Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 13, 1962 · Page 19
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 19

Greeley, Colorado
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Thursday, December 13, 1962
Page 19
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and a heavywcignt. but Coach Bob Sinclair is hopeful the team will be satisfactory. Valley High's Vikings and La- wrte's Pirates are included imong the top seeded teams. Valey High has live lettermen in Man Duvali. Dick Werschke, Norm Vago and Jerry Miller. I-i|»rie lettermcn include Mike Jacobs, Melvin Harris. Jack Tarn- in. Charl-s Hart. John Schmidt and Ken Ramsey. Roosevelt, which did exceptionally well against Laurie, have Vern Jcsscr at 93, Henry Sauer at II). Dannv House »t 145 and Eddit Glmdmning leavyweight Norm Rutt the top Rough Hide 1 - hands. Weld Central is paced by lettermen Dei Brewer. Gary Keep IJgviiJ iJevnnlflc Hnhorl Klsiis Tri-Valley Wrestlers Begin Full Scale Action 1ht liiAdiicy wiesthjig conference swings into a full sched- ; ule of action Kriday right. Meets scheduled are College! Hiijh at Brus,h. Laporte al Fortj I.upton and Weld Central at Lafayette. Weld Central wrestles at Roosevelt of Johnstown and Eaton is at Valley Hiah in league meets Saturday night. The Tri-Vallcy meets get underway at 7:3U p.m. Laporte and Itoosevelt of Johns- li.vvn last Saturday officially opened She Tri-Valley competitive season with Laporte edging the Hough Kiders, 26.24. Top seeded teams are defending champion Fort Lupton and Lafayette. Port Lupton is headed by Joe Torrez. who last year won the Colorado State 112-pound championship. The Bluedevils. under new coach Gary ( Pudge) Wilson, Eire hopeful they can overcome the loss of seven mainstays from las! year's team. Torrez is wrestling at 120 this year and is replaced at 112 by Richard Falcon, who won two matches last weekend. Others top llluiilrvils are Jessie Venegas. Dill VV.-itada and lyouic Sandoval. Ixifayette. like most ul the olh er Tri-Valley teams, must fill some m:.jir gaps. However, 1B5' (Hiunder Rick Itogers and heavyweight Steve Oakley are expectet to l» consistent winners. Other top Bobcats are Jim Razo and Boh (juerrieri. Bru^h has only four letlermen hack from !:isl year's team, bu one nf them, heavyweight Mike ToriKJsiiii. is one of the outsland in;! wrestlers in trie league. (ither Ictiermcn are Jerry liutz Vic Kiscus and Stan Grippin T»m;LMni and Crippin last Satur day uoii Sterling Invitational ti-1 Greelcy's Wildcat wrestling lies, while brush placed fourth in team encounter two top teams the meet. this week Cnllc;;c High faces the major ""'-e riiinl rehuililing task. Hnw-ver 120-|to an end. pounder Ho;:er Candelaria and Ifo-tiouiidcr Gene Gade are expected to be consistent winner?. College High's lineup for Friday ni^ht will include: 95, Dave Oberclorfer. 