Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on March 6, 1976 · Page 15
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 15

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 6, 1976
Page 15
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Spring training still closed Baseball talks break off NEW YORK (AP) - Talks the moment," he said Friday. Iy," said Miller. "We always of the Player Relations Com- players who do not sign con- between the baseball players' "I will have one then." do." mittee that any agreement tracts lo become free agents union and major league owners He did add, however, that the But it was clear that no prog- reached on the reserve clause after one year. Management broke off Friday with no future statement would be "negative." ress was made. issue apply to contracts already has appealed that decision as meetings scheduled as spring That means the training "The problem over the appli- in force. applied to pitchers Andy Mes- trainingcampsremainedshut. camps, scheduled to open last cability of current contracts re- Miller's position has been sersmith and Dave McNally Marvin Miller, executive di- Monday, will remain closed at mains the focal point of the dls- that current contracts camst and a Circuit Court ruling on rector of the Major League least through the weekend. cussions," the owners said. be changed by whatever new that appeal is expected early Players Association, announced Meanwhile, the owners issued Miller denied that statement, reserve rules are agreed to in next week, a press conference for Saturday a brief statement acknowledg- "That was not discussed to- these negotiations, because The clubs are concerned that morning at the Association's ing the breakoff of negotiations, day," he said. they are legal documents and if the Seitz ruling is upheld, all New York offices "to set some "No date has been set for the "The clubs contend that the the rights included in them can- major leaguers could become facts forth." ~ S«t.,MarcH.lt7l CREEI.EV (Colo.) TRIBUNE 15 yrf»ffr lr lll ll lllin l lllr!flll lllllll l |rff»ii-^|[MH[|i|«»nijniiiiiiiaiimini»MMimiinn" Barbour shop By TOM BAKKOl'K Tribune Sports Writer irnrnti Wanna start a football team? You'll need a few things like helmets, next meeting but both sides will (Players) Association has the not be bargained away. He free agenfs in 1976 and 1977. jerseys, pants, shoulder pads, travel bags, Mlllerrefusedanyothercom- remain in contact by telephone obligation to bargain in good says if he tried to do that, the Miller insists he could get most sideline caps, socks, practice equipment, etc. ment on the 25th negotiating over the weekend," a manage- faith on the reconstruction of a Players Association gould be major leaguers to sign a waiv- That stuff don't come cheap when you buy session between the union and ment spokesman said. workable reserve system," the liable for damage suits. er of that option provided he it brand new. The obvious solution is get some the owners' Player Relations Hie two sides met for one owners' statement said. The current clause as inter- could present a reasonable al- used stuff. Here's just what you've been Committee, preferring to wait hour Friday in the offices of Management's reference to preted first by arbitrator Peter ternative. looking for. All