for access purpose! twenty f«»t in w i d t h and r u n n i n r immediately adjacent on th* Southerly Side of the following described line, and parallel thereto; commencing at the Northeast Corner of said Section 8, and couslderln the ttast Line of (said Section . to bear due South, and w i t h all o t h e r bearing** described herein being relative thereto; thence South aloiiK the East Line of said Section 8. a dist a n c e of 1.SS3.11 feet to the t r u e point, of beginning: thence South 85* 13' 10" West a distance of 234,95 feet to the point of terminus of said ease^ m e n t : subject to deed of t r u s t to t h e Public. Trustee of Weld C o u n t y , recorded December y. 19tt!. in Book 676. under Keee.ntlon N u m - ber H978S2. Weld C o u n t y Records. Walter J,. Bain Public Trustee In ami for the County of W n l d a n d S t a t e of Colorado The Greeley Daily Tribune. M a y 8. \T. '22, 29, J u n e 5. 1970. NOTICE OF PUBLIC TRUSTKE'S *AIJti O. T STATE OP COLORADO ) )ss. COIJNTY OP WELD ) Whereas. David Brig|r!«. also k n o w n as David Lee Briggs. ami J a n e L. Brig 74* 4 1 * 2 0 " West 35' 50' 40" West feet: t h e n c e South f i : ; r , f e e t : t h i n c e South 4 1 2 f e e t : t h e n c e South 51" 01' 10" West l i d f e e t : itu-ni.-e South G 2 1 3-11 f e e t : liifnc-e Kouth US 1'!') f e e t : t h e n c e South 76 ,; record' in Hook i" of Maps, 1GS Weld County Records; in trust to secure t h e i r promissory note of even date w i t h said deed ot trust for the p r i n c i p a l PUin of (S15.500.00) F i f t e e n .Thousand Five H u n d r e d and 30" West n o / 1 0 0 -- D o l l a r s p a y a b l e to the order of Carl Schneider and 40" · W e s t ' K u t h II. Schneider, due s i x t e e n i-ears a f t e r t h « date, thereof, w i t h 4 1 ' West 255 S o u t h 33* i h e n r e S o u t h RL i : f e e t : i heiu:e S o u t h ftset: llmuc'e South 14 n 4 6 ' 2 4 ' 40" West 50" Ea Interest at six per cent per annum. p a y a b l e m o n t h l y as is more p a r t i c u l a r l y set f o r t h in said Deed of T r u s t , r e f e r e n c e to 10" Eastl which is hereby made for great| er c e r t a i n t y , and 7-"a*it 7'M Whereas, it is provided in earn ' I deed of trust t h a t in case of de- last f a u l t in the payments of said , , ,, I t - c l . note or the. Interest thereon w h e n t h e n c e S o u t h 2 f i ° 2 7 ' East a dis- due. or the p a y m e n t of the t a \ e s t.-uice of 329 feet, more or less, on said premises, t h a t the n o l r t - - ' *r* of said note may elect tn declare the said note due and payable; «nd Whereas, d e f a u l t has been made by said g r a n t o r s ' I n the South Line r h e df t h e ' N o r t h H a l f S o u t h e a s t C J u a r t e r ( H U H ) o f said S o c t i o n S. said p o i n t being The t e r m i n u s of the aforedescribed "TOGETHKR w i t h an ease- men t for ingress ;· ml e Kress to i-;iiil pat eel of him! t w e n t y feet in w i d t h e o m m e n u i i i p at a point L':!i.i:t f*pl West and 152.9 feet N o r t h o f t h e t r u e p o i n t o f begin- n i n g of said parcel, and continu- i n g i m m e d i a t e l y adjacent on the S o u t h e r l y and Easterly sides of r a i d b o u n d a r y Lino h e r e i n b e f o r e «k'scrili*Ml by niftes «inrl b o u n d s In i t s e n t i r e t y , ,-unI parallel there- t o : s u b j e c t to an easement re- performance of and conditions the covenant: Imposed t h e m by the terms and c o n d i - tions of said deed of t r u s t , in t h i s to-wit: That said g r a n t o r s have failed to pay p r i n c i p a l and interest when due, and t h a t no n a v m e n t s have been made on said Note and Deed of Trust since August 15. Iflti9 c o n t r a r y to the terms of said N o t e and Deed of T r u s t , n n d