Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on November 7, 1961 · Page 13
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 13

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 7, 1961
Page 13
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! On the Sports Scene i S ' s By Lorry Swi» i Sometimes the digestion of a weekend of football can be enough lo give any fsn .ulcers. Saturday afternoon, the swal- owirrg was easy as I watched Ihe Colorado Buffs nio the Missouri Tigers, 76, via Mel Allen's cameras al Boulder. Then the swallowing was even smoother as .loo Lindahl's Colorado State Bears operated with perfection in upsetting Idaho State, 27 to M. . . But centtntnwtt trupttd vl- ·ItnHy SurxUy i a. rriori*! *f diuptielrrtrrwnt Iwjgtd In my rhro*t it I watched th« D«nv*r Broocn lay d«wn xi HM )oh whll* my to'ts urrtrKt*el In 35 dccjrce . wtutlMr. . ". i The one tranquillizing experience Sunday came with viewing Houston's magnificent George Rlancla as he passed for three touchdowns, kicked two fiek goals and seven exlra points, ant comnleted 17 of 33 passes for 253 yards. A tremendous exhibition regardless of 1 which team he represented. But despile Ihe digestive prob lem, I couldn't have asked for a weekend of more exciting plays and individuals. Ycl, it left me with three big questions: 1. Did Sonny Grindellus play too conMrvaHvt feotbill In th* Mcend haH7 2. What it' It fting to taki to get Ik* Bears up ptychebfical- fy earlier in th* Mawn? 3. Art th« ftrofK*s'~r*aNy at E»d at th*y 'leoictd Sunday^ Each question, must be pon dered over more carefully betor I will satisfy rriy inqiiisiliveness But it appears that CU might havi whipped Missouri by eighl or mofi points had Weidner. unleashec some, second half passes when i was obvious the Buff's grounc game wouldn't score. Apparently Grandelius wanted to play -i safe and try to cinch Ihe baltl by' the narrow margin and no chance the Interception. Posses sion was important in that sec ond half. I f ' e v e r a coaching staff! ha the personalities to' inspire team, the CSC crew'has it. Yoi won't find more likeable fella than Joe Lindohj, Bud Best an Bob Blasi. Coach Be'st can be heard from one end of Jackso Field lo Ihe other trying to-biii! the Bears enthusiasm. Bui tb Idaho State game offered me th first opportunity to see the Bear really up' for a game. Pr-rhap there's a place for tbe psycho inalybt in football, today. .' I dwi't knew what to w about ttit. Br»rK»». Appartfrtr rrny |utt don't hav* th* horl* t» b* .in MM .rac«. Th«ir lln* no protocHen for Trl pucka and H*rrlng, and rh* past · defenders w*r* chatir each otjwr all afternoon. Th* Denver quartorfaacki were f*t ting their attronomy Uiwn frem "D* Cold, CoM Ground' on numereut plays. Well, at least local fans aren confused as 'Uw Michigan State md . Mfelasippl fan this week er suffering stunning defeats. . * * - * . The Student Editor of the Uni- rsity of Mississippi. newspaper Krled,'in an article sent, to chlgan Stale, that 1 h« and ajority of his fellow itudents nk It is rldiculdus that "(Me ss" can't play Michigan State football because the State team eludes 1 negroes. He wanted to see if Michigan ale really deserved to be ranked ef Mississippi. Of course, this as before the games of this st weekend when both were set. " · - · : H* MM, The Anhak think- nf whkti »rev«llt h our capl-. al city maliest thli trnpottiMo. Segregation has been deter- ined by the highest court of land to be unconstitutional t nroviding for Ihe equal right? all. Then its about lime organiza 6ns such as the NCAA put theit oot down and expel