you have do is call your team until the Saturday press confer- John Gaherin, the owners'chief "applicability of current con- Seitz and then by Federal Court The owners have offered an the San Antonio Wings. ence. "I have no statement at negotiator. "We parted amicab- tracts," refers to the demands Judge John Oliver permits "eight-and-one" plan allowing ,, . ,, You remember the Wings, don t you? A member in good standing of the late World Football League. Howard "Smitly" Smith of San Antonio is trying to hawk what's left of the Wings. It may not be the best way to start a bowling Jan:; Tuesday A.M. (Krakh scores) Top team series: Alley Cab 1(11. Top series: Reta worren SW; Belly Orr 521; AlycC Allison 507; Belly MtCltllan 491;Jun«Schwalm490. Top team game: Alley Call 659. ClaitlcLiMS di High learn seri 244(. Chemi n 701; Linda MscNell Ml; S ltycjrr Splits picked up: Peg Btll 1-7; Marilyn ToppS.10. Jan 20 At Clank Lanes Tuesday A.M. (Scratch Scores! Top leamsortes: Cherry Pickers 1(03. Top scrips: Sue Davlsson ili; ooane Pickard 530, Rulh Alexander 485; Fran Pjrkvr478. Top leam game: Alley Call 449. Top women's games: Sue Davlsson 703; Sharon Barber 700. Deane Piikard 154· Peg Bell 1(2. Spills picked up: Sharon Barber S-7; Alyce Allison S 6; June SChwalm J 7; DcanePlckardJ-10. Jon 2? At Bowiorado NlefhbarsMlxis Top team series: Swctifgi Aulo World 2001. Top men's scries: Chuck Hargls 539; Cullen Odenbaugh S3*; Don Bock 511; Roger LibsackSie. Top women's series: Ruin Dill 514; Sue Morchcad 419; Fusa Takunaga *M. Topteamgame: AglandCoOoMl. Top men's games; John Edmlnster 139; Chuck Hargis in,- VanDaughly 196. Top women's games: Sue Morphead 201; EvelynOdenbaugh 197; FranSchmld! 197. Spills picked up: Rulh Dill 57; Leo Craven 3-7; George Takunaga 49; Elsie Strieker 5 7. Pcb.l At Classic Larm Tuesday A.M. (Scratch scores) Too team series: Soldiers 1913 Top series: June SChwalm S6J; Sue Dlvisson 5U; Elaine Barber at; Reta Kerren 491; Deane Fickard4VO. Top team game: Splitters 713. Top women's games: June Schwalm lit; June Schwalm 110; Kalhy Topping 704; Reta Herren 197; Betty Orr 197. Splits picked up: Linda Dupper 3.10; Marilyn Topp 7 4.10; Alvce Allison 5 B-10; Carol Rempei7.S. F*b.S At Bowlorado Ntllhbor's Ml.«d Topteamseries: L. J.Osier 704(. Top men's series: Ken LarsonilO; John Edmlnster 564; Ed Dill 544; Roger Lib. Top women's series: Sue MorehearJ S4I; Fuia Tokunaga 4(9; Alice Craven 470. Top leam game: L. J. Osier 744. Eddie sievcns 117; Ed Dill 713; Roger Llbsacklll. Top women's games: Sue Morehead 197; Alke Craven 1B1; Fusa Tokunaga 179 Spills picked up: Ed Dill S-10,S 7; Elmer Scum lots-10; George Tokunaga 2-7-8. Feb.i Newcomers Top team series: Call Gals 7271. Top series-. Karen Holm 5«; Norma Arnold 575; Gloria Mathes 507: Mary Ward 507. Top team game: Call Gals 779. Top games: Karen Holm 209; tvorma Arnold 19R; Glorlfl Mames 184: Belly Drew 180; Mary Ward 1(0. Spills picked up- Judy Anderson 4-5; Connie Tullly 34-7. Feb. 4 At Columbine Bowl Friday Nignt Mixed High serin: Jean DecenkK S47; Connie o^uJcrnSiJ, GioridKiiiQildlwair, tlju.e Karris 527. High leam game: Balcom Cntmical (43. Top series: P. Ewald MO; A. Speelien474; T.Houlchens469. Top leamgame: No. Fourteen H3. Top flames: V.Good 179; A.Morris 174; P Ewald 174; B. Smith 174. Splits picked up: T. Koutchens 4-7-10. Ftb.ii At Howlorado Neighbor's Mixed 1950 Top I George Takunaga 541; Dick Fcndel 531. Top women's tcrl*s: Ruth oil) 543, Fusa Takunaga 470; Jo Larson 444. Top leam game: Swetilg's Aulo world 4t(. Top men's games: Ken Larson 72S; Dick Fendel 271; DlirMi.Knlght71B. Top women's games: Evelyn Stencet TOO; Ruin Dill 119 .