Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on April 25, 1972 · Page 1
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 1

Greeley, Colorado
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Tuesday, April 25, 1972
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WRO Representatives, Commissioners Meet By RON STEWART Triburw Stiff Writer . Representatives o F the Welfare :Rights Organization met with the Board of County Commissioners Monday in the first of two meetings the WRO and the board have agreed to .hold. The WRO presented a suggestions for improvement of the county welfare department. Cleo Sanchez, president of the WRO, fold the Tribune the commissioners agreed to "look through" the suggestions and take them up with welfare department director Eugene McKenna. None of the commissioners was available for .comment Tuesday morning. Members of the media were not informed of the meeting prior to its being held. Suggestions Listed The suggestions presented by the WRO included: plicalions. -This assistant should be bilingual. -The Weld County Department of .Public Welfare should hire a Chicano administrator who should be responsible for inservice sensitivity training for all welfare department em- ployes, for the recruitment of representatives minority employes, for assuring "* ·' " and supervising the assistance list of 12 lo recipients in welfare and food plications generally filling stamp and should responsible for needs of Chicano welfare recipients. --The slot for a third investigator should not be filled. The responsibilities of the two investigators presently em-j ployed by .the welfare department should be expanded lo include misuse to terminate Ihe caseworker's employment. --The Weld County Board of Public Welfare and Ihe Weld County Department of Public Welfare should join with Ihe Weld County Welfare Rights Organizalion in a joint effort lo insure that if any increases in the stale or county welfare budget arise within the next few- years that these increases go| lo recipients and not for administrative costs. This joint effort should also be designed lo insure that recipients receive increased grants necessary for K decent and standard living allowance Written by Horace Greel«y in 1171 AND THE GREELEY REPUBLICAN VOL. 64 NO. 153 GREELEY, COLOPAOO 80631 TUESDAY, APRIL 25, 1972 WEEKLY TRIBUNE ESTABLISHED 1870 Legislators Will Discuss Reapportionment Delay investigation of olh'er of funds within the c o u n t y . This investigation should include, bul nol be limited lo, the investigation of county employes' expense ac--A quota should be set on counls, the tax assessor's office, the hiring of bilingual c a s e ( l n c county w o r k - e r s and technicians. T h e eligibility selective procedure should be used in an attempt to hire a significant percentage of Chicano case workers who are fluent in Spanish. -The Weld County Board of Public -Welfare and the Weld County Department of Public Welfare should assist Ihe Weld County i Rights Organization in pressing the Slate Merit System to change its requirements for caseworkers and should join in an a tempi to obtain a model grant lo allow a demonstration project; in Colorado whereby welfare, recipients would used as caseworkers. p h y s i c i a n s hospital and who receive m e d i c a r e a n d medicaid payments for their services, Ihe extension service, etc. --Welfare recipients should be allowed to participate in the seleclion of new welfare department employes. --Welfare recipients should have the right lo aulomalically switch caseworkers at least twice if they are unhappy with their present caseworker and if they bring such complaints lo the attention of the Weld County Department of Public Welfare. --A mechanism should be set up whereby recipients can complaints concerning caseworkers. If such b' e voice jtheir - T h e Welfare Advisory| c o m P l a i n f s a Sainsl caseworkers oard i would he pxnanrirrf ! are numerous the welfare department and the recipienls should be able lo join together! Board | would be expanded'. from its present nine members to 12 members and at leasl two representatives .of the Weld County 'Welfare Rights Organization should be appointed to the Advisory Board. --All welfare and food stamp forms should be made available in both Spanish and English. - - --Tim! welfare department in conjunction with'- the Colorado Department of Social Services should initiate steps to simplify all welfare and food stamp forms in an effort (o make them more intelligible to poor people. To. Assist on Forms -The ; We!d County Department of Public Welfare should Insure that somebody in the welfare .department .and the food, stamp department is always : available to . assist recipienls' in filling out ap- Whoops! FLINT, Mich. (AP) -- The orders of Ihe day called for downton Flint streets lo be washed down so the water department dutifully set about the task