103. Tom Sudduth; 112, Hill Skill: 120, Candelaria; 127. Tom Smith; 133. Dick Wcist; 13S. Cal (Jibbs; H5. Jim Hatch; 1M. Dave Klingenlerg; 165, Gade; 1M. Jim F.ckersley: hvy. Ed Hie Cilenndinning. Kalon is embarking on its first wrestling season with 19 boys participating on the team. The Reds mil be short a 95-poundcr Heath Mat Team Opens with Win Over Meeker JH The Heath Junior High wrestl-i . jin-j; team Tuesday opened its 1962-1 ; KJ competitive season with a 43-j 122 victory over Meeker Junior i iHigh at Meeker gym. The meet --.arked the first ime tire Greeley Junior High «hoo!s have wrestled on a separate school basis. Last year a combined team was operated. Meeker, coached by Jim Pah- au, will entertain the Valley Jun or High team at t p.m. next Tuesday, while Heath's next meet is Dec. 20 against invadiag Fort ;ollins. Cecil Debey is coach. Starting time is 4 p.m. Tuesday's results: 65. Joe Montoya, M, deciskmec Melvin Huff, 6-3; 75, Rod Pfleiger. H, pinned Tony Ciddio. 3:15 Bowling o. 13 P«f«l» AT COLUMSINE- CREELEYETTE Bob Kula Speaks to Lions Club 85, Ernie Aragon. M. decisioned tors 3. Cozy Cafe 1; Hiway Cafe Eddie Dyess, Henry Neiberger Uick Harkis, Doug Benton am Wade Snorgrass. The Tri-Valley coaches: Bil Trimble, College High; Arlen Gupton, Lafayette; Wes Stolte Brush; Ron Nccly, Weld Central Gary 'Pudge' Wilson. Fort Lup ton; Keith Shader. Laporte; Bob Sinclair, Eaton; Don McMahon Valley High, and Kyle Mines Roosevelt. The scores: Steeles 4. Joslins 0:1 High team game. Greeley May-, Top team series: Greeley Sheet Calyn 4. Farm Air 0: Campus ! " ' Pete Mostellor, 10-0; 95, Ray AT chuletta. M. decisioned John Stein. 8-5; 103, Ron Wiedeman H, pinned Tom Troudt, 1:55: «mty Salon 4, Heberlein Mfg. 0: A 4 M Glass 3, Columbine 1. Top team series: Kalyn 2295. Top individual series: Norma Johnson 516. Top team game: Kalyn 781. Top individual game: Ella Hosecrans 190. AT BOWLORADO- TUESDAY MIXEXD The scores: Gambles 4. A M Paint 0: Greeley Sand Gravel 4. Matthews 0; Dairy Queen 4, Thompsons 0; Woodies Distribu- U'f 980. High individual Stolz 598. High individual Hirsch 249. game: Car! I Metal ZJ45. Jiml Top individual series: Rich Briggs 473; Cheryl Brown 413 112, Murray Kula, H, pinned|2. Paul Archuletta. 3:55: 120, Ron| Snyder, H, pinned Evan Pinther. 3, McWilliams 1: Hunters Texaco 3. Rommels Builders 1; Kimbrel Music 3. Greeley Travelers 1; Marvin Ley Trucking 2, Gordons I Hi°h team series: Greeley May-jShop 0: Alley Dusters 2. Corm I tag 2722. [Cabin 1. | Bob Kula, Greeley High School coach and physical education instructor, was the principal speaker at this week's meeting of'the ireeley Lions Club. ° : ' : Kula told Lions hat over Mo »ys a week participate in phys- cal fitness programs. Aim of the program, he said, is to achieve physical, mentai, social and emoMonal growth. Need for physical fitness pr£ grams is apparent, Kula asserted, because most youths doirt get the opportunity to participate in the right kind or quantity of physical exercise outside of school. Kula said boys are trained hi AT CLASSIC LANES- CLASSIC MAJOR The scores: Webber Lanes 1. Midland Properties 2: Farmers j Insurance 0. Garden City Liquoc Lesser Music Co. 2, Daves Liquor 1: KFKA 1. Macks Service Top team series: Garden City Liquor 2790. i seies: D. Strow- Top Individ! an 603. Top te; :ies Top individual game: D. Strow- an 257. Midland Prop- Top team series: Gordons 1893. Top individual series: (men) V. 40 seconds; 127. Lold Spencer. H.