-Alice Craven 1(1. Spills picked up: Joe Slencel 110; Don Black 2 4 10. FCD. 13 At Columbine Bowl Top team serin: Call Gals 2155. Top series: Norma Arnold 517; Mary Carol Evenson ill; Ren* Steichcn 501. Top teem game: Bowling Bags 794. Top women's games: Mary Carol EvcnscnJM; Rene S lei Chen 199.186; Judy Voile 1(9; Betty Lou McGuirk 18*. Spills picked up: Millie Holland 3-7; Rrtlye Koltenstotle 5.7; Michelle Riley S- 10; Cathy Magulre 3-10; Norma Arnold 310; Belly Williams 5-7. Feb. 11 At classic tucky Strikes Top team scries: Bender Aulo Sales 1905. Top scries: Ine Conaway SM; Vy Osbornt 545; Sue Davlsson SSI; Zoe Cook 544; Marilyn DerdonSU, Top leam game: Weidoradoorug 771. Top games: Zoe Cook 715. In* Coriaway 711; Marilyns Barden JOB; Duf Davlsson 19S;VyOMjornel9J. Spills picked up: Zoe Cook 39-10; Vy Osuorne 5 10; Lori DeWilt 3-10; Rose Martin 3-10, S 10,348. Feb. 13 At Columblnt Bowl Frldiy Night Mlitd (Scratch Scor Top team series: Consumer's oil 1943. Top men's series Myron Waymire }7l; Don Fddhaus 554; George Orr 551. Top women's series: Belry Orr 511; Bev Andolsek517r Polly Waymire 493. Top leamgame: Consumer's Oil 712. Top men's games: Myron Waymire 7!?; Don Feldhaus 703, George Orr 207. Top women's games: Bev AndolseK 195; Qelty Orr 119; Juanlia B (Kir on 174. Splits picked up: Dick Klmscy 6-7-10; Bob Taylor!-?. Feb. 14 Al Columbine Bowl Monday Night Mixed Pros Top leam series: Poison Darts 1841. Top individual series: Red Edgar 554; Mike Dart Ml: Mary Folkers 570. Top team game: Poison DarlsTlj. Tap individual gc-nev Mike Dart J73; Harold Folkers 709; Claudia Dart 197. Feb. II Classic Lanes Dicki-enaelM?. Top women's series: Sue Morehead 577; Ruth Dill 514; Alice craven 500. Top team game: Askew MorehearJflW. Top men's games: Eddie Stevens 759; Dick Fendel 734; Harold Herman 710. Tcp women's games: Rulh Dill 709; Sut Morohead 198; CharlonoMcKnighl 19S. Spills picked upr Jew Slencil 3-10; Vi immnli i J ( Hoyer LiuStiiK i 10, f-cin Libuck 3.7-10. Feb. It At Classic Line Lucky Strikes (Scratch scores) Top team series: WekJenkcllcr Bros. 1993. Top scries: Donna Klndsfnthrr stl; SKarlene Moser 580; Vollct Rasmusscn 557; VyOsuornei76; Ina Conaway 573. Top team game: WeWenkeller Bros 494. Osbornc 310; Sharlene Moser 704; Donna Klrxhlalher 2OS 704; Bonnie Halgh 200. Spills picked up: Sue McDonnell 3 4 4 , ZOOCOOk 5 10;CarryMcNamara3 4,3 10. Feb. 19 At Columbine Bowl Newcomers Top team series: Call Gals 7170. Top women's scries: RenoStelchen i17; M.C. Evenson 484; Norma Arnold 473. Top team game: Call Gals 752. Top women's games: ReneStdcnenm, 191; M.C. Evenson 195; Joane Kennedy IBS. Splits picked up: Joyce Marcure 9-'0; Shirley Kldd 49-10; Juanita Hawkins 57; Linda Halley 71: Carol Kiopinger 3 10; Jane Brown 4.10; Mary Faulhabcr S-1u; Brttyr Kottenslrtte 46-10; Gwcn An derson 3.7-10. Feb. 19 Thursday scratch doubln At Classic Lines High scries: Linda Graham B2; Virginia Foes 473; Pat Cllnkscales «4j Judy Mess 644; Key N leisen *77. High