Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on April 18, 1973 · Page 28
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 28

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 18, 1973
Page 28
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ABC special -features Chinese acrobats Wed., April 18.1913 OREELEY (Colo.) TRIBUNE 28 *By JAY SHARBUTT "AP Televiilon Writer ? 'NfiW YORK (AP) - Mainland China's great leap forward fflM'is going up, sideways and through hoops tonight in an astounding 90-mimite show on the ABC Television network. The program, modestly 'ealle'd "The Greatest Show on the 'Other Side of the Earth," stars Red China's Shenyang Acrobatic Troupe, which made a four-city tour of the United States last December and January. The tour, which drew considerable acclaim, is { part of the gradual thaw in relations be-, tween Ihe United -States and mainland China that followed President Nixon's historic trip to'i%ing early last year. - The troupe kept the thaw going during its tour by unveiling at the start of its show a huge red banner that said,' "Long Live the Friendship Between the Peoples." At the end of the performance, another large red banner was unfurled. It was more specific. It said, "Long Live the Friendship between Ihe Chinese and American Peoples." Those were the only commercials. In between, as those who watch the show tonight may feel, there was a display of physical agility, endurance and grace that was' downright mind-boggling. The troupe, whose art form is more than 2,000 years old, starts off with "plate spinning," involving long slicks on which the performers each spin up to eight dinner plates while doing somersaults, handstands and getting their heads together the hard way. Ho-hum stuff? Okay, the next act on the bill is something else. It's called "long pole feats," in which one man balances a 16-foot pole on his left shoulder while another climbs up and performs an incredible series of gymnastics. And is- joined by a second gymnast. "Trick cycling" comes next. At one point, no less than nine riders join a lady bicyclist for a quick whirl about the stage. The tires don't go flat, and wonder of wonders, neither does the lady. For my dough, the best of the 12-part program comes at the end in the segment called "hoop diving," once called the swallow game because the hoop-divers seem to imitate the flight of swallows. They put two hoops, one atop the other, on a stand. The idea is to leap through the hoop without knocking it over. They do it time and again, even with a second set of hoops. Don't ask me how. Although some may find the show too long--and I'm among them--the pace is strikingly close to that of the old vaudeville shows, with the high spots carefully positioned lo let the audience catch its breath. The camera work seems unimaginative, viewing the show most of the time from the vantage point of the audience at the John F. Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C., where the show was taped. They said there wasn't suf- 'ficient lime to work out olher camera angles thai normally would have been used. CBS Evening News nominated for Emmys As Boyle sees it LOS ANGELES (AP) -- CBS Evening News has received nine Emmy nominations in Ihe news and documentary categories, including three for its coverage of the shooling of Alabama Gov. George C. Wallace. The CBS news show was nominated for its coverage of the shooling last May 15 at Laurel, Md., and individual nominations wenl lo correspondents David Dick, Dan Rather, Roger Mudd and Waller Cronkite and lo Laurens Pierce for cinematography. ABC and commcnlator Jim McKay were nominated for coverage of Ihe Munich Olympic tragedy when Arab com- riiahdos killed 11 Israeli alhlel- es lasl Sepl. 5. ' The nominations were an- nouhced Monday by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. Presentations of awards lo (he winners will be made on a special telecasl on CBS May 22 at Ihe New York Hilton Hotel. The winners will be. selected by a panel of television critics from across the country. Wednesday evening p.'m. '6:30 2 Andy Griffith "\_~ 4 Anything You Can Do !;--T 6 Discover Flying I; J. 7 Police Surgeon ;·';..' 