Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 13, 1962 · Page 23
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 23

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 13, 1962
Page 23
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Wl, SL noo6 /Loo r LUCRECE BEALE IAP Newsteotures) If | Tht Mrft fefW. Tt Sin, ! MR SHNOO watched in aiUn-j Wimtot at Herbert and lauae c«me toward him. The giralfes ·wung their long necks lo and. fr» and dipped their heads. The 1 enormous straw hats tauten Ibeir eirs tilted over their eyes I and they looked like ladies'o( ! iaihioo Mrolluv on the beadi. \ Tc keeper who had charge f the large animals cried out and «t*rted away lo head off the giraffe:, but Mr. Shnoo said.! "Wait!" and held up liis hand He saw a ihurt round man; wilking between Herberts front ~FAT OVERWEIGHT Available to you without a doi-. lorn' prnirlption. our d r u t tailed OUKINKX. You must Ion* ue'y '«t In 7 dayi or your money bark. No ftrenuouK exer- cue. lasntlven. tntiugp or taking of «o-ralled redudni; candles, rrirkw or ruokivi or ca*whi gum. ODRINEX Is a tiny tiblet and eailly tvallowed When y o u l a k r O I l K I N K X . J u u H i l l enjoy your mi-all. Mil! eat tlit (oodi you like, but you miililjr don't haw ibe urue tori f i i r a poriloni beraute ODIll NKX deiirmei your anwiite »nd deiTcauM your dealrt (or f-xxJ. Vour weijjht mint tome down bvnute a your own doctor *lll IHI you. wlicn you pa! le««. you weigh i*». CH r m ,,(· »xi-«»» tat and lire lolitt-r "IWINKX 13.0U and 1* ·old on thli O U A R A N T K K If not imisfi«l [or n n y reaiou j u s t - r e t u r n the package to xnii-i dnnsui B i,d S H your f u l l i money back. No quHtlonn auk- 'd. Oimi.NKX Is .old will, 11,1, tuarantw by: COOK'S SELF. JKRVICE U R f c STOKE. 1013 1Kb St. Mill Ord«n Killeii. ( A d v ) hat oc his bead was at the very tip tot of the tree. ju/^l W · ri Tbtfl ilr. Shnoo exclaimed.!"TM" «Om«B f UW« "Why. tf's not a hat at all:" ICIub «t Unircrtky lt »as a nest of straw. As soonl as the birds saw it they fluttered! BOL'LOER - Margaret from the brandies and settled inlcaughter of toe Rev. and Mrs.' the nest. Othei birds found thelFred F. King of 1819 Glenmere, iioney and they gathered on Her-!ct.. Greeley. is a inember of the bert's neck like flies on sticky l'»iver«! 1 ^ "f Colorado V.'omen'sil paper. Many of them slid or were'Olee Club. f pushed off and as they fell they! The group was organized in landed in the basket on Herbert's! 1958. It makes numerous appear- KilM SilMI i'There «-'* no specta require- iThurs., I)w. 13, 1952 GREE1.EY 1RIBI NE Pa»e 23 · ri Wau fw memberiiup other than' --- ............. _ . . . . . . . . . . jbeing ableto mg »e!l." I RIO DE JAXIERU - Forty n»l-\'.-. ·s.juu'M) of :'·*.·* »J1 tiiufelht i Miss King 15 a sophomore ifl'boa of Latifl America'i MOJSO.WO: sixth grade hra 1 5 uoo ono »-fll ge- arts and science!. !o«oo!e are of school age. But on- no schooling at a... ' ' bac' which was filled with straw and made the nicest kind of ne^t. ance* on the CU campus touis Colorado annually in and . . . _ . . . . . . . t h e Then Louise took her place un- spring. der another tree and Herbert! Members are chosen by audi-j was led to the bird cage where[iion. "For every girl who'makes I the birds were gently coaxed off jit. there is one "who doesn't." dir-' Herbert and into their old nesls.jector David L. Grismann said. Herbert made three trips and' Louise made three trips and when they finished there wasn't a single bird left out In the cold the little bag on his back. He ilirred and tasted and sniffed until finally he was satisfied. Mr. Shnoo turned up the teat; He took the pan from the stove in ilie cages and the zoo doc'or'an.' set fire to it- contents If rushed around filling hot water did not flame up but gently' bottles to put in the nests and smoldered. As wi»ps of smoke arranging steam kettles lo moisten the air. drif'ed up. the bird cage filed with the most wonderful frag- But it was clear the birds we-ej ranee and suddenly a marvelous ailing. They shivered and th 'ir thing happened- all the birds be- feathers drooped and Uieir eyes were dull Blue Lady, the para- kee.. was the sickest of all. Her eyelids fluttered, then dosed, and sh- lay on her back with her tiny legs straight up in the . , . . , , , · Mr. Shnoo p u t h i s finger o n legs and lie knew suddenly just, hooked Die bucket over his arm her breast. Her heart was beatin who 11^ was. -Thank goodnru,:" and dimbed up to Herbert's chin, wy faintly lie exclaimed. He went up io thelllc dipped the brush in the bucket little round man and said, " i j a n d began to was afraid you wouldn't come:"] neck "0( cuurie 1 came." s;iid S:in( gan to sing! Tomorrow: Henrietta F a l l s Over . "Poor Blue Lady," murmwvd paint Herbert's; Mr slmoo Tears gathered ,,, his eyes and rolled down his cheeks la. for that is who it was. " B ' t l asked Mr. it took me a f c w minutes to! ·.,,,,-, work out a plan" ;.,,,-, "What is the plan'.'" asked Mr. Shni». "What can we do 11 " "Brinp, a ladder." said Santa. "What kind of paint is thaf" Shnoo. paint - s , Shnoo brought a ladder! thing to Louise ind propped i! up against "Now." he said. "We'll Herbert and Louise, whom one had had time to take back to the giraffe house, leaned over his shoulder and cried, too. When he had finished painting- It w-as very sad because every honey he onc I"""* that Blue Lady and all same'" 1 * other birds were going to idle. Herbert's nct'k with went over and did the HIM bert's neck Santa climber up lo the basket on Herbert's back and took out a bis brmin what happens." He led Herb t under the nearest tree. The gi- ralle pushed his But Santa wasn't sad. He was busy at a stove in the corner. He was cooking a strange con. , , . , - r --- neck up, up. coclinn made from pills and pow Ducket and a paint brush. lle| through the branches until the' ders and drops of oil taken from BUY NOW FOR CHRISTMAS From Your Goodwill Store Children's Wagons. Bikes. 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