today. The only problem was that no. one looked at the thermometer--which r e a d a below-freezing 29 degrees.' Within a short time, as one observer said, "The slrects looked like a giant ice skating rink." Embarrassed city officials i hurriedly sent salt crews out j to (haw the ice;·--»·*?ta'-v ' Wi Commissioners Hear Kodak Zoning Requestl The Board of County Commissioners Monday tonk under advifernent. a zone change and p l a n n e d unit development ( : P U D ) application from Eastman Kodak Co. at northern border and an ad-i ditional 140 feet along the company's western border. i Kodak officials agreed donate 50 feet alone the nor- after a;fhern border and BO'feet'along public hearing at the County jibe western border, but Ihe Courthouse. additional land, the rephrased! The board agreed I n t a k e Ihe paragraph will stale, may be' matter up again after one either donated or sold at "raw' paragraph of rcslrictions im-|land" cost by Kodak, posed by Ihe PUD is rephrased.! Commissioner Glenn 'Billings The rephrasing will reserve!pointed oul that Weld County! additional strips of land along'is not accustomed io purchasing | the Kodak northern and wcsleniiproperty for construction of: boundaries for improvement ofjroads, and if this had lo bej By GORDON G. GAUSS Associated Press Writer DENVER ( A P ) - Leaders of Colorado's political parties will necl at the capitol Wednesday o consider the consequences of cgislalivc veapporlioinnenl de- ays on [he state's 1972 election alendar and the accompanying Hlilical processes. The meeting was called by ienate Majority Leader Wiliam L. Armstrong, It-Aurora. "I don't waul us to have lo come back for any special ses- iun because wo overlooked some date," he said. The meeting is scheduled for 0:30 a.m. in the office of lames ICifemiller, elcclions of- icer for Secretary of Slate By ron A. Anderson. Armstrong invited Ihe leadership of bolh Ihe Republican ·uid Democratic parties along vilh legislative representatives )f both parties and spokesmen or the county clerks. "We want to get everything on the table," Armstrong said, 'and be sure there are no oversights." As an example of the type ol problem he had ir, mind, Armstrong commented Dial someone must determine how dele- F R I E N D S AID ACCIDENT VICTIM -- Friends of Linda J. Knox, 1231 29th St. Rd, comfort her as she awaits the arrival of an ambulance. The girl received cuts, bruises and a broken tooth in an accident involving her bicycle and an auto driven by Nancy J. Khrlich, ?.fi'il) IGlh Avc. at 7:45 a.m. Tuesday. Investigating the accident was Officer Wcs Mellon of the Grccfey Police Department. (Tribune pholo by Mike Peters) gates to various assemblies can be apportioned if boundaries of assembly districts are not firmed up by the time delegates are chosen. The delegate picking process starts at precinct caucuses, currently set for May 15--a Iwo-week delay from the usual lime. Armstrong said the parly officials and clerks will examine [he entire political process and the various deadlines required under parly rules and will make recommendations to the general assembly. "I would assume thai whatever recommendations leaders come with the be adopted by Iho legislature," he said. In some instances precinct boundaries may have to be altered to fit new senatorial and representative districts--when the districts arc set up by the legislature. Tlie Senate Stale Affairs Committee has been working since Friday hearing suggestions for boundaries of (be 35 Senate districts. The House Stale Affairs Committee is just starting to draw lines for (he 55 House districts. Testimony Begins In Boulies Trial HensGl 61st LargGst Firm in Nation By FRANK COLOHAN Tribune Staff Writer The slate began presenting its evidence al Ihe first degree murder and aggravated robbery Irial of Robert Uonlies, 42 ( ol Denver, in District Coiirl Tuesday by calling two sheriff's officers as ils first witnesses. Deputy Sheriff Patrick I). Vinlon testified Unit he had observed William Hamill, 50, of La Salic, lying on the door al West view Liquors abotil ··-'two miles wcsl of drceloy last Ocl. 26 when he and his car-partner responded to a report of an ilarm going off there. Boulies, in Ihe charges Filed ?gainst him, is accused of kill- ng Hamill while in Ihu process of commilting a robbery al (lie slore while armed with a .22 caliber a u t o m a t i c . Talks tp Hamill Vinlon said he checked on (he condition of Hamill, a clerk at [lie slore, and found (lie La Salfo man was parliiilly conscious. Hamill was groaning and the deputy was unable tii An increase of $-12 million in 257 Hiididone for improvement of.contract awards during 1971 has Colorado Highway County Road 66. Road Improvements -improving could By law the ccimly is several years." guaranteed 3(1 feet on ench side, of a section line for road pur-j po:e". but Ihe c;mmisFionors,' of Auburn. Calif. His company! Anolhcr industry publication, built Ihe subslruclures, which j' ' C a I i f · r n i a Building Colorado 257 and County CC "no boosted Henscl Pheips Con- included Iwo 403-foot concrete|lingincer," said in- a recent UTMTM:.,,. «-..u v,. .!