|Wakeman 585; (women) L. Wil- decisioned John Frazer, 7-6; 133, Dave Stevens, 11, pinned Bill Schell, 1:40: 138, Bill Fisher, M, decisioned Chris Stein. 10-0; 145, Verlan Mahan, H, pinned Jim Smith. 4:20; 154, Allyn Trimball, M, decisioned Lee Gibson, 9-5; 165, Larry Hill, H. pinned Ron Shirley, 20 seconds; 180, Chris Herribloom, H, won by forfeit; hvy, Jerry Soliz. M, pinned Bruno Euresti, 2:58. Top team game: Termites 820. Top individual games: Tim McDonald 198; Cheryl Brown 187. AT COLUMBINE- FRIDAY NIGHT MIXED The scores: Roadway Bay 1. Waymire Hardware 3: Lakeshore Supper Club 1. Tenneco No. 1 3: Mr. Ed's Barber Shop 1, Coca- Cola 3; Tenneco No. 2 1. Co-op TEA 3. Top team series: Coca-Cola 1763. FRIDAY SEVEN MIXED NHPQ 1, Bird's Liquor 3; WeldtabYrman~163. Top individual series: Men --ithe classroom and gym, through Jim Koehler 560. Women -- Ruth|intermural programs and through Haberman 439. participation in varsity athletic:*. Top team game: Waymire All work in the physical education department is planned ···» Men -- semester in advai,.-e. Kula: re- Hardware 629. Top individual g;mes: Jim Koehler 224. Women -- Kuth ported. Students are classified into groups according to abilities Cat Wrestlers Meet Golden, Laramie Teams this weekend as its non-confer- will come TRI-VALLEY Conftrtnct T»am Lafayette ... Valley High Fort Luplon Eaton ..... Brush . . ... CoHcuc High Weld Central HooH'YeK W L T Pts Opp 1 n 0 M 24 0 0 (I -0 0 0 -- . 0 0 0 -- - 0 1 Team Uiporle Lafayetie Valley llifih ... 1 Honscvrll Tort LupUtn ... Eaton Brush College High .. Wr-ld Central .. . . P O O - . . 0 0 0 . . 0 0 0 -- -. . 0 0 0 - 24 26! PIlOpp 2fi 24 53 « 50 50 64 88 Tlie Wildcats entertain Golden jt 7:30 p.m. Friday then will vrestle at Laramie at 2 p.m Saturday. Greeley will be seeking its second dual meet victory of the season. The Wildcats have lost two meek, but the record is not indicative of the team's ability since Coach Don Gorman has juggled his lineup often. Gorman, however, is aboul ready to settle on I regular lineup with the same group of wres tiers going against both Golden and Lvamie. The Greeley lineup: 85, Mike Hodgers: 103, Gary Wallace; 112, Don Bauer: 120 Don Miyoshi; 127, Frank Delga do; 133, Al Gocrlzen; 138. Nick Shepherd: 145. Rick Nolan; 154 Bill liricker; IBS. Bill Ix'hman, 180, none; hvy, John lirower. Gorman said Thursday Rodgcrs and Wallace are encountering some weight problems this week, Mikt Rodgen but he is hopeful both will make their respective weights Friday and Saturday. Otherwise, the team is in excellent condition. Greeley's Rodgers and Frank Dclgado will be seeking their All Me«H W LT By JACK HAND Associated Press Sports Writer NEW YORK '.API-Jim Taylor, Ctreen Bay's crashing fullback who is noted for his great second Kiicliiy: College High at Brush,ji'ffort, was voted Player o! the Lnporlc' nl Knrt Lupton. WeldjYcar in the Notional Football at l.ifaveUc. 