Whereas, the legal h o l d e r s of il n o t f i a n d I n d e b t e d n e s s h a v e Trustee in and for WeM County, Colorado, nolle* and demand In writing, declaring- «uch do* fnuttn and eUutlnr^ to d«clar« th* whole indebtedness secured by said deed of trait, due and payable, and demanding the tale of said premUen dtacribed In ·aid deed of trust. Now. Therefor*, nottc* Is htre- by K!V«II. that pursuant to aald nolle* of «l«ctlon and demand. and under and by virtue of the authority vested in me by **td det-d of and th* law ap- E licable thereto, 1. Walter L. tain. Public Trustee In and for Weld County. Colorado, will ·«!! the above described land and premises for cash, at public auction to the hlwhcBt bidder, at th« east door of the Court Houa» In CSreeley, County of Weld, Stat» of Colorado, on Jun« 23. 1970, at 10:00 o'clock In the forenoon for the purpose of paying- said note, Interest, taxes, attorney'* fe«» If any. and all expenses of thi* salt 1 , and will give to the purchaser thereof a certificate of purchase therefor as provided by la w. Dated, Greeley, Colorado. May 11. 1?70. W A l / l ' M K L. B A I N PUBLIC T R U S T K B IN AND FOR WELD COUNTY. COLO- HA DO. The. fJreeley Dally Tribune. May 15. 22, 29, J u n e 6. 12. 1970 P l i l l M U TRUSTEE'S SALE Xo. S At w r i t t e n request of THE P R U D E N T I A L INSURANCE COMPANY OF AMERICA, legal holder of promissory note dated April 20, 1961!. executed by P A U L W. BUDDECKE and HUGUBTTE G. BUDDECKE, payable, w i t h interest. In the p r i n c i p a l sum of J 17.250.00 to T H K 1MUIDBNTIAL INSURANCE COAll'AaS'Y OF AMERICA, secured by deed of trust of even date, recorded April 25. 1H62, in Book 1 GIL*, page 580. of the rec- ... .he office of the Clerk ant! Recorder of the County of Weld. Colorado, which deed of t r u s t by this reference is incorporated h e r e i n , because of the d e f a u l t of said makers and all persons c l a i m i n g by, t h r o u g h or u n d e r said makers. In payment by said i n s t r u m e n t s rerniired of m o n t h l y i n s t a l l m e n t s of principal a n d i n t e r e s t d u e December 1 . ms, n m o n y t h e r e a f t e r , and election of said a n d payable and m o n t h l y h o l d e r to declare the e n t i r e debt due and payable, u n d e r power of sale c o n t a i n e d in said deed of trust. I w i l l sol! nt 10:00 o'clock in the f o r e n o o n on J u n e 30. 1!70 at the I'HRt f r o n t door of t h e C o u r t h o u s e , in Greeley. Colorado to the lu'Kiiest and best b i d d e r for cash to apply on said debt and costs, and deliver to the p u r chaser a c e r t i f i c a t e of purchase therefor, t h e property conveyed by said deed of ( r u s t . t o - \ v i t Lot Seven ( 7 ) . Block Four ( 4 ) . FIRST A D D I T I O N T O H I L L S I D E , a n a d d i t i o n to HIP C i t y of Greeley. Wpld Comity, Colorado, according Ui the recorded map or plat t h e r e o f . W a l t e r L. Bain 1 ' i i h l i c T r u s t e e i n anil for t h e C o u n t y of Weld. Colorado T h e GrcPley D n l l v T r i b u n e May 22. L'H. J u n e 5. 12. J?. JP70. SIIRIUFF'S SALE BY V I R T U E OF EXECUTION' Issued o u t of ( l i e C l e r k ' s o f f i c e Uif the D i s t r i c t f o u r ! of Ada C o u n t y a n d S t a t e of Colora Sen. Armstrong To Address Weld Young Republicans W. L. (Bill) Armstrong, Re-ing of the Weld County Young publican candidate for lituten-Republicans. The meeting will ant governor, will be the featur-be held at 7:30 p.m. May 27, ed speaker at the regular meet-at the Ramada Inn. Armstrong was elected to the House of Representatives In 1963 and to the Senate in IMS, where he currently serves as Senate majority leader. As a state senator he has served as chairman of several Senate committees, was a