Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on April 24, 1972 · Page 33
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 33

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Monday, April 24, 1972
Page 33
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For Rtnt--Aptt. TOH KENT - Apt. Sp.ew for thglc fiiyl or Klrll. Aerus from UNC Cooking f«elllH«. 3S3.0620. TWO twdroom Dr*pti. c«r| 2676. 27 u n f u r n i s h e d apirlment. l, elrelrlc Ulclicn. 8i3. W E D D I N G SKNT problems? Pay only UftO/nuar- ter. A p a r t m e n t Bel u|i for 4 students Cloi4_fo_cartipu*. Call 36G-1331. T H R E K loom furnished n]U. for counte · Canwled. H25 pint lijthls. Sceurfly deposit.. No pels. 363.29I. BETTER '»*« a xkl Ifdroom fiienta located npnr Ihe UNC campus a n d close to showing. JHO-J150/ month. Cnll 352-1371 or 35C-1331 for ICC^ ri52-9343. mower for sal ONE bedroom unfurnished Stove and refrigerator · 131.50 -lu» lights. No apartment, furnished. property manager. 1102 13th St. S. 1325 neu =o. Sixteenth SL Conoco. D U N E j,ug K y UJy ror late. 4M-25IO YEl,LOW~7o!J weJJing and engage- I ring set. 4S4-2553. » S L 3S mtwtr ^Palr a n d Sharp. _cnlna. 2007 ith St.. 362-0730 LUXURY 2 bedroom apt., e _ _ draped, electric kitchen, air coYiiiillFLEA A U T H O R I Z E D SKI-Doo DtiU _l|n_CTcle_S«!e«, 352-SMI.' . Frank. like r.ew, hardly used. Call 3S2-CI13! _unit 231. H A V E 197! Slnnra. Will tls-iac. blir.d hem. buttonhole, monozram. No attachment* lo b-jy. 1S2 cash or easy terms. J52-4608. CASH for your f u r n i t u r e , and miscellaneous. Fast a n d courteous service. Greenwood Liquidation Center, 2806 Sth Ave.. 352.48!!. U N F U R N I S H E D 2 bedroom a p a r t m e n t Appliances. r)rn|w. heat f u r n i j h e d ' J14» month. No pel*. 352-2033- 353. 1883. T E M P O R A R Y homes, completely fun;, ishtj 1 to bedroom Kitchenettes, dillj Rntl wetrtly rales "nly. Moun- Uin View UoMl 2109 10li St. ONB and 2 bedroom apartments. Couples preferred. AppKnces nnd hot water heal furnished. Other extras $130 and SH6. 1021 state Farm Kil 1'hone 352-8Oi. CHATEAlj Apia. 2 beJroora apts., $160 to $160 incluiles fctov_e, refrigerator, in.rehandl.e. Auctioneers and dishwasher, :unditioning. Carpeli. - - ng. Carp drn]es, \vasher/flryer hook-'jps, heat, water and trash removal. No unmarried students. No pets. Free storage Eheds. Laundromat on premises ....... LIOUIDATOR5 ol . Garr Greenwood, t , Mt n UIlc «,» fcn , Liquidators. 2606 Sth Ave. 362-4822. FOR SALE - Pulverized 1av,n and earden fertiliser. 353-5858, 101 Sth 2021 So. 2312. 17th Manager. 352- SUSANVILLE APTS. Big 2 bedroom, !$. baths, f u l l y carpeted. Range, refrigerator and hot water heat f u r n i s h e d free. 5150 per month. Available April 1. CALL TIME REALTY 352-S83S For R e n t -- B u i l d i n g s 20 ETOItE building 8th Avenue. 5CO square feet. Available May 1st. 353-6374. Office Space NEW offiec Ejiaro fur rent {n prime location. See Stnn Williams Ilealty. ONE ROOM office for rent. 1725 Blh St., 352-1361. iSJ'OTS before Tour eyes -- on your OFFICK apace. 712 )0tb St. 350 in. I r -" v '"ret -- remove them with (t. J100 month, all utiliHes fur-! Rne-Mnte. Rent electric ihmnpooe: NEW Ctish: Franklin Trackiter for sale. Sales. 3IZ-MS1. K I R B V Snlea a-d Sen-tee at Brurr,l,y. How Cm-trim. 1SS1 gth SI. PIONKER chain a« *.!,,. Frank. Cycle Sales. 352-6032. . j . - · « " n n SI "rthing of value. Greelcj _ P i w n Shop. H3.4I37. 