Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on March 1, 1976 · Page 2
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 2

Nampa, Idaho
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Monday, March 1, 1976
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The Idaho Free H»UTbNm.THbune. Monday. March 1, an-t n I i* | » News briefs Crop loss compiled ONTARIO, Ore ll'PJi Malheur County lost from W mlPion to $lb million in agricultural income due lo damage from las' July's windstorm, according lo Jra Rurr of Ihe county '.'nsion office. No total estimate lias ever been made of Ihe properly damage resulting from winds that Rusted up lo 100 miles- an-hour along a path five miles wide and 10 miles long in the Onlario area last July 29. "Nobody is keeping track of Ihe dollars lost on each acre, bul we know the loss lo the farmers was extensive," Burr said. Ray Novotny. counly extension agent, said the eslimated $87.38 million in agricultural income in 1975 fnr Malheur County would hiive been considerably higher except for Ihe weal her. MOUNTAIN HOME. Idaho '.UPII -- A district court jury has acquitted Gerald Newton, 25. of a charge of second-degree murder in Ihe shooting death of Jack Sheely, 20-year-old airman, last Nov. 6. Shccly was fatally shot in Ihe Ihroat with a .22-caliber revolver as ho and Newton, a roofing company employe at Mountain Home Air Force Base, slruggled in a shower where Shecly's wife and a girlfriend 'lived, testimony indicated. Newton's principal defense at Ihe trial was his testimony that the revolver accidentally discharged as Sheely grabbed the gun. Sheely's 19-year-old estranged wife, Lynn, was charged with perjury by Elmore County Prosecutor Alan Wilson because of discrepancies between her teslimony al a preliminary hearing and her statement to Ihe jury during the trial. Wilson said he would ask for her extradition from . .California, where she was Spitted up by"'a'ul'h"ofities"as : ' she got off a plane from 'Boise. *"*' BOISE ( U P I l - A Bicentennial ecumenical program on Ihe relationship between gospel values and social structures will be conducted in Boise March 1214 and Poralillo March 19-21. Sponsored by Ihe Roman Calholic Sislers Senale of the Diocese of Boise, the project has received supporl from the Boise M i n i s l e r i a l Association and the Ecumenical Association of Churches in Idaho. BOISE ( U P I ) - T h e Idaho W o m e n ' s C o m m i s s i o n decided Saturday lo study Ihe constitutionality of housing female felons from Idaho al a Nevada prison. Chairman Pal Erlich said location of the women prisoners in Nevada makes visiting difficult. She added Ihe commission may request an attorney general's opinion un whether Ihe policy is constitutional after finishing ils inquiry. BOISE (UPI) - A straw poll of 100 Ada Counly residents found supporters of an advisory vote on Ihe Pioneer Power plant outnumbered opponents by more than 2 lo-l. The poll, conducted Saturday by Ihe Idaho Slatesman. found thai 53 respondents said they sup port an advisory vote on Idaho Power Co.'s proposed coal-fired plan)..Twenty-four opposed the vole, 15 were undecided and eight declined lo participate in the sampling. On Ihe qui'slion of whether Ihe plant should be constructed, 39 persons said they were opposed, 26 supported Ihe project, 27 said Ihcy were undecided and eight did nol respond. BOISE ( U P D P o l i t i c i a n s , i n c l u d i n g Democrats, must begin addressing Ihe issues Ilial really concern Americans or the country may nol even celebrate Ihe year 2000, Sen. Joseph Biden. D-Delaware. said Saturday. Speaking to the I d a h o Democratic Party's annual J e f f e r s o n - J a c k s o n Day ( ',Banquet. Biden also praised 'Scii. Frilnk Church. D-Idallj, who plans to announce his candidacy for Ihc presidency nexl month. The Democratic party has nol yet won back Ihe American people. Biilensaid. "Unless we do. this nation will not see Ihc Tricentennial. it will not see the year 2000 in the wav we now know it." ptapers conclude Winter contests '" ML'HPHY -- Top ropers have Keen announced (01 Ihc winter Jeries »f roping events held in Jjurphy at Ihe Wright and iSssociate.- arena each Sunday fince the firsl of November I- The final contest in IhesL-rics, sponsored by W r i g h t and issociales of Murphy, was held Sunday. Approximately 40-51) tvnms have competed in the fickpot events through (he {·inter, according to John fright, wilh teams attending from throughout the Treasure Calley and the Northwest. · Prizes were awarded Sunday hi Ihc following top four individuals listed in order of glacemcnli · ·- Open roping: Wayne fhiiwley.Caldwell: Zane Beach, fioise: Okie McDowell. Jleridiaii: and Lonnie Wright. .Murphy. Church tells plans on announcing bid H Karen Soulhwick Church prerlicl, ,1 another l\vo BOISE -- Idaho Sen. Frank or three candidates would withdraw in March, Following. !