games: Pal Oinkscales 707; Virginia Foos 195; Lnda Graham 169; Thcla H ins on 1U; Donna Gum 1(4. Feb. i» (Scratch Scores) Top" team srrln: Kelly Construction 3113. Top men's series: Gordon Kindred 577; Rick SehwartrkopI 571; Ed Kelly 504,- Dan Wallace 507; Dale Sparks 507. Top women's serlet: Mardelle Ewing J9I; Joyce Casseday S7V; Diriene Kindred 537; Erna Well 579; Rena Bender S7S. Top leam game: Kelly Construction 743. Casseday 114, Dan Wallace Hi; Dkk Topping ill. High team game: Elaine Hards 71(: Gloria Klndsfater 713; Jean Dccenlck 199; Paity Faglcr 1VS; Elsie Strieker 195. Feb. 70 Classic Mlxtd (Scratch Scores! Top leam scries: Byco Sales Ltd. 2712. Top men's series: Jack Schuman 454; Jim McKlnile 568; Lynn Salser 554. Top women's series: JOArni Sehumin S6S; Elsie Markley 539, Jennie Smilh 501. Top team game: Syco Sales Lid. 751. Top men's games: Jack Schuma Higli series. Agnes Cowan 131, Virginia Foos 579; Marty Hullon 575; Joann Frank 517; Pc-ggy Hill 513; Beverly DannnilSOB. High games: Marty Hutton 705; Agnes Cowan 301; Flora Vigil 196; Judy HPSS 191; Peggy Hill 190. Splits Convened: Joann Crank t 9 10; Feb. 15 At Classic Lines WednesdavNIteJeti l Sera ich scores) Top team series; State Farm 3007. Top men's scries: Kelly Werner 16?; Clarence Gcni 547. Bud P res I on 577; Mike Bales 527; Gary Sears570. Top women's series: Inger Chriilansen 516; AUt Craven 111, Loy Arnold 50?, TlllloVillarn.'dlH4; Tonda AlOrlglilon 500 Top team game: State Farm 71B. Top men's games: Gary Sears 715; Mkc Bates 715; Leo Craven 211; Clarence Gen; 309; Kelly Werner 701. " rolyn Rains 714; Ing 197; Eur r chrttit colt 191; Loy Arnoli Ffb.IS "eight-and-one" plan allowing players lo exercise their option in the ninth season. TTieplayers have countered with proposal that would allow free agent status after the sixth season. , , ,, , . , , . LL , football team, but it has to be a grabber for any trivia nut. The Wings left a virtual store room of goodies to be had, though Smitty's prices might chase off some. But Smitly has really done this thing up The Cloverleaf Kennel Club ri 8 nt - He P ut ou t a printed sheet listing all of of Loveland will kick off its 22nd the items and P rices to te h a d - I n an economy year of racing with a 12-race- measure - something the WFL was ap- prngram starling al R p m on partly short on - Smitty's mail order is Thursday March 25 P rinted on the back of and old 8 rade form for A G3-night season is planned, wi "gs' coaches to use in evaluating players, plus eight special malinee other than that, it's neat and orderly with programs starting at 2:30 p.m. s i m pi e instructions for mail ordering. Just like on Fridays, April 30 and May 7; Sears or Montgomery Ward. The Denver Spurs Saturdays, May l and May 8; should have such class "Dear Fan of the San Antonio Wings," it starts. That reduces the marketing area to a chosen few right off the bat. The items are a trivia hunter's delight. oid C iB7 rav ° n Jach Roche and Geo r 8 c Wood. Available are Wings' helmets complete with They'll join regulars Don decal, face mask and chin strap. For $15 less Conatser, Wilbert Hart, the you get just the while helmet with no decal. Blair Brothers, Mrs. Frank Game pants are available along with home and Hall, Oregon Kennels, Carl away jerseys. Numbers are listed so you can m's