Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on June 18, 1957 · Page 19
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 19

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 18, 1957
Page 19
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Page 10 RREELEY TRIBUNE Tuesday, Junt 18, 1D57 oman Josophiiw Millt D n 6 I act r, Editor O e Gene Lane Weds Donna Delaney MUs Donna Dee Delaney, d«uch- ter of Mr. and Mrt. J. B (Tony) Delaney of 1727 Sixth avenue, became the bridi of Gene Kent I ane, Mn of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Lane cf 152S Ninth avenue, Sunday afternoon at Trinity Lutheran church. The Rev. Leo E. Iluliel officiated · t the double ring rites. Invitation* In the 2 o'clock service were sent ·.» 150. Bob Lautthan, wnldir-K vocal^t. lare bodice closed in back with tiny covered buttons and was eomple merited with long tapering sleeves coming to points over Hie wrists. The bouffant skirt of illusion had wide panels of Chantilly lace sweeping into a wide chapel train The tiered fingertip veil of 1m ported silk bridal illusion was held in pi a re tiy a tiara of tiny pearl beads adorned w i t h rhtnestones and iridescent sequins. The bride c a r - , ried a txiuquet of pink and w h i t e \ roses, with .streamers and stcpha ; notis, on a while HiMe. Her s i n g l e , strand of pearls was a cift of (he groom. Maid of honor was N'ancy Lyons j of A r v a d a . lleverly Trupp and l:mg the Lord's ITavcr and T a k e , s h a r r | (·;,,),,,,, u r r ( . |,riilr«maids.! I h o u M y Hand. Organist was Klwm T h r j r i )al |,., ina |,. nslh c , m . n , u f r ( .' the Ktrhhorfct, who accompanied cjnist and played incidental music. of pink crystalline over satin, ile- Mi'ned w i t h full fathered fkirts and Altar vases were filled with pink m t r d h , l)ir( .,. Tril . necklines were! fr intl white flowers. Basil t* of pink ,,, filhfrfll c r v s talline which i '· roses and w h i t e c h r s s a n t h c m u m s ,| rapod sUiMy ,,,, lnc .houldcrs I · · find pew Iwurjuets f u r t h e r added to l!ic lovely setting. White tapers clowed in the candelabra. K a r y l Thl . ,,,,.,,,!;,,,,, c a r W h i t e and Mclvine While of Chey rnne, cousins of the bride, lighted I . the candles. rrled iKiurjuets of j pink and w h i t e Sweetheart roses and wore m a t c h i n g tiaras. ser Hunt was best m a n , inhering were I'aul and Kobcrt llubel. j cousins of the groom. Flower girl The bride's father save her m . w a , ( ; in , rr nicci of Cheyenne, marriage. Her sown was ( ,f Chan. ,,,,,, of th( . ,, rjdc tilly lace and nylon illusion over I Th( , bri( | e ., m o l h r r w a s atlin , a net and heavy bridal satin. The j jn , |lu , |y ros( . tlm . n shf worc , dress was fashioned with a p r - j u r c c brimmed hat of while lace trait neckline edced with applied ,,,,, w h i l ( , ,,.,,,,,,,,,,. Mrs. Lane lace and trimmed w i t h iridescent p-quins. The yoke was filled in with pleated illusion and the Man- liirin collar was of lace. The fitted C«n Kint Lino and his bride, tht fcrmor Miss Donna Doo Dln«y.--Wedding candid by Tht Martins. chose a biece gown, a large brimmed beige hti ami beige a n d ; c h a r g e of the reception. M r s . tan accessories, lloth had w h i t e j Ix.uise Delaney, a u n t of the bride, ! served punch and Mrs. Dorothy HOLIDAY Magazine's MOTOR TOUR OF COLORADO Ttkr ft fivf-dar tour t h r o u g h Coloradu'ft vrj'cndlcular »un- dtrlatul, itt e v e r ) t h i n e f r o m putMnft to uranium mint*, Mntj · nd dine it the hftt hotel* and restaurant* and w i n d up w i t h ft Tir.iUnn you'll n e v r r fors»t. It'i all In Julr lli'lldar .Maca- zlnr, ami It i n d u d c x f t r r y t h l n c fro(n road markrn to r r s t a u r a n t menui! You Rtfirt and rnd In D