Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on March 6, 1976 · Page 9
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 9

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 6, 1976
Page 9
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Greeley teacher authors textbook on folklore Sat..March, 1171 OKEELEY (Colo.) TRIBUNE I VENEZUELAN ITEMS - Louise Russell taught a year in Venezuela where this harp was played guitar-style with rapid picking as opposed to the slower flowing music of this country. Miss Russell is holding a painted image, and a feather arrangement which is worn on the sleeve of tribesmen far in the inner back country of Venezuela. The wall hanging is a "tapita" woven on a lap loom in the national bird "quetzal" design of Guatemala. (Tribune photos by Rose Mary Koob) Hints from Heloise liy I1KUHSK ('HUSK All corrrapnndrnt'e pertaining to the Helms? i-olumn should be mailed directly KI Hcloise. King Kraturcs Syndicate. 235 K «ih Sired. New York. New York 10017. Saturday, Mar. 6 Dear Gang; Now what I did? I got a blop of red fingernail polish on my brand new jeans. What a bummer... With the price of blue jeans today, I was about to have a cat! I did what I always do when I mess something up. I called my mother. That really isn't unusual, t but my mother is Heloise. I have never thought much of it before, but I really am lucky. If something goes wrong, I just pick up the 'phone and ask Mom. It's kinda like "Dial-a- hinl." Once when I was in college, I even called home long-distance to ask how to get wax out of the carpet. (Now I know how.) It does work both ways, too. Many limes I have had to try something, or found out later that I was an experiment for some hint she was trying! Buck to the oi ifciiidl pro'olciii. Called Mom and said, "Help!" "Never fear, your mother is here," The answer was simple and cost me nil. Acetone! You can buy it at a drug store. I paid $1.35 for a pint. You sponge the slain with acetone and the nailpolish will come out. Now listen and listen well. Use Amyl acetate, also found in drugstores, on acalate, Arnel, Dynel and Verel fabrics, and use acetone on others. Be sure lo lest Ihese solutions on a hidden spot of your garment to be certain it won't harm the fabric. Maybe you aren't as careless as I am sometimes, but this sure is good to know. I did (his once before and couldn't get hold of my mother and took the panls to the cleaners. They charged me $1 to take the stain out. Not that I wasn't grateful, but now I can do it myself for a few pennies. When you get your can of acetone, read the label well, and be sure to follow all instruct inns for its use and safety. Hpc this will help you sometime, but if you aren't a dummy like I was and are careful, maybe you will never have to use this hinl. Heloise II Dear Heloise' Don'l throw away any old suitcase -- no matter how battered. I use mine to store Christmas decorations. Helen Denr Heloise: I purchased a soft cigaretle case thai has two comp a r t m e n t s -- a long one designed to curry a package of cigarettes and a shorler one for matches or a lighter. In the long compartment I placed a pair of sun glasses and in the shorter one I placed a neatly folded rain bonnet. I am now prepared for Uie bright sunshine or a sudden rain shower. H. M. Angyai Our Mailman; "I'm dragging so loday, even the ants arc rushing by me..." Dear Heloise: If anyone has a foam-backed chair or sofa Ihrow that is beyond use, wash it and peel off the foam. The foam is ideal to use when stuffing little toys. IV J. And you can't beat the price, cither... Heloise IVar Helms* 1 : I always check on the clever ideas in your column whether I read (lie rest of the paper or not. ! had a problem with my shoulder strap purse sliding off all the time. I solved the problem by sticking a heel pad used to keep shoes from slipping. Just cut off the extra and you are all set. You won't have lo be tugging at the straps all the time. Jo Hewlett Copyright, 1976 King Features Syndicate. Inc. Grange contest entry blanks now available All local and subordinate granges will furnish entry blanks for the annual National Grange Sewing Contest which ends April 30. Thousands of dollars in cash and merchandise will be awarded to the winners from local to national level. The top prize is an electronic Singer sewing machine. Anyone more than 10 years of age, men, women or youths, may enter, either as a grange member, or sponsored by a grange member. For further information, call a member of the local grange in our community, ui Fictile Valley Grange contest chairman, Mrs. Lillie Cunningham, 352-5161. Jumbo-Knit Cape By CECILY BROWNSTONE Associated Press Food Editor SUNDAY SUPPER Fish Soup Beer Muffins Fruit Beverage BEER MUFFINS 1 cup buttermilk biscuit mix 1 tablespoon vegetable oil '.a cup room-tempera lure flat beer 12 