service P r i l c h a r d , T h u n d e r b i r d gel the jersey of your favorite San Antonio Cloverleaf opening set and Mondays, May 3,10,17 and 24. Four kenels return to Cloverleaf after long absence -Handle, Dock Shock Icy, Al Classic Lanei cutset)* (Scratch Scores High learn game; Schcirr Center«». High team series: Schelrr ct Hi2ho"mc; cay swittcr «4; Nciiie jo Kennel, F. B. Stutz and Dr. player if anyone ever had a favorite Wing. Warren Wegerl. How about a travel bag. "This item con- l «r P o"!, For the first lime in Colorado, tained an entire uniform and personal effects Cloverleaf will have nine $2 and is large enough lo tote a hunter's quota," Girvan 213; Palty Fagler 209; Donna Sth- Hlghs Fagler Swilier 534 tnSM - Top Seric Florlolej, n jop leam Top gam Wayne tl oo* At CalumbliM s; Nellie Jo Girva Ruby Christia a Schmidt 535; Sharo F?b " trifecla races and two $3 per- the order form informs us. It's blue with a fecta races on each racing card white insignia and black straps. "A real along wilh the regular win, winner," we're told. You hunters listening? place and show, quiniela, daily A Wings sideline cape is a real bargain, double and twin quin wagering. Hoyal blue wilh silver lettering, they've never been out of the box -- the Wings never played in bad weather. How about a box of stationery and envelopes? You get 500 game tickets for $6. Or the Wings' playbook for $30. They musl've had some kind of offense for $30. Yours for the reading (and six bucks) is the Hemmeter Plan. "A 31-page pamphlet describing The New League' marked CONFIDENTIAL. Apparently it was so confidential that some of the league members weren't aware of it. Also, a 19-page pamphlet by Chris Hemmeter explaining the rules of the WFL. The rules of an entire football league in 19 pages? How about. "All the statistics, plus complete game reports with computer readouts on eight contests. Plus folders on 27 Wings players for one game -- 24 inches of reading!" I hope that's 24 inches thick and not 24 inches long for $50. If it is length it could be a new idea in advertising: "At your bookstore now "War and Peace," 19,463 inches of great reading." That's not all. You can get game films and WFL scouting reports. "Analysis by the Wings of Shreveport, Jacksonville, Portland, Birmingham, Memphis, Philadelphia, Hawaii, Southern California (nothing available on Chicago or Detroit)." The scouting reports go for $200 while the films are available for an even grand. Come home movie time it probably would beat mom and kids waving at Niagra Falls. Or would it? For the souvenir nut there's pennants, bumber stickers, footballs, megaphones and buttons. The best item is for big guys only. Wings' sweat pants, but in extra large only. Complete with a San Antonio Wings emblem, a bargain for $10. Wouldn't you be the hit of the handball court? "Order now to avoid disappointment." "Obviously a very limited supply." "Prices include shipping to any point in the USA. Texas residents include five per cent sales Lax." J..C. Penney eat your heart out. A.? Top team scries. Hayden 2179. Top Individual series: S Hayden J7Q;G Bauer516; M.C. Evenson513. Top leamgame: Hayden313. Top individual games: S. Hayden 199; M. C. Evcnson 191; M. Wagner 111; G. Bauer 188. At Clisik Lines Lucky 5lrlhes (Scratch Scores) Top leam scries: Bender Aulo Sales 1964. Top series: Rena Bender S58; Marilyn Oarden 554. Evelyn Reed 557; Violet Rasmussen53f. Ina Conaway 57B. Topteamgame: Elegant John 619. Top games. Eveleyn Reed 777. Marilyn Barden 713; Rena Bender !M; Vy Oiborne 704; Violrl Raimuiicn m. Spills picked ti athleen Bender 5 10: Ra a Balrd7-7. 