_.,_ '--'strucijo,, Co. of Grecley past piers, located in steep terrain lissuo t h a t if Iherc was such ;n iu~ *ifn .«:ir.~., ~....i. -,,,,! :.,(,,!«.. n ^ f .^ ,.i,i~ *.t *u~ ..:..,,.. l i h i n g as a hall of lame f o r ] be done for By-Pass Planned · 60, additional ' Ihe $!CO million mark and into on each side of the river. the top position among Colorado r based general contracting firms'__ · · · i 'F':!^i: n ±!j^^ h dng TGacnGr NGGQS, bridges, Ihe Auburn l-'oreslhill Hridgc" would gain instant recognition". "The bridge's tremendous (Continued on Page 6) · and hea vy ' 61 feet oil Inside The Tribune not finalized, a by- 1 m ."jnf Colorado 3!2, is jthe vicinity of (he Kodak Kodak"'? ncar Windsor. | According la April r, edition ftuiwK .s c o u n t y planner Biirman O f "Kngineoring Nc'.vs-Ker-nrd," .orenson said he objected to p no j p;; fS . } ' KS x 0 ;| among all Kodak's refusal lo provide land contractors in (he United Slates or road improvements. He bascd or) f ( x a l comr2cl awards . pointed out lhat in (he past' Thc .., op m -, )isl of other developers "have bei;n; [r a e , orSi ^unshed annually by ^ NccJs and concerns of Ihe.*TMember. He added that if the jof rapport between Icachfrs and (23 Pages) Abby .. . . ' ........... _.. IB Amusements ______ _ ........ ... 21 Boyle column ... ......... 14 Classified pages ....... , 24-26 Comics ............ _ ....... _ ..... 20 Crosword .. .. . ......... ...... 20 Editorial page _.'..,,'.._·' _______ 4 Fascinating Fabrics ....'._. 18 Keloise - ......... _ ..... ________ _,_ 19 Horoscope ______ ......... ^7-- "* Hospital dismissals .- __ ... 8 Letters lo Tribune :.L ..... 4 Markets ..: _________ ".: ________ 27 Obituaries ....... ------------- 6 TV and radio logs ______ 20 School pages ___ ...... _. 12-13 Sports ............. .... ---- 22-23 Weather ...... i-U,.. -.:....: 8 Women's pages 1. ...'..-... 18-19 Today's Presi Run: 17,4M courteous enough" to fnrnish: M c G r a v ; Hj] |- s pronlincn i j^das-renm teacher were more land than required by lawl d u s l r y p u h ]icatinn, listed Pheips [topics of discussion for o f j at when the land they necessitates improvement service roads. No protests were lodged Ihe hearing, persons appeared lo aski ,., ., ., . Uions of P Lak officials and -- .«*TM?*.TM_ "\ he Board of County Com-i missioners. All were owners of Topic of Citizen Group By JIM CRAIG Tribune Staff Writer ,lhis lo he Irnc as a result of dicalcd teachers were ambulance had already left, he snid. Ucnnclts added Vinlon had. briefed him on the situation and pointed onl two spenl .22 caliber cartridge cases lhat were on Ihe floor. Uennetls said lie look .statements from Ihe lliree men who · had been in Iliu store when Vinlon arrived, Ihcn released (hem. He then look pictures at Ihe scene and collected other evidence. The deputy sheriff , .said lange was scattered on' the Noor around one of the cash registers at (he store and there were Iwo $1 bills on a counter, le said a lolal of $77.00 in change, dollar bills and checks vcrc found at the slore. Around ;I20 was reported taken in [he ·obbery. The pictures taken by Ben- ictls were introduced as exhibits by Ihe State, along with expended cartridge cases and partial bullet- s e v e r a l ragmenls. In his cross-examination lalk lo him. Vinlon snid he removed HamiU's lie and noticed, In doing so, he had gotten blood nn his own shirt. The deputy said he then pulled off HamiH'.s shirt and saw Ihe man nn Ihe floor had a small, bullet-like wound. The deputy reported Ihrcc Ihe at ?103 mil lion j Monday evening meeting of the for jfor 1971, compare;! with $61 -Accountability Committee imillion in 1070, when Ihe District Six. """ °* ' s u r v e y had nol been j nearly none with Itie ad- anonymous, many teachers minislralion and I lie school indicated Ifiaf Ilicy would nnl ihiiard. They furlher commcnlcd lave filled oul (hr; q u e s t i o n n a i r e . ' f l i n t in many cases it seemed "That bothers me," said Dr. ; ;is lho "K t ] men, whom he did nol identify, were in Iho slore al the lime lie arrived, lie later learned Ihe Ibrce had been working at a nearby garage nnd had gone lo Ihn liquor store lo buy a six pack of beer, he said. .Shortly after Vinlon arrived, an ambulance came and H a m i l l was I n k c n ID Weld County (Icneral Hospital. Vinlon snid lie called I h e hospital shortly lliercaflcr and was advised flamill Don Cook, committeeiConk. "Are these situations flf|. concerned with Ihcir public president,(chairman, reviewed a report·' c;lr imnge and actually knew very awards -- , lfl , 71 givcn lo Ihe committee by ' property adjoining Kodak's, and all were satisfied when Iheir questions were answered. Requests Combined Kodak originally filed three growlh of Ihe company during the past 17 years -- to the organization's "emphasis on resources and capabilities, on nn e d u c a t i o n a l committee established by the Chamber of C o m m e re e p^rior lo the discussion wiih the Grceley Teachers Association. He noted and that in many cases ;i report; of teacher complaints has bcenj Other concerns included the p l a c e d ,,., «,.