402 lllh Ave. C.AS healers, hoi «. ler u n k, tur. naces. overheads, bids, 3t2- 043. TRAILERS for trash hauling as as. J1.60 for 2 hours. O.K. Trai Rentals. S2Q 2nd ijt. WF. 11UY used' coloi or black , w h i t e TVs, slereos. radios, or taur Mayais. TV 3SZ-720D. 'TEAM Ilrlte rarpel Je closest IhlnK to Benin* 3E3-6764. inioa. The lew carpeL W I K D S H I E L D S - Plate glass, windo« Blass, nev or used. Ksrl'a Creeley Glasa Center. 210B 9th St. 353-2113. QUALITY canva. wont of all kind,, recovering of truck aeals, etc. Woods Canvas Prrtducts. 1939 Reservoir Rt] Money lo Loan FOR SALE-- 11 ft. tow boat nnd oars; .15 5 cylinder '69 CliLV. pirtup cn- T" for ule. Fc Ib. Roll ends liinc (rom 6 to 10 Ihs, The lcr Trihune. 31 WE SPECIALIZE In small and lane loans, 1st and 2nd mortgages or business. We also huy 1st and 2nd mort- gagee. Consolidation loans our spe* clstl?. C.F.C. Corp.. Gold Nalnlan Inveitment, Slh Ave. and nth SlreeL llf.IJE Lustre not only riils carpels of soil, but leaves pile e o f t ond lofty. J^ent electric Ehnmpoocr, |1- Gilbert Uou-jitown Drug. SAW ahaipenEng, all kinds. One day service- Alklre'a, 618 8 Ave. B62-B501 nilhed. So2-4C08. JFFICB apace -- Two 10x12 rcjoms, additional epnce available ]C requrrrd. iwpr phone nnct for part time bookkeeping. 2506 Cth Ave., 352-81SO. Office space new building West Greeley. Up to 1000 sq. ft. 353-47GS Mobile Home Space 23 f R A l L E R space for rent. MOBILE home tpaep for rent. 353-$i7G. JOUS£ trailer lou tur ia]» at UEII 'N P»rk. Ph. 352-98S P R I V A T E space for I trailer in country. Reply Box P-7, T/o Tribllr.r. SPACES nvdilnble for mobile homes up to 12XCO ft. 353-054;. ji'ACES for rent. Hiehlind Mo'.-ll. Hume Park. Ph. SS1-Z105. [.ARfiE lot nvailable J u n e 5. llekiw curront price. $155 ikm-n, nssume balance. 1725 Zion Dr. or call 3561142. M O H I L E home on deluxe space. Skirt- erf, lifd dinvn, reatly to live in for M little as Sltfi n month, tiicludiux space and payment. Cell 353-3EJ*. 3REEI.EY'S flr.esl. Villa Wrst Mobile Home Estates. 2700 0 St. Rentini; at Tia per mcmth, 1 month free rent for nut 25 rriervationt. 35S-SSM. (E\V p a r k In Bmnll guiet town. 2 blocks from shopping area. Storage buildings. 2 car off atreet parkins, lawns.' J40 per month. Paradise Vil- lase. Johnstoivn. Cill DS7-4602. SPACE available Immediately. All modern conveniences. Children and dot'ile widi's welcome. Valley Ave, and River St.. Plattevillo |20 miles touth of Greeler U.S. 65). Pb.on ninazer 7S5-228S- COUNTRYSIDE MOBILE PARK NORTH We have a wide selection of lots to choose trom -NOW RENTING MOBILE HOME SPACES Stop At Our Oflico At 203G 1st Avo. " PI10DO 356-0711 Miscellaneous 2* ! CHKV mag wheels; Ben Pearson huncii-.K bow. Call 2Si-79S6. FOK SALE -- Embroidered orKanre weddine gown, eize 9-11. 3S3-J1M. KEPOSSE5SKR eolor console TV. E* rrllent condition. Call fr. Simmons 353-03.39. DENVER POST OFFICE HOURS *1. Komae rani I Store. iXCELLKNT, cfricicnt and ccnnomir- H], that's lllue Lustre cnrppL onri up- roncr, 51. Hanrh Wholrjial.*. iEAUlfFUL repossessed Mngnavox stereo console, like new. Mutt £c« tu believe. Unlnnee ot S1S8. Call Mr. Simmons, 353-6^39. FOR SALK - - Polaroid camera. f"5 attachment, 740 or Ixsi offer. 352- L^3S. H A V E 6 1972 Sinners, \\itt ziy-Mt, blinil hem, buttonhole, tr.onotram. N'i sltachmcnts lo fa-jy. $S3 CR.= h or oxsy terms. 