\vo who have already withdrawn. "In the next two weeks, the field will narrow ilsclf and offer an opportunity for a late campaign." What will ir.aki tiis candidacy Church plans to announce his candidacy for the Democratic p r e s i d e n t i a l n o m i n a t i o n "shortly after" March 15 in Idaho City. Al a news conference Salurda.v in Buisp, Church said under control, government should be taking action to stimulate competition," Church said, adding thai he would favor "anything that tends toward thai." In foreign policy, Church said he would want a secretary of state who agrees with his views he would be making the formal different Irom Dose of his ; op- opposing the futile task of im announcement after the Senate ponenls is his investigation into posing Intelligence Committee, of which he is chairman, completes ils work on March 15, ilc added he would make the announcement in Idaho Cily, where his grandfather first settled in Idaiio. Of the other dozen or so Democratic candidates for the presidency. Church said only J i m m y Carter and George Wallace "have shown the strength to win in any state." If Carter continues to win, as lie did in the New Hampshire primary, "it will be very difficult (or anyone to enlcr late and overcome his momenlum. hut he has some very serious hurdles," Church said. Carter has not Ijeen tested in any of the large, metropolitan states, many of which have lute pi imarics that Church will have an opportunity to enter. The late primaries come just before Hie Democratic n o m i n a t i n g convention. Church noted. Since "no candidate is likely to win on the first ballot, the candidate with (he momenlum will have the besl chance," he said. "1 have been given no evidence to change my mind on my anticipation that no one would emerge as a clear winner in the early primaries." Ihe "most powerful organizations and agencies in Ihe country," Church said. He h2ads the Senate Intelligence Comtnillee investigating Ihe CIA, FBI and other agencies as well as Ihe subeommillee probing m u l t i n a t i o n a l corporations. He said these federal agencies "have got to be brought back into Ihe harness of law." None of the other candidates have discussed lhat problem much and so "people will have the basis for distinguishing my candidacy." Church said his ability to be elected from a conservative slule while being generally considered a liberal Democrat -might be of value to him in winning nationally since voters are not "likely to move to one extreme or the other" Ihis year.. "There is a corner we Democrats must turn," he said. "1 doubt Ihe electorate will respond to a candidate who offers updated versions of the New Deal or Great Society. We have about reached the limits of bigger government spending as the solution to many of Ihe problems lhat face us. "If we really want to get the economy moving and inflation stability upon a "volcano" of emerging areas and "the notion that the entire world is bul an extension of Western Europe and policies that worked there should work elsewhere." U.S. foreign policy "should be taken out of the hands of the fraternity of compulsive in- lervenlionists who have had us in more wars than any other nation," he said. Church said establishment of an urban conservation corps to put young people in the cities to work should be considered. This high unemployment among urban youth "is a bomb with a short fuse." Church ruled out Ihe vice presidency, slating he would prefer to remain in the Senate if it came lo a choice, "I've had lhat confirmed by those who I know who held it (the vice presidency.)" "I am interested in Ihe presidency," Church said. He called his 20 years in the Senate "an intensive training ground for the presidency. Without those years 1 would not have the presumption to run. The presidency should not go lo someone who needs on the job training." THROUGH FALLING sno* e»rl) .Sunday morning, Mrs. Melvin Vullts, 316 Boston Drive, is wheeled (o a waiting Twin Cities ambulance by attendants Paul Christiansen, led, and Kon Williams after her collapse [olio*ing a fanrly dispute at the residence. Her husband, Melvin ('. Valles. was also Irealed at Mercy Medical Center for a Vnlfe wound. Following his release. Valles was arrested and charged with assault with a deadly weapon against Nampa Police Officer A l a n Creech. Carrying Ihe emergency equipment at the far right is Lt. Charles D. Dalton. one of the responding officers at the scene. (Staff Photo) Nampan accused of assaulting officer Noon stock quotations -- Novice roping: Jerry Wright. Nampa; Patti Kaufman. Boise: Barbara Wright. Murphy, and Jill McDowell. Meridian. -- Century and mixed roping: John Wright. Murphy: Barbara Wright. Murphy: Herb