9 Wait Til Father 7JOO--2 Truth, Consequences 7 4 Adam 12 ; i ! ' 6 FulureisNow ; : i, 7 Carol Burnett ·'u; 9 Channel GAuclion 7 l :30--2 Dragnel · ; 4 Banacek '.'. 6 Design2000 :: 9 TEA NBC coverage of the Democratic National Convention in Miami Beach July-9-13 and general eleclion nighl coverage Nov. 7 also received nominations. NBC received'28 nominations in the news and documentary category, CBS 20, ABC II, the Public Broadcasting System 3 and 1 nomination was made for pool coverage. The CBS Evening News was also cited for its coverage of Ihe Watergate affair Oct. 27 and 31 and individual nominations went to Cronkite, Rather, Daniel Schorr and Joel Blocker. John Chancellor was nominated for individual achievement for his coverage of President Nixon's visit to Russia on Ihe NBC Nightly news May 27-27. nated as anchorman of ABC's election night coverage. The BBC production of the "America" series on NBC and its host, Alistair Cooke, were nominated for Emmys in the documentary category. Cooke also was nominated as writer for the "Fireball in the Night" segment. In the magazine calegory, CBS' "60 Minules" and NBC's "First Tuesday" and "Today" shows were nominated. Addi- lional nominalions wenl to "60 Minutes" for ils segmenls "The Poppy Fields of Turkey -- Ihe Heroin Labs of Marseilles" and "The Selling of Colonel Her- berl." Cronkile received an additional nomination for his interview with former President Lyndon B. Johnson', "LBJ: The Last Interview," shown on CBS Feb. 1. The program also received a nomination. NFAV YORK (AP) -- Things a columnist mighl never know if he didn't open his mail: If you are having trouble balancing your budget, you might keep a bird for a pel instead of a dog, a cat--or a mistress. It costs only a penny a day to feed. Some 7,670,000 U.S. families do have pel birds aboul 26 million of Ihem. Do you really know how sick or well you are? A lest of nearly 1,000 people belween 40 and 103 years old by the American Oplomelric Associalion disclosed that nearly half needed furlher vision and heallh care for body defects many were unaware of. Was Abraham Lincoln the model of humilily he is some- limes pictured as having been? Nol according to John Hay. a While House secretary, who said in a letter to William H. Herndon, Lincoln biographer and onelime law parlner: "II is absurd lo call him a modest man. No great man was ever modest." Hay wrote that it was Lincoln's "intellectual arrogance and unconscious assumption 'of aulhorily" lhal made enemies of some members of his cabinel. In Ihe beginning of the automobile age, most cars were painted black. Today only three per cent are. What the Irade calls "earth tones" are popular now. Quotable notables: "Many jewels make women either incredibly fat or incredibly lean." -- Playwright Sir James Barrie. It's criminal: Crime is prevalent in modern business offices for a good reason--less than 20 8:00--2 Bonanza ; 6 America 7 Cannon | 9 Movie 9:00 -- 2 News 4 Search C Lenox Quartet 7 Medical Center 9:30--6 Turning Points 0:00--2 Movie ' 4 Eyewitness News '· 6 Soul 7 News, Wlhr., Spts. 9 News Q:30-- 4 Tonight Show 0:35- 7 Movie 1:00-6 Soul 9 Madhouse 90 2:00--2 Tealro Espanol 4 Joyce Brothers 2:30--4 Yawn Patrol · . 9 It's Your Bet -· Thursday evening .til. 6:30-- 2 Andy Griffith ', 4 Hollywood Squares 6 ArlSludio 7 American Adventure ; 9 Amazing Kreskin 7:00-- 2Truth, Consequences 1 ,.- 4 Flip Wilson '· 6 Beauliful Machine '. 