352-S99, n i e n t in inches -- height o7. knRth 45, ik'jitli 2o. D. C. Hoy*r Agency, 3^2-OG^i. sold and Haded. Cciintry Hobliies, III. '2, Rox CSA. Ft. ilorgan, 2^ miles m-st I£E«liwas f 3-1. \ D U I N v ; machines, typewriter*. At) irmkeA, new and used. Sa!ea, eer- vEi-e giuranu^l Fd FeJdhnus, 1201 l l t b Ave. 352-OCSft. FOR SALE -- Wooden kegs. 1Ke f Kcnvy blac^ainitih vise, f 40.00. Iron bar shear, ivta.OD. H«avy work tabla with vNr, SBrt.W). *00 Ib. jjlallorm scale, $30.00. Kilaorc Supply Cu., Mil]ik«n. "^·^:: it- ":!.·.:" ·-;·- : = " : ^' i 1" '" ^'.p^i?-"*"'/,] y FISHERMEN % : \ Now o f f e r i n g a limited | rl luunbcr of memberslHps JS; fj for fisliing privileges in Q l Finley Reservoir located 6 J il miles east of Saratoga, y j Wyoming. For further in- £ :j formation contact Robert j:= h! "W. Taylor, Rox D25 f Sara- ?:·; ,1 tof^a, Wyoming 82331. li !%;:;: ?.:::·· X *·:* 8\'£?- FASHION DOLPHIN AWNINGS 10% OFF free Estimate Free Delivery Awnings To Fit Every Window GREELEY TENT AWNING 529 Sth Ave. 352-0253 Antiques 28 VICTORIAN" antiques tor sale *l Or- c h a r d , Colo. Open Tuesdays and Thursdays, also Salurrfay afternoons. C a t l S.12-1713. Hounh»ld 30 iAHLY American lofa, 7 conclllkm, »25. S3a-lBlt. IOTPOINT deluxe ur.d.r counter . r Olshwuher. Conpertone ffnlih. $75. 35Z-q6H .flrr tU p.m. 'OR SALB -- Good used Frliittiln re- frlMrntor. 1'lcasc c«]l niter 6. 3SS- 3m. ·OR SALE _ 6J ig. -di. bl.rk nd !h« x . . l. 'Rub'otr IIOhSES lor tut. Oil »Hn!nn, 3MALL ho\j| for ult br owntr. He*i onablr. Call !52-(621. WANTED -- Pututa for tallle. 8SV 08S6 or to2-!2C5. LIVESTOCK irimrini. Over id ;en tip. Brantner. Phone 32-883B 2 DEDHOOM Ko«e with atllehrd «. r»;e. Call atler 5:SO, S58-3C26. HOUNDUr 1 arena anil sUb!«, Kf.isun- abte. Make r r k t for feed and stable. 135. JS6-26GS. FOR SALE -- 3 u«d Sui-ire lije cliiry stalls w i t n feeders, »350 or trade for eah«. Fl. CoUIni, 452-2340. SAUDLK homes, \vell broke: 2 yearling colts, good 4-H projects. 356- «02._ FOlFsALE ~-- 3 rejiitered Hereford STURDIEST bunk bcdj in town, only fifty dollan. Made and guaranteed by Jimmle Kellie Furniture Factory. Phone 353-3*28, «lh St. and Hishway ej, in Evans. 'OR SALE -- Box sr'rlng and niM- trr;«: double boolu-o5? headbonrd, walnut: tinnle bookcase headboard, ivnllc: living room lamp, 48 in, t a l l : set o[ 3 l i v i n g room pictures, eea- scaiie, mahogany frames. Call 3r3- 4971 nfter 6:30 p.m HORSF.S boarded: Hay and grain furnished. Pest riding area in town. Stark Feed and Supply, 464-3957. .H. and S. TovV Farms breeding clock. Registered Duroci, Yorki Crossbreeds. 28t-()32. R K A K L N O , t r a l D t n r and ahowl Quarter Carres f r »ate. .' TOTAL, glass door china cabinet, avo- ca(!o, »35; Frlguliin Jet Action washer, avocado, JR6 r console record player combination $75. These are all like new. Light wood, Bolid. older table, buffet, f 35 ; ivater cooler and ttar.d, ».10: eicctric heater, instant hml. *15: red sectional couch, fair shape, J35. Call S03-118S before 1:30 p m. FOR SALE Used f u r n i t u r e ot all types Stoves aurl refrigerators AT THE WAREHOUSE . ' 422 2Cth St. 362-2332 MAKE LOTS OF ROOM N YOUR CLOSETS. Sell no - longer - needed items vith a Classified Ad. MONTHS ulil Irish Seller. Tapers. 811,353-3419 after 5. 'OR SA1.K -- Sptlt pupplea. 454-2017^ QUAlJ~Ty"AKC nerman Shepherd pups Roofing and [nlulolion 33 LCO Roofini ine applied. Co. -- All typea roof- 422 2Sth St. S52-2I32. B u i l d i n g 34 SHOPWORN lumber. Ideal for corral: . tnd manr farm use her to., 712 gih SI. Murplir Lun CUSTOM mnde church-top doors, come with atained glass. For the perron \vho likes the unusual. Room liie. 352-1639. Boats Supplies 35 2 MAN Kayak, call 353-Sil9, 5:30 lo 6:30 only. Sperling Goodi 35-A oods. 11D Rolf FOR SALE -- Golf set, 2 Irons, bnjr and cart, size shoes. Reasonable. Call o»9 FT. umbrella tents. reKular I53.B5, now laTo off. Greeley Ttnt and Awn- iiiB Cu., 529 8th Ave. Fiuits and Vegetable! 