one-quarter inch cubes cheddar cheese Paprika With a fork stir together the mix, oil and beer until mix is moistened. Using a level tablespoon for each, spoon dough into 12 small, generously buttered muffin-pan cups -each l^rinches across top and ··Vi-inch deep and holding 2 tablsspoonfuls. Into center of each, press a cheese cube leaving top exposed. Sprinkle with paprika. Bake in a preheated 450-dcgree oven on rack below center for 8 minutes. When served hot from the oven, these have interesting malt flavor. Makes 12. By ROSE MARY KOOB Tribune Stuff Writer One of Greeley's teachers has come into her own as an author. Louise Russell, who teaches language arts at Heath Junior High School, has recently had published her book "Understanding Folk Lore." The book is a text for secondary schools and deals with folklore in the concept of tales from this area, although the scope is more inclusive and suitable to anywhere in the United States. Examples of legends are presented with illustrations and photographs, the latter by Paul Moloney of Ihe Greeley Tribune. A leacher for 15 years, she is .trying to "get across" to the students what folklore really is. Her major is English, but studenls stimulated her interest oin folklore. She would find ballads to which there was no music written -- the lyrics but not the musical scores. So she bought a guitar and learned to play. She now plays and sings in the early-day tradition. An Oklahoman, the southern ballads come as a natural. Her father was a Methodist minister and she traveled a bit. So intense was her interest in the historical background of customs and music lhat she enrolled at the Indiana University Folklore Institute which she attended two years. This was after she had a B.A. from Oklahoma City University and M.A. from Northwestern frw X u*ii W University at Evanston out of Chicago, 111. Miss Russell came to Greeley in 1963, and taught at Greeley Central High School until 1968. She went to South America to teach a year in a Venezuelan American school. She taught English to children of American families employed by companies in Venezuela. Following her return from South America she taught in New Jersey a year but was very anxious to return to Greeley. The time involved in writing the book was one entire summer in which she did a great deal of research, later making many revisions and finally completing the edition for the publisher during Christmas break a year ago. It takes about a year and a half for a publisher to turn out Ihe edition. This author was browsing in a part of Mexico City, Mexico, when in a very out-of-the-way place that looked like a shed she found the guitar she now plays. She had a bit of dickering to do to obtain her guitar, for it seems the merchant had never heard of travelers checks, and would not accept them. Her two traveling companions and she finally raised enough cash lo satisfy the trader and she came away with her guitar. She has another guitar she purchased in the Canary Islands. Louise Russell, who received her Ph.D. at the University of Indiana studying folklore, is now considered an authority on the subject. FOLKLORE MUSIC -- Of intense interest to Louise Russell, author, is folklore mutic. Here she prepares to play the dulcimer with feather pick, the instrument originating from the south Appalachian area. It is an adaptation of an older, large instrument played on a bable by hitting the strings with a mallet. Also piciurtxi on iht: v.aii ait: muiu" piuiuius iiuin Panama, which are fashioned out of approximately six layers of different colored cloth which is cut out to get the desired color and design, the art still followed in making blouses by the women of San Bias. The wooden ball and chain hanging on the bannister was carved by a man in Texas. The far right paiuliiigb noiii Valencia, Vuitiutla. 'Pictures from an old Album 1 shown at meeting of NARFE George James led the 38 members of the National Association of Retired Federal Employes (NARFE) in group singing of "God Bless America" and "America the Beautiful" with his wife at the piano. Invocation was presented by Earl Funderburk, president, and the pledge of allegiance was recited. Hazel Johnson, a guest, presented "Piclures from an Old Album" which she narrated showing photos of Weld County and Colorado. Miss Johnson's historical programs are sponsored by the First of Greeley. Elected delegates to the annual state convention at Pueblo May 3-4 are Mee Nix, Clifford Van Doren and Dalt Macy. Alternates are William Schaffer, Gwen Van Doren and Violet Macy. The next meeting will be at 1:30 p.m. on April 5, at the Ulue Flame Room. Refreshments were served by Mr. and Mrs^ Don Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. Terrence Riley and Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Kiser. FROM FOREIGN LANDS - Folklore items from foreign lands intrigue the author. 