e n r * r . . . tl*tt (hoit town*, *kl rr*orti ·nd ^ u l r h u r *prin^s . . . itrad- dl* the Continental JllrJd* . . . take the ftis r a i l w a y to IMkrt Peak . . . ir« (amuus cold nitnrs .. . and more! U* pure )«u read t h t * f e a t u r e * Get HclMiy'i FL'M- MEH TRAVEL l*suf. today! NOW ON SALE! JULY HOLIDAY White, also an aunt, poured coffee. The cake was served by the Enom's a u n t , Mrs. Hea Lane. The bride's traveling: costume was a w h i t e sheath dress with a green bolero jacket and white The Ladies aid of the church was in'accessories. The Lanes ar: taking The rrctption wai htH in Luther hall following Iht 9eremony. The able was centered with Ihe wcd- dinc cake whieh w a s rneirclfd with ink roses. Pink anil w h i t e mints, and candles were used. neiii active leisure! A CURTIS MAGAZINE CHOP 0-1YIATIC New All Purpose FOOD CHOPPER 1,,-irKrst and l'aslrt Household Food Chopper Available! PK.MONSTHATKI) This \Vi-rk Only at WOOLWORTK'S Will (lio| onion*. I'-lfKley. ( f i e r y , f r u i t * , n u t s , utikul meats -- r \ e n crushes tie. Wiinilerful for io]e ulaw or ..Uil*. DURING THIS DEMONSTRATION ONLY F. W. Woolworth Co. 801 Slh .Street Attend . . . The Farm, Home and Sports Show COMMUNITY BUILDING WEDNESDAY thru SUNDAY E. H. MORTON PLUMBING A HEATING CO. PLUMBING BaplM Circles Hold June Meetings Circlei of the Women'i Million society of the First Baptist church held their June meetingi last ieek. The accounts follow, Clrclt I Mri. F. C. Sidei and Mrs. E. A. Bromley entertained Circle 1 at Jie Sidei home, 1716 Fourteenth street road. Guests were Mri. Ralph Webb and Mrs. Royal Woods and Marcia. Devotions were given by Mn. Hoy Briggi on the theme, Living a short honeymoon trip, in the mountains and around Idaho Springs and Colorado Springs. Aft er June 19, they will be at home at 3015 Tenth street. The former Miss Delaney wa graduated from G r e e l e y High school this spring. She wit em ployed by Zale-Lee Jewelry iton until she resigned for her marriage Lane is a 1954 graduate of Greeley High school. He attended Colorado State College of Education for twi years. He is employed this summe as vacation help in the meat department of Safeway. For three y e a r s , he worked as a meat cutter at the Seventh avenue and Tenth ftrect store. I Ticinx Celebrate llirlhdaua at Party Itelativc'i gathered at the home of Mr. and Mrs. A r t h u r Holbrook, 2119 Fifth street. Friday evening to celebrate the birthdays of Mrs. Holbrook and her t w i n brother, Kiner Holm of La Salic. A special guest at the party was their uncle. Oscar Magnuson, ·if Ilidalite. S»eilcn. He is visiting his family and other relatives here, this summer. Magnuson lived for many years near Kersey and other parts of Weld county. Ten years ago he returned to Sweden to make his home. The evening was spent visiting and reminiscing. The birthday pair opened m a n y lovely gifts. Coffee, ice cream and other refreshments were cnjojcd by the group. I'resent at the party besides those already mentioned were Mrs. Alma Holm of La Salle, mother of the twins: Holbrook, Jim, Wes, John and Alma Elaine, Mr. and Mrs. llamand Thompson and La Vcrn. Mrs. Albert Magnuson and decree Magnuson of Greeley; Mr. and Mrs. Richard Grams. Chuck and Le Ann of Evans; Mr. and Mrs. Art Macnuson, Larry and Wayne Magnuson, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Holm, Leroy. Slvia and David Holm, Marilyn Bain of La Salle; and Mr. and Mrs. Einar Nelson of riattevillf. trsiy Busy Seavtri Mttt Kersey Busy Beavers 4 H club oted to buy song books at its recent meeting. Each member will r niy his own book and be responsible for it. Members voted not to tmc a float in the July 4 parade, but will investigate the cost and how to m a k e one in