'league Thurs. by an Associated Salurdav: Weld Central at!Press committee uf sports writers The Schedule Green Boy's Taylor Player of the Year Don Baiw burth and fifth successive win. 3auer has won two straight. The dual meets will be "the nal tuneups for the Northen Con erence season which begins Jan with Greeley at talented Bou der. However, the Wildcats will b IDF! to their bi-annual invitation it tournament Dec. 22. Schools in vited to the 8-team meet are Ar vada, Denver Abraham Lincoln Fort Morgan, Den (Neb.) an and broadcasters from the 14 league cities. Taylor, a 27-year-old former Jclmslowii. K.ittm nl Volley High. The Results Conference: l/ipnrlc 26. Roosevelt 21. Nun CtmftTcmx': I«if;iyelte 31.! Cullpgo liiuh 13; Lafayette M. Kairvicw y: HroomlieW 25. I-i-jp T IL J i. fayettp 19; Hrishlnn M, Wc-kl Cen-jDG I Q I K G Q Q l Expansion May fiiyettp 19; Mrishlnn 34, Wc-kl Cen-jDe I 0 Iral ir.: YiiiRn W. Weld Central \1/ i f ii: K.B-l Mortan W. O-llep- ll.uh! " AL Louisiana State ace in his fifth vear of pro ball, grabbed the award won last year by Paul forming, the Packers' glamorous riple threat halfback who has jcra crippled by a knee injury his season. With one more game to play, Taylor already has tied the XFL record by scoring 18 touchdowns "1 on the ground, and leads the league in scoring with 108 jwints Parker fans have been insisting that T.iylor deserved to be named the All-Star fullback over Cleveland's Jimmy Drown. They finally it their wish this seat-on, fabulous five year reign fnrt Collins ver South. Sidney Wheat Ridge. 1C,; HiMsevdt 33. Uiveland Ii 21: i l-V,rl I.u|-t,m 30. linn,,,,, 24; V a l - j 1ri;SON -. A TM" ,' A " lev llli'h 32. lirn-lev Sophs l|! : lTM«'' '*"' "" llw " Iceland II 31, Vailrv llich 2i ; :"«TMa. but .'xpansiim (irceley W. lirush lfi : 'Hr,«nifi.'ld! ; l s (11U ' " f ll "' ln !'"' s Mori likely l-' Lupl.m' 17; Fairvicw 31.j'"' 1 -' willt '- r ""' d '" s of ."' c n '''' !; ' Athletic (lircctnrs n( at least two nun iiiembn ."chw! 1 ; will be on hand in Tilrsnll Friilay. Saturday Offkiaily, H, B. I ' l a h Stair and (',(· in the Bob Cousy Sparks Win For Celtics r'hnrt 1i hisji,,, uoll | (1 | lk( . , 0 .,,,,.,,, ,.,..,,,,,,,, L,,,,,,.,,.,],-, M . sU ; m o( |, ; ,|i',., m trpll '"'",', as ,!«l'.v Ihe lx-;:an. Hah. ^ - h u o l ,h ;i t i,, so ,,, the Packers scmvi in liul llmisakcr ha? M it he known Changes Made in Rowing Regatta NEW YORK (API - The Intercollegiate Rowing Association re- gall;:, now known as the Syracuse Regalia, will bo rowed over the Olympic distance of 2.000 meters (14 miles' and held as a tw day event on Onoiidaga Like. Syr- acusc-, N.Y.. in 1W4, an Olympic year This drastic chance was voted Wednesday by the IRA's Board of .Stewards, meeting