Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on March 6, 1976 · Page 12
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 12

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 6, 1976
Page 12
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(i iiKKKI.KV U'ulo.) THIHUNK Snl.J . l»7i Lemmon plays Olivier role in TV show NKW Y011K lllHtl - Take a Itritish play starring Laurence Olivier and turn it into an American television drama with Jack Lemmon and the result provides television with some of its best, if not brightest, moments. There's no way NBC could have gotten farther away from cops and comedy lhan with its presentation of the Mobil Showcase version of John Osborne's "The Entertainer," which airs March 10, 9-11 p.m., Eastern lime. 'The Enter- tainer" is effective but grim entertainment. NBC advises parental discretion because the show is intended for mature audiences. Aside from protecting immature sensibilities, how sweet it is to hive a television show actually shaped for adults and not for some retarded demographic composite of a post- teenager. The locale has been switched from a British music hall to a vaudeville theater at a cheap Pacific seaside resort during World War II. Lemmon plays Archie Rice, a middle-aged vaudeville performer whose search for success is as desperate as it it doomed by his own incapacity. Sada Thompson plays his wife, Phoebe, who finds her marriage as much a failure as Lemmon does his career. Ray Bolger wafts through the two-hour drama as Archie's father, hovering near senility but still the dandy he was in his heyday, when he achieved the show business success that has eluded his son. There's nothing cheerful about "The Entertainer," with its cast of unlikable people and its thoroughly downbeat view of life. That doesn't make its message any less worth expounding. Lemmon's performance well may be the best of his career. There's no Mr. Nice Guy in his Archie, who probably enjoys humiliating his wife even more than seducing a beauty contest winner with a rich father. Revolution in south begins at Moore Creek By SAM FOGG United Press International New England began the battle for freedom at a bridge at Concord. For the South, the first revolutionary test of arms came at a bridge over Widow Moore's Creek in the North Carolina swamps 200 years ago The fray on the morning of Feb. 27, 1776 lasted only three minutes and ended in a rout of forces loyal to King George III. It lacked the patriotic impact of a Concord or Bunker Hill but the victory by North Carolina militia and minutemen disrupted British plans for a military takeover of the southern colonies. Events leading to the clash at the crossing of Moore's Creek 18 miles from Wilmington had been set in motion by North Carolina's Royal Gov. Josiah Martin late in 1775. Angered at the rising rebelliousness of his subjects which had forced him to take refuge aboard a British warship off Wilmington, Martin evolved a strategy whereby British regulars coming from New York and England would join forces with loyalists in the colony, restore the authority of the Crown and stamp out revolution in the entire South. The patriots were equally angered at the bombardment and burning of Norfolk, Va., on orders of British Gov. Lord Dunmore and Martin's proclamation of Jan. 10 that rebellion must be put down with armed might. The governor dispatched a brigadier general inland to recruit recently arrived Scots for a Royal Highland Emigrant Regiment along with others loyal to the King's cause. The provisional colonial government countered by creating two regiments