« ^..,, u .,,....,..,, ul . itaLjKirii .tthuuauon. ne mui'u the flexibility 'and diver- that the main concern in Ihe sificalion of the quality con-[chamber of Commerce rcporl annlicalions "for 7one chanees slnlt! " on work J h a l w = do ' ^ndiwas Ihe lack of communicalion ittnTln · ,i,Z e , t a n f n i o u r . rccord °1 «»··««"* J^'al all levels of the educallonal evaluations indicating thai Ihe and the lack til available work teacher was a (rouble maker materials. Physical facilities or a rebel. .were generally accepted as The OTA survey had 4 ] S ; go«i hut with (he cxccplions of involving dustrial agricultural to and industrial to) scientific, but at Ihe request of the counly planning commission two were combined. Favorable reeommertdalions for (he zone change and the PUD were given by the county planning commission following completions. We have huill SC ale. e v e r y t h i n g from churches,: i t s - regular Tuesday. meeting last Bitiernsss Noted military and college campus facilities to suspension bridges and highways." Auburn Bridge One of the slruclurcs of which Pheips is most proud is Ihe new Auburn-Foreslhill Bridge near w ,-t r ,,. - J Din«n»i iiamu urfd ,,» and Hc also-.palnted. out .hat .be report indicated that there was much bitterness and thai l e a c - b e rs. were afraid of speaking out since their jobs might be placed In Jeopardy. . Jim Bornemcicr, GTA president, said lhat Ihe GTA found continuing lo happen?";" V B L ,""",,' y r " , , ' mcier said lhat the ' were ! h l ' 1 0 '? lKlllt l h e °l*TM"«TM " f IJ|C Uorncmcier i school. a teacher's iusc of aides to leach classes iilt; » r i /i .INI f uy nun i i-t . i l l r replied from 4fi7 queslionnaires ;poor storage space and lack of sent lo Ihe instructional staff.! 1 ^ c ' hcr ._TM rt!1 , r1 l. rirc ; ls : """' The prime concern was lhat the j classes were loo large in size and hampered working ami r ' lso value of the learning conditions. The report open concept and the multi-age grouping policy in some schools, Discrepancy in class loads, noted that this was found l o [ l u m b e r of preparation, he more predominant with elementary teachers and lhat good and bad conditions seemed scheduling, nnn-leaehing duties and lack of follow up on discipline and absentees were to vary from school In school, 'areas menlioncd by a majority The teacher- survey also in-lof the teachers. been dead on arrival at Ihe hospital. Duply Sheriff Clyde 0. licnnclts testified lhat lie and li.s car-parlnor had been nolified ahoul «:.% p.m. Ocl. 2li lhat llicrt 1 bad been an arincd robbery al Wcslvicw l.i(|iiors and flic two had gone lo flic slore In investigate. Two Cartridge discs When they arrived, the Weather NORTHEAST COLORADO Scattered showers developing and continuing through Wednesday; chance Ihunderslorms Ihis evening; cooler Wednesday; sojlh lo soulhcast winds ]'j lo SO m.p.h. and gusty tonight; loiv tonight 35 to 10; high Wednesday 50 lo BO. Precipitation probability 40 per ccnl tonight, 10 per cent Wednesday, o( he witness, Ihe defense at- .orney questioned liciinelts as o whelhcr the bullet fragments were actually from a .22 caliber weapon. It was established lhat wsitive classification if Ihe lullet was not made by the sheriff's officers. I/cwis A. Kidder, pathologist it Wold County General Hos- was called by (he tfoscculinn and was designated im expert wilness. Over Ihe objections lofensc attorney fiitward of 0. Venable, Kidder presented three slides of the wounds of Ihe victim, including entrance and exit of the bullet, and damage .0 Ihe liver. Kidder also testified the wound was made by a small caliber bullet, and nol by a 270 caliber bullet. Deputy District Attorney Daniel Mans, who also gave Ihe 'ipening slalemcnt for Ihe [KMjpIc, conducted the questioning of the i n i t i a l two witnesses. Kdward 0. Vcnable, attorney for Houlies, reserved his opcn- ing .statement for later in Ihe rial. Venable only briefly ques- ioncd Vinloii on cross-cxamina- :ion. A jury of seven women and f i v e men was selected about 5 i.m. Monday. : The j u r y was completed after Ihe third of Ihrce men who bad iccn hastily summoned from, their jobs as additional mem: bers of the jury panel was accepted as a juror by both the prosecution and defense. After the jury was sworn in. Judge Donald A. Carpenter recessed the trial, which began Monday morning, unlil 9:30 a.m. Tuesday. During the jury seleclion pro- (t'onlinucd on Pag« I)

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