at the 2fil!i annual convention of the F.ast distance and on one Hay. Jun I.V The 1%4 compctitkni'will le :is rushing ch.tmpion is sure tol College Athletic Conference. end ami Taylor appears sun- toj The J%3 regalia also ; uccccd him Taylor has gained · o«-ard«l Syracuse but will be con!.:il!i yard, in 2!ii i-.iriK-s. 2W] tested as usual over the 3-i ; arils more than .John Henry .lohiiMm of I'ilisluiruh. his clusrsl compelitiir. itriran is fmirlli with ln-H on .lime 19 and W. a Friday IVI ' S - ; ami Saturday. A. Tillle. Ihe old "hnld; Tiicro was no quc.-lion InX the ' who has tliinwn C7 tiH;ch-i shcllackiitj; the I'niUM Stales ab- ilown passes fur the New York!Hrb«1 for the first time in the MriHij: second! l^' 1 * 1 Olympics al Koine was re- T.i}ltir|s|wnsiblc (or the- change in dis-j helm 514. Top team game: Gordons 690. Top individual games: 'ment V. Wakeman 232; L. Wilhelm 197. JUNIOR Bantams: The scores: Pro Bowlers 0. Aley Cats 3; Ten Pinners 0, Alley Runners 3; Twisters 2, Pin Busters 1. Juniors Seniors: Gutter Dusters 3, No. 4 Hustlers · Crossfires 0 No 5 Solits 4- Pindoggers 1, Strike Outs 3. Top team series: Alley Cats 1132 ; Gutter Dusters 2334. Top individual series: Linda usser 478. Top team game: Alley Cats 581; Gutter Dusters 861. Top individual game: Lonnie Edwards 223. GREELEY LADIES The scores; Sinclair Oil 4, Kenton Home 0; Bowlorado Lanes 3. Caper Club 1; D. C. Rover 3. Home Light i Power 1; Kreiger Accordion 3, Gondolier 1. Top team series: Sinclair Oil 81. Top individual series: Shiz Ogata 563. Top team game: Sinclair Oi 2405. Top individual game: Shu Ogata 207. COMMERCIAL The scores: Greeley Gas No. 4, Greeley Gas No. 1 0: Jim Fa ing TV 4, Harris Oil 0; Camer Supply 4, Gr. Nat!. Bank 0; Bo Tile 4 Lin. 3, Charleys Service Weld Co. Garage 3; L-I 1: Moo Lodge 3. Pioneer Ins. 1; D. Rover Ins. 2, Wilbers Marine High team series: D. C. Roy 25fi7 High team game: D. C. Roy 914. High individual series: Ge Wolfe 575. High individual game: Virgi Brass 222. SPORTSMAN The scores: Greeley Maytag 3 Austin Austin 1 ; Five Dutchmen 1, Reynolds 3; Hunters 3, Frigid aire 1: Coors 3. Oliver Wells 1 Ehrlich Water 3, Colo. Pipelines 1: Sobers 3, Sinclair 1. H1A 2, C. Neal Carpenter 2; HPQ Engineers 0, Shupe Yost Franks Seed Store 3. Campus 1-11 LEAGUE The scores: Stanla's Trailer c harmacy 1: Douglas Roofing 4. Sales 3. Moose Lodge 0; GAC Fi- 0 reds Machine Shop 0: Monlort r eed Lot 1, Va! Apartments 3. I lance 3, Weld County Lumber 0- r "lood and Peterson 2, Culligan High team series: Shupe Yost 1: Hamm's 3, Dill's Polled Here- ^ 853. f High team game: Shupe Yost oros u. g Top team series: Hamm's 2898. J 96. ! Top individual series: Jack High men's series: D. Derksen tllartin 56'- c 4 Top team game: Hamm's 1015. a High women's series: J. Schu- T°P individual game: Ron Hays | an 500. |233. High men's game: F. Russell High women's game: J. Schuan 226. MONDAY MIXXED The scores: National Cash Reg- ster 4, Green Lantern 0; J. J. rongle 3, Ted Nielers