Smith. Boise, and Dr. M.W. Ickes. Nampa. In century roping, (he ages nl the two members musl total lilft years, ivhile mixed roping consists o! a man and woman team. Wright reported various prizes were donated by: Lloyd's Country Slnre. I) i B Supply. Stockman's. Western S t o c k man's Supply, Cowboy Supply of Mountain Home and N'amp;i Saddle Shnp. In addition. Wrighl said, n saddle was donated hy Wrighl and Assoc., for the century and mixed roping category. STOCK QUOTATIONS FURNISHED THROUGH EDWARD D.JONES and CO. of CALDWELL, (These figures do not represent actual transactions. They are intended as a guide lo the ap- promimate price range.) DOW JONES AVERAGES NOON Industrials 970.01-2.60 .Transportation ,- -\ 'Utilities "'' * ··*' Composite--.,.- '·,· i»8.«X LISTED STOCKS Albcrlsons 22%, American Telephone 56'/s Bethlehem 44 5 ,s Boeing 25H BoiseCascade 28'/B Chrysler 18^ Champion Home Builders 5 7 ,s Exxon B7A.| Fleetwood 19^ General Electric 53 5 » General Motors 65'. i Idaho Power 28 IBM 254' , Kennccoll W, Kil - Morrison-Knudserj 25'!,. Occidental Petroleum 15 3 .j Phillips Petroleum SPs Portland Gen. Elect. 18?s TCA 25q 4 H.H. Robertson Reynolds Tobacco Sears St. Oil of California Union Oil Union Elect. Union Pacific Westinghouse H'imietago Heroin seized in police raid N'AMPA -- A man was arrested and charged with assaull with a deadly weapon after both he and his wife were Iransporled lo Mercy Medical Center following a family dispute early Sunday morning. Melvin C. Valles. 20. 316 Boston Dr., was being held today in the Canyon County jail under $1,000 bond, charged with assaulting Officer Alan Creech of the Nampa Police Department. 25'.i 65' i 72 30 42 a » 14 77-\ I6 3 , 7 5K LOCAL O V K K THE COU.NTKR IJWITKS Bi'l Ask Firsl Securily Han., 33 33'., Inlrriiuninuinti.r Col. liu- Fund Inv. Co. of America Key. D-4 Bon Kr! Putnam (iroMi.hi Putnam Inves-n.-; r : Iici Ask 8..^ 9.:Si n.M MTV ; '.;: 8.7-1 10.32 I1.2H 7.78 8.50 CALDWELL - Drug enforcement officials raided a Caldwell residence for the second time in three days S a t u r d a y , serving federal warrants and nelling "several thousand dollars worth" of heroin. ff'-.\. *« ?? :'i ··'·· EigW children, ranging from ages-^i t'6 ! '12;'were taken into custody, while their parents were bolh arresled and charged with possession of heroin with . intent to deliver. Frank and Tomassa Zarate, 30 and 32, of 703 Freeport. were a w a i t i n g transportation by federal Drug Knforcmcnt Administration officials loday to Boise, according lo LI. Len Galiand, City-County Narcotics Division. They were held in custody over Ihe weekend, while Iheir children were placed in tho care of Ihe Idaho Department of Health ar.d Welfare. Frank Zarate, served a local warrant al his residence early Thursday morning, had been released later lhat day on $1,500 bond after being charged with possession of heroin. Also arrested Thursday at the Zarate residence were Mike I, Guzman. 22, Rosa M u n o Guzman, 18, and Enrickr Muno?.. 2-1, all of Burley. Thei, cases, as well as Zarate's. hav? all been sel for preliminary hearing al Caldwcll. Galiand also a n n o u n c e d anolher raid conducted Thursday al a second i.aldweii residence, in which a small amimnt of "suspected controlled siihstiini'cs" was seized. Complaints have nol been filed as yd. Galiand said, pending results of forensics analysis. Galiand said the latest arrests were made as a rcsull of a monthlong investigation of heroin traffic in the area. Cooperating with CCND and the DBA agenls were the palrol and criminal investigation divisions of (he Canyon Counly Sheriff's Office, Caldwell police, the Idaho Bureau'of' : Narcotics and Ihe county prosecuting attorney's office. '. '. According lo police reports, Creech, Lt. Charles D. Dalton and Officer James Stevens responded lo a complaint of a family disturbance al (he Valles' residence about 3 a.m. Sunday. Finding the front door locked, Ihe officers moved, lo the back : tq ,lhe, ,,,.._,,,. door. Two j'uV'enile women ' from Mercy jtl standing "outside the house arresled arid warned the police lhat Valles felony assault, had d : . hunting bow in his None of Ihe possession, according to the reports. When Creech partially opened the back door, Valles was allegedly standing in the doorway between the kitchen and the living room, holding a drawn bow with a sleel-lipped arrow in place. He threatened to kill Ihe officers, according lo Ihe reports. After asking Valles to pul the bow down and he refused to do so, Creech used a tear gas canister lo subdue the man, according lo Ihe report. Valles was found lo have lost a large amount of blood from a allegedly self-inflicted knife wound on his left hand; and alter first-aid trealment by fire d e p a r t m e n t e m e r g e n c y . lechn.icianS|.he ijvas, transported .