of militia under Col. James Moore of New Hanover County and Col. Robert Howe of Brunswick County and six battalions of minutemen, with Richard Caswell of New Bern and Alexander Lillington of Wilmington leading two of them. Martin's emissary, Donald McDonald, rallied 1,600 Highlanders and Tory sympathizers at Cross Creek in mid February, far short of the 4,000 that had been anticipated. Bearing their traditional claymores and dirks, they set out for the Cape Fear area to await a rendezvous with British redcoats. Moore, an unsung hero of the American Revolution, cannily dispersed his minutemen and militia to block the -move. Caswell at the head of wo Rangers reached the Moore's Creek bridge above the confluence of the Black and Cape Fear rivers ahead of the loyalists and dug in. Lillington and Col. John Ashe arrived with reinforcements on the night of Feb. 25 to swell the patriot forces to about 1,100 men plus two cannon known as Old Mother Covington and Her Daughter. Moore led his troops to the rear of the approaching Highlanders. Against the advice of older soldiers, two hot-mettled captains, Alexander McLeod and Farquard Campbell, won permission to lead an assault on the bridge. Swinging Highland broadswords, 80 of their men stormed the creek. Weekend television schedules Saturday, March 6 a.m. 5:50-7 Pastoral Call 6:00--4 Emergency Plus 4 5-7 Pebbles 9 Hong Kong Phooey 6:30--4 Josie 5-7 Bugs Bunny 9 Tom and Jerry 7:00--4 Waldo Kitty 7:30-2 Movie 4 Pink Panther 5-7 Scooby-Doo 9 Gilligan 8:00--4 LandofLost 5-7 Shazam 9 Super Friends 8:30--4 Run Joe Run 9:00--4 Planet of the Apes 5-7 Far Out Space Nuts 9 Speed Buggy 9:25-2 Rich Gonzales 9:30-2 KartoonKarnival 4 Westwind 5-7 Ghost Busters 9 Oddball Couple 10:00--2 Movie 4 Jetsons 5-7 Valley of Dinosaurs 9 Lost Saucer 10:30--1 Go-USA 5-7 Fat Albert 9 Am. Bandstand 11:00-4 What's Happening 5-7 Film Festival 11:30-2 Big Blue Marble 9 Nine File 12:00-2 Friends of Man 4 Open Stage 5 Am. Bandstand 7 Weekend Gardener 9 Colorado '76 12:30-2 Champions 4 Julius Boros 7 Am. and the Ams 9 Herrick Roth 1:00--4 College Basketball 5 Nashville Music 7 Tennis Monday evening p.m. 6:30--2 Adam-12 4 Candid Camera 5 On the Rocks 6 Colorado Weekly 7 Price is Right 7:00--2 Movie 4 Rich Little 5-7 Balloon Safari 6 Anyone for Tennyson 9 On The Rocks 7:30-« Aisha 9 Good Heavens 8:00--4 Joe Forrester 5-7 All in the Family 6 People and Politics 9 Rich Man, Poor Man 8:30-5-7 Maude 6 Boston Pops in Hollywood 9:00--2 News 4 Jigsaw John 5-7 Medical Center 10:00--2 Love, Amer. Style 4 News 5 News 6 Monty Python 7 News 9 News 10:30-2 Thriller 4 Johnny Carson 6 Adams Chronicles 10:35-5-7 Movie 9 Mary Hartman 11:05--9 Geraldo Rivera 11:30-2 Outer Limits 12:00--4 Tomorrow 12:35--9 Movie 1:00-4 News 1:15-4 Untouchables 9 Great Game of Basketball 1:30-2 Soul Train 5-9 Pro Bowling 2:30--2 Black Spectrum 7 Challenge of the Sexes 2:35-2 Big Battles 3:00-4 Golf 5-9 World of Sports 7 Sports Spectacular 3:30-2 Movie 4:00--7 Trzan 4:30--4 NBC News 5 Cheyenne Showcase 9 ABC News 5:00--2 Dream of Jeannie 4 News 5 ABC News 7 News 9 News 5:30-2 That Girl 4 It'sAcademic 5-7 CBS News 6 Great Decisions 9 125,000 Pyramid 6:00-2 Andy Griffith 4 Untamed World 5 Almost Anything Goes 6 Lowell Thomas 7 Space: 1909 9 Lawrence Weld 6:30-2 Am. Life Style 4 Animal World 6 AmbassadorCol.Con. 7:00-2 Hee Haw 4 Emergency 5-7 Jeffersons 9 Almost Anything Goes 7:30-5-7 Doc 8:00--2 Destination America 4 Movie 5-76 Soundstage 9 S.W.A.T. 8:30--5-7 BobNewhart 9:00--2 News 5-7 Carol Burnett 6 Black Perspective 9 BertD'Angelo 9:30-5-7 Mary Tyler Moore 6 Austin City