Motors 1: liner 4 Miner 3, Pioneer Whole- ale 1: Jerome Red Dot 4. Welco iilk Line 0; C. B. Etherton 0, [onfort Packing 4; Top team series: Jerome Red M 2448. Top individual series: Ed Heise 552: Ed McLaughlin 552; Tina Adams 534. Top team game: National Cash lesister 902 lop individual games: Jim Adams 229; Bob Drewer 216- EC McLaughlin 209. SUNDOWNER The scores: Pepsi-Cola 3, Cum mings Sheet Metal 1: Garnsey I Wheeler 1, Greeley Sheet Meta'l 3 C.D.H.E. 3, Greeley Excavation 1 Ehrlich Motor 3, Nob Hill 1 Ward's Service 4. Hogsett Lum her 0: Mak's Supply 0, Moos Lodge 4: Goldsmith Dairy 1, GU crest Elevator 3. Top team series: Ward's Sen- ice 2486. Top individual series: Marvir Ream 592. Top team game: Greelev Shee Metal 864. Top individual game: Albin Vlasak 220. SAT. MORNING RISERS The scores: Coan Construction 0. Atkersnn Combining 3; Consumers Oil 0. Greeley Sheet Metal 3: Termites 3. Gree'ey Excavation 0: Quality Stucco 0. McDonald's Conoco Service 3: Fred's Aulo Ma chine Shop 3. Fireside Beau \ Report Indicates ! Skowron Going To · Quit Baseball CLNCKNATI (API - The Cincinnati Enquirer said Wednesdaj night that first baseman Moose Skowron, traded recently by the New York Yankees to the Los Angeles Dodgers for pitcher Stan Williams, plans to quit baseball and take a 10-year contract to coach baseball at Purdue Univer sitv. The story, written by Enquire Sports Editor Lou Smith, quotes an "authoritative source" am said Skowron is unhappy over thi manner in which Yankee Manage Roy Hamey informed him of UK trade. Skowron is a Purdue gradua and was a football and baseba star at the Lafayette. Ind., schoo The E n q u i r e r said it als · learned from another source th : Purdue has been talking wi - SkmiTon about the baseball coac ing job but that nothing has bee [ settled vet. Skowron was not available bu his wife said he had made no decision about the Purdue post. ABL Wtdnttday's Results Long Beach 99. Philadelphia 89 Kansas City 132. Pittsburgh 8" Today's Games Philadelphia at Long Beach Pittsburgh at Kansas City Friday's Games Philadelphia at Oakland Pittsburgh vs. Chicago at Her shev nd to work needed. They are given isometric or ontraclion exercises and isotonic r action exercises, including lythmic exercises. * : Rod Gettman, Danny Neigh- ors and Bill Burke and Duane mart were on hand to illustrate le various kinds of exercise. The Lions will hold the annual hristmas party and ladies night t 6:30 p.m. Dec. 15 at the Gree- ey Country Club. : Rocky Colavito of the Cleveand Indians has hit exactly 200 ome runs in the last five Afflffr can League seasons. ' : THE FINEST? CHRISTMAS GIFT UB H i AV I'i I wdHHSp \ QSllP^J ^CJij^^flfrv feg^^l/||l · ^ M ) · Skate Outfits A LASTING GIFT When ouljfrovni we j replace them with i r ^ other size if purchase here -- at no cost. 1 Special Change Over To · n * · Precisions , ; ONLY 18.00 Warnoco . tast aide iioor 14th Ave. 2nd St. O P E N 8 A.M.-5 P.M.'"'"