Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on May 24, 1951 · Page 2
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 2

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 24, 1951
Page 2
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PAGE'TWO LAS CRUCES (N. M.) SUN-HEWS Thursday Evening, May 24, 1951 Giant Water Show Will Be Brought Here On Memorial Day By Jaycees No water show is cnmplele with i unl comic anlk'fj or the clowns ! urn! "Ar|UH-Prini(tP," second rinmiu water proilnclirm of New Mcxlci. Wu.slPin rollej;*-, is no exception. This ^Ifr:intic water show, whicl. will be presented in Lrm Cnicej tin Aluy :t». at the Municipal pool Ji'iiturc.s two Boasoncd tontcrliam whose stcTlinfi performances law! year kept piilronti in :i constant ."MR 1 of rioloiiK uiiutHCincnl. Th? two "fun-loviiifl" prank.ster.i. whom- Uili;nts will ctmlrihiKc much to tin- sally of "Aqua-l'iirade", arfr liolh sUii-'nts at Nnw Mexico Wc;;t- crn an'! well known for their swimming prfWCMH. They art' Jay Flfclcher, junior from Lawrencelmi'ff, Intl., anl UmiH Rivera, iicnlor from Silver ITiiy. Fletcher h.'indU'H in- pool n n ht-s, ami Rivera setM up the mil- id*- pool comi!(ly. l.'pon tlu'ir mipcctive i t b i l i i i r u liiritf 1 *" the sueci'.'JH of Ihtiir humor- ','arlsbad; Kiigcnr WaffROntT. S«n- or from Roswcll; and .(olm Moort, :enlor from l-'ort Unyiml. ThciiH' is a tvcinrndoiis iaiik vhii-h involves lighting? audience jjncemcnt, .scenery, equipment arrangement and n thou.'iaml and ·nr; (idails which go i" 1 " slaving a pioduction of "Aqua-Parade" nrnpoilion. Handling of e q u i p m e n t nm! props between pcrfoi mani-e rites posca ill'- hlKKest prnlilfin fru-inp tlita Kroup. A t n i f k caifica n i l ' t h e ne- v('K«ray scenery, l i g h t i n g and other (vjiifpiniMil. The H i n g i n g crnw usuftlly Ac- pnriH \vell in ndvanrre of the main i m u p e and multfn oil ncorcsary picpiirutioiiK. .Immediately after the performance" CIIIIH.-K dismantl- (J. S. I'lUXS CONSULATE SINGAPORE --i/n-- The Unit* ,..! KtaU'H Government is looking for a site to build a new consulate and homes for principal members of the consulate; staff in Singapore. Thn roimilate building IH expected tu cost $500,000. ;ou su;; LOtJANSPORT. Ind, -- /P»-~ After a chopping trip here, William A. Kerry mat), Walton, Jnd., got city officials,, to check parking meter coin boxen. They found the $2.50 gold quarter-eagle he's dropped in by mistake instead of a penny. About 00 important U. B. cropr, miuirc pollination by honey beet or other insects. infi »f the .scenery and storage nf the f(]iiipmonL back in the tiuck. Then. It's off for the next engagement. Draft Threat Hangs Over Graduating New Mexico Boys, Cuts Job Chances By Tll'e Associated Prrss Some 20,000 high school members of the class of '51 w i l l ' b e graduated this week in New -Mexico. Largest group of seniors is at Albuquerque, where 883 .arc being graduated by five high schools. Clauses range down to those the Kize of Causey High school in Roosevelt county, graduating five. In all the senior classes, the boys have a ready made career waiting for them, unless they can get college deferments. And this has caused a public relations man at one of the state's higher etlucu- ·lion Institutions to m a k e - a n off- cuff forecast of the largest freshman enrollments in years. "FlRiire It Out" "Figure 'it out," he said. "You give those kids the choice of going to college or going to 'the army and what do you suppose most of them will do?" Moat high school seniors arc 18 at commencement. That gives them a year, at present, before they reach draft age. Pending legislation in congress may lower the age to 1S!» and set up a 'companion universal military training law. Tests for college deferment also wil' play an Important role in determining who goes to the army, who goes to school. Their draft status will play an important