Limits 10:00-2 Love Am. Style 4 News 5-7 News 9 News 10:20-5 ABC News 10:30-2 Movie 4 Weekend 6 The Press 10:35-5 Jerry Falwell 7 Movie 9 Movie 11:35-5 Movie 12:00-4 Movie 12:40-9 ABC News 12:55--2 Don Kirshner 7 Movie 3:00-7 Movie 4:55-7 Movie Sunday, M«rch 7 a.m. 6:00--4 Christopher Closeup 6:15--9 Sacred Heart 6:20-7 Pastoral Call 6:30--4 Insight 7 Sunrise Semester 9 Wildlife Theater 7:00--4 Riverside Baptist 7 Jerry Falwell 9 Make a Wish 7:30--4 WayToANewLife 5 Oral Roberts 9 Riverside Baptist 8:00--4 RexHumbard 5 Day of Discovery 7 Day of Discovery 9 Jerry Falwell 8:30-2 Mass for Shut-Ins 5 Rex Humbard 7 Look Up and Live 9:00-2 Challenge 4 Oral Roberts 7 Lamp Unto My Feet 9 Life for Laymen 9:30-2 City-Stale Report 4 It Is Written 5 Calvary Temple 7 House of the I*ord 9 Day of Discovery 9:45--2 Congress Speaks 10:00--2 Right toSay It 4 Plants Like People 7 Faith for Today 9 K. Kuhlman 10:30--2 Green Acres 4 Sportsman's Friend 5 Face the Nation 7 Riverside Baptist 9 Jewish News Hour 11:00-2 All Star Wrestling 4 Grandstand 5 Camera Three 7 This is the Life 9 Calvary Temple 11:30-4 College Basketball 5 Superstars 7 Face the Nation 12:00-2 Movie 7 Camera Three 9 Superstars 12:30--7 Sounding Board 1:00--7 Viewpoint 1:30--2 Movie 4 Grandstand 5-7 NBA Basketball 9 Am. Sportsman 2:00-4 Golf 2:30-9 WorldofSports 2:45-2 Money Talks 3:00--2 Movie 4:00-4 Meet the Press 5-9 Issues, Answers 7 Words-a-Poppin 4:30-4 NBC News 5-7 CBS News 9 Good Heavens 5:00--2 Mnvie 4 News 5 Almost Anything Goes 7 News 9 News 5:30-4 High Rollers 7 Am. Issues Forum 9 National Geographic 6:00-4 WorldofSurvival 5-7 60 Minutes 6 Black Journal 6:30-4 Wild Kingdom 6 World Press 9 Bobby Vmton 7:00--2 Sammy and Company 4 Bound for Freedom 5-7 Sonny and Cher 6 Firing Line 9 Six Million Dollar Man 8:00-4 Ellery Queen 6 Nova 5-7 Kojak 8:30--2 David Niven'sWorld 9:00-2 News 4 McMillan Wife 6 Masterpiece Theater 5-7 Bronk 9:30-2 Catch-2 10:00-2 Love, Am. Style 5-7 News 6 Bill Moyer's Journal 10:15-9 News 10:20-5 CBS News 10:30-2 Movie 7 Pamoja 10:35-5 Movie 10:50-9 Vaudeville 11:00--4 Scope 7 Movie 11:30-4 Untouchables 11:50-9 Movie 1:45-9 ABC News TV movie schedule Saturday 7:30 a.m., Channel 2 - El corto verano. 10:00 a.m., Channel '2 -You're Telling Me (BW) with W. C. Fields and Larry Crabbe. 3:30 p.m., Channel 2 -Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon (BW) with Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce. 8:00p.m..Channel 4 -- Young Billy Young with Robert Mil- chum and Angle Dickinson. 10:30 p.m., Channel 2 - The YHInw Rolls-Royce with Rex Harrison and Ingrid Bergman. 10:35 p.m., Channel 7 -- Four for Texas with Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra. 10:35 p.m., Channel 9 - Will Penny with Charlton Heston and Joan Hackclt. 11:35 p.m., Channel 5 -- Killer Bees wilh Gloria Swanson and Edward Albert. Midnight, Channel 4 23 Paces to Baker Street wilh Van Johnson and Vera Miles. 12:55 a.m., Channel 7 -Compulsion (BW) with Orson Welles and Dean Stockwell. 3:00a.m., Channel 7 -- Circle of Deception ( B W ) with Bradford Dillman and Suzy Parker. 4:55 a.m., Channel 7 - The Female Trap with Jack Lord and Susan Stasberg. Sunday Noon, Channel 2 -- Night of Terror (BW) with Wallace Ford and Sally Blane. 1:30 p.m., Channel 2 -Godzilla's Revenge with Tadao Takashima and Akira Kubo. 3:00p.m.,Channel 2-Giants of Thessaly with Roland Carey and Massimo Girotti. 5:00 p.m., Channel 2 -- A Yank at Oxford (BW) with Robert Taylor and Maureen C'Sullivan. 10:30 p.m., Channel 2 -- Of Human Hearts ( B W ) w i t h Walter Huston and James Stewart. 