-^ W E E K DAYS i i i Hey Kids.... 1 TC * : I ,^, and Mom and Dad! ii hfeD^ Santa Glaus wm be \ i iSSL at LARRY'S TEXACO | 3 Ef^^ls Friday, Saturday and Sunday 1 i i- -** - AJJ^V "·'" h :i £f^ Y The KFVm GATES ' ilo i IK$ ^'-"PSlers · l^CJ^ g ZfcTg ,, *.-..,, - ·' .'(] to tuck ;,i; Thi. iv :iC',"*trc in ih,' \;.lii.n;i| H.^KrlL.-!!!!,,,,;,,,!,! h; 1Vt ."| tv ; nl ,, ", n ,.;nbi-is}iip I : til"] 1 ["ii 1 ' ( , -i.-itinn 1'.-rli:ips li.'-s :i h:i!f-j r t ; l ) ) Pillt] H n! ;ti;nn M I I W I T lirforr M-'iyl^jp,,!!^]^. ,, rt , | ;rini , ur nf Hir d i i v i - is 1,-H-kiiitl. !vi;ili s(;ili''s l i i t i . " i l i - n ' l t ! v td (-..nviih't llu 1 ... ,,. , · n *i. i.". 1 |% V" IS W^ ! i*l'» ^^ ' ' " " ' , . . . .. initt eve-it nnv pri'.ssiii 1 Uiniril m .1 tvpic;iliv . . .- f ,,· i , ' I ' t ' i M i - n u n t i l Us prui rfitni'.'iiuT \\cilnrs(i:iv , , . , tiivw )! li;illot. Tililt- ]I:K) l: :nul-t;in.v. Hol»»iy MiU-h-'ll, tti.shiniilon f l u n k 1 ; it kt;v tn Conch Yiiu'ej - - ,;a,n s Ar.i;i-l ! 'Hi,- n.nm- i-I Ci«!^ , . [ ,,. , U ' l i i v r i ' ^ i l y ;iKti t';i- ^ ·· l i ; n % k nf \ \ r s t r r n . , } .. , t i m i r d ;i.v ;i j«^sinV nil brr nf tlic M\-:-HtPol 'I lie 1 cnnd-rrmv diM'- NBA By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Wednesday's Results 10.V CJncinnali 102 "ii she) H,K (O! , n . st ,,, ills n ii.-h :hc; ii,.(i-,,:. n;,. \nv Yurk 106 ' I^K Av.^rios 12r\ Syracuse 12ii i ' 1'iiyliM- ii'ay not In- as bii; asi Today's Games saiil il «il!^, mi . lulilurks hut !»· has Iwlam-.-! (lii.-.ic,. »s. Ciiu-innali at Indi- .· fur nn-ni-;;,,-.,! di-ti-rmm.ili:m." aid Uinbar-|ana|'n!i. :iam im-i-H,'., ,..,,!,,., "||,, i i,-, V( ) ln k, w .\,\ IVtroil vs. r.n:.ln at Trovidi-ncc ji'If hi^ fii-.t ami he (ii:l-:s inr i-n'iy! Friday's Guirw v ' l l t ) · : J ' ' j . i i i l ; ].,, An^cK-s at S.:n Kranrisco iHx'ii iiion-l · . The l«ikei:- C!iio.ii:n flclealrd Cin:-iunati I'X" . ·ntcvonce. not give posli'il I'I Ihe anil s full .-l;:rli[la ill ,-iiKalvr-. ! Ddl.'il I'loKc Nr-w Yii;i,'s fo;n i;amf w i n 1111:1; slum: II.VIOO rm:-.v \ a % i!-,c i l i f f n c i i o c fi'i ll^ Ci'Un-s lie tossrd ii! l.t |«iiiii anil aililirl f i v i ' .iv.l.-ls in thi- I l l M |ie- lioil as UoMun (oir.i'ii a M 2 1 lend !hal stum! up lili' i r s t nf Ihe way Cousy linistii 1 :! u i i h 18 [mints anxl NHL By THE ASSOCIATED PRRSS W«(intld»y'i Rriult Chirac.! -I. N« York .1 Today'i Gomti ll-.'stoti al New Y n i k nl 1'eliiii! No giinie? scheduled Frid.iv GARAGE LOW. 1.(»W PRICKS! + AH Cf '"j!, v r"ork P A T I O S - - P O R C H E S - - S I D I N G + Windows jni) doort R O O M A D D I T I O N S $I!I.!M Month F R A M E OR M A S O N R Y S'-IO Down l . l i . n s i - i t . ItKiitlril. lnv!r.-.l \'2\'2(\ VI. MAY CONSTRUCTION CO. C A L L A N Y T I M E J5J-JM* Christmas Trees 69c with Purchase of 5 Gal, or more Gasoline or with Other Purchases SNOW TIRES 10% on Regular Price Trices (uxtd Friday. Saturday, and Sunday (?lv · Larry's Texaco Ea»t IBth Street Across From Linn Grove Cemetery

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