part in the graduates getting Jous, too. Many firms won't hlie young men apt to be Irafted. Can't Afford As one personnel director put it, 'We can't afford to train fellows or jobs, then have them go to the army in ,a few months." All this probably won't.aiter the senior girls' lot considerably, although drafting of their male classmates undoubtedly w o u l d leave a few extra jobs open for them. Commencement lor one senior girl,' however, will be even more special than ordinary. Gov. Edwin L. Mechem, commencement speak er at Helen High school, will present Elvia Tabet an engraved fountain pen. The reason: She hasn't missed a single day of school since she started 12 years ago. Nesilla Park Graduation Speaker Asks Return To Forefathers' Values In Australia, the hald eagle is said to follow white men who an hunting, expecting to feed on the offal from the kill; but it will not follow black hunters, because they use the offal from their kills. Kftj'-ciglit graduating student: of Mesilla Park's Junior higl school this morning heard a ual to return to the high moral value: of their forefathers. Addressing the graduates, George Berthelon, manager of the Now Mexico Employment service La.- Graces office, said "We must return to those" high moral values if we are to. continue to preserve the heritage that is our way of life." . . . "Each generation," Mr. Berihcl- on said, "has Ib accomplish democracy over again for Itself if it IB to remain a .dynamic force in the life of the nation." The speaker asked graduates to have moral courage. "Do not he afraid to he honest," he said, "don't I be afraid to have moral and spirit- convictions. 'And above all. don't ie afraid to be an American. Put your hand in t h e ' h a n d of Ood as did your forefathers before you." Graduates received diplomas from Supt. IIRskel : B. Smith. Miss Jessie Cleveland, school principal, introduced the speaker. The invocation/was given by Rev. John H. Parrott. Pliny, Roman, wrtfr (23 to 79 f A D ) describes tooth powders made' from ashes of such things , as dog teeth, deer antlers, hare or mouse vhcads and pastern bones 1 from livestock. 'it iiTestTmated that about 21 per cent of all coal mined in America comes from Pennsylvania. r n i n U Gllrhrlhl, I-a* CITJCCH .Jiiyci'i- cliitlnititn for A f j i m - t'unirlc's pnulurtlon, announced loiliiv 11 limllfil niiinlicr of n.- MTVi'tl T:ith will In* m:Jil at Ilic lviuirc wih- "f HH{- i'il. Childirn's tlrltcls O, lulling .SI, and re-;ns $1. fill. All prltTh Int u x . :,,n, Inil i l l f f l c u l l roiillneii. \Vnti-r ; m-li; w i l l t'tinbi;;t of f]ownin[; on the I 'living hoard plus novrlly w j i l r r ; iinill.'ihnc.i.'i. Ont-uf-prjiil clowniU); ! w i l l tlilur plnrr hrriwrcn lifts t o | a f f i i n f actors an opj,oi l i l n i l y to ' hajigr ro.stum(.'H and give the stngi 1 » rcu- Him.- to prepare for t h e next I ' V l ' I l l . When the ami of "Aijim-I'ar- ;i!i-" n i r l v c s at a dc.Hliniition on f l i t .u'licdiiliii spring road tour, it i:. .-c-siiM-'l t h a t all M t u ^ i n n urninfje- I i i c n l H luivi- hi!un i:(Miipl(!lt'rl ami Mini n i l iK III nmilini.'Mi for lhi |»T- I ' | | I I I U I I 1 I - I . 'riicn-'ll br no i-xrcplion lo the l,fi; CrncrM pcrfoi-mancc elllicr u-ln n I he nillvue ulunv Jjerfoi'iu.'! ln-ii- Mcmorlnl l a y . In rlutrgc of K i n g i n g arrangement.-) hi a s t u d e n t trio cuntiisllm; of Henry DlclctVntnfr, Junior f m m j National Sports Hero Now Works As Machinist PI i l l i A D I C i j l ' M I A - You'd never j lumw l l m l thr I'emiNylvania Rail- j nmd imichinisl'.'t helper once was n ! g i c i i l swimmer. Hi 1 never t a l k e d about himself. 