teams operat g contrary to American belief lis would bring abmtt athletic esegregalion In a matter of on months. I'm sick of seeing some of our nest athletes, who usually are mong our finer citizens, spa ion when they appear in a few our cities. And to think we cal iis a democracy. Where is il? SOT-?, 19S1 GREELEY TTOBUN'E P«r« 13 TROPHY AND FOOD TOO -- Clarence-Dressier, 2434 7th St., poses 'with the'four-point mule deer rack which had gome wardens at Ihe Fort Collins check stalion buzzing Sunday. The rack was Ihe nearest perfect laken out of the Poudre Ilivet area this season. Four points on each side of the rack were symmetrically matched and the two small brow points were also in balance. The rack,had a 30'.4 Inch spread with beam diameters of 43 and 51 centimeters. The animal which produced this Irophy head was believed to be seven or eight years old. It field dressed to 2M pounds, Carcass can be seen in background. Tribune, photo by Jim Hitch. . · .' Bowling TBOWLORAtX) SPORTSMAN'S The scores: Greeley May lag .4, inclair OH 0; Austin 1 Austin'4. Top Individual games: (Men) John Andolsek 236; Al Weber 212; Harry Palmer 186; (women) Lllah Schneider 189-178; Shirley McWil- loose Lodge 0; Reynolds Farm Hams 177; Esther Palmer.166. Sober Service 1; Gill 3, Hunters Ehrlich Milk 2, Frigidain ales-2. Top team series: Gill 2570.. Top individual series: H. Schlis- ler 552; Verne Claus 537; G. Foos . , . . , . . . . Top; GUI 6§3. Top individual^ games: Verne Jlaus iilj" G, Foos 203; K. Wils!03 t ::: ·..,,.·. COMMERCIAL ie scores: D. C. Royer 4, Weld Co. Garage 0; Moose Lodge 3, rs Beer 1; Wilburs Marine 3, Greeley National Bank.l; Harris Oil 3, LTI 1; Charleys Scrvke 3; Hortons ). - · Top team -series: Harris Oil Z542. Top individual.series J. Fisher Springs Woman Leads Colorado Bowling Tourney PUEBLO (AP) -- Mrs. Mabi Carlson of Colorado Springs lea in Class A singles and all-even competition with two weckenc still lett in the Colorado Women Bowling Tournament. Mrs. Carlson rolled a 615 seri lo raise her Class A all-events tal to 1,759. Miss Loa Wilson of Denver pa es Class B singles with 561, a Mrs. Eileen Deverich of Pueb continues to lead Class C with 557. - In Class C. Mrs. Joyce Zapel of Denver rolled a M7 to replace Mrs. Frances Zellar of Walsenburg, 545, in second place. The all-events leaders beside Mrs. Carlson are Miss Wilson in Class B, at 1,709; Mrs. Peggy Muesborn of Holyoke, Class C, 1,464, and Mrs. Mary Hairston of Colorado Springs, Class D, 1.436. Mrs. Mickey Pavlovich and Mrs. Dodie McDonnell of Denver rolled 1,077 Io lead in Class A doubles. Don's Tavern of Denver is the Class A team loader with a score of 2,518. World's Leading Trapshooter Dies PHOENIX, Ariz. (AP) - Fred R. Elchcn Sr., 77, Internationally known trapshooler, died Monday in a Phoenix rest home. El chen, formerly of Sun Valley Idaho, suffered from heart trou ble. He retired from competition ibout five years ago. 'The high point in Elchen's shooting career came .in 1914 vrben he won the U.S. high av erago championship, the Britiil Open and captained the U. S Olympic team to victory in Paris A native of Coffeyville, K»n. Etchen opened a nationwide chaii tf shooting schools in 1839. When World War II erupted, he ckwec 1 the schools and volunteered hi instructors as military gunner) teachers. ,., Survivors include his widow 'ahel, ind a son, Fred (Rudy Jr., o( Pimbur'-'), Pa. 570; V. Wakeman 654; Swede I temple 549. top team game:-Harris pil 890 Top individual games: Clay Koch 213; S. Hemple 204; W Reichert 200. · GREELEY LADIES ' ' The scores: Sinclair Oil t, Gree ley Lumber 