7 National Geographic ! 9 Mod Squad 7i30- -2 Dragnet ; 6 Insight liOO-- 2 Bonanza \ ·· 4 Bob Hope | G Humanities ! 7 CBS Movie | '" 9 Kung Fu IjOO-- 2News | 4 Dean Martin i " - 9 Streets of San Fran HQO-- 2 Movie /.£·· 4 Eyewitness News ii- 7 News *.y 9 News o5r-4 Tonight Show fJiP^-7 Movie 8flJH6 Inform T'. 9 Possession 2J»jh-4 Joyqe Brothers R-4 Ynwn Patrol Tj?.'"9 Ils Your Bel DaytimeTVSc Monday through Fridc Denver channels: KWGN (2); KOA-TV (4) (6) PBS; KMGH-TV (7) CBS; KBTV (9) AI a.m. Pm 6:00 7 Sunrise Semester 12:30--2 What's My Line 6:30-4 World Tomorrow 4 The Doctors 7 CBS News 7 Edge of Nighl 9 Curiosity Shop (Pri) 9 Dating Game . 6:55- 4 News 1:00-- 2 Movie 7 Evan Slack 4 Another World 7:00--4 Today Show · 1 Price Is Right 7 Capl. Kangaroo ' 9 General Hospital 9 Cartoons 1:30--4 Peyton Place 7:30--9 Up 7 Hollywood Talking 7:45-2 Morning News 9 One Life to Live 8:00-2 Flintslones 2:00-4 Somerset 7 Cartoons 7 Dialing for Dollars 9 Nol For Women Only 9 Love American Style 8:25--4 News Capsule 2:30--4 Days of Our Lives 8:30--2 New Zoo Revue 9 Newly wed Game 7 $10,000 Pyramid 3:00--2 Perry Mason 9 Mike Douglas 4 Hafile 9:00--2 Blinkey's Fun Club 4 Dinah's Place 7 Gambil · 9:30--2 Jack LaLanne 'fTI f\\ T"i /"* C 4 Hollywood Squares 111 VJ V 1C £ 7 Love of Life 9:50--2 Fashions in Sewing 9:55-7 Mid-day News Wednesday, April 18 10:00-2 Denver Now [ p m _ _ channel 2 .._ chains of 4 Jeopardy Command w i t h Pernell 7 Secret Slorm Roberts, Robert Slack and Sid- 9 Password ney Blnckmcr . 10:30-2 Green Acres rinnnM 7 Thu mi n,i i mi ^ p.m., uiuinne-i / -- inc 4 Who, Whal, Where ,, ., .., , ,, , , ,, _ , , ' Spoilers wilh Anne Baxter. Jeff 7 Search for Tomorrow ,,V ,, , ,, ,, ,, 9 Split Second -Chandler and Rory Calhoun. 10:45-4 NBC News 3;3 ° Pm - Channcl * ( B W ) 11:00-2 Phil Dnnnhue A Woman of Distinction with 4 Sale of Cenlury Ri y Milland, Rosalind Russell 7 News an ^ Ednmnd Owonn. 9 All My Children " P-'"-, Channel 2 (BW) 11:30-4 Three On Match The Enforcer with Humphrey 7 As the World Turns Bogart, Xcro Moslel, Ted de 9 Lot's Make A Deal Corsia and Everett Sloane, Noon-- 2 Beat Ihe Clock 10:35 p.m., Channcl 7 -4 Eyewitness News Master of Ilnllanlrae w i t h 7 Guiding Light Beatrice Campbell and Kobcrt 9 Today nl Noon I.lvcsey. 9 Bewilclied 3:30- -4 Film Feslival 9 Mcrv Griffin 4:00 2 Gilligan's Island 7 Joker's Wild 4:30--2 McHale's Navy · 7 NYPD 5:00--2 Hogan's Heroes 4 NBC News 7 News 9 ABC News 5:30--2 Dream of Jcannie 4 Eyewifness News 9 News 6:00--2 That Girl 4 To Tell the Truth 7 CBS News 9 World of Adventure or Jacksonville, Florida, VOflS BORN ON HOVfMBllill, 1903, HAS ONLY ·2. GRAND- CWUSHTEKS, TERESA MIOTZ, WHO WAS BORN ON NOffMfffK/3, 191.7 AHQ JOLIE NftNTZ, WHO WAS BORM ON NOVEMBER 13. 1969 TviHOINIA CREEPER CLINGS TO WALLS WITH SUCH TENACITY THAT IT CAW BE REMOVED ONLY BV. DtSTKOYINS ITS by THOMAS JOSEPH By HAL BOYLE per cent of all office burglaries are solved. Wet statistic: A dry martini addict will hardly even want to dip his toe in the Atlantic ocean when he learns this: it contains 82 quinlillion, 171 quadrillion, 672 trillion, 174 million, 450 thousand and 100 gallons of water--give or lake a drop or two. Hard lo explain: The average man can grip or hand squeeze with a slrenglh measured at 81 pounds, the average woman only 48 pounds. But which sex is usually able lo put Ihe squeeze on Ihe olher in a showdown? Household help: Most experts agree that if you are trying to reduce your grocery bills you should always avoid supermarket shopping when you're hungry. You almost inevitably overbuy. Worth remembering: "Aman who thinks he knows it all is a pain in the neck lo Ihose of us who really do." Skin signs: Tattooing, popular in the lath century even among some members of European royalty, still attracts some people today. A