70); Gl Top 727; Elsie Markley 703. JoAn e Sals 17(. 178: At Bowlondo Feb. 71 At Columbint Bowl Monday AiJernoon Ladies TOP team series: Silver Nija 7047. Top scries. Evelyn Rtcd 607, Slwrlarie Moser i7i; Doroihy Plot 560; Jean Bassett S5J; Lois Todd 577; Bobble Shorrah S09: janKta a507. [Scratch sc es) Top loam series: Cal. Co 704S. Top men's series: John Andolsek S87; Don Fellhaus 54!; Ray Triebus 543. Top women's series: Betty Orr SOI; Bev Andolsek 474; Juanita Bostron us. Top leam game: Cal. Co. 737. Top mrn's games: Don Feldhaus 212; Don Dostron 107; Ray Fricbus 701. Top women's games: Betly Orr 191; Juanita Bostron 117; Polly Waymire 179. Splits picked up: Dick Kimsey 4-5-7; Polly Wflymlre 3-10 Feb. 9 Al Columbine Bowl Monday Night Mixed Pros Top team series: poison Darti 1977. Top Individual series: Jim Darl 564; Dennis Belt 554; Dee Dart 4%. Top team game: Poison Darts 767. Top Individual games: Jim Dart 247; Red Edgar Ed Klein 221; D« Dart 213 Feb. 10 At Classic L»nes Tuesday A.M. (ScralchScorM) Tiv team series: Alley Cats 1179. Top series: Elaine Barker 5J2; Dorolohy Straight S1J: Carol Rempel 488; Due Davisson4j7; Marilyn Tapp 413. Top team game- Loopers 664. Top games: Alyce Allison 711; Elaine Barber 198; Doroihy Straight 17t; Linda Dupper 178. Splits picked up: Linda Dupper 5 10; (Scralch Scores) High teamgame: Mac's Mobile 844 High game: Donna SchmUl 706; Belly Moale 200 197; Bary McMahan 19;. High team series: Mac's Mobile 7341. High scries: Beity Moate 577; Elaine Harris 511,-EdicDunsonSOJ Feb. IB Wednesday 1 oclack League Classic Lanes Htgn series: Joann Frank 577, Agnel Cowan 520; Virginia Foos 513; Paulelte HolfncrSM; Francis PraII491. High games: Elaine earner 707; Jolene Meek 702; Leona Geisiik 700; Agnes TM' Cowan Iff; jeanMels If7. Feb. if At Bowiorado Sevtn.Eleven (Scratch Scores) Top leam series: Bliss Produce 7U5. Top serin: Geo Tokunaga 515; Gary Hughes 584; Paul Grlego 567; Lennarn Korgan !!(: Marvin Ream 548 Top team game; Northern Feed Bean Topteamgame. uranasDraper71V. Top games: Evelyn Reed 235-1BB-1B4; Lois Tood 734; Snarlane MOser 19B; Jan Klauda 197. Shirley bcknardi bowled a triplicate of Feb. 11 AtRowlorado Sportsman 1 Men 4 Games (Scralch Scores) Top leam series: Bowiorado Lanes 7195. Top i tries: Thorn Magulre 777; Ken Larson 763; Maynard 763; Geo Tokunaga 757; Arlo Richardson 717. Topteamgame: Bow1oradoLanes605 Top games: Bill KahlerSSI; Ken Larson 711.201.700; Maynard Weber 718-701: George Tokunaga 711-205; Arol Richar- Feb. 21 Com 703. At BOWIM1B Top team series: Rosin Palming 2792. Top wrtei: Dough Frenfeld 694; Bob Kiscr 609; Chucx Johnson 5?t; Richard YDarraSM;JatkFlsnerS7f. Top team oame: Monlort Pack No Two Top games: Gco Tokunaga 256; Paul Gr.ego732; Tak Murata 725; Gary Hughes 222;LPnnard Korgan 70S. Feb. If AtBowlarado NelBhbors Mixed Top team series: Swetrig's Auto World 7010. Top men's series: Eddie Stevens (Al: Galan Larson 553; OIHe Stromburger 5S3; Top games: Doug Rehfeld 751-777.714; Bob Klser 754; Dieter Rosin 