10:35 p.m., Channel 5 -Emperor of the North with Lee Marvin and Ernest Borgnine. 11:00 p.m., Channel 7 -Gumshoe with Albert Finney and Billie Whitelaw. 11:50 p.m., Channel 9 -- Two- Lane Blacktop with James Taylor and Warren Gates. Monday 1:10 p.m., Channel 2 -Women in Paradise (BW) with Katy Jurado and Dan O'Herlihy 7:00 p.m., Channel 2 -- Above Suspicion (BW) wilh Joan Crawford and Fred McMurray. 10:35 p.m., Channel 5 - Who Slew Auntie Roo? with Shelley Winters and Mark Lester. 10:35 p.m.. Channel 7 - Who Slew Auntie Roo? wilh Shelley Winters and Mark Lester. 12:35 a.m., Channel 9 -- The Lawless Nineties (BW) wilh Wayne. ACROSS 1 Enamel; lacquer (Fold 11 What Cher used to be (2 wds.) U Main artery 13 It "falls mainly on the plain" (3 wds.) 15 Mountain crest 16 Formal dance (Fr.) 19 Kind of trip 20 Say further 23 Border on 25 Asian peninsula 27 Former soap opera, with "the" (2 wds.) 29 Jewish song (2 wds. 30 French author 31 Grassland 32 Midianite chieftain 34 First-down yardage 35 Auguries 37 Overwhelmed (2 wds.) 43 Perfunctory 44 Fry a bit 45 Means 46 -- on (instigated) DOWN 1 Bump 2 Basketball league 3 Luau goody 4 Moffo or Magnani 5 Bete - t Clergymen 7 Bounding gait 8 Time period 9 P.I. Negrito 10 Glove hue 14 Vetoed 16 Swiss city 17 White poplar 18 "- di l,ammer* moor" 20 Circa 21 Mournful tune HfflilH SIIHE 0HH HHiiSMBBS aaa ycarj EEB (H3I1HHH BUBHH Yesterday's Answer Z2 Pythias' pal M Obstacle 24 Italian 17 Railroad numeral 28 Belgian commune 28 Factor 33 Being employed (2 wds.) 39 Novelist, -Beteve HOT Not! fJWfU POINCIANA A TROPICAL TREE, PRODUCES ITS FIOWERS BfFOKE IT BEARS LEAVES CTTATHEDRflL NEAR KIAMA, NEW SO, WALES, /VATURAL ROCK FORMATION - Wister stop (abbf.) 38 Egg drink Jl Turkish weight 40 Excavated 41 Summer (Fr.) 42 VIP's carpet hue I.MCFADDEN of Lansing, Mich., HAS COLLECTED TEARSHEETSOF Mot NO BABIES UKADBURY PLAY OAKLAND, Calif. (AP) - WASHINGTON (UP!) - A The Bicycle Manufacturers As- dramatic adaptation of sciencc- sociation says bikes should not fiction writer Ray Bradbury's be used to carry babies. "Dandelion Wine" by Peter Some dealers arc refusing to John Bailey, will be seen at sell baby carriers and many of Arena Stage's Kreeger Theater them advise against using April 9-May 23. The director them. will be Martin Fried. PEANUTS DAILY CRYPTOQUOTE - Here's how to work it: A X Y D t B A A X R ll L O N G F E L L O W One letter simply stands for another. In this sample A is used for the three L's, X for the two O's, etc. Single letters, apostrophes, the length and formation of the words arc all hints. Each day the code letters are different. CRYPTOQUOTES F P J S K X F F R P Z X T T V X U Q F B L P G B J Z B U VI Sal Y P X U K , P L P U B N G P Z X L P J W R W M M W G J Z P Y W U P V J W Q W B J G B . I Z . - X M J P Y S K G X M Q Yesterday's Cryptoquote: NO MAN HAS A NATURAL RIGHT TO COMMIT AGGRESSION ON THE EQUAL RIGHTS OF ANOTHER. - PAUL ELDRIDGE e I»7I Klni Ffilum Srndlciu. Inc.) By Charles M. Schulz IF YOU COME NEAR ME NOW, I'LL KICK VOU WITH AW CAST; WHAT PO YOU \ .THINK OF THAT? HENRY By John Liney ARCHIE By Bob Montana I WOULD LIKE TO PURCHASE AN I 1 gee.. EWTRY-DENIAL ' SYSTEM HI AND LOIS By Dik Browne DOWN TO THE SERVICE STATION TO HAVE THE SNOW TIRES TAKEN SUNSHINE ITS A WONDER THOSE J SNOW TIRES ) HAVEN'T MELTED/ REX MORGAN, M.D. By Dal Curtis OR./WORGAN 7 THIS IS/VIISS KELSO IN ADMITTING' A SCOTT Wfe JUST BROUGH INTO EMERGENCY .'IS HE VOUR PATIENT ? JT YES--BUT WHY WAS HE BROUGHT WD EMERGENCY? HOLD ON AND I'LL Y NEVERMIND LET YOU WLK TO / I'M ON MY WAV DR WINSLOW/

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