39 «'H1TE potatoes 13. ier hundred CO Iba. 12.00. 1/3 mile east of Lu cernc. 352-2846 evenings. Hay, Grain, Feed, Slrav 40 ENS1LAOE for sale. 431-2327. IV ANTED -- Siloce. 2S4.S443. ORCHARD and* hrom« grass, Bom mixed wEth a little a l f a l f a . LarE' bales, tl.75 hale. Also alfalfa. 284 G472, Livestock 4! GOOD registered ouarler horse gelding 6 years old, J406. 4£,4-2 t JCO. WANTED -- Old (rrais to w i n t e r 40 heifers until May 20. Call 834-2191. JERSEY milk cow, fresh in 2 wrr:s 451-2814 nfler 6. spirited grMIng, J/275 YF.AH o 353-4142. bulls, *~0. 1 reRistcreJ A n g u s bull. 284- T A N D I N G al slud -- Ny Quill Bar Cam A Q U A 749931. Grandson of 3 liar. 3S5.CS66. TALL, COOL AND SERENE That's your now neighbor -- the Soosevelt Forest. And ll's rlghl next door to this OG acre parcel. What a neighbor! WhnL a locntion! (.lust J G mln- ites from Eslcs Park.) Hotu.U- !ul site for your family inoiin- latn cRbtn. Lot mo know whBt day you can sec this delightful wooded reLreui. 1-GG94134. 1OWI OB. StTOtl. Poultry iABV chkks every \V««ln*aday. Heavy brct^l) and while laving cn53. 3 109. AT\Y chick* -- H a t f h l n e twice weekly. Babcoek, Orcy 3g.orn!, C»l- horna and C-22, Specie 1 on stnrtcd Bnbcocks and Calhorn pullet chicVi. Merer Brother* Hatcher), Gree.ey. Pe* Stock 43 571. Had shots. Terrr.j. 358-6400. German Shepherd. VUSTRAL1AN Shepherd puppies, 6 Ths for s*lp. After 6, 352-3321. T, P E R N A R D Oil 3S3-6.S3. UPS for sale, $lfl. From irood wortInn: Block. crosa , . Aiutrallnn-Dorder Cotlle OR SALE -- Male AKC registered English Bulldoz. I 1 ,4 yeara old. Call 630-2228. l n o f i O A L " f u n ! WeW Countsi'i ti complete line of aquariums and supplies. Highland Aduarium. KM OLh. "HtOPtCAL ILlh, lowrish, «n"»riu fiHtrs, air pumps {.aerKtorat. FrftT Seed und lUlchery. 703 10th Slr**t. A B A N D O N E D -- Two cute imps: n and female--under fi tr.ontlia--found wcst of Grftlry. 11 n r t J y iicril iorr.ea. Vciy nf fee linn ate. Cflll 352-7170. AKC NcrweRinn Elkhound pupp Select breediTid. ReRsonsblc ]i rices. Terms. Kay tee Far ml, flctKBiJ 6S6-240R. GFJIMAN Shcphprrt iiupyica, AKO Beautiful large boned. Excellent, tcin- roramenl. Top blooHllnw. p*rents X- rayeil. Rcaionable. 7S6-2633- RM! Frtot* TRACT-- 4 todraoTr. horn*, ^en, room. Corrals. 2S4-77S2. LATlGE S tedroom horn*. ?1«,CM). CALL Ilex Timothy for farma - ranches and. MS-235. Lnrton Jtcalty. " 2 RKDHOOM" hoa yard. Detached e. C»n«tcd. tented Araxk. WS-1638, FOR SALK -- 2 ur\tt rental (duplex). Shown br appointment, rhone SJ2. FOUrt new 3 bedroom units. Call us aboul this nearly completed 4-plex In Highland Park. Units rent for 3226/mo. each. This complex ivill have apr-rox. $3,o70.CO annual expense* Including management. Ter- manent f i n a n c l n c of (48,000. years. These l u x u r y untts have 1200 an. ft., 3 hedroomt, Hi baths, klt-i Chen appliances, siirinkler s-sleni, sod l a w n . 4 garaxcs, plush earpetEng and many extras. Call Clvuek Neal 3S2-2030, or Lolt Asencr, Inc., 3531443. Motr,, April 24* 1972 GREELEY (Colo.) TRIBUNE 33 Real Eitati ANT F A R M for mle. Kverylhlnjc goes. Woody'i Pet Supply. 720 Sth Si.. SCOTT School area, 4 bedroom b[- ..-,..