0; Bowlorado Lanes 2, Kreiger ' Accordion 1; Caper Club 3, J. M. McDonald 0; Home Light 4 Power Co 2, D. C. Royer Ins. 1; First National Bank 2 A-H Cement 1. Top team series: Sinclair Oi 236.. Top individual series: Ella Rose crans 518; Shiz Ogata 516; Shirley GREELEYETTS The scores: Farm Aid Service 4, AtM Glass 0;. Ka Lynlfleauly " Campus 'Beauly 1; Columbine I, No. 8 Team 2; Hart Grain 2, No. 2 Team 2. Top team -series: Jiart Grain 2098'. Top individual series-^ Lois Couffman 507; Fuzz Barnaby 456; Joyce Heimhechner 453. Top team games: Ka Lyn Beauty 751.. Top-' individual games: Fuzz Barnaby 183; Joyce Heimbechner 1W; Lois Cauffman.,178. . '-. :. ', AULT. LADIES The scores: Bells 3, Clarys 1 Helens Beauly Shop 0, Ault Hard ware .4; Diners 4. Gambles 0 Johnsons 0, Ault Cleaners 4. Top team series: Bells I7M. Top individual series: Madly Larson. 523; Eulela Muriel Prange t Clark 492 Marguerite Broyles 469. Top team game: Bells 594. Top individual games: Madly Larson 191; Muriel Prange 181 Marguerite Broyles 190; Hele White triplicate 124. Lauridsen SCO Top team game: Sinclair Oi 778. Top individual games: Shiz Ogata 192;'Ma'ry Conlin 186; Mary ChqmberlainTops NBA Scoring . -NEW YORK (AP) -- As usual towering Wilt Chamberlain i leading-the- National .Basketba Association In scoring, with a 48 average, and in rebounding. The defending champion.Bosto Celtics don't have a player amort the top 10 scorers listed in th Cohea 185. AT COLUMBINE LANES COLUMBINE MAJOR weekly league statistics release* Tues.. nor do they have an rb vidual leader in any departmen But with six players averagin Widmaier's 0; Macyi 2, Tlh venue Shamrock 1; Zaii Jewel- rs2, lowl 3, McArthur-Wneeler 0. Top team series: Columbine 5owl 2708.' Top individual series: Carl Kin- The scores: Weld County Bank in double figures, the Celtics hav won all four outings, lead Eastern Division' standings 1; Columbine have 'an' average .margin of vk shita 637; Lew Bramwell 584, ich Schmidt 576. Top team game: Columbine Bowl 937. Top individual games: Carl Kin- shila 223; Mike Durbin 221; rank Bray 219. COLUMBINE LADIIS Tbe scores: Columbine Bowl 3. arden City Liquor 0; Jones Co. V4, Weld County B»nk Itt; Cote- 1 ado Grain L Storage 2, Coors 1; ·it's Cafe i, Consumers Oil Co. 1 Top team series: Columbine Bowl 2306. Top individual series: Rit» Johnson 526; Lois Coffmtn 518; Bobbie Eldridge 501. Top team game: Columbine Bowl 780. Top individual games: Edd» Bayles k Rita Johnson 187; Bob-ij lie Eldridge 191; Lois Coffman k L Julie Bramwell 1*4. FRIDAY NIGHT MIXfD The Korea: Bob Ley Und Leveling 1, Coc«-CcU'3; Tbom«s Or- 1, Wtymire Hardwire 3; Coo- ·i mers Oil Co. 1, KFKA J; Grte- ley Locker It Meat Co. 3, WeMo- rado Drugs ). Top team series: KFKA 1914.. Top individual series: (Men) A! Weber 562; LeRoy Schneider 4M; Harry Pilmer 4»4; (women) Ul»h Schneider 4»; Shirley McWil- llams, 457; Esther Palmer 44«. Top le*m g»me; Consumers Oiljl On. lory of 24.8 points. Chamberlain, the- giant Phil delphia center, was held io a se son low of 28 points by Boston Bill Russell last week, but boos ed his scoring lotal to 342 point INDUSTRIAL LEAGUE The scores: Kobel'H t P arry's Driviti 4; Greeley Bull g Supply 0,' Century, Radio recley Electric 3,''Monarch Colo. Savings. .0," N.C.I.L. epp's Inc. 2, Wickland Moto AF-ROTC 1, Wells Motors'3. Top'team'.series: Century Rj ' ' Sports Notes LOS ANGELES ; (AP) - Lou ymkus, who coached the Hpus- n Oilers lo Ih? American Fool- 11 League title last year and .fired Oils season, soys he ubts that the San picgo Chorg- s could'beat.the National Fool- 11 League's Los Angeles