member of the Joint Budget Committee and was the author of the Colorado Protection of Privacy legislation. In addition, he has been the prime sponsor of legislation in the fields of consumer protection, civil rights, education and constitutional reform. He is president of Radio Station KOSI AM-FM and with his wife, Ellen, and two children resides in Aurora. Everyone is welcome to attend the meeting. Nancy Rains Delegate to 4-H Meeting Nancy Rains, 1J, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rains of La Salle, will be one of 33 4-H young men and women from Page 24 GREELEY TRIBUNE FrL, May 22, 1970 Nancy If currently · Junior church youth group. _ eader for a local 4-H club and · While in the nation's capital, iroup of the delegate! will meet theiColo- ;irl«; She la currently trying to rado Coogrefsmen, tour historic lelp to get another 4-H club national shrines and participate ganized in her community un- in assemblies and seminars de- W. L. (Bill) Armstrenj Pierce By Mn. JOHN ROSEBERRY PIERCE - Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Brumfield returned home last week after visiting their son 1, and Jury Acquits Pop Singer LONDON (AP) - A jury Thursday acquitted pop singer Stubbs, 33-year-old mem- f F ° ur T °P S STMP: took a trip to Louisville, Ky., * a . r g e °. f Possessing .cocaine and visited the Brumfields! The American singer had granddaughter, Mr. and Mrs.j Carl Sims They saw the M a m m o t h Caves, Lincoln'sl 11311 birthplace and went on tn Terre at TM re lh . an ^ M , 89 l bl , to . his ~ , . . . . . . \nnlfat rvnrtbolo Inert Mat-on at a Haute, Ind. to visit friends. After returning to Madison, Mr. and Mrs. Brumfield went jacket pockets last March at a Mayfair hotel. Police, operating on a tip, to' Turtle "Lake,"N."D.""to visit raided nis h o t e l . r o o m -, their daughter and family. "' have no idea who coud Mr and Mrs. Earl Spangler, have put the drug m my jack- former residents of Pierce, andjet," Stubbs said, "unless it was in Riverton, Wyo. they visited! 3 P ald informer^ the R. H. Foleys. They were] " gone about a month. ! afternoon they visited Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Muncy and,Ne"e Green and had cake with Nancy Rains Colorado attending a National Citizenship Shortcourse in Washington, D.C., July 12-18. Delegates were selected for the trip on the basis of their junipr leadership and citizenship activities. Nancy is a ninth-year 4-H club member; her major projects include bread, food, clothing, knitting, junior leader- jejj ship, beef fattening and horse. Signed to acquaint them with the ier special condiUoni. --,, . . ,,,. Nancy hat been wry active ta workings of democracy, ihe nost phases «( th« WeM County Colorado 4-H membwf will stay 1-H program and has help- at the National 4-H Center in ·d conduct m a n y county Washington, ouncil sponsored 4-H events. The citizenship delegates also Phis year she is president of the will meet with other 4-H mem- ·ounty Executive 4-H Council hers from throughout the coun- ind her leadership ranges from try. Colorado delegates are ask- )roject leadership to basketball ed to report to 4-H members and ime keeping and coaching tol- service clubs back nomt. ii The annual Washington trip school Nancy is active in is sponsored by the Colorado 4-H ports, speech, music and class-Foundation and cooperating work and is also active In her county 4-H organizations. American Gl Forum Banquet Featnrtd Speaker GOV. JOHN LOVE JIM 13,1970 - 6:00 P.M. RAMADA INN For Reservation! Phont: 352-8030 352-2362 352-7600 sons of Fort Collins were Saturday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. C. M. VanWhy. Mr. her in observance of her 88th birthday. Mrs. Bill Doughty attended a e''t o an easemen re- ««m imn: »n* ...