- air COT 352-4225. No FOR SALK -- New 3 bedroom home: f u l l y carpeted, 2 bmht, lanrc and family room, 2 car gaia^e. Only Will trade. 1'honc S5M8S8. FOR SALE by nwner -- two ilory, S bedroom house with 2 apartments -one in basement, other ground floor. Corner lot, fenced b.ick yard. iprinV- \lr\K system. Shown by appolntmint, 2S4-G345. TIME REALTY '923 16TH STREET "Nite or Day, Call 352-8838" BEAUTIFUL AKC LAB PUPS Pnplty shots, Kentie pp,tR, oxccl- ent huntai-s, top bloodlines. 2028 7th Ave. 352-0166 Sewing Machines, V a c u u m s 44 ' F R K Y ' S V a c u u m Center. RehiilH .ilruy'a. taa.96.1681 Blh St. 863-OuSl PARTS U'r facuomi, ' noaea, be.ta, btushea. etc. Terry's Vacuum Center, at3-c-oa4. 1501 sth at. ill -- 1971 Sinsrer. Will ·Tie, rr.onojjram, etc. Tnkc for 52 5 pnymenla of IS.BO. rhone 32 FORCED lo i 20 THnlFTY Werner pigs, average 40 Ibs. A f t e r 4. 352-U14. IOK SALK -- 2 rr.ov.Me farrowing lio.ises. Call 352-7321 nftcr 6. D E L U X K 3 horse trailer. Call 356-0447 evenings. NEW indiv^lual calf penj. TWA Dairy. CS6-201J. OR RENT -- 55 acres auli-irriualed pasture. Close in. Ci NO. 876 Western rorer lleiefonl sad- rlle for sale. 352-45M. 'j acres. Ri'ilng 35 6-1742. ?r pasture for £0 HORSF.S honrfleJ d pssturi WANTF.D ~ Sui paira. Call 454-2343. W A N T to uuy all types live he»J lo carlcnJ. 352-358. stock, 1 HORSESIinF.lNr, -- Trnininc. Custom chaps r,nrt tnck. Dwaln Crow, £88- 4|g2 eves. K E R N ar.d Eons Tack noom. Saddles, lioots and t n c k repaited. 217 »st 18tb St. HifsTKIlKI) S.Q.ll.A. Arabian o.nar- £cr horse, i ycnr olil sorrel mare. Well hrnke. Cnll after 4. !E6-40:i8 (party lino). THREE gentle pack mules, suitable for children t«, ri«!e; Z Kenlli in Oreely 10 a.m. till 7 p.m. daily 7:30 a.m. till '10 a.m. Sunday Mobilu Home Space 23 CARPKTS . f r i g h t ! Make them s beautiful p l a n t with U l u e Lustre, Kent electric shampooer, ]. Ciree- ley Furniture. Mobile Homo Space HOLIDAY VILLAGE MOBILE HOME COMMUNITY Spaces available for double and single wide mobile homes. Call Bud Larson, Park Manager or come by our new club house, 3102 17th Avenue. 353-7741 Household Goodi 30 Household Goodi : 6 a e n t l c r a n c h hois 7X8.22TO n f u r 6 n.m. 1-308- Rcol Eslolo 48 bits. REBUILT KIRBYS 559 and up Authorized Klrby Sales and Service 1621 9lh SL 35-3-0700 Complete 1 ttay service on most makes Hags--Belt*--ornshea, etc, SCR our nil new Klrbj vIlasBlc TV~Rodio--Servicfis, Sales 46 KCA TV color cruiFole, 21 Incli. $125. P h i n i Mnlel, ijit. 7 after 6. S TRACK A m / f t n *k-r«i w l l h ln[.rs flOO. 356-1759. TV RENTALS. S I O . O i j jwr mnnlh. (Vila %30.nO per month. 3n2-1200. HOB'S TV. 2011 9th St, Strvict *s]li 17.^0 153^786. FOR quick TV iir7lr... TV Hurt, ESt- 7200. Servka while you w»!U COOD ustil color anfl bU. k und whit« TV«. B u d g e t t«TM«. TcltviMon l!»rl, t i l 2. r ,:h SL 362.7:00. Musical InsFrumants Foil SALK -- 1 UnnilniMler Mltlc Princ(SR »mp,. vim H t r ler Kiiiur. L'»IL 3S3-ft- r i59 n t l c r CLOSE TO COLLEGE SHOPPING CENTER No doubt about this house being one ot the sliariieat nnd cleanest th tli« Hillside aren -- 2 bedroorfis up, 1 down, (nil tlnisbed bnsemcnt, {ully carpeted, stove und refrigerator included, Inrge garage, rose garden, nnd ninny oilier exlrns. J22.S50 located at 2420 12 Ave. Cl. LOW PAYMENTS LOW DOWN Start your mnrrliiRe with this lovely 2 bedroom home, utility room off kitchen, located uenr new Hillside Mall Khnpjiiug center. 