prospect cf next year's event. The club entered a baseball t r a m in Class A. A ill auction will be held June 22. Ixrocll Hcttinger reported on dairying. He told about different kinds of cows and the milk they gne. Norman Sameshima reported rn crops, tellinc the best t i m e of y e a r to plant the various ones. liichard T e t i \ a will ;c sergeant at a r m s at the July 12 meeting. W i l l i a m Klein and N o r m a n Same- shir.ia w i l l bring the refreshments Water. Her icripture wai from Matthew and John. The group tang I Heard the Voice of Jesus and Mrs. Briggi read an article on Living Water. The program wai presented by Mrs. Webb on the subject, Furthering the Kingdom of God. She read an address by the Rev. Gordon Torgerson which wai given at the Northern Baptist convention In Denver in 1933. It wai entitled, The Man with Two Umbrellas. The circle will vacation during July and August. Sept. 12 rqeeting ill be with Mri. Fred Noffsinser of 1861 Twelfth avenue. Mrs. A. C. Stoneman will assist. Clrcli 1 Circle 2 enjoyed the hospitality of Mri. Edna Drake. 1915 Eleventh street. Mri. Ethel Mashburn and Mrs. Walter Worsfoldjssisted her in serving a dessert. Mn. Drake, circle chairman, welcomed the 16 memberi and one guest, Mri. Marian King. Mrs. Mashburn gave the opening prayer. Miss Grace Cochran, in keeping with the year's theme. Little Known Women of the Bible, gave as her devotion the story oi Jochebed, the mother of Moses She told how in giving him over to the royal princesi ihe still remained at his nurse and wai thui able to train him in the knowledge of God, giving to the world one o; Hi greatest and most influentia' men. Mrs. J. A. Weaver offered the closing prayer. Mrs. G. G. Sutherland'i program, The History of the Reliz ions of the Japanese Empire, was of great interest. She said in part: "Japan, a very young country compared w-ith India and China received her literature, her art and some of her religion from China. However, even before this time, over 2.000 years ago, Japa had a religion called now by it Chinese name, Shintoism, meanin The Way of the Good Spirit. "The teachings of Confucius an ancestor worship came to them from China. When Buddhism cam to China from India they sent ou missionaries through Korea an Japan. Today, though Shintoism i dearest to the Japanese because is their own and oldest religion Buddhism hai the greatest num her of followers and Confucianism has the greatest influence. Sept. 12 hostesi is Mri. Weaver Mrs. Fred Buck and Mn. R. F Wyrick will assist her. Mrs. F. B Tarmelee has devotions on Mir jam. Mrs. J. G. Werkheisei give the program, a book review Htwirtl N. ·r*wm Entertain GvMt Mr. and Mn. Howard N. Brown ot 313 Ninth avenue have had M their housegueit the ptit 10 dayi Alrin C. Clagett of Clifton, Kan. Three days of his vacation were ipent at Yellowstone -National Saturday, the Browns and Mr. and Mri. Richard Bird of 700 Twelfth street look Clagett to ittf Park and over Trail Illd»e i far at it wai open. Sunday. Clafett, Bird and the Brown! went o Colorado Springs. They visited he Garden of the Godi, tcok the able ear to the top of Manitoti mountain and toured the Cheyenne Mountain zoo. This wai the Kan- an'i tint trip in that vicinity. Monday night, the Browns and Bird! were to have a picnic lupper t Island Grove park in honor o: :iagett. Later, they planned to go o the Bird residence to see Ihe ieturei of last year's trip to Florda and Havana, Cuba. Clacett leaves Tuesday morning n the Portland Rose for his home le ii foreman on the Missouri Pa ifie at Clifton. Mrs. Robert Kerns Is Feted at Bridal Parly Mri! Robert Kerns, the forme Shirley Winter, wai honored at a iridal ihower last week in thi electric lounge. Kerns and Miss Winter wen married at Raton, N. M., Marcl 28. She li the daughter of Mr. anc .Irs. Jacob Winter of east of Eaton The groom's father is Jack Kern of Gill. The couple ii living on Rocky Meuntain Institute of So cial Welfare will meet Thursda evening at 7:30 o'clock at th electric lounge. Spotlit--Pttuniat, rtguUr price 75c doitn. Now, SOc. Bonson'i Flow ors, Wost HiBhway 34, Ph. 4«1.