l\ams. After watching Iho Rams beat le Minnesota' Vikings, nynikus, a public relations man for obal Marine Exploration Co., ad this to say: "The Rams have good person- 1. I certainly wish I had liad ;hl or 10 of the las Angeles ayers at Houston. We got by loslly on spirit and delermina on. . ' VThe Chargers should have laten Houston last'year.' They ad better personnel, hut jt would e hard to say' lhat any-' of our cms could measure irp- to the tarns." ' BALTIMORE ·. (AP) -- Linus By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS A crowd of 3,107 welcomed Ihc :nnsas Cily Steers at Ihcir first lome game in the American Has- etball League Monday night and ivalchotl Ibcir loam lose lo Clove- and 110-1C6. League-leading San Francisco Pony MeAlee and Joe/ Noller wo noted jockeys of yesteryear, ere elected .Tiies. lo the Nation Jockeys Hall of Fame. McAtee'led in the annual bal rfing by sportswrilers Ihroughoul nation, but because Ihe close less of the vote (M7-291J, the irine's . permanent nominating ·ommittee decided lo-lxnor both ien this year. Notter, 72, of Floral Park, N.Y., ode from IBM through 1918. His iirse-wlnning record of $464,322 n 1908 stood until it was broken y Earl Sande in 1923. McAfee, 64, now a successful inancial investor, lives in Jamal- a, N.Y. His career lasted from 914 through 1832. He was the eading money-winning jockey in 928. also assumed the spoiler's role, defeating Ihe Los Angeles Jcls 116-113 in tbo opener at 1.05 An- jcles. Tho crowd there was 1,634. Cleveland's 6-foot Roger Taylor, :ormcr Illinois star, proved the liltlc man still has a place. He scored 35 points with a soft, outside shot. Bill Bridges led Kansas .Jily with 24. In Los Angeles, George Yardley of Ihe Jets and Whitoy Bell of.lUc Sainls ignited a brief iighl. None of the players involved was ejected. San Francisco was behind 1C points midway through Ihe third period but a 3-point basket by Puerto Rico, outpointed Bell put Ihi Saints ahead as the Davies, 152, Philadelphia, quarter ended. San Francisco never again relinquishel the lead. Dave Gunlhcr scored 27 points for San Francisco. Bell hid 26. Urges Return of Spitball By BEN OLAH ; .1 .;· ' |to legalize the spiller wax «ib- AMoclaled Pr*t Sport! Writtr milted to the major league rules NEW YORK (AP) -; -Belea- committee last month. The groop gucred.big league baseball pilch- ers, stung by a record 2,730 home runs last season, have a strong ally In Commissioner Ford Frick. "I hope they bring back the spilball," Krlck said Tues. "The itchers need help. Mosl of Ihe ·ulc changes the past few years lave favored the batter. Something has to be done to give the game more balance." · According to Frick, a proposal "A similar proposal was milled lo tire committee a Fights By Trli ASSOCIATED PRESS Chicago -- Joey Giordello, 163, Philadelphia, outpointed Jesse Smith, IMtt, Chicago, 10. New York--Dulio Nunez, 159V4. Pro Basketball By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Monday Results ABL Cleveland 110, Kansas Cily 106|Tombolini, Ilaly, ,127^, 8. San Francisco 116, Los Angeles Willie 10. Snn Francisco -- Herman Marques, 118. S l o c k l o n , Calif., slopped Ronnie Perez, 118, Hayward, Calif., 9. Providence, H.I.. -- Don Proul 188. Providence, outpointed Abe Davis, 201, Harlford, Conn., 8. Kyoto, Japan -- Masao Gondo ; 158, Japan, knocked out Sema Tri butor, 159%, Thailand, 5. Bologna, Italy -- Ilertor Oliva 126V4, Argentina, outpointed Ivan 113 |USE THE TRIBUNE WANT AD cxpecled lo consider It during be majors' annual meetings arly In December in Tampa, 'la. Jim Gallagher, veteran ex- cutlvc most