25M 10 Avo. Priced at $16,500, nnd extremely well decorulcd, A FAMILY BUSINESS The best hi H-3 laud lo build whiilever you need In the way of npartmenls. Fa:es tile new shopping center south net profit. This business is priced to sell at JO.SGO, which includes all Inventory. R-3 LOTS The licst in H3 land to build whatever you need in tlio wny of Aiiiirtnients. Faces the new shopping center aoulli of Hlglnvny 31 bypnsR nnd 37th Avftnup. Purchnse iirlce includes water and sewer tn|s, curb, gutter, nnd paving. 15 ACRES OP MOUNTAIN PROPERTY This has one ot the best views you will ever find. Located on Devils liackhonfe west of Lovelancl, Colorado. NEW BELAIR HOMES Here Is the new home you have always dreamed about, Shake roof, 3 or 4 bedrooms, sling carpet, 1% haths, range, disposal, dishwasher, stainless steel sinks, tire- pluce, garage, und price also Includes drapes, 3 bedroom -- $29,950, 4 bedroom -- $31,600. Conventional financing to 95% of snlc price. COUNTRY HOME SITES acres. C i t y water, 1 mile oust of 1-26 at exit 121 Uorllioud. Call Northmoor Realty 1-427-2020 Denver Real Eitati ,48 HERE'S your dr»«m houl«M Itnrntcu- Utc 3 Mdroorh, fully «rpil*d, i'4 lijitht, family room. Electric ktt- chen. Full ' basement, covered p»Uo, HciuMe giragp,-fehced ykrd, «miiM»- Bprlnklinr (ysUm. Call Ml, 152- M40 or Sl»r Ke*lly t 3(8-4741. FOR SALB--6 *cr« tract. Idtti ihow- rUc« for . i*BUt*red Iiv.**lock or iultabl* for other buiitneM. 4 .Wd- room, 3 b*lh home, corrals and fully aiutpped. oolbjltdfnf*. All city ulll- tllw. Must ·** to apprecUU., Im- medfat« pQM«s£on. Call 35J-E346 to *e« at anytime, \Vould consider T«nt- FOR RENT OR SALE-- 3 bedrooms. · carport, fenced back yard, close to school. Will taka 2 or 3 children, no pete. Need, references. Call 352-2279 or 353-26S8. ASA T.JONES, JR.'AGENCY 920 llth Street, Greeley, Colo. Phone 3B2-6417 IRRIGATED SPECIALS -- Level lliO A picture farm. Ahovo averngo Improvements. BOO head feed lot. One of. the truly outstanding farms In Prospect Valley. HO A weal of Plattovlllc. 2 largo wells plus ditch water. Outstanding cro[j history In potatoes, lieets, corn and beans. This one must be seen to be appreciated. Only $110,000. Enton 1GO A. Irrigation wells. Live stream through proporly. ^ mile cement ditclt. ',i In irrigated grass. Ideal for livestock operation. 140 A near fireclay, lovely home. Lnrgo niachlno slicd. New Corrals. Ditch and well water. Nnlunil gna and domestic water. Level, productive soil. Call Roy. ' . Well Improved 210 A in productive Prospect Valley. Good wells plus ditch. Uc.ilisllcally priced tit only $600 por A. ISO A near Hereford, Colo. This null lias 1 self-proiielled sprinkler and permltR for addttloimi veils for development. Natural gas. Jloilern homo. Price right. Call Roy. 00 A grnflH unit uenr Cirecley. Excellent location for building, 'rlccd nt ?50,000. Cnll Hoy. · Sun. or Evo. call AL JOHNSTON, 3S2-02S-I! UOY KLrLlSTON, 35;i.5816; or CLIFF CAMPBELL, Broker, 3B2-111G. Jerry K r e n u f f -- 352-S750 Clyde n»vIs--302-725S MOORE REALTY Northern Colorado Building * MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE * 922 llth St. 352-3437 Real Estate Q U A L I T Y 3 be.troom noIM IjricV hnu.«. t u r n e r Int. near Lxb Sch.