1/Miisp Hii"* 1 !!, Ivrw*1f an authority nn folklore. The flask of painted wood in leather carrier is from Yugoslavia, as ts lh« "gusle." a one-string violin played by the Yugoslavian shepherds. The ornate maracas from Venezuala arc beautifully carved but less colorful lhan those originating in Mexico. The clock-like drum is made of steel and hails from Trinidad. The carving on the right depict ing a man playing (he drum is also from Trinidad. Sheinwold on Bridge Newcomers Club to meet Tuesday Do no favors for declarer lly ALFRED SHEINWOLD One of the important principles of good defense is to do nothing for declarer that he cannot do for himself. You can break this rule (o do something harmful, but if you haven't though it out carefully your intended injury may act as a tonic. South dealer North-South vulnerable NORTH * Q J 5 stop South from leading a low trump to dummy's seven to discard this olhcr low diamond on the queen of spades. Dally Question Partner opens with two hearts (forcing to game), and the next player passes. You hold: Spade QJ5 heart 7542 diamont QC4 club 753. What do you say? Answer: Bid 2 NT, Ihe negative response, with most partners. With an expert, jump to four hearts. This jump to four hearts. This jump raise promises good trump support but denies any ace, any king, a singleton or a void suit, (c) 1976 l.nsAnRdes Times "Spring has sprung, get you housecleaning done" will be the theme of the Welcome Wagon Newcomers Club card party- mixer at Ihe Elks Club, at 10 a.m. Tuesday, March 9. Reservations should be made with Barb Halnes, 353-9724 or Pal Leuch, 356-0310. The Newcomers Club has also scheduled a St. Patricks Day dinner dance for members, alumnae and guests, al Ihe Holiday Inn, Saturday, March 13. Dinner will be at 6:30 p.m. and dancing from 8 p.m. Reservations should be made by March 11 for dinner, by calling Meg Fisher, 356-7856, or Carol Slater, 353-5782. No reservations are necessary for dancing only. A slice of apple in a covered container will soflen brown sugar in a few days. Look dashing in a cape with a convertible collar and double cable trim. Jumbo knit in short or 3 ,i length for campus-country ! Use large needles, jiffy wool. Trim with fringe. Pattern 746: knitting directions. Send $1 for each pattern. Add 35c each pattern for first class airmail and handling. Print name, address, zip and pattern number. Send to Laura Wheeler, N e e d l c c r a f t D e p a r t m e n t (Greclcy Tribune 377), Box 161, Old Chelsea Station, New York, N.Y. 10011. New! 200 designs to knit, crochet, quill and sew. plus 3 free patterns inside the new 1976 Needlecraft Catalog. Send 75C. Crochet with Squares, $1. Crochet a Wardrobe, $1. Needlepoint Book, II. Instant Macrame, $1. Complete Gift Book, 51. Book of 16 Jiffy Rugs, 50c. Museum Quilt Book No. 2, 50c. O Q 6 4 + 753 WEST EAST + A K 1 0 6 - ! » 9 f i 7 2 V38 ?3 O J 9 8 O K 7 5 3 + 862 + K 1 0 9 4 SOUTH *3 9 A K Q J 1 0 6 O A 1 0 2 + A Q J S«ith West North East 2 .? 2 * Pass 3 » 4 V All Pass Opening load -- * K West opened the king of spades, and East played the discouraging deuce. West s»y that there could be no harm in shifting to a trump since South could easily lead trumps for himself and surely had solid trumps for his strong bidding. This was quite correct. South took the ace and king of trumps, having gained nothing from West's lead. South knew he would have to play diamonds eventually, in the attempt lo win a truck with dummy's queen or his own ten. Dut this could wait: in the meantime lie could develop the clubs. Gets Break South cashed the ace of clubs and continued with the queen. East won with the king of clubs and should have returned the ten of clubs since this would do nolhing for South. Instead, East returned a spade, hoping to damage South by forcing him lo ruff. But this was Ihe break Uiat South had been hoping for. Declarer discarded a diamond instead of ruffing. West had to take the ace of spades, selling up dummy's queen. And now, nothing could CQ. SALE Saturday, March 6th · Get Off My Back Game 3 '59 Reg. $8.00 NOW Super Fly Airplane Kite $04 , Reg. $3.19 NOW L · Jack Jill Game . Reg. $8.00 NOW 3 Fisher-Price Safari Reg. $27.03 NOW '14" · MB Tuned In Puzzle Reg. $3.69 NOW · Large Levi Dolls $ Reg. $9.97 NOW · Nuttsy Tennis Reg. $14.59 NOW J179 $729 · HuskerDu $ Reg. S4.oo ..................... NOW L · Fisher-Price Dolls Re9- 515.57 .................... NOW ,_., 7 · Fisher-Price Play Family A-Frame jnss Reg. $14.79 NOW J Prices Good At Both Locations To Serve You 2245 So. College, Ft. Collins 2072 Greeley Mall, Greeley · Room Miniatures j, M Reg. $6.59 $7.95 NOW 3 · Playskool Good Humor Bike $1 39 Reg. $23.29 NOW 11 · Playskool Disney Tiles j.^ Reg. $6.59 NOW 4 Playskool McDonald's $ Reg. $25.00 NOW 50

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