University of Iowa scientist says people gel tatlooed mostly for these reasons: they Ihink it will bring good luck; Ihey want lo show Iheir love for someone or some idea; or Ihey do il on impulse--often while on a spree. II was Playwright Henrik Ibsen who observed, "Money may be Ihe husk of many things, but not (he kernel. It can bring you food, but not appetite; medicine, bul nol heallh; acquaintances, bul nol friends; ser- vanls, bul nol faithfulness; days of joy, but riot peace or happiness." THE CASTLE OF MEKODE IN THE GERMAN RHINELAMD, HAS BEEM OWWED By THE MERODE FAMILY FOK MORE THAfJ 6OO YfAKS DAILY CRYPTOQUOTE-Here's how to work it: A X Y D L B A A X R is L O N G F E L L O W One letter simply stands for another. In this sample A is used for the three L's, X for the two O's, etc. Single letters, apostrophes, the length and formation of the words are all hints. Each day the code letters are different. CRYPTOQUOTES X B B M - V U K M F W U J U A G M R B L B H A R F Z R X F M R I M E X K U G M R B L Q U F W U J U A U R L H T P R L B B L . - S M R R X U P H A K B Yesterday's Cryptociuote: THE TROUBLE WITH BEING PUNCTUAL IS THAT NO ONE'S THERE TO APPRECIATE IT.- LETTICE PHILPOTS (© 1973 King Features Syndicate, Inc.) ACROSS 1. Not a bit 5. Underworld or- ganiza- tion 10. Nautical direction 12. Forward 13. Verse form (var.) 14.-blanche 15. Swiss canton 16. Anonymous · Richard 18. First- down . yardage 19. Stood for election 20. Echo 22. Norse thunder god 24. Vase handle 25. Burn somewhat 26. Gratis 27. -- Bono 28. Part oC the "twain" 29. Putting in pawn 31. Tree 34. Altar constellation 35. Inferior' horse 36. Card game 37. Topkick is one (si.) 39. Man-made fabric 41. Kind of statesman 42. "Some One of -Days" 43. Arrange once more 44. Russian city DOWN 1. Belgian province 2. Verdi's · forte 3. Destined to fail (4 - wds.) 4. "To -- is human" 5. Medieval war clubs ·6. -- mode 7. A Gypsy at times 8. Deeply felt Yesterday's Answer 9. Schedule 11. Scourge; brat 17. Poetical adverb 21. Paddles 23. Give a listen! 25. Hymn tune 26. Bundle of twigs 27. Drink following a shot 28. Last Spanish queen 30. Sluggish 32. Slack 33. Kind of . metal 38. Golly! 40. Greek letter HENRY SCRAM-LETS ANSWERS Inject - Noose - Tacky - Invest - INSTANT The credit card has created another American first. INSTANT credit. - 4 - 1 8 By John Liney ARCHIE By Bob Montana Y MEAN HIS THIRTEEN- j HOWfe THAT ) FOOT SAILBOAT ./AUXILIARY ARCHIE ^v LUXURY I LAUNCHED? ) YACHT?/ 7 . \ YOU COULDN T SWING \ A CAT IN THAT CABIN, YET HE HAD MORE SEAR IN THERE THAN / AN OCEAN LINER .' *-./. HE WAS CARVING A STANDING RIB ROAST IN THE GALLEY WHEN THE WAVE HIT ...HE STABBED HIS WATER BED AND THE BOAT SANK/ L REX MORGAN, M.D. By Dal Curtis NOW mil GOT Ml- SO THAT I CAN'T SLEEP EITHER .'I'M GOING POWN TO THF COFFEE SHOP; HO, VD SETTER NOT -- IN CASE JUNE 'PEC/PES TO CALL ME/ JOHNNY HAZARD By Frank Robbins Thursday. April 19 1 p.m.. Channel 2 ( B W ) --Cry Danger w i t h Dick Powell, Rhonda Fleming and Richard Krdman. 2 p.m., Channel 7 -- A Lion'in the Streets wilh Barbara Hale, Anne Francis and Warner Anderson. 3:30p.m., Channel 4 ( B W ) Red Planet Mars wilh Peter Graves and Andrcn King. 10 p.m., Channcl 2 (C) -Drums of Africa wilh Frankie Avalon and Marielle Hartley. 10:35 pjn., Channel 7 (C) -- Ynnkee Buccaneer with Jeff Chandler, Siraan Ball, Scott Brndy, Joseph Cnllcia and Rodolfo Acoslii. THE TENSE ZURICH AIR TOWER NESOn/\TOK RELAYS THE WEST GERMAN PRISON WAKPEN, Li'L ABNER By Al Capp RECKOM AH'LL SASHAY ~N THINKS OFFFO'MAHREG'LAP, A HE'S EVEMIN' HOUK O' MEDITATION-- r US -- HE'S GONNA READ MIS "CORPORAL CROCK" COMIC EOOK NATCHERL.V. HE MEREW LOOKS AT TH' PITCHERS. THAR'S SUMPTHIN' 'BOUT 'CORPORAL CROCK" MAKES HM FEEL MANLV- (VASSUH-1 STRAP. .(SHE .}

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