*)\. New en i 1 pell ntf nnd rt ropes. Cu^LoI^ bnth. I,Rr?c 2 cnr g*rn.Kc. Full liR^emcn u'tth (200 monthly Income. I t y np- ESCAPE KIT 5.11 acres tn p r i v a t e wildornesn. "Year round recreation area, nc- cess limited to properly owners and RiieEtR. P^xc-Pllent fishing In streams nnd lakes. Only 1,000 ft. to vast N a t i o n a l Koreat Cabin site on knoll. Amonf? whispering pine and a«pen. Your Investment protected by covenants. N o r t h w e s t of Ft. Collins and w i t h i n iVt hours drive from (rreeley. This is planned for YOUR FUTURE. $8,800 terms. CONTINENTAL WEST REALTY "Recreational Land is our Specialty." Greenwood Tlaza EiiKlewootl, Colo. 80110 303-770-22G2 Days, evenings, weekends. STOLL SEAY CONST. CO. Ruilders of "DISTINCTIVE CUSTOM HOMES" Presents a complete personalized homo building nervict I n c l u d i n g dcs'gning. drafting, financing, and a homo Irarfe- In program. We specialize tn quality construction and cr.iftmanahlp, plus the newest Ideas and Innovation In custom home building. Phone 362-5687. USED MERCHANDISE CLEARANCE 8 Ft. Pool iahle 1S71 15 cu. fl. Freezer 15 cu. ft. Frosf-frce 2 dr. Refrigerator $130.00 1121.50 J126.00 Wesli'nghous'eVl eu.'fl. Refrigerator, Copperlone .... $ S8.50 1071 Coronadti nutnmatic wnalier IS In. Color TV 88.00 .All items f u l l y reconditioned and s n a r a n l e t d GAMBLES 3.i2-!ilS7 WANT A GUARANTEED SALE ON YOUR HOME? For Information Call: SCOTT REALTY CO. 1212-8th Avonue, Greeley, Colo. 352-1212 COLLEGE AREA NOME A lienutlfitl trtict or drcelcy. Alioul Ifl ncroa. A t t r a c l i v o 4 hcdrnnm honno nnd ft lol of fli.ppnrtii-K build !ngH Includtnf;: n nlcn m i l k i n g hnrn nnd corrals. AlKHit 10 ncrcft in n l f a l f n . Priced nt $85,000. COLLEGE AREA HOME I? boilrnnmfl on m a i n f l n n r . 2 IjotlnrfHiin In nice haflRnienl mil. Hint o.milil ho renlwl to (jolloco Rtit'lcnlR. Xoncd 113. Lnrgn lot. w i t h nice fonceil Enrilcn with f r u i t Ircca. At f2J.2!0. COLLEGE RENTAL Duplex showing FI KOOT! rntiirrt. On n Inrpfp. lot t h a i rouhl hitvt; n n o l l i e r honflo on llio front of tho lot. (Jootl Inciitinn. At $15,^00. DEVELOPMENT LAND 20 ncrcs of Hie finest, w i t h nil clly utllKlen nvnllnhle. On the weal Dido of M l l l l k c n . Thin Inml can he tlevfilopfiii wltli less Rifle costB t h r t n nny we know of. Hnllclcrft, Irikc a look nt t h f n nnil let tifi K i v n you Ihd rlctallK. INDUSTRIAL ZONING on this 1',4 a«rcB plim. On lei Avi. nnd nypFiKB. HIB n nlco 2 hofJroom lioijac w i t h a nice y.irrl. Prlroil at $cr,,oor. NORTH GREELEY--BUSINESS PROPERTY Need a corner for htmlncfifl t h a t ]R n e a r l y nH pav^'l? J^o^allon IK lopp: m u l n f h o r o i i g h f a r e , hlfch trnfflr; flow. lfidx12S feel and Indmlen u former f i l l i n g s l n t l o n b u i l d - Inff. Priced dt H!),7i5C. INVESTMENT FOH DEVELOPMENT 'M ncres of rlioire l a n d at northw(!Bl. OI|RC of flreoley. (Jooil W H l e r and Kfa a v a l l n b l f t for fliiliilivldlng. f a r t nndor I r r i K f l t l o n and i n c l n d e B norno wnter rifihts, Priced Ht ?2.2nO per A HOME YOU CAN AFFORD A lwr bodroom honsc f«n ft nice lar^c lot -- 70.xlOO f l . , I n s u l n t c r l imA oomforlable. I/ow laxcfl of J I ' 2 nnrt jirlcnrl nt only $12,000. ; GRKELEY CENTRAL HIGH LOCATION Two hedroom w i t h h u R e m c n t ftpt., larRC living; room, kitchen, f a m i l y room or don. Apt. h a n living room, kit; chen, 1 Ijodroom and »i bath. 1 block from high school. Priced at »27.GOO. | YOU'LL LIKE IT ALL ! The new carpetlnfc, tho f i r e p l a c e in Ihe H v I n K room, i another one In the recreation room, the two car garage ' and the kitchen hullt-lna In this b e a u t i f u l l y kept, three ! hedrnom brick with one and a half haths. Tt In six years old and priced to nell nt (H.SAfi. Helen May SS3-2111 nny Schoonmnker ! Tom Rpear n. r i2-0515 