1-Yllow employes were amazed to l e a i n that the husky guy t h e y knew aa jiinl plain Getuge Voting once was a national .spoils hero In Canada. Voted Tiip S\vln r Canadian edltois and s p o i t H w i i t c i w voted Young the greatest swimmer of thr pnst hull c e n t u i y . To Young tin- vnto meant ti lot. It i n e i i n t five yeiiis of lame, .'ihtut heed wealth, cheers mid buns ol I hi- eiowd.s. dn/.cns of legal head- uclicH. At 2, YollllB Is n illHlllil- iiUmnl but not embittered man. A t 17, Young won the $i,'i,00(l '.vlinlei-uke-lill Cauillna Channel Wrlcley m a r a t h o n swim. Hr WIIB our ul' lo;t entrants in the 20-mile grind. Young w i l h » fi'W dollars''in bin pivltel, lode a miitoicycle luilf wily iiciosii the United States to get to California. Tin- cycle was wiei-ked and he hllch-hllied the i i - s t (it the u-ay. T.mglier Tlmn Knijlsli Cham A l t e r winning the race r i e d by ninny experts liitlglx .-.winiiuln}: the mole widely i-i7i-it ICiir.ltnh Clunuiel. Youn "1 put everything 1 had Into tins i iii-e for my mother." It was snld so sincerely tluit the ·' shy. clr.itiby youth became an idol. The $2,\OOQ prl*e wa» iilaeed in tiu.-.l In'r him. liut from tlieu on. the rmid was ]iiived w i t h nothing bill trouble lind disappointment (or tieorge. U'Biil KiiniililiU-H w i t h two ini'n who elalui'-d to be lib* m a n a g e r and mi imagined sllglil to an old pal ] fimi'd eimeellatlon of 11 lucrative j tour u t t e r two weeks. He was « i f - j feli-d a wleen teNt lllld n c t i n t i i i r l . I l i a manager held out .'or Srill.tuin more nnd George flmilly got nothing. i I'resenteil Wllll llollsr j He lelumrd tt) Toronto. A hometown committee collected JA.'JOO und pieiienled Ceoige with n house. The leveptlor. wnb the prentetil in Ti.rnnlo's hlstoiy. The the CimaJInn Nalliiiljil Hx- lill'lliiin pioinolrcl a '.M-milii .-iwlm along Toiiinlo'h w a t e i t i o n t . A $:10.00(1 prtri' vvus nl stiike. tleorge hinl to |llll n f l e l flvi- mlle.i. Till' nexl year tie wna pulled out of the w.Her HtU-r tlltee hours. Home town nilles started ni- mom he had »een towed .-len-ps the (.'ntiillnn Chunnel. The l!)-yeur- uli] boy wan heiiitlirokpn. 1-nter he lii» cilIlM In the only way lie knew - In 1 "e wnler. He "· ciiiti-wam nm«l of thd men who had ileff'itnl lilm. ttwirgc wnu nlarilfd In 10^5 to il I'hllmlelpliln gill, Mar«e liavler. TlK-y enmc lii'ir to live. "l'l'» nice to-know thai tin 1 "I' 1 homo folks hnven't foigollrn. I'.ul for mn»l nf llw, public you Imve to win nil Ilir llmo," . IS ON US-HfHE LOWEST PRICE IN YEARS--ON FAMOUS FROZEN FAMOUS FROZEN V E L V E T VANIttA ICE CREAM 12-Ounce P a c k a g e Kllli ovor 300 Kindt o! Bu 8 i Killi Molhl, Moth Larval Pr«venli Mold and Mildew Growll I WE GIVE. ' ri I VC I h . GREEN STAMPS! j;; fj EVERY WEDNESDAY | $ IS DOUBLE STAMP DAY! k. * _ i Pint . 69c $1.19 APPtE CIDER F-Iappy "Vale, No. 303 Gun Golden Blend, «/ 2 Gallon . . . . STRAV/BfeRRIES Frosh from Arkansas Full-of flavor, ql.' bskl. I^CI CDV uuh Typo Pascal · ,, - ^ V*CI».C.IV I ...Largo bunches ..,.· · Each TOMATOES' Firm and Rlpo ; LI f t ir l i : iJuiRPiji'- For su ' ci " g V r U W U f V I P k l V D . a n d Salads IDC B R I N G Y O U R Procter Gamble Coupons Here · Cwid.Gs^ds, Siaples FRUIT CpdTAIl """^ can 21c. APPLE SAUCE NO" M3 H eTn°: 17c . (In Heavy, Synip), No. 21= c a n . . . "JC ole's Sliced. ' -'o. 2 C{in · JAW I2-o^. c;ir. GARbEN PEAS %$£ JUICE S^lf:..^^ .SS'^ 01 TM 1 . 1 .- 35c tBl/BEANS ^tS 1 ! 1 : 25c i\BEA^5.'rV;c:;n;!Mr^can r t ...18c Style, 7 r /5c |Vc 22c 6RIEN GIANT PEAS iir 03 20c ' f t a O U K * 10-llt Slick /CC PRESERVES ^rs' sira : vb "! y :....39c PRESERVES USM* 21c UPTON'S TEA S 33c TOMATO SAUCE "r",,, 8e CATSUP i^w : : 22c Dirtf I RC ^"thri-'s 1)111-or Sour, OCr rlvTVLCj a^ouncc-Jnr .: ^ X3C KITCHEN TOMS ?S, k s hfrt ,.. : ..20c' FA^Al,TISSUES Scu"TM':"; 35c £ llAfliM Atmou Siar -Cooked Ready to Eat Ib. Wilson's Certified ........ .Ib. SLICED mm CHEESE LINES Dexler Ib. KRAFT'S Each .: 32c THE FOOD MART will be closed Wednesday, May 30 -7- Memorial Day NEXT WEEK Thursday. May 31 Will Be DOUBLE STAMP DAY

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