- Ad». th* (arm of btr parents. Kerni It mployed by bit father. Gift table wai decorated with floweri and a heart and bell-shaped enterpiece. Hostesses for the affair were Mrs. Fred Brethiuer, Mn. BUI Kerns, Mrs. Dave Kerns and Mri Jack Kerns. Present for the evening were Mesdames Harold Winter, Jot Clymer. Elmer Becker, Fred Winer, Darrel Hobbi, Fred Snyder. George Winder, Alec Bungert, lenry Jacoby, Carl Swanson, Car roll Bishop, Harold Peppier, Elmer Jruntz and daughter, R o l i n J Bruntz and daughters, Fred Kent, Gut Hoecher. Doa White and daughter. Tommy Orr and daughter, Archie Best Jr. and daughter! tarl Long, Carl Wood and Frank Carl. Sending gifts but unable to attend were Mesdames Jacob Winter, Kenneth Kreps, Leo Brug Harry Weidcnkeller. K e n n e t h Mackey, Harvey Peppier and Dick Cantrell. Job's Daughters Knterlaln Fathers Eighty-four attended the Father Daughter breakfast of Job's Daugh ten Sunday morning at the Ma sonic Temple. Mothers of the mem ben served. Miss Barbara Jones honored queen, presided at the fes live affair. An appropriate Fa ther's Day program was given. About SO of the girls and thei fathers attended services at th First Presbyterian church follow ing the breakfast. Next meeting of the bethel i June 26. Hufbandt Are Gue$t» jf Bible Clan Member* The June ptrty of thi Loral Wo- men'l Bible clan of lie Flnt Chrii- Utn church w«i an event of Thus-lay la Bilcom hill. Huibaodi of Uil members were jueiU. They Included A. U Andrewi, L. F. Baldwin. S. D. Holland and R. E. Thorpe. Luncheon eoveri were laid "· ^ , , Mr. Laura Emenon had dcro- loni, taken from the Book el Piilmi, fifth chapter. Sui Hamlet, a guest, led la thi lalute to the Oag. A poem. Your FTaj and My Flag, wai read by Mn. Emerton. Mn. Margaret Rlcbey led in prayer. Th« birthday long honored Mri. Stella Atterbury. Mn. Thorpe gave the lesion from the Book of Revelations. Annual picnic will be held July 11 at 12:30 o'clock at the home of Mn. A. L. Andrewi, 1UO Seventh ttreet. Argentina hai ordered 10 French ·Brousiard" planet. Nerve Therapy For Relief and Relaxation Arthur A. Erny Nervo Therapist and Masnur 110 Crttlty Bltfg. Phone 173-W In Cotton. All around shadow. White only. Sizes 32 to 40 Average and Long 4.00 HANDKERCHIEFS Printed and fancy embroidery 59c to 1.00 · Summer Straws · Plastics · Leather White and Colors 69c to 5.00 COPPER JEWELRY 3 piece sets 4-00 to 8.00 Bracelets and Earrings set I-UU Glooes Nylon Stretch. White and Colors* 2.00 · Linen · Orion · Nylon Sizes S,M,L 3.98 to 6.95 NEXT TO STERLING THEATRE 'Instantiate* is gone! . Instant Fblgers Coffee Color Play We've reproduced authentic clan Tartans in happy-go-lucky sun-and-water tested cottons. "Tartan" Bermudas are crisp Poplin with a side lip and pocRcts to boot. "Tartan" Tab Shirt is Cotton Broadcloth with the same Scotch theme on the button-down collar. In 4 Tartans . . . Bermudas, siies 8 to 20, 6.93. " -Shirt, sizes 30 to 40, 3.98. "STRIPE SPICE" "Stripe Spice" kseps compony with a pretty shape. There's a feminine silhouette with ipirol apex bra stays and openings for Accents bust pads. A figure molder in Acetate ond Lostex''? Tamise Taffeta banded with elasticiied Sharkskin. Five colors. 10-16. 12.95. Women'i Sportswear Dtpt. · JiNtlt" THE JONES CO. SPORTING GOODS 922-24 Eighth Ave. Telephone 614

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