C l i n t Jurgenson 3S2-130B Ted f u n k ZM^fM Herbert Alhertson 353-27SI Frank Moore ,152-3313 .lack DriicRKinan 3r3-fjr,f.8 Marge YoBt 3S2-5737 Uoli Rrnnner 352-7121 EEALTY CO. 1212 STH AVE · 352-1212 MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE COLO., WYO., MONTANA, NEBR., TEXAS YOU HAVE TO SEE IT TO BELIEVE IT1 1SGO sijimro fcol ot l i v i n g nrcn. Four bedrooms: two iimln. two 2nd floor, walk in closets on 2nd floor, 2 f u l l baths, l i v i n g room nnd dlnliiR room nron. Kitchen fins dishwasher, Rfirhngo dlflposnl and raugu, Utll- ily room off (lie kitchen, llasemont has apartmont to rent. It includca dormitory bedroom, largo living room, % bath, large kllchon with ulHJllos, separata entrance in rear. All f u r n i t u r e inc-ludod in basement a p a r t m e n t . This homo has 2 guraKcn: 4 car from the alloy, 2 car'from 12th Avonue. Clnrngos have storage or are great for n i:fir hobby repair. Tills homo also has n acrooned In pnllo wllli barbemie. A complete sprinkling H.vstcun underground. Make an appointment today lo lour I his hennliful home. 2513 23RD AVENUE COURT F c n l u r i n g nice cnrpelod living room, tlirco bcdroomo, f u l l bnlh, k Hch on with nniplo en ling spnce, InrgB cnr port., well G u l n l t l l n l i e c l InnilHcnplng. This homo IB filinrp nnd priced lo f i t your needs, 130 NORTH 2GTH AVENUE Vnry f l n n l.wn licflrfKim r n n a l i nlylo frmno home, ex- lorior jiiwt imlFiled Innt ycnr. Complftlo with all n r o u n d r j u n l U y solf fitorlrtj; Rtorm wlniiowH, 1 cnr ntlarhod Rnrn(!^- with flherglnnfl tloor, utility room nff k l l c h o n IK rcpiippccl with nlnk, lino rjunllly Imrd- wood fluorn. I'rlncd to «cll now! - I l l ]OTU AVENUE l l n r o ' « n Blinrii older lioino. Tlio kitchen nnd bnth hnvfi linon nioilnrnlznd in t h l K nrto hcrlronm lumKnlow. 'rhr-rn'ri plorily of rnon) for roinpnny In llio l a r K e HvliiK room. Also, plenty of slorflKO 111 fho tinaci)icnt. I ' r l r n ? only $1:1,ODD VA nr KirA. Cnll lodny. TRULY A FAMILY HOME A t l r a o t l v o orlrk homo I n n n l e d in Hoillliwost fJreelcs', clone to srfinolfi. Tlirftn herlronmn i n n l n Tlnor nnd n n a f n (lift hriHfimfsnf. r i o n R ^ n L kilchen, hnrdwood floorn a r i d t M t c f i i l J y ilccorntod throngltmit. J'lun features inrUide outnldn nntrance to banrjiiient, covered «emJ- f;nt:loftnd patfo, I n r g n rorrofitfon room. Sizable loan ran bo iiBBiimed. Prirrn $2C,0[0. BUILDING A DUKAM HOME? M a k n It a r n n l l l y will] I hie Arrowlicnil lol. Panoramic view p l » K h l k l i i R Irnlls. l i o n t l n K nnd f l n h l n g are homm f o a f i i r o n of llitn exccpllonnl lol. Call tnrlny for dB- CRANFORI) A l t K A Two filory ( I f i l f j n l a l lujnio an onxy as tt IK HpnrjFons. I(':cf!iitly rc*lnt-(iratcfl tliroi]g)inut, llilfl f o u r bedroom home [H npr-dnl. CniiiplotoTy c o r n f n r l a h l c anil ]tnrfcct fur cnlortaiiiliiK, l l i i H Is n homo llmt la sure to please. EVENINfiS d W K G K E N D S irOMES-BUSINRRRRH I l a l p h Cooper J^eonard T t o r u w n k l Kd A n d c r n o r j Mylen T f nndfilron\ Mac McKlnlcy 11111 (jnmhrcll K, V. HrlB Wall 352-R57fl 353-28S8 3.12-1202 353-3833 3S2.32ri3 .1S3-513D J5C-DS5S Dick ISoctlehcr, Jr. 353^803 ,lohil Schcll 352-C818 FARMS-RANCHES Dean Avcra Ilex Scolt H e n r y W. Herbal Carl Sliowalter Janios Fioydler 8S7-67J7 352-8441 353-7151 353-8212 COMMERCIAL Dong Scars Jjirry Anderson Krnio 3 53-38 0 454-268S 3I.2-S83J

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