(jROJV release within Ihe house were injured as a result of the dispute. However, Mrs. Valles was Iransported to Ihe hospital after she had a seizure and collapsed, according lo Ihe reports. The hunting bow, several arrows attached to Uie bow and in a sheath, and a small hunting knife were confiscated from the house and are being held as evidence. Correction NAMPA -- A request for information about members of the Nampa High School Class of 1946 by organizers of an upcoming reunion included an incorrect phone number when published in this newspaper Saturday. Persons with i n f o r m a t i o n . HI ^, V .^.^M^ about;-members of the' class jcal. Valles was 'shstild''c'all 'CKarlent 1 Strf'dil charged with Ballzorat 466-7368 rather lhan 466-7386, or Marjorie Ankelell other persons Williams at 466-2962. Senate again backs usery bill i BOISE ( U P l l - Idaho i?mitors reaffirmed Ihoir aclion qf last week and once again passed a bill which would remove (he interest rates on banks loans over S?:.00) Upon reconsideration. Ihe senate passed and sen! to (he House approves home rule bill C fiyKlchardCharnock BOISK ( l I P l i -Told to slop treating local unils of govern- menl "like o felon on parole." t)ie llnuse approved -11-29 today a bill to extend a Inrm of home («le lo cities. ·! This bill, which goes next lo AM Senate, authorizes cities lo txercise all power and perform |(1 functions of local self- 'jovernment In city affairs not Kfecl'fJcally pnttiblted by Mario's general laws m Consli- (u.lion. '· ;'·'Innocent 111 proven guilly is a basic tenet of the democratic j'yftsm." Rep. Ralph Wheeler, fi-American falls, said in opening Ihe -18-minulc debate. "We have created a legalistic prison for our cilics. We Ireat (hem like a felon on parole." HP said the bill does not permit Ihcm to do anylhing prohibited by existing law and does nol provide any additional taxing authority. C'oincidentally. in an unrelated move, Iho House Revenue and Taxation Commillee senl lo Ihc floor with approval curlier this morning a bill to permit cities and counties -- with voter approval -- to impose sales and use taxes. House the tank i. r\ hill. Thi- vote was 20 13. Sen. V.K. Brassey. U-Buisi. argued lhal the bill was not an "income bill for banks." !le said il merely allmvul Ihc banks If/ go out of Ihc stale lo obtain money lo cover loans. Brnsscy said one firm was forced to go to Monlana bccsine il could not obtain mone.v in Idaho because of the restriction on interest rales. "Idaho is a fincially deficient slate," Brassey said. "There's nol enough money to finance »\\ Ihe things Idiihourr; want lo do and should do." He said under prcscnl law Ihe banks had (rouble in going oulside of Ihe stale and obtaining money u p hm Ihrre was a ligh! money marki-t Sen. Oval Snow. D-Mnscow, urged defeat of the measure, saying lhal if (he hanks can'! get enough money "we'll gel along. You belter hrheve we'll gel along." Sen. John Peavcy. K-Hupcrl, also urged tin -,i-:,ale In lurn down Ihe bill !''avu\ said the himks "want the iuying but don't want 10 give anthing back." Urging passage. Sen. Dick Smith, IMtcxhurg, said there were people who believed "Idaho was an island and want to hold interest rates al 10 per cenl. The facl is it can'l hold il there." "Idaho can't go il alone and I think we arc finding lhal in the money market now," Smith added. Smith said the bill would provide thai people wanling to borrow money over $25,000 could oblain Ihc money and negotiate Ihc inlcresl. He said thai possibly loa'is could he obtained al less than the present 10 per cenl. Senale Majority Leader Phil Ball. R-Wilder, said the bill should be decided on Ihe merils whether il was good for the slate and "nol the way Ihe bankers have behaved themselves," For high interest rates and insured safety its Home Federal. Home Federal Savingshas a savings plan and a rate (hat is suitable for you. You can choose from the convenient pass bqok savings or a high interest certificate. Since we compound interest daily and pay it quarterly, you earn a higher effective annual yield. Your savings are safe because they are insured by the Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation, a U.S. Government agency. Stop into any office of Home Federal Savings for high interest rates and insured safety. Your Savlrtgs Earn a High Rale of Interest. RATE 5.25% 5.75% 6.50% 6.75% 7.50% TYPE Passbook Savings Special Passbook Certificate Certificate Certificate ·-- " MINIMUM $10 $100 $1000 $1000 $1000 TIME -- ._ No Limit 90 Days 1 year 2 1 /2 years 4 years -- _ , YIELD 5.39 5.91 6.71 6.98 7.78 - - -- i Interest Compounded Daily, Paid Quarterly. JtOlT name BOISE: Downtown, 8th State BOISE: Westgale Pla/a NAMPA: 924 3rd St. South CALDWELL: Kimball Dearborn

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