·..«.·· ..· j" T , "KM i ~ " · ~ - l.y Jerry L. Wilson a n d ! f i l e d w i t h t h e u n d e r s i g n e d P u b l i c Ten T h o u s a n d Pollars ($10.000.00 __ .. ' :ind costs of s u i t , the a m o u n t of a c e r t a i n J u d g m e n t recently ob- t a i n e d a K a i n s t R A N C H EGGS. INC.. In f a v o r of PAUL V. AN- DKRSON and C L A H A L. A N ' D H R SON. out of t h e l a n d s , t e n r - mcnts. toods and c h a t t e l s of t h e nalrt R A N C H KC.OS. INC.. 1 h a v e levied on the f o l l o w i n g property. Welcome Jaycees DANCING At The KERSEY INN Friday, Saturday, and Sunday COUNTRY - WESTERN Bv Virg and The Mavericks 7 Miles East of Greeley on Highway 34 t u - u - i l : PAHCEI, I I I T.tit 5. KXCKPT the South ISO f e e t of the East I'ao feet t h e r e o f , tn Blork 1. FiA.vcn K(!f;p. JNC. srnnivi- SIO.V. F T I . I N C NO. TWO. WeM C o u n t y . Colorado. I'AHCKI, I'l Lot t h o S o u t h 184 if the "\Vept t h e r e o f . In BlooU- 1, ' Mrs. VanWhy were Sunday'Wig and Styling Seminar in dinner guests of Mrs. Flora' Denver Sunday which was held Wickslrom and girls. 'at the New Albany Hotel. Mrs. C. K. Alkire was released | Sunday dinner guests of Mr. from the hospital on Friday and | and Mrs. Robert Alkire and Jim is now borne convalescing. ! were Mr. and Mrs. Paul Har- Mr. and Mrs. Jack Polosky'mon and family of Arvada, You Have Seen The World's GREATEST BELLY DANCER Little Egypt On BATMAN, MERV GRIFFIN, JOHNNY CARSON, MIKE DOUGLAS, and the Broadway Hit Show "GIDEON"... now see her live at THE HITCHING POST INN Cheyenne TWO PERFORMANCES NIGHTLY IN THE SHOW LOUNGE RANCH KCiOS, IN'C. SUBPIVl-.Lpsh SIOiX. Pll.l.vr; NO. TWO. Weld ,, , C o u n t y , ''olorndo. I'AUOKI, I t : I.nt '. K X C K P T t h e N o r t h 2H(» f e e t o f t h e "West I S O reel t h e r e o f . In I t l n r k 1. R A N C H KGOS. INC. S f B P l V I - KIO.V. FILING NO. TWO. Weld C o u n t y . Colorado. C o u n t y , Colorado. and Mrs. James Kinney were evening dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Seilbach and family May 9. On Mother's Day the Poloskys entertained at the Continental in Denver for Mrs. Kinney and Mr. afid Mrs. Ed John Polosky ami Mr. and Mrs. C. K. Alkire." Mr. Polosky and the C. K. Alkires were evening dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Jim Pennington and Tammie. E a t o n WSCS enlertained members from Pierce and Mrs. Thelma Beebe of Evans Thursday. Miss Ada Boulder was a Saturday dinner puhigg, retired Deaconess of and over-night guest of'Mr. and'the Methodist Church and now Mrs. Tom Gallatin. i"'om Frasier Meadows Manor .. -- Mr. and Mrs. Tom Baker and· at Boulder, was the guest RANCH E KGOS. INC. spBDivi- family. Mr. and Mrs. Leslie speaker, sipx. FILING.NO. TWO. Weld Couswell and familv and Mr. Those from Pierce attending were; Mmes. Don Purvis. Jacob 'Wolf. Floyd Stevens, James _.., jPriddy. J. A. Nicks, C. M. Van"Capt." and Mrs. Don Box and I Why,' H. E. Buchanan. E. C. milv left Saturday for San Phillips, Vernon Baiamonte, Cogswell and family and Mr. '~"p.VTicRi"*"r""'i',ot . EXCEPT and Mrs. Don Grogan and sons »$$ '^SVAU" 1 i".' ',^0^ enjoyed a picnic at Poudre KANCH EOCS. INC. s r u n i v i SIGN. FILING NO. TWO. Weld C o u n t y . Colorado. PAHCEI. ni Lot s. In RANCH KGGS. IN'C. S . SION. FILING NO. TWO. Weld C o u n t y , Colorado. PAnCEI. H i Lot «. In Hloi-It R A N C H Kr,r,S, INC. M-Bim SION. F I L I N G NO. TWO. Weld i.'nunty. Colorado. I ' A l i C K I , II Lot S. KXCF.PT t h o South 2.10 feet of t h e West I S O feet thereof. In Blork 1: Lot S. K X C K P T t h e South I S O feet of the west ?30 feet t h e r e in mill Lut S. KXCKPT the West hereof: In I!l lllork :t: ·k 2: n n d Lot .11 in U A N C H EGGS. INC. SI'B- [ H V I S i n N . F I L I N G NO. TWO, " "eld C o u n t y , Colorado. PAHCF.I. .It Lot 1. in Block ?: Lots J. :l. «. T. nild S. In Hlock 1: and Lois H and T. In Block : i l l in R A X C H Ef!OS. INC. KI - B- n i V l S I O X . F I L I N G NO. TWO. Weld C o u n t y . Colorado. THEP.KFOIU-:. A c c o r d i n g to l a i d T shall expose Canyon Sunday afternoon. Angeio, Texas where they will visit his parents before going Tom Gallalin and W. R. Carlson. Next meeting will be on to Washington, D. C. where,a salad luncheon, they will make their home as' Mrs. J. A. Nicks returned Capt. Box is stationed there. j home May 12 after spending John Polosky of San Fran-1 five days in Houston, Texas Cisco flew to Denver Saturday'where she attended the National and was met by his parents j Assembly of the Women's and grandmolhrr. Mr. and Mrs. I Society of Christian Service. She Jack Polosky and Mrs. James j also visited her cousins. Mr. Kinney. They were luncheoniand Mrs. J. A. Doak. and afternoon guests of his Mr. and Mrs. Leon Croni and sister nd family, Mr. and Mrs.!family and Mr. and Mrs. Adam 'or sale at Public A u c t i o n , all he r l R h t . t i t l e anil I n t e r e s t of he a b o v e n a m e d RANCH KGGS. l.Vi", in and to th* above described p r o p e r t y , on T u e s d a y the ;iHli (lav of -May. 197d. at 10:00, iVlock 'A.M.. at the East F r o n t ! Door of the Weld C o u n t y Courthouse, in Greeley. Colorado. Dated n t Greeley. Colorado,: t h i s 22nd day of A p r i l . 197". : R I C H A U D P. M A R T I N E Z S h e r i f f of Weld C o u n t y Bv I-:dna C. S m i t h Deputy Orrel A. "Daniel, A t t o r n e y The G r e e l e y Daily T r i b u n e . A p r i l 2 . May 1. 8. 15. 22. 1370. Robert Seilbach of Greeley. Mr. and Mrs. Polosky and Mrs. Kinney were Sunday visitors of Mrs. Lena Miller in Slonksnes spent the weekend in the mountains. Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Jensen and family spent Sunday af- Cheyenne. Wyo. and durinf the'ternoon at Red Feather Lakes. Expensive Embassy NEW DELHI (AP) -- The Indian embassy in Moscow spends the most money for entertainment among Indian embassies in five major world capitals, the foreign ministry said. The embassy in Moscow spent about $24,000 in 1969 compared to $22,000 spent in London, $13,800 in Washington and lesser j amounts in Paris and Bonn. Blll'l SPARETIME RESTAURANT AND LOUNGE Wintertet Inn (formerly Coliege Inn) Hwy. 85 Elton Ulingworth at the piano Wednesday thru Sunday night All Italian Dinner! full course, including one glass Chlanti Wfni ALL ITALIAN MEALS PRICED UNDER J3.00 Open 'til 12 Midnight on Sundays Hey Kids! RONALD MCDONALD Will Be In The Parade This Saturday at 10:00 a.m. To Welcome The Colorado Jaycees 8th Avs. IT's Path Wit. for your dancing and listening pleasure. Parti on Hammond Organ, Chico Gomez on Bass Guitar, Rich Stevenson on Drums. AMERICAN LEGION LOUNGE Friday and Saturday Evenings 9:00 p.m. - 1:00 a.m. RESTAURANT Junction Hwy. 85 and 34 8th Are. South, Greeley Newly Remodeled! PRIVATE ROOMS for Wedding Receptions, Rehearsals Dinners and Get-Togethers Party or Business Meetings DINNERS $1.50 AND UP SPECIAL KIDDIES MENU NAME LIVE MUSIC AND ENTERTAINMENT Playing any and all requests every night MAMMOTH ICED SALAD AND HORS DOEUVRE TABLE with all dinners at no extra charge FINE FOOD AND BEVERAGES WE WORK SUNDAYS so you won't have to! Sunday dinners should be special. Not necessarily black tie but not pink apron, either. Consider FARM FARE'S delicious homecooked food. A plac* where you can enjoy your family -- without kitchen chores, without billfold blues. (Average family of four runs around six dollars). 9th Avenue at llth Street For People Who Don't Like Cafeterias _auc.

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