127; Richard Ybarra 211; PorfirloGarcia 716. Feb. 14 Al classic Lants Country Club Women [Scratch Scores) Top team series: No. Ten 1614. Top women's series: Joyce Casswfny 725; Mardelle Ewing 703; Rachel Kaveny m.'HrnaWrrli 191: Darlcne Kindled IM; Rena Bender IBB. (Scratch scores) Trip teriiT strict BHss Produce7515 Top series: Ltnnarrt Ko^gan 575; Duane iCMlJgel 546; Jdtque Kocnlg S3f, Bill Ream535; BobRCinick579. Top team game: BUSS Produce tai. Top Lennard Korgan 225; Duane SChlagei 702; Profirio Garcia 207; Donald Bennell 19!. Bill Ream 194. F-Cb. 76 At Clinic Lams Sandbaggers (Scratch Scores) Top leam series: Kelly Construction 2259. Top men's series- Gordon Kindred 411; Max Casseday 606: FloydOslermiller 541; Harry Bauer 577; Dale Sparks 504. Top women's scries: Joyce casseday 615; Manlelle Ewing 571; Sher Getlman 501. Gwen Andrews 484; Hilda Oslermiller 47B Top team gome: Kelly Construction 777. Top men's games: Max casseday 743: Gordon Kindred 747; Rick Schwarl/kopl 196; Ed Kelly 196; Floyd Ostermlller 194. Top women's games: Joyce Casseday 751; Sher Geltman 203; Mardelle Ewing 196; Hilda Ostermillcr 197; Erna Werli 191 Feb. 27 At Bowiorado Lanes Greeley Ladies Top team series: w.O.T.M. 7108. Top scries: Rachel Kaveny 51B; Betty Spindler SI3: Doris Rakoskl SOO; Jeannine Cooper 4fi9; Chris Mnngnuson 488 Top games: Betty Spindler 200; Chris Magnoson 191; Caroil Wheaton 191; Rachel Kaveny 117. Mary Garcia 180. Splits picked up: Helen Premer 11110, X10; Velma Foshee 5 10; Martha Foos 7-7. B; Connie Tully 4-5; Pearl Held 5-7-9; CAroll Wheaton 7-7; Barbara RaKoski 5-7; Hallie Rucker 3-10; Betly Spindler 5-10; Mary Garcia 2 7; i n« conaway 4 79. 1429 E. Mulberry ^_ Ft. Collins, 493-5354 The No. 1 recreational vehicle dealef~ in Northern Colorado invites you to come out and browse through a complete line-up of the No. RV's. Small fold-out units to full sized motor homes. Featuring the Fleetwood family of products: -PROWLER -PACE ARROW TIOGA PLUS STARCRAFT AND NU-WA Many used RV's to choose from. Our roads are getting older...not Wtter! Come out today and take a look and receive a FREE Northern Colorado Camping Guide! Colorado s roads aren t as young as they used to be. Parts of the amazing interstate system go back over two decades. And many ol our roads... the ones you use every day to get to work, to school, to the store, to church... were originally built 50 years ago. These roads need regular maintenance. They need improvements to keep them safe and hard at work for ali of us. That takes money. Money limited by rising costs and decreasing revenues. Money some say should be diverted from Highway User Funds to non-highway related state services. But let's look at the facts. Our roads carry more than passenger cars They also carry school buses Urban and inter-city buses. And trucks delivering food, clothing, medicine and other necessities. Our roads are an investment of billions of dollars that pay off every day in safety, happiness and prosperity. That investment must be protected and preserved. You can help by telling us about any bad roads that bother you. Find out what the plans are to have them fixed. Mail in this pothole today. Colorado's roads. Every day they'll keep getting worse. Until we all get wise.

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