recently with Phlla- clphia, is Ihe committee chair- sub- few ·cars ago but was turned down," 'rick recalled. · "This lime I hink (here's even more need for he spiller. The fans ,wlll eventually get tired ol seeing all those lome runs.. The spitball would iclp bring back the stolen base, he hit-and-run and the sacrifiee and would give the fans aome- .hing new." Frkk pointed out Joe Cronln, \mcrlcaii League president, and Frank Shaughncssy, former president of Ihe International League, also are in favor ot the spilball's ·cturn. The spitball, outlawed In the early 1920s, moves up to the plate "ike a knuckler, only faster, Frick Basketball Eqaip. SARGE.NX SHOP 1016 Bth Ave. EL 3-45*7 Sports Briefs IV THE ASSOCIATED rM!S HORSE. SHOW ' . ' , . . . NEW YORK - Frank Ckapot and Ka|hy Xusner, rldinJt San Lucas and Hilh Noon respectively, won tb« International Cham- Hwubip Challenge and Boyal Winter Fair limping (rophles for the United Stale* U Madison Square Garden. It was 1V ~ Irsl mo U.S. lilies in ils days of c · OJKINC ; LEEDS, England -- U.S. amateur team .Might a M draw u1tb England t» thr Mcond stop of its European tour.' R A C I N G -' - · NBW YORK -- Hleh Tide SUbles W1-.O- -·nll-MM.80) 'scored -ia Ihe Be Frank Purse 1 it .Aqueduct.' -.3.' . . PAWTOCKET, ^. I. -- llilh QualltJ "MOJ captured her third .auccesslve vie ---·- ~ - rearure. atkNyraraiuetl Part Md H£r*r's H(x*.lW.« M Ua pate and won the 0) Top' mdi,V'j«hJfli games:' G. 'kklahd j'il;'-Mervil Miller 2t ex Erbes 207. - ' ' ' T E N P I N J - ' The scores: \Campus'cleaners, .'·; Greeley'. Bldg. : ." and x 'Supp]y 4, V ' 2, Gambles ; 'l; Baseys : 1, Iratrens Food Market 1; Campus "harrhacy 1, Greeley Beauty' School 1. ,.Top te'arri scries; VFW, 1604. Top individual series:' Blossom Hurray, 45J; Joyce Redman,' «4; Eunice Scott, 412. . Top team game: VFW, 587. Top individual games: Joyce Redman, 174; Blossom Murray and .Eunice Scoll, -173; Nbrma Converse, 166. MONDAY AFTERNOON LADIES The scores: Snack Bar 1, Farmers Union 2; Chase -Tire and Oil 0, J H Elec. 3; VFW 0, Meadow Gold 3; Caper Club 1, Spud Chip's 2; F k F Distributing.3, Rambler of Greeley 0; Columbine 2, Town Country 1. Top team series: .Columbine, 1819. ' . . " . ". Top individual series: Mildred Schumacher 600; Lilah Schneider 485: Jane Cooper WO. Top team game: Columbine 627. Top individual games: Mildred Schumacker 109; Evelyn. Jones 192; Lorraine Barnaby 191. KT.-Misty Roan «.» gained her second vie _. · starts this fall b» win nlnf the beadltoer al Churchill Downs IAN BRUNO, CJa«. -- Eden Belli rs.aoj closed · vvim a rush and icoreti hnlf lenflh victory in the top event Tantoran, . . . . WESTBimY. N. Y. -- Del Miller' Meadow Graysor. 1J33.W) ' establtshed track record . for Iwo-year-oM pacers Give a Room a Look of Luxury For L«»« Than The Cost of One Piece of Furniture PRE-FINISHED MAHOGANY PANELING PER si 95 SHEET 4 Do It Yourcelf-Or Let Us Estimate Labor and Material REELEY UILDING One Blook-South of Classic lanes B. lUPPLY INC. Ph. 352-6844 Fan Sues Dallas, Fort Worth Club DALLAS, Tex. (AP)--A fan of the Dallas-Fort Worth baseball learn sued 'the club for. JI5.000 Monday, claiming he was permanently injured by a bat thrown by one of the players this summer. L. E. Johnson, 56, Dallas, al- 35 leged a bone in his leg was broken by the flying bat July 28 at Bur M Field. He contends the club was negligent in providing an unsafe place for spectators to view the game, sitting behind field goal accuracy, hitting .530 Sticker TURNPIKE PfttWED Snow Tim^ f» No To" Stay Indoor* Fume! 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